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Schmiedel, H.1989 Diffusion measurements in chiral liquid crystals
 1989 New method of proton diffusion measurements in chiral liquid crystals
 1989 Optics in Stratified Media - The Use of Optical Eigenmodes of Uniaxial Crystals in the 4 × 4-Matrix Formalism
 1989 Small deformations and existence of bistabilities in liquid crystal display devices
 1989 The Conservation of Energy in Berreman's 4 × 4-Formalism and Conditions for the Validity of Numerical Approximations
 1990 Elastic constants and diamagnetic susceptibility of nematic LC determined by a combined electro-magneto-optical method
 1990 Elastic constants of nematic phenylpyrimidines determined by two different methods
 1991 2D-Director Patterns and Optical Performance of Nematic Liquid Crystal Displays with Striped Electrodes
 1991 Threshold behavior and electrooptical properties of twisted nematic layers with weak anchoring in the tilt and twist angle
 1992 Determination of Visco-Elastic Coefficients from the Transmission of a Planar LC-Cell with low Frequency Modulated Voltage
 1992 Director Pattern and Optical Behaviour of 2D Inhomogenous Nematic LC Layers
 1993 Determination of viscoelastic coefficients from the optical transmission of a planar liquid crystal cell with low-frequency modulated voltage
 1993 Director patterns and inversion walls in 2D inhomogeneously deformed nematic liquid crystal (LC) layers
 1993 Magnetically Induced Transient Structures in the Twist Fréedericksz Transition of Low Molecular Mass LC
 1993 Study of the Dynamical Behavious of 2D Inhomogenously Deformed LC Layers
 1993 Untersuchungen zu Statik und Schaltverhalten des Direktorfeldes in LC-Zellen mit strukturierten Elektroden
 1994 Chiral Liquid Crystals Confined to Cylindrical Microcavities
 1994 Experimental evidence of a conic helical liquid crystalline structure in cylindrical microcavities
 1994 Investigation of the Dynamical Behaviour of Nematic LCs in Thin Cells
 1994 Transient Structures During the Reorientation of Low Molecular Mass Nematics in Magnetic Fields Investigated by Optical Microscopy and NMR
Schmiedel, H. (cont...)1994 Transient structures in the twist Freedericksz transition of low-molecular-weight nematic liquid crystals
 1995 Induction of a tilted chiral structure in micro-confined cholesteric liquid crystals
 1995 Induction of tilted cholesteric structures in microconfined liquid crystals
 1995 Investigation of Microconfined Ch iral Liquid Crystals
 1995 Spatially resolved study of the Freedericksz transition in thin nematic cells
 1995 Transient patterns in the magnetic reorientation of low molecular mass nematic liquid crystals
 1996 Molecular ordering in microconfined liquid crystals: an infrared linear dichroism study
 1996 Optical Properties of Chiral Liquid Crystals Confined to Cylindrical Micropores
 1996 Optical properties of microconfined liquid crystals
 1997 Dependence of Surface Anchoring Energy of Nematic Liquid Crystals upon Parameters of the Orienting Surface Layer
 1997 Incorporation of thermotropic liquid crystals in phospholipid monolayers: necessary condition of homeotropic anchoring
 1997 Study of Molecular Surface Interaction in Homeotropic Nematic Liquid Crystal Structures
 1998 Surface polarization of boundary layers of nematic liquid crystals and its influence on magnetostructural transitions
 1999 Infrared dichroism investigations on the acyl chain ordering in lamellar structures: I. Order parameter formalism and its application to polycrystalline stearic acid
 1999 Measurements of anchoring energy of a nematic liquid crystal, 4-cyano-4'-n-pentylbiphenyl, on Langmuir-Blodgett films of dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine
 1999 Polar surface interactions vs. long range interactions in the problem of nematic anchoring
Schmiedel, Herbert1980 Ordering and intramolecular mobility in the nematic phase of PAA investigated by means of NMR lineshape analysis and computer simulations of the lineshape
 1981 Determination of the intramolecular mobility of liquid crystalline phases of TBBA using proton NMR
 1981 Investigations on the ordering of five p, p'-di-n-alkyloxy-azoxybenzenes in their nematic phases by proton NMR
 1981 Negative time evolution in NMR experiments on liquid crystals
 1981 NMR studies of the orientational behavior of thermotropic liquid crystals in a magnetic field
 1981 Proton NMR studies and spectra simulation of p-azoxyphenetole (PAP)
 1984 Order matrix and intramolecular movement in thermotropic liquid crystals
 1985 Evidence for a glassy smectic C phase
 1990 NMR diffusion measurements in cholesteric liquid crystals - pitch length. Temperature and time dependence
 1996 Generalized transmission ellipsometry for twisted biaxial dielectric media: Application to chiral liquid crystals
Schmiedel, P.1996 Electrorheological phenomena in lecithin-decane-water mixtures
Schmieg, John J.1998 Optical photopolymers. Design and applications
Schmiers, Helmut1988 Continuous manufacture of electrode coke
Schmillen, A.1979 Temperature dependence of absorption and fluorescence of tetracene and perylene/tetracene in liquid crystals
Schmit, Jeremy2002 Dielectric-induced counterion partitioning and its effect on membrane rigidity
Schmitt, A.1979 Correlation between structure, water sorption and ion exchange properties in "polysoap" membranes
 2002 The influence of the substitutionpattern of acridizinium salts on the regioselectivity of the solid-state photodimerization
 2003 Clustering under short-range finite interactions
 2003 Coupled aggregation and sedimentation processes: The sticking probability effect
 2003 Erratum: Constant bond breakup probability model for reversible aggregation processes [Phys. Rev. E 65, 031405 (2002)]
 2003 Modeling the aggregation of partially covered particles: Theory and simulation
 2004 Cluster discrimination in electrostatic heteroaggregation processes
Schmitt, Adrien1969 Preparation of mesomorphic phases in concentrated aqueous solutions of an amphipathic polyelectrolyte
 1970 Ionic conductivity of mesomorphic gels of a [soap polyelectrolyte]
Schmitt, Christelle2004 Simple relations between mean passage times and Kramers' stationary rate
Schmitt, F.-J.1997 Conformation and orientation analysis of modified polyglutamates in thin films by ATR infrared spectroscopy
Schmitt, Franz-Josef1990 Epitaxial growth of two-dimensional cyanine dye single crystals by adsorption at a pre-conditioned fatty acid monolayer
Schmitt, G.2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2001 New liquid crystalline di- and tetra-acrylates for network formation
Schmitt, Gerold2001 Liquid - crystalline compositions
 2001 Polymerisierbare Flüssigkristalle
 2001 Polymerizable liquid crystals
 2003 Cholesteric networks based on lyotropic mixtures
Schmitt, J.1981 Peptides with unusual side chains. Synthesis and conformation of poly(ethylene glycol)-polylysine blocks with mesogenic side groups
Schmitt, Jacques2002 Glow discharge processing in the liquid crystal display industry
Schmitt, K.1990 Large Aperture Polarized Light Source and Novel Liquid Crystal Display Operating Modes
 1992 Strongly Nonlinear Optical Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals for Frequency Doubling
 1993 Strongly nonlinear optical ferroelectric liquid crystals for frequency doubling
 1994 Efficient nonlinear optical ferroelectric liquid crystals for integrated optics devices
 1994 Nonlinear optical ferroelectric liquid crystals and device configurations
 1996 In situ determination of glass transition temperatures in thin polymer films
 1996 The synthesis of nitroaniline monomers and polymers as non-linear optical ferroelectric liquid crystals
Schmitt, K.D.1992 A new family of mesoporous molecular sieves prepared with liquid crystal templates
 1994 Development of a formation mechanism for M41S materials
 1994 Effect of Surfactant/Silica Molar Ratios on the Formation of Mesoporous Molecular Sieves: Inorganic Mimicry of Surfactant Liquid-Crystal Phases and Mechanistic Implications
 1995 M41S: A new family of mesoporous molecular sieves prepared with liquid crystal templates
Schmitt, Klaus1992 Optical element for generating short-wave laser light
 1992 Surface-induced parallel alignment of liquid crystals by linearly polymerized photopolymers
 1993 Preparation of oriented photopolymers using polarized light
 1994 Orientation layers for liquid crystals
 1995 Photocurable liquid crystals and their use in optical devices
 1996 Optically active photocurable smectic liquid crystals and their use in optical devices
 1996 Photo cross-linkable liquid crystals
 1998 Image display device
 1998 Polymerizable, optically active dioxolane diesters and liquid crystalline polymers
 1999 Optically active compounds
 2000 Chiral compounds and their use as doping agents in liquid crystals
 2000 Liquid crystalline compounds and crosslinkable mixtures thereof for optical devices
 2000 Liquid-crystal display device with improved viewing angle
Schmitt, M.G.1999 Holographic PDLCs for spatial light intensity modulation
 2000 Electrically switchable Bragg gratings from liquid crystal/polymer composites
Schmitt, Michael1998 Body cleansing agent
Schmitt, Peter2004 Method of applying materials containing liquid crystals to a substrate
 2004 Process and printed product for providing freely programmable printing images
Schmitt, Stefan2000 Novel CT complexes derived from 4-alkylamino-TEMPO and 2,4,6,8-tetracyanoazulene
Schmitt, V.1994 Flow Behavior and Shear Induced Transition near an Isotropic/Nematic Transition in Equilibrium Polymers
 1999 Small-angle neutron diffraction: studies in presence of shear
 2008 Tristriazolotriazines - a novel heteroaromatic core for discotic liquid crystals
Schmitt, Veronique1999 Lyotropic Mesophases of a Fluorinated Surfactant with a Short Nonionic Polar Head in Water
 1995 Shear-induced phase separation of complex fluids: The role of flow-concentration coupling
 2002 From shear thickening to shear-induced jamming
Schmittbuhl, J.2003 Shear with comminution of a granular material: Microscopic deformations outside the shear band
Schmittbuhl, Jean2000 Scaling of Crack Surfaces and Implications for Fracture Mechanics
 2002 Interface scaling in a two-dimensional porous medium under combined viscous, gravity, and capillary effects
 2004 Growth activity during fingering in a porous Hele-Shaw cell
Schmittmann, B.2002 Stationary correlations for a far-from-equilibrium spin chain
 2004 Driven diffusive systems: How steady states depend on dynamics
Schmitz, A.1990 Thermal and mechanical properties of polyurethane with mesogenic diol components
Schmitz, B.1981 Peracid oxidation of methyl esters of γ-hydroxy-α,β-unsaturated fatty acids
Schmitz, Bernhard1999 New shearing setup for simultaneous measurement of two shear directions
Schmitz, Christoph H.2008 Validation of near infrared spectroscopic (NIRS) imaging using programmable phantoms
Schmitz, Gerd1999 High-speed prothrombin G->A 20210 and methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase C->T 677 mutation detection using real-time fluorescence PCR and melting curves
Schmitz, H.U.1993 A thermodynamic and spectroscopic study on the binding of berenil to poly d(AT) and to poly (dA) . poly (dT)
Schmitz, Kenneth S.2002 Heterogeneous structure in colloidal systems: The role of the microion disposition
Schmitz, P.1993 Synthesis and Structural Dependence of the Phase Behaviour of Liquid Crystalline Sidechain Polymers with a Homologous Extension of the Mesogenic Group.
 1994 Energy Transfer Between a LC-Matrix and a Fluorescence Dye
 1995 Phase transitions of liquid-crystal films at the air-water interface detected by surface potential measurements
Schmitz, Pierre1995 Fluorescence probes in LC-multilayers at the air-water interface
Schmitz, Rainer1997 Deformed hexagonal patterns in a weakly anisotropic system
Schmitz, Rudi2004 Kinetic complete wetting of a planar defect close to a bulk tricritical point
 2006 Segregation Instabilities of Moving Interfaces
Schmitzer, Andreea R.2009 Supramolecular effects involving the incorporation of guest substrates in imidazolium ionic liquid networks: Recent advances and future developments
Schmitzer, Heidrun2004 Optically controllable elements as well as procedures for the adjustment of the longitudinal axis and/or the slow Z-axis of such
Schmitzer, Siegfried2004 Process and printed product for providing freely programmable printing images
Schmohel, Erick2000 Synthesis and characterization of new enantiopure 7,7'-disubstituted 2,2'-dihydroxy-1,1'-binaphthyls: useful ligands for the asymmetric allylation reaction of aldehydes
Schmookler, Linda D.1967 Pyrolysis of benzoyl-α-benzaldoximes. I. Effect of substitution, solvents, and catalysts
Schmucki, Marcel1989 Strictly alternating polyamides with stiff and flexible chain segments: effects on thermotropic liquid crystallinity of the introduction of an ethylene unit into the mesogenic group
Schmüser, F.2002 Stationary correlations for a far-from-equilibrium spin chain
Schmutz, M.1999 DNA packing in stable lipid complexes designed for gene transfer imitates DNA compaction in bacteriophage
 1999 Tuning bilayer twist using chiral counterions
 2007 Structure of Supramolecular Polymers Generated via Self-Assembly through Hydrogen Bonds
Schmutz, Marc2000 Membrane properties of archaeal macrocyclic diether phospholipids
 2001 Vesicle-Forming Properties of New Phospholipid Analogues Derived from N-Phosphonoacetyl-l-aspartate (PALA): Particle Features and Morphology in Relation with Alkyl Chain Lengths
 2006 Highly Luminescent Gels and Mesogens Based on Elaborated Borondipyrromethenes
 2006 Tuning the thermotropic and lyotropic properties of liquid - crystalline terpyridine ligands
 2007 Formation of gels and liquid crystals induced by PtPt and π-π* interactions in luminescent σ-alkynyl platinum(II) terpyridine complexes
 2007 Isolated Fluid Polyhedral Vesicles
Schmutzler, Klaus1991 Synthesis and characterization of LC side chain AB block copolymers
Schnabelrauch, Matthias1990 Photoreactive cellulose derivatives with comb-like structure, 1. Modification of O-trialkylsilylcellulose with cinnamic acid-containing side chains
Schnabl, M.1977 Erzeugung einer einheitlichen Molekül-Vorverdrehung in homöotrop orientierten nematischen Flüssigkristallen
Schneckenburger, Herbert1994 In-vivo fluorescence detection and imaging of porphyrin-producing bacteria in the human skin and in the oral cavity for diagnosis of acne vulgaris, caries, and squamous cell carcinoma
 1994 Microscopic studies on aminolevulinic-acid-incubated tumor cells and tumor spheroids
Schneeweis, A.1997 Diclofenac sodium plasma concentrations in dogs after peroral application of soft gelatine capsules enabling application-induced transformation (AIT) into a semisolid system of liquid crystals (SSLC) compared to in vitro drug release
 2000 Controlled release of solid-reversed-micellar-solution (SRMS) suppositories containing metoclopramide-HCl
Schneeweis, Axel1997 In vivo and in vitro diclofenac sodium evaluation after rectal application of soft gelatine capsules enabling application induced transformation (AIT) into a semisolid system of liquid crystals (SSLC) for controlled release
Schneggenburger, L.A.1997 Direct Evidence for Sequence Ordering of Random Semicrystalline Copolyesters during High-Temperature Annealing
Schneggenburger, Lizabeth A.1996 Design of aromatic copolyesters for use in microelectronic devices
 1997 LCP polyesters versus thermosetting polyesters. A paradigm for research in 21st Century
Schneider, A.1972 Fertigungsverfahren von Flüssigkristallanzeigen
 1998 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1999 Effect of composition on the morphology and electrooptical properties of physically crosslinked liquid crystals
Schneider, A.-I.1994 Solid state ordering of wholly aromatic copolyesters of random monomer sequence
Schneider, A.I.1994 Molecular modeling of the structure of a wholly aromatic thermotropic copolyester
 1995 Molecular modeling of the structure of a wholly aromatic thermotropic copolyester
Schneider, A.S.1971 Circular dichroism and optical rotatory dispersion of scattering suspensions
Schneider, Andrea Ingrid1991 Structure analysis of copoly(ester carbonate)
Schneider, Andrea-Ingrid1995 Three-dimensional structure of a wholly aromatic copoly(ester carbonate)
Schneider, Armin1998 Preparation of (η6-alkoxytriphenylene)tricarbonylchromium(0) complexes. Mesomorphic properties of a disk-shaped chromium-arene complex
 2000 Competition between Liquid Crystalline Phase Symmetry and Microphase Morphology in a Chiral Smectic Liquid Crystalline-Isotropic Block Copolymer
 2000 Lyotropic mesomorphism of AB block copolymers in nematic solvents
Schneider, B.1972 NMR of gel and liquid crystalline phospholipids spinning at the magic angle
 1985 Investigation of a thermotropic liquid crystal by proton NMR with magic angle rotation technique
Schneider, Barry I.2004 Discrete variable representation for singular Hamiltonians
Schneider, Christian1993 Mandrel lubricants for the manufacture of seamless tubes
Schneider, D.1997 Fluctuations of cubic network observed in non-ionic surfactant system
Schneider, D.J.1986 Diffusion coefficients in anisotropic fluids by ESR imaging of concentration profiles
 1988 Rapid determination of translational diffusion coefficients using ESR imaging
Schneider, F.1899 Ph. D. Thesis Marburg
 1971 Electrical conductivity in nematic solutions
 1971 ESR spectroscopic study of the degree of order of vanadylacetylacetonate in liquid-crystalline and vitrified N-(p-methoxybenzylidene)-p-n-butylaniline
 1972 Field-induced surface charges in nematic electrolyte systems
 1972 Kinetics of alignment of nematic liquid crystals in magnetic fields. Method to determine the rotational viscosity coefficient γ1
 1973 Determination of the anisotropy of the magnetic susceptibility χa and of the twist viscosity γ1 in nematic liquid crystals
 1973 Eine Beobachtung von Inversionswänden in nematischen Elektrolytlösungen durch Leitfähigkeitsmessungen
 1973 Elastic constants of a nematic liquid crystal by electric conductivity measurements
 1973 Influence of the sample geometry on the electric properties of nematic electrolyte solutions
 1973 Inversion walls in nematic liquid crystals
 1973 Orientierung und elektrische Leitfähigkeit in dünnen Schichten nematischer Elektrolytlösungen
 1973 Über eine neue Methode zur Bestimmung des anisotropen Teils der magnetischen Suszeptibilität nematischer Phasen
 1974 Anomalous behavior of the anisotropy of the electric conductivity in 4,4'-bis(n-hexyloxy)azoxybenzene
 1974 Conductivity studies on the smectic liquid crystal 3-[(p-ethoxybenzylidene)amino]-6-butylpyridine
 1974 Dynamic behavior of magnetically induced deformations in nematic liquid crystals
 1974 Dynamics of the annihilation of inversion walls in a nematic liquid crystal
 1974 Electric conductivity studies on a smectic liquid crystal with several mesophases
 1974 Magnetically induced conductivity changes in a smectic C mesophase
 1974 Metastable deformations in nematic liquid crystals
 1975 A method for studying liquid crystal phase transition using electrical conductivity measurements
Schneider, F. (cont...)1975 Determination of the elastic constants of MBBA [N-(p-methoxybenzylidene)-p'-butylaniline] and EBBA [N-(p-ethoxybenzylidene)-p'-butylaniline] by electric conductivity
 1975 Electric conductivity of homologous 4,4'-di-n-alkoxyazoxybenzenes in nematic phase
 1975 Elektrische Leitfähigkeitsanisotropie homologer 4, 4' -Di-n-Alkyloxy-azoxybenzole
 1976 Anisotropy of the electric conductivity of several electrolytes in a nematic liquid crystal
 1976 Dynamische Streuung in einer nematischen Phase mit positiver DK-und negativer Leitfähigkeitsanistropie
 1976 Study of the electrical conductivity of homologous N-(4-n-alkoxybenzylidene)-4'-n-butylanilines in the nematic and smectic phases
 1977 Studies on elastic behavior and orientation of induced cholesteric liquid crystals in a magnetic field
 1978 Electrical conductivity of liquid crystal mixtures with induced smectic phases
 1978 Induced smectic phases
 1978 Phase diagrams and x-ray studies of the induced smectic phases of liquid crystal mixtures
 1978 Study of the electrical conductivity in the nematic and smectic phases of 4-alkyloxy-4'-cyanobiphenyls
 1979 Reentrant nematic mixtures
 1980 Flow of a nematic liquid crystal in a capillary with rectangular cross sections
 1980 Thermodynamic theory of reentrant nematic mixtures
 1981 A comparative study of the viscosity coefficients of some nematic liquid crystals
 1981 Determination of the viscosity coefficients of the liquid crystal MBBA
 1981 Induced smectic phases. I. Polymorphism in binary mixtures of alkyloxybenzylidene alkylanilines with alkyl and alkyloxy cyanobiphenyls
 1981 Induced smectic phases. II. Influence of the amino substituent on the induction of smectic phases
 1981 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of 4,4'-dialkylbibicyclo[2.2.2]octanes
 1982 Anisotropy of the magnetic susceptibility of some nematic liquid crystals
Schneider, F. (cont...)1982 Mesomorphic properties of some nitro-substituted azomethines
 1982 Rotational viscosity γ1 of nematic liquid crystals
 1982 Rotational Viscosity of some Nematic Liquid Crystals
 1982 Viscous Properties of Nematic Liquid Crystals
 1983 Determination of the rotational viscosity coefficient γ1 of nematic liquid crystals
 1983 Rotational viscosity coefficients γ1 for mixtures of nematic liquid crystals
 1984 Rotational viscosity coefficient γ1 of nematic liquid crystals under high pressure
 1984 Viscous Properties of some Alkyloxybenzylidenebutylanilines
 1985 Direct determination of the anisotropy of the magnetic susceptibility in smectic liquid crystals
 1985 Is there a Relation between the Viscosity Under Flow Alignment and the Rotational Viscosity for Nematic Liquid Crystals?
 1986 Measurement of the rotational viscosity, γ1, of nematic liquid crystals under high pressure
 1986 Rotational viscosity of nematic liquid crystals and their shear viscosity under flow alignment
 1986 Rotational Viscosity γ1, of Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 1987 Isochoric Rotational Viscosity of Nematic Liquid Crystals
 1988 Phase diagrams with closed loop smectic-nematic phase boundaries
 1989 High pressure study on induced smectic A phases in binary liquid crystal mixtures
 1989 Induced smectic phases and demixing in mixtures of alkanes and other nonmesogenic compounds with alkyloxy- and alkylcyanobiphenyls
 1989 Rotational viscosity γ1 of liquid crystalline polysiloxanes
 1991 Axisymmetrical Flow of a Nematic Liquid Crystal around a Sphere
 1992 Rotational viscosity γ1 of nematic liquid crystals as a function of temperature, pressure and density
Schneider, F. (cont...)1992 Shear and rotational viscosity coefficients of two nematic liquid crystals
 1996 Determination of interdiffusion coefficients in nematic liquid crystals by an optical method
 1997 Investigation of Pretransitional Effects in the Isotropic Phase of Liquid Crystals by Means of the Cotton-Mouton Effect
 1998 Flow phenomena and viscosity of liquid crystals
 2000 Cotton-Mouton constants and pretransitional phenomena in the isotropic phase of liquid crystals
 2002 A novel method for measuring the surface tension of free standing smectic films
 2002 Film Tension of Smectic Films with Different Thicknesses
 2003 Dependence of film tension on the thickness of smectic films
 2003 Publisher's Note: Dependence of film tension on the thickness of smectic films [Phys. Rev. E 67, 021707 (2003)]
Schneider, F.W.1997 Anisotropy and lifetime profiles for n-anthroyloxy fatty acids: a fluorescence method for the detection of bilayer interdigitation
 1997 The localization of the local anesthetic tetracaine in phospholipid vesicles: A fluorescence quenching and resonance energy transfer study
Schneider, Fr.1899 Untersuchungen über die krystallinische Flüssigkeiten. IV
Schneider, Frank1998 Viscosity of nematic liquid crystals
Schneider, G.M.1976 Differential thermal analysis (DTA) under high pressure. VI: Phase transitions of some liquid crystals up to 3 kbar
 1978 High pressure studies of the phase transition enthalpies of the liquid crystal EBBA up to 2.5 kbar
 1979 Nematic-isotropic transition in MBBA and its mixtures with 4-methoxybenzaldehyde. Applications to the purity control of liquid crystals
 1979 Smectic polymorphism of some bis-(4,4'-n-alkoxybenzylidene)-1,4-phenylenediamines up to 3 kbars by differential thermal analysis
 1980 Differential thermal analysis (DTA) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC): measurements on the tricritical behavior of the smectic A/cholesteric phase transition of cholesteryl myristate
 1980 Phase behavior of TBBA under high pressure by differential thermal analysis (DTA)
 1981 Effect of molecular ordering on the nematic-isotropic transition in reentrant nematic mixtures: a high-pressure DTA and optical study
 1982 high-pressure differential scanning calorimetry investigations at low temperature: solid-solid phase transformations of the molecular crystal t-butyl chloride up to 1750 bar
 1982 Influence of molecular ordering on the pressure behavior of the nematic-isotropic transition
 1983 Computer assisted differential thermal analysis at high pressures: phase studies on liquid crystals
 1983 Effect of molecular ordering on the pressure behavior of the nematic-isotropic transition in binary reentrant nematic mixtures
 1983 High-resolution differential thermal analysis at high-pressures. Application to liquid crystals
 1983 Microscopic and thermal phase studies at high pressures: TBBA and some of its homologs
 1983 Microscopic and thermal phase studies on smectic and nematic liquid crystals at high pressures
 1984 Differential thermal analysis (DTA) and microscopic studies under high pressure: phase behavior of some TBAAs
 1984 Phase behaviour of TBBA and some of its homologues at high pressures
 1985 Recent studies of phase equilibria at high pressures
 1986 Thermal and microscopic phase studies on liquid crystals at high pressures
 1989 High-pressure phase studies of some 4,4'-disubstituted phenylcyclohexanes (PCHs) and bicyclohexanes (CCHs) by DTA
 1990 Determination of binary diffusion coefficients of organic compounds in supercritical carbon dioxide by supercritical fluid chromatography
Schneider, G.M. (cont...)1992 Investigations on selected homologous liquid crystals and separation of their mixtures by SFC
 1993 High pressure phase studies of some liquid crystalline cyclohexane derivatives by differential thermal analysis
 1994 Differential thermal analysis (DTA) at high pressures: phase behavior of pure and gas-saturated liquid crystals up to 270 MPa
 1997 Differential thermal analysis (DTA) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) at high pressures: investigations of a liquid crystal and a triglyceride up to 300 MPa
 1997 Differential thermal analysis under high pressure on 6-TPEB
 1998 Differential thermal analysis under high pressure on liquid-crystalline compounds with lateral aromatic branches
 1998 Pressure-jump investigations on the kinetics of the isotropic-nematic phase transition of a liquid crystal . Time behavior of the scattered and transmitted light intensities for PCH 5
 1999 Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) under high pressure on 10-TPEB
 1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2001 Thermodynamic measurements on selected liquid crystals at normal and elevated pressures
Schneider, Gerhard M.1977 DTA study of phase transitions of liquid crystals up to 3 kbar
 1981 Smectic polymorphism of some bis-(4,4'-n-alkoxybenzylidene)-1,4-phenylenediamines up to 3 kbar by differential thermal analysis (DTA). II
 1989 New high-pressure computer-assisted differential thermal analysis apparatus
Schneider, H.1970 Sterol structure and ordering effects in spin-labelled phospholipid multibilayer structures
 1973 A spin probe study of the influence of cholesterol on motion and orientation of phospholipids in oriented multibilayers and vesicles
 1995 NMR Investigations into the Orientation of Main Chains of Polymers with Mesogenic Side Chains
 2000 Investigation of swelling and diffusion in polymers by 1H NMR imaging: LCP networks and hydrogels
Schneider, H.A.1991 Mechanical dynamic studies of main chain liquid crystalline polyesters and polyethers
 1993 Mechanical dynamic properties of a main chain liquid crystalline polyester: rheological stationary states
 1993 Mechanical dynamic properties of a main chain liquid-crystalline copolyether
 1993 Mechanical dynamic properties of a main chain liquid-crystalline copolyether. II. Influence of the molecular weight
 1993 Molecular engineering of liquid - crystalline polymers by living polymerization. 25. Effects of monomer structure and copolymer composition on the glass transition temperature of binary liquid crystalline copoly(vinyl ethers)
 1995 Liquid-crystalline polyethers based on conformational isomerism: can pressure induce second-order phase transitions in crystalline phases preceding the nematic phase?
 1998 A DSC-study of donor/acceptor side-chain polymers with fluorinated taper-shaped tails
 1998 A DSC-study of the charge-transfer complexation of donor poly(3,6-carboxymethylene)s
Schneider, H.G.1983 Fluctuation mechanism of normal crystal growth during solidification of binary metallic melts
 1983 Supercooled liquid crystal gas chromatographic separation of the 2,4- and 2,5-xylyloxy isomers of gemfibrozil and xylenol
Schneider, Hans Adam1994 The time-temperature superposition of the rheological properties of main-chain liquid crystalline polymers
 1997 Poly(3,6-carbazolylmethylene)s with fluorinated and nonfluorinated tapered building side groups
Schneider, Hans-Jörg1982 Stereochemical and carbon-13 NMR investigations. Part 31. Polar and steric long-range transmission effects in cholestanes, cholestenes, and 9-substituted decalins. Carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance shifts and force field and linear electric field calculations
 1984 The Regio- and Stereoselectivity of Radical Chlorination of Cycloalkanes with Different Halogen Carriers and Hos-Guest Complexes
Schneider, Henry1970 Spin label studies of oriented phospholipids: Egg lecithin
 1972 The effects of alcohols on lipid bilayers: A spin label study
 1973 The lipid core model of lipoproteins,
Schneider, Horst1993 NMR spectroscopy and relaxation studies on liquid-crystalline side-chain polysiloxanes
 1999 Investigation of swelling and diffusion in polymers by NMR imaging
 2003 Orientation of the Main Chain in Liquid-Crystalline Side-Chain Polyesters with Variation of Main-Chain Spacer Length
Schneider, J.1987 Oriented ultrathin membranes from monomeric and polymeric amphiphiles: Monolayers, liposomes and multilayers
 1989 Thermal behavior of polymeric Langmuir-Blodgett multilayers
 1991 Stabilization of Langmuir-Blodgett-multilayers of nonlinear optic-active dyes by means of complexation with polymeric counterions
 2000 Materials for intelligent sun protecting glazing
 2006 NMR Relaxation Studies of Slow Motions of HDA Hydrocarbons Chains Inside Lamellar Structures
 2008 NMR Study of Slow Motions of HDA Hydrocarbons Chains Inside Lamellar Structures
Schneider, James W.2005 Thermodynamic and structural characterization of amino acid-linked dialkyl lipids
Schneider, Judit2002 Dynamics of "leaking" Hamiltonian systems
Schneider, Juliana M.F.M.2010 Novel selenoesters fluorescent liquid crystals exhibiting a rich phase polymorphism
Schneider, Jürgen2006 White-light-emitting semiconductor components with a luminescence conversion element
Schneider, Kai2002 Geometrical alignment properties in Fourier- and wavelet-filtered statistically stationary two-dimensional turbulence
Schneider, Klaus-Peter1996 Computer simulation of the surface roughness of lipid membranes
 1997 Computer simulation of the orientation of lipid headgroups
 1999 Computer simulation of mixed lipid/non-ionic surfactant membranes
Schneider, Klaus R.2004 Dynamics of two mutually coupled semiconductor lasers: Instantaneous coupling limit
Schneider, Konrad2008 Deformation Behavior of Sphere-Forming Trifunctional Multigraft Copolymer
Schneider, L.1993 Mesogenic Properties of a new Family of Amphiphiles with an unusual Head-Group Topology
 1994 λ-Shaped mesogens. Structure, phase formation and properties
 1995 Electro-Optical Investigations on Mixtures of Bicyclohexylcarbonitrile and Phenylcyclohexane
 1997 Kerr effect studies on mixtures of liquid crystals
Schneider, Ludolf1993 Molecular self-organization of amphotropic cyanobiphenyl mesogens
Schneider, Luke V.1997 Compact upconverting phosphor detection system for wick assays
Schneider, M.B.1984 Thermal fluctuations of large quasi-spherical bimolecular phospholipid vesicles
 1984 Undulating paired disclinations (oily streaks) in lyotropic liquid crystals
 1987 Ripple wavelength, amplitude, and configuration in lyotropic liquid crystals as a function of effective headgroup size
Schneider, Manfred1994 Shape selectivity assessment of stationary phases in gas chromatography
Schneider, Marilyn B.1983 Fast diffusion along defects and corrugations in phospholipid Pβ' liquid crystals
Schneider, Matthias F.2005 Oligomer-to-polymer transition in short ethylene glycol chains connected to mobile hydrophobic anchors
Schneider, N.S.1976 Mesomorphic Structure at elevated Temperature in Meta and Para Forms of Poly[bis(chlorophenoxy)phosphazene]
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