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 1969 Synthesis of new substances with mesomorphic phases
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 1970 Liquid crystalline phases having particularly low freezing points
 1970 N-(p-Alkoxybenzylidene)-p-butylanilines
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 1971 Nematogene Mischungen
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 1997 Temperature calibration of temperature-modulated differential scanning calorimeters
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 1998 Improvement of AC calorimetry for simultaneous measurements of heat capacity and thermal conductivity of polymers
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 2000 Applicability of 8OCB for temperature calibration of temperature modulated calorimeters
 2000 Characteristic Length of Dynamic Glass Transition near Tg for a Wide Assortment of Glass-Forming Substances
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 2003 Theory of the effect of unsaturation on the main-chain transition
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 1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
Schiller, P. (cont...)2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
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 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
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 2004 Field-induced reorientation dynamics in liquid crystalline hexatic phases
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 1999 Transient rheological behavior of tumbling side-chain liquid crystal polymers and determination of their λ parameters
Schmidt, Claudia (cont...)2000 Flow Behavior of Two Side-Chain Liquid Crystal Polymers Studied by Transient Rheology
 2000 Induction of lamellar mesomorphic structures in columnar-phase-forming 1,3,5-triazines through charge-transfer interactions with electron acceptors
 2001 Rheology and nuclear magnetic resonance measurements under shear of sodium dodecyl sulfate/decanol/water nematics
 2002 Evaluation of the viscoelastic properties of a nematic dimer by cone-and-plate rheo-nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and comparison with Leslie–Ericksen theory
 2002 Lyotropic Mesophases Next to Highly Efficient Microemulsions: A 2H NMR Study
 2004 Columnar liquid crystalline phases through hydrogen bonding and nanoscale segregation
 2004 Director reorientation of a side-chain liquid crystalline polymer under extensional flow
 2005 Lamellar Liquid Single Crystal Hydrogels: Synthesis and Investigation of Anisotropic Water Diffusion and Swelling
 2006 Lyotropic Lamellar Polysiloxanes with Isomeric Amphiphilic Side Chains
 2007 Director Orientation of Nematic Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers Under Shear Flow: Comparison of a Flow-Aligning and a Non-Flow-Aligning Polysiloxane
Schmidt, D.1972 Liquid-crystalline piezoelectricity; the bending mode of MBBA [N-(p-methoxybenzylidene)-p-butylaniline]
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 1981 Liquid crystal compounds. XI. First liquid crystal azulene derivatives
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 1981 Liquid-crystalline compounds. XII. trans-1,4-Cyclohexanediol derivatives with liquid-crystalline properties
Schmidt, D.F.2008 Nanoporous Melamine-Formaldehyde Gels by Microemulsion Templating
Schmidt, David H.1998 Amorphous silicon on insulator VLSI circuit structures
Schmidt, Dieter1995 Silica wrecking material as a substitute for glassmaking sand in a container ware batch
Schmidt, Dietmar1982 Cyclohexylcarbonitrile derivatives, dielectrics and an electrooptical display device containing them
Schmidt, Dirk2007 Optical wavefront differentiation: wavefront sensing for solar adaptive optics based on a LCD
Schmidt, Donald L.1989 Mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber production program
 1996 Nonwettable layer for color filter in flat-panel display device
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 1991 Lateral order in binary lipid alloys and its coupling to membrane functions
 1996 Small-angle neutron scattering from a hexagonal phase under shear
 1999 Injection/stretch blow moulding of PET/LCP blends for better product performance
Schmidt, G.F.1977 Structure and properties of poly(ethylene terephthalate) crystallized by annealing in the highly oriented state. 2. Melting behavior and the mosaic block structure of the crystalline layers
 1987 Rigid rod polymers having flexible side chains. 3. Structural investigations on a novel layered mesophase formed by thermotropic poly(1,4-phenylene-2,5-dialkoxyterephthalate)s
 1987 Rigid rod polymers with flexible side chains. 2. Observation of a novel type of layered mesophase
 1988 Orientability of crosslinked and of chiral liquid crystalline polymers
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 1998 Shear orientation of a hexagonal lyotropic triblock copolymer phase as probed by flow-birefringence, small-angle light- and neutron scattering
 1998 Shear Orientation of Lyotropic Hexagonal Phases
 1999 Rheo-optical investigations of lyotropic mesophases of polymeric surfactants
 1999 Shear induced structures in lamellar phases of amphiphilic block copolymers
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Schmidt, H.1996 (Micro-)fluorescence spectroscopy of side chain polymers with benzanilide moieties
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 1982 Phasebehavior and Electric-Field Effects of Dye-Containing Copolymers and Mixtures of Polymeric and Low Molecular Weight Liquid Crystals
 1983 Dielectric relaxation of liquid crystalline side chain polymers
 1983 Phase behavior of dye-containing liquid crystalline copolymers and their mixtures with low molecular weight liquid crystals
 1984 Anthraquinone Dye Containing Liquid Crystalline Copolymers
 1984 Dye containing liquid crystalline copolymers
 1984 Liquid crystalline polymers with disc-like mesogens
 1990 Preparation of aromatic polyamide polyanions: a novel processing strategy for aromatic polyamides
 1990 Reinforcement of amorphous thermoplastics by blending with a para-linked aromatic LC polyester
 1991 Melt and solution properties of para-linked aromatic LC polyesters
 1994 Phase Behavior of Liquid Crystalline Polymer/Model Compound Mixtures: Theory and Experiment
 1995 Supercritical antisolvent process for a series of substituted para-linked aromatic polyamides
 1996 Triphenylenes and their Application as Liquid Crystalline Photoconductor
 1997 Ladungstransport in eindimensionalen flüssigkristallinen Photoleitern
 1997 Photopolymerization and transport properties of liquid crystalline triphenylenes
 1998 Preparation and characterization of side-chain liquid crystalline polymer thin films aligned on PTFE friction-transferred layers
 1999 Hexaalkoxytriphenylenes: charge carrier mobility and characterization in organic LEDs
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2001 New liquid crystalline di- and tetra-acrylates for network formation
 2001 The bridging conformations of double-end anchored polymer-surfactants destabilize a hydrogel of lipid membranes
Schmidt, H.-W. (cont...)2002 Efficient Synthesis and Cell-Transfection Properties of a New Multivalent Cationic Lipid for Nonviral Gene Delivery
 2003 Polyimide Orientation Layers Prepared from Lyotropic Aromatic Poly(Amic Ethyl Ester)s
 2005 Holographic Gratings in Diblock Copolymers with Azobenzene and Mesogenic Side Groups in the Photoaddressable Dispersed Phase
 2006 Control and Suppression of Surface Relief Gratings in Liquid-Crystalline Perfluoroalkyl-Azobenzene Polymers
 2007 Photoaddressable block copolymers with liquid crystalline moieties for holographic data storage
 2007 Polyimide alignment layers prepared from lyotropic poly(amicethyl ester)s
 2007 Tailoring surface properties using liquid crystalline side groups on block copolymers
 2008 Nanoscaled Discotic Liquid Crystal/Polymer Systems: Confinement Effects on Morphology and Thermodynamics
Schmidt, H.W.1984 Electric field effects and miscibility in cybotactic micellar nematic and ordinary nematic polyesters
 1984 Electro-hydrodynamic instabilities in main chain thermotropic liquid crystalline polyesters
 1986 Orientational ordering of dyes in the glassy state of liquid-crystalline side group polymers
 1987 Synthesis and properties of compounds with two different terminal mesogenic units and tetramethyldisiloxane as spacer
 1989 Synthesis and characterization of graft copolymers containing polystyrene and liquid-crystalline segments
 1993 Synthesis and LC behavior of unsaturated para-linked aromatic polyesters by interfacial polycondensation
Schmidt, Hans2000 Synthesis and properties of a few para-linked aromatic liquid crystal polyesters
Schmidt, Hans Werner1983 Polymers with mesogenic groups and dye residues in side chains
 1985 Synthesis, structure and properties of liquid crystalline polymers
 1988 Preparation of difunctional stilbenes as liquid crystal polyester monomers
 1989 Influence of lateral substituents on thermal behavior and solubility of aromatic LC [liquid-crystalline] polyesters
 1990 Soluble LC [liquid-crystalline] polyesters and their blend behavior
 1991 Novel biphenyl substituents for highly soluble and amorphous liquid crystalline polyesters and polyamides
 1991 Polymerizable perylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylic diimides, their use as monomers, and the resulting polymeric pigments
 1991 Substituted rodlike aromatic polyamides: synthesis and structure-property relations
 1992 Formation of thermoreversible gels from liquid-crystalline polyesters
 1992 Structure-property relations of perfluoroalkyl-substituted rodlike aromatic polyamides
 1993 Preparation and characterization of fibers from a thermotropic liquid crystal polyester with non-coplanar biphenylene units
 1993 Synthesis and characterization of graft copolymers with side-chain liquid-crystalline segments
 1994 Liquid crystalline model compounds and aromatic copolyimides based on 3,3',4,4'-biphenyltetracarboxylic dianhydride (BPDA)
 1997 Block copolymers with liquid-crystalline segments
 1998 Synthesis and characterization of ABA triblock copolymers with poly(ethylene glycol) segments and LC-segments
Schmidt, Hans-Werner1984 Electro-optical effects of azo dye-containing liquid crystalline copolymers
 1985 Nonlinear optical self diffraction in a mesogenic side chain polymer
 1987 Synthesis and characterization of liquid-crystalline copolymers with dichroic dyes and mesogens as side groups
 1988 Liquid-crystalline aromatic polyesters with phenylalkyl side chains
 1988 Synthesis and properties of para-linked aromatic polyesters containing 2,2'-dimethylbiphenylylene units
 1988 Synthesis of monomers and polymers by the Heck reaction
 1989 Dichroic dyes and liquid crystalline side chain polymers
 1989 Dichroic dyes, and liquid crystalline side chain polymers
 1989 Thermotropic para-linked aromatic polyesters containing 1,1'-binaphthyl-4,4'-ylene units
 1992 Comparison of Polymer Blends and Graft Copolymers Containing Flexible Amorphous Segments and Side Chain LC-Polymer Segments
 1992 Synthesis and Characterization of a Semi-Flexible LC-Polyester with Broad Nematic Region
 1992 Thermotropic and Lyotropic Behaviour of Substituted Polyesters and Polyamides with Non-Coplanar Biphenylene Units
 1993 Synthesis and characterization of aromatic polyesters with dicyanovinyl substituents
 1993 Synthesis and thermal properties of aryl-substituted rod-like polyimides
 1994 Synthesis and characterization of a semiflexible liquid crystalline polyester with a broad nematic region
 1994 Synthesis, structure-property relations and lyotropic behavior of perfluoroalkyl-substituted para-linked aromatic polyamides
 1995 Liquid crystalline model compounds based on 3,3',4,4'-biphenyltetracarboxylic dianhydride (BPDA)
 1995 Unsaturated para-linked aromatic LC polyesters: thermotropic and lyotropic systems
 1996 Effects of Compressed Carbon Dioxide on the Phase Equilibrium and Molecular Order of a Lyotropic Polyamide Solution
 1997 Lamellar biogels comprising fluid membranes with a newly synthesized class of polyethylene glycol-surfactants
Schmidt, Hans-Werner (cont...)1997 Manufacture of pigment particles with defined shape and size
 1997 Synthesis and characterization of ABA triblock copolymers with polystyrene and main-chain liquid crystalline polyester segments
 1998 Aromatic main chain liquid crystalline polymers
 1998 Synthesis and Phase Behavior of New Amphiphilic PEG-Based Triblock Copolymers as Gelling Agents for Lamellar Liquid Crystalline Phases
 1999 One-dimensional hopping transport in a columnar discotic liquid-crystalline glass
 2001 Liquid - crystalline compositions
 2001 Polymerisierbare Flüssigkristalle
 2001 Polymerizable liquid crystals
 2002 Synthesis and Properties of Lyotropic para-Linked Aromatic Poly(amic ethyl ester)s
 2003 Cholesteric networks based on lyotropic mixtures
 2003 The Binary System Isotactic Polypropylene/Bis(3,4-dimethylbenzylidene)sorbitol: Phase Behavior, Nucleation, and Optical Properties
 2004 Holographic studies on block copolymers
 2005 Holographic information storage in azobenzene-containing diblock copolymers
 2006 Influence of Chain Stiffness and Preparation Methods on the Efficiency of Polyimide Alignment Layers for Liquid Crystal Orientation
 2006 Polyimide Fibers Obtained by Spinning Lyotropic Solutions of Rigid-Rod Aromatic Poly(amic ethyl ester)s
 2010 Stable Holographic Gratings with Small-Molecular Trisazobenzene Derivatives
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 1972 Hydrodynamics of liquid crystals
Schmidt, Howard1995 Diamond-based field emission displays
Schmidt, Howard K.2006 Isotropic-Nematic Phase Transition of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Strong Acids
Schmidt, J.1998 High-strength graphites for carbon piston applications
 2002 Localization and Imaging of Shunts in Solar Cells Using Short Pitch Cholesteric PDLCs
 2005 Current assessment of AM OLED technology for avionics applications
 2008 Nanoscaled Discotic Liquid Crystal/Polymer Systems: Confinement Effects on Morphology and Thermodynamics
Schmidt, J.J.2005 Ion Channels on Silicon
Schmidt, Jann2005 Diffusers for LCD applications, procedures for their production, and their use
 2005 Scratch-insensitive back-projection screens and their production and use
Schmidt, Jason2005 Atmospheric turbulence simulation using liquid crystal spatial light modulators
Schmidt, Jens1998 Manufacture of shaped, high-density, high-strength, thermally conductive hollow carbon articles
Schmidt, John2003 Active-matrix OLED using 150°C a-Si TFT backplane built on flexible plastic substrate
 2009 FSC LCD technology for military and avionics applications
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 1990 Elektro-optische Eigenschaften von Flüssigkristallanzeigen
 1991 2D-Director Patterns and Optical Performance of Nematic Liquid Crystal Displays with Striped Electrodes
 1991 director patterns and optical performance of 2D-inhomogeneously deformed nematic liquid crystal layers
 1991 Persistence length and molecular mass distribution of a thermotropic main-chain liquid-crystal polymer
 1991 Threshold behavior and electrooptical properties of twisted nematic layers with weak anchoring in the tilt and twist angle
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 1996 Detection af a Surface Mode in a Nematic Liquid Crystal by Evanescent Wave Photon Correlation Spectroscopy
 1997 Cell theory for the phase diagram of hard spherocylinders
 1998 Visualizable Cylindrical Macromolecules with Controlled Stiffness from Backbones Containing Libraries of Self-Assembling Dendritic Side Groups
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 2002 Synthesis of Amphiphilic Poly(organosiloxane) Nanospheres with Different Core-Shell Architectures
 2003 Amphiphilic Poly(organosiloxane) Nanospheres as Nanoreactors for the Synthesis of Topologically Trapped Gold, Silver, and Palladium Colloids
 2003 Polymerization of Macromonomers to Cylindrical Brushes Initiated by Organolanthanides
 2007 Synthesis of Thermally Switchable Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-block-dendronized methacrylate)s
Schmidt, Martin2002 Plastic-bonded permanent magnet and method of manufacturing thereof
 2005 Display unit and procedure for the announcement
Schmidt, Martin U.2009 Pigment Synthesis: PY181 Pigment Microspheres of Nanoplates Synthesized via Polymer-Induced Liquid Precursors (Adv. Funct. Mater. 13/2009)
 2009 PY181 Pigment Microspheres of Nanoplates Synthesized via Polymer-Induced Liquid Precursors
Schmidt, Martina1992 Supertwist liquid - crystal display
 1995 Super-twisted liquid crystal display with excellent quality
 1995 Super-twisted-nematic liquid crystal display with excellent quality
 1995 Supertwist liquid crystal display
 2000 Liquid crystal material and liquid crystal display using the same
Schmidt, Matthias2000 Topological defects in nematic droplets of hard spherocylinders
 2002 Colloidal rod-sphere mixtures: Fluid-fluid interfaces and the Onsager limit
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 2003 Hard sphere fluids at surfaces of porous media
 2004 Density functional theory for sphere-needle mixtures: Toward finite rod thickness
 2007 Entropic Wetting and the Free Isotropic-Nematic Interface of Hard Colloidal Platelets
 2009 Quenched-annealed density functional theory for interfacial behavior of hard rods at a hard rod matrix
Schmidt, Michael2001 Preparation of stable (CF3)2N- salts and their use in the synthesis of liquid crystals
 2004 Procedure for the production and use of ionic liquids with [N(CF3)2]- anion
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 1991 Liquid Crystalline Azacyclic Derivatives
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 1992 Metallomesogens with a Triazacyclononane Ligand
 1992 Metallomesogens with Tri- and Tetraazacycloalkane Ligands
 1993 Flüssigkristalline Derivate zyklischer Riamide
 1993 Trans-1,3-disubstituted Cyclobutanes - Interesting Compounds for Liquid Crystals
 1994 Low Molecular and Polymeric Liquid Crystals of Unsymmetrically Substituted Azacycloalkane Amides
 1994 Structure and Dielectric Behaviour of Liquid Crystalline Azamacrocycles and Diethylentriamides
 1995 The interaction of DNA duplexes containing 2-aminopurine with restriction endonucleases EcoRII and SsoII
 1997 Holographic Examinations on Liquid-Crystalline Side-Chain Copolymers
Schmidt, S.J.2000 Factors Affecting the Collection and Fitting of Nuclear Magnetic Cross-Relaxation Spectroscopy Data with Application to Waxy Corn Starch
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 1996 Random interesterification of fat blends with alkali catalysts
Schmidt, Steven1992 The first example of a tridentate azamacrocyclic metallomesogen
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Schmidt, Steven L.1996 Oxygen scavenging composition for multilayer preform and container
 1996 Transparent package with aliphatic polyketone oxygen-scavenger layer
Schmidt, Steven P.1999 Detection of ligands with signal amplification
Schmidt, Terry C.1996 New high-brightness compact LCD projector
 1997 AMLCD applications and issues: beyond laptops and camcorders
 1998 New high-resolution reflective liquid crystal light valve projector: Electrohome DLV 1280
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Schmidt, V.H.1994 Brillouin scattering in a liquid crystal: frequency and temperature dependences
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Schmidt, Volker2009 Silicon Nanowires: A Review on Aspects of their Growth and their Electrical Properties
Schmidt, W.1996 Dynamics of guanosine self-assembled aggregates in the hexagonal columnar phase by quasielastic neutron scattering
 2000 FLC materials for active and passive matrix displays
Schmidt, W.F.2001 Time of Flight Study on Carrier Generation and Transport in Discotic Liquid Crystal
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 2009 Unit cell volume and liquid-phase immiscibility in oleate–stearate lipid mixtures
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 1997 Difluorophenylpyrimidylpyridine derivatives and liquid -crystal mixtures and ferroelec. switching and/or display devices using them
 1997 Ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture for display device
 1998 1,1,5,7-Tetrafluoro-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene derivatives and liquid - crystal mixtures and ferroelectric switching and/or display devices using them
 1998 1,3,5-Trifluoronaphthalene derivatives and liquid -crystal mixtures and ferroelectric switching and/or display devices using them
 1998 1,3-Difluoronaphthalene derivatives and liquid -crystal mixtures and ferroelectric switching and/or display devices using them
 1998 2-Fluoro-3-(1-fluoroalkyl)-pyridin-6-yl derivatives and liquid-crystal mixtures and switching and display devices using them
 1998 5,7-Difluoro-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene derivatives and liquid - crystal mixtures and ferroelectric switching and display devices using them
 1998 5,7-Difluoro-3,4-dihydro-2H-naphthalen-1-one derivatives and liquid - crystal mixtures and ferroelectric switching and/or display devices using them
 1998 Derivatives of 6-fluorophenanthridine for liquid crystal mixtures
 1998 Derivatives of 9,9-difluoro-9,10-dihydrophenanthrene for liquid crystal mixtures
 1998 Fluorinated 9H-fluorene derivatives and liquid-crystal mixtures and ferroelectric switching and/or display devices using them
 1998 Fluorinated phenanthrene derivatives for liquid crystal mixtures
 1999 1,1,6,7-tetrafluoro-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene derivative and its application in liquid crystalline mixture
 1999 1,6-disubstituted naphthalene derivative and its application in liquid crystalline mixtures
 1999 1-fluoro-isoquinoline-8-carbonitrile derivative and its application in liquid crystalline mixture
 1999 2,3-difluoronaphthalene derivative and its application in liquid crystalline mixture
 1999 5-arylindane derivative and ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture containing same
 1999 6,7-difluoro-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene derivative and its application in liquid crystalline mixture
 1999 6,7-difluoro-3,4-dihydro-2H-naphthalene-1-on derivative and its application in liquid crystalline mixture
Schmidt, Wolfgang (cont...)1999 7,8-difluoronaphthalene-1-carbonitrile derivative and its application in liquid crystalline mixture
 1999 Chip card with bistable ferroelectric liquid crystal display
 1999 Chiral smectic liquid crystal mixture
 1999 Chiral smectic liquid crystal mixture containing 1,2-difluoronaphthalene derivative
 1999 Chiral smectic liquid crystal mixture containing 1,2-difluoronaphthalene derivatives
 1999 Chiral smectic liquid crystal mixture containing 1,3-difluoronaphthalene derivative
 1999 Chiral smectic liquid crystal mixture containing compounds with fluorinated side chains
 1999 Chiral smectic liquid crystal mixture containing fluoroisoquinoline derivative
 1999 Ferroelectric liquid crystal display with active matrix elements
 1999 Material characteristics of an active matrix LCD based upon chiral smectics
 1999 Polyfluorinated cyclohexane derivatives and liquid-crystal mixtures and switching and/or display devices using them
 1999 Spiro compound for liquid crystal media
 2000 Fluorinated azole and liquid crystal mixture containing the same
 2001 Cyclohexane derivative and its use in liquid crystalline mixture
 2001 Cyclopentane derivative and its use in ferroelectric liquid crystalline mixture
 2001 Cyclopentene derivative and its use in liquid crystalline mixture
 2001 Fluorinated thiophene derivative and its use in ferroelectric liquid crystalline mixture
 2001 Furan derivative and its use in ferroelectric liquid crystalline mixture
 2001 Isoxazole derivative and its use in ferroelectric liquid crystalline mixture
 2001 Isoxazole derivatives and their use in liquid crystalline mixtures
Schmidt, Wolfgang (cont...)2001 Preparation of 2,7-disubstituted phenanthrenes and their use in liquid crystal mixtures
 2001 Preparation of hydrogenated phenanthrenes and their use in liquid crystal mixtures
 2001 Thiazole derivative and its use in ferroelectric liquid crystalline mixture
 2002 5-Arylindane derivatives and ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture containing same
 2002 Chiral smectic and monostable ferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures for active matrix panel display
 2002 Fluorinated (dihydro)phenanthrene derivatives and their use in liquid crystalline media
 2002 Fluorinated fluorenes and their use in liquid crystal mixtures for liquid crystal displays
 2002 Liquid crystal mixture suitable for active matrix liquid crystal display using ECB (electrically controlled birefringence) effects
 2002 Polyfluorinated fluorenes and their use in liquid crystal mixtures for inverse mode liquid crystal display
 2002 Threaded nuts made from plastics
 2003 Fluoridated anthracene compound and its use in liquid crystal mixture for display
 2003 Fluoridated cyclopenta[a]naphthalene compound and its use in liquid crystal mixture for display
 2003 Fluoridated cyclopenta[b]naphthalene compound and its use in liquid crystal mixture for display
 2003 Fluorinated naphthalene derivatives, liquid crystal compositions and liquid crystal displays containing them
 2003 Fluorinated polycycles and their use in liquid - crystal mixtures
 2004 Fluoridated oxaanthracene and its use in liquid crystal mixture suitable for ECB-, IPS-, or VA- liquid crystal display
 2005 Chiral smectic liquid crystal mixture
 2005 Fluorinated condensed aromatic compound and its use in liquid crystal mixture for liquid crystal display
 2005 Fluorinated xanthene and its use in liquid crystal mixture for liquid crystal display
 2005 Preparation of fluoridated heterocycles and their use in liquid crystal mixtures
Schmidt, Wolfgang (cont...)2005 Preparation of fluoridated polycyclene and their use in liquid crystal mixtures
Schmidtke, Ingrid1993 Liquid-crystalline polysulfones. 3. New copolymers from 1-alkenes with sulfur dioxide
 1994 Liquid-crystalline polysulfones. 4. Radiation-induced degradation
Schmidtke, J.1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2002 Laser Emission in a Dye Doped Cholesteric Polymer Network
 2003 Photonic defect modes in cholesteric liquid crystal films
 2003 Probing the photonic properties of cholesteric liquid crystals by fluorescent guest molecules
 2004 Optical Microresonators Formed by Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
 2005 Mechanically tunable photonic properties of cholesteric elastomers
 2006 Variation of the network anisotropy of cholesteric elastomers
 2007 The role of Frank elasticity in cholesteric elastomers
 2007 The role of Frank elasticity in cholesteric elastomers
Schmidtke, Johanna2002 Colorless molecular dopants for low voltage operation of nematic liquid crystals
 2005 Colorless Molecular Dopants for Low-Operating-Voltage Nematic Liquid Crystals
Schmidtke, Johanna P.2006 Control of morphology in efficient photovoltaic diodes from discotic liquid crystals
Schmidtke, Jürgen2000 Static and Dynamic Light Scattering of a Nematic Side-Group Polysiloxane
 2002 Mirrorless Lasing in Cholesteric Polymer Networks
 2003 Defect Mode Emission of a Dye Doped Cholesteric Polymer Network
 2005 Probing the Photonic Properties of a Cholesteric Elastomer under Biaxial Stress
 2006 Variation of the Network Anisotropy of Cholesteric Side Chain Elastomers
Schmidtke, Sarah2000 Thermoreversible Gelation of Isotropic and Liquid Crystalline Solutions of a "Sticky" Rodlike Polymer
Schmiedchen, Marc2006 Adaptable integrated optical phase modulator array using liquid crystals
Schmiedeberg, Michael2008 Colloidal Ordering on a 2D Quasicrystalline Substrate
Schmiedel, H.1980 Interpretation of proton NMR lineshape of liquid crystals
 1980 NMR magic echo in liquid crystals by sample reorientation
 1981 Transfer of the macroscopic alignment of mesophases into the solid state
 1982 Proton NMR signals of intra- and interpair dipolar order in liquid crystals
 1983 Deuterium NMR spectral patterns in magneto-aligned smectic E and G phases
 1983 Proton NMR studies of the orientation and tilt angle of HOPDOB [4-(n-hexyloxy)phenyl 4-(n-decyloxy)benzoate]
 1984 Deformation of nematic liquid crystals in electric and magnetic fields as seen by proton nuclear magnetic resonance
 1985 Measurements of self-diffusion in the cholesteric liquid-crystalline phase by means of carbon-13 NMR
 1986 Improved calculation of diffusion effects in NMR spectra of cholesteric liquid crystals
 1987 Measurement of optical biaxiality and tilt angle in A smectic c liquid crystal
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