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 1994 Electric field induced domain formation in surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
 1995 Dielectric Properties of a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal in Surface Stabilized Cells of Various Thickness
 1995 Dielectric properties of a surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal in cells of various thickness
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 1995 Horizontal Chevron Structures in FLC Cells Induced by High Electric Fields
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 1996 Collective Director Modes at the Transitions to Hexatic Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Phases
 1996 Field-Induced Switching Behaviour in the Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal R-MHPOBC
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 1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
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 1983 Physical properties of nematic mixtures. II. Polar-nonpolar systems
 1983 Reflektive Flüssigkristallanzeige für hohe Multiplexraten (HN-Display)
 1983 The rotational viscosity of nematic liquid crystal mixtures at low temperatures
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 1985 Nematic 4-cyanophenyl esters incorporating a lateral fluorine atom
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 1979 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of new liquid crystalline cyclohexylphenyl- and dicyclohexylpyrimidines
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 1981 Dielectric heating and relaxations in smectic a liquid crystals
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 1982 Zweifrequenzadressierung mittels neuer LC's
 1983 New LC-Materials for Fast and High Information Density LCDs
 1983 New liquid crystal materials; physical properties and performance in displays for automobile, high information density and guest-host applications
 1985 Neue Flüssigkristalle mit NCS-Endgruppen; Einfluss von Doppelbindungen auf ihre elektro-optischen Eigenschaften
 1985 Polar alkenyls: physical properties and correlations with molecular structure of new nematic liquid crystals
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 1986 Optics of twisted nematic and supertwisted nematic liquid-crystal displays
 1987 Electro-Optical Performance of the New, Black-White and Highly Multiplexable Optical Mode Interference Liquid Crystal Display
 1987 Electrooptical characteristics of a new liquid-crystal display with an improved gray-scale capability
 1988 Complete carbon-13 and proton NMR assignments for two mesogenic series containing cyclohexyl rings
 1988 Ferroelectric liquid crystals. IV. Chiral alkenyloxyphenyl benzoates
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 1988 Ferroelectric liquid crystals. V. Chiral alkenyloxyphenyl 4-biphenyl-1-carboxylates
 1988 Optics of twisted nematic liquid crystal layers
 1988 The twisted nematic effect: liquid crystal displays and liquid crystal materials
Schadt, M. (cont...)1989 Deformed helix ferroelectric liquid crystal display: a new electrooptic mode in ferroelectric chiral smectic C liquid crystals
 1989 Fast responding and highly multiplexible distorted helix ferroelectric liquid-crystal displays
 1989 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal display cells and liquid-crystal mixtures containing terphenyldicarboxylates
 1990 Large Aperture Polarized Light Source and Novel Liquid Crystal Display Operating Modes
 1990 Optical bistability and beam competition in a nonresonant cavity containing a nematic liquid crystal and a photorefractive crystal
 1991 New Improved Liquid Crystal Mixtures for TN, STN, and TFT Displays
 1991 New short-pitch bistable ferroelectric (SBF) liquid crystal displays
 1991 Physical properties of novel fluorinated ethers and ether mixtures for actively-addressed, twisted nematic liquid crystal displays
 1991 Preparation of phenylcyclohexyldioxane derivatives for electrooptical displays
 1991 “New Short-Pitch Bistable Ferroelectric (SBF) Liquid Crystal Displays”
 1992 Field-effect liquid-crystal displays and liquid-crystal materials: key technologies of the 1990s
 1992 Four-unit linking groups. V. Optically active dopants
 1992 Liquid Crystals with Chlorovinyl Side Chains: A Comparative Study of Phenylbicyclohexyl Derivatives
 1992 New optically active dopants based on chiral dioxanes
 1993 Namatic trans-4-[(E)]-Methoxypropenyl]cyclohexyl-Compounds: Synthesis, Liquid Crystal Transition Temperatures and Some Physical Properties.
 1993 Strongly nonlinear optical ferroelectric liquid crystals for frequency doubling
 1994 Efficient nonlinear optical ferroelectric liquid crystals for integrated optics devices
 1994 LC-conductivity and cell parameters; their influence on twisted nematic and supertwisted nematic liquid crystal displays
 1994 Liquid crystal displays
 1994 Nematic trans-4-substituted-Cyclohexyl(E)-alk-2-enoates
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 1995 Polar nematic trans-4-substituted-cyclohexyl (E)-alk-2-enoates. The influence of dipoles and double bonds on the transition temperatures and other physical properties
 1995 Synthesis and properties of new halogenated liquid crystals
 1996 In situ determination of glass transition temperatures in thin polymer films
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2000 Photo-aligned orientation layers for ferroelectric LCD's
 2001 Structural analysis of a mesogenic 4-alkenyl bicyclohexylnitrile
 2002 Crystal structure of 4-(1''-butenyl)-4'-(cyano)-1,1'-bicyclohexane
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 2002 Piezoelectricity of a ferroelectric liquid crystal with a glass transition
 2002 Rheological and Piezoelectric Studies of a Glassy Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
Schadt, Martin1977 Liquid crystal mixtures
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 1982 Liquid crystal mixtures
 1982 Mixtures containing a dye and their use in liquid crystal mixtures
 1983 Liquid crystal mixture
 1983 Phenylethanes
 1983 Pyridazines for liquid crystal display devices.
 1984 Colored liquid crystal mixtures containing phenylethane
 1984 Dicyanobenzenes
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 1984 Tetra- and pentacyclic esters for liquid crystal displays
 1984 Tetra- and pentacyclic monoesters for optical display devices and chromatographic stationary phases
Schadt, Martin (cont...)1986 Alkenyl-substituted phenyl isothiocyanates and benzonitriles
 1986 Coloring substance-containing liquid crystal mixtures
 1986 Cyclohexanecarbonitriles and their use as components for liquid crystal compositions
 1986 Liquid crystal mixtures containing compounds with a 4-alkenyl or cis-2-alkenyl side chain
 1986 Liquid crystals
 1986 Liquid crystals with alkenyl or alkenyloxy groups
 1986 Material parameters and intrinsic optical bistability in room temperature nematics RO-TN-200, -201, -403, E7, m1, and m3
 1986 The cooperative effects of heterocycles, NCS-polar groups, and double bonds on the material properties of new nematic liquid crystals
 1987 Electrooptical performance of a new, black-white and highly multiplexable liquid crystal display
 1987 Liquid-crystal derivatives of phenyl benzoate for electrooptical display devices
 1987 Liquid-crystal pyridine derivatives for electrooptical display devices
 1987 Nematic liquid crystals and electrooptical effects: display applications
 1987 New liquid crystals: the mesomorphic properties of mono- and bisalkenyl(oxy) substituted esters
 1987 Synthesis, physical properties and structural relationships of new, end-chain substituted nematic liquid crystals
 1988 Ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1988 Ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1988 Orientational ordering of 4-substituted phenylcyclohexanes studied by carbon-13 two-dimensional NMR
 1989 Alkenylbicyclohexanes and liquid-crystal mixtures and electrooptical devices containing them
 1989 Halogenated benzene derivatives, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and their use in electrooptical devices
 1989 Liquid-crystal mixtures and their electrooptical applications
Schadt, Martin (cont...)1989 Material properties, structural relations with molecular ensembles and electrooptical performance of new bicyclohexane liquid crystals in field-effect liquid crystal displays
 1989 Optically active diesters, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and their use for electrooptical purposes
 1989 Orientational ordering of phenylcyclohexane-based liquid crystals determined from carbon-13 2D NMR spectroscopy
 1989 The history of the liquid crystal display and liquid crystal material technology
 1990 Alkoxymethyl- and alkenyloxymethylcyclohexanes for liquid-crystal display devices
 1990 New liquid crystal polarized color projection principle
 1990 Orientational ordering in the nematic phase of 4-alkenyl-substituted bicyclohexylnitriles
 1990 Phenylpyridines, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and their use for electrooptical purposes
 1990 Synergisms, structure-material relations and display performance of novel fluorinated alkenyl liquid crystals
 1991 Alkynyl-substituted liquid crystal materials, their preparation, and their use
 1991 Chiral dioxanes, liquid crystal mixtures containing them, and the use of the mixtures for optical or electrooptical applications
 1991 Novel supertwisted nematic liquid-crystal-display operating modes and electro-optical performance of generally twisted nematic configurations
 1991 Preparation of [(alkenyldioxanyl)cyclohexyl]halobenzenes as liquid crystals
 1991 Preparation of [[(chlorophenyl)cyclohexyl]cyclohexyl]alkenes as liquid crystals
 1991 Preparation of trans 5'-alkyl-2-(2-phenylpyridin-5-yl)1,3-dioxanes as liquid crystals
 1991 Structure of optically active compounds and ferroelectric properties of liquid crystals
 1991 The crystal and molecular structures of two 4-alkenyl-substituted bicyclohexylnitriles
 1992 Comparison of Electrooptic Properties of PDLC Containing Different Liquid Crystals
 1992 Halogenated alkenyl compounds, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and their use for electrooptical purposes
 1992 Liquid Crystal Materials, Electro-Optical Effects and Surface Interactions: Their Application in Present and Future Devices
Schadt, Martin (cont...)1992 Liquid-crystal compounds with terminal 1-alkynylgroups, mixtures containing them, and their use in electrooptical devices
 1992 Optical element for generating short-wave laser light
 1992 Organic compounds incorporating four rings, liquid - crystal mixtures containing them, and their use
 1992 Preparation of 1-(alkoxyalkyl)-4-(chlorophenyl)cyclohexanes and analogs as liquid crystal components
 1992 Preparation of 4-cyano-3-fluorophenyl esters as liquid crystals
 1992 Strongly Nonlinear Optical Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals for Frequency Doubling
 1992 Surface-induced parallel alignment of liquid crystals by linearly polymerized photopolymers
 1992 The efficient optics of liquid crystal polarized color projection
 1993 3,4-Difluorophenyl-substituted bicyclohexyls and liquid-crystal mixtures containing them
 1993 Fluorobenzonitriles, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and their preparation and use
 1993 Halovinyl derivatives, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and their use in electrooptical devices
 1993 Linear and non-linear liquid crystal materials, electrooptical effects and surface interactions: their application in present and future devices
 1993 Liquid crystals in information technology
 1993 method for disinclination-free planar orientation of chiral liquid crystalline side chain polymers and devices employing oriented films of the polymers
 1993 Methods for disinclination-free orientation of liquid crystals
 1993 Preparation of fluorotolans as liquid crystal components
 1993 Preparation of oriented photopolymers using polarized light
 1994 Acetylene derivatives and liquid crystalline mixtures containing them
 1994 Cyclohexyl alkenoates as components for liquid crystalline mixtures
 1994 Fluoro-substituted phenylcyclohexylacetylenes and liquid-crystal mixtures containing them
Schadt, Martin (cont...)1994 Fluoro-substituted tolan derivatives and liquid-crystal mixtures and devices containing them
 1994 Liquid-crystal compounds having chlorodifluoromethoxyphenyl end groups, mixtures containing them, and their use for optical or electrooptical purposes
 1994 Orientation layers for liquid crystals
 1994 Physics and electronic model of deformed helix ferroelectric liquid crystal displays
 1995 Liquid crystals with a chlorovinyl side chain. Effect of structural variations on the dielectric anisotropy
 1995 New nematics incorporating a 2,6-difluorophenylacetylene group
 1995 Optically active tolan derivatives, their preparation, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and use of the mixtures in optical and electrooptical devices
 1995 Orientational ordering of liquid crystals containing a difluoro-substituted phenyl ring
 1995 Photo-generation of linearly polymerized liquid crystal aligning layers comprising novel, integrated optically patterned retarders and color filters
 1995 Photocurable liquid crystals and their use in optical devices
 1995 Photoinduced alignment and patterning of hybrid liquid crystalline polymer films on single substrates
 1996 Optical patterning of multi-domain liquid-crystal displays with wide viewing angles
 1996 Optically structured liquid crystal displays with a wide point-of-view range
 1996 Performance of Conventional and Novel Deformed Helix Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Display Operating Modes
 1996 Photo cross-linkable liquid crystals
 1996 Polarization converters based on liquid crystal devices
 1996 Preparation of phenyl 4-[(E)-alk-2-enoyloxy]benzoates as liquid crystal components
 1996 Some studies on liquid crystals incorporating three membered linking units combined with 1,3 linked rings
 1997 Enhancement of second-harmonic generation by helicoidal distributed feedback action in a ferroelectric smectic C* liquid crystal using two counter-propagating fundamental waves
 1997 Entrepreneur acquires Rolic Ltd from F. Hoffman-La Roche
Schadt, Martin (cont...)1997 Ferroelectric liquid crystal display with improved wide viewing angles
 1997 Liquid crystal materials and liquid crystal displays
 1997 Recent advances in LPP-photoalignment of liquid crystals applied to the phase retarder image of Alfred Saupe
 1998 Bistable ferroelectric liquid crystal cell
 1998 Ferroelectric liquid crystal cell
 1998 Image display device
 1998 Liquid crystal cell comprising controlled anchoring plate and process for fabricating this plate
 1998 New ferroelectric displays and operation modes
 1999 Liquid crystal orientation layers
 1999 Optical component, orientation layer, and layerable polymerizable mixture
 1999 Optical identification element
 1999 Polarization dependent enhancement of second-harmonic generation by distributed feedback cavity action in a helicoidal ferroelectric liquid crystal cell
 2000 Corrugations on the Free Surface of Nematic Liquid Crystal Layers
 2000 Determination of director distributions in liquid crystal polymer-films by means of generalized anisotropic ellipsometry
 2000 Liquid-crystal display device with improved viewing angle
 2000 Optical LPP/LCP devices: a new generation of optical security elements
 2000 Orientation layer for liquid-crystal display device
 2001 Liquid crystal displays and novel optical thin films enabled by photoalignment
 2001 Optical polymer thin films with isotropic and anisotropic nano-corrugated surface topologies
 2002 Nematic liquid crystal electrooptical element and device
Schadt, Martin (cont...)2002 Polarizing film
 2003 Nano- and Micro-Corrugations in Photo-Aligned Polymer Thin-Films; Correlations Between Topologies and Directional Light Scattering
 2003 Photoaligned bistable twisted nematic liquid crystal displays
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