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Saunders, F.C.1986 Measurement of the nonlinear susceptibility of liquid crystal materials in the isotropic phase
 1986 Measurement of the Nonlinear Susceptibility of Liquid Crystal Materials in the Isotropic Phase
 1988 Inversion of contrast in ferroelectric smectic C liquid crystal displays
 1989 Electrooptic pulse response of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1991 Switching behavior of Sc* liquid crystals
 1991 The "JOERS/Alvey" ferroelectric multiplexing scheme
Saunders, Frances C.1984 Pleochroic dyes in solution with liquid crystal materials
 1986 Novel optical cell design for liquid crystal devices providing sub-millisecond switching
Saunders, Frances Carolyn1982 Liquid crystal materials comprising pleochroic dyes
 1982 Liquid crystal materials containing anthraquinone pleochroic dyes
 1982 Liquid crystal materials containing diamino-dihydroxy anthraquinone pleochroic dyes
 1984 Guest-host liquid crystal materials
 1986 Degenerate four-wave mixing in the isotropic phase of liquid crystals: the influence of molecular structure
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 2000 A Discotic Disguised as a Smectic: A Hybrid Columnar Bragg Glass
 2000 Topologically ordered phases of smectics confined in anisotropic random media: smectic Bragg glasses
 2001 "Soft" Anharmonic Vortex Glass in Ferromagnetic Superconductors
 2006 Pattern Stabilization through Parameter Alternation in a Nonlinear Optical System
 2007 Disordering to Order: de Vries Behavior from a Landau Theory for Smectic Phases
 2009 de Vries Behavior in Smectics near a Biaxiality Induced Smectic A - Smectic C Tricritical Point
 2009 De Vries behavior in smectics near a biaxiality induced smectic A smectic C tricritical point
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 1957 Electron transitions in the near ultraviolet range of azoxybenzene and some of its para derivatives
 1958 A simple molecular theory of the nematic crystalline-liquid state
 1959 A simple molecular statistical theory of the nematic crystalline-liquid phase. I
 1960 A simple molecular-statistical theory of the nematic crystalline-liquid phase. II
 1960 Bending elasticity of the nematic phase of azoxyanisole
 1960 Temperature dependence and magnitude of the deformation constant of nematic liquids
 1961 Methods for the determination of the degree of order in nematic liquid-crystal layers. The degree of order of azoxyanisole
 1963 High-Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra of Orientated Molecules
 1963 Ultraviolet investigations of stilbene, benzalaniline, azobenzene, azoxybenzene, and some liquid crystalline alkoxy derivatives
 1964 High-resolution proton resonance spectra with direct magnetic dipole-dipole interaction. II
 1964 Nuclear (magnetic) resonances in liquid crystals and in liquid-crystal solutions
 1965 Das Protonenresonanzspektrum von orientiertem Benzol in nematisch-kristallinflüssiger Lösung
 1966 Dielectric Relaxation in Nematic Liquid Crystals
 1966 Liquid Crystals
 1966 Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectra of Oriented Molecules: Acetylenic Compounds, Acetonitrile and Methanol
 1966 The average orientation of solute molecules in nematic liquid crystals by proton magnetic resonance measurements and orientation dependent intermolecular forces
 1967 Determination of bond angle of methyl groups by proton magnetic resonance in nematic liquid crystalline solutions
 1968 Proton magnetic resonance spectra of orientated molecules. Acetylene compounds
Saupe, Alfred (cont...)1968 Recent results in the field of liquid crystals
 1969 Liquid-crystal polymorphism in bis(4-n-alkoxybenzal)-1,4-phenylenediamines
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 1969 Orientation studies on fluorobenzenes in nematic liquid crystals by N.M.R.
 1970 Anisotropies of the fluorine-19 chemical shifts in fluorobenzene compounds from NMR in liquid crystals
 1970 The NMR Spectra of Oriented I, I-Difluoroethylene, and Tetrafluoroethylene
 1970 Two liquid crystal phases with nematic morphology in laterally substituted phenylenediamine derivatives
 1971 Elastic theory of uniaxial liquid crystals
 1971 Extended Debye theory for dielectric relaxations in nematic liquid crystals
 1971 Selective reflection by cholesteric liquid crystals
 1971 Structure of π-methylcyclopentadienylmanganese tricarbonyl as determined from PMR studies in the nematic phase
 1972 Calculation of the elastic constants of nematic liquid crystals
 1972 NMR spectra of bicyclic compounds oriented in the nematic phase. II. Spectrum of phthalazine
 1972 PMR spectra of butadiene sulfone in isotropic and liquid crystalline media
 1972 Schlieren texture in nematic and smectic liquid crystals
 1972 Ultraviolet, infrared, and magnetic resonance spectroscopy on liquid crystals
 1973 Disclinations and properties of the directorfield in nematic and cholesteric liquid crystals
 1973 Liquid crystals
 1973 Liquid Crystals in Human Bile
Saupe, Alfred (cont...)1973 Proton magnetic resonance studies of methylmercuric halides in isotropic and nematic liquid crystal solutions
 1973 Ring puckering vibrations in trimethylene oxide and trimethylene sulfide as studied by PMR spectroscopy in a liquid crystalline medium
 1974 Bend-shear-mode instabilities of nematic liquid crystals in a.c. fields
 1974 Effects of the passage of ionizing particles through a liquid crystal
 1974 Statistical theories of nematic liquid crystals
 1975 NMR spectra of bicyclic compounds oriented in the nematic phase. Part III: the spectrum of benzo(b)thiophene
 1976 Mean-field study of uniaxial smectic liquid crystals with polarized layers
 1976 The measurement of proton-proton dipolar coupling for the ammonium ion using high resolution NMR
 1977 Structure and conformation of N,p-chlorophenylmaleimide in a nematic solvent by proton magnetic resonance
 1977 Textures, deformations, and structural order of liquid crystals
 1977 Undulation instabilities in smectic C phases
 1978 Cholesteric states of micellar solutions
 1978 The structure of lyotropic nematic decylammoniumchloride and bromide systems by PMR of monomethyltin complexes and by microscopic studies
 1979 An extension of the Lennard-Jones and Devonshire model to liquid crystalline phases
 1979 Angular Dependence of Absorption in Cholesteric Films and the Contrast of Dichroic Display Devices
 1979 Critical analysis of the cluster integral approach to the nematic state
 1980 Absorption in cholesteric films and contrast of dichroic liquid crystal displays
 1980 Amphiphilic nematic and cholesteric phases
 1980 Liquid crystalline phases of the sodium decylsulfate/decanol/water system. Nematic-nematic and cholesteric-cholesteric phase transitions
 1980 Observation of a biaxial nematic phase in potassium laurate-1-decanol-water mixtures
Saupe, Alfred (cont...)1980 Undulation Instabilities in Nematic-cholesteric Transitions
 1981 Bend and splay elastic constants and the rotational viscosity of nematic decylammonium chloride and ammonium chloride water mixtures
 1981 Calculation of the electric conductivity of the hexagonal lyotropic mesophase
 1981 Elastic and flow properties of biaxial nematics
 1981 Refractive index and deuterium resonance measurements on nematic decylammonium chloride, ammonium chloride, water mixtures
 1981 Resistivity measurements on aligned amphiphilic liquid crystalline states
 1981 Transmission and Reflection of Polarized Light on Absorbing Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Films in the Grandjean Texture
 1982 Deuteron resonance of water-d2 of nematic disodium cromoglycate-water systems
 1982 Linewidth analysis of the proton resonance spectrum of benzene in a nematic solution
 1982 Structure of Reflection Bands of Grandjean Textures
 1983 Biaxial nematic phases in amphiphilic systems
 1983 Effects of salt on the orientational order in decylammonium chloride/ammonium chloride/water systems
 1983 Model calculations on the electric conductivity of the Nc phase
 1983 Physical Properties of Micellar Nematics
 1983 Structure of reflection bands of Grandjean textures
 1984 A direct observation of the switch-over transition in mixed liquid crystals of opposite diamagnetic anisotropies
 1984 Anisotropy of the Electric Conductivity in Amphiphilic Liquid Crystals
 1984 Calculations on the electric conductivity of a lyotropic mesophase with perforated lamellae
 1984 Cluster integral expansion of the Cotton-Mouton constant in suspensions
 1984 Critical behavior of uniaxial-biaxial nematic phase transitions in amphiphilic systems
Saupe, Alfred (cont...)1984 Density and susceptibility measurements on a micellar nematic system
 1984 Dynamics of benzene dissolved in a nematic mesophase
 1984 Micellar nematic liquid crystals
 1984 Nematic states in micellar systems of mixed composition
 1984 On the structure and the physical properties of micellar nematics
 1984 Physical Properties and Order in Nematic Liquid Crystals
 1986 Diffusion measurements in aligned nematic and smectic amphiphilic liquid crystalline decylammonium chloride and ammonium chloride water mixtures
 1986 Electric conductivity measurements on the nematic states of a micellar solution of potassium laurate/1-decanol/water-d2
 1986 Measurements of the conductivity and relaxation times for the micellar nematic phase of the system ammonium perfluorononanoate/water
 1986 The electric conductivity of the lamellar smectic, the micellar nematic, and the isotropic micellar solution of ammonium perfluorononanoate in water
 1987 Magnetic birefringence study of isotropic suspensions of tobacco mosaic virus
 1987 Micellar Cholesteric States
 1987 Microscopic textures of micellar cholesteric liquid crystals
 1988 Conformation of ethylene glycol dissolved in a nematic-lyotropic solution: an NMR analysis
 1988 Critical properties of the uniaxial-biaxial transition in micellar nematic phases
 1988 Curvature elasticity and rotational viscosity of the nematic decylammonium chloride system
 1988 Structure of the lamellar lyomesophase in water/ammonium perfluorononanoate mixtures: PFG NMR and deuteron NMR investigations
 1989 Landau point on a nematic-isotropic transition line
 1989 Measurements of density and expansion coefficient for the nematic, lamellar smectic, and isotropic phase of micellar systems
 1989 Relaxation Processes and Viscosities of Micellar Nematics
Saupe, Alfred (cont...)1990 Experimental study of the micellar nematic phase of tetradecyltrimethylammonium bromide
 1990 Properties of the Nematic-Isotropic Transition near the Landau Point
 1990 Rotational viscosities of nematic sodium decyl sulfate, 1-decanol, heavy water mixtures
 1990 Slow relaxation effects at the second-order nematic to lamellar smectic phase transition in micellar liquid crystals
 1990 Workshop amphotrope Flüssigkristalle
 1991 Linear electromechanical effect in a smectic C* polymer liquid crystal
 1991 Measurements of electric conductivity and reorientation times for the cesium perfluorooctanoate-water-d2 micellar system
 1991 Micellar structures in lyotropic liquid crystals and phase transitions
 1991 Microscopic Studies on Defects in Uniaxial and Biaxial Micellar Nematics
 1991 Rotational viscosities of polymer solutions in a low-molecular-weight nematic liquid crystal
 1992 Conduction Induced Reorientation of a Smectic C* Liquid Crystal
 1992 Confinement effects induced by a solubilized polymer on the micellar nematic-lamellar transition
 1992 Effect of a polymer network on the alignment and the rotational viscosity of a nematic liquid crystal
 1992 Effect of Poly(ethyleneoxide) on the Viscous Properties on the Liquid Crystalline States of an Anionic Surfactant
 1992 Electromechanical Response of Chiral Smectic C Liquid Crystals
 1992 Electromechanical Responses of SC* Liquid Crystal Films with Bookshelf Textures
 1992 Electrooptic effects in smectic A phase
 1992 Measurements of the Density Change at the Nematic-Isotropic Phase Transition of Cesium Perfluoro- Octanoate Water Solutions
 1992 Method to obtain uniform bookshelf textures in smectic-C* liquid crystals
 1992 Polymer Induced Confinement Effects on a Lyotropic Nematic-Lamellar Transition
Saupe, Alfred (cont...)1992 Spontaneous transition from chevron to striped texture of a planar smectic-C* liquid crystal
 1992 The Effect of Polymer Network on the Rotational Viscosity of Nematic Liquid Crystal
 1992 Uniform Bookshelf Textures in Smectic C* Liquid Crystals
 1993 Der Einfluß von PEO auf Phasenübergänge in mizellaren Lösungen
 1993 Side-chain liquid crystalline polysiloxanes containing a cyanohydrin chiral center
 1993 The role of Goldstone mode and electroclinic effects in electromech. responses of chiral smectic C liquid crystals
 1994 Electrically Induced Texture Transformation in SC* Liquid Crystals
 1994 Electrically induced uniform planar alignment of SC liquid crystals on homeotropically treated plates
 1994 Method of preparing thin liquid crystal films
 1994 Method of producing a homogeneously aligned chiral smectic c liquid crystal having homeotropic alignment layers
 1995 Field Induced Transitions Betwwen Chiral-Smectic States
 1995 Mechanical vibrations of smectic cells under fast field reversal
 1995 Reliefs of Liquid Crystal Surfaces and the Influence of Defects
 1996 A new high temperature mesophase of a double-swallow-tailed compound with weak optical anisotropy
 1996 Dielectric properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1996 Electro-Optical Properties of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals with Weak Surface Anchoring
 1996 Field-induced thickness change of ferroelectric liquid crystal films
 1996 Helix deformation and bistable switching of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1996 The temperature dependence of the anchoring energy threshold of FLC cells with weak surface anchoring
 1997 Determination of elastic constants and rotational viscosity of micellar liquid crystals by conductivity measurements
Saupe, Alfred (cont...)1997 Determination of K11, K33 and δ 1 of a Discotic Micellar Liquid Crystal by Conductivity Measurements
 1997 Indication of ferroelectricity in columnar mesophases of pyramidic molecules
 1997 Structural Relaxation of Nematic Liquid Crystals in Cylindrical Capillaries
 1997 Structure and phase transitions of amphiphilic lyotropic liquid crystals
 1997 Surface Patterns of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Glasses by Scanning Force Microscopy
 1997 Surface-imaging of frozen blue phases in a discotic liquid crystal with atomic force microscopy
 1997 The effects of polyethylene oxide on the curvature elasticity of micellar nematic cesium perfluorooctanoate water mixtures
 1997 Uniform bookshelf alignment of chiral smectic C films with guided backflow
 1998 Orientational capillary pressure on a nematic point defect
 2000 Helical filamentary growth in liquid crystals consisting of banana-shaped molecules
 2000 Tilted smectic layers of a SmC* liquid crystal between homeotropically treated plates
 2001 Viscoelastic director rotation of a low molecular mass liquid crystal
 2002 Piezoelectricity of a ferroelectric liquid crystal with a glass transition
 2002 Rheological and Piezoelectric Studies of a Glassy Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 2006 The divergence terms in the continuum theory of nematic liquid crystals
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