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Santamato, E.1991 Photodynamical effects induced by the angular momentum of light in liquid crystals
 1991 Photodynamical effects induced by the angular momentum of light in liquid crystals
 1991 Polarization effects in the optical reorientation of freely suspended smectic-C liquid-crystal films
 1992 Optical Freedericksz Transition in Nematics Doped with Chiral Agents
 1992 Self-induced stimulated light scattering in nematic liquid crystals: Theory and experiment
 1993 A new optical method for the measurement of viscoelastic coefficient in nematic liquid crystals
 1993 Optical reorientation in cholesteric nematic mixtures
 1993 Talbot assisted hexagonal beam patterning in a thin liquid crystal film with a single feedback mirror at negative distance
 1994 A new nonlinear optical method to measure the elastic antisotropy of liquid crystals
 1994 Electric field-induced mode splitting in a liquid crystal waveguide
 1994 Modulating light with light: a slab waveguide-liquid crystal device
 1994 Observation of nonhexagonal laser-beam patterning in a thin liquid crystal cell in front of a single feedback mirror
 1994 Wavelength dependence of optical reorientation in dye-doped nematics
 1995 Giant optical nonlinearities in nematic liquid crystals
 1995 Lagrangian approach to light propagation in liquid crystals
 1996 Transverse-magnetic nonlinear modes in a nematic liquid-crystal slab waveguide
 1997 A theoretical and experimental-investigation of TM mode propagation in a nonlinear hybrid aligned liquid crystal waveguide
 1997 Liquid crystals for nonlinear optical studies
 1997 Role of guest-host intermolecular forces in photoinduced reorientation of dyed liquid crystals
 1998 Enhanced optical nonlinearity by photoinduced molecular orientation in absorbing liquids
Santamato, E. (cont...)1998 Experimental study of the molecular reorientation induced by the ordinary wave in a nematic liquid crystal film
 1998 Optical Kerr-like response of dye-doped nematics
 1999 Dynamical regimes and motion intermittence induced by a laser beam in a nematic liquid crystal film
 1999 Experimental observation of nonlinear beam splitting in dye-doped liquid crystal waveguides
 1999 Optical reorientation in nematic liquid crystals controlled by the laser beam shape
 1999 Pattern formation in a self-defocusing Kerr-like film with single feedback mirror
 2001 Orbital and Spin Photon Angular Momentum Transfer in Liquid Crystals
 2002 Coupled-mode approach to the nonlinear dynamics induced by an elliptically polarized laser field in liquid crystals at normal incidence
 2003 On-off intermittency in chaotic rotation induced in liquid crystals by competition between spin and orbital angular momentum of light
 2004 The Orbital Angular Momentum of Light: A New Source of Optical Torque in Liquid Crystals
 2006 Light scattering processes in nematic liquid crystals without alignment control
 2009 Ellipsometric study of vertically aligned nematic liquid crystals
Santamato, Enrico1987 Collective rotation of the molecules of a nematic liquid crystal driven by the angular momentum of light
 1987 Experimental and theoretical analysis of intrinsic optical transistor action in homeotropically aligned nematic crystal films
 1987 Polarization-induced optical transitions in nematic and smectic-C liquid crystals
 1987 Two-beam mirrorless optical bistability in nematic liquid crystal film
 1990 Undamped nonlinear oscillations of the director of a nematic liquid crystal induced by an elliptically polarized laser beam
 1991 Multistability hysteresis and optical phase locking in the optical Freedericksz transition with linearly polarized light at normal incidence
 1991 Photodynamical effects induced by laser radiation in a nematic liquid crystal
 1992 First-order optical Freedeericksz transition in nematics doped with chiral agents
 1994 Talbot assisted pattern formation in a liquid crystal film with single feedback mirror
 1995 Experimental results on the light propagation in a nonlinear waveguide with nematic liquid crystal: hybrid alignment case
 1995 Optically induced reorientation in nematics doped by chiral agents
 1996 Analysis of modal coupling between glassy and liquid crystal planar waveguides
 1996 Optical Freedericksz transition induced by depolarized light
 1996 Time resolved fluorescence of dye solutions in nematic liquid crystals
 1997 Integrated optical switches using liquid crystal cells
 1997 Nonlinear effects in nematics doped by dyes and chiral agents
 1997 Optical reorientation in dye-doped nematics
 2001 Undamped Nonlinear Oscillations of the Molecular Director Induced in a Liquid Crystal Film by the Competition between the Orbital and Spin Angular Momentum Transfer from Light
 2002 The role of the orbital angular momentum of light in the optical reorientation of liquid crystals
 2004 Light angular momentum flux and forces in birefringent inhomogeneous media
Santamato, Enrico (cont...)2004 Optical Fréedericksz transition in liquid crystals and transfer of the orbital angular momentum of light
 2007 Computer-Generated Holographic Gratings in Soft Matter
Santana-Solano, Jesus2006 Direct Measurement of Colloidal Particle Rotation and Field Dependence in Alternating Current Electrohydrodynamic Flows
 2003 Effective pair potential between confined charged colloidal particles
Santana, P.1998 Delayed coking: industrial and laboratory aspects
Santangelo, C.D.2002 Coiling instabilities of multilamellar tubes
 2003 Bogomol'nyi, Prasad, and Sommerfield Configurations in Smectics
Santangelo, Christian2008 The Geometry and Topology of Liquid Crystals
Santangelo, Christian D.1996 Rifts in Spreading Wax Layers
 2006 Elliptic Phases: A Study of the Nonlinear Elasticity of Twist-Grain Boundaries
 2006 Geometry and the nonlinear elasticity of defects in smectic liquid crystals
 2007 Geometric Theory of Columnar Phases on Curved Substrates
Santangelo, M.1997 Electric, Electro-Optical and Morphological Properties of two Step Polymerization PDLC
 1997 Phase separation in polymer dispersed liquid crystals with two different reacting monomers
Santangelo, Michele1996 Polymer-stabilized liquid crystals and flexible devices thereof
 1997 High transmission polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1997 On the onset of phase separation in polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
 1997 Process for preparation of highly transparent polymer-dispersed liquid crystal material
 1998 Electric, electro-optical and morphological properties of two step polymerization PDLC
 1998 Polymer dispersed liquid crystals . 1: concept, preparation and materials
 1999 Liquid crystal-dispersed polymer electrooptical film having reverse morphology
Santappa, Muchi1981 Synthesis of polyamides containing 4,4'-azodibenzamido units
Santarelli, Xavier1985 Liposaccharides with a saccharidic chain of hen ovotransferrin: synthesis, determination of the mesomorphic structure, and comparison with other liposaccharides
 1986 Study by x-ray diffraction of the geometrical shape of glycoprotein sugar chains in two model glycoconjugates, a liposaccharide and a phospholiposaccharide, having the same sugar chain
Santaren, Juan F.1981 Thermal and NMR studies of chick embryo lecithins
Santarsiero, B.D.1978 Physical studies of homologous trans-4-ethoxy-4'-n-alkanoyloxyazobenzenes: birefringence
Santato, Clara2008 Environmentally stable light emitting field effect transistors based on 2-(4-pentylstyryl)tetracene
 2010 Influence of the oxidation level on the electronic, morphological and charge transport properties of novel dithienothiophene S-oxide and S,S-dioxide inner core oligomers
Santee, Gary L.1974 Thermodynamics and dynamics of polypeptide liquid crystals
Santen, L.2003 Shock formation in an exclusion process with creation and annihilation
Santen, Ludger2004 Empirical test for cellular automaton models of traffic flow
Santer, Svetlana2005 On the Formation of Molecular Terraces
Santhanam, Ashwin2003 Synthesis of Ordered Hexagonal Mesostructured Nickel Oxide
Santhanam, M.S.2004 Random matrix approach to multivariate correlations: Some limiting cases
Santhanamoorthi, N.2007 Theoretical investigation on intramolecular electron transfer in polypeptides
Santiago Maciel, Homero1998 Mesophase activation by oxygen plasma
Santiago-Quinones, Darlene I.2009 Magnetic and magnetorheological characterization of a polymer liquid crystal ferronematic
Santiago, F.1987 XPS study of sizing removal from carbon fibers
Santiago, Freddie2008 Atmospheric simulator for testing adaptive optic systems
 2008 Atmospheric simulator for testing adaptive optics systems
Santiago, Frio1999 Liquid crystalline phthalocyanine oxotitanium complex
Santiago, J.1997 First Porphyrin Silicon(IV) Liquid Crystals: Their Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties
Santiago, J.A.2002 Lipid membranes with an edge
Santiago, Julio1993 1,1'-Disubstituted ferrocene-containing thermotropic liquid crystals of structure [Fe{(η5- C5H4)COOC6H4XC6H4OCnH2n+1}2] (X = OOC or COO). Influence of the orientation of the central ester function on the mesogenic properties
 1993 Disubstituted ruthenocene-containing thermotropic liquid crystals: a novel family of metallomesogens
 1993 Unsymmetrically 1,1'-disubstituted ferrocene-containing thermotropic liquid crystals
 1994 1,3-Disubstituted ferrocene-containing thermotropic liquid crystals of form (η5-C5H5)Fe[(η5-C5H3)-1,3-(CO2C6H4CO2C6H4OCnH2n+1)2]
 1994 Unsymmetrically-1,3-disubstituted ferrocene-containing thermotropic liquid crystals: a new family of chiral metallomesogens
 1995 Crystal smectic-B phase from a mesomorphic ferrocene derivative
 1998 The first discotic metallomesogen derived from phthalocyaninatooxotitanium for a novel photoconductive liquid crystal
 1999 Mesomorphic properties of porphyrin silicon(IV) metal complexes
 1999 The first oxotitanium phthalocyanine metallomesogen as a liquid crystalline photoconductor: 2,3,9,10,16,17,23,24-octakis(n-octadecylthio)phthalocyaninatooxotitanium(IV)
 2001 Effect of intermolecular axial interaction on columnar mesomorphism in long-chain metallotetraphenylporphyrins
 2001 Hydrogen-bonded chain structure of a six-coordinate 5,10,15,20-tetraphenylporphinatomanganese(III) complex
 2004 Mesomorphic properties of a tetraphenylporphyrin metallomesogen with a weak hydrogen bond interaction between axial ligands: dihydroxo[5,10,15,20-tetrakis(4-n-dodecylphenyl)porphinato]silicon(IV)
Santillan, Rosa2006 Dipolar rotor-rotor interactions in a difluorobenzene molecular rotor crystal
Santilli, C.V.2008 Stimuli-Responsive Controlled Growth of Mono- and Bidimensional Particles from Basic Zirconium Sulfate Hydrosols
Santilli, Celso Valentim2004 Zirconia Needles Synthesized Inside Hexagonal Swollen Liquid Crystals
 2005 Highly Swollen Liquid Crystals as New Reactors for the Synthesis of Nanomaterials
Santin Filho, O.1993 Birefringence dispersion and inversion in lyotropic liquid crystals
 1997 Change in Micelle Form Induced by Cosurfactant Addition in Nematic Lyotropic Phases
 2000 Decanol Effect on the Structure of the Hexagonal Phase in a Lyotropic Liquid Crystal
Santin Fo, Ourides1992 Degree of order of aromatic and N-heterocyclic probes embedded in sodium lauryl sulfate lyomesophases
Santin, O.2004 Water Soluble Rigid Rod Polymers: a SANS Study of Shear-Induced Alignment and Relaxation
Santini, P.M.2004 Integrable generalization of the Toda law to the square lattice
Santini, Sergio1992 Infrared study and theoretical model for the K-T-B phase transition of phosphatidylcholine from natural lipids
Santo, Masabumi1994 Magnetic field orientation of liquid crystal polyesters
Santo, R.1981 Determination of the surface tilt angle by attenuated total reflection
Santoro, A.1974 Rapid detection and identification of liquid crystal states by light scattering
 1977 Synthesis and thermal properties of a possibly mesomorphic palladium chelate
Santoro, Amedeo2009 Synthesis, Mesomorphism, and Luminescent Properties of Calamitic 2-Phenylpyridines and Their Complexes with Platinum(II)
Santoro, Angelo V.1968 Heats of transitions and kinetic study of liquid crystals by differential thermal analysis
 1969 Vibrational spectra of liquid crystals. I. Changes in the infrared spectrum at the crystal-nematic transition
Santoro, Giuseppe E.2004 Quantum annealing of the traveling-salesman problem
Santoro, Michele2004 Structural Transitions of the Trans-Planar Mesomorphic Form and Crystalline Form III of Syndiotactic Polypropylene in Stretched and Stress-Relaxed Fibers: A Memory Effect
Santoro, P.A.1998 Periodic distortions near the Fredericks threshold in nematic liquid crystals
 2002 Coefficient of electronic polarizability in a lyotropic nematic phase
 2002 Temperature Dependence of Refractive Indexes Near the Reentrant Isotropic – Unixial Nematic Phase Transitions
 2004 Critical exponents at a reentrant isotropic–calamitic nematic phase transition
 2004 Reentrant isotropic-discotic nematic lyotropic phase transition: a refractive index study
 2005 Molar Refractivity and Thermal Expansion Coefficient of a Lyotropic Nematic Phase
 2006 Reentrant isotropic - discotic nematic phase transition: a critical exponent study
 2006 Temperature dependence of refractive indices near uniaxial–biaxial nematic phase transition
 2007 Reentrant isotropic-calamitic nematic phase transition in potassium laurate-decanol-D2O mixtures
 2007 Thermal diffusivity measurements in a lyotropic discotic nematic phase
Santos-Martell, R.G.2009 Synthesis and thermotropic liquid-crystalline properties of N-alkylpyridinium bromides substituted with a terphenylene moiety
Santos, A.2000 Monte Carlo simulation of a hard-sphere gas in the planar Fourier flow with a gravity field
 2002 Equation of state of additive hard-disk fluid mixtures: A critical analysis of two recent proposals
 2003 Exact steady-state solution of the Boltzmann equation: A driven one-dimensional inelastic Maxwell gas
Santos, Andres2002 Structure of ternary additive hard-sphere fluid mixtures
 2003 Comments on nonlinear viscosity and Grad's moment method
 2003 Granular fluid thermostated by a bath of elastic hard spheres
 2004 Inherent rheology of a granular fluid in uniform shear flow
Santos, Celina2005 Characterization of a Nematic Mixture by Reversed-Phase HPLC and UV Spectroscopy: Application to Phase Behavior Studies in Liquid Crystal-CO2 Systems
 2007 Characterization of a nematic mixture by reversed-phase HPLC and UV spectroscopy: an application to phase behaviour studies in liquid crystal-CO2 systems
Santos, Danielle O.C.2004 Model ecosystems with random nonlinear interspecies interactions
Santos, Dorabella2004 Spectrum and symbol distribution of nucleotide sequences
Santos, dos Daniel J.V.A.2008 Modelling the behavior of 5-aminolevulinic acid and its alkyl esters in a lipid bilayer
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Santos, Fabiana R.2008 Use of proteoliposome as a vaccine against Trypanosoma cruzi in mice
Santos, Gerardo J. Escalera2003 Experiments on coherence resonance: Noisy precursors to Hopf bifurcations
 2004 Effects of noise near a homoclinic bifurcation in an electrochemical system
Santos, J.I.2005 Row and column drivers for addressing full color and video rate antiferroelectric liquid crystal microdisplays
Santos, J.J.2004 Fast electron heating of a solid target in ultrahigh-intensity laser pulse interaction
Santos, Jose I.2007 Enhanced instrumentation system to characterize the electric behavior of AFLC displays
Santos, Jose Isidro2004 An Analogue-Digital Instrumentation System for Characterizing Electrical Behavior of Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Display Pixels
Santos, L.2005 Atomic Fermi Gas in the Trimerized Kagomé Lattice at 2/3 Filling
 2005 Two-Dimensional Bright Solitons in Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensates
 2006 Spin-3 Chromium Bose-Einstein Condensates
 2008 Resonant Spin-Changing Collisions in Spinor Fermi Gases
 2008 Stability of Dark Solitons in Three Dimensional Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensates
 2008 Transverse Instability of Straight Vortex Lines in Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensates
Santos, L.O.2003 Lattice-Boltzmann model based on field mediators for immiscible fluids
Santos, Lea F.2006 Enhanced Convergence and Robust Performance of Randomized Dynamical Decoupling
Santos, M.2004 Growth model with a finite number of orientations on a linear substrate
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 1983 Flexoelectric distortion of developable domains in a tubular discotic liquid crystal
 1992 Preliminary Rayleigh Scattering Measurements in the New Lyotropic System K-Laurate, DACl, H2O
 1992 Slow Fluctuations in a Lyotropic Nematic Near the Transition to the Reentrant-Isotropic Phase
 1993 Transient dynamics of a cellular front instability during directional solidification
 2002 Pretransitional scaling close to a double critical point in a potassium laurate, 1-decanol, and heavy water lyotropic liquid crystal
Santos, Nuno C.2004 HIV Fusion Inhibitor Peptide T-1249 Is Able To Insert or Adsorb to Lipidic Bilayers. Putative Correlation with Improved Efficiency
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 1994 Three-step scale and rotation invariant joint transform correlator
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Santrosya, E.A.1997 Thermomechanical effect in a hybrid-oriented nematic liquid crystal
Santrosyan, E.A.1999 Thermomechanical effect in a planar nematic induced by a quasistatic electric field
 2000 Photoinduced thermomechanical effect in homogeneous nematics
 2006 Dynamics of Freedericksz Transition in the Oscillating Electric Field
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 1992 In situ polycondensation for synthesis of composites of elastomeric matrixes and wholly aromatic polyamides
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 1985 Ultrasonic investigation of a nematic liquid crystal 4'-methoxybenzylidene-4-acetoxyaniline
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 1991 Correlation between bulk orderings and anchoring structures of liquid crystals studied by scanning tunneling microscopy
 1991 Novel quadruple zigzag structure of antiferroelectric liquid crystal molecules observed by scanning tunneling microscopy
 1992 Anchoring structure of binary mixture of liquid crystals studied by scanning tunneling microscopy
 1992 Fixation of protein molecules for STM measurement
 1992 STM Imaging of Liquid Crystals and Guest-Host Systems
 1994 Anchoring Phase of Liquid Crystal Mixtures Studied by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
 1994 Third-order optical nonlinearity of poly(1,6-heptadiyne) derivatives containing mesogenic moiety
 1997 Nonlinear optical properties of modified DR1/silica films with highly ordered structures
 1999 Anisotropic SHG Behaviors of Tolan Derivatives in Monolayer Assemblies Prepared by Horizontal Lifting Method with Rotation of Substrate
 2007 Organic Photorefractive Composites Based on PEDOT-co-PEG
Sasabe, Yutaka1994 Characterization and evaluation of carbon fibers as a negative electrode of lithium secondary battery
Sasada, Tadashi1978 The electroviscous effect in the MBBA liquid crystal
 1979 Electroviscous effect in liquid crystals
Sasada, Yasuyuki1997 Optically-active fluoroalkyl compounds, liquid -crystal compositions containing them, and the devices, display method, and displays using the compositions
 2001 Preparation of 1-cyclohexyloxydifluoromethyl-2,3-difluorobenzene liquid crystals having negative dielectric anisotropy, liquid crystal compositions containing them, and liquid crystal display devices using them
 2002 Liquid crystalline compound having a difluoropropyleneoxy group as bonding group, liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display element
 2003 Liquid crystalline N-substituted-3,4-difluoropyrroles exhibiting large positive dielectric anisotropy
 2006 Change of the phase transition behaviour by fluorination of the phenyl groups in alkoxybenzoyloxytriphenylene discotic liquid crystals
 2006 Compound having alkyl on benzene ring, liquid crystal compositions having the compound and liquid crystal display device having the liquid crystal composition
 2007 Aromatic Fluorination Effect on the Mesomorphic Properties of Discotic Liquid Crystal of Alkoxybenzoyloxytriphenylene
 2007 Effect of type and length of peripheral alkoxy group on the mesomorphic properties in alkoxytetrafluorobenzoyloxytriphenylene discotic liquid crystals
 2007 Synthesis and properties of novel 1,1-difluoropropoxy-linked liquid crystalline compounds of negative dielectric anisotropy
 2008 Drastic enhancement of discotic mesomorphism induced by fluorination of the peripheral phenyl groups in triphenylene mesogens
 2009 Aromatic Fluorination Effect on the Mesomorphic Properties of Discotic Liquid Crystal of Alkoxybenzoyloxytriphenylene
Sasagawa, Akihiko1993 High-order aggregation of crystal violet in the chromonic lyotropic mesophases of 7,7'-disodium chromoglycate
Sasagawa, Hideto2001 Liquid crystal display device
Sasagawa, Katsuyoshi1996 Electrode substrate for liquid crystal display
Sasagawa, Koji1985 Optically anisotropic dope
Sasagawa, Michizou2004 Computer-aided diagnosis workstation and database system for chest diagnosis based on multihelical CT images
Sasagawa, Tomohiro1997 Laser annealing method in fabrication of low temperature polysilicon thin film transistor.
 1997 Liquid-crystal display device with back light unit
 1999 Liquid crystal display, liquid crystal display panel, LCD driver, polysilicon TFT fabrication and laser annealing apparatus
 2001 Liquid crystal panel device having a light guide plate with l shaped ribs
 2002 Reflective liquid crystal display device
Sasago, Masaru2004 Bilayer Resist Method for Room-Temperature Nanoimprint Lithography
Sasaguri, Kiichiro1970 Polymorphic forms of nylon 3
Sasahara, K.2003 Measurement of positron production efficiency from a tungsten monocrystalline target using 4- and 8-GeV electrons
Sasahara, Kazunori1995 Molding of photocurable resins for three-dimension laminated structures
 1996 Epoxy (meth)acrylate polymer compositions and cured products for black masks of liquid-crystal display devices
Sasai, H.2006 Design and Synthesis of Novel Chiral Spiro Ionic Liquids
Sasakawa, Tomoyoshi1991 Hole transport in liquid crystalline media. II. Hole drift mobilities of copolymers of acrylates with side-chain mesogens and dimeric carbazoles
 1991 Hole transport in liquid-crystalline media. I. Effect of matrices on hole drift mobilities of 1,2-trans-bis(9H-carbazol-9-yl)-cyclobutane doped in polymer liquid crystals
Sasaki, A.1977 Electrothermo-optic effects of BBBA and its mixture
 1977 Light deflection by liquid crystals
 1979 Liquid-crystal light deflector
 1981 Optic effects of smectic-cholesteric mixed liquid crystals
 1984 10th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Tokyo
 1988 Liquid crystal television
 1997 A stable scanning tunneling microscope designed for investigations of organic thin films in air
 2006 Transition of Nanostructure in DNA-Cationic Surfactant Complexes with the Added Salt
Sasaki, Aakio1980 Write-in speed of laser beam address in liquid-crystal large-scale display
Sasaki, Akihiko2005 Protonation-Induced Structural Change of Lyotropic Liquid Crystals in Oley- and Alkyldimethylamine Oxides/Water Systems
Sasaki, Akio1974 Liquid crystal thermooptic effects and two new information display devices
 1975 Liquid-crystal electrothermo-optic effects and their application to display
 1975 Materials for display devices
 1981 Light transmission and texture changes of mixed liquid crystals by temperature variations
 1981 Liquid-crystal sensors
 1986 Laser-beam addressed liquid crystal display
 1986 Liquid crystals and sensors
 1993 Liquid - Crystal Displays: Aiming at Larger and Finer Display
Sasaki, Akitsugu2002 Diffusional Behavior of Polypeptides in the Isotropic, Biphasic, and Liquid Crystalline Phases As Studied by the Pulse Field-Gradient Spin-Echo 1H NMR Method
Sasaki, Atsushi1996 In vivo behavior of liposomes modified with a novel galactosyllipid derivative
 1997 Color filter, substrate therefor, and manufacture thereof
Sasaki, Ayumi2000 Liquid crystal display device and its manufacture method
 2001 Liquid crystal display with PSCT (polymer stabilized cholesteric texture) and its manufacturing method
Sasaki, Darryl Y.1992 Interfacial and bulk structures of homologous series of azobenzene amphiphiles studied by scanning tunneling microscopy and x-ray diffraction
Sasaki, Fuminobu2000 Organic-inorganic composite particles and their manufacture
Sasaki, H.1993 Two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy of electric-field-induced reorientation dynamics of a mixed nematic liquid crystal
 2003 Crystal structures and physical properties of cation radical salts of ethylenedioxy-ethylenedithio-tetrathiafulvalene (EDOEDT-TTF or EOET): f'-(EOET)2AuBr2 and g''-(EOET)2AuBr2
Sasaki, Hideharu1986 Manufacture of carbon fibers from pitch
Sasaki, Hideo1995 Nickel-base alloy for apparatus for manufacture of semiconductor devices and liquid crystal display
 1995 Nickel-base alloy for apparatus for manufacture of semiconductor devices and liquid crystal display
 1995 Nickel-base alloy for apparatus for manufacture of semiconductor devices and liquid crystal display
Sasaki, Hideyuki1991 A structural study on liquid crystals by GC/MS and NMR
 1993 Dynamic analysis of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal by infrared spectroscopy
 1995 A Chiral Director Field in the Nematic Liquid Crystal Phase Induced by a Poly(γ-benzyl glutamate) Chemical Reaction Alignment Film
 1995 Analysis of rubbed polyimide films by polarized infrared spectroscopy
 1995 Manufacture of liquid-crystal display devices
 1996 Analysis of rubbed polyimide films by polarized infrared spectroscopy: effects of immersion in organic solvents
 1998 Production method of polycrystalline semiconductor film
Sasaki, Hirofumi2003 Radiation sensitive composition for forming an insulating film, insulating film and display device
Sasaki, Hirohito1986 Study on gels formed in ternary systems of cationic surfactant, polyols, and oils
Sasaki, Hiroki1990 Switching of excimer/monomer ratio in chiral bilayer membranes containing pyrenyl groups
 1990 Synthesis, structure, and excimer formation of vesicular assemblies carrying 1- or 2-naphthyl chromophores
Sasaki, Hiroko2003 Numerical Simulation Method for a Liquid-Crystal Aberration Compensation Device
Sasaki, Hiroshi1996 Manufacture of liquid-crystal display element
 1996 Polymer dispersion-type liquid-crystal display devices and their manufacture
 2004 Thin film transistor and display device fabrication
 2005 Printable organic TFT technologies for FPD applications
Sasaki, Hirotaka2007 Thermal analyses of phospholipid mixtures by differential scanning calorimetry and effect of doping with a bolaform amphiphile
Sasaki, Hiroyuki1997 Light-shielding materials, black pastes, color filters, and liquid crystal display devices therefrom
 1998 Heat-resistant polyimide light-shielding materials and their color filters and liquid crystal displays
 1998 Polyimide resin composition for color filter and liquid crystal display element
 1998 Sealing materials with good adhesion and liquid crystal displays therewith
 2002 Transmission and reflection liquid crystal display device comprising color filter
Sasaki, Hitoshi2006 Molecular Alignment Structure of Dimeric Liquid Crystal 8PY11OCB
 2008 Alignment Structure Formed in Dimeric Liquid Crystal Molecules
Sasaki, Isao1999 Anti-bacterial granular substrate for deodorization and disinfection for air purification
Sasaki, Isato1999 Contact probe and its manufacture
Sasaki, Jo1998 Nonaqueous electrolyte lithium secondary batteries using mesophase carbon anodes
Sasaki, Jun1995 Manufacturing apparatus of double refraction film sheet suitable for super-twisted-nematic liquid crystal display
 1996 Manufacture of optical compensator
 1996 Rubbing of liquid-crystal orientation control film and manufacture of optical compensator sheet
 1996 Rubbing process, rubbing apparatus, and manufacture of optical compensation sheet used for liquid crystal display device
Sasaki, K.1997 Analytical modeling of the deformation of auxetic polymers
 2004 Self-Organization and Phase Behavior of Hydrogen-Bonded Mixtures of End-Functional Polymer with Surfactant
Sasaki, Katsunari1994 The development of a time-resolved x-ray measurement system using imaging plate
 1997 Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Measurements and Image Reconstruction by the Maximum Entropy Method
Sasaki, Kazumi1979 Utilization of sugars in organic synthesis. Part I. Regioselective syntheses of mono-O-acylglucoses
Sasaki, Kazuo2003 Theoretical model for motility and processivity of two-headed molecular motors
Sasaki, Kazuto2007 Investigation of Alignment of Nematic Liquid Crystals at Micropatterned Surface
Sasaki, Kei1992 Nematic liquid - crystal composition for active-matrix application
 1992 Nematic liquid - crystal composition for active-matrix application
 1992 Nematic liquid crystal composition for active-matrix display device
 1992 Nematic liquid crystal materials for TFT-LCDs (thin film transistor-liquid crystal displays) and their display characteristics
 1995 Nematic liquid-crystal composition
Sasaki, Keiji1997 Manipulation of liquid crystal textures with a focused near infrared laser beam
Sasaki, Keisuke2000 Near UV Second Harmonic Generation using Anomalous Dispersion of Poled Polymer
Sasaki, Keita1993 Development of liquid crystalline polyester composite as recyclable high-strength material
 1993 Preparation of composites from a mixture of a thermoplastic resin and a liquid-crystalline polymer and their conversion to useful products
 1993 Preparation of liquid crystal-polymer composities
 1994 Liquid crystalline polymer composite as recyclable material
 1994 Liquid polymer reinforced plastics for easy recycling
 1994 Recycling of liquid crystalline polymer composite
 1996 Extrusion method and apparatus for liquid-crystalline resin composites in a large diameter with stretching effect inside extrusion die
Sasaki, Ken1980 Compound for adjusting the dielectric constants of a liquid crystal
 1985 Liquid crystal display cell fill port seal with first and second photosensitizers
 1987 A liquid-crystal display panel using polarizers as panel substrates
Sasaki, Kiyohiro1998 Heat treatment apparatus including thickness measurement apparatus for manufacturing substrates
Sasaki, Kiyomi1996 Thermosetting and photocurable adhesives for liquid crystal displays, their preparation and use
 1997 Polarized boards for liquid crystal display devices
 1997 Polarized boards for liquid crystal display devices
 1997 Polarized boards for liquid crystal display devices
 1997 Polarized boards for liquid crystal display devices
 1997 Polarized boards for liquid crystal display devices
 1997 Polarized boards for liquid crystal display devices
 1997 Polarized boards for liquid crystal display devices
 1997 Polarized boards for liquid crystal display devices
 1997 Polarized boards for liquid crystal display devices
 1997 Polarizing plate for liquid crystal display
Sasaki, Kiyoo1990 Stress relaxation behavior of liquid-crystalline solutions of ethyl celluloses with different molecular weight in m-cresol
Sasaki, Kiyotaka2000 Electronic blackboard apparatus containing phase-transfer liquid crystal
 2000 Liquid crystal display device and its manufacture method
Sasaki, Koji1997 Laser annealing of thin-film transistor for liquid-crystal display and apparatus therefor
Sasaki, Kyomi1996 Photocurable adhesive composition for liquid crystal display
 1996 Polarizer panels for liquid crystal display with good moisturized heat resistance
 1996 Polarizer panels for liquid crystal display with good moisturized heat resistance
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 1984 Synthesis and some properties of 3-fluoro-4-cyanophenyl 4'-n-alkylbenzoates
 1986 Physical properties of nematic tolans
 1987 13th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Fukuoka
 1991 Physical properties of novel fluorinated ethers and ether mixtures for actively-addressed, twisted nematic liquid crystal displays
 1992 Physical Properties of a Series of Liquid Crystal Compounds with a Novel Terminal Group
Sasaki, Makoto1983 4-N-Alkylbenzoyloxy-3'-fluoro-4'-cyanobenzenes for electrooptical display devices.
 1984 Nematic liquid crystal compounds
 1985 Tolan-type nematic liquid crystals
 1986 Acetylenylphenyl esters for electrooptical displays
 1986 Liquid crystalline 3-fluoro-4-cyanophenyl derivatives
 1986 Nematic liquid crystalline tolan esters
 1987 Cyclohexylpyridines as liquid-crystal additives for threshold voltage and viscosity reduction
 1987 Novel optically active tolan derivative
 1987 Optically active benzoic acid ester derivatives
 1987 Phenylpyridines as liquid-crystal additives for threshold voltage reduction
 1987 Viscosity reduction of liquid crystals by (fluoroalkyl)phenylpyrimidine derivatives for electrooptical display devices
 1988 2,5-Diphenylpyridine derivatives as liquid crystals
 1988 2,5-Diphenylpyrimidine derivatives as smectic liquid crystals
 1988 2-(2-Fluorophenyl)-5-phenylpyridine derivatives as smectic C liquid crystals
 1988 2-(3-fluoro-4-cyanophenyl)pyridine derivatives as nematic liquid crystals for display devices
 1988 Fluoro-containing 2,6-disubstituted pyridine derivatives as liquid crystals
 1988 Halobiphenylpyridine derivatives for electrooptical display devices
 1988 Isothiocyanatophenylalkypyridines as liquid crystals for display devices with low threshold voltage and quick response.
 1988 Optically active alkoxybenzoate esters for electrooptical display devices
 1988 Optically active crotyloxy derivatives for electrooptical display devices
Sasaki, Makoto (cont...)1988 Optically active pyridine derivatives
 1988 optically-active 4'-alkenylbiphenyl-4-carboxylate esters as helical pitch controllers for nematic liquid-crystal compositions
 1988 optically-active 4-(alkoxyphenyl- or alkoxybiphenylyl)cyclohexanes as additives for prevention of crosstalk phenomena in multiplex drive liquid-crystal displays
 1988 Tolan-type nematic liquid-crystal compounds
 1989 Bicyclohexyl isothiocyanate derivatives as liquid crystals
 1989 Bicyclohexylbiphenyl derivatives as nematic liquid crystals
 1989 Liquid crystalline ethylene glycol derivatives for electrooptical displays
 1990 2-[4-(ω-Alkoxyalkoxy)phenyl]-5-(4-alkylphenyl)pyridines, nematic liquid-crystal composittions, and super-twisted nematic liquid-crystal displays
 1990 4-[4-Trans-(4-trans-alkoxymethylcyclohexyl)cyclohexyl]fluorobenzenes as nematic liquid crystals
 1990 4-[Trans-4-(trans-4-alkylcyclohexyl)cyclohexyl]-1-(ω-alkoxyalkyl)benzenes as nematic liquid crystals
 1990 Alkylene glycol derivatives for nematic liquid crystal compositions
 1990 Optically-active 4'-alkoxy-4-biphenylcarboxylate esters and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1990 Optically-active phthalic or cyclohexanedicarboxylic diesters and liq.-crystal compositions containing them
 1991 (Alkoxycyclohexyl)fluorobenzene derivatives; their preparation and liquid crystals containing them
 1991 4'-(ω-Alkoxyalkyoxy)-4-alkyltolanes, nematic liquid-crystal compositions, and super-twisted nematic liquid-crystal display devices
 1991 Cyano-substituted compound containing ether bond
 1991 Liquid crystal compositions containing tolan-type alkylene glycol derivatives
 1991 Preparation of (alkoxyalkyl)bicyclohexanes as viscosity-lowering liquid crystals
 1991 Preparation of (cyclohexylcyclohexyl)benzyl ethers for nematic liquid crystal compositions
 1991 Preparation of (trifluoromethyl)biphenyl compounds for liquid-crystal compositions for display devices
Sasaki, Makoto (cont...)1991 Preparation of bicyclic alkylene glycols, nematic liquid -crystal compositions containing them, and super-twisted nematic liquid-crystal display device
 1991 Preparation of cyano(alkoxyalkyl)bicyclohexanes as nematic liquid crystals
 1991 Preparation of optically active 2-phenylethanol derivatives and liquid crystal compositions containing them
 1991 Preparation of tricyclilc alkylene glycol derivatievs, nematic liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and liq.-crystal displays using the compositions
 1991 Tricyclic ether-type liquid-crystal compositions
 1992 (Phenylcyclohexyl)alkyl ethers for electrooptical display devices
 1992 Cyclohexylcyclohexane derivatives for electrooptical display devices
 1992 Fluorine-containing ether derivatives and nematic liquid crystal compositions containing them
 1992 Fluorotolan derivatives for electrooptical display devices
 1992 Nematic liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display using same
 1992 Preparation of (alkoxyalkyl)(phenylethyl)cyclohexanes as additives for nematic liquid-crystal compositions
 1992 Preparation of 2-fluoro-4-[2-[trans-4-(alkoxyalkyl)cyclohexyl]ethyl] benzonitriles as additives for twisted nematic liquid-crystal displays
 1992 Preparation of 4-(alkoxyalkyl)-4'-(2-phenylethyl)bicyclohexanes as additives for nematic liquid-crystal compositions
 1992 Preparation of 4-(dicyclohexylethyl)benzonitirle derivatives as additives for nematic liquid-crystal compositions
 1992 Preparation of 4-cyclohexyltolan derivatives as nematic liquid crystals
 1992 Preparation of 5-alkyl-2-[4-(alkoxyalkoxy)phenyl]pyrimidines, nematic liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and super-twisted nematic liquid-crystal display devices
 1992 Preparation of [(alkoxyalkyl)cyclohexyl]cyanofluorobiphenyls as nematic liquid crystals
 1992 Preparation of [(alkoxyalkyl)cyclohexyl]fluorobiphenyls as nematic liquid crystals
 1992 Preparation of cyclohexylbenzonitrile derivatives as additives for nematic liquid-crystal compositions
 1992 Preparation of fluorophenylcyclodexyl ethers fluorine-substituted compound containing ether bond
Sasaki, Makoto (cont...)1992 Preparation of tricyclic ether compounds as additives for nematic liquid-crystal compositions
 1992 Tolan-type tricyclic alkylene glycol derivatives, liquid-crystal compositions containing the derivatives, and liquid-crystal display devices
 1993 Preparation of (4-alkoxyalkoxyalkyl)(4'-cyclohexylethyl)tolans, nematic liquid-crystal compositions, and display devices
 1993 Preparation of (4-alkoxyalkoxyalkyl)phenylcyclohexane derivatives, nematic liquid-crystal compositions, and display devices
 1993 Preparation of 4'-(2-pyridyl)-4-fluorotolan derivatives as nematic liquid crystals for display devices
 1993 Preparation of 4-(4-alkenylcyclohexyl)-4'-fluorotolans as nematic liquid crystals for display devices
 1993 Preparation of 4-(5-alkoxyalkyl-1,3-dioxanyl)-4'-fluorotolans as nematic liquid crystals for display devices
 1993 Preparation of [(alkoxyalkoxyalkyl)phenethyl]bicyclohexanes, nematic liquid-crystal compositions, and display devices
 1995 Electrorheological fluid.
 1995 Nematic liquid crystal composition containing tolan derivative
 1995 Tolan derivatives for liquid crystal imaging devices
 1996 Thin film transistor array and liquid crystal display device
 1998 UCT sputtering apparatus
 2000 Manufacture of substrates for electronic devices
Sasaki, Manabu1997 Method of forming resin black matrix used for color liquid crystal displays and color video cameras
Sasaki, Masahide1988 Stacking structure of aromatic molecules in carbonaceous mesophase
Sasaki, Masaki1998 Liquid crystal electrooptical device free of electrostatic damage during manufacturing process
 2000 Photocurable anisotropically conductive composition and anisotropically conductive pattern formed by using same
Sasaki, Masanori1989 Preparation of 2,4,5-trifluoro-3-hydroxy- and -3-alkoxybenzoic acids
Sasaki, Masaomi1995 Manufacture of heat-resistant and transparent polycarbonates
Sasaki, Masaru1996 Liquid crystal display color filter substrate and manufacture of liq. crystal display device
 1996 Liquid crystal display color filter substrate, its manufacture, and liquid crystal display device
 1996 Liquid crystal displaying apparatus and its manufacture
 1996 Manufacture of color filter for liquid crystal display and manufacturing apparatus
Sasaki, Masashi2003 Detection of a Heat Stress-Mediated Interaction between Protein and Phospholipid Membrane Using Dielectric Measurement
Sasaki, Minoru1982 Effects of geometrical variables of helical ribbon impellers on mixing of highly viscous Newtonian liquids
Sasaki, Mueno1991 Interaction in structure and function of nucleic acids. V. Unusual melting behaviors of RNA helices containing unpaired nucleotides
Sasaki, Muneo1992 Melting behavior and stability of (dA)8.(dT)8 double helix
Sasaki, Naoki2001 Chain Aggregation and Chain Collapse of Poly(methyl methacrylate) in a Mixed Solvent
 2001 Rheological studies on the phase separation of hydroxypropylcellulose solution systems
Sasaki, Naoyuki1984 Effect of the gel-liquid crystal transition on the lipid-preference of protein in lipid bilayer membranes
Sasaki, Noboru2000 Gas-barrier transparent laminates with good adhesion, packaging materials, and their packaged products
Sasaki, Nobuhiko1997 Anisotropic polymer film and its manufacture for liquid crystal display
 2000 Thin-film transistor liquid crystal display device
Sasaki, Nobuo2000 Manufacture of polycrystalline silicon thin film and manufacture of thin film transistor
Sasaki, Nobuyoshi1994 Reliability of liquid crystal compounds: Evaluation of stability and prediction by molecular orbital calculation
 1998 Liquid - crystal display panel containing chelating agent
 1998 Simulation of the Voltage Holding Ratio in Liquid Crystal Displays with a Constant Charge Model
 1999 Atomic force microscope(AMF) stylus for evaluating orientation film characteristics of liquid crystal display device
 1999 Characterization of molecular orientation of rubbed polyimide film by grazing incidence X-ray scattering
 2001 A New Measurement Method for Ion Density in TFT-LCD Panels
Sasaki, Noriaki1998 Manufacture of liquid crystal display spacers showing no light leakage around themselves even when subjected to vibration or impact
Sasaki, Norikuni1999 Color particles for liquid crystal display panel
 1999 Manufacture of colored amino resin particles and spacer using them for liquid-crystal display
Sasaki, Norinaga1997 Electric field control of liquid crystal
Sasaki, Noriyoshi1997 Method of determining ions in liquid crystals and organic solvents
 1999 Influences of imidization rate and molecular orientation of rubbed polyimide film on pretilt angle of nematic liquid crystal
Sasaki, Osamu1992 Secondary instabilities in electroconvection in nematic liquid crystals
 1994 Method for manufacturing a printed circuit board
Sasaki, Reiko1996 Manufacture of color filter and color liquid crystal display
 1998 Color filter for multicolor liquid crystal display and its manufacture using electrodeposition
Sasaki, Ryo2007 Amphiphilic Pyranines: Chromophore Wrapped in a Hydrophobic Alkyl Chain and Micelle Formation Induced by Complexation with Methylviologen
 2007 Thermal analyses of phospholipid mixtures by differential scanning calorimetry and effect of doping with a bolaform amphiphile
Sasaki, S.1988 Compatibility and mesophase separation in blends of α-helical polyglutamates
 1990 Helix assembly in synthetic polypeptides. 1. Poly(γ-methyl L-glutamate) film retaining cholesteric twisted structure
 2002 New Soluble ~-Conjugated Tetrathiafulvalene (TTF) Polymers Bearing Long Alkyl Side Chains: Preparation by Organometallic Polycondensation, Structure and Chemical Properties of the Polymers
 2003 Helix Distortion and Crystal Structure of the α-Form of Poly(L-lactide)
 2006 Transition of Nanostructure in DNA-Cationic Surfactant Complexes with the Added Salt
Sasaki, Shigekuni1996 Liquid crystal element and optical waveguide
 1996 Liquid crystal element for display device and its manufacture
 1996 Manufacture of liquid-crystal device, thin liquid-crystal device for waveguide, and waveguide-type optical device
 1997 Liquid crystal display cell and its manufacture
 1999 Liquid crystal-dispersed polyimide electrooptical material and its manufacture
Sasaki, Shigeo1985 Static and dynamic light scattering studies on the melting behavior of crystalline latex
 2003 Nanostructures of polyelectrolyte gel-surfactant complexes in uniaxially stretched networks
 2005 Protonation-Induced Structural Change of Lyotropic Liquid Crystals in Oley- and Alkyldimethylamine Oxides/Water Systems
Sasaki, Shigeru2001 Polymeric fluorescent substance, polymeric fluorescent substance solution and polymer light-emitting device using the same
Sasaki, Shingo1988 Fire-resistant thermotropic liquid crystal polyesters
 1988 Manufacture of thermotropic liquid-crystalline polyesters
 1989 Preparation of thermotropic liquid crystalline polyesters with high intrinsic viscosity
 1989 Preparation of thermotropic liquid crystalline polyesters with high intrinsic viscosity
Sasaki, Shinichi1996 Birefringent film, elliptical polarizer plate and liquid crystal display using them
 1997 Manufacture of optical film, laminated polarizing plate and liquid crystal display
 1998 Wide visual-field polarizing plate
 2000 Liquid crystal display devices, their cell substrates, and their liquid crystal cells
 2000 Phase different plate, its continuous manufacture, optical material, and liquid crystal display
Sasaki, Shintaro1977 Cholesteric twisted structure in solid films of poly(γ-methyl-D-glutamate)
 1979 Molecular aggregation and gelation in poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) solutions
 1981 Molecular aggregation of poly(γ-phenacyl L-glutamate) in N,N-dimethylformamide
 1982 Characterization of polymeric liquid crystals
 1982 Molecular Aggregation and Gelation in Poly(y-benzyl L-glutamate) Solutions
 1982 Thermotropic cholesteric mesophases in copoly(γ-n-alkyl L-glutamate)s
 1983 Phase behavior of poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) solutions in benzyl alcohol
 1991 Crystal transition and structure of poly (gamma-n-alkyl glutamate)s
 1997 Morphological study on binary blends of poly(ε-caprolactone)-block-polybutadiene and poly(ε-caprolactone)
 1998 Effects of copolymer composition on the crystallization and morphology of poly(ε-caprolactone)-block-polystyrene
 1998 The effect of glass transition temperature on the crystallization of ε-caprolactone-styrene diblock copolymers
 1998 Time-resolved small-angle X-ray scattering studies on the melting behavior of poly(ε-caprolactone)-block-polybutadiene copolymers
 1999 Melting Behavior of Poly(ε-caprolactone)-block-Polybutadiene Copolymers
 2001 Supramolecular-Structured Hydrogels Showing a Reversible Phase Transition by Inclusion Complexation between Poly(ethylene glycol) Grafted Dextran and -Cyclodextrin
 2003 Control of Rapid Phase Transition Induced by Supramolecular Complexation of β-Cyclodextrin-Conjugated Poly(ε-lysine) with a Specific Guest
 2003 Copolymers of Thiophene and Thiazole. Regioregulation in Synthesis, Stacking Structure, and Optical Properties
 2003 Preparation of New Main-Chain Type Polyanthraquinones. Chemical Reactivity, Packing Structure, Piezochromism, Conductivity, and Liquid Crystalline and Photonic Properties of the Polymers
Sasaki, Shoichi1996 Defoaming of developer used for manufacture of liquid crystal display color filter
 1996 Developer for forming color filter of liquid crystal display device
 1996 Manufacture of black matrix for color filter
 1996 Manufacture of color filter
 1997 Liquid crystal display color filter containing silane coupling agent and its manufacture
 1998 Manufacture of LCD color filter using liquid developer
 1998 Manufacture of LCD color filter using liquid developer
 1998 Photosensitive solution for manufacture of optical color filter
 1999 Colored image-forming photosensitive solution, manufacture of color filter, and color filter
Sasaki, Shouichi1999 Colored image-forming photosensitive solution, manufacture of color filter, and color filter
Sasaki, Shunji1989 Manufacture of pitch-based carbon fibers with high modulus
Sasaki, Sono2001 Self-Assembled Supramolecular Films Derived from Marine Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)-Cationic Surfactant Complexes: Large-Scale Preparation and Optical and Thermal Properties
 2007 Structral Analyses of Polymer Aggregation State in Polymer Stabilized Blue Phases.
 2008 Amphiphilic Molecular Design as a Rational Strategy for Tailoring Bicontinuous Electron Donor and Acceptor Arrays: Photoconductive Liquid Crystalline Oligothiophene-C60 Dyads
 2008 Prominent Electron Transport Property Observed for Triply Fused Metalloporphyrin Dimer: Directed Columnar Liquid Crystalline Assembly by Amphiphilic Molecular Design
 2009 Control of Cross-Linking Polymerization Kinetics and Polymer Aggregated Structure in Polymer-Stabilized Liquid Crystalline Blue Phases
Sasaki, Susumu1997 Surface analysis of space engineering materials irradiated in the space environment
 2002 TFT-LCD blink back light
Sasaki, T.1981 Liquid Crystal Display Research in Japan
 1990 Effect of structure of photoresponsive molecules on photochemical phase transition of liquid crystals. V. Photochemical phase transition behaviors of ternary mixtures of photochromic azobenzene derivative, low molecular weight liquid crystal and polymer liquid crystal
 1990 Excimer formation in main-chain polymer liquid crystals with mesogenic p-phenylenediacrylic acids
 1991 Time-resolved observation of isothermal phase transition of liquid crystals induced by photoisomerization of azobenzene dopant
 1997 23rd Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Tokyo
 2001 Enhancement of Photorefractive Effect in the Isotropic of Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 2002 New Soluble ~-Conjugated Tetrathiafulvalene (TTF) Polymers Bearing Long Alkyl Side Chains: Preparation by Organometallic Polycondensation, Structure and Chemical Properties of the Polymers
 2004 Spontaneous Polarization Reorientation Photorefractive Effect in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 2007 Photorefractive Effect of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals with an Applied Alternating Electric Field
Sasaki, Takahide1999 Blank for forming black matrix of color liquid crystal display
Sasaki, Takahiro1996 Active matrix-drivable polymer-dispersion type liquid crystal display with high voltage-retention and superior stability
 1996 Liquid crystal display and its manufacture
 1996 Liquid crystal display device using encapsulated liquid crystals
 1996 Liquid crystal display for bright white or color display
 1996 Liquid crystal display with improved contrast
 1996 Manufacture of reflection type liquid crystal display
 1996 Polymer dispersed liquid crystal display device and its manufacture
 1997 Liquid - crystal display device operating in vertically aligned mode
 1997 Liquid crystal display having polymer-dispersion or polymer-network type liquid crystal layer and its manufacture
 1997 Liquid crystal display panel
 1997 Reflecting polymer-dispersed liquid crystal display device and its manufacture
 1998 Liquid crystal display with improved wide-viewing-angle
 1998 Liquid-crystal display panel with electrodes or passivation layer intermediate two liquid crystal layers
 1998 Vertically aligned liquid-crystal display device
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