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Samori, Paolo2009 Supramolecular Crystal Engineering at the Solid-Liquid Interface from First Principles: Toward Unraveling the Thermodynamics of 2D Self-Assembly
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 2001 New designs of gas-discharge devices from JSC Plasma
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 2004 Digital Image Processing Study of a Reentrant Isotropic-Discotic Nematic Phase Transition
 2004 Investigation of uniaxial and biaxial lyotropic nematic phase transitions by means of digital image processing
 2005 Smectic A - Cholesteric Phase Transition: A Viscosity Study
 2006 Temperature dependence of refractive indices near uniaxial–biaxial nematic phase transition
 2007 Reentrant isotropic-calamitic nematic phase transition in potassium laurate-decanol-D2O mixtures
Sampath, N.2005 Crystal Structure of an Azabicyclic Thiosemicarbazone Derivative
 2006 Crystal Structure and Conformation of 1, 6-Dioxa[6.5]orthocyclophane-13,16-diene-15-one
 2006 Crystal Structure and Conformation of a Piperidine-Containing Thiosemicarbazone Derivative
 2010 Crystal Structure and Conformation Study of 4-N,N-Dimethylamine Benzaldehyde Thiosemicarbazone Derivative
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 1998 Gray-scale and contrast compensator for LCDs using obliquely oriented anisotropic network
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 2001 Synthesis of 2-Alkoxy-Substituted Thiophenes, 1,3-Thiazoles, and Related S-Heterocycles via Lawesson's Reagent-Mediated Cyclization under Microwave Irradiation: Applications for Liquid Crystal Synthesis
 2002 Laterally Fluorinated Thiophene-Containing Mesogens. A New Class of Ferroelectric Materials with Very Low Viscosity, Fast Response Time and Chevron-Free Structures
 2002 Novel Alkoxythiophene-Containing Mesogens, Synthetic Aspects, Mesomorphic Behavior and Stability
 2005 Preliminary communication: The synthesis of new mesogenic 1,3,4-thiadiazole-2-carboxylate esters via a novel ring-closure
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 1994 Liquid-crystalline polyesters, especially useful for films and in blends
 1997 Liquid crystalline polyester for molding
 1997 Liquid crystalline polyester molding composition
 1998 Liquid crystalline polyester composition for efficient manufacture
 2000 Thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers containing hydroquinone and aromatic carboxylic acid repeating units and compositions therefrom
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 2008 Molecular engineering of photoactive liquid crystalline polyester epoxies containing benzylidene moiety
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 1971 Brownian-motion contributions to relaxation in nematic liquid crystals
 1971 Distorted α-helix for poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) in the nematic solid state
 1972 Intermolecular and Intramolecular Contributions to Proton Relaxation in Liquid Crystals
 1972 Intermolecular and intramolecular contributions to proton relaxation in liquid crystals
 1972 Proton, Deuteron, and Nitrogen Resonance of Dimethylformamide in Nematic Polypeptide Liquid Crystals
 1973 Diffusion in oriented lamellar phases by pulsed NMR
 1973 Intermolecular and intramolecular contributions to proton relaxation in liquid crystals. II
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 1973 Nuclear magnetic resonance in polypeptide liquid crystals
 1973 Nuclear magnetic resonance spin-lattice relaxation in the lyotropic polypeptide liquid crystal
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 1976 Poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) helix-coil transition. Pretransition phenomena in the liquid crystal phase
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Samulski, Edward T. (cont...)1977 The effect of trifluoroacetic acid on the viscoelastic properties of a polypeptide liquid crystal
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 1979 Polymeric liquid crystals
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 1982 Polymeric liquid crystals
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 1984 Alkyl Chain Flexibility in Liquid Crystals
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 1986 Magnetically Oriented Solutions
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 1992 Liquid crystalline aromatic polyesters derived from 2,5-thiophene
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 1992 NMR Study of the Effects of Electric Dipole Interactions on the Ordering of Chain Solutes in the Nematic Phase
 1992 NMR study of the effects of electric dipole interactions on the ordering of chain solutes in the nematic phase
 1992 PBX-Type LCPs Containing Thiophene
 1992 Self-Assembled Films of a Rigid, Rod-Like Polypeptide on Gold Surfaces
 1992 Synchrotron x-ray studies of electric-field alignment of liquid-crystalline siloxanes
 1992 Thiophene-Based Liquid Crystalline Polyamides
Samulski, Edward T. (cont...)1992 Thiophene-based liquid-crystalline polyamides
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 1993 Oblate hexaalkoxytriphenylene solutes in a prolate nematic solvent: a deuterium NMR study of alkyl chain ordering
 1993 Organic low molar mass and polymeric liquid crystalline NLO materials
 1993 Phase behavior of cyclic siloxane-based liquid-crystalline compounds
 1993 Second harmonic generation from corona poled synthetic polypeptides containing Disperse Red 1 side chains
 1993 Thiophene-based liquid - crystalline poly(benzobisoxazoles)
 1993 Thiophene-based polymers
 1994 Electrochemical Detection of Anisotropic Probe Diffusion in the Liquid Crystalline Cesium Pentadecafluorooctanoate/D2O System
 1994 Influences of local anisotropy on polymeric second order nonlinear optical dynamics
 1994 Phase behavior of cyclic siloxane-based liquid crystalline compounds
 1995 Electrochemical Measurements of Anisotropic Diffusion in Thin Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Films Using Interdigitated Array Electrodes
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 1995 On the Origins of Spontaneous Polarization in Tilted Smectic Liquid Crystals
 1996 Shape-Dominated Ordering in Nematic Solvents. A Deuterium NMR Study of Cycloalkane Solutes
 1996 Thermally stable nonlinear optical activity in a smectic-A liquid crystal
 1997 A comparative structural study of three prospective longitudinal ferroelectric smectic liquid crystals
 1997 A thiophene-based liquid crystalline aromatic polyamide
 1997 Molecular Theory and Computer Simulations of Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric Ordering in Tilted Smectics
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 1997 Spontaneous polarization in tilted smectics
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 2000 New mesogens with cubic phases: hydrogen-bonded bipyridines and siloxane-containing benzoic acids II. Structural studies
 2000 Non-linear boomerang-shaped liquid crystals derived from 2,5-bis(p-hydroxyphenyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazole
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 2001 New mesogens forming nanophase separated liquid crystalline structure - cubic phase
 2002 An Achiral, Anticlinic-Promoting, Smectogen Architecture
 2002 Biaxial Nematic Phase Exhibited by Bent-Core Molecules
 2002 New Liquid Crystalline Phases from Fan-Shaped Molecules
 2002 Ordering of Polar Solutes in Nematic Solvents
Samulski, Edward T. (cont...)2002 The Conformations of 1,2-Dimethoxyethane from NMR Studies in Nematic Solvents
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 2005 Addressing non-idealities in NMR experiments on rotating liquid crystals
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 2006 Alignment of nematic liquid crystals using carbon nanotube films
 2006 Reply: Comment on "Thermotropic Biaxial Nematic Liquid Crystals"
 2008 New All-Aromatic Liquid Crystal Architectures
 2009 Asymmetric oxadiazole mesogens as candidates for low-temperature biaxial nematics
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