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Sakong, D.S.1995 A study on the liquid crystal-polymer composite having good electrooptical characteristics
 1995 Improved electro-optical characteristics of the polymer dispersed liquid crystal
 1995 Thermo-mechanical and electro-optical properties of polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
 1997 Stability studies on polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
 1997 Temperature dependence of the electro-optical properties of the (polymer/liquid crystal) composite film for projection display
 1997 The dependence of phase separation of PDLC on the sample preparation conditions of TFT LCD panel
 1998 High-brightness projector using a thin film transistor-polymer dispersed liquid crystal light valves
Sakong, Dongsik1993 Electrooptical properties of polymer cell-wall type liquid crystal optical devices
Sakonjuh, Takako1993 Switching characteristics of surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals with chevron layer structure
Sakono, Ikuo2000 Low reflective thin film substrate, color filter substrate, and liquid crystal display device
Sakore, T.D.1983 β-Kinked DNA - a structure that gives rise to drug intercalation and DNA breathing - and its wider significance in determining the premelting and melting behavior of DNA
Saksena, R.S.2008 Self-Assembly of Ternary Cubic, Hexagonal, and Lamellar Mesophases Using the Lattice-Boltzmann Kinetic Method
 2009 Shear rheology of amphiphilic cubic liquid crystals from large-scale kinetic lattice-Boltzmann simulations
Saksena, Rajeni1999 Normally white super-twisted nematic liquid crystal display having A-compensation device layer
Sakthivel, P.2004 Novel thermotropic liquid crystalline-cum-photocrosslinkable polyvanillylidene alkyl/arylphosphate esters
 2006 Thermotropic liquid crystalline-cum-photocrosslinkable poly(benzylidene arylphosphate ester)s containing the cyclopentanone moiety
Sakuda, Telma Mary1991 Rheological properties of a suspending media with Veegum HV, carboxymethyl cellulose and sucrose
Sakuda, Yasuhiro2009 Quasi-2D Monte Carlo simulations of a colloidal dispersion composed of magnetic plate-like particles with magnetic moment normal to the particle axis
Sakugi, Kyoichi1995 Metal halide lamp for liquid crystal projector
 1996 Light source for liquid crystal projector
 1996 Metal halide lamp for liquid crystal projector
Sakuguchi, Kazuhiko1991 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal display device
Sakuguchi, Tetsuya1999 Process for manufacture of liquid crystal display device, especially for drying glass substrate having hydrophobic film and apparatus therefor
Sakuhara, Toshihiko1987 Liquid crystal display devices
 1988 Control of structure in Langmuir-Blodgett films of terphenyl liquid crystal compound
 1992 Orientation control of liquid crystals by Langmuir-Blodgett films
Sakujima, Shiro1997 Manufacture thin-film transistor array substrate for liquid crystal display
Sakuma, Hiroshi2007 Nanorheology of Dioctyl Phthalate Confined between Surfaces Coated with Long Alkyl Chains
Sakuma, Ichiro2000 Three-dimensional display system for medical imaging with computer-generated integral photography
Sakuma, Kiyoshi1996 Purification by melt-liquid crystallization
Sakuma, Kota2006 Liquid crystal display mechanism
Sakuma, Sadayuki1994 Stereoscopic liquid crystal display I (general description)
 1994 Stereoscopic liquid crystal display II (practical application)
 1995 Simplification of infrared illumination of stereoscopic liquid crystal TV
 1996 Disparity and distortion-free stereoscopic fiberscope
 1997 New color anaglyph method
Sakuma, Shigenori1990 Acylbiphenyl piperidinecarboxylates as ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1990 Optically-active 4'-(1-trifluoromethylalkoxycarbonyl)-4-biphenylyl N-alkylisonipecotinates as tristable ferroelectric liquid crystals and their preparation
 1990 Polycyclic aromatic ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1991 Liquid - crystal fluorine-containing esters
 1991 Liquid-crystal compounds
 1991 Optically active compound for liquid - crystal compositions and liquid - crystal compositions containing it
 1991 Preparation of naphthalene derivatives as liquid crystals
 1992 Optically active liquid crystals
 1995 Liquid crystal compounds
Sakuma, Toshiyuki1997 Liquid crystal display with electromagnetic interface (EMI) shielding
Sakuma, Toshuki1996 Liquid crystal display with reduced leak current
Sakuma, Y.2008 Adhesion of binary giant vesicles containing negative spontaneous curvature lipids induced by phase separation
Sakumoto, Ikunori1999 Antireflective films and polarizers
 1999 Antireflective material and polarization film using it
Sakumoto, Masanori1998 Antiglaring material and polarization film with good abrasion, chemical, and fingerprint resistance using it for display
 1999 Antireflective material with stain prevention and high chemical resistance, its manufacture, and polarizing film using it
Sakumoto, Yukinori1997 Antiglare materials and polarized films prepared therefrom
Sakuntala, T.1999 High-pressure Raman scattering studies on hexamethylenetetramine
Sakura, J. David1980 Raman analysis of the thermotropic behavior of lecithin-fatty acid systems and of their interaction with proteolipid apoprotein
Sakuraba, Eigo1989 Preparation of optically active epoxides via cyclodextrin inclusion compounds
Sakuraba, Hidetaka1976 Polymerization of mesomorphic monomers, 2. Bulk polymerization of 4-(2-vinyloxyethoxy)benzoic acid
Sakurada, Kiyoyasu1998 Color filter containing nontoxic isoindoline- and/or isoindolinone-type yellow pigment
 1998 Intaglio offset printing ink and manufacture of liquid-crystal color filter from it
 1998 Liquid crystal color filter inks capable of forming flat-surface patterns without piling and color filters using the same
 2000 Composite dielectric materials and dielectric antenna prepared by using thereof
Sakurada, Kyoyasu1995 Liquid crystal display color filter
Sakuragi, M.1993 Effect of side chain structure of polymeric azobenzene Langmuir-Blodgett films on the photoresponses of liquid crystal alignment
Sakuragi, Masako1990 Photorecording element and liquid crystal cell comprising the same
 1991 Alignment of nematic liquid crystals controlled by the photochromic reaction of aggregated surface azobenzenes
 1991 Multifarious liquid crystalline textures formed on a photochromic azobenzene polymer film
 1991 Photoregulation of liquid crystal alignment by Langmuir-Blodgett layers of azobenzene polymers
 1992 Command surfaces. 2. Photoregulation of tilt angle of nematic liquid crystals by azobenzene layers
 1992 Modulated photoregulation of liquid crystal alignment by azobenzene Langmuir-Blodgett layers: reversible alignment changes of liquid crystals induced by photochromic molecular films, Part 11
 1992 Nematic homogeneous alignment regulated by the polarization photochromism of surface azobenzenes
 1992 Photochemical induction and modulation of nematic homogeneous alignment by the polarization photochromism of surface azobenzenes
 1992 Reversible alignment change of liquid crystals induced by photochromic molecular films. 15. Convenient methods to prepare "command surfaces" by surface-selective modification of thin films of poly(vinyl alcohol) with azobenzene units
 1992 Reversible alignment change of liquid crystals induced by photochromic molecular films. 17. α-Hydrazono-β-keto esters as command molecules
 1992 Reversible alignment changes of liquid crystals induced by photochromic molecular films. Part 16. Photo-induced regulation of nematic liquid crystal alignment by mixed monolayers of an azobenzene with long chain alkyl residues
 1992 Structural effect of LB molecules on the command-surface-type photocontrols of liquid crystal alignment
 1993 "Command surfaces" of Langmuir-Blodgett films. Photoregulations of liquid crystal alignment by molecularly tailored surface azobenzene layers
 1993 Reversible alignment change of liquid crystals induced by photochromic molecular films. XVIII. α-hydrazono-β-keto esters as command molecules
 1994 Laser-induced orientational change of nematic liquid crystalline molecules mediated by photochromic reactions of surface azobenzenes
 1995 Reversible alignment change of liquid crystals induced by photochromic molecular films: properties of azobenzene chromophores covalently attached to silica surfaces
Sakurai, Akiko1996 Manufacture of color filter and liquid crystal display
 1996 Manufacture of color filter and liquid crystal display
 1996 Manufacture of liquid crystal display color filter
 1996 Manufacturing method for color liquid-crystal display
Sakurai, Atsushi1995 Manufacture of thin-film transistor for liquid-crystal display
 1996 Liquid-crystal light valve with uniform alignment of liquid crystal
 1996 Thin-film transistor for liquid-crystal display and fabrication thereof
 1996 Thin-film transistor for liquid-crystal display and fabrication thereof
Sakurai, Hideaki2000 Coating solution for protecting film of flat display panel and method for preparation thereof
Sakurai, Hideki1998 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of 1,10-dialkylpermethyldecasilanes
 1999 Liquid crystalline α,ω-dialkylpermethyloligosilanes, their intermediates, and their preparation
 1999 Synthesis and mesomorphism of 1,10-dialkylpermethyl-decasilanes
Sakurai, Hideyo1990 In-situ observation experiment of solidification process using MASER (Material Science Experiment Rocket)
Sakurai, Hiromi2007 Surface allignment control of liquid crystalline polymer films fabricated by coating
Sakurai, Hiroshi1996 Polarizer plates for liquid-crystal display devices
 1998 Process of manufacture for active matrix type liquid crystal display
Sakurai, I.1983 Lyotropic phase transitions in single crystals of L- and DL-dipalmitoylglycerophosphocholines
 1984 Growth mechanism of myelin figures of phosphatidylcholine
 1990 Structure and Growth Behavior of Myelin Figures
 1992 Structure of the condensed phase of methacrylic copolymers with lipidic side chains
 1998 Effect of doping small aromatic molecules on the physical properties and liposomal structure of lecithin
 1999 Structure in the condensed state and amphiphilic properties of novel copolymers having alkyl chains and phosphatidylcholine analogous groups
 2001 Free vertical growth of myelin figures
Sakurai, Ikuko1981 Magneto-Orientation of Phospholipids
 1981 Phase transitions in single crystals of L-DPPC and DL-DPPC
 1991 Temperature dependence of molecular conformation and liquid structure of cis-9-octadecenoic acid
 1996 Synthesis and properties of a new poly(acrylamide) containing phosphatidylcholine analogs and cholesterol groups in side chains
 1996 Synthesis and properties of polyacrylamides containing both long chain alkyl groups and phosphatidylcholine analogs in the side chains
 1997 Synthesis and properties of amphiphilic phospholipid analogous polyacrylamidic gels
 1997 Synthesis and Properties of Phospholipid Analogous Poly(Acrylamide) Containing Vitamin E Moiety
Sakurai, Ikuya2006 Fine-pitch and thick-foil gas electron multipliers for cosmic x-ray polarimeters
Sakurai, Juzo1989 Optically active alkoxypentanols as intermediates for drugs, agrochemicals, and liquid crystals and their preparation
Sakurai, K.1997 High capacity lithium-ion batteries using graphitized mesophase-pitch-based carbon fiber anodes
 1999 Structure and liquid crystallinity of the comb-like complexes made of poly(ethylene imine) and some aliphatic carboxylic acids
 2000 Structure and Axial Compressional Behavior of Liquid Crystalline, Wholly Aromatic Copolyester / Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Blend Fibers
 2001 A Hexagonally Organized Elemental Supramolecular Structure of a Sugar-Appended Organogelator Observed by Synchrotron X-ray Source (SPring-8)
 2004 Self-Organization and Phase Behavior of Hydrogen-Bonded Mixtures of End-Functional Polymer with Surfactant
Sakurai, Katsuyuki1997 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary batteries using carbonaceous anodes and their manufacture
 1998 Nonaqueous electrolyte lithium secondary batteries inhibiting dendrite generation
 2000 Non-aqueous electrolytic lithium secondary battery
 2000 Secondary lithium batteries using cathodes containing mixed oxides
 2000 Secondary nonaqueous-electrolyte batteries with anodes containing acrylic rubber binders
Sakurai, Kazuo1994 Blends of Amorphous-Crystalline Block Copolymers with Amorphous Homopolymers. 2. Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(ethylene-propylene) Diblock Copolymer and Crystallization Kinetics for the Blend with Atactic Polypropylene
 2003 Mechanism of Thermally Induced Morphological Reorganization and Lamellar Orientation from the Herringbone Structure in Cross-Linked Polystyrene-block-polybutadiene-block-polystyrene Triblock Copolymers
 2003 Mesomorphic Organization and Phase Diagram of Mixtures of Polymer Terminated with Ionic Group and Oppositely Charged Surfactant
 2005 Crystallization in Microdomains of a Block Copolymer Comprising Semicrystalline Block Observed by Simultaneous Measurement of SAXS and WAXS with Hv-SALS or DSC
 2005 Schizophyllan Acts as a One-dimensional Host to Accommodate 5,10,15,20-Tetrakis(4-carboxyphenyl)porphyrinatozinc Acetate to Produce Its Fibrous Superstructure
Sakurai, Kazutoshi1998 A lipid composition containing liquid crystal phase comprising acetaminoalkanediols or acylaminoalkanediols
Sakurai, Kensuke1988 Banded structure and crystal structure in chitosan prepared from oriented lyotropic liquid crystalline solution
 1990 Fiber structure and tensile property of chitosan fiber spun from lyotropic liquid-crystalline solution
 1991 Compressional behavior of liquid - crystalline wholly aromatic copolyester fibers
Sakurai, Koichi1989 Continuous manufacture of mesophase pitch for preparation of carbon fibers and molded carbon products
 1989 Continuous preparation of mesophase pitch
 1989 Continuous preparation of mesophase pitch
 1999 Alkaline liquid developer for radiation-sensitive photoimaging composition
 1999 Radiation-sensitive color filter composition having alkali soluble resin
 1999 Radiation-sensitive composition for color filter
 2000 Radiation-sensitive composition for color filter of liquid crystal display
Sakurai, Kouichi1999 Photopolymerizable composition for color filter preparation
 2001 Alkaline developing solution for radiation sensitive composition and development method
Sakurai, Makoto1996 Electroviscous fluids
 1996 Manufacture of powders with homogeneous grain size for electroviscous fluids
 1999 Adhesive composition for liquid-crystal display device with warp resistance
 1999 Heat- and/or photocurable adhesive composition for touch panel display device preparation
 1999 Heat- and/or photocurable adhesive composition for touch panel display device preparation
 1999 Heat- and/or photocurable adhesive composition for touch panel display device preparation
 1999 Heat- and/or photocurable adhesive composition for touch panel display device preparation
Sakurai, Minoru2008 Vitrification is essential for anhydrobiosis in an African chironomid, Polypedilum vanderplanki
Sakurai, Mizue2002 Control of molecular alignment and reverse mode electrooptic effect in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
Sakurai, Naoaki1992 Liquid crystal display substrate cleaning free of CFC113
 1997 Detergent composition and method for cleaning of substrates of liquid crystal displays
 1998 Electrolytic apparatus and method for production of acidic water or alkali water useful in washing electronic parts
 1999 Production of ion waters by electrolysis
Sakurai, Ryo1998 Polarizing plate for liquid crystal display
Sakurai, Seiya2004 Retarder and circular polarizer for liquid crystal display
Sakurai, Shin-Ichiro2006 Two-Dimensional Surface Chirality Control by Solvent-Induced Helicity Inversion of a Helical Polyacetylene on Graphite
Sakurai, Shinichi1994 Thermal conductivity of the nematic liquid crystal 4-n-pentyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl
 1999 Convection in the presence of a first-order phase change
 2001 Preferential Orientation of Lamellar Microdomains Induced by Uniaxial Stretching of Cross-Linked Polystyrene-block-polybutadiene-block-polystyrene Triblock Copolymer
 2003 Kinetics and Mechanism of Morphological Transition from Lamella to Cylinder Microdomain in Polystyrene-block-poly(ethylene-co-but-1-ene)- block-polystyrene Triblock Copolymer
 2003 Mechanism of Thermally Induced Morphological Reorganization and Lamellar Orientation from the Herringbone Structure in Cross-Linked Polystyrene-block-polybutadiene-block-polystyrene Triblock Copolymers
 2005 Crystallization in Microdomains of a Block Copolymer Comprising Semicrystalline Block Observed by Simultaneous Measurement of SAXS and WAXS with Hv-SALS or DSC
 2009 Smectic C to Cubic Phase Transition of 4'-n-Docosyloxy-3'-nitrobiphenyl-4-carboxylic Acid (ANBC-22) and Alternating-Current Electric Field Effect
Sakurai, Shinichiro2006 Helix-Sense Controlled Polymerization of a Single Phenyl Isocyanide Enantiomer Leading to Diastereomeric Helical Polyisocyanides with Opposite Helix-Sense and Cholesteric Liquid Crystals with Opposite Twist-Sense
 2007 Chiral Amplification in Macromolecular Helicity of Liquid Crystalline Rigid Poly(phenylacetylene) Derivatives
 2007 Structure and Smectic Liquid Crystal Formation of Helical Poly(phenyl isocyanide) Derivatives
 2007 Structure and Smectic Liquid Crystal Formation of Helical Poly(phenyl isocyanide) Derivatives
 2008 Anomalous Stiff Backbones of Helical Poly(phenyl isocyanide) Derivatives
 2008 Two- and Three-Dimensional Smectic Ordering of Single-Handed Helical Polymers
Sakurai, Shinya1998 Armor crystal
 1998 Fluorine base elastomer seal products for liquid crystal and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
 1998 Spoq armor, white fluoro rubber for liquid crystals and semiconductor devices
 2000 Fluoro rubber compositions, their crosslinked products and uses
Sakurai, T.1983 Lyotropic phase transitions in single crystals of L- and DL-dipalmitoylglycerophosphocholines
 1986 Synthesis of new ferroelectric liquid crystals and their novel ferroelectricity
 1988 Synthesis and properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals with large spontaneous polarizations
 1989 Anomalous temperature dependence of the dielectric and optical properties in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1990 Anomalous behavior in helical pitch of ferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures
 2006 Organic Transistor Integerated Circuits for Large-Area Sensors
Sakurai, Tadaki1998 Electrolytic apparatus for supplying ion water in washing liquid crystal displays or semiconductor devices
Sakurai, Takao1984 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal with Extremely Large Spontaneous Polarization
 1985 Dependence of switching and memory times of optical switching elements utilizing ferroelectric liquid crystals on thickness of the cell and material
 1985 Smectic liquid crystal compound and liquid crystal compositions
 1985 Some properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals and their mixtures
 1986 Anomalous Dielectric Behaviour in Biphenyl Ester Series of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 1986 Biphenyl-based diester compounds and liquid crystal compositions containing them
 1986 Liquid crystal containing an optically active halocarboxylic acid derivative and display device containing same
 1986 Low Threshold Field of Electro-Optic Effect in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal with Extremely Large Spontaneous Polarization
 1986 New Bistable Optical Switching Eletnent Utilizing Wound and Unwound States of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 1986 New series of ferroelectric liquid crystals with large spontaneous polarization and dielectric constant
 1986 Polyphenyl-based ester compounds and liquid crystal compositions containing them
 1987 Biphenylcarboxylic acid esters and liquid crystal compositions containing them
 1987 Bistability of electro-optic effects in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1987 Characteristics of optical switching and memory effects utilizing deformation of the helicoidal structure of ferroelectric liquid crystals with large spontaneous polarization
 1987 Dielectric properties of new stable ferroelectric liquid crystals with large spontaneous polarization
 1987 Liquid crystal compounds and compositions
 1987 Liquid crystal intermediates
 1987 New ferroelectric liquid crystals with spontaneous polarization exceeding 10-7 C/cm2 and their electrical and optical properties
 1987 Optically active β-fluorohydrins
 1987 Optically active beta-alkoxyalcohols and derivatives and liquid crystal composition containing the same
Sakurai, Takao (cont...)1987 Optically active cyclopropane derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1987 Phenylpyrimidine-based compounds and liquid-crystal composition containing them
 1988 Dicyanophenyl benzoates as smectic C liquid crystals and chiral smectic liquid-crystal compositions containing them for memory effect
 1988 Ferroelectric biphenyl compounds and liquid-crystal composition containing them
 1988 Liquid crystal compounds
 1988 New chlorine compound liquid crystals
 1988 Phenylpyrimidine derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1988 Phenylpyrimidine derivatives for liquid-crystal compositions
 1989 Ferroelectric liquid crystal display devices
 1989 Optically active cyanobiphenyl compounds for liquid crystal compositions
 1989 Optically active cyanobiphenyl compounds for liquid crystal compositions
 1989 Perfluoroalkanoic acid esters as liquid crystals
 1989 Preparation of 2-phenylpyrimidine derivatives as smectic C liquid crystals
 1989 Preparation of chiral compounds for liquid crystal compositions
 1989 Preparation of p-alkoxybenzoic acid and 4'-alkoxybiphenyl-4-carboxylic acid aryl esters as ferroelectric liquid crystals or liquid crystal compositions
 1989 Preparation of pyrimidinylphenyl, biphenylyl, and phenyl alkoxyacetate derivatives as ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1990 Liquid crystal compositions containing pyridazine compounds
 1990 Preparation of optically active pyrazine derivatives for liquid crystal compositions
 1990 Preparation of pyrazine derivatives as liquid crystals
 1991 Anomalous behavior in the helical twist sense and spontaneous polarization of ferroelectric liquid crystals
Sakurai, Takao (cont...)1991 Preparation of 2-methyl-3-oxo-2,3-dihydrobenzofuran derivatives and chiral smectic C liquid crystal composition containing the same
 1991 Preparation of nicotinic acid esters and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1992 Ferroelectric liquid crystal composition and ferroelectric liquid crystal display
 1992 Helical twist sense and spontaneous polarization of ferroelectric liquid crystals with vicinal chiral centers
Sakurai, Takehiro1997 Large area deposition of ITO films by cluster type sputtering system
 1998 Large area deposition of ITO films by cluster type sputtering system
Sakurai, Takehisa1993 Dry etching process in manufacture of liquid crystal displays
 1997 Thin-film transistor and its substrate
 2007 Equivalent Circuit Study in Polymer Network LCD by Dielectric Analysys Method
Sakurai, Tetsufumi1993 Electrooptic responses of antiferroelectric liquid crystals with very short reverse pulse voltage
Sakurai, Toshihiko2001 Enhanced Molecular-Shape Selectivity for Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons through Isotropic-to-Crystalline Phase Transition of Poly(octadecyl acrylate)
 2004 Dendritic cyclotriphosphazene derivative with hexakis(alkylazobenzene) substitution as photosensitive trigger
Sakurai, Toshio1998 Heat-stable trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate polymer particles, liquid crystal display spacers, and liquid crystal display panels
 1998 Synthetic resin microparticles with good compression recovery and relatively high hardness and spacers and liquid crystal display panels using the same free from uneven gaps and good vibration resistance
Sakurai, Tosio1949 Anomalous Specific Heat and Molecular Rotation in Solid Normal Hexadecyl Alcohol
 1950 Anomalous Specific Heat and Molecular Rotation in Normal Solid Alcohols
 1992 Rod-like liquid crystals of organic transition metal complexes. 2. The effect of the introduction of branched alkyl chains to bis(dithiobenzoato)nickel(II) on the mesomorphism
 1999 Anomalies within alkyl and alkoxy substituted bis(1,3- diphenylpropane-1,3 dionato)copper(II) metallomesogens from x-ray and EPR studies
Sakurai, Tsuneaki2008 Prominent Electron Transport Property Observed for Triply Fused Metalloporphyrin Dimer: Directed Columnar Liquid Crystalline Assembly by Amphiphilic Molecular Design
Sakurai, Tsunetaro1991 Possibility of liquid crystal display panels for a space-saving PACS workstation
Sakurai, Y.1989 15th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Osaka
 1989 Liquid crystalline properties of 4-octyloxybiphen-4'-yl 4-hydroxybenzoate and 4-hydroxyphenyl 4-octyloxybiphenyl-4'-carboxylate
 1989 Mesomorphic properties of a homologous series of 4-cyanophenyl 3,4-di(4-alkoxybenzoyloxy)benzoates
 1989 Molecular structure and smectic properties. Part 1. The effect of linkages on smectic A thermal stability in three aromatic ring compounds linked by ester groups
 1989 Smectic properties of 4-[(4-alkoxyphenoxy)carbonyl]phenyl 4-formylbenzoates
 1989 Thermal and x-ray diffraction studies of some liquid crystals having a nitro group at the lateral position
 1990 16th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Hiroshima
 1990 Mesomorphic properties of some liquid crystals incorporating lateral long-alkoxy chain
 1990 Molecular structure and smectic properties: the substituent effect on the smectic A phase in biphenyl ester systems
 1990 The substituent effect on the thermal stability of the smectic A phase in para-phenylene systems incorporating ester linkages
 1992 Molecular structure and liquid crystalline properties: the effect of the terminal hydroxy group on mesomorphic properties
 2003 Development of polysiloxane electron beam resist for optical elements
 2003 Linear and nonlinear optical properties of 2,7-dinitro-9-fluorenone single crystal
Sakurai, Yoshiaki1991 Molecular structure and smectic properties: thermal properties of some liquid crystals having a nitro group at the terminal position
 1991 The effect of a lateral substituent on the mesomorphic properties of 4-cyanophenyl 4-(4-alkyloxybenzoyloxy)benzoates
 1991 The substituent effect on mesomorphic properties of 4-octyloxyphenyl 4-(4-R-3-nitrobenzoyloxy)benzoates and 4-(4-octyloxybenzoyloxy)phenyl 4-R-3-nitrobenzoates
 1991 Thermal and x-ray diffraction studies of liquid crystals incorporating a perfluoroalkyl group
 2001 Liquid crystal effect on neutral-carrier-type ion-sensing membranes
 2005 Photocontrol of ion-sensor performances in neutral-carrier-type ion sensors based on liquid-crystalline membranes
Sakurai, Yoshinobu2000 Reflective-type liquid crystal display device and its manufacture method
Sakurai, Yukiko2000 Simulations on phase separations on mixtures of two kinds of liquid crystal molecules
Sakurai, Yuzo1987 Optically active aromatic amides as liquid crystals
 1987 Optically active phenylpyrimidine compounds as chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1987 Optically-active 6-biphenylcarbonyloxypyridine-3-carboxylate esters and their liquid crystals
 1988 Chiral smectic C liquid crystalline optically-active 6-(phenyl or pyridylcarbonyloxy)naphthalene-2-carboxylate esters and liquid crystals containing them
 1988 Optically active 2-(4-alkoxybenzoyloxy)pyridine-5-carboxylate esters and chiral smectic C liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1988 Optically active 6-alkoxypyridine-3-carboxylate esters as ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1988 Optically active 6-alkoxypyridine-3-carboxylic acid 4'-alkoxycarbonyl-4-biphenyl esters as ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1988 Optically active benzoate esters as ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1988 Optically-active 6-alkoxynaphthalene-2-carboxylic acid esters and chiral smectic C liquid crystals of same
 1989 Optically active arylcarboxylate derivatives as liquid crystals
 1989 Optically active pyridinecarboxylate derivatives as liquid crystals
 1989 Preparation of optically active 2,4-pentanediol derivatives as ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1989 Preparation of optically active 4-substituted-2-pentanol derivatives as ferroelectric liquid crystals
Sakurait, S.1990 Structure and Growth Behavior of Myelin Figures
Sakuramoto, Takafumi1996 Acrylic adhesives with good heat and moisture resistance for optical films and liquid-crystal displays using them
 1996 Optical film with adhesive film for liquid crystal display device
 2000 Optical diffuser plate, optical element involving the plate, and liquid crystal display using the element
 2000 Optical element comprising optical diffuser plate and polarizer plate and liquid crystal display using the element
 2000 Optical film, optical diffuser, and optical element
 2000 Optical films, optical components, and optical elements
Sakuramoto, Takamumi1998 Lightweight, heat-resistant liquid crystal display substrates from plastics, showing uniform transparency and good adhesion to transparent electrodes without cracking on bending
Sakuratani, Yuhki2002 Transition Phenomenon in Salt-Doped Organic Electroluminescent Devices at High Bias Voltage
Sakurovs, Richard1999 In-situ proton magnetic resonance thermal analysis for mesophase formation of pitches
Sakusabe, Takashi1971 Infrared holography with liquid crystals
Sakuta, Hiroki1995 Liquid crystal display device having inverted staggered TFT switching element
 1996 Liquid crystal display device with inverse-staggered TFT matrix and manufacture thereof
 1996 Liquid crystal display having active matrix substrate
 1996 Liquid-crystal display apparatus, semiconductor device, and manufacturing method
 1996 Liquid-crystal display device and its manufacture
Sakuta, M.1994 Optical second-harmonic generation in ferroelectric chiral smectic polysiloxane
Sakuta, Shingo2002 Polycatenar Metallomesogens of [M(Salen)] Type
Sakuwa, Tooru1996 Manufacture of resin substrate for liquid crystal display
Sakuyama, Shigeru1998 Production method of W/O/W emulsions
Sakya, P.1994 Lyotropic phase behavior of n-octyl-1-O-β-D-glucopyranoside and its thio derivative n-octyl-1-S-β-D-glucopyranoside
 1997 Micellar Cubic Phases and Their Structural Relationships: The Nonionic Surfactant System C12EO12/Water
 1997 Thermotropic and lyotropic phase behavior of monoalkyl glycosides
Sakya, R.M.1987 Electronic and structural studies of carbon/carbon composites
 1988 Electronic and structural studies of carbon/carbon composites
Sakyama, Kazuyuki1996 Plasma processing apparatus for manufacturing liquid crystal display device and solar cell
Salabas, Elena-Lorena2006 Low Temperature Catalytic Pyrolysis for the Synthesis of High Surface Area, Nanostructured Graphitic Carbon
Saladino, R.1997 Synthesis and Properties of a Side Chain Liquid Crystal Polymer and of its Mixtures with Low Mass Liquid Crystal
Salafsky, J.S.2000 Second harmonic spectroscopy: detection and orientation of molecules at a biomembrane interface
Salagean, M. Ratoi2002 Lubrication in Aqueous Solutions Using Cationic Surfactants - a Study of Static and Dynamic Forces
Salager, J.-L.2001 Influence of the Stirrer Initial Position on Emulsion Morphology. Making Use of the Local Water-to-Oil Ratio Concept for Formulation Engineering Purpose
 2006 Combined Effects of Formulation and Stirring on Emulsion Drop Size in the Vicinity of Three-Phase Behavior of Surfactant-Oil Water Systems
 2007 Emulsion Catastrophic Inversion from Abnormal to Normal Morphology. 6. Effect of the Phase Viscosity on the Inversion Produced by Continuous Stirring
Salager, J.L.1999 New amphiphilic polypropylene glycol derivatives with carbohydrate polar head
Salager, Jean-Louis2004 Simultaneous Conductivity and Viscosity Measurements as a Technique To Track Emulsion Inversion by the Phase-Inversion-Temperature Method
Salager, S.E.2001 Influence of the Stirrer Initial Position on Emulsion Morphology. Making Use of the Local Water-to-Oil Ratio Concept for Formulation Engineering Purpose
Salahshoor-Kordestani, S.2000 The role of crystallinity in the deformation of main-chain liquid-crystalline copolyesters
Salahub, Dennis R.2008 Lipid thermodynamics: melting is molecular
Salahuddin, M.2002 Ion-acoustic envelope solitons in electron-positron-ion plasmas
Salakhutdinov, B.A.1992 Polymorphous transformations in model membranes caused by amphiphilic fungicides
Salakhutdinov, M.I.1983 Structural model of smectic liquid crystals during isobaric temperature variation
 1986 Calculation of thermodynamic and structural parameters near the solid crystal-nematic phase transition by the Monte-Carlo method
 1986 Smectic B-gas phase transition according to mathematical experiment data
 1986 Smectic B-smectic A phase transition according to mathematical experiment data
 1988 Printed circuit board diagnostics utilizing heat-indicating liquid-crystal films
 1990 Even-odd effect in modeling of interactions between long axially symmetric molecules
 2003 Dielectric relaxation in nematic liquid crystal 5-(4-amylphenyl)-2-(4-cyanophenyl)pyridine
 2004 The contributions to the thermodynamical characteristics of liquid crystals due to orientational and translational ordering
 2004 To the thermodynamics of liquid crystals
 2007 Kinetics of fluctuations of order parameter and bulk viscosity in isotropic phase of liquid crystals near transition to nematic phase
Salama, Paul W.1999 N,N-Didansyl-4,13-diaza-18-Crown-6: A Fluorescence-sensitive, Weakly Complexing Macrocycle Used to Probe the Phospholipid Vesicle Environment
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 1981 Induction of cholesteric mesophases in nematic liquid crystals by some chiral aryl alkyl carbinols. A quantitative investigation
 1981 Liquid crystal characterization of compounds chiral by deuterium substitution
 1982 Liquid crystalline catalysis: reactivity induced by smectic solvents
 1982 The liquid crystal-linear dichroism (l.c.-l.d.) of organic molecules by a modulation technique. Part 2. The phenylthio and thiophthene chromophores studied by an 'l.d. substitution approach'
 1983 Induction of the cholesteric mesophase in nematic liquid crystals: mechanism and application to the determination of bridged biaryl configurations
 1984 Liquid crystalline catalysis. 2. Sulfonate ester rearrangements induced in solution by the ordered structure of a smectic B solvent
 1984 Technological and scientific applications of liquid crystals
 1984 The circular intensity differential scattering (CIDS) of cholesteric and blue mesophases
 1986 A new linear dichroism approach for determining solute orientations within anionic micelles
 1986 Polymerization of bisacrylic monomers within a liquid-crystalline smectic B solvent
 1987 Linear dichroism of solute molecules within micelles. 2. Preferred orientations and local ordering
 1988 A study of some lyotropic cholesteric mesophases by circular and linear dichroism and by circular intensity differential scattering
 1988 Liquid crystal - linear dichroism. Stereochemical applications of electronic state assignments
 1988 Liquid crystalline catalysis. Crystal structure of allyl sulfonate ester (ASE) and its solid state reactivity
 1992 On coenzyme Q orientation in membranes: a linear dichroism study of ubiquinones in a model bilayer
 1993 Transverse dipoles added to DNA chains by drug binding can induce inversion of the long-range chirality of DNA condensates
 1995 Flavonoid-DNA Interaction Studied with Flow Linear Dichroism Technique
 1988 Liquid crystalline catalysis. Kinetics of the rearrangement of allyl p-(dimethylamino)benzenesulfonate in a smectic B-solvent
Samori, P.2006 Self-Assembly of Perylene Monoimide Substituted Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronenes: Dyads and Triads at Surfaces
 2000 Macromolecular Fractionation of Rod-Like Polymers at Atomically Flat Solid-Liquid Interfaces
Samori, Paolo2000 Extended triphenylenes: synthesis, mesomorphic properties and molecularly resolved scanning tunneling microscopy images of hexakis(dialkoxyphenyl)triphenylenes and dodeca(alkoxy)tris(triphenylenylene)s
 2003 Ordered Architectures of a Soluble Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene-pyrene Dyad: Thermotropic Bulk Properties and Nanoscale Phase Segregation at Surfaces
 2003 Supramolecular Helices via Self-Assembly of 8-Oxoguanosines
 2004 Self-Assembly of Electron Donor-Acceptor Dyads into Ordered Architectures in Two and Three Dimensions: Surface Patterning and Columnar "Double Cables"
 2007 Self-assembly of an alkylated guanosine derivative into ordered supramolecular nanoribbons in solution and on solid surface
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