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Ruppersberg, J.P.1991 Imaging of cell membrane proteins with a scanning tunneling microscope
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 1995 Mechanochemical study of NaDNA and NaDNA-netropsin fibers in ethanol-water and trifluoroethanol-water solutions
 1996 DNA: a molecular wire?
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 1992 Liquid-crystal compositions for electrooptical device
 1993 Cholesteric liquid-crystal mixture
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 2001 STN graphics modules
 2001 Technological prospects of LC devices with low and medium information capacity
 2002 New compensative chiral additives for liquid crystal compositions
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Ruska, H.1968 Molecular configuration in lecithin films
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 2001 Optical recording using a photochromic ferroelectric liquid crystal
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 1999 Z-Isomers of 3,3'-disubstituted azobenzenes highly compatible with liquid crystals
 2000 Conformational Effect on Macroscopic Chirality Modification of Cholesteric Mesophases by Photochromic Azobenzene Dopants
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 2000 Light-controlled electro-optic response in a ferroelectric liquid crystal with sign reversal of the spontaneous polarization PS
 2001 Chiroptical properties of cholesteric liquid crystals induced by chiral photochromic 3,3'-dialkoxyazobenzenes
 2001 Formation and Behavior of Monolayers of 3,3'- and 4,4'-Disubstituted Azobenzenes on a Water Surface
 2002 Photoswitching in chiral nematic liquid crystals: interaction-selective helical twist inversion by a single chiral dopant
 2003 Structural Characteristics of the Chromonic Mesophases of C.I. Direct Blue 67
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 1994 Liquid crystal surfactant films for electrochemical catalysis
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 1998 Enzyme Bioelectrochemistry in Cast Biomembrane-Like Films
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 2000 Phonons in an Entropic Crystal
 2001 Interaction of Hydrophobically Modified Polymers and Surfactant Lamellar Phase
 2002 Neutron Spin-Echo Study of Dynamics of Hydrophobically Modified Polymer-Doped Surfactant Bilayers
 2004 Cylindrically symmetric electrohydrodynamic patterning
 2005 Experiments on Random Packings of Ellipsoids
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 2007 A Photoactive Polymer with Azobenzene Chromophore in the Side Chains
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 2000 Nonlinear dynamics optically induced in nematic liquid crystals
 2000 Polarimetric study of the optically induced dynamical behavior in nematic liquid crystal films
 2001 Analysis of the dynamical regimes induced by a laser beam in nematic liquid crystal films
 2001 Diffraction gratings in polymer-dispersed liquid crystals recorded by means of polarization holographic technique
 2001 Homoclinic gluing bifurcations during the light induced reorientation in nematic-liquid-crystal films
 2002 Photoaligned Azo-Dye Polymers Anchoring Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2003 Polarization holographic techniques: a method to produce diffractive devices in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 2004 Surface relief gratings on polymer dispersed liquid crystals by polarization holography
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 1980 Complete rα structure of selenophene partially oriented in a nematic liquid crystal phase by proton NMR spectra including selenium-77 and carbon-13 satellites
 1980 Conformational study of bipyrimidines theoretical ab initio and experimental PMR study of 2,2'-bipyrimid1ne dissolved in a nematic solvent
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 1999 Self-diffusion of a semiflexible polymer measured across the lyotropic liquid-crystalline-phase boundary
 2001 Study of Rodlike Homopolypeptides by Gel Permeation Chromatography with Light Scattering Detection: Validity of Universal Calibration and Stiffness Assessment
 2002 Self-Diffusion of a Rodlike Virus in the Isotropic Phase
 2004 Colloidal Crystals of Silica-Homopolypeptide Composite Particles
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 1979 X-ray study of phase transition involving ordered biaxial phases
 1980 Temperature dependence of lattice parameters in solid, smectic Bc and metastable phases of TBBA
 1980 X-ray diffraction study of the mesophase of octaphenylcyclotetrasiloxane
 1981 Investigation of the cholesteryl oleate mesophases by x-ray diffraction
 1981 Microcalorimetric study of a mesophase involving globular molecules (OPCTS)
 1983 Investigation of the homologous series of 4-acetyl-4'-n-alkanoyloxyazobenzenes by x-ray diffraction
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 1983 Study of cholesteryl oleate-cholesteryl linoleate binary mixtures
 1983 Study of phase transitions involving the mesophases of cholesteryl linoleate
 1984 A study of the transitions smectic A-hexatic B and hexatic B-crystal B by x-ray diffraction
Rustichelli, F. (cont...)1984 Evidence by x-ray diffraction for hexatic B and crystal B structures in a pure compound
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 1985 Investigation by x-ray diffraction of the phase transitions involving the monotropic hexatic phase of 4-propionyl-4'-n-nonanoyloxyazobenzene
 1985 Phase transition studies in polymesomorphic compounds. VI. X-ray diffraction studies in N-(p-n-octyloxybenzylidene)-p-n-butylaniline
 1985 X-ray analysis of chiral thermotropic co-bipolyesters based on linear and nonlinear aromatic units
 1987 New liquid crystalline compounds containing transition metals
 1987 Reactivity within smectic B liquid crystalline phases
 1987 X-ray diffraction study of cholesterol-cholesteryl oleate binary mixtures
 1987 X-ray diffractometric study on a Schiff base copper(II) complex with mesomorphic properties
 1988 An x-ray study of thermotropic liquid crystalline poly(ester-β-sulfide)
 1988 Liquid crystalline catalysis by smectic B solvents: structure and thermodynamical properties of the reactant solution
 1989 Liquid crystals complexed to copper (II): an X-ray diffractometric study on monodomains of (DCBBA)2-Cu and (HOBBA)2-Cu
 1990 Structural modifications in the liquid crystalline Lα phase of distearoylphosphatidylcholine induced by variable cholesterol concentration
 1990 Thermodynamic and structural effects of propranolol on DPPC liposomes
 1991 Blends of a poly(ether imide) and a liquid-crystalline polymer: fiber orientation and mechanical properties
 1991 QENS experiments on the copper liquid crystalline coordination compounds (DOBBA)2Cu
Rustichelli, F. (cont...)1991 Structure of the Ripple Phase Pβ' in Hydrated Phosphatidylcholine Multimembranes
 1991 Synthesis and physical properties of liquid-crystalline polyesters derived from 4,4'-dihydroxybicyclohexyl
 1992 Lyotropic Mesophases Formed by Folic Acid Salts
 1992 Lyotropic Polymorphism of 2'-Deoxyguanosine 3'-Monophosphate Isobutyl Ester: A Structural Analysis
 1992 Lβ' - Pβ' Phase Transition and Ripple Structure of DPPC + TRP Multilayers by X-Ray Diffraction
 1992 Membrane Fluidization Induced by Antifungal Biphonazole
 1992 QENS experiments on a palladium containing organometallic mesogen
 1992 Study of Interaction of Anitdiarrhoeal Loperamide with Model Membranes
 1992 Surface Potential Study of Monolayers of Surfactant Donor and Acceptor Molecules
 1994 Surface potential studies of monolayers of surfactant donor and acceptor molecules
 1995 Thermal, Stability of Bipolar Lipid Langmuir Blodgett Films by X-Ray Diffraction
 1996 Supramolecular ordering of bipolar lipids from Archaea in Langmuir-Blodgett films by low-angle X-ray diffraction
 1997 Electrooptical Response in PDLC Film
 1997 Shear Deformation and Electrooptical Switch "On" and "Off" in PDLC Film
 1997 Structural Study of Poly(1,3-Propylene Adipate)S with Cyanoazobenzene Side-Groups by X-Ray Diffraction
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 1998 Spectral investigation of Cu(II) and Ni(II) metalorganic complexes
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 1995 X-ray diffraction structural analysis of Langmuir-Blodgett films using a pattern recognition approach
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