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Roy, S.K.2004 The Temperature Dependence of the Orientational Order Parameter of the Mesogens : 4'-N-Propyl Phenyl-4-(4'-N-Pentyl Cyclohexyl) Benzoate, Trans-4-propyl cyclohexyl 4-(trans-4-pentyl Cyclohexyl) Benzoate and 4-Pentyl cyclohexyl-4-(4-propyl cyclohexyl) Benzoate from Optical Studies
 2008 Bias dependent dielectric relaxation dynamics of electrically tuned large-scale aligned zinc oxide nanorods in nematic liquid crystal host
 2008 Electro-optical properties of an orthoconic liquid crystal mixture (W-182) and its molecular dynamics
 2008 Macroscopic Properties and Their Temperature Dependence of the Mesogen 4-(4-Propylcyclohexyl)phenyl 4-Butylcyclohexanecarboxylate
 2008 Optical and Dielectric Studies of a Mesogenic Mixture: Determination of Orientational Order Parameter and Angle of Inclination
 2008 Study of Optical Properties of Two Mesogenic Mixtures as a Function of Temperature
 2009 Comparative Study of the Optical Properties of two Mesogenic Mixtures Containing Identical Moieties
Roy, S.Kr.2010 Dielectric relaxation spectroscopy and electro-optical studies of a new, partially fluorinated orthoconic antiferroelectric liquid crystal material exhibiting V-shaped switching
Roy, S.S.2000 Growth and characterization of lead zirconate titanate (30/70) on indium tin oxide coated glass for oxide ferroelectric-liquid crystal display application
 2001 Effects of Pulsed Electric Fields on a Nematic Device with a Ferroelectric Ceramic Substrate
 2001 Growth and characterisation of lead zirconate titanate (30/70) thin films using TiO2 seeding for oxide ferroelectric-liquid crystal display application
 2001 Oxide ferroelectric thin film nematic liquid crystal devices
Roy, Soumen Kumar2001 Effect of a rigid nonpolar solute on the splay, bend elastic constants, and on rotational viscosity coefficient of 4,4-n-octyl-cyanobiphenyl
 2001 The bend elastic constant in a mixture of 4,4'-n-octyl-cyanobiphenyl and biphenyl
 2003 Effect of a rigid, non-polar solute on the dielectric anisotropy, the splay and bend elastic constants, and on the rotational viscosity coefficient of 4-4'-n-heptylcyanobiphenyl
 2003 Monte Carlo simulation of a planar lattice model with P4 interactions
 2003 Splay and bend elastic constants and rotational viscosity coefficient in a mixture of 4-4'-n-pentyl-cyanobiphenyl and 4-4'-n-decyl-cyanobiphenyl
 2004 Behaviour of topological charges in the phase transitions exhibited by two planar lattice models
 2004 Monte Carlo simulation of the nematic-isotropic transition in an isothermal-isobaric ensemble
 2004 Phase transitions in two planar lattice models and topological defects: A Monte Carlo study
Roy, Subir K.1995 Dielectric properties of a ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture under bias electric field
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 2004 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Cell Versus Dye Doped Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Cells: A Comparison of Dielectric Properties
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 1985 Refractive indexes, dielectric constants, and order parameter of four alkyl/alkoxyphenylcyclohexanecarboxylate liquid crystals in the nematic phase
 1988 Studies on dielectric permittivities, refractive indexes for 1,1'-bicyclohexyl liquid crystals in the nematic and isotropic phases
 1997 Influence of piezoelectric bilinear and biquadratic coupling in smectic C* phase of ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1997 Low-frequency dielectric response in the smectic C* phase of a FLC mixture
 1997 Soft mode dielectric relaxation under the influence of bias electric field of a ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture
 1998 Effect of spontaneous polarization on smectic C*-smectic A* phase transition temperature and the thickness dependence of the spontaneous polarization of ferroelectric liquid crystal
 2003 Effect of UV Curable Polymer on The Dielectric & Electro-Optic Properties of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 2006 Phase transition phenomena and the corresponding relaxation process of wheat starch-water polymer matrix studied by dielectric spectroscopic method
 2007 Effects of Liquid Crystal Environment on the Spectroscopic and Photophysical Properties of Well-Known Reacting Systems 2,3-Dimethylindole (DMI) and 9-Cyanoanthracene (9CNA)
Roy, Sudipto Ranendra2000 Passivation scheme for LCD and other applications
Roy, Sujata2005 Interaction of oxicam NSAIDs with DMPC vesicles: differential partitioning of drugs
Roy, Sumita2005 Microviscosity of bilayer membranes of some N-acylamino acid surfactants determined by fluorescence probe method
Roy, Susanta S.2004 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Cell Versus Dye Doped Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Cells: A Comparison of Dielectric Properties
Roy, Susanta Sinha1995 Dielectric properties of a ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture under bias electric field
 1997 Influence of piezoelectric bilinear and biquadratic coupling in smectic C* phase of ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1997 Low-frequency dielectric response in the smectic C* phase of a FLC mixture
 1997 Soft mode dielectric relaxation under the influence of bias electric field of a ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture
 1998 Effect of spontaneous polarization on smectic C*-smectic A* phase transition temperature and the thickness dependence of the spontaneous polarization of ferroelectric liquid crystal
 2002 Inverse piezoelectric and electrostrictive response in freely suspended FLC elastomer film as detected by interferometric measurements
Roy, Tarun K.2002 Breathers in a discrete nonlinear Schrödinger-type model: Exact stability results
Roy, Xavier2008 Mesostructured Prussian blue analogues
Royal, Matthew2006 Arbitrary femtosecond optical pulse shaping with a liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Royall, C.P.2002 Structure of silica in matt water-based lacquer
Royce, Martin Robert1995 Near IR rare earth aluminum oxide phosphor and production thereof for cathode-ray tube and liquid crystal light valve
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 1987 Solution studies of cholesteryl linolenate in benzene
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 1991 Nematogenic behavior of liquid crystals - a theoretical study
 1996 Nematogenic behavior study of liquid crystals
Roychoudhury, Mihir1984 Theoretical study of ordering in liquid crystals with the help of intermolecular interaction energy calculations. Part I -Anisaldehyde azine
 1985 Theoretical study of molecular ordering in biphenyl-4-carboxylic acid
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 1986 Non-mesogenic behavior of para-methoxybenzoic acid: a theoretical study
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 1993 Theoretical study of intermolecular interactions in 4'-nitrophenyl 4-(octyloxy)benzoate
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Royer, C.A.2004 Mechanism of protein binding to spherical polyelectrolyte brushes studied in situ using two-photon excitation fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy
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 1924 The mesomorphic state and magnetic birefringence
 1925 Diamagnetism of nematic substances.
Royo, S.2007 Adaptive optics system to accurately measure highly aberrated wavefronts
Roys, Sharon A.1999 Thermoplastic resins stabilized by blends of dithiocarbamates and amines or phenols
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 1997 Change of Sign of the Dielectric Anisotropy in Nematic Liquid Crystal Confined to Anopore Membrans
 1999 Influence of confining geometries on collective dynamic modes in chiral smectogens
 2000 Electrooptical properties of a nematic liquid crystal adsorbed in cellulose membrane
 2002 Experimental Characterization of Hydrogen Bonded Liquid Crystal Gels
 1984 The influence of an electric field on the pitch in chiral smectic C in the vicinity of the SmC* -> SmA transition
 2005 Collective dynamic modes in ferroelectric liquid crystal-aerosil dispersions
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 1999 Dielectric and electro-optic study of nematic 5CB confined in nitrate cellulose membranes
 2000 Electro-optical properties of antiferroelectric liquid crystal displays
 2001 Joint transform correlation using a ferroelectric liquid crystal spatial light modulator
 2002 Indication for a flexoelectric mode in nanoconfined ferroelectric liquid crystal
 2004 Decay of Spatially Periodic Patterns in a Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2004 Decay of spatially periodic patterns in a nematic liquid crystal
 2005 Dynamics of the Goldstone mode near the point of polarization sign reversal in ferroelectric liquid crystal-aerosil mixtures
 2006 Evidence for a tilted smectic phase in Anopore membranes by dielectric spectroscopy
 2006 Influence of hydrophilic and hydrophobic aerosil particles on the molecular modes in the liquid crystal 4-n-pentyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl
 2006 The Influence of Random Disorder on the Biquadratic and Piezoelectric Bilinear Coupling in a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 2007 Collective and antiferroelectric dielectric modes in a highly tilted three-ring ester
 2008 The dielectric relaxation processes in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal under cylindrical confinement
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 2002 Analysis Structural Anisotropy Concentrated Cellulose Systems by Fractal Formalism
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Rozenbaum, V.M.2004 Flashing ratchet model with high efficiency
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 1991 Liquid crystalline diepoxide as a monomer for synthesis of anisotropic network polymers
 1992 Oriented Liquid Crystal Highly-Crosslinked Networks
 1992 Oriented liquid crystal network polymers
 1992 Oriented liquid-crystalline network polymers
 1992 Synthesis and phase transformations of a liquid - crystalline diepoxide monomer
 1993 Phase transitions and the kinetics of curing of a liquid-crystalline diepoxide
 1995 Effect of a magnetic field on the curing kinetics of a liquid-crystalline diepoxide
 1995 Ordered liquid crystalline thermosets
 1996 Ordered liquid-crystalline thermosets
 1997 NMR study of liquid crystalline polymer curing in magnetic field
 1998 Electrooptical properties of a liquid crystal composite based on a polyepoxy matrix
 1999 Cure of epoxy-amine blends with nematic crystals accompanied by phase separation
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 2008 Structure and Mechanical Properties of Mesostructured Functional Hybrid Coatings Based on Anisotropic Nanoparticles Dispersed in Poly(hydroxyethyl methacrylate)
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 1997 Synthesis of conjugated rigid-rod polyarylenes with (η4-cyclobutadiene)cobalt moieties in the main chain
 1997 Synthesis of Liquid-Crystalline Polyesters with (η4-Cyclobutadiene)cobalt Moieties in the Main Chain
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Rozhin, A.G.1998 Electron Processes in Low-Dimension Porous Si-Fulleren System: Photoluminescence Study
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 2005 Copper- and Silver-Containing Monolithic Silica-Supported Preparations for Selective Propene-Propane Adsorption from the Gas Phase
Roziere, Jacques2001 Effect of surfactant type, substitution by aluminium and additives on direct liquid crystal templated monolithic silica
 2001 Periodic large mesoporous organosilicas from lyotropic liquid crystal polymer templates
 2004 Birnessite-type manganese oxide-alkylamine mesophases obtained by intercalation and their thermal behavior
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 1991 The nucleic acid synthesis and spatial organization of DNA molecules in the presence of heparin and the quaternary ammonium salt of conidin oligomer-25
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Rozmus, W.2003 Theoretical model of x-ray scattering as a dense matter probe
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Rozsa, Tamas2003 Difference displacement measurement using digital holograms as coherent masks
Rozumek, Olivier2001 Solid marking composition as writing means, a writing instrument, an optically variable marking layer, and use of many optically variable pigments
Rozycka-Roszak, Bozenna2000 Effect of counterions on the influence of dodecyltrimethylammonium halides on thermotropic phase behavior of phosphatidylcholine bilayers
 2000 Influence of dodecyltrimethylammonium halides on thermotropic phase behaviour of phosphatidylcholine/cholesterol bilayers
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 2007 Effects of nonionic sugar surfactants on the phase transition of DPPC membranes
 2003 Interaction between N-dodecyl-N,N-dimethyl-N-benzylammonium halides and phosphatidylcholine bilayers-the effect of counterions
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 2006 Role of Columnar Mesophase in the Morphological Evolution of Polymer Single Crystals upon Heating: A Combined Atomic Force Microscopy and Electron Diffraction Study
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 2002 Dynamics of a twisted nematic cell using a convergent beam system
 2003 Flow-Induced Twist-Compression in a Twisted Nematic Cell
 2003 Self-Organized Periodic Photonic Structure in a Nonchiral Liquid Crystal
 2004 Delay effect of switch-on in a supertwisted nematic cell
 2004 Dynamical process of switch-off in a supertwisted nematic cell
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 2004 Transparent ITO electrode in the polymer network liquid crystal variable optical attenuator
 2004 Vertically aligned films for liquid crystals fabricated by monomer photo-crosslinking
 2005 Preparation of polymer liquid crystal material for use in the variable optical attenuator
 2005 Self-assembled multilayers films of photopolymerizable amphiphile used as nematic liquid crystals photoalignment layer.
 2009 Investigation on the photo-polymerization of PDLC
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 1998 Study of thermotropic liquid crystalline properties of acetylethylcellulose and its in situ composite with PA6
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Ruan, Yong-Hong2001 Influence of degree of N-butyrylation on critical concentration of N-butyrylated chitosan/dichloroacetic acid liquid crystalline solution
 2001 Influence of Molecular Weight on Critical Concentration of Chitosan/Formic Acid Liquid Crystalline Solution
 2003 Change of handedness in cholesteric liquid crystalline phase for N-phthaloylchitosan solutions in organic solvents
 2003 Synthesis and characterization of a novel liquid crystalline chitin - quaternary ammonium chitosan salt
Ruangdech, Jittra2003 Effects of Nonrubber Components on the Crystallization Behavior of Natural Rubber
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