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 2006 What Can We Learn by Squeezing a Liquid?
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 2001 Fluctuations in Bounded Cells of Liquid Crystals in an External Field
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 1983 Polyhaloaromatic compounds
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 1984 Fluorine-containing pyrimidine derivatives for electrooptical display devices
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 1992 Supertwist liquid - crystal display
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 2000 Kinetics of Cosurfactant-Surfactant-Silicate Phase Behavior. 2. Short-Chain Amines
 2002 Streaming Potential Studies on the Adsorption of Amphoteric Alkyldimethylamine and Alkyldimethylphosphine Oxides on Mesoporous Silica from Aqueous Solution
 2006 Detailed in Situ XRD and Calorimetric Study of the Formation of Silicate/Mixed Surfactant Mesophases under Alkaline Conditions. Influence of Surfactant Chain Length and Synthesis Temperature
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