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Raszewski, Z.2005 The Origin of High Optical Tilt in a Homologous Series of Fluorinated Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 2006 A Study of a Binary Liquid-Crystalline Mixtures with the Wide Antiferroelectric Phase
 2006 Determination of anchoring energy, diamagnetic susceptibility anisotropy, and elasticity of some nematics by means of semiempirical method of self-consistent director field
 2006 Synthesis and physical properties of liquid crystals having a chlorine atom in the lateral position of a benzene ring
 2007 On the Importance of the Molecular Core Interactions on the Induction of the High Optical Tilt Angle
 2008 Dielectric measurements of new antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 2008 Dielectric relaxation behaviour of liquid crystals with opposite orientation of -COO ester group in molecular core
 2008 Generating electrically tunable optical vortices by a liquid crystal cell with patterned electrode
 2008 New High Frequency Dielectric Mode in Fluorinated Antiferroelecteric Liquid Crystals
 2008 Study of anchoring characteristics and splay-bend elastic constant based on experiments with non-twisted nematic liquid crystal cells
 2008 Technical aspects of dielectric spectroscopy measurements of liquid crystals
 2009 An Influence of the Fluorosubstitution and the Spacer Length on the Phase Transitions and Helical Pitch Value in High Tilted Antiferroelectric Esters
 2009 Dielectric Properties of New Fluorinated Orthoconic Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 2009 Effect of fluorination of molecular rigid core in liquid crystal biphenyl benzoate based homologous series
 2009 Holographic Recordings Using Bistable SmC* Structures
 2009 Modification of High Tilted Antiferroelectric Mixture for Display Applications
 2009 Transient Light Scattering Mode of an Orthoconic Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 2010 Dielectric Behavior of Antiferroelectric Phase Induced in a Binary Mixture
Raszewski, Zbigniew1976 Determination of the anisotropic dispersion of the refractive index of liquid crystals by the interference wedge method
 1976 Measurement of the anisotropy of dielectric permittivity of liquid crystals
 1978 Optical anisotropy and molecular parameters of liquid crystalline 4,4'-n-pentylcyanobiphenyl (PCB)
 1978 Optical anisotropy and molecular parameters of liquid crystalline 4,4'-n-pentylcyanobiphenyl (PCB)
 1979 Birefringence, polarizability and order parameter of nematic p-cyanophenyl p-n-alkylobenzoates (ABCF)
 1979 Synthesis and some physical properties of nematogenic compounds of the 4-cyanophenyl 4'-n-alkylbenzoate series
 1979 The relation between dielectric permittivity of liquid crystals and their molecular parameters
 1980 Preparation and physical properties of asymmetrical 4,4'-dialkylazoxybenzenes
 1988 Dielectric studies of binary liquid-crystalline mixtures
 1989 Dielectric studies on binary mixtures
 1989 Dielectric studies on binary mixtures with the induced smectic phase
 1989 Measurements of permittivity of liquid-crystalline substances
 1990 Viscosity, thermal and ultraviolet stability of liquid crystalline isothiocyanato compounds and their mixtures
 1992 Liquid crystal composition with steep electrooptical characteristics
 1993 Polymer dispersed liquid crystal displays - principles, preparation, properties and applications
 1993 Polymer dispersed liquid crystal displays - properties and applications
 1993 Terphenyls and ketones as dopants for ferroelectric mixtures
 1994 Determination of the nematic liquid crystal (NLC)-substrate interaction potential by means of semi-empirical method of self-consistent director field
 1995 The local field of light wave in nematics
 1995 The rotational potential of chiral molecule around its long molecular axis in the SC* phase of 4-(2'-methylbutyl)-4'-n-octylbiphenyl-4-carboxylate
Raszewski, Zbigniew (cont...)1996 Low frequency dielectric modes in the SmC* phases of the ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1996 On the consistency and applicability of internal field models in nematics
 1997 Influence of dopant structure on the ability of enhancing SC phase
 1997 Switching behavior and SSFLC electro-optical response of W22 ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1998 Determination of liquid-crystal substrate interaction potential by optical and dielectric methods
 1998 Freedericksz thresholds in nematics as eigenvalues
 1999 Determination of quadrupolar ordering in ferroelectric liquid crystal SmC. Part I. Theoretical investigation and results
 1999 The order parameter of liquid-crystalline mixture with dichroic dye for TN LCD
 2000 Composite method for determination of liquid crystal material parameters
 2000 Determination of liquid crystal material parameters by composite method
 2000 Determination of polar-anchoring energy coefficient by wedge cell method
 2000 Physical properties of components of mixture with induced Sm CA* phase
 2000 Theoretical description of composite method for determination of liquid crystal material parameters
 2002 Determination of polar anchoring energy coefficient for nematics- substrate systems by wedge cell method
 2002 Determiniation of nematic liquid crystal material parameters by solving inverse problems for different planar cells
 2002 Method for Determing Material Constants of Nematic Liquid Crystals by Use of Wedge Cells
 2004 Determination of anisotropy of diamagnetic susceptibility for nematics and polar anchoring energy coefficient for nematics: substrate systems by wedge cell method
 2004 Determination of nematic liquid crystal material parameters by use of wedge cells
 2004 Determination of nematics material parameters by measurements of Fredericksz transitions in crossed electric and magnetic fields in wedge cell
 2004 Determination of same changes in rotational potentials between ferro-and antiferroelectric phases
Raszewski, Zbigniew (cont...)2004 Homologous series of fluorinated antiferroelectric liquid crystals: a comparative study of physical properties and the electro-optical performance
 2004 Molecular structure and properties of FLC(S)-4-(1-methyloctyloxycarbonyl)phenyl 4-octyloxybiphenyl-4'-carboxylate and its mixtures
 2005 Optical Methods for Determining Anisotropy of Diamagnetic Susceptibility and Other Material Parameters of Nematics by Using Cells of Varying Thickness
 2006 Study of Nematics-Substrate Coupling Characteristics and Nematics Material Parameters in Dependence on Cell Thickness by Using Wedge Cells of Different Cover Coatings
 2007 Fréedericksz transitions in nematic liquid crystals as boundary eigenvalue problems
 2008 An Influence of a Single Fluorine Atom Position in the Molecular Rigid Core on Physical Properties of Orthoconic Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 2009 Comments on free elastic energy for uniaxial nematic liquid crystals
 2009 Experimental Study of Anchoring Characteristics and Splay-Bend Surface-Like Elasticity of Nematics with Using Non-Twisted Nematic Cells
Rat, E.2007 Molecular Structure and Rheological Properties of Short-Side-Chain Heavily Glycosylated Porcine Stomach Mucin
Rat, V.2002 Diffusion in two-temperature thermal plasmas
Ratajczak, H.1978 Determination of elastic constant K33 for some nematic liquid crystals with strong positive dielectric anisotropy by means of IR absorption spectroscopy
 1978 Influence of an a.c. electric field on the IR spectra of some nematic liquid crystals with positive and negative dielectric anisotropy
 1980 Influence of a.c. electric field on infrared absorption spectra of liquid crystals and determination of orientational order parameter by infrared dichroism. I. Molecules with strong positive dielectric anisotropy
 1980 Influence of a.c. electric field on infrared absorption spectra of liquid crystals and determination of orientational order parameter by infrared dichroism. II. Molecules with weak negative dielectric anisotropy
 1980 IR and far IR absorption spectra of the solid modifications formed by some p-(n-alkoxy)benzoic acids upon heating and cooling
 1981 IR, FIR, Raman and thermodynamic investigations of p-n-alkoxybenzoic acids in their solid, mesomorphic and isotropic phases
 1982 IR absorption spectra of nematic liquid crystals oriented by an external ac electric field
 1982 Orientational order parameters S2 of some 4-cyano-4'-n-alkylbiphenyl and 4-cyano-4'-n-alkoxybiphenyls
 1986 IR and Raman bandshape analysis of rotational relaxation in ordered fluids
 1994 Far-IR spectroscopic investigations of nematic liquid crystals with hydrogen-bonded molecules
 1994 The macroscopic behavior of nematics with hydrogen-bonded molecules: explanation through far-IR spectroscopy
 1995 Far IR spectroscopic investigations of nematic liquid crystals with hydrogen bonded molecules. Comparison with nonoriented systems
 1995 Fourier transform far-infrared spectroscopy of the hydrogen bond in 4-n-alkoxybenzoic acids
 1998 Conformational order-disorder transitions in dimerized nematics indicated by far-IR spectroscopy
 1999 Spectroscopic study of liquid crystals in confined volume
 2000 Effect of encapsulation in MCM-41 type molecular sieves on vibrational spectra of liquid crystalline state
 2000 The surface order parameter and anchoring energy in nematics made by hydrogen bonded molecules
 2001 The surface action on dimer-monomer liquid crystal system
 2002 Dynamic Behavior of Some 4-n-Alkyl-4'-Cyanobiphenyls Confined to Nanoporous Matrices
 2004 FT-far IR spectroscopy and microtextural polarization analysis of complexes: nematics with hydrogen-bonded dimers of 4,n-alkyloxybenzoic acids with 4-hydroxypyridine
Ratajczak, H. (cont...)2005 Effects of montmorillonite modification on optical properties of heterogeneous nematic liquid crystal - clay mineral nanocomposites
 2005 Optical properties of heterogeneous nanosystems based on montmorillonite clay mineral and 5CB nematic liquid crystal
 2006 Effects of organomontmorillonite concentration on the structure formation of nanocomposites with 5CB liquid crystal
 2007 Effect of clay surface modification on the structure and electro-optical properties of liquid crystal/clay nanocomposites
Ratajczak, Henryk1994 IR spectroscopic investigations of peculiar behavior of 4-alkoxybenzoic acids in their mesomorphic state. I. Nonaligned samples
Ratchkevitch, V.1992 Orientational Relaxation Study in Nematic Liquid Crystals
Ratchkevitch, V.S.1993 Orientational characteristics of liquid crystals (5CB) by means of optical study
Ratcliffe, Christopher I.1996 Synthesis of Mesostructured Lamellar Aluminophosphates Using Supramolecular Templates
Ratcliffe, Norman M.1988 A promising material for non-linear optics: observation of second harmonic generation from 4-[N-(4-carboxypentyl)-N-methylamino]-4-nitrostilbene-coated substrates
Rateo, M.1992 Infrared Fluctuation Spectroscopy in Aligned Nematic Phase of Side-Chain Liquid Crystal Polymers
 1994 Microscopic transport properties in liquid crystalline polymeric matrixes: dependence on the thermal history
 1994 Vibrational spectroscopy of polymer liquid crystals
Raterman, Kevin T.1984 Liquid solubilization dynamics. II. Flux enhancement by interface gel formation
Rath, Asoke K.1991 Thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyesters. II. Synthesis and thermal characterization of copolyesters of terephthalic acid, methylhydroquinone and 1,4-butanediol
 1993 Thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyesters. I. Synthesis and thermal characterization of the copolyesters of terephthaloyl chloride, hydroquinone, and 1,4-butanediol
Räth, C.2009 Dynamics of Lane Formation in Driven Binary Complex Plasmas
Rath, Fridolf1941 Über die Nebensterine der Hefe. VII. Zur Kenntnis des Zymosterins
Rath, H.J.1995 Thermocapillary flow in drops under low gravity analyzed by the use of liquid crystals
Rath, M.C.2008 Electron beam irradiation induced changes in liquid-crystal compound 5CB
 2008 Tuning of the electrical parameters of a twisted-nematic display material by using electron beam irradiation
 2009 Electron beam irradiation-induced transformations in the electrical properties of 4’-octyl-4-cyanobiphenyl (8CB)
Rath, Nigam P.2008 Molecular Packing and Solid-State Fluorescence of Alkoxy-Cyano Substituted Diphenylbutadienes: Structure of the Luminescent Aggregates
 2008 Solid State Optical Properties of 4-Alkoxy-pyridine Butadiene Derivatives: Reversible Thermal Switching of Luminescence
Rath, Sharadini2003 Monte Carlo sampling of negative-temperature plasma states
Rathee, Vikram2009 Re-entrant Phase Behavior of a Concentrated Anionic Surfactant System with Strongly Binding Counterions
Ratheesh, K. Vijayaraghavan2006 Reversible Thermal and Photochemical Switching of Liquid Crystalline Phases and Luminescence in Diphenylbutadiene-Based Mesogenic Dimers
Rathgeber, A.2004 Flow profiling of a surface-acoustic-wave nanopump
Rathgeber, S.2007 Stimuli-responsive hydrogels containing liquid crystals
 2008 The effect of cross-link density and liquid crystal content on the dynamic mechanic properties of PnBA networks
Rathgeber, Silke2005 On the shape of bottle-brush macromolecules: Systematic variation of architectural parameters
 2007 Rheooscillations of a Bottlebrush Polymer Solution Due to Shear-Induced Phase Transitions between a Shear Molten State and a Line Hexatic Phase
 2008 Effect of Side Chain Length Variation on the Optical Properties of PPE-PPV Hybrid Polymers
Rathi, Ramesh C.1998 Photoassociation of water-soluble copolymers containing photochromic spirobenzopyran moieties
Rathman, J.2000 Phase behavior of a monoacylglycerol: (Myverol 18-99K)/water system
Rathman, James F.1996 Effects of Aluminate and Silicate on the Structure of Quaternary Ammonium Surfactant Aggregates
 2000 Compositional Effects and Hydrothermal Reorganization of Mesoporous Silicates Synthesized in Surfactant Solutions
 2003 Nanoscale Patterning of Adsorbed Amphiphile Films with an Atomic Force Microscope Probe
Rathmore, Osman2001 Nanostructure Formation through -Sheet Self-Assembly in Silk-Based Materials
Rathnam, S.1994 New fluorescent mesogens with ester linkage
Rathnayake, Hemali P.2007 Luminescence of fluorenes 2,7-conjugatively extended with pyrenylvinylene and pyrenylvinylene-phenylenevinylene
Rathore, Nitin2003 Density of States Simulations of Proteins, Liquid Crystals, and DNA
 2003 Density-of-States Based Monte Carlo Techniques for Simulation of Proteins and Polymers
Rathore, Osman2001 Nanostructure Formation through -Sheet Self-Assembly in Silk-Based Materials
Rathore, Rajendra2008 A Facile Synthesis of Elusive Alkoxy-Substituted Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene
Rathore, V.2008 Criticality of bistability phenomenon in deformed helix ferroelectric liquid crystal
Rathousky, J.1997 Supramolecular templating: a new strategy for the synthesis of mesoporous molecular sieves
Rathousky, Jiri2009 "Brick and Mortar" Strategy for the Formation of Highly Crystalline Mesoporous Titania Films from Nanocrystalline Building Blocks
Rathschlag, Thomas2005 Encapsulated pigments with water-soluble shell
Rathz, T.J.2003 First X-Ray Scattering Studies on Electrostatically Levitated Metallic Liquids: Demonstrated Influence of Local Icosahedral Order on the Nucleation Barrier
Ratieville, M.2003 Metastable configurations on the Bethe lattice
 2003 Near-optimal configurations in mean-field disordered systems
Ratina, B.R.1991 Liquid crystalline phases of a diacetylenic phosphocholine lipid
Rat'ko, A.I.1981 Orientation of liquid crystals on the surface of obliquely sputtered copper and lithium fluoride films
Ratna, B.1993 Dynamics of phospholipid tubules in a concentrated solution: Results from high-field magnetic birefringence and quasielastic light scattering
 1993 High-field magnetic birefringence study of the phase behavior of concentrated solutions of phospholipid tubules
 1994 Effect of self-assembled monolayers on the alignment of liquid crystals
 2000 Vogel-Fulcher dependence of relaxation rates in a nematic monomer and elastomer
Ratna, B.R.1975 Experimental studies of short range order in nematogens of strong positive dielectric anisotropy
 1976 Dielectric properties of 4'-alkyl-4-cyanobiphenyls in their nematic phases
 1976 Pressure dependence of the pitch of cholesteryl oleyl carbonate
 1977 Dielectric dispersion in 4'-n-alkyl-4-cyanobiphenyls
 1977 Dielectric studies on liquid crystals of strong positive dielectric anisotropy
 1978 Dielectric properties of some nematics of positive dielectric anisotropy
 1980 Dielectric studies of some reentrant nematogens
 1980 Magnetic and electric birefringence in the isotropic phase of a nematic of large positive dielectric anisotropy
 1981 Experimental studies on the electrical conductivity of two reentrant nematogens
 1982 Near neighbor correlations and the dielectric properties of liquid crystals
 1982 Piezothermal studies in the vicinity of the smectic A-nematic transition in 4'-n-octyloxy-4-cyanobiphenyl (8OCB)
 1982 Pretransitional effects in the electrical conductivity of reentrant nematogens
 1983 Effect of smectic ordering on the dielectric properties of reentrant nematic mixtures
 1984 A new kind of A-A transition: studies on binary mixtures of terminally substituted cyano and nitro compounds
 1984 A new kind of A-A transition: studies on binary mixtures of terminally substituted cyano and nitro compounds
 1984 Experimental studies on a terminally substituted nitro compound with a latent reentrant nematic phase
 1984 Multicritical points in single component liquid crystal systems
 1984 Nematic-smectic-A-smectic-C multicritical point in a single-component system
 1984 Pressure studies on ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1985 Ad-Ad transition in a binary liquid crystal system
Ratna, B.R. (cont...)1985 Experimental studies on a terminally nitro substituted compound with a latent reentrant nematic phase
 1985 Experimental studies on a triply reentrant mesogen
 1985 Smectic-A phase with two collinear incommensurate density modulations
 1985 X-ray studies on bilayer smectic A (A2) and bilayer smectic C (C2) phases
 1986 Coupling between nematic and smectic ordering in reentrant nematic systems
 1986 Density, dielectric and x-ray studies of smectic A-smectic A transitions
 1986 Dielectric studies of monolayer smectic A phases of strongly polar liquid crystals
 1986 Smectic-A Phase with Two Collinear Incommensurate Density Modulations.
 1986 Universality of the reentrant-nematic-smectic C-smectic A and nematic-smectic A-smectic C multicritical points
 1987 An incommensurate smectic A phase
 1987 Evidence of continuous evolution of smectic A2 from smectic Ad
 1987 Smectic-Ad-smectic-A2 critical point
 1988 A biaxial nematic liquid crystal
 1988 A thermotropic biaxial nematic liquid crystal
 1988 Antiparallel ordering of molecules in liquid crystals of swallow-tailed compounds
 1988 Chiral smectic C phase exhibited by some 4-n-alkoxy-α-methylcinnamates
 1988 Dielectric studies of the hexatic B-smectic A and crystal B-smectic A transitions
 1988 Evidence of a first-order smectic-A-smectic-C* transition and its approach to tricritical behavior
 1988 Mean-field to tricritical crossover behavior near the smectic-A-smectic-C* tricritical point
 1988 New alternative for the smectic-A1-reentrant nematic-smectic-Ad bicritical point
Ratna, B.R. (cont...)1988 Partially bilayer smectic A phase in a terminally nonpolar compound
 1988 Some Comments on the Determination of Enthalpies of Liquid Crystalline Transitions by Differential Scanning Calorimetry
 1989 Experimental studies on a terminally nonpolar reentrant nematogenic mixture
 1989 Phase transitions and critical phenomena in polar smectic A liquid crystals
 1989 Pressure studies on phase transitions in 4-alkoxyphenyl-4'-nitrobenzoyloxybenzoates
 1992 Effect of alcohol chain length on tubule formation in 1,2-bis(10,12-tricosadiynoyl)-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine
 1992 Molecular Approach to Achieve a Room Temperature Ferroelectric Polymer with Large Polarization
 1992 Synthesis and Characterization of New Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 1992 X-Ray Diffraction Studies of Tubules Formed from a Diacetylenic Phosphocholine Lipid
 1993 Effect of chiral end group variation on the properties of ferroelectric copolymers
 1993 Electroclinic materials with large induced tilt angles
 1993 Ferroelectric liquid crystalline polymers with large pyroelectric coefficients for infrared detectors
 1994 Diacetylenic Lipid Tubules: Experimental Evidence for a Chiral Molecular Architecture
 1994 Effect of Acrylamide and Dodecane on the Phase Behavior of Monoolein
 1994 Influence of the electric field on the quasibookshelf stripe deformation in an electroclinic liquid crystal
 1994 Stability of magnetic field-induced dipolar order in a ferroelectric side-chain liquid crystal polymer
 1995 Effect of molecular structure on the electrooptic performance of electroclinic liquid crystals
 1995 Large and stable second harmonic generation in a crystalline phase of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1995 New fluctuation mode in a chiral smectic-A liquid crystal with a uniaxial layer modulation
 1995 Novel Ferroelectric and Electroclinic Organosiloxane Liquid Crystals
Ratna, B.R. (cont...)1995 Room Temperature Ferroelectric Terpolymers with Large Spontaneous Polarization
 1995 Spatially resolved optical and electro-optic properties of electroclinic liquid crystals
 1996 Melting of Phospholipid Tubules
 1996 Optical and electro-optical characterization of the electroclinic effect in smectic A liquid crystals
 1996 Optimization of pyroelectricity in the smectic-C* phase of a liquid-crystalline terpolymer
 1996 Spatially resolved characterization of the electroclinic effect in chiral smectic A liquid crystals
 1996 Structural and Morphological Characterization of PbS Nanocrystallites Synthesized in the Bicontinuous Cubic Phase of a Lipid
 1997 Demonstration of gray scale in electroclinic liquid crystals
 1997 Electroclinic liquid crystal materials for electrooptic imaging
 1997 Field-induced biaxiality in the refractive index of chiral smectic A liquid crystals
 1997 Field-induced optical biaxiality in chiral smectic-A liquid crystals
 1997 Spatial resolution of the molecular alignment in electroclinic liquid crystals
 1998 Electric-field-induced layer buckling in chiral smectic-A liquid crystals
 1998 Electroclinic liquid crystals for analog gray scale displays and devices
 1998 Large second-order optical nonlinearity in a molecular crystal formed from a chiral smectic liquid crystal
 1998 Single-sided alignment of electroclinic liquid crystals for active matrix displays
 1999 Effect of side chain substitution on the field-dependent birefringence in a series of chiral smectic A liquid crystals
 1999 Monte Carlo simulation of smectic liquid crystals and the electroclinic effect. The role of molecular shape
 2000 Chiral twisting of a smectic-A liquid crystal
 2000 Chiral twisting of a smectic-A liquid crystal
Ratna, B.R. (cont...)2000 Large electroclinic effect and associated properties of chiral smectic A liquid crystals
 2000 Theory of chiral modulations and fluctuations in smectic-A liquid crystals under an electric field
 2002 Anomalous softening of order parameter fluctuations at the smectic-A to -C* transition in a siloxane-substituted chiral liquid crystal
 2002 Isotropic-Nematic Transition in Liquid-Crystalline Elastomers
 2002 Isotropic-Nematic Transition in Liquid-Crystalline Elastomers
 2002 Random Smectic C Phases in Monomesogen Low Molar Mass Organosiloxane Liquid Crystal Materials
 2002 Smectic Liquid Crystals that Tilt Without Layer Contraction: Theory and Experiment
 2003 Nonideal Elasticity in Liquid Crystal Elastomers
 2003 Order parameter measurements of dichroic dyes dissolved in smectic liquid crystals that tilt without layer contraction
 2004 Isotropic-nematic transition in liquid-crystalline elastomers: Lattice model with quenched disorder
 2005 Reflective cholesteric liquid crystal gels
 2009 Unusual Dielectric and Electrical Switching Behavior in the de Vries Smectic A Phase of Two Organosiloxane Derivatives
Ratna, Banahalli1998 Effect of cell thickness on electroclinic liquid crystal response time
Ratna, Banahalli R.1994 Electro-optic performance of electroclinic materials with large induced tilt angle
 1996 Electrooptic performance of electroclinic liquid crystals and their mixtures
 1996 Liquid crystal composition and alignment layer for display device
 1998 Liquid crystal composition and alignment layer
 1999 Advances in liquid crystals for gray-scale applications
 1999 Postprocessing sequence for liquid-crystal-on-silicon microdisplays
 2001 Liquid Crystal Elastomers with Mechanical Properties of a Muscle
 2001 Liquid crystall elastomers as artificial muscles: role of side-chain-backbone coupling
 2003 Nematic Elastomer Fiber Actuator
 2004 Liquid crystal elastomer for artificial muscle applications
 2004 S. Chandrasekhar (1930-2004): Discotic liquid crystals
 2006 Tuning the physical properties of a nematic liquid crystal elastomer actuator
 2007 Anisotropic actuation in electroclinic liquid crystal elastomers
 2008 Molecular Packing in Electroclinic Liquid Crystal Elastomer Films
 2009 Role of Surfactant in the Stability of Liquid Crystal-Based Nanocolloids
Ratna, D.2003 Synthesis and characterization of liquid-crystalline epoxy and its blend with conventional epoxy
Ratnamalar, R.2009 New liquid crystal diglycidyl ether bearing azomethine linkage cured by aromatic diamines
Ratner, Judith1990 Photochromism of side-chain liquid crystal polymers containing spironaphthoxazines
Ratner, M.A.1997 Molecular electronics: some directions
Ratner, Mark A.1997 Inherent amorphous structures and statistical mechanics of melting
 2002 Random Laser in One Dimension
 2004 Two-Dimensional Model for Polymer-Based Photovoltaic Cells: Numerical Simulations of Morphology Effects
 2008 n-Channel Polymers by Design: Optimizing the Interplay of Solubilizing Substituents, Crystal Packing, and Field-Effect Transistor Characteristics in Polymeric Bithiophene-Imide Semiconductors
 2008 Synthesis, Characterization, and Transistor Response of Semiconducting Silole Polymers with Substantial Hole Mobility and Air Stability. Experiment and Theory
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Rattay, Bernd1995 Influence of α-branched fatty acid chains on the thermotropic behavior of racemic 1-O-hexadecyl-2-acyl-glycero-3- phosphocholines
 2000 Synthesis of enantiomerically pure, sn-1 modified sn-2-deoxy-2-amido-glycero-3-phospholipids
 2005 Small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) studies of amide phospholipids
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 1993 Investigation of a liquid crystal dispersed in an ionic polymeric membrane
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 1990 Calculation of phase equilibria in ternary liquid-crystalline polymer solutions
Rätzsch, Manfred1988 Self-reinforcing polymers - a new class of plastics
 1989 Carbon-13 NMR spectroscopical sequence analysis of poly(ethylene terephthalate-co-oxybenzoates)
 1989 Phase separation in a thermotropic copolyester via spinodal decomposition
 1989 Preparation of curable, thermotropic polymers containing mesogenic units and flexible spacer groups
 1990 Carbon-13 NMR analysis of poly[(m-phenylene terephthalate)-co-oxybenzoate]s: main-chain and end-group resonance assignments and sequence distribution
 1990 Crosslinkable liquid-crystalline main-chain polymers
 1990 New high-performance materials and fibers based on thermotropic liquid-crystalline main chain polymers
 1990 Preparation of fiber-reinforced liquid crystalline polymer-based composites
 1990 Preparation of liquid-crystalline polymers from poly(alkylene terephthalates) and 4-acetoxybenzoic acid
 1990 Preparation of moldable, crosslinkable, fiber-reinforced composites
 1990 Preparation of thermoplastic, moldable, fiber-reinforced composites
 1991 On the determination of double-bond contents of linear and crosslinked liquid-crystalline polyesters including the corresponding monomers by differential pulse polarography
 1993 PET/PHB-LC polyesters with improved mechanical properties - terminal group coupling with diisocyanate. I
 1993 Thermotropic block copolymers: polyesters with flexible poly(tetramethylene glycol) units in the main chain
 1994 A modified synthesis of liquid-crystalline poly(ethylene terephthalate-co-oxybenzoate)s with completely random chain structure
 1994 Melt-processable flexible liq. crystalline block copolyesterimide, its manufacture, and potential use
 1995 Fully aromatic copoly(ester-imide)s with high thermal stability
 1995 Liquid crystalline polyfumarates. 2. Polymerization of fumarates with two mesogenic groups per unit
 1996 Liquid crystalline polyfumarates, 1. Synthesis and characterization of fumarates with two mesogenic groups
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Rau, Hermann1992 4,4'-Distyrylazobenzene as Chromophore
Rau, I.2006 Carbazole-based Azopolymers for Non-Linear Optics
Rau, Ileana2006 Conjugated Polymers Oriented Organic Thin Films for Nonlinear Optics
 2006 Novel High Glass Transition Temperature Polyurethanes Functionalized with Efficient CT Chromophores for Second Order NLO Applications
 2006 Novel Sol-Gel Systems for Application in Optical Signal Processing
 2008 New Scaffold Structure Based on Collagen. Fabrication and Biocompatibility Evaluation
 2008 On the Mechanisms of Relaxation in Electro-Optic Polymers
 2008 Photoinduced Gratings in Functionalized Azo-Carbazole Compounds in Picosecond Regime
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