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Qin, Y.1993 Fibers from polypropylene and liquid crystal polymer (LCP) blends. 1. Effect of LCP concentration
 1993 Fibers from polypropylene and liquid crystal polymer blends. 2. Effect of extrusion and drawing conditions
 1993 Fibers from polypropylene and liquid crystal polymer blends. 3. A comparison of polyblend fibers containing Vectra A900, Vectra B950 and Rodrun LC3000
 1995 Fiber drawing from blends of polypropylene and liquid crystal polymers
 1996 Fiber drawing from blends of polypropylene and liquid-crystalline polymers
Qin, Yan1989 Study on polysiloxane liquid crystals as the stationary phase for glass capillary gas chromatography
 1991 Syntheses and properties of poly(methylsiloxane)-type liquid crystals ( PMMS) as gas chromatographic stationary phase. I. PMMSs with biphenyl benzoate-type side chains
 1991 Syntheses and properties of poly(methylsiloxane)-type liquid crystals (PMMS) as gas chromatographic stationary phase. II. PMMSs with 1,4-benzenediol dibenzoate-type side chains
Qin, Yang2006 Luminescence Tuning of Organoboron Quinolates through Substituent Variation at the 5-Position of the Quinolato Moiety
 2009 Enhancement of the Morphology and Open Circuit Voltage in Bilayer Polymer/Fullerene Solar Cells
Qin, Yimin1992 The production of fibers from polypropylene and liquid crystal polymer blends
 1994 Drawing behavior of polyblend fibers from polypropylene and liquid crystal polymers
 1994 On the in situ generation of reinforcing fibers
 1996 A literature review on the in situ generation of reinforcing fibers
Qin, Yujun2008 Optical limiting performances of multi-walled carbon nanotubols and [C60]fullerols
Qin, Yuwen1992 Spatial light modulators and their application for optical correlation
 1996 Nonlinear joint transform correlator used for moving object tracking
 1996 Real-time hybrid joint transform correlator with parallel processing architecture
Qin, Zhihai1993 Observation of disclinations in the nematic state of a thermotropic aromatic copolyester by lamellar decoration
Qing, Chaojuan1984 Liquid crystal light valve using single crystal bismuth silicate (Bi12SiO20)
Qing, L.2001 Synthesis and Characterization of the β-Diketone Based Side Chain Liquid Crystalline Random Copolyphenylsilsesquioxane and its Metal Complex
Qing, Liu Yu2000 Fluorescence study on a liquid-crystalline polyester containing naphthoate mesogen units
Qing, Xiaotian1997 Gas chromatographic separation of positional isomers of substituted benzene on cholesteryl liquid crystal crown ether stationary phase
 1997 Study on chromatographic characteristics of cholesteric mesomorphic crown ether as stationary phase for gas chromatography
 1998 Gas chromatographic characteristics and application studies of the stationary phase of CH-B-15-C-5
 1998 Gas chromatographic separation of optical isomers of lactic acid and ethyl lactate on cholesteryl liquid crystal crown stationary phase
 2000 Analysis of C1 ~ C8 fatty acids and lactic acid in vegetables by gas chromatography
Qintana, X.1997 Mechanism of grayscale generation in antiferroelectric liquid crystal displays
Qiu, Chen1998 Threshold dependence on pixel size and cell thickness in a multidomain twisted nematic liquid crystal display
Qiu, Chunyin2007 Metamaterial with Simultaneously Negative Bulk Modulus and Mass Density
Qiu, Cuicui2008 Facile Fabrication and Unexpected Electrocatalytic Activity of Palladium Thin Films with Hierarchical Architectures
Qiu, D.1987 X-ray diffraction investigations in the disk-like mesophase of three compounds of rufigallol hexa-n-alkanoates
Qiu, Dengli2002 Hydrogen-Bonding-Directed Layer-by-Layer Multilayer Assembly: Reconformation Yielding Microporous Films
 2002 Monolayer Formation and In-Plane Anisotropy of an Amphiphilic Block Molecule
Qiu, Feng1998 Pattern formation and pattern selection of polymeric complex fluids
 2003 Self-consistent field theory of mixtures of flexible polymers and small liquid crystalline molecules
 2004 Morphology and phase diagram of complex block copolymers: ABC linear triblock copolymers
 2006 Applications of self-consistent field theory in polymer systems
 2006 Phase Separation Kinetics of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals Confined between Two Parallel Walls
 2006 Shape of Fluid Vesicles Anchored by Rigid Rod
 2007 Phase Separation of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals on a Chemically Patterned Substrate
Qiu, Gao1998 Dual melting endotherms in the thermal analysis of poly(ethylene terephthalate)
 1998 Simulation of the dual melting endotherms of PET
 2000 Melting behavior of poly(ethylene terephthalate) prepared by solid state polycondensation
Qiu, Hai-xiao2008 Synthesis of m/p-diethynylbenzene
Qiu, Hong1998 A simple mechanical mixer for small viscous lipid-containing samples
 1998 Lyotropic and Thermotropic Phase Behavior of Hydrated Monoacylglycerols: Structure Characterization of Monovaccenin
 1999 Phase behavior of the monoerucin/water system
 2000 The phase diagram of the monoolein/water system: metastability and equilibrium aspects
Qiu, Hong-Jin1997 Nuclear magnetic resonance characterization of p-nitrophenylazobenzene derivatives
 1998 Recent advances in liquid crystalline elastomers
 1998 Synthesis and properties of two series of H-bonded and non-H-bonded thermotropic liquid crystal monomers
 1999 Side chain liquid crystalline elastomers. Part 1. Phase behavior of their precursors
 1999 Study of the effect of hydrogen bonding on the phase behaviour of p-nitroazobenzene derivatives with hydrophilic tails
 1999 Synthesis and characterization of novel crosslinkable side-chain liquid crystalline polyesters
 2000 Side chain liquid crystalline elastomers II. Thermal properties and orientational behaviour of the LCE based on unsaturated copolyesters
 2001 2H NMR spectroscopic investigation of para-nitroazobenzene liquid crystals
Qiu, Hongjie1994 Automatic repair in active-matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD)
Qiu, Hua-Yu2006 Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulation of Phase Behavior of Aerosol OT/Water System
 2006 Fabrication and doping of biomimetic lyotropic liquid crystals
 2006 Study on lamellar lyotropic liquid crystal doped with magnetic nanoparticles
 2007 Effects of Alcohols and Counterions on the Phase Behavior of 1-Octyl-3-methylimidazolium Chloride Aqueous Solution
 2008 Ionic Self-Assembled Organic Nanobelts from The Hexagonal Phase Complexes and Their Cyclodextrin Inclusions
 2009 Formation of lyotropic liquid crystals from a fatty acid and a nitrogenous heterocyclic compound in water
Qiu, Huibin2006 Formation Mechanism of Anionic Surfactant-Templated Mesoporous Silica
 2008 Formation Mechanism of Achiral Amphiphile-Templated Helical Mesoporous Silicas
 2008 Steric and Temperature Control of Enantiopurity of Chiral Mesoporous Silica
Qiu, Huiye2010 Investigation on two-dimensional photonic crystal self-collimation splitting sensor
Qiu, J.1997 Fatigue behavior of injection-molded polymer blends of polypropylene and liquid crystalline polyester
Qiu, Jianhui1995 Fatigue process in binary polymer blends of polypropylene and a liquid crystalline polyester
 1999 Liquid crystalline polyester blends by rolling process
Qiu, Jie2008 New insights into the multiple melting behaviors of the semicrystalline ethylene-hexene copolymer: Origins of quintuple melting peaks
 2009 Evolutions of morphology and crystalline ordering upon annealing of quenched isotactic polypropylene
Qiu, Jinhao1997 A study on rotary-type damper using liquid crystal
Qiu, Jun1991 Synthesis and properties of nematic liquid crystal compounds containing diaza-18-crown-6 ether unit
Qiu, Kanghua1986 Effect of the pitch of the helical ribbon impeller on flow pattern and mixing process in mixers
Qiu, Kun-Yuan1999 Preparation and Physisorption Characterization of D-Glucose-Templated Mesoporous Silica Sol-Gel Materials
 2003 Facile Synthesis of Mesoporous Gold-Silica Nanocomposite Materials via Sol-Gel Process with Nonsurfactant Templates
Qiu, L.2004 Planar and Tilted Uniform Alignment of Liquid Crystals by Plasma Treated Substrates
 2004 Planar and tilted uniform alignment of liquid crystals by plasma-treated substrates
 2007 SEM Investigations of the Polymer Morphology in the Liquid Crystal-Polymer Composites with Different Polymer Contents
Qiu, Liou2005 Control of Polymer Structures in Phase-Separated Liquid Crystal-Polymer Composite Systems
Qiu, Nan1991 Annealing studies on nematic textures of aromatic copolyester B-N
Qiu, Q.2005 Carbonitridation of Fly Ash. II. Effect of Decomposable Additives and Whisker Formation
Qiu, Ruozi1988 Electroclinic effect above the smectic-A-smectic-C* transition
 1990 Dynamics of director fluctuations near the nematic-smectic-A-smectic-C multicritical point
 1990 The nematic-smectic A-smectic C multicritical point in binary liquid-crystal mixtures
Qiu, Shi-Jun2008 Synthesis, characterization and properties of iron(III) meso-tetrakis(4-alkoxyphenyl)porphyrin chloride
Qiu, Shilun2005 Synthesis and Structural Identification of a Highly Ordered Mesoporous Organosilica with Large Cagelike Pores
Qiu, Song2005 Facile Synthesis of Carbazole-Containing Semiladder Polyphenylenes for Pure-Blue Electroluminescence
 2005 Study on the Formation of the Ketonic Defects in the Thermal Degradation of Ladder-Type Poly(p-phenylenes) by Vibrational Spectroscopy
 2009 Morphology and Optical Properties of Fluorene-Based Ladder-type Poly(para-phenylenes): Origin of Low-Energy Emission
Qiu, T.2004 Two-phase phenomena, minority games, and herding models
Qiu, W.2006 Crystallization and melting of a branched polyethylene with precisely controlled chemical structure
Qiu, Wanxing1987 Propagating properties of ultrashort pulse through cholesteric liquid crystals
Qiu, Weibi2001 Influence of Molecular Weight on Critical Concentration of Chitosan/Formic Acid Liquid Crystalline Solution
Qiu, Weihong2004 Femtosecond studies of tryptophan solvation: correlation function and water dynamics at lipid surfaces
Qiu, Wenfeng2004 Discotic liquid crystalline materials for potential nonlinear optical applications: synthesis and liquid crystalline behavior of 1,3,5-triphenyl-2,4,6-triazine derivatives containing achiral and chiral alkyl chains at the periphery
Qiu, Wulin1999 Effect of thermal treatment on PA-6 in blends
Qiu, X.-L.2002 Temperature oscillations in turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection
 2003 Intermittency of velocity fluctuations in turbulent thermal convection
 2004 Measurements of the local convective heat flux in turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection
Qiu, Xia1991 Direct observation of domain structure in condensed monolayer phases
 1992 Domain structures and phase transitions in Langmuir monolayers
Qiu, Xiangyun2008 Abrupt Transition from a Free, Repulsive to a Condensed, Attractive DNA Phase, Induced by Multivalent Polyamine Cations
Qiu, Xin-Liang2005 Dynamics of Fluctuations below a Stationary Bifurcation to Electroconvection in the Planar Nematic Liquid Crystal N4
Qiu, Xingping1998 Study on lyotropic liquid crystallinity in ethyl cellulose/polystyrene blend system
 2001 Advances in liquid crystal lubrication
Qiu, Xuepeng2006 Synthesis and Characterization of Functionalized Mesoporous Silica by Aerosol-Assisted Self-Assembly
Qiu, Y.1999 Incoherent-to-coherent optical conversion by means of azobenzene liquid-crystalline films
 2004 Emission direction of fast electrons in laser-solid interactions at intensities from the nonrelativistic to the relativistic
 2007 Partial Field-Induced Magnetic Order in the Spin-Liquid Kagomé Nd3Ga5SiO14
 2007 ZnO Nanotetrapods: Controlled Vapor-Phase Synthesis and Application for Humidity Sensing
Qiu, Y.-J.1991 Electroactive, near-infrared absorbing, nickel bis(dithiolene) complex polycarbonates and polyurethanes
Qiu, Y.F.2008 Periodically Twinned Nanotowers and Nanodendrites of Mercury Selenide Synthesized via a Solution-Liquid-Solid Route
Qiu, Yi-Shen2007 Tunable Mach-Zehnder interferometer in a two-dimensional photonic crystal with liquid crystal infiltration
 2008 Tunable Photonic Crystal Mach-Zehnder Interferometer Based on Self-collimation Effect
Qiu, Yinggang1991 Fabrication and performance of cadmium selenide/cadmium sulfide/zinc sulfide photoconductor for liquid crystal light valve
 1991 Fast full erasure laser-addressed smectic liquid crystal light valve
Qiu, Yong1998 Photoinduced birefringence and reversible optical storage in liquid-crystal azobenzene side-chain polymers
 1999 Photoinduced birefringence and reversible optical storage in liquid-crystalline azobenzene side-chain polymers
 2007 A blue electroluminescence organic material with liquid crystal property
Qiu, Yong-sheng2002 Synthesis of tolan-type liquid crystals
Qiu, Yu2008 Aqueous Deposition of Ultraviolet Luminescent Columnar Tin-Doped Indium Hydroxide Films
Qiu, Yuan-Wu1979 Four-wave mixing in liquid crystals and its relaxation effect
Qiu, Yueming2004 Liquid crystal electric tuning of a photonic crystal laser
 2004 Liquid-crystal electric tuning of a photonic crystal laser
Qiu, Z.R.2000 An azo-isomerization-induced Freedericksz transition of a nematic liquid crystal
Qiu, Zhiren2001 Optical-field-induced Freedericksz transition of a nematic liquid crystal doped with diazophenyl
Qiu, Zhiyong2002 Positive dielectrophoresis and heterogeneous aggregation in high-gradient ac electric fields
 2004 Combined negative dielectrophoresis and phase separation in nondilute suspensions subject to a high-gradient ac electric field
Qiu, Zu-Wen1980 Analysis of NMR spectra in liquid crystal solvents
Qu, Cheng-Tun2008 Stability of colloidal gas aphrons prepared solely by nonionic surfactant
Qu, Fengzhen1987 Effect of chain structure on the properties of copolyesters
 1989 Study of the liquid crystal properties of thermotropic wholly aromatic copolyesters. II. Effect of substituted groups
 1990 Wholly aromatic copolyesters -- polymer synthesis and characterization
 1995 Study of the kinetics of solid state polycondensation for p-hydroxybenzoic acid/PET copolyester
 1995 Study on the spinning process for fine-denier PP fibers using resin Z30S
Qu, Fengzheng1997 Structure and properties of PET/TLCP as-spun blend fibers
Qu, Fenngzhen1988 Liquid crystal properties of thermotropic wholly aromatic copolyesters. I. Effect of bending units
Qu, Fenzheng1997 Nonisothermal crystallization kinetics of polyester blends containing a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer
Qu, Hemi2009 π-Conjugated oligothiophene-anthracene co-oligomers: synthesis, physical properties, and self-assembly
 2009 Electron-Deficient Triphenylene and Trinaphthylene Carboximides
Qu, Jianfeng2008 Improvement of up-converting phosphor technology-based biosensor
Qu, Jinqing2007 3-Butyl-2-yl- and Propargyl Cholesteryl Carbonates. Chiroptical and Liquid Crystalline Properties of their Polymers
 2007 Synthesis and Properties of Helical Polyacetylenes Carrying Cholesteryl Moieties
Qu, Junle2008 Development of a spectrally resolved multifocal multiphoton microscope
Qu, Liang2008 Palmitoylation participates in G protein coupled signal transduction by affecting its oligomerization
Qu, Liangti2008 Synthesis of Thiol Surfactant with Tunable Length as a Stabilizer of Gold Nanoparticles
Qu, M.J.2006 Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Poly(Phthalazinone Ether Sulfone)/Poly(Ether Sulfone) Blends
Qu, Ming-Hai2006 Thermal oxidative degradation behaviours of flame-retardant thermotropic liquid crystal copolyester/PET blends
Qu, S.1997 Confinement of Block Copolymers on Patterned Surfaces
Qu, S.-S.2000 Heat capacity and thermochemical study of trifluoroacetamide (C2H2F3NO)
Qu, Songnan2007 Hydrazide-based organogels and liquid crystals with columnar order
 2007 Twin-Tapered Molecules Containing Bi-dihydrazine Units: Self-Assembly through Intermolecular Quadruple Hydrogen Bonding and Liquid Crystalline Behavior
 2008 A new series of liquid-crystalline bi-1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives: synthesis and mesomorphic behaviour
 2008 Non-symmetric liquid crystal dimers containing the 4-nitrobenzohydrazide group: synthesis and mesomorphic behaviour
 2008 Self-assembly of highly luminescent bi-1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives through electron donor–acceptor interactions in three-dimensional crystals, two-dimensional layers and mesophases
 2009 Nanoparticles, Helical Fibers, and Nanoribbons of an Achiral Twin-Tapered Bi-1,3,4-oxadiazole Derivative with Strong Fluorescence
 2009 The synthesis and mesomorphic behaviour of tetracatenar and hexacatenar bi-1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives
 2009 The synthesis and mesomorphic behaviour of tetracatenar di-hydrazine derivatives
Qu, W.Z.2010 The kinetics of photo-polymerisation in the fabrication of polymer-dispersed liquid crystals doped with nano-graphite
Qu, Xiu Rong2010 Effect of molecular shape on polymeric liquid crystal.
Qu, Y.1992 Orientation and mechanical properties of poly(butylene terephthalate) and its blends with a liquid-crystalline copolyester
Qu, Yao2007 Synthesis and characterization of monodisperse oligo(fluorene-co-bithiophene)s
 2008 Macromonomer Approach toward Fluorene-Based Monodisperse Conjugated Polymers
 2009 Novel spiro-fluorenes from tandem radical addition for liquid crystalline monodisperse conjugated oligomers
 2009 Synthesis and Characterization of Coil-Rod-Coil Triblock Copolymers Comprising Fluorene-Based Mesogenic Monodisperse Conjugated Rod and Poly(ethylene oxide) Coil
Quach, Alida2007 Molecular Transport into Mesostructured Silica Thin Films: Electrochemical Monitoring and Comparison between p6m, P63/mmc, and Pm3n Structures
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Quaegebeur, J.P.1983 Nuclear magnetic resonance investigation of a sodium dibutyl phosphate/water lyotropic mesophase
 1984 Proton, deuteron and oxygen-17 nuclear magnetic relaxation and water reorientation in a lyotropic lamellar phase
 1985 Lyotropic phases from short chain monoalkyl phosphate/water systems. A multinuclear NMR and x-ray diffraction study
 1986 Conformations and dynamical behavior of surfactant molecules in short-chain alkyl phosphate/water mesophases
Quagliariello, E.1978 Applications of 2,2,5,5-tetramethylpyrroline-N-oxide-3-carbonyl chloride to phospholipid polar head spin labeling
Quagliotto, Pierluigi2008 Thermodynamics and Biological Properties of the Aqueous Solutions of New Glucocationic Surfactants
Quake, Stephen R.2000 An apertureless near-field microscope for fluorescence imaging
 2001 Dynamic Pattern Formation in a Vesicle-Generating Microfluidic Device
 2005 Microfluidics: Fluid physics at the nanoliter scale
 2006 Anomalous Vibrational Dispersion in Holographically Trapped Colloidal Arrays
Quamara, J.K.1996 Electrical conduction in poly (p-hydroxybenzoic acid-co-ethylene terephthalate) polymer liquid crystal
 1998 Thermally stimulated polarization currents in poly(p-hydroxybenzoic acid-co-ethylene terephthalate) liquid crystal polymer
Quan, C.2008 Warpage measurement using projection speckle correlation method and microscopic interferometry
Quan, Chenggen2001 3D surface profile measurement using LCD fringe projection
 2001 Measurement of angle of rotation using circular optical grating
 2003 Vibration measurement of microcomponents by fringe projection method
 2010 Twisted nematic liquid crystal cell characterization using rotating polarizers including full-field cell gap thickness measurement
Quan, Hong-Jun2004 Evolutionary minority game wtih multiple options
Quan, Li2008 Study on charge transport properties of hexaazatriphenylene and its derivatives
Quan, Xina2001 Organic-based electrically switchable Bragg gratings and their applications in photonics and telecommunications
Quan, Z.2007 One-Step Aqueous Solvothermal Synthesis of In2O3 Nanocrystals
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Quarfordt, Steven H.1974 Induction of hepatic cholesterol synthesis in the rat by lecithin mesophase infusions
Quarrel, John2003 100-megapixel computer-generated holographic images from Active Tiling: a dynamic and scalable electro-optic modulator system
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Quast, Gerhardt A.2003 High-resolution LCD projector for extra-wide-field-of-view head-up display
 2004 Performance assessment of an LCOS-based head-up display
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 1995 On the triple melting behavior of poly(ethylene succinate)
 1995 Surface morphology and annealing of poly(butylene terephthalate)
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Queen, Candice Jo1997 Liquid crystal display color filter manufacture with cost efficiency
Queeney, Tom1994 Acousto-optic correlator for radar report-track association
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Queneau, Yves2001 The effect of molecular shape on the liquid crystal properties of the mono-O-(2-hydroxydodecyl)sucroses
 2003 A bilayer to monolayer phase transition in liquid crystal glycolipids
 2003 Synthesis and Gelling Properties of N-Palmitoyl-l-phenylalanine Sucrose Esters
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 1990 Dielectric and Elastic Constants of some Nematic Discotic Compounds
 1990 X-ray studies near the Ad-A2 critical point in a binary system of successive homologs
 1991 Dielectric behavior near a smectic Ad-smectic A2 critical point
 1993 Optical studies of thin ferroelectric cells
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Quentin, Jean Pierre1986 Thermotropic aromatic polyesters
 1988 Aromatic thermotropic copolyester amides
 1989 Aromatic thermotropic polyamide-polyesters
 1989 Aromatic thermotropic polyamide-polyesters
 1989 Preparation of thermotropic aromatic polyesters and polyester-polyamides with high molecular weight
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Queralto, Nuria2009 Cross-Linked Polymer Gate Dielectric Films for Low-Voltage Organic Transistors
Quere, David2004 First steps in the spreading of a liquid droplet
Quere, F.2004 Complete characterization of a plasma mirror for the production of high-contrast ultraintense laser pulses
Querner, Claudia2006 Electric-Field-Driven Accumulation and Alignment of CdSe and CdTe Nanorods in Nanoscale Devices
 2008 Millimeter-Scale Assembly of CdSe Nanorods into Smectic Superstructures by Solvent Drying Kinetics
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Quesada, David2007 Enhanced instrumentation system to characterize the electric behavior of AFLC displays
Questa, Paolo1998 Project SVAVISCA: a space-variant color CMOS sensor
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 2008 On the mechanism of photoinduced phase transitions in ternary liquid crystal systems near thermal equilibrium
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 2007 Director Orientation of Nematic Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers Under Shear Flow: Comparison of a Flow-Aligning and a Non-Flow-Aligning Polysiloxane
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 2009 Formation of the New Trigonal Polymorph in iPP-1-Hexene Copolymers. Competition with the Mesomorphic Phase
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 1993 Penetration length of ferrosmectics
 1997 Orientational Dependence of the Surface Free Energy of the Lα-L3 Interface
Quilliet, Catherine1994 Elasticity and hydrodynamic properties of "doped solvent" dilute lamellar phases
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 1996 Evidence of a phenomenon of epitaxy at the interface between a lamellar Lα phase and a L3 sponge
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 2002 New LC Networks Based on Hyperbranched Polymers
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 1989 A Characterization of the Phase Transitions in Saturated Monogalactosyldiacylglycerol-Water Systems Using Real-Time X-Ray Diffraction Methods
 1989 Mixtures of monogalactosyldiacylglycerols in water have a persistent liquid crystalline phase
 1989 Real-time characterization of thermotropic liquid crystal phase transitions in coenzyme Q
 1989 Structures and mechanisms of phase transitions in surfactant mixtures: systems which induce the ribbon phase
 1989 Sugars favor formation of hexagonal (HII) phase at the expense of lamellar liquid-crystalline phase in hydrated phosphatidylethanolamines
 1990 Ethanol-phosphatidylcholine interactions: a real time x-ray diffraction study
 1990 Phase structures and transitions in fully hydrated diacyltrehalose
 1990 Phase transition characterization in low hydration phases of dilauroylphosphatidylcholine
 1990 The effect of salinity on the phase behavior of purified phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylglycerol isolated from a moderately halophilic eubacterium
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