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Pucciariello, Rachele2007 Crystallization kinetics and morphology of the mesomorphic form of syndiotactic polypropylene
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 2002 5CB Liquid Crystal as a Specific Probe for Surface Studies of Metal-Doped TiO2 Nanoparticles
 2004 5CB liquid crystal as a specific probe for surface studies of metal-doped TiO2 (anatase) nanoparticles
 2005 Effects of montmorillonite modification on optical properties of heterogeneous nematic liquid crystal - clay mineral nanocomposites
 2005 Optical properties of heterogeneous nanosystems based on montmorillonite clay mineral and 5CB nematic liquid crystal
 2006 Effects of organomontmorillonite concentration on the structure formation of nanocomposites with 5CB liquid crystal
 2007 Effect of clay surface modification on the structure and electro-optical properties of liquid crystal/clay nanocomposites
 2008 Light-Emitting Diode of Planar Type Based on Nanocomposites Consisting of Island Au Film and Organic Luminofore Tb(thd)3
 2008 Phase transitions, intermolecular interactions and electrical conductivity behavior in carbon multiwalled nanotubes/nematic liquid crystal composites
 2008 Spectral Effects in Cholesteryl Myristate for the Region of Liquid Crystal Phase Transitions
 2008 Structure formation and its influence on thermodynamic and optical properties of montmorillonite organoclay-5CB liquid crystal nanocomposites
 2009 Structure of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide films obtained by evaporation-induced precipitation method
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 1991 Structure, polymorphism, and IR spectra of trifluorobutylcyclohexanecarboxylic acid
 1992 Mechanism of the formation of closed hydrogen associates in alkyl- and alkoxybenzoic acids during the phase transitions from the crystal to the liquid - crystal state
 1992 Mesomorphic transformations and proton subsystem dynamics in alkyl- and alkoxybenzoic acids
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 1993 Effect of hydrogen bonding on the dynamics of polymorphism and mesomorphic state of long-chained aliphatic compounds
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Puchkovskaya, G.A. (cont...)1993 Spectroscopic study of radiation-induced impurities in liquid crystals
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 1995 Study of the molecular conformation in some homologous liquid crystal series
 1995 Thermoinduced rearrangement of the hydrogen bonded systems in liquid crystalline carboxylic acids
 1995 Vibrational spectra and structure of long-chain aliphatic compounds
 1996 Transformation of hydrogen bonding of a liquid crystal-aerosil system under the influence of an electric field
 1996 Vibration spectra of liquid crystal-aerosil system
 1997 Conformation Mobility, Dynamic and Phase Transitions of Mesogenes
 1997 Intermolecular interaction and structure of filled liquid crystals
 1998 Vibrational spectra and structure of 4-cyano-4'-(pentyloxy)biphenyl in different physical states
 1999 Modelling of infrared spectra and structural aspects of polymorphism of mesogens with hydrogen bond
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 1997 Influence of the Metal Crosslinking on the Dielectric, Mechanical, and Thermal Properties of a Liquid Crystalline Polyazomethine
 1999 Influence of Hydroxy Functionalization and Metal Cross-Linking on Fiber Properties of Liquid-Crystalline Polyazomethines
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 1992 Synthesis of side-chain liquid crystal polymers by living ring-opening metathesis polymerization. 2. Influence of molecular weight, polydispersity, and flexible spacer length (n = 9-12) on the thermotropic behavior of the resulting polymers
 1992 Synthesis of side-chain liquid crystal polymers by living ring-opening metathesis polymerization. 3. Influence of molecular weight, interconnecting unit, and substituent on the mesomorphic behavior of polymers with laterally attached mesogens
 1993 Side chain liquid crystalline polymers with laterally attached mesogens
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 1995 Design of molecular architectures for polymeric mesophase formation
 1995 Induction of smectic layering in nematic liquid crystals using immiscible hydrocarbon/fluorocarbon substituents
 1995 Side chain liquid crystalline polymers designed for forming smectic C mesophases
 1996 Correlation of model compounds and polymers designed to exhibit smectic C mesophases
 1996 Induction of smectic layering in nematic liquid crystals using electron donor-acceptor interactions
 1996 Induction of smectic layering in nematic liquid crystals using immiscible components
Pugh, Coleen (cont...)1996 The effect of molecular architecture on the thermotropic behavior of side-chain liquid crystalline polymers and its relation to polydispersity
 1997 Correlation of Model Compounds and Laterally Attached Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polynorbornenes with a 1-Carbon Spacer
 1997 Formation of organized structures through variation in molecular architecture and chemical composition
 1997 Induction of Smectic Layering in Nematic Liquid Crystals Using Immiscible Components. 1. Laterally Attached Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Poly(norbornene)s and Their Low Molar Mass Analogs with Hydrocarbon/Fluorocarbon Substituents
 1997 Lyotropic Behavior of "3,4-(42-Crown-14)benzyl Dodecyl Ether" in Toluene in the Presence of Water
 1997 Molecular engineering of side-chain liquid crystalline polymers by living polymerizations
 1997 The effect of molecular architecture on the thermotropic behavior of side-chain liquid crystalline polymers and its relation to polydispersity
 1998 Correlation of Model Compounds and Laterally Attached Side-Chain Liquid - Crystalline Polynorbornenes with an 11-Carbon Spacer
 1998 Induction of Smectic Layering in Nematic Liquid Crystals Using Immiscible Components. 2. Laterally Attached Side-Chain Liquid - Crystalline Poly(norbornene)s and Their Low-Molar-Mass Analogs with Hydrocarbon/Oligodimethylsilox ane Substituents
 1998 The Effect of Molecular Architecture on the Thermotropic Behavior of Poly[11-(4'-cyanophenyl-4''-phenoxy)undecyl acrylate] and Its Relation to Polydispersity
 1999 Chain transfer to polymer in radical polymerizations of mesogenic acrylates
 1999 Induction of smectic layering in nematic liquid crystals using immiscible components. III. The effect of lateral n-alkanoyl substituents on the thermotropic behaviour of 2,5-bis[4'-(n-perfluoroheptyloctyloxy)benzoyloxy ]toluene
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 2005 Measurement of Chain Transfer Constants to Polymer Using Oligomers and Model Compounds: Chain Transfer to Poly[11-(4'-cyanophenyl-4''-phenoxy)undecyl acrylate] in Radical Polymerization
 2006 Comparison of the Thermotropic and Solution Behavior of Six-Arm Star and Comb Poly[11-(4'-cyanophenyl-4''-phenoxy)undecyl acrylate]s
 2006 Synthesis of laterally attached side-chain liquid-crystalline polynorbornenes with high mesogen density by ring-opening metathesis polymerization
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 1998 Phase behavior of the dioctadecyldimethylammonium bromide-water system
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 1999 Polymerization of aqueous liquid-crystalline allyldimethyldodecylammonium bromide
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 2003 Shear-Banded Flow and Transient Rheology of Cationic Wormlike Micellar Solutions
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 1993 Rheology of lyotropic liquid crystals of aerosol OT. II. High concentration regime
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