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Popovich, Natasha D.2003 Effect of Tin-Doped Indium Oxide Electrode Preparation Methods on the Mediated Electrochemical Detection of Nucleic Acids
Popovich, Svitlana2003 Improvement of time-delayed feedback control by periodic modulation: Analytical theory of Floquet mode control scheme
Popovicheva, L.A.1991 Changes in the liquid-crystal state of lipids depending on the age and method of growing plants
 1991 Liquid crystal state of plant lipids and gas resistance
Popovici, Maria Ana1997 Order parameters of azo dyes derived from cumylphenol dissolved in nematic liquid crystal
Popovici, Maria-Ana1995 Some features of the optical detection of the liquid crystal mixtures phase transitions
Popovici, P.1979 Use of liquid crystals for testing high-power transistors
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Popovska, N.1994 Chemical vapor deposition of silicon carbide on mesophase pitch-based carbon fibers
 2000 Investigation of bond strength and failure mode between SiC-coated mesophase ribbon fiber and an epoxy matrix
Popovska, Nadja1995 Surface free energy of carbon fibers with circular and non-circular cross sections coated with silicon carbide
Popovskii, A.Yu.1983 Phenomenological theory of the boundary phase based on ideas about its liquid crystallinity
 1987 Investigation of the near-to-wall ordering in liquid crystals at the lyophilic substrate
 1988 Stability of planar and homeotropic orientations of nematic liquid crystals in the isophase near the substrate surface
 1998 Manifestation of an orientationally ordered structure in the electronic spectra of nitrobenzene wall-adjacent layers
Popovskii, Y.M.1998 Manifestation of an orientationally ordered structure in the electronic spectra of nitrobenzene wall-adjacent layers
Popovskii, Yu.M.1973 Liquid crystal state of the interfacial phase of nitrobenzene formed on a glass surface
 1982 Liquid-crystalline state of the boundary layers of some polar liquids
 1982 Study of the liquid-crystal state originating in the presence of surface forces
 1983 Liquid-crystalline state of the wall-adjacent layers of some polar liquids
 1984 Optical method for determining the degree of orientational order in surface liquid crystal layers
 1989 Effect of the surface on the formation and properties of boundary mesophases
 1995 Electronic-vibrational spectra of nitrobenzene in solutions, liquid phase and orientationally arranged wall-adjacent layers
 1996 Effect of anisotropic liquids on the operation of friction points
 2000 Ising model of epitropic liquid-crystalline phase
Popovskij, A.Y.1996 Investigation of the surface substrate influence on the peculiarities of the absorption spectra of 5CB wall-adjacent layers
Popovskij, Yu.M.1996 Investigation of the surface substrate influence on the peculiarities of the absorption spectra of 5CB wall-adjacent layers
Poppen, Steven D.2004 Measuring Diffusion in Nanoscale Environments with Single-Molecule Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy
Popta-Nita, V.1994 Front propagation in the time-dependent Landau-Ginzburg model
Poptoshev, Evgeni2003 Growth of Multilayer Films of Fixed and Variable Charge Density Polyelectrolytes: Effect of Mutual Charge and Secondary Interactions
Popwell, Sam2004 Free-Radical Frontal Polymerization with a Microencapsulated Initiator
 2006 Free-Radical Frontal Polymerization with a Microencapsulated Initiator: Characterization of Microcapsules and Their Effect on Pot Life, Front Velocity, and Mechanical Properties
Por, G.1989 Comment on the paper: Electromechanical response to white noise excitation in a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1989 Electromechanical Response to White Noise Excitation in a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 1989 Electromechanical response to white noise excitation in a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1991 Morphological phase transitions of patterns in liquid crystals
Porada, J.2006 Synthetic ways to novel indigo-based chromophoric mesogens
 2007 Indigoid liquid crystals
 2007 Self-assembling mesogens with isatin core units
 2008 New n-heterocyclic mesogens
Porada, Jan2009 Exploring the Scope of Isatin as a New Headgroup Motif for Bilayer Smectics
 2009 New Indigoid Mesogens: Improved Properties and Enhanced Phase Diversity with Indigo Derivatives of the Second and Third Generation
Porada, Jan H.2009 Liquid Crystallinity and Supramolecular Organization of Regioisomeric Isatin Derivatives: An Experimental and Theoretical Study
 2010 Phasmidic indigoid liquid crystals
Porai-Koshits, E.A.1996 Interrelations between liquid-crystalline and vitreous states
Poralla, K.1984 Properties of ω-cyclohexane fatty acids in membranes
Porath, K.2008 The Surface Photoconductivity in Molecular Layers
Porath, M.1986 The synthesis, thermodynamic and optical properties of the [4-(4'-n-alkoxybenzoyloxy)benzylidene]-4"-n-decyloxyaniline series
Porbeni, F.E.2004 Controlling the Polymorphic Behaviors of Semicrystalline Polymers with Cyclodextrins
Porcar, I.2002 Photoresponsive Thickening in Polyamphiphile-Based Physical Gels: The Examples of Micelle, Protein, and Cyclodextrin Cross-Linkers
Porcar, L.1997 Layer compression modulus of electrostatically stabilized lyotropic lamellar phases revisited: application to the quantitative analysis of a polymer induced critical SmA-SmA phase separation
 1998 Inorganic Gelation in a Lyotropic Lamellar Phase
 2000 Effect of a nonadsorbing polymer on the stability of a two-solvent lamellar phase. Experimental and theoretical study of critical points of lamellar/lamellar phase separations
 2003 Shear- and magnetic-field-induced ordering in magnetic nanoparticle dispersion from small-angle neutron scattering
 2005 Quantitative analysis of lyotropic lamellar phases SANS patterns in powder oriented samples
 2005 Shear-Induced Collapse in a Lyotropic Lamellar Phase
 2005 Shear-SANS study of single-walled carbon nanotube suspensions
Porcaro, Peter J.1971 Liquid crystals as substrates in the GLC [gas-liquid chromatography] of aroma chemicals
Porcheron, Fabien2002 Propagating hydrodynamic modes in confined fluids
 2003 Collective dynamics near fluid phase transitions
Porfiri, Maurizio2009 Frozen Cyclohexane-in-Water Emulsion as a Sacrificial Template for the Synthesis of Multilayered Polyelectrolyte Microcapsules
Poriiskii, G.B.1995 Orientational memory of nematic liquid crystals
Porion, P.2001 Nematic Ordering of Suspensions of Charged Anisotropic Colloids Detected by 23Na Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
 2003 Nematic ordering of suspension of charged anisotropic colloids detected by multinuclear quadrupolar spectra and 1H PGSE-NMR measurements
 2003 Water Self-Diffusion within Nematic Dispersions of Nanocomposites: A Multiscale Analysis of 1H Pulsed Gradient Spin-Echo NMR Measurements
 2004 23Na Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and 1H Pulsed Gradient Spin-Echo Detection of the Critical Concentration Corresponding to the Isotrope/Nematic Transition within Aqueous Dispersions of Charged Anisotropic Nanoparticles
 2007 Dynamical properties of ions confined within dense dispersions of charged anisotropic colloids : A 23Na quadrupolar NMR study
Porion, Patrice2001 Anisotropy of the Solvent Self-Diffusion Tensor as a Probe of Nematic Ordering within Dispersions of Nanocomposites
 2005 Analysis of the Degree of Nematic Ordering within Dense Aqueous Dispersions of Charged Anisotropic Colloids by 23Na NMR Spectroscopy
 2008 1H and 7Li NMR Pulsed Gradient Spin Echo Measurements and Multiscale Modeling of the Water and Ionic Mobility within Aqueous Dispersions of Charged Anisotropic Nanoparticles
 2008 7Li NMR Spectroscopy and Multiquantum Relaxation as a Probe of the Microstructure and Dynamics of Confined Li+ Cations: An Application to Dense Clay Sediments
 2009 Long-Time Scale Ionic Dynamics in Dense Clay Sediments Measured by the Frequency Variation of the 7Li Multiple-Quantum NMR Relaxation Rates in Relation with a Multiscale Modeling
Porokhova, I.A.2003 Two-dimensional nonlocal model of axially and radially inhomogeneous plasma of cylindrical magnetron discharge
Porporato, Amilcare2004 Similarity solutions of nonlinear diffusion problems related to mathematical hydraulics and the Fokker-Planck equation
Porquet, P.1978 Evidence of two new ordered smectic phases in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1978 Inelastic coherent neutron scattering on TBBA in the low temperature phases
Porras-Aguilar, R.2008 Anchoring of 4-Dimethyl-amino Substituted Azobenzene Dyes Doped Liquid Crystals on Substrates
Porras-Aguilar, Rosario2008 Polarization-dependent nonlinear phase contrast by using dye-doped nematic liquid crystals
Porras-Rodriguez, M.1999 Removal of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid from Water by Adsorptive Micellar Flocculation
Porras, Miguel A.2003 Pulsed light beams in vacuum with superluminal and negative group velocities
 2003 Unified description of Bessel X waves with cone dispersion and tilted pulses
 2004 Localized and stationary light wave modes in dispersive media
Porres, Laurent2005 A simple "palladium-free" synthesis of phenyleneethynylene-based molecular materials revisited
 2005 Synthesis, optical properties, crystal structures and phase behaviour of symmetric, conjugated ethynylarene-based rigid rods with terminal carboxylate groups
Porsch, F.1984 Electric field effect on phase transitions in liquid-crystalline blue-phase systems
 1984 Electric field effects in cholesteric blue phases
 1984 Electric field-induced birefringence in liquid-crystalline blue phases
 1984 On the Influence of Electric Fields on Blue Phases
 1986 The effect of an electric field on the selective reflection bands of liquid crystalline blue phases
 1986 Thermodynamic, structural and morphological studies on liquid-crystalline blue phases
 1987 Electric field induced phase transitions in liquid-crystalline blue phases
 1989 Electrostriction of liquid crystalline blue phases
 1989 The influence of chirality and dielectric anisotropy on the voltage-temperature phase diagram of blue-phase systems
 2004 Pressure-induced structural changes in a columnar discotic liquid crystal
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Porsezian, K.2003 Alternative coupled integrable optical soliton system with higher-order effects
 2003 Soliton propagation in an erbium-doped fiber with and without a continuous wave background
Porta, Brenda2008 Metallomesogens. Supramolecular design via alkane-rich metal complexes
Porta, F.L.1997 Dielectric Relaxation in Mesogenic Dimers
Portal, J.C.2007 Reentrant Quantum Hall Effect and Anisotropic Transport in a Bilayer System at High Filling Factors
Porte-Agel, Fernando2004 Synthetic turbulence, fractal interpolation, and large-eddy simulation
Porte, G.1976 Tilted alignment of MBBA induced by short-chain surfactants
 1977 Surface disclination lines observed in nematic liquid crystals when the surfaces induce homogeneously tilted alignment
 1978 A phase transition-like instability in static samples of twisted nematic liquid crystal when the surfaces induce tilted alignments
 1986 Extreme swelling of a lyotropic lamellar liquid crystal
 1986 Morphological transformations of the primary surfactant structures in brine-rich mixtures of ternary systems (surfactant/alcohol/brine)
 1987 An X-ray study of brine swollen lyotropic lamellar phases
 1987 Experimental study of swollen lyotropic lamellar phases
 1987 Influence of the nature of the counterion and of hexanol on the phase behavior of the dilute ternary systems: cetylpyridinium bromide or chloride-hexanol-brine
 1988 Quasi-long-range order in swollen lyotropic lamellar phases
 1988 SANS diffuse pattern in very swollen lamellar phases
 1988 Swelling of lyotropic lamellar liquid crystals
 1989 Extreme swelling of a lyotropic lamellar liquid crystal
 1990 Freeze fracture electron microscopy of dilute lamellar and anomalous isotropic (L3) phases
 1991 Experimental Measure of the Anisotropy of the Bragg Singularity in Lyotropic Smectics
 1992 Excess Area in Fluctuating-Membrane Systems
 1993 Polymer induced phase separation in lyotropic smectics
 1994 Shear-induced isotropic-to-nematic phase transition in equilibrium polymers
 1994 Some experimental evidence in favor of connections in elongated surfactant micelles
 1996 Molecule packing and hole formation in lyotropic systems
 1996 The shear-induced transition between oriented textures and layer-sliding-mediated flows in a micellar cubic crystal
Porte, G. (cont...)1997 Smectic compressibility of polymer-containing lyotropic lamellar phases: an experimental tool to study the thermodynamics of polymer confinement
 1999 Renormalization of Helfrich's Interactions between Fluid Membranes in a Lyotropic Lamellar Phase by Addition of Amphiphilic Copolymers
 2000 Correlation between the viscoelastic properties of a soft crystal and its microstructure
 2005 Quantitative analysis of lyotropic lamellar phases SANS patterns in powder oriented samples
Porte, Gregoire1994 Isotropic-to-nematic transition in wormlike micelles under shear
 1995 Shear-Induced Orientations and Textures of Nematic Living Polymers
 2000 Shear Melting in Lyotropic Hexagonal Phases
 2001 Smectic Phase of Fluid Membranes Decorated by Amphiphilic Copolymers
 2007 Lyotropic Structures in a Thermotropic Liquid Crystal
 2002 Self-diffusion and collective diffusion in a model viscoelastic system
Porte, H.1995 Electrically tunable Nd3+-doped fiber laser using nematic liquid crystals
Portela, Rafael2002 Method for assembling a Liquid crystal display panel in a mobile telephone
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Portelli, B.2003 Statistics of extremal intensities for Gaussian interfaces
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 2000 Synthesis, structure, and thermal properties of 1,2-dipalmitoylgalloylglycerol (DPGG), a novel self-adhering lipid
Porter, Ned A.2007 Tetrahydro-1,8-naphthyridinol Analogues of α-Tocopherol as Antioxidants in Lipid Membranes and Low-Density Lipoproteins
Porter, Neil2005 Polycarbonate-coated multiple color eyewear lenses comprising a liquid crystal dichroic dye mixture
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 1989 Wave structures in nematic layers
 1990 Binary phase studies of 4,4'-pentylcyanobiphenyl
 1990 Dielectric studies of highly polar nematic liquid crystals and their mixtures
 1990 Nitrogen-15 NMR characterization of multiple crystal forms and phase transitions in polyundecanamide (Nylon 11)
 1990 Planar deformation of a thermotropic copolyester below the crystal-nematic transition
 1990 Thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyesters viewed as dual chemidomains
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 1963 Order and Flow of Liquid Crystals: The Cholesteric Mesophase
 1963 Order and Flow of Liquid Crystals: The Nematic Mesophase
 1964 Order and flow of liquid crystals. IV. Heats of transition for nematic mesophases.
 1966 Gas chromatography using cholesteryl ester liquid phases
 1966 Some Flow Characteristics of Mesophase Types
 1966 Temperatures of liquid crystal transitions in cholesteryl esters by differential thermal analysis
 1967 Specific heats of nematic, smectic, and cholesteric liquid crystals by differential scanning calorimetry
 1969 Order and flow of liquid crystals. XIX. Scanning calorimetry of aromatic, difunctional, unsaturated, and substituted acid esters of cholesterol
 1969 Order and flow of liquid crystals. XXI. Thermodynamics of mesophase transitions from calorimetric measurements
 1969 Order and flow of liquid crystals. XVI. Thermodynamic order in mesophases
 1969 Viscosity of mesophases formed by cholesteryl myristate
 1970 An Intercomparison of Temperatures and Heats of Transition for Esters of Cholesterol
 1970 Some Solubnility Characteristics of Cholesteryl Esters
 1971 Melting behavior of polyethylene crystallized in a pressure capillary viscometer
 1972 Melting behavior of polyethylene crystallized in a pressure capillary viscometer
 1972 Thermal transitions and phase relations for binary mixtures of cholesteryl esters
 1973 Phase studies on binary systems of cholesteryl esters. A. Two aliphatic ester pairs
 1973 Phase studies on binary systems of cholesteryl esters. B. Three C18 ester pairs
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Porter, Roger S. (cont...)1974 Viscosity of mesophase blends. Cholesteryl acetate-myristate pair
 1975 Order and flow of liquid crystals. XLII. Nematic-like flow behavior in a nonsteroid cholesteric mesophase
 1976 Relations between mesophase temperature range and transition entropies for steroids
 1980 High-modulus polymers
 1980 Rheology of concentrated solutions of helical polypeptides
 1984 On the ordered structure of poly(butylene terephthalate) in polyester blends
 1984 On thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymers combined with low molecular weight mesogens
 1984 Rheology and properties of thermotropic liquid-crystalline poly(Bisphenol E isophthalate-co-naphthalate)
 1985 Considerations on the structure of smectic polypropylene
 1985 On the origin of negative normal stresses in sheared or lyotropic liquid crystals
 1987 Double-melting behavior of poly(ether ether ketone)
 1988 Crystal-lattice deformation and the mesophase in poly(ethylene terephthalate) uniaxially drawn by solid-state coextrusion
 1988 Depression of the crystal-nematic phase transition in thermotropic liquid-crystal copolyesters
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 1990 A review of phase behavior in binary polyester blends: amorphous, crystalline, liquid-crystalline, and on transreaction
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 1992 Uniplanar deformation of isotactic polypropylene. I. Compressive draw characteristics
Porter, Roger S. (cont...)1993 Miscibility of a polyarylate with a liquid crystalline copolyester
 1994 Uniplanar deformation of isotactic polypropylene: 1. Draw characteristics
 1994 Uniplanar deformation of isotactic polypropylene: 1. Draw characteristics
 1994 Uniplanar deformation of isotactic polypropylene: 1. Draw characteristics
 1996 Anisotropy in mechanical properties of forged isotactic polypropylene
 1996 Rheology of concentrated solutions of poly(γ-benzyl-glutamate)
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 2000 Structure Development upon Melt Drawing of Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene: Effect of Prior Thermal History
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 1998 Preparation and characterizations of soluble regularly alternating polyazomethines from oligothienylenes
 1998 Synthesis and Characterization of 3-Hexyl Multisubstituted Thienylene-phenylene Polyazomethines
 2005 Fluorenone–thiophene derivative for organic field effect transistors: A combined structural, morphological and electrical study
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 1984 Electrogyration of some optically active smectic liquid crystals
 1984 Phase transition light-scattering peaks and molecular structure
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 1994 Thermotropic elastomers with poly(oxy-1,4-butanediyl) units in the main chain
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 1997 Synthesis and inverse gas chromatographic characterization of polyesters containing pyridine units in the main chain
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 1999 Investigation of phase separation in multiblock copolymers consisting of polysulfone and a liquid crystalline polymer
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 1992 Phase Behaviour and Properties of Blends of Poly(Phenylene Sulfide) and a Liquid-Crystalline Copolyesteramide
 1993 Phase behavior and morphology of polymer/liquid crystal blends
 1994 DSC analysis of ethylene/1-butene copolymers obtained with different Ziegler-Natta catalysts
 1995 Miscibility and liquid crystal behavior of p-azoxyanisole in polymer blends
Prache, Olivier1994 Electromagnetic interference considerations for cockpit AMLCD displays
Prada, V.1998 Characterization of pitch-based carbon materials by optical microscopy
 1999 Preparation of novel pitches by tar air-blowing
Pradas, M. Monleon2003 Influence of the Hydrophobic Phase on the Thermal Transitions of Water Sorbed in a Polymer Hydrogel Based on Interpenetration of a Hydrophilic and a Hydrophobic Network
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