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Pol, Swati V.2006 Implementation of an Electric Field (AC and DC) for the Growth of Carbon Filaments via Reaction under Autogenic Pressure at Elevated Temperatures of Mesitylene without Catalyst or Solvent
Pol, Vilas G.2006 Implementation of an Electric Field (AC and DC) for the Growth of Carbon Filaments via Reaction under Autogenic Pressure at Elevated Temperatures of Mesitylene without Catalyst or Solvent
Polacco, Giovanni2001 Ester Exchange Reactions in Equimolar Poly(ethylene terephthalate)/Poly(phenylene sebacate) Blends
 2001 Highly Aromatic Liquid Crystalline Copolyesters Synthesized by Transesterification of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) with Acetoxybenzoic Acid, Diacetoxybenzene and Terephthalic Acid
 2001 New PET-Based Liquid Crystalline Copolyesters and Their Use in Blends and Composites
 2001 Segregation of Liquid Crystalline Mesophases During the Transesterification of PET with Sebacic Acid, Hydroquinone and 4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid
 2001 Synthesis of PET-based liquid crystalline copolyesters: influence of the overall degree of aromaticity on phase segregation
Poladian, L.2004 Symmetry analysis of self-written waveguides in bulk photosensitive media
Polaert, Hubert1999 Hypothesis: hyperstructures regulate bacterial structure and the cell cycle
Polak, K.2004 Role of breathers in anomalous decay
Polak, R.D.1994 Captured liquid crystalline order in polymer networks
 1994 Constrained liquid crystals and polymer networks: a texture study of elasticity and ordering
 1994 Nematic director-fields captured in polymer networks confined to spherical droplets
 1994 Optical determination of the saddle-splay elastic constant K24 in nematic liquid crystals
 1999 Determination of nematic polar anchoring from retardation versus voltage measurements
 1999 Nematic polar anchoring strength measured by electric field techniques
Polakova, Lenka2010 Synthesis and thermal behavior of telechelic poly(butadiene)diols with azobenzene-based liquid-crystalline units in side chains
 2008 Thermal and Dielectric Behavior of Liquid-Crystalline Polybutadiene-Diols with Mesogenic Groups in Side Chains
Poland, Douglas1990 Two-dimensional lattice gas of anisotropic molecules: Activity series
Polanska, H.1983 Preparation and properties of thermotropic poly(amido esters)
Polanska, Hanna1984 Effect of Molecular Structure of rigid-flexible Polyesters on their Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Properties
 1985 Preparation and Properties of Thermotropic Mesogenic Polyesters
 1985 Preparation and properties of thermotropic poly(amido esters)
Polarz, S.2003 Solventless Acid-Free Synthesis of Mesostructured Titania: Nanovessels for Metal Complexes and Metal Nanoclusters
Polarz, Sebastian2001 Colloidal organization and clusters: self-assembly of polyoxometalate-surfactant complexes towards three-dimensional organized structures
 2001 Preparation of Porous Silica Materials via Sol-Gel Nanocasting of Nonionic Surfactants: A Mechanistic Study on the Self-Aggregation of Amphiphiles for the Precise Prediction of the Mesopore Size
 2004 Mixed Micellar Phases of Nonmiscible Surfactants: Mesoporous Silica with Bimodal Pore Size Distribution via the Nanocasting Process
 2007 Preparation of high-surface-area zinc oxide with ordered porosity, different pore sizes, and nanocrystalline walls
 2008 Organosilica Materials with Bridging Phenyl Derivatives Incorporated into the Surfaces of Mesoporous Solids
Polashenski, William2002 Fine structures in sheared granular flows
Polastre, R.1998 High conductivity gate metallurgy for TFT/LCD's
 1999 High conductivity gate metallurgy for TFT/LCD's
Polastre, R.J.1998 Electrical test sites for AMLCD-TFT array process characterization
Polatin, Paul1982 The determination of the nitrogen-14 nuclear quadrupole coupling constant for the methylammonium ion in a liquid crystal solution
Polato, P.1997 Electrically activated chromogenic devices for applications in building: state of the art
Polavarapu, Prasad L.1995 Polarization-division interferometry: time-resolved infrared vibrational dichroism spectroscopy
 2007 Helical Polyguanidines Prepared by Helix-Sense-Selective Polymerizations of Achiral Carbodiimides Using Enantiopure Binaphthol-Based Titanium Catalysts
Polcyn, A.1994 Pressure induced hydration dynamics of membranes
Polcyn, A.D.1993 Structure of phospholipid suspensions under negative pressure
Poldy, F.1973 Melting of the aliphatic chains in a solid => smectic-B transition
 1975 Piperidinic nitroxides. Synthesis of new paramagnetic probes
 1975 Spin label studies of chain organization in a smectic liquid crystal
 1976 Chain dynamics and residual order in the isotropic phase of a smectic liquid crystal
 1976 ESR studies of smectic phases
 1976 Smectic E, C, and A free radicals
Poldy, Franzi1974 Mesomorphogenic free radicals
Polese, Angelo2001 Medium density contact interconnects on plastics using thiophosphate glasses and thermoplastics
Polesso, R.2002 Patterned Multicolor Switchable Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Gels
Poletaev, A.I.1985 Liquid-crystal state of the DNA complexes with some biologically active compounds
Poletti, A.1973 Infrared crystal spectra of heterocyclic compounds. 1 . IR spectra of solid modifications of thiophene
Poletto, Chiara2007 Structural motifs of biomolecules
Poletto, L.2008 Push-pull electrostatic deformable mirrors
Polgar, K.2003 Nonuniform dynamic gratings in photorefractive media with nonlocal response
Polgreen, Thomas Lee1984 On the Nature of the Smectic-C Phase
Poli, Giovanna1996 On the use of PET-LCP copolymers as compatibilizers for PET/LCP blends
 1998 Liquid-crystallization induced reactions. Microstructure and morphology of copolyesters synthesized by transesterification of PET with some LCP monomers
 1999 Polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal polymers (PDLCPs). Morphology of the LCP droplets
Poliakine, Ran2006 Display device
Polian, A.2002 High-frequency dynamics of the glass former dibutylphthalate under pressure
Policastro, P.P.1990 Liquid crystalline polyester-siloxanes
Polidori, Ange2002 Stabilization of polymerized vesicular systems: an application of the dynamic molecular shape concept
 2005 Exotic aqueous behavior of synthetic lipids: formation of vesicular nanotubes
 2006 Determination of phase transition temperatures of lipids by light scattering
Polidoro, Francesco2009 Archaebacterial lipid membranes as models to study the interaction of 10-N-nonyl acridine orange with phospholipids
Polikandritou Lambros, Maria1997 Interaction of a synthetic peptide based on the neutrophil-derived antimicrobial protein CAP37 with dipalmitoyl-phosphatidylcholine membranes
Polikarpov, V.M.1990 The mesophase state of poly(vinyltrimethylsilane)
 1991 Structure of mesophase poly(vinyltrimethylsilane)
 1992 Mesomorphic state in poly(4-methylpentene-1)
 1999 Comparative analysis of the structure of thermotropic liquid-crystalline boron-containing copolyesters and their organic analogs
Polikarpov, V.V.2008 Computer simulations of the behavior of arylpropargyl phenol esters
Poliks, B. Janik1991 n-Hexane proton dipolar couplings and the rotational isomeric state approximation
Poliks, M.D.1983 NMR investigation of some factors influencing nematic ordering in a linear thermotropic polyester, in bulk and in solution in nematic PAA
 1985 Model compounds of main-chain thermotropic nematic polyesters
Poliks, Mark D.1987 Poly(γ-benzyl-L-glutamate): order parameter, oriented gel, and novel derivatives
Polimeno, A.1992 Dynamics and Kinetics in Liquid Crystals
 1993 Rotational dynamics and conformational kinetics in liquid crystals
 1998 Extended Smoluchowski models for interpreting relaxation phenomena in liquids.
 2000 A Novel Magnetohydrodynamic Experiment: Step-Rotation of a Nematic Subject to a Magnetic Field
 2002 A Numerical Study of Director Dynamics Observed by Rheo-NMR in Cylindrical Couette Geometry
 2002 Stochatic Approach to Transient Phenomena in the Rheology of Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2003 Computer simulation of pressure-area isotherms of monolayers of charged fatty-acid molecules
 2003 Multivariate diffusion models of dielectric friction and tict transitions
 2003 Rheo-NMR and numerical study of the nematodynamics in cylindrical couette geometry
 2003 Time evolution of director patterns in rotating nematic samples
 2007 A dissipative particle dynamics study of the realignment of a nanodroplet of a nematic in a weak external magnetic field
Polimeno, Antonino1988 Conformational processes and cooperativity effects in chain molecules
 1995 Slow Motional ESR in Complex Fluids: The Slowly Relaxing Local Structure Model of Solvent Cage Effects
 1996 Studies of spin relaxation and molecular dynamics in liquid crystals by two-dimensional Fourier transform electron spin resonance. I. Cholestane in butoxy benzylidene-octylaniline and dynamic cage effects
 1996 Studies of spin relaxation and molecular dynamics in liquid crystals by two-dimensional Fourier transform electron spin resonance. II. Perdeuterated-tempone in butoxy benzylidene octylaniline and dynamic cage effects
 1998 A diffusive model for interpreting solvation dynamics in isotropic and ordered liquid phases
 1998 Solvation dynamics of Coumarin 503 in the liquid -crystal mixture ZLI 1167
 1998 Two-dimensional hydrodynamical description of a rotating nematic sample in a magnetic field
 1999 Cage effects in the orientational dynamics of a Gay-Berne mesogen
 1999 Flow patterns of the nematic director in a rotating cylindrical sample
 1999 Interpretation of transient Stokes shift experiments in liquid crystals
 1999 Multidimensional stochastic models for the study of molecular motions in liquids and liquid crystals
 1999 Nematodynamics equations in two dimensions
 2000 Simulations of flow-induced director patterns in nematic liquid crystals through Leslie-Ericksen equations in two dimensions
 2000 Simulations of flow-induced director structures in nematic liquid crystals through Leslie-Ericksen equations. II. Interpretation of NMR experiments in liquid crystal polymers
 2000 Simulations of flow-induced director structures in nematic liquid crystals through Leslie-Ericksen equations. I. Computational methodology in two dimensions
 2001 Dynamical Regimes of Nematic Infinite Planar Samples
 2001 Exploration of Size Effects in Cylindrical Nematic Samples: A Numerical Simulation and ESR Study
 2002 Evaluation of the viscoelastic properties of a nematic dimer by cone-and-plate rheo-nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and comparison with Leslie–Ericksen theory
 2005 A dissipative particle dynamics description of liquid-crystalline phases. I. Methodology and applications
 2005 Dissipative Particle Dynamics Approach to Mesophase Formation and Behaviour
Polimeno, Antonino (cont...)2008 On the interpretation of continuous wave electron spin resonance spectra of tempo-palmitate in 5-cyanobiphenyl
 2010 Time-Evolution Equations for Particle Dispersions in Nematic Liquid Crystal Media
Polin, Johann1997 Oligo(ethynylene-p-phenylen)ic and Benzilic Spacers for the Modular Construction of Organometallic NLO-Phores
Polin, Marco2006 Anomalous Vibrational Dispersion in Holographically Trapped Colloidal Arrays
Poliniak, E.S.1972 The properties of very thin R.F. sputtered transparent conducting films of SnO2:Sb and In2O3:Sn
Poliovyi, D.O.2007 Thermo-Vacuum Deposition and Electrooptical Properties of Polyaniline Thin Films
 2008 Nanostructured Electrochromic Layers
 2008 Sensors Based on Conducting Polyaminoarenes to Control the Animal Food Freshness
Poliovyi, Dmytro2007 Spectral and Impedance Study of the Charge Transport in Electrochromic Polymer Layers
Polis, David W.1997 Polarizing films comprising thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers with dichroic dyes in the main chain, and their preparation
Polischuk, A.P.1994 Structure investigations of thermotropic liquid crystalline monomer and polymer organosilicon compounds
Polishak, Brent M.2009 Controlled Diels-Alder Reactions Used To Incorporate Highly Efficient Polyenic Chromophores into Maleimide-Containing Side-Chain Polymers for Electro-Optics
Polishchuk, A.2007 Novel holographic composites based on ionic smectic liquid crystals and glasses of metal alkanoates
Polishchuk, A.G.1983 Steric structure and mesomorphic properties of cholesterol cinnamates
Polishchuk, A.N.1989 The structure of crystal mesogens. X-ray diffraction study and energy calculation of the intermolecular interaction in the copper(2+) bis[4-heptyloxy-N-(4'-cyanophenyl)benzaldimino-2-olate] crystal
Polishchuk, A.P.1980 Cholest-5-en-3-ol dihydrocinnamate, C36H54O2
 1981 Cholest-5-en-3-ol m-bromobenzoate, C34H49BrO2
 1981 Cholest-5-en-3-ol m-bromobenzoate, C34H49BrO2 (monoclinic modification)
 1981 Cholest-5-en-3-ol p-bromobenzoate, C34H49BrO2
 1981 Cholest-5-en-3-ol-o-bromobenzoate, C34H49BrO2
 1982 Cholest-5-en-3-ol-p-chlorocinnamate, C36H51ClO2
 1982 Cholesteryl benzoate, C34H50O2
 1984 Comparative analysis of the crystal and molecular structures of mesogenic cholesterol derivatives
 1984 Energy-related analysis of packing in mesogenic derivatives of cholesterol
 1985 Solid state polymorphism of mesogenic cholesteryl benzoate
 1985 Structural aspect of the conversion of mesogens into mesophases. Structure and energy of intermolecular interaction in cholesterol p-butoxy- and p-amoxybenzoate crystals
 1985 Structure of crystalline precursors to mesophases. X-ray diffraction study and calculation of the energy of cholesteryl p-octyloxybenzoate
 1986 Crystal structures of mesophase precursors. X-ray structural study and lattice energy calculation of cholesterol para-hexyloxybenzoate
 1986 Crystal structures of mesophase precursors. X-ray study and lattice-energy calculation of copper(II) bis[4-(heptyloxy)-N-(p-methoxyphenyl)benzaldimino-2-oleate] crystal
 1987 Energy calculations of conformations and packings of molecules in crystalline precursors of mesophases
 1987 Magnetic and structural properties of copper complexes with Schiff bases - compounds which form mesophases
 1988 Ordering and conformation transformations in cholesteryl benzoate
 1988 Structure of crystal antecedents of mesophases. X-ray diffraction analysis and energy calculation for cholesterol p-methoxy- and p-ethoxybenzoate crystals
 1988 Structure of crystal phases antecedent to mesophases. X-ray study and energy calculation of the crystal copper(II) bis[4-(heptyloxy)-N-(p-fluorophenyl)benzaldimino-2-olate]
 1989 Structural studies on liquid crystals
Polishchuk, A.P. (cont...)1989 Structure of crystalline mesogens. X-ray structural investigation and calculation of the energy of molecular interaction of bis[N-4-(4'-nonyloxybenzoato)phenylbenzaldimin-2-olato)]copper(2+) crystal
 1990 A new type of structural organization of a thermotropic mesophase. Physicochemical study of 1,3-dihdroxy-1,1,3,3-tetrapropyldisiloxane
 1990 Molecular structure and conformation changes of mesogen crystals
 1990 Structural aspect of mesogen-mesophase transformations: x-ray study and energy calculation of cholesteryl p-hexadecyloxybenzoate crystal
 1990 Structural studies of liquid crystals of a new type. Discotic mesophase and liquid-crystal columna hydrogen associates
 1990 Structure of crystalline mesogenes. Crystal structure of copper(II) bis[4-(n-heptyloxy)-N-(4'-nitrophenyl)benzaldimino-2-olate]
 1990 Structure of crystalline mesogenes. X-ray structural study and calculation of the energy of molecular interaction in a crystal of palladium(II) bis[4-(n-heptyloxy)-N-(4'-methoxyphenyl)benzaldimino-2-olate]
 1990 Structure of crystalline mesogens. X-ray structural study and calculation of the intermolecular interaction in crystals of bis[4-(heptyloxy)-N(4'-methylphenyl)benzaldimino-2-olato]copper(2+)
 1990 Structure, hydrogen-bonds and mesomorphism of disiloxanes
 1990 X-ray structural investigation of crystalline mesogenes. Structure of mesomorphic 1,3-dihdroxy-1,1,3,3-tetrapropyldisiloxane
 1991 A new series of organosilicon thermotropic liquid crystals. Mesophases with columnar hydrogen-bonded associates
 1991 A new structural type of liquid crystal. Crystal structures and thermotropic mesophases of dihydroxytetraalkyldisiloxanes: columnar phases with hydrogen bonded assemblies
 1991 Crystal structure of barium butyrate and the structure of a glass mesophase based on it
 1991 Crystal structure of mesogenes. An x-ray structural study of a smectic complex of copper(II) bis[4-(n-heptyloxy)-N-(4'-n-amyloxyphenyl)benzaldimin-2-olate]
 1991 Structure of crystalline mesogens. X-ray structural study of bis[N-(4-heptyloxysalicylidene)-4'-methoxyanilinate]cobalt and tris[N-(4-propoxysalicylidene)-4'-heptyloxyanilinato)cobalt crystals
 1991 Structure of crystalline mesogens: crystal structure of 1,3-dihydroxy-1,1,3,3-tetraethyldisiloxane
 1991 Structure of crystalline precursors of mesophases. X-ray structural study of bisN-(p-heptyloxysalicylidene-p-methoxyanilinatonickel(2+)
 1991 Structure, polymorphism, and IR spectra of trifluorobutylcyclohexanecarboxylic acid
 1992 Computer modeling of the relative arrangement of molecules in cholesteric liquid crystals
 1992 Crystal and molecular structures of N,N'-diheptyl-4,4'-dipyridyl diiodide
Polishchuk, A.P. (cont...)1992 Free volumes in mesogenic crystals. Comparison of the results of positron annihilation and x-ray structural analysis
 1992 Structure of crystalline mesogens . Crystal structure of 1,1'-bis(4'-propoxybenzoyl-4"-methylenephenoxyazinomethyl)ferrocene
 1992 X-ray structural study of crystals and the mesophases of two derivatives of hydroxycyanobiphenyls
 1993 Crystal structure and mesomorphism of cadmium and magnesium alkanoates
 1993 IR study of the conformational mobility of 4-cyano-4'-n- alkoxybiphenyl
 1993 Synthesis of liquid-crystal paramagnetic complex of copper with aminovinylketone and study of the structure of its single crystal and mesophase
 1993 Synthesis, molecular structure, and mesomorphism of trans-4-(5-pentyl-1,3-dioxane-2-yl)phenyl ester of 3-(4-fluorophenyl)propenoic acid
 1995 Structure and mesomorphism of 5-alkyl-2-[4-[(2-haloalkanoyl)oxy]phenyl]-1,3-dioxanes
 1996 Phase Diagram of the Binary System of Barium and Sodium n-Butanoates
 1998 Dynamic holography grating recording in ionic liquid crystals
 1999 Investigation of the structure and nonlinear optical properties of chiral and ionic liquid crystal systems
 2004 Spectral and electric properties of cobalt (II) ions in liquid crystalline metal decanoate systems
 2005 Physical properties of liquid crystals in lead decanoate systems
 2005 Structure and intermolecular interactions in ionic liquid crystals doped with electrochromic viologen
 2006 Holographic properties of ionic lyotropic liquid crystals doped by electrochromic admixture of viologen
 2006 Holographic properties of ionic smectic glasses of thermotropic liquid crystals
Polishchuk, Arkadiy P.2000 Rare-Earth-Containing Magnetic Liquid Crystals
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Polishuk, A.P.1993 Liquid-crystalline metal-containing phases
Politano, A.2008 Mechanisms Leading to Alkali Oxidation on Metal Surfaces
Politano, Antonio2009 Chemical Reactions at Clean and Alkali-Doped Mismatched Metal/Metal Interfaces
Politano, H.2003 von Kármán-Howarth relationship for helical magnetohydrodynamic flows
Politi, A.2003 From multiplicative noise to directed percolation in wetting transitions
 2003 Relationship between directed percolation and the synchronization transition in spatially extended systems
 2003 Wetting under nonequilibrium conditions
 2004 Convective instabilities of synchronization manifolds in spatially extended systems
Politi, Antonio2002 Failure time in the fiber-bundle model with thermal noise and disorder
 2003 Thermally activated processes in polymer dynamics
 2003 Universality of anomalous one-dimensional heat conductivity
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Politi, Paolo2002 Process of irreversible nucleation in multilayer growth. I. Failure of the mean-field approach
 2002 Process of irreversible nucleation in multilayer growth. II. Exact results in one and two dimensions
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Politis, Johannes1889 14) Anisaldehyd und Bernsteinsäure
Polizio, Francesca2008 Structural-dynamical properties of the transmembrane segment VI of the mitochondrial oxoglutarate carrier studied by site directed spin-labeling
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 1983 Thermotropic homopolyesters. IV. Study of fiber formation
Poljak, F.1996 Electric properties of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) films
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 1996 Material for matrixes of polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal (PDLC) films. Part II
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 1984 Liquid crystal block copolyesters. 3. Isomerization polymerization of block copolyesters containing cyclohexane and benzene rings
 1988 Two-dimensional NMR and proton spin-lattice relaxation studies of thermotropic homopolyesters containing a bicyclo[2.2.2]oct-2-ene ring system
 1991 Thermotropic copolyesters. 3. Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystal copolyesters containing the bicyclo[2.2.2]octane mesogenic unit
 1993 Molecular control of the liquid-crystalline orientation of polybenzoxazoles
Polk, Malcolm1988 Thermotropic copolyesters containing the bicyclo[2.2.2]octane ring system
Polk, Malcolm B.1984 Block copolyamides. 1. Preparation and properties of block copolyamides containing cyclohexane and benzene rings
 1986 Preparation and characterization of aromatic copolyesters containing the o,o'-biphenylene ring system
 1986 Thermotropic copolyesters containing the 1,4-cyclohexylenedimethylene spacer
 1986 Thermotropic copolyesters. 1. Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystal copolyesters containing the bicyclo[2.2.2]octane ring system
 1986 Thermotropic copolyesters. II. Synthesis and characterization of liquid-crystal copolyesters containing the bicyclo[2.2.2]octane ring system
 1988 Thermotropic copolyesters. II. Synthesis and characterization of copolyesters containing the bicyclo[2.2.2]oct-2-ene mesogenic unit
 1988 Thermotropic copolyesters. III. Synthesis and characterization of liquid-crystal copolyesters containing the bicyclo[2.2.2]octane ring system
 1989 Properties of a liquid crystalline polyester with a mesogen containing the bicyclooctylene ring
 1990 Thermotropic homopolyester. I. Synthesis and characterization of homopolyesters containing the mesogenic unit, bicyclo[2.2.2]oct-2-ene
 1995 Characterization of a melt processable liquid crystal copolyester Poly[oxy(2-methyl-1,4-phenylene)oxyterephthaloyl-co-oxymethylene-1,4-cyclohexyleneoxyterephthaloyl] was synthesized using a soln.-based process.
 1995 Oscillating differential scanning calorimetry of thermotropic copolyesters containing 1,4-cyclohexylenedimethylene spacer
 1998 A review of new technologies in synthetic fiber production
 1998 Synthesis and spinning of a thermotropic liquid crystal copolyester containing a semirigid cycloaliphatic spacer
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 2009 Role of Proton Gradients in the Mechanism of Osmosis
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 1977 Topology of obliquely coated silicon monoxide layers
 1978 Conduction currents associated with the variable grating modes in nematic liquid crystals
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 1990 Microstructure and dynamics of a mesogenic diol
Pollack, Steve K.1992 Development of crystallinity in a semiflexible thermotropic polyurethane. 2. Structure and dynamics
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Pollard, Michael M.2006 Molecular machines Nanomotor rotates microscale objects
 2006 Rotational Reorganization of Doped Cholesteric Liquid Crystalline Films
Pollard, R.J.2007 Electrically switchable nonreciprocal transmission of plasmonic nanorods with liquid crystal
Pollard, Robert J.2008 Electronically Controlled Surface Plasmon Dispersion and Optical Transmission through Metallic Hole Arrays Using Liquid Crystal
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Pollet, Lode2004 Optimal Monte Carlo updating
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 1997 Infrared and Raman spectroscopy in polymeric liquid crystals
 1997 Molecular reorientations and relaxation in photosensitive LCP's: induced birefringence and polarized micro-Raman spectroscopy
Pollicott, S.L.2003 Instability of convection in a fluid layer rotating about an oblique axis
 2004 Swift-Hohenberg model for magnetoconvection
Pollino, Joel M.2002 Tandem Catalysis and Self-Assembly: A One-Pot Approach to Functionalized Polymers
Pollmann-Retsch, Jens2004 UHP lamps for projection systems: getting always brighter, smaller, and even more colorful
Pollmann, J.2000 Resonant x-ray scattering at the Se edge in liquid crystal free-standing films and devices
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 1973 Circular polarization of the fluorescence of achiralic molecules in cholesteric mesophases
 1973 Orientierung von Chromophoren in kristallin-flüssige Lösungsmitteln durch Einfluß von Lecithin
 1973 Pressure dependence of the helical structure of cholesteric mesophases
 1974 Apparatus for the measurement of light reflection of cholesteric mesophases at high pressures
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 1974 Influence of all-round pressure on the structure of cholesteric mesophases
 1976 Circularly polarized fluorescence of achiral molecules in cholesteric liquid crystals
 1977 Pressure dependence of the cholesteric pitch below and above a tricritical point. Studies on cholesteryl myristate and cholesteryl oleyl carbonate near the cholesteric-to-smectic A phase transition
 1977 Pressure induced change of order of cholesteric-smectic-A phase transition
 1979 Circular fluorescence polarization of achiral molecules in cholesteric liquid crystals
 1979 Evidence for polymorphism within the so-called "blue phase" of cholesteric esters. II. Selective reflection and optical rotatory dispersion
 1979 Evidence for polymorphism within the so-called "blue phase" of cholesteric esters. III. The circular dichroism of the blue phase at high pressures
 1980 Effect of temperature and composition on the kind of phase transitions of cholesteric liquid crystals at pressures up to 2.5 kbar
 1982 Anomalous bulk viscosity of cholesteric systems exhibiting blue phases
 1982 High-pressure investigations of the phase transitions in cholesteryl pentanoate and cholesteryl hexanoate
 1982 Pitch behavior of the cholesteric helix at the phase transition point cholesteric/smectic A up to 2500 bars. Study of some cholesteryl n-alkanoates
 1982 Pressure dependence of the nematic state temperature of a compensated cholesteric liquid crystal. Optical rotatory power measurements with a cholesteryl chloride and cholesteryl nonanoate mixture
Pollmann, P. (cont...)1982 Viskositätsanomalien in cholesterischen Flüssigkristallen mit Blue Phases
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