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Blunk, D.2006 Lamellar phases and microemulsions in water-oil-surfactant systems: Alkyldimethyl phosphine oxides compared to alkyldiethyl phosphine oxides
 2006 Synthesis and selected properties of new inositol surfactants
 2006 Synthetic ways to novel indigo-based chromophoric mesogens
 2007 Indigoid liquid crystals
 2007 Liquid crystalline amphiphilic phosphine oxide metal complexes
 2007 Self-assembling mesogens with isatin core units
 2008 Amphotropic inositol liquid crystals
 2008 New n-heterocyclic mesogens
 2009 On the Way to New AFLC Materials: Synthesis of Modified Alkoxybiphenyl-arylesters and Their Liquid Crystallin Behaviour
Blunk, Dirk1993 Liquid crystal compounds. 75. Novel inositol ethers: substitution pattern and stereochemistry versus liquid crystalline behavior
 1993 Liquid crystalline compounds. 79. Amphiphilic and mesogenic carbohydrates. V. Amphiphilic fluoroglucose and fluoroscyllitol derivatives
 1994 Liquid-crystalline compounds. Part 87. A new family of carbohydrate liquid crystals. N-Alkylated 1-deoxynojirimycin derivatives
 1994 News on inositol liquid crystals
 1995 Liquid crystalline compounds. 92. First liquid crystalline derivatives of umbelliferyl β-D-glucoside
 1997 First observation of an optically controlled electro-optic effect in nematic- discotic liquid crystals
 1997 Liquid crystalline compounds. Part 105. Core-halogenated, helical-chiral triphenylene-based columnar liquid crystals
 1997 Lyomesomorphic behavior of selected di-palladium organyls in hydrocarbons
 1998 A thermotropic biaxial nematic liquid crystal
 1998 Amphotropic liquid crystals
 1998 Novel family of liquid crystals based on a known biheterocyclic pigment material: mesomorphic derivatives of 2,5-dihydropyrrolo[3,4-c]pyrrole-1,4-dione
 2006 New specialty surfactants with natural structural motifs
 2007 New Ethoxylated Inositol Surfactant
 2009 Exploring the Scope of Isatin as a New Headgroup Motif for Bilayer Smectics
 2009 Liquid Crystallinity and Supramolecular Organization of Regioisomeric Isatin Derivatives: An Experimental and Theoretical Study
 2009 New Indigoid Mesogens: Improved Properties and Enhanced Phase Diversity with Indigo Derivatives of the Second and Third Generation
 2009 Syntheses, Amphitropic Liquid Crystallinity, and Surface Activity of New Inositol-Based Amphiphiles
 2010 Phasmidic indigoid liquid crystals
Blunt, Martin J.2004 Prediction of permeability for porous media reconstructed using multiple-point statistics
 2004 Three-phase threshold capillary pressures in noncircular capillary tubes with different wettabilities including contact angle hysteresis
Blute, Irena1986 Stability of hydrophobic foams
 1989 Foam stability in a glycerol system
 1998 Phase behavior of alkyl glycerol ether surfactants
Blyler, Lee L.1991 Plastic-optical-fiber-based photonic switch
Blythe, R.A.2003 Survival probability of a diffusing particle in the presence of Poisson-distributed mobile traps
Blythe, Richard A.2003 Formal solution of a class of reaction-diffusion models: Reduction to a single-particle problem
Blyum, G.Z.1974 Purification of N-(p-methoxybenzylidene)-p-butylaniline liquid crystal by electrodialysis
 1975 Electrodialysis purification of liquid crystals
Blyuss, K.B.2003 Transverse instability and its long-term development for solitary waves of the (2+1)-dimensional Boussinesq equation
Bnandamer, Michael J.1995 Gel to liquid-crystal transitions in synthetic amphiphile vesicles
Bo, Qi2005 Liquid Crystalline Ionomers Containing Azobenzene Mesogens: Phase Stability, Photoinduced Birefringence, and Holographic Grating
Bo, Zhi-Shan2003 Molecular Organization of Alkoxy-Substituted Oligo(phenylene-ethynylene)s Studied by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
 2005 Highly Polarized Blue Luminescence from the Oriented Poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene)/Polyethylene Blending Films
 2009 Dendritic Effect on Supramolecular Self-Assembly: Organogels with Strong Fluorescence Emission Induced by Aggregation
Bo, Zhonglin1997 DSC study of transformation kinetics of liquid-crystallines based on 1,4-phenylene 4-n-methoxybenzoate 4-allyloxybenzoate
 1997 Transformation kinetics of liquid-crystallines based on 1,4-phenylene 4-n-alkylbenzoate-4-allyloxybenzoate by DSC
Boal, David H.1990 Intensity interferometry in subatomic physics
 1991 Amphiphilic platelets at a liquid interface
 2003 Networks with fourfold connectivity in two dimensions
Boamfa, M.I.2002 Observation of Surface and Bulk Phase Transitions in Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2002 Side chain polymer liquid crystals in high magnetic fields
 2003 Magnetic-field-induced changes of the isotropic-nematic phase transition in side-chain polymer liquid crystals
 2003 Mesogene-Polymer Backbone Coupling in Side-Chain Polymer Liquid Crystals, Studied by High Magnetic-Field-Induced Alignment
 2003 Observation of surface and bulk phase transitions in nematic liquid crystals
 2003 Observation of surface and bulk phase transitions in nematic liquid crystals
 2005 Magnetic Field Alignment of Liquid Crystals for Fast Display Applications
Boamfa, Marius I.2010 Compartmentalized Multistable Liquid Crystal Alignment
Boardman, A.D.1989 Transverse-electric and transverse-magnetic waves in nonlinear isotropic waveguides
Boardman, Allan D.2004 Nonlinear surface waves in left-handed materials
Boardman, Frederick H.2002 Synthesis and Liquid Crystal Phase Behaviour of 2-(4-Cyanophenyl)-7-n-alkylfluorenes: Luminescent Mesogens
Boas, John F.2009 Systematic Study of Spin Crossover and Structure in [Co(terpyRX)2](Y)2 Systems (terpyRX = 4'-alkoxy-2,2':6',2''-terpyridine, X = 4, 8, 12, Y = BF4-, ClO4-, PF6-, BPh4-)
Boatsus, Tris1998 Method for converting amorphous semiconductor film into polycrystalline semiconductor film
Boaventura, R.A.R.1999 Separation of an Anionic Surfactant by Nanofiltration
Bobadova-Parvanova, P.2000 Molecular Structure of the Nematic Liquid Crystals made by Hydrogen Bonded in Dimers Molecules
Bobb, L.1987 An optical fiber electro-optic modulator
Bobbitt, James M.1993 Electrochemistry and catalysis with vitamin B12 hexacarboxylate in an insoluble surfactant film
Boberg, F.1990 Flüssigkristalline GC-Phasen zur Trennung von Erdöl-Inhaltstoffen nach der Gestalt
Boberg, Friedrich1993 Liquid - crystal GC phases for separation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and polycyclic aromatic sulfur-containig heterocycles. I. Syntheses and characterization of bisphenyl- and biscyclohexyl-4, 4'-bibenzyldicarboxylates
 1994 Liquid crystal bisphenyl-4,4'-bibenzyldithiocarboxylates and -dithiocarboxylates. Syntheses and characterization
 1994 Symmetric liquid crystalline bibenzyl-4,4'-diylbisbenzoates, syntheses and characterization
 1995 Liquid-crystalline GC phases for separation of polyacrylic aromatic hydrocarbons and polycyclic aromatic sulfur heterocyclic compounds. IV. Liquid crystalline asymmetric bisphenyl-4,4'-bibenzyldicarboxylates and polysiloxanes with biphenyl-4,4'-bibenzyldicarboxylate components in the side chains. Synthesis and characterization
Bobkina, S.M.1993 Synthesis of liquid crystals from arylpropargyl alcohols
Bobnar, V.2008 Polarization Freezing in Relaxor Ferroelectrics
Bobnar, Vid2005 Confinement-Induced Orientational Order in a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Containing Dispersed Aerosils
Bobo, Jean-Francois2007 Liquid-crystalline and electron-deficient coronene oligocarboxylic esters and imides by twofold benzogenic diels-Alder reactions on perylenes
Bobodzhanov, P.B.1983 Effect of a stabilizer on the electrical properties of liquid crystals
Bobodzhanov, P.Kh.1978 Stabilization of nematic liquid crystals
 1979 EPR study of textural layers of a nematic liquid crystal of ethoxybenzylidene-butylaniline type
 1980 Stabilization of nematic liquid crystals of a series of azomethines
Bobovich, Ya.S.1968 Raman spectra of N-anisylidene-4-(phenylazo)-1-naphthylamine in the crystalline and vitrified liquid-crystalline states
 1970 Manifestations of nematic order in the Raman spectrum of vitrified α-benzeneazo (anisal-α'-naphthylamine) liquid crystals
 1970 Perturbed total internal reflection spectra of liquid-crystals
Bobrinev, V.I.2006 LCD-based stereoscopic imaging system
Bobrov, A.V.1977 Low-frequency spectra of butoxybenzylidene-aminobenzonitrile in crystal and liquid-crystal states
Bobrov, U.I.1974 Electric conductivity of cholesteryl myristate
Bobrov, V.1978 Kinetics of the spread of drops of cholesteryl oleate and cholesteryl oleyl carbonate on substrates of a different physical nature
 1979 Physical chemistry of solid-liquid crystal contact interactions
 1980 Comparative analysis of physicochemical properties of sulfur-containing mesogens
 1985 Zhidk. Kristally (Ivanovo)
Bobrov, V.A.1980 Electrical properties of steroid mesophases. I. Electrical conductivity. II. Temperature dependence of electrical conductivity
Bobrov, V.I.1973 2nd Sb. Dokl. Vses. Nauch. Konf. Zhidk. Krist. Simp. ikh Prakt. Primen.
 1973 Electric conductivity of p-heptyloxyazoxybenzene
 1973 Relation between the electrical properties and optical behavior of a nematic liquid crystal
 1977 Comparative behavior of electrohydrodynamic instabilities of methoxybenzylidenebutylaniline in transverse and longitudinal fields
 1977 Morphological and structural changes in the cholesteryl chloride-cholesteryl myristate system
 1977 Possible calculation of the temperature dependence of the viscosity of certain classes of liquid-crystalline compounds using surface tension
 1978 Dilatometer for liquid crystals
 1978 Relation between the viscosity and surface tension of some liquid crystals
 1980 Dielectric properties of disordered steroid liquid crystals. (Review)
 1981 Relations between viscosity and surface tension for liquid crystals
 1987 Distinct acoustical emission in cholesteryl caprate during a mesophase-crystal phase transition
 1990 Analysis of the required criteria for the liquid-crystal behavior of rod-type and disk-type molecules
 1992 Influence of Disc-Like Mesogens on Tribodescription of Lubricant Compositions
 1992 Structures, mesomorphism, and phase transitions of copper carboxylates in dependence on their preparation conditions
 1995 Synthesis, structure and discotic mesomorphism of a new series of copper carboxylates
 2005 Rheological properties of hydrocarbon plastic oils
Bobrov, V.N.1978 Mechanism of the electric conductivity of cholesteryl formate and cholesteryl acetate
Bobrov, Y.2001 Determination of anisotropic complex refractive indices of thin film E-polarizers
 2001 Spectral properties of thin crystal film polarizers
Bobrov, Yakov2001 Thin film polarizers for liquid crystal displays
Bobrov, Yiuriy A.1992 Fibrillar Lyotropic Liquid Crystals and Their Applications for Polarizing Films
Bobrov, Yu.M.2001 Ultraviolet photostability of dichroic crystalline dye films
Bobrov, Yuri A.1994 Thermally stable, lightfast dichroic light polarizers and manufacture of light-polarizing elements
 1997 Liquid crystal display and method
 1998 Novel dichroic polarizing materials and approaches to large-area processing
 2005 Decorative material and method of its fabrication
Bobrovnitskaya, N.I.1981 Structural rearrangements in rigid-chain polymers in temperature-mechanical actions
 1982 Strain features of regenerated cellulose fibers during heat treatment
Bobrovskii, A.N.1992 Wavefront correction and enhancement of the brightness of a phase image in a system comprising a phase-contrast interferometer and a nonlinear medium
Bobrovskii, A.Yu.1997 New binaphthyl-containing liquid - crystalline copolymers forming a chiral nematic phase
 1997 New menthyl-containing copolymers forming chiral nematic phases
 1998 Cholesteric mesophase induced in hydrogen-bonded polymer blends with low-molecular wight chiral additives
 1998 New photosensitive chiral liquid crystal copolymers
 1999 Photochromic chiral liquid-crystalline mixed formulations: A new class of materials for data recording and storage
 1999 Photochromic liquid-crystalline copolymers bearing cinnamic acid-based chiral side groups
Bobrovsky, A.2003 Switchable cholesteric systems for optical storage and circularly polarized light emission
 2004 Photoinduced textural and optical changes in a cholesteric copolymer with azobenzene-containing side groups
Bobrovsky, A.Yu.1996 Liquid crystalline carbosilane dendrimers: first generation
 1997 Chiral Mesophases of new Menthylcontaining Copolymers
 1997 Novel atropisomeric binaphthol containing comb-shaped copolymers forming chiral nematic phases
 1997 Novel atropoisomeric binaphthyl-containing liquid crystalline copolymers forming chiral nematic phases
 1998 Phase diagrams and optical properties of new menthyl-containing LC copolymers forming chiral mesophases
 1998 Photochromism in mixtures of liquid crystalline chiral copolymers with a photosensitive chiral dopant
 1998 Photooptical properties of new combined chiral photochromic liquid crystalline copolymers
 1998 The Induced SA Phase in New Menthyl-Containing Copolymers
 1999 Cholesteric mesophase of the hydrogen-bonded blends of liquid crystalline ionogenic copolymers with a low molecular weight chiral dopant
 1999 Induction of the cholesteric mesophase in hydrogen-bonded blends of polymers with a low molecular mass chiral dopant
 2000 A comparative study of photo-optical behaviour of photosensitive chiral copolymers with cholesteric mesophases induced in nematogenic and smectogenic matrices
 2000 Cholesteric mixture containing a chiral azobenzene-based dopant: material with reversible photoswitching of the pitch of the helix
 2000 New Chiral Nematic Materials with Photovariable Helical Supramolecular Structure for Reversible Optical Data Recording
 2000 Photosensitive cholesteric copolymers with spiropyran-containing side groups I. Phase behavior and photo-optical properties
 2000 Photosensitive cholesteric copolymers with spiropyran-containing side groups II. Kinetic features of the photo- and thermo-chromic processes
 2001 Mixture of cholesteric copolymer with dithienylethene photochromic dopant: a new material combining optical properties of cholesterics with photochromism
 2001 New chiral-photochromic dopant with variable helical twisting power and its use in photosensitive cholesteric materials
 2001 New low temperature chiral nematic monomers-optical anisotropy and related properties
 2001 Photosensitive cholesteric polymers with azobenzene-containing chiral groups and mixtures of cholesteric copolymer with chiral-photochromic dopants
 2002 Carbosilane LC Dendrimers with Photoresponsive Terminal Mesogenic Groups
Bobrovsky, A.Yu. (cont...)2002 Chiral Nematic Polymer Mixture Containing Crosslinker and Photosensitive Chiral Dopant: New Type of Materials with Tunable Photo-Optical Properties
 2002 Photochemical and Photoorientational Behavior of Liquid Crystalline Carbosilane Dendrimer with Azobenzene Terminal Groups
 2002 Photoregulation of Helix Pitch in Mixtures of Chiral-Photochromic Cholesteric Polymers with Triplet Sensitizer
 2003 Cholesteric Mixtures with Photochemically Tunable, Circularly Polarized Fluorescence
 2006 Liquid crystalline and photochromic composities on the base of porous polyethylene films
 2006 Liquid crystalline carbosilane dendrimers: first generation
 2006 Nonlinear optical properties of liquid crystals doped by comb-shaped polymer with azobenzene mesogenic groups
 2006 Photooptical properties of photopolymerizable cholesteric compositions
 2007 Photochromic liquid-crystalline copolymers containing crown ether groups
 2008 Light-Induced Director Reorientation in Nematic Liquid Crystals Doped with Azobenzene-Containing Macromolecules of Different Architecture
 2008 Orientational optical nonlinearity induced by comb-shaped polymers in a nematic liquid crystal
 2008 Photoorientation in hydrogen-bonded blends of liquid-crystalline polymers with a low-molecular photochromic dopant
 2009 Interaction of light with a NLC-dendrimer system
Bobrovsky, Alexey1998 Chiral mesophases of new menthyl-containing copolymers
 1999 New type of chiral photochromic liquid crystal polymers for colour photo-optical recording
 2000 A new type of multifunctional material based on dual photochromism of ternary chiral photochromic liquid crystalline copolymers for optical data recording and storage
 2000 New principle of optical data recording based on reversible transition "selective reflection - absorbance" in photochromic cholesteric copolymers
 2001 First Photosensitive Liquid Crystalline Dendrimer: Synthesis, Phase Behavior, and Photochemical Properties
 2002 Immiscible blend of cholesteric copolymers as a new type of material with photo-regulated optical properties
 2002 Photo-orientation phenomena in photosensitive chiral nematic copolymers
 2002 Photochemistry and photoorientational phenomena in carbosilane dendrimers with terminal azobenzene groups
 2003 Photo-optical behaviour of a photosensitive chiral nematic copolymer and mixtures containing non-chiral photoactive azobenzene groups
 2005 Glass-forming cholesteric mixtures with photosensitive anthracene-containing fluorescent dopants
 2006 A Study of the Photoorientation Phenomena in Cholesteric Polymer Systems Containing Photochromic Diarylethene Derivatives
 2006 Cholesteric Polymer Guest-Host Mixture with Circularly Polarized Fluorescence: Two Ways for Phototuning of Polarization and Its Intensity
 2006 Förster energy transfer in cholesteric mixtures: a new type of phototunable fluorescent material
 2006 Kinetics of Helix Untwisting in Photosensitive Cholesteric Polymer Mixtures: Influence of Molecular Mass and Ordered Phase Formation
 2007 Comparative study of holographic recording in cholesteric and nematic azo-containing side-chain polymers
 2007 Photo-optical properties and photo-orientation phenomena in an immiscible blend of cholesteric copolymer with azobenzene-containing polymer
 2007 Photo-optical properties of polymer composites based on stretched porous polyethylene filled with photoactive cholesteric liquid crystal
 2008 New photosensitive polymer composites based on oriented porous polyethylene filled with azobenzene-containing LC mixture: reversible photomodulation of dichroism and birefringence
 2008 Photochromic LC copolymers containing azobenzene and crown-ether groups
 2008 Photopatternable fluorescent polymer composites based on stretched porous polyethylene and photopolymerizable liquid crystal mixture
Bobrovsky, Alexey (cont...)2009 Phase behaviour and photooptical properties of photochromic LC copolymers containing azobenzene and crown-ether groups.
 2009 Photoinduced phase transitions and helix untwisting in the SmC* phase of a novel cinnamoyl-based liquid crystal
Bobrovsky, Alexey Y.2001 New Variants of Photosensitive Polymeric Mixtures: Reversible and Irreversible Photoregulation of Helical Supramolecular Structure
Bobrovsky, Alexey Yu.1999 Photosensitive cholesteric copolymers with spiropyran-containing side groups. Novel materials for optical data recording
 2001 Chiral Nematic Copolymers with Photoreversible and Irreversible Changing of Helical Supramolecular Structure Pitch
Bobrovsky, D.A.2002 Cholesteric copolymers and mixtures containing dithienylethene photochromic fragments
Bobrowska-Hägerstrand, Malgorzata1998 Amphiphile-induced phosphatidylserine exposure in human erythrocytes
 1999 The lamprey (Lampetra fluviatilis) erythrocyte; morphology, ultrastructure, major plasma membrane proteins and phospholipids, and cytoskeletal organization
 2003 Possible role of phospholipid nanotubes in directed transport of membrane vesicles
Bobrysheva, S.N.1987 Study of the effect of liquid crystals in the friction of solid materials
 1988 Lubricants to recover tribological properties of human joints
 1993 Role of liquid crystals in the lubrication of living joints
 1994 The effect of liquid crystals on joint lubrication
 1996 Using food industry wastes for production of lubricant compositions
 1998 Diagnostics of the lubricating properties of mesogenic substances by the probe method
Bobylev, B.A.1985 Optically controlled transparencies from high-resistivity gallium arsenide epitaxial layers on MIS-liquid crystal structures
Bobylev, Jurij Petrovic1985 2,5-Disubstituted pyridines useful as liquid crystalline materials
Bobylev, Y.P.1979 Threshold flexoelectric effect in nematic liquid crystal
Bobylev, Yu.2007 Experimental model of 3D volumetric display based on a stack of FLC light-scattering shutters
Bobylev, Yu.P.1976 New type of instabilities in liquid crystals
 1979 Flexomagnetoelectric effect in paramagnetic nematic crystals
 1980 Domains in MBBA in a transverse electric field
 1982 Phenol derivative liquid crystals with negative dielectric anisotropy
 1985 Liquid crystalline material for electrooptical devices
 1995 Electrooptical properties of the homogeneous chevron state of a ferroelectric smectic liquid crystal
Bobyleva, A.A.2003 Lyomesomorphism of quaternary amine salts
Bobyleva, L.G.1984 Study of cationic surfactants - alkylamidopropyldimethylbenzylammoni um salts
 1986 Formation and disintegration of three-dimensional structures in solutions of nonionic surfactants
 1986 Formation of structures in dispersions of hydrophilic surfactants and fatty alcohols
Bobysheva, T.Yu.1984 Study of phase transitions in mixtures of the nematic liquid crystal N-4-(methoxybenzylidene)-4'-n-butylaniline with additives of organic compounds by the differential scanning calorimetric method
Bocanegra-Haro, Arturo2003 Spatial frequency diversity in liquid crystal spatial light modulators applied to signal-to-noise ratio improvement in coherent optodigital processors
Boccaletti, S.1996 Optical pattern selection by a lateral wave-front shift
 2002 Localized structures in nonlinear optics: spatial features and interactions
 2003 Competition of synchronization domains in arrays of chaotic homoclinic systems
 2003 Constructive effects of noise in homoclinic chaotic systems
 2003 Noise-enhanced synchronization of homoclinic chaos in a CO2 laser
 2004 Convective instabilities of synchronization manifolds in spatially extended systems
 2004 Detecting local synchronization in coupled chaotic systems
 2004 Experimental control of coherence of a chaotic oscillator
 2004 Experimental Targeting and Control of Spatiotemporal Chaos in Nonlinear Optics
 2004 Frequency entrainment of nonautonomous chaotic oscillators
 2004 Irrational phase synchronization
 2004 Synchronization of spatially extended chaotic systems in the presence of asymmetric coupling
Boccaletti, Stefano2004 Predicting phase synchronization in a spiking chaotic CO2 laser
Boccara, N.1973 Statistical properties of focal conic textures in smectic liquid crystals
 1976 Lattice gas of axially symmetric ellipsoids
Boccara, Stephane1995 Step-scan Fourier transform IR studies of polymers and liquid crystals
Bocchini, Sergio2009 Thermal Behavior of Nanocomposites and Fire Testing Performance
Bocharov, Yu.1992 New Liquid Crystal Equipment for Science and Industry
Bocharov, Yu.V.1988 Acoustooptic effect, produced by the interaction of surface acoustic waves with viscous waves in the oriented layer of a nematic liquid crystal
 1988 Hydrodynamics of a nematic liquid crystal near the Freedericksz transition
 1989 Acoustooptical effect in nematic liquid crystals near the threshold of a Freedericksz transition
 1991 Liquid crystal sensors of physical signals
 1991 Nematic Liquid Crystal Sensors
 1998 The effect of shear ultrasonic waves on liquid crystals
Bocharova, Vera2004 Designing Thiophene-Based Azomethine Oligomers with Tailored Properties: Self-assembly and Charge Carrier Mobility
 2007 One-Dimensional SAMs of (12-Pyrrol-1-yl-dodecyl)-phosphonic Acid Templated by Polyelectrolyte Molecules
Bochinski, Jason R.2008 Dynamics within Alkylsiloxane Self-Assembled Monolayers Studied by Sensitive Dielectric Spectroscopy
Bochkarev, S.G.2003 Electron acceleration by few-cycle laser pulses with single-wavelength spot size
Bochkovaya, G.Yu.1987 Equilibrium and metastable phases formed at successive ordering of Jahn-Teller distortions in heaaquacopper(2+) hexafluorosilicate crystals
Bochrov, Yu.1992 Orientational Fluctuations and Noises of Nematic Sensors
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 1990 The application of time resolved EPR to the study of photoreactive molecules in solid and liquid crystalline environments
Bock, E.1973 Proton spin echo study of spin-spin relaxation in liquid crystals
 1974 Proton spin echoes in the nematic liquid crystalline phase
 1974 Proton spin relaxation in a smectic liquid crystal
 1974 Proton spin relaxation study of order fluctuations above the nematic-isotropic transition in the liquid crystal MBBA [p-methoxybenzylidene-p-butylaniline]. I. Applicability of BPP [Bloembergen-Purcell-Pound] theory
 1974 Proton spin relaxation study of the dipolar spin systems in nematic liquid crystals
 1974 Proton spin-lattice relaxation near a weak first order smectic A-nematic phase transition
 1974 Proton spin-lattice relaxation study of order fluctuations above the smectic A-isotropic transition in a liquid crystal
 1975 Fast Fourier transform study of the proton and deuteron line shapes of some selected nematics
 1975 Proton NMR study of molecular motions in the solid phase of a smectic A liquid crystal
 1975 Proton spin relaxation study of order fluctuations above the nematic-isotropic transition in the liquid crystal MBBA [N-(p-methoxybenzylidene)-p-butylaniline]. II. Coherent and incoherent scattering
 1976 A proton FFT study of the aromatic and alkyl motions in the liquid crystal CBOOA: Orientational order fluctuations in the isotropic phase
 1976 Nitrogen-14 NMR study of order fluctuations in the isotropic phase of liquid crystals
 1976 Order fluctuations in p-methoxybenzylidene-p-n-butylaniline (MBBA): a proton NMR study
 1976 Proton spin relaxation in methyl deuterated para-azoxyanisole
 1977 A proton and deuteron spin-lattice relaxation study of the partially deuterated nematogens PAA and MBBA
 1977 A study of the dipolar spin system in selectively deuterated nematogens
 1977 Deuteron line shape study of molecular order and conformation in the nematogens PAA and MBBA
 1977 NMR investigation of critical orientational order fluctuations below the nematic-isotropic transition in liquid crystals
 1978 Deuterium NMR study of molecular order and reorientation in the nematic phase of p-methoxy-d3-benzylidene-d1-p-n-butyl-d9-aniline
 1978 Deuteron spin-lattice relaxation mechanisms in partially deuterated nematic MBBA
Bock, E. (cont...)1978 High resolution carbon-13 spin–lattice relaxation study of the nematogen p-methoxybenzylidene–p'-butylaniline
 1979 Molecular order and director fluctuation in mbba as determined by deuterium magnetic resonance
 1980 Intermolecular and intramolecular contributions to proton relaxation in p-methoxy-d3-benzylidene-d1-p-n-butyl-d9-aniline
 1980 Rotating frame spin-lattice relaxation in the nematic phase of MBBA-d13
 1981 Deuterium NMR study of molecular order and conformation in the nematic phase of p-azoxyanisole
 1981 Molecular motions in smectic 4-n-pentyloxybenzylidene-d1-4'-n-heptylaniline: a nuclear relaxation study
 1982 Carbon-13 chemical shifts and spin-lattice relaxation in the nematic liquid crystal 4-cyano-4'-n-pentylbiphenyl
 1983 Inter- and intramolecular contributions to the proton dipolar and rotating frame spin-lattice relaxation times in the nematic phase of the liquid crystal 5CB-d11
 1983 Proton dipolar spin-lattice relaxation in the smectic phases of TBBA
 1984 Carbon-13 study of relaxation and chemical shifts in the smectic liquid crystal 8CB
 1984 DMR study of molecular order in a reentrant nematic liquid crystal
 1985 Carbon-13 study of relaxation and chemical shifts in the smectic liquid crystal 8CB
 1985 DMR study of molecular order in a reentrant nematic liquid crystal
 1987 Carbon-13 study of relaxation in the 5CB homologous series
 1987 Intermolecular and intramolecular contributions to the proton spin-lattice relaxation of the liquid crystal 4-cyano-4'-n-pentyl-d11-biphenyl: nematic and supercooled nematic regions
 1987 Spectral density of motion in a reentrant nematic by deuterium NMR
 1988 Sample heating effects in proton-decoupled carbon-13 studies of thermotropic mesogens
 1989 A carbon-13 study of relaxation in the mesophases of 50.7 and the 5CB homologous series
 1989 Molecular dynamics and carbon-13 relaxation in the nematic and smectic A, C, and B phases of 5O.7
 1991 A carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation study of the reentrant 60CB-80CB
Bock, E. (cont...)1991 A carbon-13 study of conformation and order in 50.7 and 50.7-d1
 1991 Carbon-13 NMR relaxation and order in neat 6OCB and 8OCB
 1992 Carbon-13 and Deuterium Relaxation of the Separate Molecular Componenents of the Reentrant 60CB/80CB
 1992 High Field Carbon-13 Relaxation of 5CB: Chemical Shift Anisotropy as a Probe of Nematic Dynamics
 1993 High field carbon-13 relaxation of 5CB chemical shift anisotropy as a probe of nematic dynamics
Bock, F.-J.1986 Rotational Viscosity γ1, of Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 1989 Rotational viscosity γ1 of liquid crystalline polysiloxanes
Bock, F.J.1985 Is there a Relation between the Viscosity Under Flow Alignment and the Rotational Viscosity for Nematic Liquid Crystals?
 1986 Rotational viscosity of nematic liquid crystals and their shear viscosity under flow alignment
Bock, H.1992 First Ferroelectrically Switchable Columnar Liquid Crystal
 1993 Schaltbare kolumnare Phasen
 1995 IR spectroscopic study of the electric field induced phase transition of a ferroelectrically switchable columnar dibenzopyrene
 1996 Investigations of electrooptical effects in chiral discotic columnar mesophases
 1997 Piezoelctricity of Chiral Ferroelectric Columnar Liquid Crystals
 1998 Random domain formation in 0°-360° bistable nematic twist cells
 2000 An all-columnar bilayer light-emitting diode
 2000 Fluorescent columnar liquid crystalline 3,4,9,10-tetra(n-alkoxycarbonyl)perylenes
 2002 Solar-Cells Made From Columnar Discotic, Liquid Crystalline Compounds
 2004 HRTEM, TSC and broadband dielectric spectroscopy of a discotic liquid crystal
 2004 Organic Heterojunction Photovoltaic Cells Made of Discotic, Mesogenic Materials
 2005 Columnar arene carboxylates
 2005 Competition between homeotropic and planar alignment in open columnar films
 2005 Ovalene liquid crystals
 2008 Electroabsorption study of the influence of PEDOT:PSS on organic solar cells performances
 2008 Ultrathin films of homeotropically aligned columnar liquid crystals on indium tin oxide electrodes
Bock, Harald1992 Ferroelectrically switchable columnar liquid crystal
 1993 Switchable columnar liquid crystalline systems
 1994 Preparation of polycyclic aromatics as columnar discotic liquid crystal components
 1995 Field dependent switching angle of a columnar pyrene
 1995 Two ferroelectric phases of a columnar dibenzopyrene
 1997 Polymer-dispersed chiral discotic liquid crystals
 2001 Absorption and luminescence spectra of electroluminescent liquid crystals with triphenylene, pyrene and perylene units
 2001 Color-Tuned Electroluminescence from Columnar Liquid Crystalline Alkyl Arenecarboxylates
 2001 Crystal and electronic structure of a fluorescent columnar liquid crystalline electron transport material
 2002 Electron-deficient columnar plastic crystals
 2003 Electroluminescence and photovoltaic effects using columnar mesogenic compounds
 2006 An efficient route to stable room-temperature liquid - crystalline triphenylenes
 2006 Soluble and liquid-crystalline ovalenes
 2007 Liquid-crystalline and electron-deficient coronene oligocarboxylic esters and imides by twofold benzogenic diels-Alder reactions on perylenes
 2008 Novel columnar LCs for a new generation of organic solar cells
 2009 Measurement of the exciton diffusion length in discotic columnar liquid crystals: Comparison between homeotropically oriented and non-oriented samples
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 1998 Tailoring of polymer properties by the synthesis of multiblock copolymers
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