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 2005 Synthesis and Formation of a Supramolecular Nematic Liquid Crystal in Poly(p-phenylene-sulfoterephthalamide)-H2O
 2005 Transient Phase-Induced Nucleation in Ionic Liquid Crystals and Size-Frustrated Thickening
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 2007 Structure and dynamics of a discotic liquid-crystalline charge-transfer complex
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 1996 Nonlinear effects in vibrating smectic films
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 1996 The anchoring of a cholesteric liquid crystal at the free surface
 1997 Mechanical Properties of Freely Suspended Smectic Films
 1997 Smectic Films and Quantum Billiards
 1997 Vibrations of smectic Films on Isospectral Drums
 1998 Can one hear structures of smectic films?
 1998 Diabolical points in the resonance spectra of vibrating smectic films
 1998 Self-Tuning Behavior of Vibrating Smectic Films
 1998 Smectic films and quantum billiards
 1998 Stability and vibrations of catenoid-shaped smectic films
 1998 Transfer of smectic films to a solid substrate by the method of Maclennan
 1998 Vibrations of smectic films
 1998 Vibrations of smectic films on isospectral drums
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 2009 Thermopermeation in bicontinuous lyotropic crystals
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 1997 Integrated optical switches using liquid crystal cells
 1998 A new interferometric technique for the measurement of elastic anisotropy of nematic liquid crystals
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