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Park, Yang Duk1983 Solubilities of mesophases into pitch distillates
 1984 Selective preparation of anisotropic spheres from commercial pitches by carbonization under vacuum
 1985 Interaction among fractions in mesophase pitches derived from aluminum chloride-modified ethylene tar
 1985 Preparation of anisotropic pitch by carbonization under vacuum
 1985 Roles of extra hydrogen in the preparation of mesophase pitch
 1986 Preparation of anisotropic mesophase pitch by carbonization under vacuum
 1988 Extractive stabilization of mesophase pitch fiber
 1988 Rapid stabilization of mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber by solvent extraction and successive oxidation
 1991 Effects of pressurized pretreatment on the preparation of mesophase pitch
 1991 Heat treatment of coal tar pitch under air blowing
 1992 Oxidation properties of mesophase pitch prepared by a heterogeneous nucleation method
 1992 Preparation of carbon solid from dormant mesophase pitch without using a binder
 1992 Preparation of carbonaceous spheres from suspensions of pitch materials
Park, Yeon Sil2006 Donor-Acceptor-Donor-Type Liquid Crystal with a Pyridazine Core
 2007 Donor-Acceptor-Donor-Type Liquid Crystal with a Pyridazine Core
Park, Yong Duk1990 Preparation of spinnable mesophase pitch by two-stage heat treatment
Park, Yong Heon1997 Anisotropic orientational distributions of liquid crystal monolayers on photo-isomerizable alignment polymer films
Park, Yong Hwan2006 Ab Initio Study of Substituted Pyrenes for Blue Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
 2006 Synthesis and Photophysical Studies of Iridium Complexes of Fluorinated Phenylisoquinolines
 2006 Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory Study of the Al Complexes with Aromatic Ligands for Blue Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
 2007 Heteroleptic Iridium(III) Complexes with Phenylpridine and Diphenylquinoline Derivative Ligands
Park, Yong-In2002 Color filter for Liquid crystal display and method of its manufacturing
 2003 Design of a thin film transistor for preventing galvanic phenomenon in Liquid crystal displays
 2003 Multi-domain Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing thereof
Park, Yong-Pil2005 Residual DC Characteristic on Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Display on the Polyimide Surface by the Thermal Stress
 2006 LC Alignment Effects and EO Performances for Homeotropic Aligned NLC on the SiOx Thin Film Layer by e-Beam Evaporation
 2006 Vertical Alignment of Nematic Liquid Crystal by Rubbing-Free Method on the SiC Thin Film Layer
Park, Yong Seo2009 Photoluminescence Characteristic of Ce3+-Eu3+ Co-doped Y3Al5O12 Phosphor Prepared by Combustion Method
Park, Yong-Seok1997 Liquid crystal display and its manufacturing method
 2003 Comparison of the liquid crystalline properties of dimesogenic compounds bearing alkoxy and perfluoroalkoxy tails
Park, Yong-Tae2001 Synthesis and Characterization of a Photo-Crosslinkable Side-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Polymer
Park, You-Gyoung2005 Patterning Process of Membrane-Associated Proteins on a Solid Support with Geometrical Grooves
Park, Youn-Hee2009 Optoelectrofluidic Control of Colloidal Assembly in an Optically Induced Electric Field
Park, Young-Bae2001 Microstructure and initial growth characteristics of the low temperature microcrystalline silicon films on silicon nitride surface
Park, Young Hwan1992 Aromatic polyamide pulp and its preparation
Park, Young-hwan1996 Method for manufacturing aromatic polyamide film
 1996 Method of producing aromatic polyamide pulp
Park, Young-Il1996 Tilting of liquid crystal through interaction with Methyl Orange molecules oriented by circularly polarized light
 2006 Synthesis and Electroluminescent Properties of Fully Substituted Ethylene Moieties
 2007 Electrochemical and Electroluminescent Properties of Fully Substituted Ethylene Moieties
 2007 New Blue and Bluish Green Electroluminescent Properties of Fully Substituted Ethylene Moieties
 2007 New Multi-Phenylated Carbazole Derivatives for OLED through Diels-Alder Reaction
 2007 Synthesis and Properties of Conjugated Polymer with Carboxylic Acids
 2009 Advanced AFFS Monochrome TFT-LCD using Ion Beam Alignment Technology
 2009 Electro-Optical and Electrochemical Properties of Poly(phenylacetylene)
Park, Young Ja1981 The Crystal and Molecular Structure of Cholesteryl Hexanoate at Room and Low Temperature
 2004 Two polymorphic crystal structures of cholesteryl 2,4-dichlorobenzoate
 2005 Crystal Structure of Cholesteryl Ethyl Carbonate and Its Liquid Crystalline State
 2005 Isomorphic crystal structures of two cholesterol ethers
 2007 Crystal structure and liquid crystalline state of cholesteryl butylcarbonate
Park, Young-Jai2002 Routes to complete synchronization via phase synchronization in coupled nonidentical chaotic oscillators
 2003 Current reversal with type-I intermittency in deterministic inertia ratchets
 2003 Experimental observation of characteristic relations of type-III intermittency in the presence of noise in a simple electronic circuit
 2003 Periodic phase synchronization in coupled chaotic oscillators
 2004 Chaotic behaviors of operational amplifiers
 2004 Characteristics of a delayed system with time-dependent delay time
 2004 Effects of time-delayed feedback on chaotic oscillators
 2004 Synchronization of chaotic oscillators due to common delay time modulation
Park, Young-Min2007 Multichromic Dye Synthesis and Its Absorption Properties with Cyclodextrins
 2008 Self-Assembly Fabrication Using Diazo Coupling Dye and Spiroxazine
Park, Young Ran2009 Control of liquid crystal pretilt angle by anchoring competition of the stacked alignment layers
Park, Young-soo2004 Design and fabrication of a thin film transistor with protective cap over flexible substrate
Park, Young Suk2002 Dimeric compounds containing malonic acid as the central linking unit: synthesis and mesomorphic properties
 2002 Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of hyperbranched aromatic polyesters consisting of azoxybenzene mesogens and polymethylene spacers
 2003 Dimeric liquid crystalline compounds having a central malonic acid moiety: effect of the length of the spacers and terminal chains
Park, Young Tae2009 Liquid Crystal Alignment Properties of Inorganic SiO2 Layers Prepared by Reactive Sputtering in Nitrogen-Argon Mixtures
Park, Young W.1987 Poly(γ-benzyl-L-glutamate): order parameter, oriented gel, and novel derivatives
 1994 New type of liquid crystal polymer
Park, Young Whan1990 Thermodynamic characterization of the stability and the melting behavior of a DNA triplex: a spectroscopic and calorimetric study
 1991 A spectroscopic and calorimetric study of the melting behaviors of a "bent" and a "normal" DNA duplex: [d(GA4T4C)]2 versus [d(GT4A4C)]2
Park, Young Woo2003 Back light for a Liquid crystal display device
Park, Young Wook1999 Liquid crystal polyester and method for preparing the same
 2007 Spectral broadening in electroluminescence of white organic light-emitting diodes based on complementary colors
Park, Youngah1988 New critical point in smectic liquid crystals
 1989 A new mean field smectic A-smectic A' critical point in a symmetry breaking field
 2003 Modified Michaelis law in a two-state ratchet model for a molecular motor as a function of diffusion constant
Park, Youngchul1997 High-speed camera-sized optical wavelet processor
Park, Youngmi2007 Conformational transition of poly(γ-benzyl-L-glutamate)-poly(ethylene glycol) block copolymers in bulk
Park, Yun Heum1998 Effect of composition and molecular structure on the LC phase of PHB-PEN-PET ternary blend
 2000 Crystallization kinetics of TLCP with polyester melt blends
 2001 Comparison of monolayer behaviors between ω-tricosenyl alcohol and ω-tricosenoic acid
 2006 Characterization of Networked Poly(urethane-(methacrylate-co-styrene)) Prepared with NCO-Terminated Prepolymer for Negative Photoresist
 2006 Comparison of Electrochemical Properties of Poly(vinyl phenylmethylamine)/Polyaniline Composite with those of Poly(vinyl benzylmethylamine)/Polyaniline Composite
 2007 Effect of Glass Transition Temperature on Compression and Elastic Properties of Poly(Meth)Acrylate Copolymer Thin Films and their Photoresist Patterns
 2007 Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Conducting Graft Copolymer
 2007 Synthesis and Properties of Novel Photosensitive Copolymers Having Photoreactive Pendant Group
 2008 Preparation of Spherical Poly(methylsilsesquioxanes) Beads and Their Properties
 2008 Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Poly(vinyl carboxy ethyl ether)-g-poly(pyrrole) Copolymer
Park, Yung2007 Vibrational Relaxation in Atactic Polystyrene: A Calculation of the Frequency Correlation Functions of Ring Stretching Modes and Their Variation with Temperature
Park, Yung W.2004 Dispersion and Current-Voltage Characteristics of Helical Polyacetylene Single Fibers
Park, Yung Woo1987 Electronic structure of the polyacetylene film oriented by a liquid crystal solvent under magnetic field
Park, Yushin2005 Amphiphilic Treelike Rods at Interfaces: Layered Stems and Circular Aggregation
Parka, J.1991 New trends in the use of liquid crystal indicators
 1993 Liquid crystal materials for supertwisted nematic (STN) electrooptical effect
 1993 Multicomponent nematic mixtures for liquid crystal displays (LCD) manufactured from smectic A compounds
 1996 Dye-doped liquid crystal composite for real-time holography
 1996 Dye-doped liquid crystal for real-time holography: nematic reorientation induced by photoconductivity
 1997 Application of liquid crystals in optical processing of optical signals
 1997 Phenyl Cyclohexanes Containing Ketogroup
 1997 Studies of Self-Diffraction of Light in Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal
 1998 Investigation of electrooptical properties of supertwisted nematic effect for multibottle liquid crystal mixture system
 1998 Phenylcyclohexanes containing ketogroup
 1998 Studies of self-diffraction of light in twisted nematic liquid crystal
 1999 Nematic liquid crystals as media for real-time holography
 2000 Holographic grating recording in large area photoconducting liquid crystal panels
 2002 Effect of optical nonlinearity dynamical enhancement in dye doped liquid crystal under a electrical field
 2002 Investigations of the diffraction efficiency in dye-doped LC cells under low frequency AC voltage
 2002 Liquid Crystal Photosensitive Hybrid Cells as a Medium for Real-Time Digital Holograms
 2002 Photorefractive Effects in Pure Multicomponet Isothiocyanate Liquid Crystals under Low Power Illumination
 2002 Photorefractivity of dye-doped NLC layers and possibility of their application
 2002 Self-induced nonlinear Zernike filter realized with optically addressed liquid crystal spatial light modulator
 2003 Properties of different LC cells with high optical anisotropy as a dynamic holographic media
Parka, J. (cont...)2003 Properties of photosensitive doped nematic and smectic liquid crystals and possibility of their applications
 2004 Dynamic photorefractivity in nematic loquid crystal panels with photoconducting polymeric layers
 2004 Liquid Crystal Photosensitive Cells as a Medium for Real-Time Digital Projected Holograms
 2004 Optically addressed holographic gratings in LC cells with different layers and high optical anisotropy liquid crystals
 2005 Influence of LC cell layers modifications on diffraction efficiency and the memory effect
 2006 One dimensional model of dye-doped nematic layer for holography
 2006 Optical data storage in LC cells
 2007 Diffraction gratings in chiral nematic liquid crystals with modulated optical activity
 2008 Dynamic photorefractivity guided by single-pulse voltage
 2008 Polarization Difference Imaging System with LC Filter
 2009 Holographic Recordings Using Bistable SmC* Structures
 2009 Investigations of dynamic photorefractivity regime by optical polarizing microscopy
 2009 Light-controlled helical pitch and dynamic gratings
 2009 Mesomorphic and dielectric properties of esters useful for formulation of nematic mixtures for dual frequency addressing system
Parka, Janusz1979 Studies on color effects in nematic liquid crystals
 1987 Liquid-crystal ethane derivatives, their preparation, and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1990 Preparation of liquid-crystal compounds containing terminal isothiocyanate groups and groups placed between rings
 1990 Viscosity, thermal and ultraviolet stability of liquid crystalline isothiocyanato compounds and their mixtures
 1992 Liquid crystal composition
 1992 Study of Electrooptical Properties of Benzeneosothiocyanates Based Mixtures for STN Displays
 1993 Investigations of liquid-crystal display for car dashboards
 1995 Liquid crystalline compounds based on 1,4-disubstituted but-1-yne
 1997 Liquid crystal mixtures
 1997 Liquid crystal optical fibers in hydrostatic pressure monitoring
 1998 Optical phase conjugation in dye-doped nematic liquid crystal
 2000 Holographic grating formation mechanism in dye-doped nematic liquid crystal thin layer under dc electric field
 2000 Influence of nematic liquid crystal with dye and cell construction parameters on dynamic holographic grating formation
 2000 Investigation of photorefractive properties of pure and dye-doped nematic liquid crystals for dynamic holography devices
 2000 Photo-induced electrohydrodynamical instabilities in anthraquinone-dye-doped nematics above Freedericksz threshold
 2001 Ordering of a.c. electric-field-induced domains in dye-doped nematics under photoexcitation
 2001 Surface-mediated light-controlled Friedericksz transition in a nematic liquid crystal cell
 2002 Diffraction efficiency in dye-doped LC cells under low-frequency AC voltage
 2002 Enhancement of photorefractive effect in nematic liquid crystals
 2002 Holographic movies projected onto nematic LC cells
Parka, Janusz (cont...)2002 LC display for Polish gliders PW-5 and PW-6
 2002 Photorefractivity of dye-doped NLC layers and possibility of their application
 2003 Optically addressable hybrid: photoconducting polymer-liquid crystal panels
 2004 Dynamic photorefractivity in nematic liquid crystal panels with photoconducting polymeric layers
 2004 Liquid crystals with high photorefractive index and different cell construction solutions for optical light modulators
 2004 Surface charge screening and boundary conditions for high two-beam coupling gain in pure liquid crystals
 2004 Video rate holography in a liquid crystal-photoconducting polymer system
 2005 Index grating surface anchoring
Parka, Januz1998 Liquid crystals as materials for real-time holographic optical devices
Parkalov, V.P.1987 Study of the effect of liquid crystals in the friction of solid materials
 1989 Lubricating action of liquid-phase crystals during copper drawing
 1992 Effect of the molecular structure of liquid - crystal cholesterin n-alkanoates on their tribological properties
Parkanyi, Laszlo1999 A mesogenic alkenyl compound
Parkash, S.1979 Mesophase behavior of bitumen pitch from oil sands in early stages of carbonization
Parkash, Sat1980 Mesophase behavior in oil sand bitumen pitch
Parker, A.1987 Laser addressed thermooptic effect in a novel dyed liquid-crystalline polysiloxane
Parker, A.J.1997 A molecular dynamics study of a steric multipole model of liquid crystal molecular geometry
 1998 Computer simulations using a longitudinal quadrupolar Gay-Berne model: effect of the quadrupole magnitude on the formation of the smectic phase
 1999 Computer simulations using a quadrupolar Gay-Berne model
 2001 Molecular dynamics study of mesophase formation using a transverse quadrupolar Gay-Berne model
Parker, Alan1994 ICVision: a VLSI-based diffractive display for real-time display of holographic stereograms
Parker, Andrew J.2000 Computer simulations of liquid crystal mesophases investigating a generalised molecular asymmetry model
 2001 Computer simulation of liquid crystalline molecular asymmetry and its link to molecular design
Parker, Andrew R.2007 Biomimetics of photonic nanostructures
Parker, Charles1999 Methods for making a pitch-based carbon foam
Parker, Charles A.1999 Graphitizable foam preform
Parker, D.1986 Order-disorder transitions in solutions of discoid micelles
 1987 Electrical conductivity measurements of the orientational order parameter in the micellar nematic phase of the cesium pentadecafluorooctanoate/water system
 1990 Nematic-lamellar tricritical behavior and structure of the lamellar phase in the ammonium pentadecafluorooctanoate (APFO)/water system
 1991 Universal nature of the nematic-to-isotropic transition in solutions of discotic micelles
 1992 Anomalous effects in experiments on monodomain nematic and lamellar phases of the cesium pentadecafluorooctanoate (CsPFO)/water system
 1992 On the universal nature of the nematic-to-isotropic transition in solutions of discotic micelles
 2002 Nature of the liquid crystalline phase transitions in the cesium pentadecafluorooctanoate-water system: The nematic-to-smectic-A transition
Parker, D.D.2004 Orientational transition of a bent-core dopant in an anticlinic liquid crystal matrix
Parker, D.F.2003 Stability of screening solitons in photorefractive media
Parker, David1990 Thiophene monomers and polymers prepared electrochemically therefrom
 1991 Towards highly oriented polythiophenes incorporating mesogenic or tetrathiafulvalene substituents
 1995 Light emitting monomers and polymers from them
Parker, David W.1996 Multiview 3D LCD
Parker, E.H.2002 Mobility spectrum computational analysis using a maximum entropy approach
Parker, G.1997 Effects of ionic interactions on mechanical properties of polymers and polymer blends/composites
Parker, G.J.1997 The switching dynamics of the plasma addressed liquid crystal display
Parker, I.D.1997 In situ characterization of the oxidative degradation of a polymeric light emitting device
Parker, J.H.1970 Effects of Electric Fields on Mixtures of Nematic and Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
 1971 Anomalous alignment and domains in a nematic liquid crystal
 1975 Effects of dielectric and conductivity anisotropies on molecular alignment in a liquid crystal
Parker, J.L.1990 Measurement of the interactions between membranes in a stack
Parker, M.C.1998 Applications of FLC SLM dynamic holograms to WDM network components
Parker, M.R.1983 Phase transitions in high magnetic fields
Parker, Maureen1980 The Quantitation of Lecithin, Sphingomyelin and Their Ratios by Infrared Spectroscopy
Parker, R.S.1972 Possible second-order nematic-smectic-A phase transition
Parker, Richard J.1995 Liquefaction of Black Thunder coal. 1. Petrographic examination of residues
Parker, Robert1973 Transient surface temperature response of liquid crystal films
 2001 Chiral 1,3-dioxanes
 2001 Chiral glucosides and their use as chiral dopants for the production of cholesteric liquid crystalline compositions
 2001 Cholesteric layered material with improved color stability and method for producing the same
 2001 Cholesteric layered materials with improved color properties and their production and use
 2001 Liquid - crystalline compositions
 2001 Polymerisierbare Flüssigkristalle
 2001 Polymerizable liquid crystals
 2002 Chiral hexacatenar metallomesogens: supramolecular organization versus steric demand of chiral cores
 2002 Use of chiral, uncharged metal compounds as doping agents for liquid crystals
 2003 Cosmetic or dermatological sunscreen composition with infrared light reflecting polymeric liquid crystal pigments
 2003 Preparation of alkyne moiety-containing carbonate ester compounds
 2004 Composition for the production of a thermal insulating coating
 2005 Bis-chelated imine-alkoxytitanium complexes: Novel chiral dopants with high helical twisting power in liquid crystals
Parker, W.G.1978 Structure of the ferrocene carboxaldehyde mesophase by x-ray diffraction and Mössbauer spectroscopy
Parkes, John2003 Dust size distribution for dust acoustic waves in a magnetized dusty plasma
Parkes, W.2001 Antiferroelectric liquid crystal on CMOS technology for microdisplays and microphotonics
Parkhomenko, V.V.1975 Homogenous orientation of liquid crystals for display devices
 1977 Temperature dependence of threshold voltages in nematics
 1978 New type of electrohydrodynamic instability in nematic crystals
 1985 Supermolecular structure and its relation to the physical parameters of a nematic-cholesteric mixture
 1986 Electrooptics of the cholesteric-nematic phase transition in nematic-cholesteric mixtures
 1991 Rheological behavior of plant polysaccharide solutions
Parkin, S.1988 Phase behavior and molecular order in a semiflexible thermotropic/lyotropic polymer
Parkin, S.S.2003 Optical Detection of Hot-Electron Spin Injection into GaAs from a Magnetic Tunnel Transistor Source
Parkin, Sean R.2005 Partial Fluorination Overcomes Herringbone Crystal Packing in Small Polycyclic Aromatics
Parkins, A.S.2002 Early time diffusion for the quantum kicked rotor with narrow initial momentum distributions
Parkins, S.2004 Experimental investigation of early-time diffusion in the quantum kicked rotor using a Bose-Einstein condensate
Parkins, Scott2004 Observation of robust quantum resonance peaks in an atom optics kicked rotor with amplitude noise
Parkinson, B.A.1994 Dye Sensitization with Octasubstituted Liquid Crystalline Phthalocyanines
 1995 Tungsten diselenide as a substrate for the imaging of liquid crystals by scanning tunneling microscopy
 2001 STM Investigations of the Two-Dimensional Ordering of Perylenetetracarboxylic Acid N-Alkyl-diimides on HOPG and MoS2 Surfaces
Parkinson, J.A.1993 13C-NMR determination of the molecular dynamics of cholesterol in dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine vesicles
Parkkinen, Jussi P.S.1999 Spectral measurements of two-dimensional color images
Parks, D.C.1992 Observation of an Inter-Row Disorder in Liquid Crystals on HOPG by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Parks, Daniel C.1993 Scanning tunneling microscopy of coexisting 2D crystalline and 1D stacking-disordered phases at the chiral-liquid-crystal-graphite interface
 1993 Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Coexisting 2D Crystalline and 1D Stacking-Disordered Phases at the Chiral-Liquid-Crystal-Graphite Interface
 1995 Near-atomic resolution imaging of ferroelectric liquid crystal molecules on graphite by STM
 1996 Detecting Molecular Chirality by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
 1996 Imaging chiral molecules by scanning tunneling microscopy
Parks, G.S.1932 Some Heat-Capacity Data on Organic Compounds obtained with a Radiation Calorimeter
Parks, Harold George1988 Thin-film FET for liquid-crystal display devices and its preparation
Parks, John E.1992 Lipid composition and thermotropic phase behavior of boar, bull, stallion, and rooster sperm membranes
Parks, L.W.1981 The effect of sterol on the energy producing capacity of yeast mitochondria
Parks, Leo W.1983 Role of sterol structure in the thermotropic behavior of plasma membranes of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Parks, T.J.1991 An NMR method for quantitative determination of the carbonaceous mesophase content of a petroleum pitch
 1998 The correspondence between loss of 1H-NMR signal intensity and mesophase growth during the thermal maturation of a petroleum pitch
Parks, Tim J.1999 In-situ proton magnetic resonance thermal analysis for mesophase formation of pitches
Parkyn, William A.1997 Uniform high-efficiency condenser for projection systems
 1998 Uniform LED illuminator for miniature displays
 2006 A superior architecture of brightness enhancement for display backlighting
Parlitz, U.2004 Modeling parameter dependence from time series
Parlitz, Ulrich2002 Synchronization and antisynchronization of chaotic power drop-outs and jump-ups of coupled semiconductor lasers
 2002 When are synchronization errors small?
Parmananda, P.2002 Resonant forcing of a silent Hodgkin-Huxley neuron
 2003 Experiments on coherence resonance: Noisy precursors to Hopf bifurcations
 2003 Tracking fixed-point dynamics in an electrochemical system using delayed-feedback control
 2004 Effects of noise near a homoclinic bifurcation in an electrochemical system
 2004 Noise-aided synchronization of coupled chaotic electrochemical oscillators
 2004 Parameter space reduction criteria to search for synchronization domains in coupled discrete systems
Parmar, Avanish Singh2008 Phase transitions in ferroelectric liquid crystals
Parmar, C.M.1992 Emergence of mixed nematic mesophase in binary system of a nonmesogen and a smectogen
Parmar, D.S.1974 Pre-electrohydrodynamic relaxation phenomenon in nematic liquid crystals
 1978 Dielectric measurements on chiral smectic C liquid crystals
 1980 High pressure studies on 4,4'-di-n-alkoxyazoxybenzenes
 1983 Effects of electric fields on the helical pitch in chiral smectic C liquid crystals
 1984 Ferroelectric polarization in chiral smectic C liquid crystals through unwinding of the helical texture in electric field
 1984 High frequency electric field effects on helical pitch in chiral smectic C liquid crystals
 1985 AC electric field induced flow and helix unwinding in focal conic texture of smectic C* liquid crystal
 1987 "Chevron" local layer structure in surface-stabilized ferroelectric smectic-C cells
 1989 Novel Liquid-Crystal Phase-Transition Behavior at the Chiral Nematic-Smectic-A-Smectic-C Point
 1989 Novel liquid-crystal phase-transition behavior at the chiral nematic–smectic-A–smectic-C point
 1990 Physical properties and alignment of a polymer-monomer ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture
 1991 A novel boundary layer sensor utilizing domain switching in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1991 A novel technique for response function determination of shear sensitive cholesteric liquid crystals for boundary layer investigations
 1991 Ferroelectric liquid crystals as flow-field sensors in boundary layer investigation
 1992 A shear sensitive monomer-polymer liquid crystal system for wind tunnel applications
 1992 Boundary layer elasto-optic switching in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1992 Gas Flow Field Induced Director Alignment in Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Microdroplets Deposited on a Glass Substrate
 1993 Gas flow-field induced director alignment in polymer dispersed liquid crystal microdroplets deposited on a glass substrate
 1993 Pressure dependence of the electro-optic response function in partially exposed polymer dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1993 Shear-induced surface alignment of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal microdroplets on the boundary layer
Parmar, D.S. (cont...)1993 Skin friction measurement with partially exposed polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1994 Ferroelectric liquid crystals in aerodynamic testing
 1996 Microstructural characterization of high temperature ferroelectric liquid crystal polymers
Parmar, Devendra S.1986 Design and synthesis of new ferroelectric liquid crystals. 2. Liquid crystals containing a nonracemic 2,3-epoxy alcohol unit
 1988 Design and synthesis of new ferroelectric liquid crystals. 5. Properties of some chiral fluorinated FLCs: a direct connection between macroscopic properties and absolute configuration in a fluid phase
 1989 A novel application of the molecular recognition paradigm: design of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1989 Design and synthesis of new ferroelectric liquid crystals. 9. An approach to creation of organic polymer thin films with controlled, stable polar orientation of functional groups
 1991 Evolution of the boulder model for the molecular origins of the polarization in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1992 Partially exposed polymer dispersed liquid crystals for boundary layer investigations
 1992 Shear-sensitive monomer-polymer laminate and its use
Parmeggiani, A.2004 Totally asymmetric simple exclusion process with Langmuir kinetics
Parmentier, Brigitte1998 Project SVAVISCA: a space-variant color CMOS sensor
Parmiggiani, Flavio1995 Region growing algorithm to detect segments featuring low contrast in multispectral images
Parnar, D.S.1984 Opposite soft mode contribution to dielectric susceptibility in ferroelectric liquid crystals
Parneix, J.P.1975 Dielectric properties of p-methoxyphenylazoxy-p'-butylbenzene in the nematic and liquid phases
 1977 Study of 4-heptyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl using the analysis of its dielectric properties
 1978 Dependence of the anisotropy of molecular polarizability on alkyl chain length in nematic homologous series
 1981 Dielectric relaxation in nematic cyclohexane derivatives
 1981 Dynamic dielectric anisotropy of nematics with respect to molecular structure
 1983 Importance of steric effects in the isotropic phase of nematogenic compounds
 1984 Dielectric relaxation in liquid crystals exhibiting a reentrant phenomenon
 1984 Study of re-entrant nematic and smectic phases using dielectric relaxation
 1984 Time domain spectroscopy of liquid crystals
 1985 General time domain analysis of T.D.S. data: application to liquid crystals
 1985 Mesomorphic properties of some new fluorinated liquid crystals: the 4-n-alkoxyperfluorobenzoate series and trifluoromethylbiphenyl derivatives
 1985 Study of reentrant nematic and smectic phases using dielectric relaxation
 1985 Time domain spectroscopy of liquid crystals
 1986 Dielectric study of the SAd-SA2 phase transition of new thermotropic liquid crystals
 1987 Dielectric relaxation and molecular motion in comb-shaped liquid crystal polymers
 1987 Dielectric relaxation in the nematic and isotropic phases of 4-(trans-4'-n-hexylcyclohexyl)isothiocyanatobenzene
 1987 Some new side-chain liquid crystalline polymers for nonlinear optics
 1988 Dielectric properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1988 Dielectric study of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1990 Study of the smectic A-smectic C* phase transition by a dielectric method
Parneix, J.P. (cont...)1991 Electroclinic effect in the N* phase near a N* SA SC* multicritical point
 1992 Biphenyl alkyloxy benzoate ferroelectric liquid crystals: structural, thermodynamic and dielectric studies of the octyl and the decyl homologs; electroclinic effect in the N phase near a N-SA-SC multicritical point
 1992 Polymerization of Liquid Crystalline Acetylene and Diacetylene Monomers: Mesogenic and Conductive Properties
 1993 Dielectric investigation of the helical smectic A (TGBA)-SC phase transition
 1993 TGBA phase in chiral two ring derivatives
 1994 Coupling order and conductivity liquid crystalline conjugated polymers
 1994 Int. Conf. Liq. Cryst. Polym., Beijing, Abstr.
 1995 Dielectric study and helical pitch measurements on a new antiferroelectric liquid crystal
 1995 Orientational and conductive properties of mesomorphous polypyrroles
 1995 Side chain liquid crystalline polypyrrole. I. Synthesis and characterization
 1998 Antiferroelectric liquid crystal studied by means of dielectric spectroscopy
 1998 Relaxation processes in the ferrielectric and alpha phases of antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 1999 Conducting mesomorphic polypyrroles
 1999 Dielectric properties of side chain liquid crystalline elastomers: influence of crosslinking on side chain dynamics
Parnell, A.J.2005 Mechanical Actuation by Responsive Polyelectrolyte Brushes and Triblock Gels
Parnell, J.1993 Interpretation of thermal mesophase in vanadiferous bitumens from Upper Proterozoic lava flows (Mitov, Czechoslovakia)
 1996 Maturity and petrography of bitumens in the Carboniferous of Ireland
Parnell, R.2003 Noncovalent Assembly of Nitroxide Spin Labels in Laponite Films: Formation of One-Dimensional Heisenberg Antiferromagnets
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 1970 Stress tensor for a nematic liquid crystal
 1971 Hydrodynamic instabilities of nematic liquid crystals under A.C. electric fields
 1972 Possible magnetic transition in smectics A
 1972 Unified hydrodynamic theory for crystals, liquid crystals, and normal fluids
 1973 Statistical properties of focal conic textures in smectic liquid crystals
 1975 Dynamical analysis of magnetic field effects on a cholesteric Cano wedge
 1975 Light propagation along the helical axis in chiral smectics C
 1975 Light refraction by a cholesteric prism
 1976 Dynamics of the director alignment in cholesterics under applied magnetic field
 1976 Dynamics of the first single Grandjean-Cano line in cholesterics under weak applied magnetic fields
 1976 Lyotropic mesophases as defects in binary mixtures
 1976 Permeation and self-diffusion in smectics A
 1978 Cofocal conics in smectics C
 1978 Plasticity of smectics A
 1979 Focal conics motions and plasticity in smectics A
 1981 Defects in smectic C chirals. Part III. Toric defects of the surface
 1982 Defects in chiral smectics C. II. Double dechiralization wall
 1982 Viscoelastic effects on the core radius of dislocations in cholesterics: a macroscopic coherence length ?
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 1983 Instabilities in smectics A submitted to an alternative shear flow. I. Theory
Parodi, Olivier1971 Liquid crystals
Parodi, Silvio1995 Role of H1 in Chromatin Folding. A Thermodynamic Study of Chromatin Reconstitution by Differential Scanning Calorimetry
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Pastore, Heloise O.1996 The syntheses of mesoporous molecular sieves in fluoride medium
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