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Pan, T.-C.2002 Unusual Thickness-Dependent Heat-Capacity Anomaly in Free-Standing Hexatic Liquid-Crystal Films
 2004 Direct Layer-by-Layer Freezing Transitions in Free-Standing Smectic-A 14S5 Films
 2004 Optical Textural Study of Surface Phase Transitions Involving Tilted Hexatic Phases in Free-Standing Liquid-Crystal Films
 2004 Unusual Multiple Electron Scattering in Ultrathin Free-Standing Crystal-B Films
 2004 Unusual Thickness-Dependent Heat-Capacity Anomaly in Free-Standing Hexatic Liquid-Crystal Films
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Pan, Tung-Cheng2001 Direct layer-by-layer freezing of a smectic liquid-crystal surface into the crystalline phase
 2002 Unusual Multiple Electron Scattering in Ultrathin Free-Standing Crystal-B Films
 2003 Multiple Electron Diffraction and Two-Dimensional Crystalline Order in Liquid-Crystal Thin Films
 2003 Surface phase transitions in free-standing films of nonchiral tilted hexatic liquid crystals
 2004 Thickness-dependent smectic-A-smectic-C* transition in chiral smectic free-standing liquid-crystal films
 2005 Thickness-Dependent Smectic-A - Smectic-C* Transition in Chiral Smectic Free-Standing Liquid-Crystal Films
 2005 Thickness-Dependent Thermal Behavior due to Molecular Tilt Coupling Strength in Free-Standing 70.7 Thin Films
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 1997 Liquid crystalline behavior of aromatic copolyamide in concentrated sulfuric acid
 1998 Effects of synthesis methods on the liquid crystalline behavior of aromatic copolyamides
Pan, Zhihong2002 Recognizing faces in hyperspectral images
Pan, Zhikang2006 A PC104 architecture-based high-accuracy laser diode alignment system
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 1996 Investigation of the field induced ferrielectric subphases in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
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 1997 Investigation of the ferrielectric subphase with qT>1/2 under bias voltage
Panarin, Yu.P. (cont...)1997 Observation and investigation of the ferrielectric subphase with high qT parameter
 1997 Observation and investigation of the ferrielectric subphase with qr > 1/2
 1998 Multiplexing performance of a FLC with high spontaneous polarization in the bookshelf structure
 1998 The investigation of the relaxation processes in antiferroelectric liquid crystals by broad band dielectric and electro-optic spectroscopy
 1998 The investigation of the relaxation processes in antiferroelectric liquid crystals by electro-optic spectroscopy
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 1999 Investigation of the thickness mode in surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
 1999 Observation of a possible random ferroelectric liquid crystal phase
 1999 The dynamic properties of confined antiferroelectric liquid crystal investigated by photon correlation spectroscopy
 2000 A comparison of orientational behaviour and rotational bias in SmC*, SmCα* and SmCγ* phases of an antiferroelectric liquid crystal studied by FT-IR spectroscopy
 2000 Alignment instability caused by anchoring of the in-plane directors to the rubbing direction in the V-shaped switching
 2000 Ferrielectric liquid crystal subphase studied by polarized Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy
 2000 The relaxation phenomena in antiferroelectric and ferrielectric phases
 2000 The structure and properties of antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 2002 A Comprehensive Study of the Structure of De Vries SMA Phases
 2002 FTIR Study of the Structure of the Tilted SmA* Phase
 2002 Molecular Arrangement and Related Infrared Absorption Anisotropy of a Ferroelectirc Liquid Crystal Cell Exhibiting V-Shaped Switching
 2002 Structure and Electrooptic Response of De Vries SMA Phases
 2003 Comparison of the characteristics of the chiral analog of the de Vries type of smectic-A* phase
 2003 Molecular arrangement in a chiral smectic liquid crystal cell studied by polarized infrared spectroscopy
Panarin, Yu.P. (cont...)2004 Study of the de Vries Phase in New Organosiloxanes by Electrooptical and UV/Vis Spectroscopy Measurements
 2004 The Critical Behavior of the Order Parameter and Susceptibility Near Smectic A-Smectic C Phase Transition
 2004 The Structure-Properties Relations in de Vries SmA Materials
 2006 Investigation of de Vries SmA* mesophases in low molecular weight organosiloxane compounds
 2007 Comment on "Optical and Resonant X-Ray Diffraction Studies Confirm a SmCFI2*-SmC* Liquid Crystal Phase Sequence Reversal"
 2007 Experimental study for the conditions of analog switching in ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
 2007 The Role of Spontaneous Polarization and the Thickness of Alignment Layers on the V-Shaped Switching in FLC Cells
 2008 Behaviour of Smectic Phases in Free Standing Film Geometry: Discontinuous Change in the Tilt Angle of Polar Smectic Phases at the Phase Transition Temperature
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