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 1976 Behavior of molar sound velocity in a nematic liquid crystal
 1976 Behavior of ultrasonic velocity in cholesteric liquid crystals
 1978 Behavior of ultrasonic velocity in cholesteric liquid crystals
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 1977 Quasielastic neutron scattering study of fast reorientations in nematic p-azoxyanisole
 1979 Critical studies of molecular reorientation in oriented PAA with various kinds of deuteration
 1980 End-chain and body reorientational motions in liquid crystalline dimethoxyazoxybenzene and diheptyloxyazoxybenzene
 1980 Observation by Neutron Correlation Spectroscopy of a Nonlinear Soft Mode at the Rayleigh-Bénard Instability in Para-Azoxyanisole
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 1992 Quasielelastic Scattering of Neutrons by a Liquid Crystal Substance with Fleixble Molecules
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 1993 Orientational fluctuations in a nematic liquid crystal as seen by neutron scattering
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 1986 Chaos and neutron scattering
 1989 Neutron scattering studies of a soft mode in a thermo-convective system
Otokosawa, Hidetoshi1998 Imaging device having liquid crystal /methacrylic polymer composite film and its use
Otokozawa, Hidetoshi1998 Method and apparatus for recording information in liquid crystal medium
 2000 Liquid crystal-based composite film medium for displaying reversible image
 2000 Reversible display memory medium made of liquid crystals dispersed in polymer matrix
Otomo, Akira2003 Electrical control of the structure and lasing in chiral photonic band-gap liquid crystals
 2003 Study on laser action from UV-curable chiral nematic liquid crystals
 2004 Phototunable photonic bandgap in a chiral liquid crystal laser device
 2006 Control of photonic bandgaps in chiral liquid crystals for distributed feedback effect
Otomo, Kikuo1996 Study of vibration damping of laminates containing liquid crystal
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 1992 Thermotropic liquid crystalline polyester compositions
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 1984 Optically induced reorientation in nematic cylindrical structures
 1985 Optically induced reorientation in nematic cylindrical structures
 1991 Glass dispersed liquid crystals
 1991 Optical studies of smectic C* displays
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 2000 PTFE alignment of surface-stabilized FLC and AFLC materials
 2002 Spectral Response in V-Shape Chiral Smectic Liquid Crystal Devices
 2003 Orientational control of light propagation in liquid crystal waveguides
 2004 Antiferroelectric liquid crystal displays
Oton, J.M. (cont...)2005 Liquid crystal materials with asymmetric switching for microdisplay applications
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 2007 Orthoconic antiferroelectric liquid crystals containing biphenyl, terphenyl, or naphthyl mesogenic unit
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 2008 Temporal electrical response of chiral smectic liquid crystal displays with V/W-shaped electrooptical characteristic
 2009 Effect of bias in ferroelectric-antiferroelectric relaxation
 2009 Nearly-analogue blazed phase grating using high birefringence liquid crystal
 2009 PEDOT as an alignment layer and electrode in AFLC devices
 1992 The Optical Properties of SSFLC Displays
 1999 Fabrication and Electrooptical Characterisation of an AFLC-MIM Device
 2000 Addressing waveforms for tristable aflcs in active matrix displays
 2001 Asymmetric switching of antiferroelectric liquid-crystal cells
 2001 Dependence of the molecular orientational states on the surface conditions for the "V-shaped switching" in a ferroelectriclike liquid crystal sample
 2002 Antiferroelectric and V-shape liquid crystal on silicon microdisplays
 2002 Electrical Model for Thresholdless Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Cells
 2004 Addressing Waveforms for Asymmetric Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Displays
 2004 Improving Electro-Optic Response in V-Shape Chiral Smectic Displays
 2004 Non-conventional Alignment Surfaces for Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
Oton, J.M. (cont...)2004 Spectral Response in V-Shape Chiral Smectic Liquid Crystal Devices
 2004 Video-rate multiplexed driving scheme for passive antiferroelectric liquid crystal displays
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 2005 Electro-optical and dielectric relaxation studies of an antiferroelectric liquid-crystal mixture (W-132A)
 2006 Asymmetric Response Induced by Low Energy Surfaces in Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Cells
 2006 Electrical Response of Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Cells with Asymmetric Response
 2006 Erasing Strategies for Asymmetric Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Driving Schemes
 2006 Relaxation of Surface Stabilised Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals at Video Frequency
 2009 Ellipsometric study of vertically aligned nematic liquid crystals
 2009 Selective Crosslinking of Polyimide for Photonic Devices
Oton, Joaquin2006 Imaging Characteristics Of Programmable Lenses Generated By SLM
 2007 Spatial Light Modulators For Information Processing: Applications And Overview
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 1997 Modeling of surface-stabilized ferrielectric liquid crystal cells
 2000 Liquid crystal-based photonic devices. LC photonet
 2001 Antiferroelectric liquid crystal on CMOS technology for microdisplays and microphotonics
 2002 Antiferroelectric and V-shape liquid crystal on silicon microdisplays
 2003 Electro-optical switch based on a Bragg grating in a liquid crystal waveguide
 2002 Addressing Waveforms for Asymmetric Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Displays
 2002 Improving Electro-Optic Response in V-Shape Chiral Smectic Displays
 2002 Phase and Polarization Variations Induced by V-Shape Smectic Cells
 2002 Electro-optic system for online light transmission control of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal windows
 2005 The Role of Alignment Layers on the Induced Relaxation of Passively Multiplexed Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Displays
 2006 The peculiar optic, dielectric and X-ray diffraction properties of a fluorinated de Vries asymmetric diffuse cone-model ferroelectric liquid crystal
 2007 Sinusoidal Voltage-Controlled Oscillator Based on a Liquid Crystal Cell as Variable Capacitance
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 2002 Asymmetric electro-optic response in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
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 2002 Induced Asymmetric Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Response
 2002 Matching Electric and Optic Response in V-Shape Liquid Crystals
Otowski, W.1984 Dielectric studies of 4-n-pentylphenyl-4-n-octyloxythiobenzoate
 1985 Dielectric studies of 4-n-pentylphenyl-4-octyloxythiobenzoate
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 1986 Dielectric Behaviour of the Nematic Phase of 4-n-Pentyloxyphenyl 4-(3-Bromo-4-n-nonyloxybenzoyloxy)-3-ethyl-benzoate (PBNEB)
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 1990 Odd-even effect in the homologous series of thioesters
 1992 Anomalous Charging and Discharging Process in Liquid Crystal
 1992 Broadband Dielectric Relaxation Study in Dilute Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals by Time Domain Reflectometry
 1993 Anomalous charging and discharging processes in liquid crystals
 1993 Broadband dielectric relaxation study on a diluted solution of a ferroelectric liquid crystal by time domain reflectometry
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 1997 Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy of the Thermotropic Liquid Crystals
 2001 Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Complex Dielectric Permittivity of the Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal on the Basis of the Nordio-Rigatti-Segre Theory
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 2006 Spectroscopy Investigation of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals Composed of Banana-Shaped Achiral Molecules
 2007 Phase transition in the conductive and dielectric regimes of liquid crystals
Otowski, Wojciech1996 Molecular and collective dynamics in low molar mass glass forming ferroelectric liquid crystal
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 2004 Square patterns and their dynamics in electroconvection
 2005 Square Patterns and their Dynamics in Electroconvection
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 1998 Optical component and spirobiindan polymer therefor
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 2000 Liquid crystal polymer composite films with good adhesion
 2000 Manufacture of liquid crystal polymer-based laminated films for packaging materials
Otsuka, Yoshikazu1999 Liquid crystal orientation agent containing norbornane-containing polyimide
Otsuka, Yukio1997 Sealer for liquid - crystal filler opening and liquid crystal display cell using same
 1999 Sealants for liquid-crystal injection ports, and liquid crystal display cells sealed with them
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Otsuki, Joe2006 Supramolecular Fibers and Microbelts from a Phthalhydrazide Derivative of Crown Ether with Alkyl Chains
 2007 STM Observation of Labile Axial Ligands to Zinc Porphyrin at Liquid/Solid Interface
 2008 Solution-Processable Liquid Crystals of Luminescent Aluminum(8-Hydroxyquinoline-5-sulfonato) Complexes
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