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Ogura, M.2005 Fabrication of Mesoporous Silica Films via a Novel Route Providing a Wide Processing Time Window
 2009 Photo Degradation Properties of Liquid Crystal Cell Using Focused Blue-Violet Laser Beam
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 1998 Liquid-crystal display element
 1999 Substrate for liquid-crystal display device and color liquid-crystal display device using it
 2007 Photostability of LC under blu-ray light and far field pattern observation
 2009 Photostability Evaluation of Liquid crystal Cell under a Focused Blue-Violet Laser Beam
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 1996 Color liquid-crystal display device
 1996 Color liquid-crystal display device
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 2008 Synthesis of Highly Ordered Mesoporous Silica with a Lamellar Structure Using Assembly of Cationic and Anionic Surfactant Mixtures as a Template
Ogura, Toshe1997 Fire- and heat-resistant compositions containing thermoplastic resins, thermotropic liquid crystalline polyesters, and organophosphorus compounds
 1997 Fire-resistant resin compositions with good balance of fire and heat resistance, flowability, weld strength, and rigidity
 1997 Thermoplastic resin compositions with good balance of heat resistance, flowability, weld strength and rigidity
 1997 Thermoplastic resin compositions with good balance of heat resistance, flowability, weld strength, and rigidity
 1997 Thermoplastic resin compositions with good heat resistance, flowability, weld strength, and rigidity
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 1994 Superheavy oil emulsion fuel
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 2007 Liquid Crystal Alignment Effects for Nematic Liquid Crystal on Homeotropic Polyimide Surface Using New Ion-Beam Source
 2007 Liquid Crystal Alignment Effects on SiNx Thin Film Layers Treated by Ion-Beam Irradiation
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 2008 IPS mode investigation of liquid crystal alignment on organic hybrid overcoat layer via ion beam irradiation
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 2008 Surface reformation and electro-optical characteristics of liquid crystal alignment layers using ion beam irradiation
 2008 Vertically aligned liquid crystals on a gamma-Al2O3 alignment film using ion-beam irradiation
 2009 Effect of ion beam irradiation and rubbing on the directional behavior and alignment mechanism of liquid crystals on polyimide surfaces
 2009 Homogeneously aligned liquid crystal display on silicon oxynitride thin film using ion beam bombardment
 2009 Ion Beam Irradiation for Surface Modification of Alignment Layers in LCD
 2009 Relationship between the contact angle and the tilt angle on the vertical polymer layer of NLC using various ion beam exposure energy
 2009 Study of a liquid crystal structure with improved electro-optical characteristics
 2009 Zinc oxide nanolevel surface transformation for liquid crystal orientation by ion bombardment
 2010 Homogeneous liquid crystal orientation on ion beam exposure TiO2 surfaces depending on an anisotropic dipole field
 2010 Liquid Crystal Alignment Capabilities on SiNx Thin Films Via Ion-Beam Irradiation
Oh, Byung-Keun2002 Fabrication of Protein A LB Film for Immunoglobulin G Immobilization
 2007 Antibody Immobilization for Immunosensor on ProteinA Fabricated by Electrostatic Interaction of Synthetic Peptide
 2008 Self-Assembled Monolayer of DTSSP Modified Azurin for Biomolecular Electronic Device
Oh, C.H.2003 Comment on "Probable Langevin-Like Director Reorientation in an Interface-Induced Disordered SmC*-Like State of Liquid Crystals Characterized by Frustration between Ferro- and Antiferroelectricity"
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Oh, Chang-Jin2010 Correlation of Intramolecular Excimer Emission with Lamellar Layer Distance in Liquid-Crystalline Polymers: Verification by the Film-Swelling Method
Oh, Choon-Suck2004 Development of a head-mounted visual enhancement device for people with low vision
Oh, Chulwoo2006 FDTD analysis of 100% efficient polarization-independent liquid crystal polarization grating
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 2008 Electrically switchable achromatic liquid crystal polarization gratings on reflective substrates
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 2008 Wide-angle nonmechanical beam steering using thin liquid crystal polarization gratings
 2009 A new beam steering concept: Risley gratings
Oh, Dong-Keun2002 Dimeric compounds containing malonic acid as the central linking unit: synthesis and mesomorphic properties
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 2006 Liquid crystal display and method of fabricating the same
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 2004 Dynamics of fluctuations in a fluid below the onset of Rayleigh-Bénard convection
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Oh, Jin-Kyoung2005 Reflecting type liquid crystal display device and projector using the same
 2006 Backlight unit and liquid crystal display employing the same
Oh, Jin-Woo2006 Dependency of the Photo-Charge Generation Efficiency on the Photoconductivity and on the Space-Charge Field in Photorefractive Polymeric Composites
 2007 Dependency of Ionization Potentials of Photoconductive Polymers on Photorefractive Response Time
 2007 The Effect of the Electro Optic Chromophore on the Space Charge Field Formation in Polymeric Photorefractive Composites
 2008 Chromophore Concentration Effect on Photorefractive Performance of Organic Photorefractive Composites
Oh, Jinho2008 Synthesis of Poly(benzyl ether) Dendrimer Containing Tetra(ethyleneoxide) at Core Using Click Chemistry
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 2008 Characterization of Electrophoretic Particles for a Reflective Display Device
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Oh, Kwan-Young2007 Spatial optical modulator (SOM): high-density diffractive laser projection display
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Oh, Kyung Wha2007 Conjugated Polyaniline Nanorod Blends with Cyanoresin
 2009 Synthesis of Conducting Composite of Polyaniline and Multi Wall Carbon Nanotube Grafted with Sulfonated Polystyrene
Oh, Kyunghwan2006 LED backlight system with fiber-optic red, green, blue to white color combiner
Oh, Lee-Tack2003 Ferroelectric liquid crystals from bent-core molecules with vinyl end groups
Oh, Min-Cheol2005 Parameter Optimization of a Bistable Chiral-Splay Nematic Liquid Crystal Cell for Permanent Bistability
 2005 Transflective In-Plane-Switching Liquid Crystal Display with Patterned Retarders
 2005 Vertically Aligned Liquid Crystal Cell with Image-Enhanced Reflector for High-Contrast Transflective Displays
 2006 Pixel-isolation walls of liquid crystal display formed by fluorinated UV-curable polymers
 2007 Initially pi-twisted nematic liquid crystal cell stabilized by a fluorinated polymer wall
 2009 Crystallization and electrical properties of ITO:Ce thin films for flat panel display applications
Oh, Myung-Hwan1995 Synthesis of liquid crystalline copolyester grafted with polystyrene
Oh, Nam-Keun1996 Hexagonal columnar liquid-crystalline phase from a rod-coil molecule
 1996 Liquid Crystalline Assembly of a Diblock Rod-Coil Polymer Based on Poly(ethylene oxide) and Its Complexes with LiCF3SO3
 1996 Liquid crystalline assembly of calamitic mesogens and rod-coil molecule by Pd and Ru complexation
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 1996 Raman spectroscopic characterization of a rod-coil liquid crystalline oligomer-LiCF3SO3 complex
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 1996 Thermotropic and lyotropic mesophase formation of poly(ethylene oxide) substituted rod-coil oligomer
 1997 Solubilization of poly(ethylene oxide) into a rod-coil polymer of ethyl 4{-[4'-oxy-4-biphenylcarbonyloxy]}-4'-biphenylcarboxylate-block-poly(ethylene oxide)
 2001 Chain Length-Dependent Three-Dimensional Organization of Molecular Rods with Flexible Coils
 2001 Linear Rod-Coil Multiblock Oligomers with a Repeating Unit-Dependent Supramolecular Organization
 2001 Supramolecular Honeycomb by Self-Assembly of Molecular Rods in Rod-Coil Molecule
 2001 Synthesis of a nanoporous polymer with hexagonal channels from supramolecular discotic liquid crystals
 2002 Self-assembly of molecular dumbbells into organized bundles with tunable size
 2003 Supramolecular assembly of fluorescent phasmidic diacetylene and its photopolymerization
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 2004 Organization of branched rod-coil molecules into a 3-D tetragonally perforated lamellar mesophase
 2005 Anion-directed self-organization of thermotropic liquid crystalline materials containing a guanidinium moiety
Oh, Nuri2008 Self-Assembly of Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized by using a Liquid-Crystalline Phospholipid Membrane
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 2005 Film Compensation of the Optically Compensated Splay Liquid Crystal Device
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 1996 Synthesis of side-chain liquid crystalline polyacetylene derivatives by Ziegler-Natta and metathesis catalysts
 1996 Thermal stability and liquid crystalline properties of side-chain liquid crystalline polyacetylene derivatives
 1997 Synthesis and properties of novel photoresponsive polyacetylene derivatives with an azobenzene mesogenic moiety in the side group
 1997 Synthesis and properties of photoresponsive polyacetylene derivatives with an azobenzene mesogenic moiety in the side group
 2002 Fabrication of Protein A LB Film for Immunoglobulin G Immobilization
 2006 Characteristics of Polymer Light Emitting Diode Using a Phosphorescent Terpolymer Containing Perylene, Triazine and Ir(ppy)3 Moieties in the Polymer Side Chain
 2006 Characteristics of Vertical Type Organic Transistor Using N-Type Material and its Application for OLED
 2006 Vertical Type Organic Transistor Using C60 and its Application for OLET
 2007 Anthracene Effects on Organic Light Emitting Diode Performance of Tetra-Substituted Ethylene Derivatives
 2007 Characteristics and Fabrication of Vertical Type Transistor Using Solution-Processible Regioregular Poly(3-hexylthiophene)
 2007 Deep UV Photopatterning of Biphenyl Thiol Self-Assembled Monolayer and its Physical Properties
 2007 Effects of Metal Electrodes on the Performance of Vertical Type Organic Thin Film Transistor Using C60
 2007 New Multi-Phenylated Carbazole Derivatives for OLED through Diels-Alder Reaction
 2007 Synthesis and Hole-Injection Property of Phenothiazinyl Derivative Containing Triphenylamine Moiety in OLED Device
 2007 Synthesis and Properties of Poly(10-Octylphenothiazine-CO-2',3',6',7'-Tertrakis-Octyloxy-9-Spirobifluorene) for OLEDs
Oh, Seh Min1990 Preparation of spinnable mesophase pitch by two-stage heat treatment
 1991 Effects of pressurized pretreatment on the preparation of mesophase pitch
 1992 Oxidation properties of mesophase pitch prepared by a heterogeneous nucleation method
Oh, Seong-Geun1987 Phase behavior and solubilization of 1-hexanol in the water-continuous phases containing surface-active compounds
 2000 Preparation of Indium-Tin Oxide Particles in Shear-Induced Multilamellar Vesicles (Spherulites) as Chemical Reactors
 2007 Influence of the ceramide(III) and cholesterol on the structure of a non-hydrous phospholipid-based lamellar liquid crystal : structural and thermal transition behaviors
 2007 Lyotropic behaviors of a phospholipid-based lamella liquid crystalline phase hydrated by propylene glycol as a polar solvent: correlation of DSPC vs PG concentration
Oh, Seung M.2000 An EVS (electrochemical voltage spectroscopy) study for the comparison of graphitization behaviors of two petroleum needle cokes
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 2008 Synthesis and Photo-Polymerization of Poly(Alkyl Urethane) Acrylate Oligomers Using 2-Isocyanatoethyl Methacrylate for UV Curable Coating
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 1997 Synthesis and properties of photoresponsive polyacetylene derivatives with an azobenzene mesogenic moiety in the side group
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 2003 Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
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 1987 Thermally stimulated currents in poly(bis(p-fluorophenoxy)phosphazene)
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 1997 Plasma processing and apparatus therefor improving substrate adhesion to susceptor
 1999 Plasma sputtering apparatus for the formation of thin film on liquid crystal display substrate
 2000 Active matrix liquid crystal display device
Ohara, Masayoshi1994 Environment-induced morphological changes of polyethylene lamellae during crystallization in solution
Ohara, Mie1997 Electrode structure of liquid crystal display device
 1997 Liquid - crystal display panel
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O'Hara, Tony1996 Study of indium-tin-oxide surface morphology and its influence on obliquely evaporated SiOx alignment layers for ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1998 Fabrication of spatial light modulator backplanes using damascene processing
O'Hare, Dermot1995 Formation of silica-surfactant mesophases studied by real-time in situ x-ray powder diffraction
 1999 Solid state 2H NMR study of the orientation and dynamics of cobaltocenium intercalated in the layered silicate Laponite RD
 1999 Time-Resolved in Situ X-ray Powder Diffraction Study of the Formation of Mesoporous Silicates
 2000 Time-resolved, in situ X-ray diffraction studies of intercalation in lamellar hosts
Ohashi, Akio1998 Process for manufacture of LED without using frame mold
Ohashi, Asami2001 Phase-Type Gratings Formed by Photochemical Phase Transition of Polymer Azobenzene Liquid Crystal. 2. Rapid Switching of Diffraction Beams in Thin Films
 2006 One- and two-photon induced phase transition behavior of nematic liquid crystals containing bis-styryl benzene as a photoresponsive chromophore
Ohashi, Fumihiko1991 Novel antimicrobial silicate complexes for industrial uses
Ohashi, Gensho1999 Nitride ceramic-metal composites and their manufacture
 1999 Nitride ceramic-metal composites and their manufacture
Ohashi, H.2002 Lattice Boltzmann Kinetic Analysis of the Effects of the Magnetic Fields on Ferronematic Liquid Crystals
 2003 Lattice boltzmann kinetic scheme for electro-optical and magneto-optical effects in ferronematic liquid crystals
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Ohashi, Haruhiko2008 Right Handed or Left Handed? Forbidden X-Ray Diffraction Reveals Chirality
Ohashi, Hideo1999 Illumination apparatus comprising film electroluminescent device and insulation resin holder
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Ohashi, Kazuhiki1996 Optical liquid crystal element
Ohashi, Kazuhiko1997 Metal-clad liquid crystalline polymer sheet laminates and liquid crystalline polymer sheet laminates with good adhesion to metals
 1997 Stretched polymer liquid crystal film with adhesive or metallic surface
Ohashi, Ken2001 Compact Permanent Magnetic Circuit with Periodic Magnetic Field Designed for Studies of Liquid Crystals
Ohashi, Kyoko2003 Asymmetrical singularities in real-world signals
Ohashi, Makoto1992 dielectric film for liquid-crystal display device
 1992 Liquid - crystal display device
 1992 Liquid-crystal display device
 1992 Manufacture of liquid-crystal display device
 1992 Polymer network liquid-crystal display panel and its manufacture
 1997 Active matrix liquid - crystal display panel and projection type display device
 1998 Vertically aligned liquid-crystal display device
 2000 Liquid crystals and active-matrix liquid crystal display panels
 2001 Vertically-aligned (va) liquid crystal display device
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 1997 Mechanical properties about polymer blend of polypropylene and liquid crystalline polymer (2nd report)
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 1989 Relationships between mesophase behavior and crystal structures of chiral smectogenic 4-[(S)-2-methylbutyl]phenyl 4'-alkoxybiphenyl-4-carboxylates
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 1994 Discovery of liquid crystals as a linkage, for liquid and solid
 1994 Liquid crystals of organic metal complexes
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