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Nyden, M.2003 Power laws in polymer solution dynamics
Nyden, Magnus1997 Pulsed Field Gradient NMR Studies of Translational Diffusion in Cylindrical Surfactant Aggregates
 2007 Interactions between Benzyl Benzoate and Single- and Double-Chain Quaternary Ammonium Surfactants
Nye, Jeffrey A.2008 Discrete arrays of liquid-crystal-supported proteolipid monolayers as phantom cell surfaces
Nyeo, Su-Long2003 Diffusion coefficients of two-dimensional viral DNA walks
Nygaard, Nicolai2004 Discrete variable representation for singular Hamiltonians
Nygren, M.1995 Deuterium NMR Investigation of a Discotic Mesogen Based on Hexasubstituted Truxene
Nygren, R.E.1996 High heat flux testing of CFC composites for the tokamak physics experiment
Nyguyen, Huy Loc2002 Metallomesogens based on 2- and 3-Stilbazoles
Nyholm, Per2001 Self-Organized Thermosets: Blends of Hexamethyltetramine Cured Novolac with Poly(2-vinylpyridine)-block-poly(isoprene)
Nyitrai, K.1969 Investigations in the field of radiation-induced solid-state polymerization-XXIV The polymerization of cetyl vinyl ether
 1977 Polymerization in liquid crystals. II [1]. Copolymerization of p-methyl-p-acryloyloxy-azoxybenzene and cholesteryl vinyl succinate in the mesophase
 1977 Polymerization in liquid crystals. III [1]. Studies on the structures of some polymeric azoxyacrylates
 1977 State conditions of polymer and monomer with liquid crystalline phases
 1978 Polymerization in liquid crystals. IV. The polymerization of cholesteryl-vinyl-succinate
 1980 Investigation of the mesomorphic structure of p-alkoxyphenyl p-acryloyloxybenzoate polymers
 1981 Mixing enthalpies of polymers with mesomorphic properties and mesogenic plasticizers
 1981 Polymerization in liquid crystals. IX. Structural investigations of copolymers containing p-methyl-p-acryloyloxyazoxybenzene and cholesteryl vinyl succinate
 1981 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XI. Copolymerization of N-acryloylpiperidine with cholesteryl acrylate and phenyl p-acryloyloxybenzoate
 1981 Study of Phase-Diagram and Copolymerization of p-Ethoxy-p'-acryloyloxy-azobeiizene with Cholesteryl Acrylate
 1982 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XIII. Copolymerization of mesogenic monomers
 1984 Identification of the Structure of Mesomorphic Polymers by Means of their Miscibility
 1985 Polymerization in liquid crystals - XVII. Effect of flexible substituents in the mesogenic side chain on the behavior of mesogenic polymers
 1985 Polymerization in liquid crystals - XVIII. Effect of the polyethylene oxide main chain on the properties of polymers containing mesogenic groups in the side chain
 1985 The effect of the structural elements on the properties of side chain mesomorphic polymers
 1986 Conformation and optical anisotropy of short chain molecules with mesogenic side groups
 1990 Thermal and optical studies on hexa-2,4-diyne-1,6-diyl-bis(4-n-hexoxybenzoate)
Nyitrai, Karoly1963 Radiation polymerization in the solid phase. I. Cetyl methacrylate
 1963 The polymerization of cetyl methacrylate
 1968 Radiation-induced solid state polymerization. XXIV. Polymerization of vinyl cetyl ether
 1968 Radiation-induced solid state polymerization. XXV. Influence of a second component on the solid state polymerization of vinyl cetyl ether
 1970 Radiation-induced solid state polymerization. XXVII. Polymerization of cholesteryl acrylate and its two-component systems.
 1970 Radiation-induced solid-state polymerization. XXVI. Structural studies related to the polymerization of cholesteryl acrylate
 1970 Radiation-induced solid-state polymerization. XXVI. Structural studies related to the polymerization of cholesteryl acrylate
 1976 Polymerization in liquid crystals, II. The mesophase copolymerization of p-methyl-p'-acryloyloxyazoxybenzene and cholesteryl vinyl succinate
 1976 Polymerization in liquid crystals, III. Structural studies on some azoxyacrylate polymers
 1976 Polymerization in liquid crystals, IV. Polymerization studies on cholesteryl vinyl succinate
 1977 Monomer-Polymer Interactions in Liquid-Crystalline State Polymerization
 1978 Polymerization in the liquid crystalline state: monomer-polymer interactions
 1979 Mesomorphic polymers
 1979 Polymerization in liquid crystals, V. The synthesis of some polymerizable compounds with a liquid crystalline state
 1979 Polymerization in liquid crystals. V. Synthesis of polymerizable compounds with a liquid crystalline state
 1979 Polymerization in liquid crystals. VIII. Copolymerization in liquid crystalline media
 1980 Polymerization in liquid crystals. VI. Study on the mesomorphic structure of p-alkoxyphenyl p-acryloyloxybenzoate polymers
 1980 Polymerization in liquid crystals. VII. Mesomorphic polymers
 1980 Studies in the field of solid state polymerization. XXXVIII. Radiation-induced solid state polymerization of long-chain substituted vinyl monomers
 1981 Nematic polymeric structures
Nyitrai, Karoly (cont...)1981 Polymerization in liquid crystals. IX. Investigation of the structure of copolymers containing p-methyl-p'-acryloyloxyazoxybenzene and cholesteryl vinyl succinate
 1981 Polymerization in liquid crystals. X. Investigation of the copolymerization of p-ethoxy-p'-acryloyloxyazobenzene and cholesteryl acrylate
 1981 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XI. Copolymerization of N-acryloylpiperidine with cholesteryl acrylate and phenyl p-acryloyloxybenzoate
 1981 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XII. Investigation of the orientation of poly[phenyl p-(acryloyloxy)benzoate] in a magnetic field
 1983 Copolymerization of cholesterol-based mesogenic monomers
 1983 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XIII. Study of copolymerization of mesogenic monomers
 1983 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XIV. Studies of the mesomorphic structure of poly[p-methoxyphenyl p-(methacryloyloxyethoxy)benzoate]
 1983 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XV. Copolymerization of mesogenic monomers with a cholesteric group
 1983 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XVI. Study of the copolymerization of hexadecylacrylamide
 1983 Studies on copolymerizations of hexadecylacrylamide
 1984 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XVII. Effect of the substituents of the mesogenic side chain on the properties of mesogenic polymers
 1984 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XVIII. Effect of the poly(ethylene oxide) main chain on the properties of polymers containing mesogenic side groups
 1984 Structure of side chain mesogenic polymers as a function of their soft elements
 1984 Studies on the mesomorphic structure of poly(p-methoxyphenyl p-methacryloyloxyethoxybenzoate)
 1986 Conformation and optical anisotropy of short-chain molecules with mesogenic side groups
 1988 Synthesis of diacetylenic derivatives with a mesogenic group.
 1989 Hexa-2,4-diyne-1,6-diyl bis(4-hexyloxybenzoate), white form at 185 K
 1989 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XXIII. Side chain mesogenic polydiacetylenes: synthesis and properties
 1990 Mesomorphic polydiacetylenes
Nykänen, A.2007 Enzymatic Hydrolysis Combined with Mechanical Shearing and High-Pressure Homogenization for Nanoscale Cellulose Fibrils and Strong Gels
Nykänen, Antti2007 Functional Carbon Nanoflakes with High Aspect Ratio by Pyrolysis of Cured Templates of Block Copolymer and Phenolic Resin
 2008 Fibrillar Constructs from Multilevel Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Discotic and Calamitic Supramolecular Motifs
Nyland, A.1995 Thermal spraying of bioactive glass ceramics
Nylander, Claes1986 Dielectric studies of ionic interactions in aqueous lamellar amphiphilic systems
Nylander, T.1999 Phase Behavior and Aggregate Structure in Aqueous Mixtures of Sodium Cholate and Glycerol Monooleate
Nylander, Tommy1994 Electrochemical biosensors for glucose, lactate, urea, and creatinine based on enzymes entrapped in a cubic liquid crystalline phase
 1996 A study of entrapped enzyme stability and substrate diffusion in a monoglyceride-based cubic liquid crystalline phase
 1996 Diffusivity measurements using holographic laser interferometry in a cubic lipid-water phase
 1996 Effects of distearoylphosphatidylglycerol and lysozyme on the structure of the monoolein-water cubic phase: X-ray diffraction and Raman scattering studies
 1997 An FT-IR study of the effects of distearoylphosphatidylglycerol and cytochrome c on the molecular organization of the monoolein-water cubic liquid - crystalline phase
 1997 Structural Effects, Mobility, and Redox Behavior of Vitamin K1 Hosted in the Monoolein/Water Liquid Crystalline Phases
 1999 Solubilization of ubiquinone-10 in the lamellar and bicontinuous cubic phases of aqueous monoolein
 2000 Characterization of the Liquid-Crystalline Phases in the Glycerol Monooleate/Diglycerol Monooleate/Water System
 2001 Addition of hydrophilic and lipophilic compounds of biological relevance to the monoolein/water system. I. Phase behavior
 2001 Phase Behavior and Aggregate Formation for the Aqueous Monoolein System Mixed with Sodium Oleate and Oleic Acid
 2002 Effect of Lipase on Different Lipid Liquid Crystalline Phases Formed by Oleic Acid Based Acylglycerols in Aqueous Systems
 2003 Phase equilibria of model milk membrane lipid systems
 2003 Towards redox active liquid crystalline phases of lipids: a monoolein/water system with entrapped derivatives of ferrocene
 2005 SANS Study of the Interactions among DNA, a Cationic Surfactant, and Polystyrene Latex Particles
 2006 An X-ray diffraction study of alterations in bovine lung surfactant bilayer structures induced by albumin
 2006 Hexagonal Liquid-crystalline Nanoparticles in Aqueous Mixtures of Glyceryl Monooleyl Ether and Pluronic F127
 2008 Adsorption of cubic liquid crystalline nanoparticles on model membranes
Nylandera, T.1996 Incorporation of proteins in sphingomyelin-water gel phases
Nyokong, Tebello2009 Diffraction efficiency and I-V characteristics of metal-free phthalocyanine doped nematic liquid crystals
Nyquist, Håkan1999 Cubic phases for studies of drug partition into lipid bilayers
Nyqvist, Håkan1997 A new method to determine the lipid bilayer/water partition coefficient by means of a cubic phase
 1999 Oleate Salt Formation and Mesomorphic Behavior in the Propranolol/Oleic Acid Binary System
Nyrkova, I.2006 Self-assembling β -sheet tape forming peptides
Nyrkova, I.A.1986 Liquid-crystalline ordering in polyelectrolyte solutions
 1988 Influence of van-der-Waals molecular interaction on the liquid-crystalline order in polymer solutions
 1989 Compatibility of blends of polymers having rigid and flexible backbones
 1989 Theory of elasticity of rubbers with orientational interactions
 1989 Theory of photoelasticity of nematic elastomers
 1993 Liquid-crystalline ordering in the solutions of polyelectrolytes
Nyrkova, Irina A.1996 Highly anisotropic rigidity of "ribbon-like" polymers: I. Chain conformation in dilute solutions
 1997 Highly anisotropic rigidity of "ribbon-like" polymers: II. Nematic phases in systems between two and three dimensions
 1997 Highly anisotropic rigidity of "ribbon-like" polymers: III. phase diagrams for solutions
 1997 Liquid - crystalline ordering in solutions of polyelectrolytes
Nyssen, Peter-Roger2001 Organic pigments for color filters in LCD
Nysten, B.1993 The correlation of thermal conductivity with electrical resistivity in mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber
Nysten, Bernard2007 High-Throughput Fabrication of Organic Nanowire Devices with Preferential Internal Alignment and Improved Performance
Nytro, Morten2000 Heat-resistant bilayer plastic containers for food
Nywening, R.1998 High conductivity gate metallurgy for TFT/LCD's
 1999 High conductivity gate metallurgy for TFT/LCD's
Oag, Thomas J.D.2006 Direct wavefront phase measurement using point diffraction interferometer with application to large scale AO
Oakes, J.1970 Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of water in disperse systems
Oakes, Patrick W.2006 Isotropic to Nematic Liquid Crystalline Phase Transition of F-Actin Varies from Continuous to First Order
Oakham, Peter2006 Low-cost digital radiographic imaging systems: the x-ray light valve
Oakley, Barbara2003 Ultrasonic Parameters as a Function of Absolute Hydrostatic Pressure. II. Mathematical Models of the Speed of Sound in Organic Liquids
Oakley, Barbara A.2003 Ultrasonic Parameters as a Function of Absolute Hydrostatic Pressure. I. A Review of the Data for Organic Liquids
Oakley, Etheridge O.1997 Shoes comprising three-dimensional thermoformed fiber product
Oakley, Michael A.2002 New principles in metallomesogen structure-magnetism correlations
 2003 Synthesis and Mesogenic Properties of Binuclear Copper(II) Complexes Derived from Salicylaldimine Schiff Bases
Oakley, Richard J.2009 Nucleotide-Based Templates for Nanoparticle Production-Exploiting Multiple Noncovalent Interactions
Oaku, Toshiyuki1996 Printed circuit board and its manufacture
 1997 Molded interconnection devices and their manufacture with excellent throughput
 1998 Method for roughening polymer surface for printed circuit board
 1998 Three-dimensional circuit component, and its manufacture by coating resin with conductor
Oakwood, Thomas S.1936 Studies on Sterols. V. epi-Cholesterol
Oana, Y.1989 Low resistivity quasi-epitaxial molybdenum-tantalum alloy and high-quality anodic oxide for amorphous-silicon thin-film transistor liquid-crystal display
Oana, Yasuhisa1989 Active matrix addressed liquid crystal displays using amorphous silicon thin film transistors
 1992 Array substrate for liquid crystal display device
 1992 Electrodeposition color filter and color liquid crystal display using same
 1992 Manufacture of color filter for liquid-crystal display device
 1992 Manufacture of color filter for liquid-crystal display device
 1992 Manufacture of color filter for liquid-crystal display device
 1992 Manufacture of conductive color filter for liquid-crystal display device
Oates, William S.2009 A computational model for domain structure evolution of nematic liquid crystal elastomers
Oba, K.1989 15th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Osaka
Oba, Kazumasa1986 2-Methylbutyloxyalkane derivatives
 1986 Phenylpyrimidine derivatives
 1986 Phenylpyrimidine derivatives
 1986 Phenylpyrimidine derivatives
 1986 Pyrimidine derivatives
 1987 Liquid crystal phenylpyridine derivative for display device
 1987 Optically active 9,10-dihydro-7-alkoxy-phenanthrene-2-carboxylic acid esters as liquid crystals
 1987 Optically-active (alkylthiophenyl)pyrimidine derivatives as ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1987 Optically-active phenylpiperazine derivatives for ferroelectric liquid-crystal display devices
 1988 (2-Fluoroalkoxy)phenylpyrimidine derivatives as ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1988 (Citronellyloxyphenyl)pyrimidine derivatives as ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1988 optical-active alkylcyclobiphenylyl carboxylates for chiral smectic liquid-crystal displays
 1988 Optically active (alkylcyclohexyl)benzoic acid phenyl ester derivatives as ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1988 Optically active 2-phenyl-5-phenylpyrimidine derivatives as ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1988 Optically active 2-phenylpyrimidine derivatives as ferroelectric chiralsmectic liquid cryst. compounds for display devices
 1988 Optically active biphenylyl acyloxybenzoates as ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1988 Pyrimidinylphenyl α-methylcarboxylate esters as ferroelectric chiral-smectic liquid crystals
 1989 Optically active pyrimidinylphenyl esters and ferroelectric chiral-smectic liquid crystal compositions containing them therein
 1989 Pyrimidinylphenoxyalkyl esters as liquid crystals
 1989 Pyrimidinylphenyl acyloxybenzoate derivatives as liquid crystals
Oba, Kazumasa (cont...)1990 Liquid crystalline pyrimidinylphenyl benzoates
Oba, Masayuki1987 Liquid crystal display device
 1988 7-alkoxyfluorene-2-carboxylate esters as ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1988 Light-shielding polyimides, polyimide compositions and their use in liquid crystal display devices
 1997 Apparatus and method for detecting electric field-sensitive impurities
 1997 Negative-working photosensitive polymer resin composition for forming fine patterns in manufacture of electronic parts
 1997 Polyimide precursor compositions, making films therefrom, and electronic components and liquid crystal elements using the same
Oba, Noriko1987 Fast-switching ferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures
Oba, Tomofumi2000 Control of the step coverage behavior of gate a-SiNx:H
Oba, Toru2005 Liquid crystallinity of 2-fluorenyl 4-alkylbenzoates
Obadovic, A.Z.1997 The Study Of the Influence of the Ionizing Radiation onto the Phase Transitions of the Mixtures of some Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
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 1998 Study of the influence of ionizing radiation onto phase transitions of mixtures of some cholesteric liquid crystals
 1998 The study of phase transitions of new ferroelectric liquid crystals with chiral 2-alkoxypropionate groups
 2000 The influence of new chiral additives on phase transitions of binary mixtures of some cholesteric liquid crystals
 2000 The study of phase transitions of binary liquid crystalline mixtures
 2002 Influence of chiral additives onto molecular parameters of binary mixtures of cholesteric liquid crystals
 2005 New ferroelectric liquid crystalline materials containing one and two lactate groups attached to the molecular core
Obadovic, Dusanka1993 The study of phase transitions in thermotropic liquid crystals of S type
Obadovic, Dusanka Z.1995 The structure of mesophases of binary and multicomponent mixtures of some cholesteric liquid crystals
 2002 Study of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals with 2-Alkoxypropionate Chiral Group by X-Ray Measurements
 2007 X-ray and Dielectric Spectroscopy Studies Of Chiral Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals With Keto Group
Obama, Kenjiro1992 Cleaning composition for molding apparatus for plastics
O'Bannon, G.W.1991 Deuterium NMR study of molecular order and dynamics in 60CB
Obara, Katsumi1995 Liquid crystal display apparatus with improved contrast and its manufacture
 1997 Liquid crystal display device with wavelength-selective light-absorbing film and its manufacture
Obara, Kazuhiro1986 Effect of temperature on shear viscosity of concentrated solutions of hydroxypropyl cellulose
 1986 Viscometric behavior of liquid-crystalline solutions of hydroxypropyl cellulose in N,N-dimethylacetamide and in dimethylsulfoxide: Effects of temperature and concentration
Obara, Minoru1995 Manufacture of color polymer particles and liquid crystal devices containing them
Obara, T.1984 Enhancement of transferable hydrogen in petroleum residue and petroleum derived pitch with catalyst during thermal degradation
 1984 Hydrogen donor and acceptor ability of coal and pitch - factors governing mesophase development from low rank coal during carbonization
Obara, Toshiyuki1981 Carbonization behavior of hydrogenated ethylene tar pitch
 1985 Carbonization behavior of pitch in the presence of inert material
 1985 Enhancement of hydrogen transfer in petroleum residue with catalysts during carbonization
 1986 Carbonization of hydrogenated ethylene-tar pitch; study of the pitch molecular compactness factor and coke optical texture
Obara, Yasuo1989 Finishing pitch precursor fibers with lubricants for manufacture of carbon or graphite fibers with high tensile strength
 1989 Infusibilization of pitch fibers for manufacture of carbon or graphite fibers with increased tensile strength
 1989 Infusibilizing carbon fiber pitch precursors with reduced fiber-to-fiber adhesion
 1989 Winding pitch precursor fibers for manufacture of carbon fibers with reduced neps
Obare, Sherine O.2002 Liquid crystalline assemblies of ordered gold nanorods
Obarowska, M.2007 Application of organic materials in electronics
 2008 Electric Field Dependence of the Probability of Charge Carriers Recombination
 2008 The Surface Photoconductivity in Molecular Layers
Obata, Fumio1997 Method and apparatus for manufacturing liquid-crystal electrooptical device
 1999 Manufacture of glass substrates inhibiting scattering of glass powders for liquid crystal displays
Obata, Kuninori2001 Molecular Orientation in Vacuum-Deposited Peralkyloligosilane Thin Films
Obata, Makoto2002 meso-Tetraphenylporphyrin Having Hexa-maltosyl and Decyl Chain as an Amphiphilic Photosensitizer toward Photodynamic Therapy
 2002 Synthesis, structural analysis, and visualization of poly(2-ethynyl-9-substituted carbazole)s and poly(3-ethynyl-9-substituted carbazole)s containing chiral and achiral minidendritic substituents
 2006 AFM Visualization of Individual and Periodic Assemblies of a Helical Dendronized Polyphenylacetylene on Graphite
Obata, Ritsuko1992 Preparation of (formylphenyl)alkanoic acids cyclic acetal derivatives
Obata, Syu1993 Infrared ATR study on surface induced FLC alignment:cell-gap dependence
Obayashi, Chikao1975 Enhancement of thermally stimulated current in p-azoxyanisole polarized by magnetic field
 1981 DC-controllable bubble domains in mixed liquid crystals
Obayashi, Ichiro1997 Agent for improvement of liquid - crystalline properties and antiferroelectric composition containing it for display
Obayashi, Koji1995 Nonlinear dielectric spectroscopy of the Goldstone mode in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal
Obayashi, Toshio1997 Rear projection type liquid crystal projection device with improved contrast and image quality
Obe, Kazuo1997 Amorphous porous materials and manufacture of same by sol-gel process.
Ober, C.1980 Thermotropic liquid crystalline polyesters with rigid or flexible spacer groups
 1982 Liquid Crystal Polymers. V. Thermotropic Polyesters with Either Dyad or Triad Aromatic Ester Mesogenic Units and Flexible Polymethylene Spacers in the Main Chain
 1983 Liquid-crystalline polymers. 12. Polyesters with either alternating or random orientation of mesogenic units
 1983 Synthesis and properties of thermotropic compounds with two terminal mesogenic units and a central spacer. (II). Homologous series of α,ω-bis(4-p-substituted phenoxycarbonyl)phenoxyalkanes
 1998 Synthesis and dynamics of side-group liquid crystalline polymers
 2001 Periodic Surface Topology of Three-Arm Semifluorinated Alkane Monodendron Diblock Copolymers
Ober, Ch.K.1998 Molecular Orientation and Dynamics in Ferroelectric Diblock Copolymers Monitored by FT-IR Spectroscopy
Ober, Chrisopher K.1996 The curing of dicyanate ester liquid crystalline thermosets
Ober, Christopher1981 Phase transitions in alkylene glycol terephthalate copolyesters containing mesogenic p-oxybenzoate units
Ober, Christopher K.1982 Liquid crystalline polymers. 8. Structurally ordered thermotropic polyesters of glycol ethers
 1982 Preparation and properties of mesomorphic oligo(oxalate)s
 1983 Liquid crystal polymers. 13. A smectic aromatic polyester with triad mesogenic groups and a polymethylene spacer in the main chain
 1984 Liquid crystal polymers with flexible spacers in the main chain
 1986 Thermotropic liquid-crystalline polyesters containing naphthalenic mesogenic groups
 1988 Liquid-crystalline polyesters by staged-addition polycondensation
 1988 Synchrotron radiation studies of model liquid-crystalline polyesters
 1989 Chemical heterogeneity in LC [liquid-crystalline] polyesters
 1989 Studies of liquid-crystalline polymer phase transitions using synchrotron x-radiation
 1990 Chemical heterogeneity in liquid-crystalline polyesters
 1990 Current topics in liquid-crystalline polymers
 1990 Dynamic x-ray diffraction studies of liquid-crystalline polyesters
 1990 Liquid-crystal copolyethers with mixed mesogenic units and flexible spacers
 1990 Liquid-crystalline epoxy networks
 1990 Mechanical and magnetic orientation of liquid-crystalline epoxy networks
 1990 Melt diffusion in model liquid-crystalline polymers
 1990 New thermotropic polyesters from distyrylbenzene bisphenols
 1991 Curing and alignment of liquid-crystalline epoxy networks
 1991 Liquid-crystalline thermosets as materials for microelectronics
 1991 Model polymers with distyrylbenzene segments for third-order nonlinear optical properties
Ober, Christopher K. (cont...)1991 Thermotropic polymers with conjugated distyrylbenzene and diphenylbutadiene segments
 1992 Diffusion in Liquid Crystal Polymers
 1992 Liquid - crystalline polymers
 1992 Liquid-crystalline epoxy thermosets based on dihydroxymethylstilbene: synthesis and characterization
 1992 Melt diffusion in model liquid crystalline polymers
 1992 New liquid crystal polyethers and polyesters based on diphenylbutadiene mesogens
 1992 Polymeric triazine networks with homogeneous and oriented structures and method of preparation
 1992 Rheology of Model Main-Chain and Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 1992 Rigid-rod thermosets based on 1,3,5-triazine-linked aromatic ester segments
 1992 Synchrotron x-ray studies of electric-field alignment of liquid-crystalline siloxanes
 1992 The investigation of melt diffusion in liquid crystalline polymers by forward recoil spectrometry (FRES)
 1992 The mechanical and magnetic alignment of liquid-crystalline epoxy thermosets
 1992 Time-resolved x-ray diffraction from liquid crystalline systems: thermotropic phase transitions and the effect of applied electric fields
 1993 An investigation of the smectic -isotropic transition in a side-chain liquid crystal polymer by synchrotron radiation x-ray diffraction
 1993 Conductivity and third-order nonlinear optical measurements of polymers with distyrylbenzene and diphenylbutadiene segments
 1993 Diffusion and melt viscosity of a main-chain liquid crystalline polyether
 1993 Linear viscoelasticity of side chain liquid crystal polymers
 1993 Liquid crystalline and rigid-rod networks
 1993 Novel liquid crystalline thermosets: microstructural evolution of an LC mesophase during the curing process
 1993 Synchrotron x-ray radiation (CHESS) study of electric-field induced changes in the structure of thermotropic side-chain liquid crystals
Ober, Christopher K. (cont...)1993 Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystal/coil diblock copolymers containing azobenzene moieties
 1993 The temperature dependence of nematic liquid crystalline polymer melt diffusion
 1993 Thermosets based on blends of liquid crystalline polymers and mesogenic dicyanate
 1994 ESR studies of molecular dynamics of a liquid crystalline polyether
 1994 Probing the electric field alignment of a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer by synchrotron radiation
 1994 Viscoelastic properties of a model main-chain liquid crystalline polyether
 1995 Curing of liquid crystalline networks in electric fields: Preparation of oriented thin films
 1995 Melt diffusion in liquid crystalline polymers. Rigid rod vs. semi-rigid model systems
 1995 Nematic-smectic biphase of a main-chain liquid crystalline polyether
 1995 Star branched LC poly(ether)s
 1995 The effect of electric and magnetic fields on the melt organization of a nematic cyclic siloxane liquid crystal
 1995 Twin mesogen liquid crystalline thermosets
 1995 Zigzag Morphology of a Poly(styrene-b-hexyl isocyanate) Rod-Coil Block Copolymer
 1996 Constructing a layered structure from liquid crystalline thermosets materials using an A.C. electric field
 1996 Controlled-order thermosets for electronic packaging
 1996 Molecular Association in Nematic Phases of Cyclic Liquid Crystal Oligomers
 1996 Molecular Dynamics of a Liquid Crystalline Polymer Studied by Two-Dimensional Fourier Transform and CW ESR
 1996 Orientation-On-Demand Thin Films: Curing of Liquid Crystalline Networks in ac Electric Fields
 1996 Rotational Diffusion and Order Parameters of a Liquid Crystalline Polymer Studied by ESR: Molecular Weight Dependence
 1996 Self-assembled smectic phases in rod-coil block copolymers
Ober, Christopher K. (cont...)1996 Structural Characterization of Biphenyl Ester-Based LC Molecules: Peculiarities of Cyclic Siloxane-Based Materials
 1996 Synthesis and curing of novel LC twin epoxy monomers for liquid crystal thermosets
 1996 Synthesis of novel low surface energy semifluorinated alkyl side chain ionenes
 1996 The processing of LC thermosets in orienting external fields
 1996 Transient structures of LC polymers in external fields observed by synchrotron radiation
 1996 Translational Diffusion in Polydisperse Polymer Samples Studied by Dynamic Imaging of Diffusion ESR
 1996 Tuning physical properties and mesophase behavior in liquid crystalline thermoset mixtures.
 1997 Analysis of smectic structure formation in liquid crystalline thermosets
 1997 Block copolymers containing liquid - crystalline segments
 1997 Deformation and fracture of a polydomain liquid crystalline epoxy-based thermoset
 1997 Ferroelectric block copolymers
 1997 Influence of a liquid-crystalline block on the microdomain structure of block copolymers
 1997 Liquid Crystalline, Semifluorinated Side Group Block Copolymers with Stable Low Energy Surfaces: Synthesis, Liquid Crystalline Structure, and Critical Surface Tension
 1997 Liquid-crystalline networks from 1,4-benzenedicarboxylic acid bis(4-cyanatomethylphenyl) ester
 1997 Microphase stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal (MSFLC): bistable switching of FLC-coil diblock copolymers
 1997 Mixtures of Liquid-Crystalline and Amorphous Dicyanates: Unusual Curing Behavior and Mechanical Properties
 1997 Molecular Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Liquid Crystal-Coil Diblock Copolymers with Azobenzene Side Groups
 1997 Multiple length scale self-organization in liquid-crystalline block copolymers
 1997 Order within order. Studies of semifluorinated block copolymers
 1997 Orientation of Liquid Crystalline Epoxides under ac Electric Fields
Ober, Christopher K. (cont...)1997 Polyelectrolyte-Surfactant Complexes in the Solid State: Facile building blocks for self-organizing materials
 1997 Rigid rod and liquid crystalline thermosets
 1997 Self-assembly of fluorinated LC block copolymers with a stable low energy surface
 1997 Self-organizing materials with low surface energy: the synthesis and solid-state properties of semifluorinated side-chain ionenes
 1997 Smectic rheology
 1997 X-ray scattering and molecular association of cyclic siloxane-based liquid crystalline macromolecules
 1998 Block copolymers containing liquid crystalline segments
 1998 Curvature driven relaxation of disclination loops in liquid crystals
 1998 Deformation of a Polydomain, Liquid Crystalline Epoxy-Based Thermoset
 1998 Deformation of a Polydomain, Smectic Liquid Crystalline Elastomer
 1998 Flow-induced structure in a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer as studied by SANS
 1998 Microphase-Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals (MSFLC): Bistable Switching of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal-Coil Diblock Copolymers
 1998 Semifluorinated groups as building blocks for ordered polymers
 1998 Semifluorinated polyesters with low surface energy
 1998 Smectic networks obtained from twin LC epoxy monomers-mechanical deformation of the smectic networks
 1998 Stress relaxation of a main-chain, smectic , polydomain liquid crystalline elastomer
 1998 Surfaces of semi-fluorinated block copolymers studied using NEXAFS
 1998 Synthesis and mechanical properties of semi-flexible polymer networks
 1998 Synthesis and Surface Energy Measurement of Semi-Fluorinated, Low-Energy Surfaces
 1998 Twin nematic phenyl benzoates in a.c. electric fields
Ober, Christopher K. (cont...)1999 Balancing liquid crystallinity with microphase separation in block copolymers
 1999 Block copolymers with low surface energy, liquid crystalline segments: the interplay of surface and bulk liquid crystallinity
 1999 Effect of polymer architecture on self-diffusion of LC polymers
 1999 Ferroelectric films made of block polymers
 1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1999 Liquid-crystalline side chain-coil diblock copolymers by living free radical polymerization
 1999 Low surface energy materials: liquid-crystalline block copolymers with semifluorinated monodendron side groups
 1999 Mesogen-jacketed liquid crystalline polymers via stable free radical polymerization
 1999 Mesogen-jacketed liquid crystalline polymers via stable free radical polymerization
 1999 Microphase-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal material for optical display device
 1999 Nematic solutions of large molecular weight side-group liquid crystal polymers
 1999 Solid state crystalline and liquid crystalline structure of semifluorinated 1-bromoalkane compounds
 1999 Transverse Cylindrical Microdomain Orientation in an LC Diblock Copolymer under Oscillatory Shear
 2000 Microdeformation of a polydomain, smectic liquid crystalline thermoset
 2000 Synchrotron radiation for probing the electric field alignment of LC macromolecules and polymers
 2000 Synchrotron x-ray study of the smectic layer directional instability
 2000 Temperature Dependence of Molecular Orientation on the Surfaces of Semifluorinated Polymer Thin Films
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 1986 Binary systems of 4-n-heptyloxycarboxy-5α-cholestane with liquid-crystal reentrant and induced phases
 1986 Optical properties of two liquid crystalline S(-)-1,4-bis-[4-(2-methylbutoxy)benzoyloxy]-2-alkylbenzenes
Oertel, R.1991 Viscoelastic properties of liquid crystals of aqueous biopolymer solutions
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