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Nose, Shinichi1997 Light-blocking film of liquid crystal display device
Nose, T.1989 Relationship between lens properties and director orientation in a liquid crystal lens
 1991 Optical properties of a hybrid-aligned liquid crystal microlens
 1994 Molecular weight dependence of the tracer diffusion coefficient of short chains in the microphase domain of block copolymers as studied by the pulsed-field gradient nuclear magnetic resonance method
 1996 Behavior of disclination lines induced by a nonuniform electric field in a nematic liquid crystal cell
 1999 Functionally graded optical polymer materials prepared using UV-curable liquid-crystals with an electric field
 1999 Graded index type liquid crystal microlens using small amount of polymer
 2001 Molecular Orientation Effects in the LC Cell Utilizing the Nonuniform Electric Field by the Extra Controlling Electrode
 2004 Determination of the Insertion Loss and Refractive Index Anisotropy in Nematic Liquid Crystal Materials Using a V-band Waveguide Transmission Cell
 2004 Orientational behavior of poly(β-benzyl L-glutamate) in a cholesteric liquid crystalline solution under a dynamic electric field near the nematic temperature
 2006 Molecular orientation effects in the CPW type LC devices for MMW phase shifting
 2006 Potential applications of nematic liquid crystal materials in the millimeter wave region
 2009 Microscopic birefringence imaging by phase-shift interferometry using a liquid crystal phase shifter
Nose, Takuhei1998 Phase behavior of rod with flexible side chains/coil/solvent systems: poly(α,l-glutamate) with tri(ethylene glycol) side chains, poly(ethylene glycol), and dimethylformamide
 2000 An X-Ray Diffraction Study on Crystalline and Mesomorphic Structures of Poly(diethylsiloxane)
 2000 Phase equilibrium studies on rod/solvent and rod/coil/solvent systems containing poly(α, L-glutamate) having oligo(ethylene glycol) side chains
 2004 Cross-effects between Mechanical and Electric Fields in Liquid Crystalline Solution of Poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate)
 2005 13C-NMR Spin Lattice Relaxation Time Observation on the Smectic A and Smectic C* Phases of a Chiral Smectic Liquid Crystal, (S)-4-(1-methylhexyloxycarbonyl)phenyl 4'-octyloxybiphenyl-4-carboxylate
 2005 Biaxial Shape Memory Effect Exhibited by Monodomain Chiral Smectic C Elastomers
 2005 Composition dependence of ordered structures in mixed micellar aqueous solutions of hydrophobically modified poly(ethylene glycol)s
 2005 Phase Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Mixed Poly(ethylene glycol) Mono-Dodecyl Ether Aqueous Solutions
 2005 13C-NMR Studies on Fluctuation of Rod-Like Molecules in Solution: Molecular Dynamics in a Polar Solvent of CDCl3
 2007 Brownian Molecular Dynamics Simulation on Self-Assembly Behavior of Rod-Coil Diblock Copolymers
 2007 Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamic Simulations for Lyotropic Liquid-Crystalline Solutions of Semiflexible Rod-Like Molecules
 2007 Collective fluctuation in chiral smectic phases of main-chain liquid crystalline polymers
 2007 Micellar structures of block-copolymers with ordered cores in dilute solution as studied by polarized and depolarized light scattering
 2009 Microphase separation of rod-coil diblock copolymer in solution
Nose, Toshiaki1988 Polarization properties of methylene blue films and their molecular orientation effects in nematic liquid-crystals
 1989 A liquid crystal microlens obtained with a nonuniform electric field
 1989 Liquid crystal polarizers with axially symmetrical properties
 1990 Optical and Electrical Logic Operations by a Liquid Crystal Bistable Optical Device
 1990 Optical properties of a liquid crystal microlens
 1991 Memory effects in nematic liquid crystals by a surface molecular reorientation
 1991 Optical properties of a liquid crystal microlens with a symmetric electrode structure
 1992 A Liquid Crystal Microlens with Hole-Patterned Electrodes on Both Substrates
 1992 Light Scattering Properties Induced by Memory Effects in a Nematic Liquid Crystal Cell without Rubbing
 1993 Light scattering properties induced by memory effects in a nematic liquid crystal cell without rubbing
 1994 Flip-Flop and Oscillating Behavior Obtained with Serial Connection of Liquid Crystal Bistable Optical Device Pixels
 1994 Optical of performance liquid crystal cells with asymmetric slit-patterned electrodes in various applied field configurations
 1995 A radial molecular orientation using a flow-induced aligning method in a nematic liquid crystal cell
 1995 Cylindrical liquid crystal lens and its applications in optical pattern correlation systems
 1995 Optical Haar wavelet transforms with liquid crystal elements
 1995 Visualization of molecular orientation by using a UV-curable liquid crystal
 1996 Cross-sectional observations of molecular orientation in LCDs using an UV curable liquid crystal
 1996 Cross-sectional observations of the cholesteric texture in a Cano wedge cell
 1996 Dependence of optical properties on the device and material parameters in liquid crystal microlenses
 1996 Diffraction and polarization properties of a liquid crystal grating
Nose, Toshiaki (cont...)1996 Polarization converting devices using a UV curable liquid crystal
 1996 Polarization modulation of a nematic liquid crystal grating
 1996 The high-field cured polymer networks in nematic liquid crystals
 1996 Viewing-angle properties of electrically induced hybrid twisted nematic liquid crystal display devices
 1997 Application of a liquid crystal lens to a double-focusing common-path interferometer
 1997 Effects of low polymer content in a liquid-crystal microlens
 1997 Influence of elastic constants on the optical properties of liquid crystal microlenses
 1997 Liquid crystal display devices with slit-patterned electrode structures
 1997 Liquid crystal microlens
 1997 Molecular orientations and optical transmission properties of liquid crystal cells with slit-patterned electrodes
 1997 Optical properties of an anamorphic liquid crystal microlens using an elliptically patterned electrode structure
 1997 Polarization properties of a liquid crystal phase grating
 1997 Refractive index distribution-type polymer lens and its manufacture
 1997 Refractive index of nematic liquid crystals in the submillimeter wave region
 1997 The effect of polymer networks on the electro-distortional characteristics of nematic liquid crystals
 1997 Visualization of director distributions from the cross-sectional images using a dye doped UV cured liquid crystal cell
 1998 A double-layer polymer/ liquid - crystal grating with polarization direction-independent diffraction properties
 1998 Novel liquid crystal grating with a relief structure by a simple UV irradiation process
 1998 Optical properties of a double layer polymer/LC grating by UV irradiation process
 1998 Optical properties of a polymer-stabilized liquid crystal microlens
Nose, Toshiaki (cont...)1998 Optical properties of an UV-cured liquid - crystal microlens array
 1998 Polarization properties of an amplitude nematic liquid crystal grating
 1999 Behavior of disclination lines in liquid crystal cells with a relief polymer layer by a single step UV irradiation
 1999 Liquid crystal microlens and improvement of the properties
 1999 Optical properties of anamorphic liquid crystal microlenses and their application for laser diode collimation
 1999 Optical properties of liquid crystal polarization converting devices and their application to optical wavelet transforms
 1999 Optimization of device parameters for minimizing spherical aberration and astigmatism in liquid crystal microlenses
 2000 Enhancement of Numerical Aperture of Liquid Crystal Microlenses Using a Stacked Electrode Structure
 2000 Improvement of Optical Properties and Beam Steering Functions in a Liquid Crystal Microlens with an Extra Controlling Electrode by a Planar Structure
 2000 Millimeter-Wave Transmission Properties of Nematic Liquid-Crystal Cells with a Grating-Patterned Electrode Structure
 2001 Feature extraction properties in optical wavelet transforms using liquid crystal polarization-converting devices
 2001 Improvement of Aberration Properties of Liquid Crystal Microlenses using the Stacked Electrode Structure
 2001 Influence of the spherical substrate in the liquid crystal lens on its optical properties and molecular orientation state
 2002 Complex Refractive Index Determination of the Nematic Liquid Crystal Materials in the Millimeter-Wave Region
 2002 Influence of the Tribological Properties on the Liquid Crystal Molecular Alignment in the Micro-Rubbing Process
 2002 Liquid Crystal Lens with Spherical Electrode
 2003 Polarization-Independent Liquid Crystal Grating Fabricated by Microrubbing Process
 2004 Liquid-Crystal Blazed grating with Spatially Distributed Four-Level Twisted Nematic Domains
 2004 Liquid-Crystal Reflective Beam Deflector with Microscale Alignment Pattern
 2004 Periodic reverse-twist nematic domains obtained by microrubbing patterns
Nose, Toshiaki (cont...)2005 Liquid-Crystal Fresnel Zone Plate Fabricated by Microrubbing
 2005 Polymer Stabilized Liquid Crystal Grating Consisting of Periodic Reverse Twist Domains
 2006 A luminous phenomenon induced by an electric field in a liquid crystal cell with an organic dye
 2006 Fast determination method of cell thickness and time-dependent twist angle in twisted-nematic liquid-crystal cells
 2006 Influence of Cell Structural Parameters in the Liquid Crystal Millimeter Wave Phase Shifter Using CPW
 2006 Influence of frictional conditions of microrubbing on pretilt angle of homeotropic liquid crystal cells
 2006 Measurements of Liquid Crystal Cells by Millimeter-Wave Waveguide Probe
 2006 Millimeter Wave Propagation Properties of NanoParticle Doping Liquid Crystals
 2006 Planar-type liquid crystal diffractive optical elements obtained by microrubbing
 2007 Application of the microrubbing technique to liquid crystal lenses with variable focus properties
 2007 Characteristics of the CPW Type MMW Phase Shifter with a Glass Substrate
 2007 Friction as the fundamental factor controlling the pretilt angle of homeotropic liquid crystal cells: A microrubbing investigation
 2007 Transmission properties of stacked electrode structure for liquid crystal millimeter-wave control devices
 2008 Improvement of Phase-Shifting Properties in Coplanar Waveguide-Type Liquid Crystal Millimeter-Wave Phase Shifter by Introducing a Resonant Phenomenon
 2009 Electrochemiluminescence properties of nematic liquid crystal cells doped with rubrene
 2010 THz Wave Transmission Properties of LC Composite Membrane Films
Nosek, Pawel2004 Technology of substrate of liquid crystal core fibers with nickel electrodes
Nosenko, V.2003 Compressional and shear wakes in a two-dimensional dusty plasma crystal
 2003 Nonlinear compressional waves in a two-dimensional Yukawa lattice
Nosetani, Hajime1996 Manufacture of acrylic resin adhesive sheets for polarizing layers with good application properties and anchoring effect
 1997 Manufacture of optical films having adhesive sheets with good adhesion durability under high temperature
 1997 Polarizing plate structure fixed by adhesives for liquid crystal display
Noshiro, Makoto1996 Plasma-driving liquid crystal display
Nosikova, L.A.2003 The systems of biphenyl with mesomorphic p-n-alkoxybenzoic acids
 2008 Mesomorphic and dielectric properties of the p-n-hexyloxybenzoic acid-p-n-heptyloxybenzoic acid liquid crystal system
Noskov, A.V.2008 Solvent effect on sorption parameters of cellulose derivatives
Noskova, O.V.2003 Molecular and Crystal Structures of Mesomorphic Aromatic Esters. I. Structure of Two Isomers, p-Butoxyphenyl p'-Hexyloxybenzoate and p-Hexyloxyphenyl p'-Butoxybenzoate
 2005 Molecular and Crystal Structures of Mesomorphic Aromatic Esters: II. The Structure of p-Ethoxyphenyl p-Pentylbenzoate
Nosov, A.V.1999 Physicochemical features of the formation of siliceous porous mesophases 1. General views on the mechanism
 2000 Mechanism of the formation of porous silicate mesophases
Nosov, G.B.1988 Effect of electron emission on the optical properties of cholesteric liquid crystals
 1989 Effect of ionizing radiation on the electrohydrodynamic instability in nematic liquid crystals
 1992 Electron-beam effects on the electrooptical properties of nematic mesophases dispersed in a polymer matrix
 1992 Radiation-induced polymerization of liquid - crystalline cholesteryl-p-acryloyl oxyundecanoate
 1993 Electrooptics of liquid-crystal composites based on polymethylmethacrylate
 1993 Influence of electron irradiation on properties of polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
 1995 Study of the formation of LC composites in polymerization
 1997 Stereo-glasses with composite and chiral liquid crystals
 1997 Stereoglasses with Composite and Chiral Liquid Chrystal
 1998 Electrooptical properties of a liquid crystal composite based on a polyepoxy matrix
Nosov, V.N.1972 Effect of pressure on phase transitions in nematic liquid crystals
Nosova, G.I.1992 Interrelationships of the formation of crosslinked and mesomorphic structures in polyimide chalcones upon heating
Nossal, Ralph2006 Spontaneous Patterning of Confined Granular Rods
Nosse, B.2003 A Convenient One-Pot Completely Stereoselective Synthesis of trans-4-Hydroxystilbenes and Its Derivatives and X-Ray Structure of Its Precursor
Nosseir, M.1957 Ph. D. Thesis Cairo
Nosseir, M.H.1972 Pyridazines. Part IV. Action of Grignard reagents on 6-methyl- and 4,5-dihydro-6-α-styryl-pyridazin-3(2H)-ones
Nossov, A.2003 Characterization of the Porosity in SBA-15 Silicas by Hyperpolarized 129Xe NMR
Nostishin, Yu.A.1998 The thickness dependence of electric conductivity in the Lα-phase of a lyotropic system
Nostro, Pierandrea Lo1999 Micelle and Microemulsion Properties of Cesium Di-Dodecyl-Dimethylsulfosuccinate (sic), Cs-AOT
Noszticzius, Zoltan2004 Electrolyte diodes and hydrogels: Determination of concentration and pK value of fixed acidic groups in a weakly charged hydrogel
Note, Shunsaku1998 Thermochromic light-modulating material containing chiral liquid crystal
Notebaert, L.2002 Relativistic electron generation in interactions of a 30 TW laser pulse with a thin foil target
Nöthig-Laslo, Vesna1985 Comparative study of the lipid dynamics in the surface layer of porcine and human high density lipoprotein subclasses by spin labeling
 2008 An ESR characterization of micelles and vesicles formed in aqueous decanoic acid/sodium decanoate systems using different spin labels
Nothnick, H.U.1979 3-n-Alkyl-6-[4-(n-alkyloxy)phenyl]-1,2,4,5-tetrazines - new stable dyestuffs with liquid-crystalline properties
Nothnick, Hans Ulrich1979 Mono- and bis-phenyl-tetrazines and their use as nematic crystalline-liquid substances
Nothnikz, Hans Ulrich1979 Nematic liquid crystalline substances
Nothofer, H.2002 Efficient polarized light-emitting diodes utilizing ultrathin photoaddressable alignment layers
Nothofer, H.-G.2000 Circularly Polarized Electroluminescence from Liquid-Crystalline Chiral Polyfluorenes
 2002 Photoaddressable Alignment Layers for Fluorescent Polymers in Polarized Electroluminescence Devices
Nothofer, H.G.2000 Polarized electroluminescence from highly aligned liquid crystalline polymers
 2001 Improving the Performance of Polyfluorene-Based Organic Light-Emitting Diodes via End-capping
Nothofer, Heinz-G.1999 A poly(9,9-dialkylfluorene) derivative showing highly polarized photo- and electroluminescence
Nothofer, Heinz-Georg1999 Blue polarized electroluminescence from a liquid crystalline polyfluorene
 2000 Chiral liquid-crystalline poly(9.9-dialkflourene)s for circularly polarized electroluminescence
 2000 Liquid crystalline polyfluorenes for blue polarized electroluminescence
 2001 End-capped polyfluorenes, films and devices based thereon
 2002 Liquid Crystalline Polyfluorenes for Polarized Light Emitting Diodes
 2005 Assembling and Orientation of Polyfluorenes in Solution Controlled by a Focused Near-Infrared Laser Beam
Notley, M.2002 Direct observation of strong coupling in a dense plasma
Notni, Georg H.2003 Digital fringe projection in 3D shape measurement: an error analysis
Notni, Gunther2003 Digital fringe projection in 3D shape measurement: an error analysis
 2004 OLED microdisplays: a new key element for fringe projection setups
 2005 System concept and optical design of miniaturized projection and imaging systems with OLED microdisplays
Noto, A.G.2006 Transition Metal Dithiolene Near-IR Dyes and Their Applications in Liquid Crystal Devices
 2007 Using time-dependent density functional theory (TDDFT) in the design and development of near-IR dopants for liquid-crystal device applications
Noto, Anthony G.2005 Application of computational chemistry methods to the prediction of chirality and helical twisting power in liquid crystal systems
 2006 Computational chemistry methods for predicting the chiroptical properties of liquid crystal systems: II. Application to chiral azobenzenes
Noto, Fumitoshi1982 Measurement of temperature distribution on a polyethylene film in partial discharge by means of a liquid crystal. I
Noto, Hideki2000 Thin-film transistor for liquid-crystal displays and fabrication thereof
Noto, John1997 Nematic Fabry-Perot etalons for ground- and space-based atmospheric remote sensing
 1998 Liquid crystal Fabry-Perot etalons
 2001 Novel tunable liquid crystal Fabry-Perot filters for fiber optical system
 2003 Tandem-etalon tunable filter for NIR spectral imaging
 2004 Novel switchable circle-to-point converter for lidar detection
Noto, Mitsuharu2001 Blue EL devices with arylethynylbenzene derivatives as emissive materials
 2006 Fluorene Derivatives with High Hole Mobility
Notsu, M.2004 The relationship between the structures of semi-rigid homo- and copolyesters based on 5,5'-diphenyl-2,2'-bis(1,3,4-thiadiazole)s and their liquid crystalline and optical properties
Notsu, Shusuke1988 Carbonization properties of resin fractions from oil sand bitumen and heavy oil: possible production of high-performance carbon fiber
Nott, P.R.1999 Structure and rheology of the defect-gel states of pure and particle-dispersed lyotropic lamellar phases
Nott, Prabhu R.2002 Stress fluctuations in sheared Stokesian suspensions
Notten, Petrus Henricus Laurentius1998 Display device
Notter, M.1988 Relaxation dispersion and zero-field spectroscopy of thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystals by fast field-cycling NMR
Notter, R.H.1980 Dynamic surface properties of phosphatidylglycerol-dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine mixed films
 1987 Biophysical activity of synthetic phospholipids combined with purified lung surfactant 6000 Dalton apoprotein
 1995 Thermotropic Behavior of Structurally-Related Phospholipids and Phosphonolipid Analogs of Lung Surfactant Glycerophospholipids
Notter, Robert H.1991 Chemical synthesis and surface activity of lung surfactant phospholipid analogs. III. Chiral N-substituted ether-amide phosphonolipids
 2001 Concentration-dependent, temperature-dependent non-Newtonian viscosity of lung surfactant dispersions
 2002 Component-specific surface and physiological activity in bovine-derived lung surfactants
 2005 Surface properties of sulfur- and ether-linked phosphonolipids with and without purified hydrophobic lung surfactant proteins
 2007 Synthesis of sulfur-containing glycerophospholipids
Notz, C.2008 Piezoelectricity of phospholipids: a possible mechanism for mechanoreception and magnetoreception in biology
Notz, Cody2007 Piezoelectricity of phospholipids: A possible mechanism for mechano-, and magneto-receptions in biology
Nötzel, R.2007 Deep Hole InP Photonic Crystals Infiltrated With Solid Polymers And Liquid Crystals
Nötzel, Richard2006 InP-based planar photonic crystals infiltrated with solid polymers and liquid crystals
 2009 Tuning of narrow-bandwidth photonic crystal devices etched in InGaAsP planar waveguides by liquid crystal infiltration
Nou, Dau1985 Light scattering characteristics in smectic A liquid crystals
Nouar, H.1998 Ternary Phase Diagram n-Docosane: n-Tricosane: n-Tetracosane Molecular Alloys at 293 K
 1999 Isothermal Sections of Ternary Mixtures: n-docosane + n-tricosane + n-tetracosane
Noubissie, S.2003 Dynamics of solitary blood waves in arteries with prostheses
Nouchi, G.1993 Abnormal temperature-dependent variation in sound velocity for the molecular liquids benzene and hexafluorobenzene
Nougaoui, A.2004 Band structure and omnidirectional photonic band gap in lamellar structures with left-handed materials
Noumi, Shigeaki1998 Preparation of thin-film transistors for liquid -crystal displays
 1999 Method for manufacturing LCD and TFT
 2000 Liquid crystal display device having structure for preventing electric circuit from corrosion in etching
 2000 Manufacture of liquid crystal display device
 2000 Thin film transistor array substrate, liquid crystal display using it, and manufacture of the substrate
 2001 Active matrix type TFT array substrate for Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method
Nounesis, G.1985 Smectic-A-hexatic-B transition of various compounds in the homologous series of n-alkyl 4'-n-alkoxybiphenyl-4-carboxylate
 1986 Heat-capacity study of one liquid-crystal compound with smectic-A-hexatic-B-crystal-B transition
 1986 Measurements of tilt angle and heat capacity in the vicinity of one smectic-A-chiral-smectic-C transition
 1986 Thermal-conductivity studies near the smectic-A-hexatic-B transition in a liquid-crystal compound
 1986 Tilt-angle, polarization, and heat-capacity measurements near the smectic-A-chiral-smectic-C phase transition of p-(n-decyloxybenzylidene)-p-amino-(2-methylbutyl)cinnamate (DOBAMBC)
 1987 Heat-capacity studies near the smectic-A-smectic-C phase transition of azoxy-4,4'-di-undecyl-α-methylcinnamate (AMC-11)
 1987 Heat-capacity, tilt-angle, and polarization measurements near the smectic-A-chiral-smectic-C transition of one liquid-crystal compound
 1987 Thermal conductivity studies and free-standing liquid-crystal film calorimetry as two applications of the ac calorimetric technique
 1989 Calorimetric study of smectic polymorphism in octyloxyphenyl-nitrobenzoyloxy benzoate + decyloxyphenyl-nitrobenzoyloxy benzoate mixtures
 1989 Calorimetric study of the smectic-A-hexatic-B phase transition of a liquid-crystal binary mixture
 1989 Calorimetric study of the smectic-Ad–smectic-A2 critical point
 1989 Effect of the hexatic-B temperature range on the nature of the smectic-A–hexatic-B phase transition
 1989 Heat-capacity measurements near the nematic-smectic-A1 and smectic-A1-smectic-C transitions in octyloxyphenyl cyanobenzyloxy benzoate
 1989 XY behavior for the heat capacity at nematic-smectic-A1 liquid-crystal transitions
 1990 Critical heat capacity at nematic-smectic A1 and smectic A1-smectic A2 transitions in DB5CN + TBBA
 1992 High-Resolution X-Ray Investigation of Nematic-Smectic-A1 Transitions
 1993 Critical behavior at nematic- smectic -A1 phase transitions. I. High-resolution x-ray-scattering and calorimetric study of the liquid -crystal octyloxyphenyl nitrobenzoyloxybenzoate
 1993 Critical behavior at nematic- smectic -A1 phase transitions. II. Preasymptotic three-dimensional XY analysis of x-ray and Cp data
 1993 Dynamics of phospholipid tubules in a concentrated solution: Results from high-field magnetic birefringence and quasielastic light scattering
 1993 High-field magnetic birefringence study of the phase behavior of concentrated solutions of phospholipid tubules
Nounesis, G. (cont...)1993 Nonasymptotic critical 3D-XY behavior for the nematic- smectic -A1 liquid crystal transition
 1994 Experimental observation of a transition between two uniaxial nematic liquid-crystal phases
 1994 Stability of magnetic field-induced dipolar order in a ferroelectric side-chain liquid crystal polymer
 1994 X-ray diffraction study of the smectic-~A fluid antiphase and its transitions to smectic-A1 and smectic-A2 phases
 1996 Melting of Phospholipid Tubules
 2000 Smectic polymorphism and fluctuations in a polar liquid-crystal binary mixture
 2003 Dielectric and Thermal Study of the Influence of Aerosils on the Ferroelectric SmA-SmC Phase Transition
Nounesis, George1990 Smectic-smectic phase transitions in binary liquid-crystalline mixtures of DB5-T8
 1991 Crossover from three-dimensional XY to tricritical behavior for the nematic-smectic-A1 phase transition
 1994 Critical behavior at nematic-smectic-A phase transitions
 1996 Onset and evolution of the tilted smectic antiphase in a polar liquid-crystal binary mixture
 1997 High resolution x-ray diffraction study of smectic polymorphism and fluctuations in a mixture of octyl- and decyl-oxyphenyl nitrobenzoyloxy benzoate
 1997 The melting transition in single and multibilayer phospholipid tubules
 2005 Calorimetric study of phase transitions in a liquid-crystal-based microemulsion
 2005 Confinement-Induced Orientational Order in a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Containing Dispersed Aerosils
 2005 Interaction of l-arginine with dihexadecylphosphate unilamellar liposomes: the effect of the lipid phase organization
Nourry, J.1996 Adaptable and adaptive materials for light flux control
 1996 Annealing and memory effects in polymer-dispersed chiral liquid crystals
 1996 High memory effects in polymer dispersed chiral liquid crystals with negative dielectric anisotropy
 1998 Effect of UV-curing conditions on the ferroelectric behavior in FLC networks
 1998 Materials for light flux control
 2000 Evolution of the switching current during the preparation of polymer network-ferroelectric liquid crystal microcomposites
 2001 Color rendering of polymer network cholesteric liquid crystal: model and experimental results
 2001 Formation of polymer network liquid crystal microcomposites: evolution of mechanical properties during the curing process
Nourry, Johnny1996 Stability of liquid crystals, whether encapsulated or in a polymer lattice
Nousiainen, Jaakko2001 Temperature stabiliser for liquid crystal displays (lcd)
Nouvet, E.2002 New Optical Memory Effects in Polymer-Stablized Cholesteric LCs Due to Pitch Changes During the UV-Curing
 2004 New Optical Memory Effects in Polymer-Stabilized Cholesteric Liquid Crystals Due to Pitch Changes During the UV-Curing
 2004 Polymer-stabilized cholesteric liquid crystals as switchable photonic broad band gaps
Novack, J.C.1985 New experimental technique for simultaneously measuring thermal conductivity and heat capacity
 1988 Fluorinated ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1992 Fluorinated liquid crystals: An update
Novack, Katia M.1996 Block copolymers with poly(ethylene terephthalate) and liquid crystalline polyester segments. Effect of reaction time
 1996 Thermotropic polyester: the influence of the spacer on the physical properties
 1996 Thermotropic polyesters: the effect of the spacer on the physical properties
 1997 Synthesis of a thermotropic polyester and the thermal behavior of its blends with poly(ethylene terephthalate)
 1998 Kinetics of crystallization of a thermotropic liquid crystalline polyester with flexible spacers in the main chain
 1998 Nonisothermal crystallization kinetics of thermotropic polyesters with flexible spacers in the main chain
 1999 Compatibilizing effect of copolymers with liquid crystalline segments in blends of poly(ethylene terephthalate) and a thermotropic liquid crystalline polyester (TLCP)
Novaes, Marcel2004 Entanglement and chaos in a square billiard with a magnetic field
Novak Tusar, N.2008 Mesoporous Aluminophosphate Thin Films with Cubic Pore Arrangement
Novak, A.2007 Origin of Multiple Melting Endotherms in a High Hard Block Content Polyurethane: Effect of Annealing Temperature
Novak, Bruce M.1995 Synthesis and characterization of helical star polyisocyanates utilizing multimetallic titanium(IV) initiators
 1998 Cholesteric co-polyisocyanates
 1998 Opalescent cholesteric networks from chiral polyisocyanates in polystyrene
 2000 Diversity in polyguanidines: the synthesis and stiffness of helical polymers with liquid crystalline and ionic side chains
 2001 Synthesis and Characterization of Wormlike Three-Arm Poly(n-hexyl isocyanate) Star Polymers
 2004 Liquid Crystalline Properties of Polyguanidines
 2004 Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Properties of Poly(N,N'-di-n-hexylguanidine)
 2007 Helical Polyguanidines Prepared by Helix-Sense-Selective Polymerizations of Achiral Carbodiimides Using Enantiopure Binaphthol-Based Titanium Catalysts
Novak, C.1996 Thermal characterization of polyethylene glycols applied in the pharmaceutical technology using differential scanning calorimetry and hot stage microscopy
Novak, James Edward2003 Production of concentrated dye-water compositions
Novak, L.2008 Heat Transfer Evaluation Method in Complex Rotating Environments Employing IR Thermography and CFD
Novak, M.1986 Reentrant nematic phases in binary systems of terminal-nonpolar compounds
 1987 Binary systems with induced smectic phases due to EDA complex formation
Novak, Steven W.1997 Characterizing flat panel display materials using quadrupole-based secondary ion mass spectrometry
Novak, T.J.1974 Use of liquid crystals as vapor detectors
 1978 Spectroscopic studies of dyes in liquid crystal impregnated microporous polypropylene films
Novak, Thaddeus J.1971 Technique of measuring the transparency of materials as a function of temperature
 1972 Transparency characteristics of several cholesteryl esters
 1972 Use of Anisotropic Materials as Chemical Detectors
 1973 Effect of bulk impurities on the transparency of cholesteryl nonanoate
 1973 Fluorescence of pyrene and phenanthrene in cholesteryl nonanoate as a function of temperature
Novak, V.2001 Determination of anisotropic complex refractive indices of thin film E-polarizers
Novak, V.R.1990 Structural transitions in polar Langmuir films
 1992 Polar multilayer Langmuir-Blodgett films of p-(p-octadecyloxyphenylazo) benzenesulfonamide
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November, Laurence J.1994 The liquid crystal polarimeter for solid-state imaging of solar vector magnetic fields
Noveron, Juan C.2008 Metallomesogens. Supramolecular design via alkane-rich metal complexes
Novi, M.1995 Synthesis and polycondensation of novel nitro-aromatic monomers: 4,4'-diamino-3'-nitrobenzanilide
 1997 Synthesis and polycondensation of novel nitroaromatic monomers. 2. Wholly ordered polymers of N,N'-bis(4-amino-3-nitrophenyl)terephthalamide and N,N'-bis[4-((4-amino-3-nitrophenyl)carbamoyl)phenyl]terephthalamide
 1999 Tailored rigid-flexible block copolymers. Part 5. Synthesis and amphiphilic behavior of diblocks of poly(p-benzamide) and poly(ethylene glycol)
Novi, Marino1997 Tailored Rigid-Flexible Block Copolymers. 3. Fate of the Flexible Block within the Mesophase
 1998 Tailored rigid-flexible block copolymers. Part 4. Synthesis and properties of diblocks of poly(p-benzamide) and poly(m-benzamide)
Novik, V.K.1992 Pyroelectric and dielecctric properties of azocompound-based multilayer Langmuir-Blodgett films
Novikov, A.N.1978 New convenient method for the synthesis of 4,4'-diiodotolan
Novikov, A.V.1985 Effect of the photoconductor-liquid crystal interface on the switching time of an optically controlled liquid-crystal transparency
 1988 Optically controlled transparencies based on photoconductors and polymer-encapsulated nematic liquid crystals
 1989 Frequency-doubling modulation in encapsulated nematic liquid crystals
Novikov, D.V.1992 Effect of mesomorphic character of a polymeric substrate on the formation and growth of decoration gold crystals
 1993 Method of decorating Au-crystals accepted for development of structural model of mesomorphic polymer matrix interface
Novikov, I.I.1986 Study of the Freedericksz transition in a molecular-dynamic model of liquid crystal
Novikov, I.V.1984 Effect of nonmesomorphic compounds on the dielectric constant of N-(p-ethoxybenzylidene)-p-n-butylaniline
 1985 Effect of nitrobenzene on the mesomorphism, density, and viscosity of the nematic liquid crystal p-n-hexyloxyphenyl p'-butylbenzoate ester
 1985 Mesomorphic, volume, and viscous properties of the binary liquid-crystal system of cholesteryl myristate and nitrobenzene
 1986 Temperature dependence of the density of the discotic liquid crystal 2,3,5,6-tetra(n-octanoyloxy)hydroquinone
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 2008 2D Interactions and Binary Crystals of Dipolar and Quadrupolar Nematic Colloids
Nych, A.B.1999 Non-Debye screening of a surface charge and a bulk-ion-controlled anchoring transition in a nematic liquid crystal
 2000 Deformation and Instability of Nematic Drops in an External Electric Field
 2001 Crystal Structure in Nematic Emulsion
 2001 Deformation of liquid crystal droplets under the action of an external ac electric field
 2004 Ordered Droplet Structures at the Liquid Crystal Surface and Elastic-Capillary Colloidal Interactions
 2007 Coexistence of Two Colloidal Crystals at the Nematic-Liquid-Crystal–Air Interface
Nych, Andriy2006 Laser trapping of low refractive index colloidal particles in a nematic liquid crystal
 2008 Optical manipulation of nematic colloids: wires, superstructures, and 2D crystals
 2009 Colloidal structures and interactions in a nematic liquid crystal
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