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 1977 Analytical representation of the results of studying mesomorphic substances at different temperatures and pressures
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 1999 Soluble Aromatic Polyamides and Copolyamides
 2001 Recent development of acrylic polymer coating for corrosion control and other applications
 2002 Photoinduced effects in the vicinity of the smectic-C*A-smectic-A transition
 2003 Time-resolved measurements of the dynamics of the photoinduced smectic-Ca*-smectic-A transition
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 2001 Photosensitive polyimides
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 1999 Injection molding of crystalline thermoplastic resins using metal salts of phosphate esters
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 1999 Manufacture method of azine-based mixed liquid crystal
 1999 Naphthalene derivative for liquid crystal composition
 1999 Preparation of 4-[(Trifluoromethoxy)alkyl]bicyclohexane or -benzene derivatives as liquid crystals and liquid crystal composition containing the same
 1999 Preparation of difluorostilbenes as liquid crystal materials with low viscosity and high response
 2000 Decahydronaphthalene derivative for liquid crystal display device
 2000 Manufacture of bi- or tricyclohexane derivative from acylbenzene for liquid crystal
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 2000 Phenyldecahydronaphthalene derivative for liquid crystal composition for display device
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 2002 Design, Synthesis and Physical Properties of New Liquid Crystal Materials Having a Fluoro-Substituted Tetrahydronaphthalene Structure for Active Matrix LCD
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 1995 Triphenylene derivative discotic liquid crystal
 1995 Triphenylene derivative discotic liquid crystal
 1995 Triphenylene derivatives useful as liquid crystal materials
 1997 Coating Film of Discotic Nematic Mesophase and its Application to Optical Material
 1999 Photo-polymerized film composed of uniaxially oriented discotic liquid crystals
 2000 Alignment film, optical compensation sheet, super-twisted nematic liquid crystal display, and method for aligning discotic liquid crystal molecules
 2000 Optical compensation sheet, super-twisted-nematic liquid crystal display device, and orientation method of discotic liquid crystal molecules
 2000 Perpendicular oriented film, optical compensation sheet, super-twisted-nematic liquid crystal display device, and orientation method of discotic liquid crystal
 2001 Orientation layer containing (meth)acrylic copolymer having hydrophobic repeating units
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 2002 Rodlike Gigantocyclic Mesogens
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 1996 Complete recycling of textile components from cotton/polyester fabrics
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 2000 Circularly Polarized Electroluminescence from Liquid-Crystalline Chiral Polyfluorenes
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 2001 A Compact Device for the Efficient, Electrically Driven Generation of Highly Circularly Polarized Light
 2001 Improving the Performance of Polyfluorene-Based Organic Light-Emitting Diodes via End-capping
 2002 Efficient polarized light-emitting diodes utilizing ultrathin photoaddressable alignment layers
 2002 Photoaddressable Alignment Layers for Fluorescent Polymers in Polarized Electroluminescence Devices
 2002 Photoaddressable Polymers for LC Alignment
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 2000 Liquid crystalline polyfluorenes for blue polarized electroluminescence
 2000 Polyimide layer comprising functional material, device employing the polyimide layer, manufacturing the device
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 2001 End-capped polyfluorenes, films and devices based thereon
 2002 Liquid Crystalline Polyfluorenes for Polarized Light Emitting Diodes
 2002 New material for liquid crystal orientation layers with high efficiency and reversibility
 2003 Aligned emissive polymer blends, film and device based thereon
 2005 Thermodynamic Theory of Light-Induced Material Transport in Amorphous Azobenzene Polymer Films
 2007 Organic Field-Effect Transistors Utilizing Solution-Deposited Oligothiophene-Based Swivel Cruciforms
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 1976 Weak-Boundary-Coupling Effects in Liquid-Crystal Displays
 1977 Accurate determination of liquid-crystal tilt bias angles
 1978 Optimierung der Matrixansteuerung von Flüssigkristallanzeigen
 1979 On the field dependence of the optical phase difference and capacitance of nematic layers
 1979 Progress in Guest-Host Displays
 1980 Lichtausbreitung in absorbierenden cholesterinischen Schichten
 1981 Light propagation and reflection by absorbing cholesteric layers
 1981 Matrix-addressed liquid-crystal displays
 1984 A new, highly multiplexable liquid crystal display
 1984 Kontrastoptimierung von transmissiven TN-Anzeigen mit Negativdarstellung
 1984 Optimisation of contrast ratio in reversed-polariser, transmissive-type twisted nematic displays
 1984 Optimization of contrast ratio in reversed-polarizer, transmissive-type twisted nematic displays
 1985 24 X 80 Character LCD Panel Using the Supertwisted Birefringence Effect
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 1971 Turn-On Time Reduction and Contrast Enhancement in Matrix-Addressed Liquid-Crystal Light Valves
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 1972 Schlieren texture in nematic and smectic liquid crystals
 1973 Calculation of the structure and energy of nematic threads
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 1998 Liquid - crystal display device
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 2000 A wavefront generator for complex pupil function synthesis and point spread function engineering
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