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Nagai, Hifumi2002 Microalloyed copper for adherent foils on laminated printed-circuit boards
Nagai, Hiroshi1996 Liquid crystal display projector with dust-proof members
Nagai, Hirotoshi1980 Indicator for anesthetic gases by means of cholesteric liquid crystal
Nagai, Hisao1997 Fire- and heat-resistant compositions containing thermoplastic resins, thermotropic liquid crystalline polyesters, and organophosphorus compounds
 1997 Fire-resistant resin compositions with good balance of fire and heat resistance, flowability, weld strength, and rigidity
 1997 Thermoplastic resin compositions of polyamides and thermotropic liquid crystalline polyesters
 1997 Thermoplastic resin compositions with good balance of heat resistance, flowability, weld strength and rigidity
 1997 Thermoplastic resin compositions with good balance of heat resistance, flowability, weld strength, and rigidity
 1997 Thermoplastic resin compositions with good heat resistance, flowability, weld strength, and rigidity
Nagai, Isao2000 High-purity titanium plate for titanium target and its fabrication
Nagai, K.1990 16th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Hiroshima
 1990 16th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Hiroshima
 1990 Surface roughness of rubbed polyimide film for liquid crystals by scanning tunneling microscopy
 2003 Equation-of-state measurements of polyimide at pressures up to 5.8 TPa using low-density foam with laser-driven shock waves
 2004 Ion generation in a low-density plastic foam by interaction with intense femtosecond laser pulses
Nagai, Kanji2005 Helicity Induction and Chiral Amplification in a Poly(phenylacetylene) Bearing N,N-Diisopropylaminomethyl Groups with Chiral Acids in Water
 2006 Hierarchical Amplification of Macromolecular Helicity in a Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Charged Poly(phenylacetylene) by Nonracemic Dopants in Water and Its Helical Structure
 2007 Structure and Smectic Liquid Crystal Formation of Helical Poly(phenyl isocyanide) Derivatives
 2007 Structure and Smectic Liquid Crystal Formation of Helical Poly(phenyl isocyanide) Derivatives
 2008 Anomalous Stiff Backbones of Helical Poly(phenyl isocyanide) Derivatives
 2008 Two- and Three-Dimensional Smectic Ordering of Single-Handed Helical Polymers
 2008 Uniaxial Orientation of a Rodlike Helical Poly(phenylacetylene) in an Electric Field
 2009 Mechanism of Helix Induction in Poly(4-carboxyphenyl isocyanide) with Chiral Amines and Memory of the Macromolecular Helicity and Its Helical Structures
Nagai, Katsutoshi2003 Nanoscale Solution Structure and Transfer Capacity of Amphiphilic Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimers Having Water and Polar Guest Molecules Inside
 2007 Synthesis of Methacrylate-Ended Poly(n-hexyl isocyanate) Rodlike Macromonomers and Their Radical Copolymerization Behavior
Nagai, Kazukiyo2002 Microphase-Separated Block Copolymers Comprising Low Surface Energy Fluorinated Blocks and Hydrophilic Blocks: Synthesis and Characterization
Nagai, Keiji1996 Photoluminescence of polysiloxane containing mesogenic 4-cyanobiphenyl in solution
 2005 Target fabrication of low-density and nanoporous tin oxide as laser targets to generate extreme ultraviolet
 2009 Oriented and low-density tin dioxide film by sol-gel mineralizing tin-contained hydroxypropyl cellulose lyotropic liquid crystal for laser-induced extreme ultraviolet emission
Nagai, Kimie1990 Amino acid derivatives and their preparation
 1990 Optically active benzoic acid derivatives, their preparation, and liquid-crystal devices containing them
 1991 Amine derivatives with liquid-crystal properties and their preparation
 1992 Preparation of optically active p-(arylcarbonyloxy)arylcarbonylacet ic acid alkyl esters as ferroelectric liquid crystals
Nagai, Kosuke2002 Hydrogen Enhancement of Interlayer Reaction in Ni/V Bilayer
Nagai, Kunio1998 Nonpolluting cleaning compositions for liquid crystal cells
Nagai, M.1980 Phase equilibriums in the water-oil-nonionic surfactant-anionic surfactant system
 1981 Vesicles of polymeric bilayer and monolayer membranes
 1984 The specific optical properties of lyotropic liquid crystal
 1994 20th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Nagoya
Nagai, Makoto1979 NMR study of the liquid crystalline solutions of poly(γ-methyl-L-glutamate) and γ-benzyl-L-glutamate-γ-methyl-L-glutamate copolymer in p-cresol-chloroform-d solvent system
Nagai, Masaru1981 Synthetic bilayer membranes prepared from dialkyl amphiphiles with nonionic and zwitterionic head groups
Nagai, Masaya2009 Hydration structures of 2-butoxyethanol monomer and micelle in solution
Nagai, Masayoshi1984 Research and problems of liquid crystals for cosmetics in the future
 1985 Liquid crystal and emulsification of cosmetics
 1987 Liquid crystal compositions containing polyglyceryl fatty acid monoesters for pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations
Nagai, Mitsuko1994 Antiferroelectric liquid-crystal composite material, its preparation, and liquid-crystal devices using it
 1995 Liquid crystal device and process for preparing the same
 1995 Liquid-crystal display device
 1996 Liquid crystal element with identification mark
 1997 Liquid-crystal device containing spacers showing particle size distribution with multiple peaks and the manufacture
 1999 Chiral smectic liquid crystal composition
 1999 Fluorinated biphenyl compound, liquid crystal, liquid crystal composition, and liquid crystal display device
 1999 Liquid crystal device and process for preparing the same
 2000 Antiferroelectric liquid crystal composition containing optically inactive compound of specific dipole moments
 2000 Biphenyl derivative for liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device containing same
 2000 Preparation of 6-(4-phenylbenzyloxy)tetralin-2-carboxylic acid esters as chiral smectic liquid crystals
Nagai, N.1991 Thermal degradation mechanisms of liquid crystalline aromatic polyesters studied by pyrolysis-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry
 1995 FT-IR study of the molecular orientation of rubbed polyimide alignment films
Nagai, S.1975 Measurement of the dynamic viscosity of MBBA by a torsional quartz oscillator
 1976 Ultrasonic investigation of nematic liquid crystals in the isotropic and nematic phases
 1977 Viscosity coefficients in the isotropic phase of a nematic liquid crystal
 1978 Ultrasonic imaging utilizing a nematic liquid crystal
 1992 Polymer blends containing thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer
 1999 Reinforcement of polyamide 6 with thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer
 1977 Acousto-optical effects in a nematic liquid crystal
Nagai, Satoshi1974 Effect of ultrasound on nematic liquid crystal
 1974 On the Effect of Ultrasound to Nematic Liquid Crystal
 1975 Measurement of the dynamic viscosity of MBBA [p-methoxybenzylidene p-n-butylaniline] by a torsional quartz oscillator
 1978 An experiment on the resolution of acoustic image detector with a nematic liquid crystal
 1979 A new interpretation of critical ultrasonic absorption in the nematic phase of liquid crystals
 1979 Acoustic properties of nematic liquid crystals and their applications to ultrasonic imaging
Nagai, Shoichi1997 CMOS thin-film transistor IC for liquid-crystal display and fabrication thereof
Nagai, Susumu1990 Liquid crystalline phase in PLGA/PVP/NMP [poly(L-glutamic acid)/polyvinylpyrrolidone/N-methylpyrrolidone] ternary system
Nagai, Takuro2007 Morphology-retaining carbonization subjected for helical polyacetylene with super-hierarchical structure
Nagai, Tatsuo1992 Dispersoids for optical modulator elements
 1992 Variable-color thin-layer cells
Nagai, Toshiaki2007 A system of enlarging visual field and viewing zone simultaneously for electro-holography
Nagai, Tsuneji1996 Relation of rigidity of membrane and stability of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine liposomes with soybean-derived sterols prepared by reversed-phase evaporation vesicle method
Nagai, Y.1984 Two kinds of states in the smectic-Ad phase of octyloxycyanobiphenyl (80CB) and otylcyanobiphenyl (8CB)
Nagai, Yasuhiko1997 Glycidyl-containing polymer spacer and liquid -crystal display using it
 1997 Liquid crystal display spacers, manufacture thereof, and liquid crystal displays using the same with no abnormal liquid crystal orientation around the spacer
 1997 Polymer fine particle-containing spacer for liquid crystal display device
 1997 Polymer spacer and liquid - crystal display using it
 1997 Polymer spacer and liquid - crystal display using it
 1997 Polymeric spacers with good adhesion and strength for liquid crystal displays
 1998 Manufacture of core-shell polymer spacer for liquid-crystal display device
 1998 Manufacture of spacer for liquid crustal display device
 1998 Manufacture of spacers for liquid crystal display elements
 1998 Particulate spacers of liquid - crystal display devices, their manufacture and uses in the display devices
 1999 Core-shell-type spacers and liquid crystal display device using them
 1999 Liquid-crystal display device spacer particles having graft polymer surface layers with good compressive strength and dispersibility and liquid crystal display elements therefrom
 2000 Manufacture of crosslinked polymer fine particles and spacers using them for liquid-crystal displays
 2000 Manufacture of ethylenic polymer fine particles and their uses for liquid crystal display spacers, electrically conductive fine particles, and their bodies
 2000 Manufacture of monodisperse seed particles, microparticles, and spacers for liquid crystal display elements
 2000 Manufacture of polymer fine particles, spacer for liquid crystal display device, the liquid crystal display device, electric conductor fine particles, and structure of electrically conductive connection
 2000 Manufacture of porous fine particles for spacers of liquid crystal displays and packings of column chromatography
 2000 Microparticles with good monodispersity and strength, their manufacture, spacers for liquid crystal display elements, and electrically conductive microparticles for joint structure
 2000 Use of micro-particulate polymers as spacers for liquid-crystal display devices
Nagai, Yasuyuki1994 Hybrid molecular assemblies in combinations of a synthetic peptide lipid with macrocyclic cyclophanes
 1998 Effect of applied voltage on aggregate structure of microcrystals in vacuum-deposited films of mesogens
 2006 Ultrafast Responses of Doubly N-Confused Hexaphyrin Derivatives
Nagai, Yoshihiro1985 Two kinds of state in the smectic-Ad phase of octyloxycyanobiphenyl (8OCB) and octylcyanobiphenyl (8CB)
Nagai, Yoshimi1990 Compositional analysis of liquid crystalline aromatic polyesters
Nagai, Yoshio1986 9,10-Dihydrophenanthrene derivative liquid crystals
 1987 9,10-dihydrophenanthrene derivatives
Nagai, Yozo1996 Light diffusion plate
 1997 Flat panel-type light source for backlight-type liquid crystal display device
 1997 Porous plastic sheets for adsorbing-fixing glass plates for liquid crystals or semiconductors
Nagai, Yusuke2006 The lattice structural analyses and the electric field-induced birefringence properties of polymer-stabilized blue phase _II_
Nagai, Yutaka1984 Conoscopic Study of the Temporal Behavior of Electrically Driven Homogeneous L.C. Film
Nagaie, Masayuki1996 Manufacture of color filter for liquid crystal display device
Nagaishi, T.1987 13th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Fukuoka
 1987 Synthesis of functional material containing heterocyclic ring
 1990 16th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Hiroshima
Nagaishi, Toshiyuki1987 Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of unsymmetrically substituted 2,5-diarylpyrazines
 1988 Synthesis and some properties of unsymmetrically substituted 2,5-diaryl pyrazines
 1992 Ferroelectricity of mixtures of unsymmetrical phenylpyrazine system liquid crystal
 1992 Liquid crystallinity of the unsymmetrical substituted pyrazine derivatives with alkoxy chain length
 1992 Syntheses and liqid crystallinity of compounds with phenyl-pyrazine structure
 1992 Synthesis and ferroelectric liquid crystal of unsymmetrically disubstituted pyrazianes with chiral substituents. I. Synthesis of unsymmetrical disubstituted pyrazines with chiral substituents
 1992 Synthesis and ferroelectric liquid crystal of unsymmetrically disubstituted pyrazines with chiral substituents. II. Ferroelectric liquid crystallinity of unsymmetrically disubstituted pyrazines with chiral substituents
 1992 Synthesis of unsymmetrically diphenyl pyrazines with alkyl or alkoxy substituents
 1992 Synthesis of unsymmetrically phenyl pyrazines with alkoxy-substituents
 1994 Property and synthesis of main chain liquid crystal polymer with phenyl pyrazine structure
 1996 Synthesis and liquid crystallinity of phenylpyrazine derivatives bearing keto group
Nagaitsev, Sergei2002 Circular modes, beam adapters, and their applications in beam optics
Nagakari, Yasutaka1997 Active matrix TFT liquid crystal display with improved accumulation capacity and pixel aperture
Nagaki, Koji1996 Light modulating sheet for liquid crystal display with improved brightness
Nagakubo, Hideaki2003 Surface-emitting device, and liquid crystal display device using such a surface-emitting device
Nagakubo, Masao1999 Formation of orientation film for liquid crystal cell
 1999 Rubbing process in manufacture of liquid crystal display and apparatus therefor
Nagamachi, Eiko1985 The effect of head group structure on phase transition of phospholipid membranes as determined by differential scanning calorimetry
Nagamani, A.S.2003 Phase behaviour of thermotropic banana-shaped compounds under pressure
Nagamani, S.2004 Thermal Behavior of a Cationic Mesogen Intercalated into Clay Interlayer
Nagamani, S. Anita2001 Experimental studies on the B7 phase of a banana-shaped achiral mesogen
Nagamani, S. Anitha2001 A switchable salicylaldimine-based achiral bent-shaped mesogen: synthesis and characterization
 2001 Cholesterol-based dimeric liquid crystals: synthesis and mesomorphic behaviour
 2001 Observation of a Reentrant Twist Grain Boundary Phase
 2002 Achiral banana-shaped mesogenic bidentate ligands and their Cu(II) and Pd(II) complexes
 2002 Organometallic chiral liquid crystals: bis{4-[ω-(cholest-5-en-3-yloxycarbonyl)alkoxy]phenylethynyl}mercury complexes
 2002 Salicylaldimine-based symmetric dimers: synthesis and thermal behaviour
 2007 A novel family of salicylaldimine-based five-ring symmetric and non-symmetric banana-shaped mesogens derived from laterally substituted resorcinol: synthesis and characterization
Nagamani, S.A.2001 Electroclinic effect in unsymmetrical dimeric liquid crystals composed of two non-identical chiral mesogenic entities
 2001 Unsymmetrical trimesogens exhibiting the undulated twist grain boundary (UTGBC*) mesophase
 2003 Novel chiral dimesogenic bidentate ligands and their Cu(II) and Pd(II) metal complexes
Nagamatsu, Daiki2008 Structure of TiO2 Nanorods Formed with Double Surfactants
Nagamatsu, Hideki1997 Back light low stiffness high reflection sheet for liquid crystal display panel back light device
Nagamatsu, S.2006 Hole-Vibration Coupling in the Uppermost Valence Band Photoemission of Pentacene Monolayer on Graphite
Nagamatsu, Shuichi2007 Crystal Structure of Friction-Transferred Poly(2,5-dioctyloxy-1,4-phenylenevinylene)
 2007 preparation and characterization of multilayered oriented polyfluorene thin films
 2007 Structure and Electrical Properties of Unsubstituted Oligothiophenes End-Capped at the β-Position
 2008 Highly efficient polarized polymer light-emitting diodes utilizing oriented films of beta-phase poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene)
 2009 Multi-Layered Oriented Polyfluorene Films
Nagamatsu, Tomohisa1987 Highly stereocontrolled photodimerization of tetramethyluracil by smectic liquid crystalline phase
Nagami, S. Anitha2009 TGB Phases in the Binary Mixtures of Nematic and Cholesteric Compounds
Nagamine, Kanetada1982 Muonium atoms observed in neopentane and tetramethylsilane
Nagamine, Masayuki1999 Graphite powders, their manufacture, their use in anode materials for secondary lithium ion batteries, and the batteries
Nagamine, T.2004 Structural effects in three-ring mesogenic derivatives of p-carborane and their hydrocarbon analogues
Nagamine, Takashi2005 A comparison of mesogenic properties of p-carborane-1,12-dicarbaldehyde schiff's bases with their terephthaldehyde analogues
 2006 Mesogenic, optical, and dielectric properties of 5-substituted 2-[12-(4-pentyloxyphenyl)-p-carboran-1-yl] [1,3]dioxanes
 2008 Conformational effects on mesophase stability: numerical comparison of carborane diester homologous series with their bicyclo[2.2.2]octane, cyclohexane and benzene analogues
 2008 The effect of the linking group on mesogenic properties of three-ring derivatives of p-carborane and biphenyl
 2009 Ring-alkyl connecting group effect on mesogenic properties of p-carborane derivatives and their hydrocarbon analogues
Nagamine, Yasutaka1999 Evaluation of the blood glucose meter for self-monitoring "Medisafe"
Nagamiya, Hiroyuki2003 Synthesis of a new troponoid liquid crystalline library on solid support
Nagamori, Keiji1997 High precision large-sized ceramic parts
Nagamori, Shigeru2002 Structured lighting method using moire pattern projection
Nagamori, Toshiaki1995 Microdomain formation in phosphatidylethanolamine bilayers detected by 2H-NMR
Nagamoto, Hiroyuki1995 Synthesis and mesomorphic behavior of oxochloro[5,10,15,20-tetrakis(4-n-dodecylphenyl)porphinato]molybdenum(V)
Nagamoto, Koichi2007 Improvement of LCD Panels with Newly Pressure Sensitve Adhesives
Nagamune, Akiko1993 Liquid crystalline polymer compositions with good moldability
Nagamune, Teruyuki2004 DNA Polymerase-Catalyzed Elongation of Repetitive Hexanucleotide Sequences: Application to Creation of Repetitive DNA Libraries
Nagamura, T.1978 NMR and fluorescence studies on self-assembling behavior of dialkyldimethylammonium salts in aqueous solutions
 2003 Highly sensitive measurements of transient absorption spectra of ultrathin organic films by the white light optical waveguide method
 2003 Molecular photonics by femtosecond laser
 2005 Large Electro-optic Kerr Effect in Nanostructured Chiral Liquid-Crystal Composites over a Wide Temperature Range
 2005 Large Electro-optic Kerr Effect in Polymer-Stabilized Liquid-Crystalline Blue Phases
 2006 Laser Emission from a Polymer-Stabilized Liquid-Crystalline Blue Phase
Nagamura, Toshihiko1988 Electric field effects on sensitized fluorescence emission from nematic liquid crystal cells
 1995 Specific Interaction of 4-Nitrostyrylpyridinium Ions upon Photoexcitation in Solutions
 2004 Fast electro-optical effect in polymer-stabilized blue phases
 2006 Light diffraction studies on director arrangement in the polymer-pinned striped pattern obtained via the electric field-induced Fréedericksz transition of nematics
 2006 Ultrafast Responses of Doubly N-Confused Hexaphyrin Derivatives
 2007 Carbon Nanotubes in Composite Polymer Guided Wave Mode Device for Ultrafast Molecular Photonics
Nagamura, Y.1993 Polyisocyanates and the interplay of experiment and theory in the formation of lyotropic cholesteric states
Nagana Gowda, G.A.1989 An NMR study of the coexistence of nematic and "induced" smectic phases in mixtures of nematics
 1989 Metal ion-ligand interactions in thermotropic liquid crystals
 1989 Some novel NMR investigations in thermotropic liquid crystals: metal ion-ligand interactions and the coexistence of the nematic-smectic phases
 1990 Study of lithium tetrafluoroborate-cyano complexes by NMR in thermotropic liquid crystals
 1991 Silver nitrate-acetonitrile and iodine-benzene complexes as studied by NMR in thermotropic liquid crystals
 1992 Metal ion-ligand interactions in thermotropic liquid crystals
 1992 Weak molecular complexes as studied by NMR spectroscopy of oriented molecules
 1996 Multinuclear magnetic resonance studies of phenylphosphonic dichloride oriented in nematic phases
 1997 Enantiotropic nematic phases of quaternary ammonium halide salts based on trioctadecylamine
 1998 Solute induced liquid crystalline behavior of a quaternary ammonium salt and its application to structure determination
 2000 Oriented molecules
 2004 Amphotropic Ionic Liquid Crystals with Low Order Parameters
 2005 An Accurate Method for Cholesterol Analysis in Bile
 2005 Liquid-Crystalline Phase of Phosphonium Salts with Three Long n-Alkyl Chains as Ordered Ionic Fluids
 2006 An Improved, Single Step Standardized Method of Lipid Extraction from Human Skeletal Muscle Tissue
 2008 Induced Amphotropic and Thermotropic Ionic Liquid Crystallinity in Phosphonium Halides: "Lubrication" by Hydroxyl Groups
 2008 Room-Temperature and Low-Ordered, Amphotropic-Lyotropic Ionic Liquid Crystal Phases Induced by Alcohols in Phosphonium Halides
Nagano, Akira2007 Novel diffraction grating light guide for LED backlight
Nagano, Daisuke2007 Distributed Feedback Waveguide Laser of Organic Nano-compound Material
Nagano, Hiromi1995 Dynamic heat capacity at the gel to liquid-crystalline phase transition in large unilamellar vesicles of dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine in the ultralow frequency region
 1995 Effect of vesicle size on the heat capacity anomaly at the gel to liquid-crystalline phase transition in unilamellar vesicles of dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine
Nagano, Hiroto2009 Micro Manipulation with Optical Responsive Cholesteric and Compensated Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2009 Photocontrolled translational motion of a microscale solid object on azobenzene-doped liquid-crystalline films
Nagano, Hiroyuki1997 Manufacture of color sheet used for CRT and LCD devices
Nagano, Katsuichi1996 Color filter for liquid crystal display
 1996 Liquid crystal display color filter
Nagano, Masahiro2006 Display panel device with improved rigidity
Nagano, S.2005 Photo-orientation of Mesoporous Silica Thin Films on Photocrosslinkable Polymer Films
 2006 Optical Alignment and Patterning of Nanoscale Microdomains in a Block Copolymer Thin Film
 2008 Photo-Triggered Surface Relief Grating Formation in Supramolecular Liquid Crystalline Polymer Systems with Detachable Azobenzene Unit
Nagano, Saburo1996 Aluminum nitride-based corrosion-resistant ceramic parts for semiconductor wafer and liquid crystals support
 1997 Aluminum nitride-based wafer holders
Nagano, Satoshi1994 Liquid crystal polymers. High frequency characteristics
 1996 Development on application of super-engineering plastics
 1998 Injection molding of liquid crystal polyesters, and moldings with good warp resistance and surface appearance
 1998 Liquid crystal polyester resin composition
 1998 Liquid crystalline polyester compositions for heat-stable, durable sliding members
 1999 Aromatic polysulfone compositions and their moldings
 1999 Liquid crystalline polyester resin compositions with good thermal stability and their molded products
 2001 Production of liquid - crystal polyester compositions for use in molding
 2001 Sumitomo liquid crystalline polymer product review
 2002 Liquid crystalline polyester molding compositions and their use
Nagano, Seido2003 Receptors as a master key for synchronization of rhythms
Nagano, Shusaku1999 Effects of addition of calamitic liquid crystal molecule on the poly(di-n-hexylsilane) conformation
 2000 Monolayer formation of a hydrophobic polysilane on water surface assisted by liquid crystal molecule
 2001 Conformational and Alignment Behavior of Polysilane Film Mixed with Liquid Crystal Molecule
 2001 Monolayer Formation of Hydrophobic Polysilane on Water through Hybridization with Liquid Crystal Molecules
 2002 Abrupt Interfacial Transitions of Hydrophobic Polysilanes As Probed via Liquid Crystal-Assisted Stepwise Deposition
 2003 Liquid crystal-assisted engineering of polymer thin films
 2005 Ideal spread monolayer of fully hydrophobic polysilane, poly(methyloctylsilane), with the assist of liquid crystal monolayer
 2005 Light-Driven Organized Layer Materials
 2005 Synthesis of photo-aligned mesoporous silica thin films on photo-crosslinkable polymer film
 2006 Formation of a Highly Ordered Dot Array of Surface Micelles of a Block Copolymer via Liquid Crystal-Hybridized Self-Assembly
 2006 In situ Polymerization of Liquid Crystalline Monomers within Photoaligned Mesoporous Silica Thin Film
 2006 Liquid crystal-assisted photo-triggered mass migration in liquid crystalline diblock copolymer
 2006 Mass Transport Mechanism for Phototriggered Surface Relief Formation in Liquid Crystalline Azobenzene Copolymers
 2006 Photo-Alignment Behavior of Mesoporous Silica Thin Films Synthesized on a Photo-Cross-Linkable Polymer Film
 2006 Photomechanical effect of azobenzene liquid crystalline gel impregnated with low molecular weight liquid crystals.
 2006 Preparation of lyotropic liquid crystals/silica hybrid thin films retaining their self-assembled structures
 2007 Chromonic/Silica Nanohybrids: Synthesis and Macroscopic Alignment
 2007 Immobilization and photoalignment of chromonic liquid crystalline structures by sol-gel method
 2007 Optical alignment of microphase separation structure in liquid crystalline block copolymers with soft segment
 2007 Optical control of microphase separated nanostructures in polystyrene-based liquid crystalline diblock copolymer thin film
Nagano, Shusaku (cont...)2007 Orientation of Smectic Phase and Photoalignment in Azobenzene liquid crystalline polymer Brushes
 2007 Photoalignment Control and Reorientation of Cylindrical Nanostructure of Polystyrene in Liquid Crystalline Diblock Copolymer Thin Film
 2007 Photocontrol of Cylindrical Nanostructure of polystyrene in Liquid Crystalline Azobenzene Diblock Copolymer Thin Film
 2007 Phototriggered surface relief formation in supramolecular azobenzene polymer film
 2007 Unique molecular orientation behaviors of liquid crystalline polymer grafted onto substrates
 2007 Unique Molecular Orientation in a Smectic Liquid Crystalline Polymer Film Attained by Surface-Initiated Graft Polymerization
 2008 Ideal Spread Monolayer and Multilayer Formation of Fully Hydrophobic Polythiophenes via Liquid Crystal Hybridization on Water
 2008 Photoalignment and patterning of a chromonic-silica nanohybrid on photocrosslinkable polymer thin films
 2008 Photoalignment and patterning of nanostructures in liquid crystalline thin films
 2009 A photoresponsive liquid crystal based on (1-cyclohexenyl)phenyldiazene as a close analogue of azobenzene
 2009 Highly Ordered In-Plane Photoalignment Attained by the Brush Architecture of Liquid Crystalline Azobenzene Polymer
 2009 Micropatterning of titanium oxide film via phototactic mass transport
 2009 Novel Liquid Crystalline Organic-Inorganic Hybrid for Highly Sensitive Photoinscriptions
 2009 Photoresponsive Liquid Crystals for Tuning and Aligning Nanostructures
Nagano, Susaku2007 Highly Photosensitive Surface Relief Gratings Formation in a Liquid Crystalline Azobenzene Polymer: New Implications for the Migration Process
Nagano, Tatsuro2003 Breaking time reversal in a simple smooth chaotic system
Nagano, Yatsuhisa1994 CO2 absorption in C60 solid
 1994 Stoichiometry and thermodynamic property of massively cyclohexane-solvated C60
Naganuma, Mutsuo1994 Fluorometric analysis of liquid-crystalline to inverted hexagonal phase transition induced by diacylglycerol in liposomes
Naganuma, Tsutomu1996 Color filter, its manufacture and imaging method
Nagao, Hiroshi2000 TFT active matrix liquid crystal display
Nagao, Hirotaka1998 Manufacture of carbon fiber reinforced carbon composite coil spring by preformed-yarn method
 1999 Manufacture of unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced carbon composites by preformed-yarn method
Nagao, J.2003 Topological manifestations of surface-roughening collapse in Langmuir monolayers
Nagao, Kazuya1991 Temperature dependences of effective cone angles of surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal: correlation with layer structure changes caused by electrical square waves
 1993 Dielectric constants of surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals with chevron and quasi-bookshelf structures
 1994 Novel compounds for use in liquid-crystal compositions
 1995 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal device and method for production
 1995 Heterocyclic compounds for use in liquid crystal compositions
 1996 Liquid crystal display device
 1996 Liquid-crystal mixture and display device using the same
 1997 Ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture for display device
 1997 Preparation of tricyclic compounds such as phenanthrene derivatives and ferroelectric liquid crystal composition containing them
Nagao, Keita1999 Method of setting film thickness for liquid-crystal display and the display using the method
Nagao, M.1988 Compatibility and mesophase separation in blends of α-helical polyglutamates
 1997 Pressure-induced phase transition from disordered microemulsion to lamellar structure in a water/AOT/n-decane system
 1999 Neutron spin-echo investigations of membrane undulations in complex fluids involving amphiphiles
 1999 Temperature- and pressure-induced phase transition in a ternary microemulsion system
 2008 Bending modulus of lipid bilayers in a liquid-crystalline phase including an anomalous swelling regime estimated by neutron spin echo experiments
Nagao, Masahiro1998 Polyalcohol-based polarizing film
Nagao, Michihiro2005 Effect of confinement on membrane undulation in a swollen lamellar phase
 2005 SAXS, SANS and NSE studies on "unbound state" in DPPC/water/CaCl2 system
 2007 Structural changes of dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine aqueous solution induced by temperature, pressure, and adding ethanol
Nagao, Mituo2008 Production of micro-optical lenses using micro-jet drop-on-demand
Nagao, Nobuaki1999 Plasma address liquid crystal display device and process for manufacture thereof
Nagao, Takashi2000 Small angle X-ray scattering and 31P NMR studies on the phase behavior of phospholipid bilayered mixed micelles
Nagao, Taro2003 Vicious walks with a wall, noncolliding meanders, and chiral and Bogoliubov-de Gennes random matrices
Nagao, Tomokazu1995 Manufacture of liquid crystalline polyester
Nagaoka, Hajime1997 Liquid-crystal display device
Nagaoka, Hiroaki1999 Diaphragm with a resin layer and a butyl rubber-EPDM rubber blend layer and accumulator using the same for hydraulic systems
Nagaoka, Hiroyuki1999 Process for producing optically active alcohols
Nagaoka, Katsuhide1993 Carbon fiber-reinforced carbon composites with improved thermal conductivity and their manufacture
Nagaoka, Kazutaka1997 Liquid crystal display device with little vibration noise from reflective film
Nagaoka, Kazuya1980 p-n-Alkylbenzoic acid
Nagaoka, Kenichi1998 Method and apparatus for manufacturing thin film device
Nagaoka, Shoji1994 Immobilization of Highly-Oriented Perfluoroalkyl Polymers onto Porous Silica Gels for High Performance Liquid Chromatography
 1996 Lipid membrane analog-immobilized silica gels for separation with molecular recognition
 1997 Construction of the ordered surface immobilized bioactive peptide with mesogenic group
 1997 Gas transport properties of liquid crystalline polysiloxane with laterally attached side chain
 2001 Enhanced Molecular-Shape Selectivity for Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons through Isotropic-to-Crystalline Phase Transition of Poly(octadecyl acrylate)
Nagaoka, Shuhei2008 Thermal and Hyperthermal Collision-Energy Depositions of Transition Metal-Benzene Sandwich Complexes onto a Self-Assembled n-Octadecanethiol Monolayer
Nagaoka, Yoshie1981 A light scattering study of orientation of liquid-crystalline rodlike textures of poly(γ-benzyl-L-glutamate) in an electric field by saturation electric birefringence method
 1981 Light scattering studies on the deformation mechanism of liquid crystals under electric and magnetic fields
Nagaoka, Yoshiyuki1998 Composite high withstand-voltage film capacitors
Nagaosa, N.2000 Orbital Physics in Transition-Metal Oxides
Nagaosa, Naoto2007 Chiral Spin Pairing in Helical Magnets
 2008 Nematic and Chiral Order for Planar Spins on a Triangular Lattice
Nagappa1986 Optical behavior of natural oils and fats of plant origin
 1991 Thermotropic liquid-crystalline phases in binary mixtures of nonmesogenic compounds
 1992 Mesomorphic behaviour of binary mixtures of two non-mesogenic compounds
 1992 Positron lifetime and optical studies on polyethylene glycol
 1994 Phase diagram and optical anisotropy in binary mixtures of two mesogenic compounds
 1997 Induced smectic and chiral smectic phase in racemic mixture of cholesteryl compounds
 1997 Liquid crystalline behavior of binary mixtures of two nonmesogenic compounds
 1997 Synthesis of a new ferroelectric liquid crystalline compound with ester linkage
 1997 Twisted grain boundary phase in the binary mixture of nematic and cholesteryl compounds
 1998 Synthesis and Characterization of new Mesogenic 4-(n-Alkoxy)-3-methoxy-benzaldehyde Semicarbazones
 1998 Synthesis and characterization of new mesogenic 4-(n-alkoxy)-3-methoxybenzaldehyde semicarbazones
 1999 Electric field effect on the blue phase of mixtures of liquid crystalline compounds
 1999 Induced chiral smectic phase in the mixture of cholesteric and nematic compounds
 2000 Variation of the entropy of the transition in nematic mixtures
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Nagaya, Tomoyuki (cont...)2004 Experimental Study of Spinodal Decomposition in a 1D Conserved Order Parameter System
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 1990 Manufacture of high-density, high-strength carbon materials
 1990 Manufacture of isotropic high-density high-strength carbonaceous materials
 1990 Manufacture of oxidation-resistant high-density high-strength carbon materials
 1990 Manufacture of raw materials for high-density high-strength carbon materials
 1991 Manufacture of carbon materials with excellent bending strength
 1991 Manufacture of isotropic high-density high-strength carbonaceous materials by injection molding
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 1994 Manufacture of self-sinterable carbonaceous raw material powder
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 1997 Polarizing plates and protective films therefor with good antistatic property and excellent scratch resistance
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 1997 Protective films for polarizing plates
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 1998 Cellulose ester films with improved dimensional stability and materials for liquid crystal display using them
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Naito, Atsukatsu1996 Liquid crystal display device
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