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Mülhaupt, Rolf1997 Liquid crystalline acrylates or α-substituted acrylates, curable dental compositions containing these compounds, and methods for using these compositions
 1998 Ambient-temperature liquid - crystalline bismethacrylates based on cholesterol. Cholesteric and smectic thermosets
 1999 Hyperbranched polyether polyols with liquid crystalline properties
 1999 Liquid crystalline (meth)acrylate compounds, composition and method
 2000 Synthesis and Thermal Behavior of Esterified Aliphatic Hyperbranched Polyether Polyols
 2003 Catalytic Polymerization and Post Polymerization Catalysis Fifty Years After the Discovery of Ziegler's Catalysts
 2003 Linear and Nonlinear Rheological Properties of Self-Assembling Tectons in Polypropylene Matrices
Mulheran, P.A.2003 Reabsorption effect and spatial ordering in island ripening
Mulholland, D.1990 Mixtures of semisynthetic species of cerebroside sulfate with dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine. Thermotropic phase behavior and permeability
Muljiani, Z.1973 Low-temperature chiral nematic liquid crystals derived from β-methylbutylaniline
Muljomora, Louis Manuel2000 Liquid crystal holographic reflector display apparatus
Muljukov, B.H.1992 Local Rotation of Director at the Auto-Waves in LC
Mülken, Oliver2004 Thermodynamic formalism for field-driven Lorentz gases
Mulkens, J.C.H.1987 The determination of the frank elastic constant for twist deformation of 4'-n-pentyl-4-cyanobiphenyl (5CB) using a conoscope
Mulkens, Johannes Catharina Hubertus1993 Liquid crystal display device
Müllen, K.1993 Liquid crystalline perylene derivatives: orientation and phase variation of discotic dyes
 1994 Discotic and Smectic Perylene Pigments: Synthesis and Characterization
 1994 Liquid-crystalline perylene oligomers: synthesis and phase behavior
 1995 Molecular Order and Dynamics of Thermotropic Liquid Crystals Based on the Perylene Skeleton
 1995 Molecular Order and Dynamics of Thermotropic Liquid Crystals Formed from Hydrogen-Bonded Networks of 5-Octadecyloxy-isophthalic Acid
 1995 Synthesis and structural study of poly(isophthalamide)s
 1996 Columnar Mesophases of Alkylated Hexa-Peri-Benzocoronenes with Rearkably Large Phase Widths
 1996 Steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy of 2,9-di-n-pentyl-5,6,11,12-tetraazo-5,6,11,12-tetrahydrocoronene-5,6,11,12-tetracarboxy-bis-n-heptadecylimide
 1996 Synthesis of oligoanthrylenes and their photopolymerization in solution
 1997 Photophysical properties of a new class of discotic liquid crystalline compounds: hexa (dodecyl) hexa peri benzyl coronene
 1999 Charge transport in mesomorphic derivatives of perylene
 2000 A 1H double-quantum magic-angle spinning solid-state NMR investigation of packing and dynamics in triphenylene and hexabenzocoronene derivatives
 2000 Bridging the gap between polyfluorene and ladder-poly-p-phenylene: synthesis and characterization of poly-2,8-indenofluorene
 2000 Long-range ordered columns of a hexabenzo[bc,ef,hi,kl,no,qr]coronene-polysiloxane complex: towards molecular nanowires
 2000 Macromolecular Fractionation of Rod-Like Polymers at Atomically Flat Solid-Liquid Interfaces
 2002 Solar-Cells Made From Columnar Discotic, Liquid Crystalline Compounds
 2002 Synthesis and Supramolecular Chemistry of Discotic Liquid Crystals from Hexa-Peri-Hexabenzocoronene
 2003 Anisotropy in the Mobility and Photogeneration of Charge Carriers in Thin Films of Discotic Hexabenzocoronenes, Columnarly Self-Assembled on Friction-Deposited Poly(tetrafluoroethylene)
 2003 Meso-Epitaxial Solution-Growth of Self-Organizing Discotic Liquid-Crystalline Semiconductors
 2003 Optical Spectroscopy of Isolated and Aggregate Hexabenzocoronene Derivatives: A Study of Self-Assembling Molecular Nanowires
Müllen, K. (cont...)2003 Organic thin film photovoltaic devices from discotic materials
 2003 Room Temperature Discotic Liquid Crystalline Thin Films of Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene: Synthesis and Optoelectronic Properties
 2003 Symmetry breaking of full face-to-face arrangement of homonuclear p-electron molecules in 1-D stacks
 2004 Aligned Thin Films of Discotic Hexabenzocoronenes: Anisotropy in the Optical and Charge Transport Properties
 2004 Organic Heterojunction Photovoltaic Cells Made of Discotic, Mesogenic Materials
 2004 The Mobility and Decay Kinetics of Charge Carriers in Discotic Hexabenzocoronenes
 2004 Thermal switching of the optical anisotropy of a macroscopically aligned film of a discotic liquid crystal
 2005 A Zone-Casting Technique for Device Fabrication of Field-Effect Transistors Based on Discotic Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene
 2005 Control of the Homeotropic Order of Discotic Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronenes
 2005 Influence of Hydrogen Bonds on the Supramolecular Order of Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronenes
 2006 Organization of Charge-Carrier Pathways for Organic Electronics
 2006 Self-Assembly of Perylene Monoimide Substituted Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronenes: Dyads and Triads at Surfaces
 2007 Organic Bulk-Heterojunction Photovoltaics Based on Alkyl Substituted Discotics
 2007 Solid-State Pyrolysis of Polyphenylene-Metal Complexes: A Facile Approach Toward Carbon Nanoparticles
 2008 Origin of the Complex Molecular Dynamics in Functionalized Discotic Liquid Crystals
 2010 Negative Thermal Expansion in Discotic Liquid Crystals of Nanographenes
Mullen, Kieran1994 Hexatically ordered superfluids
Müllen, Klaus1993 Liquid-crystalline perylene derivatives as discotic pigments
 1995 Molecular order and dynamics of liquid crystals formed from hydrogen-bonded networks of 5-octadecyloxyisophthalic acid
 1995 Synthesis of tetrathiafulvalene polymers
 1996 Columnar mesophases of alkylated hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronenes with remarkably large phase widths
 1996 Comparison of the self-assembly of 5-alkoxyisophthalic acid in solid state, in mesophase and in solution
 1996 Hydrogen-bonding and phase-forming behavior of a soluble quinacridone
 1997 Supramolecular mesomorphic structures based on 2,5-dialkoxyterephthalic acid derivatives
 1998 Easy synthesis of liquid crystalline perylene derivatives
 1998 Giant polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
 1998 Liquid crystalline coronene derivatives with extraordinary fluorescence properties
 1998 Liquid crystalline perylene-3,4-dicarboximide derivatives with high thermal and photochemical stability
 1998 Multiphase self-assembly of 5-alkoxyisophthalic acid and its applications
 1998 Rapid charge transport along self-assembling graphitic nanowires
 1999 An Investigation of π-π Packing in a Columnar Hexabenzocoronene by Fast Magic-Angle Spinning and Double-Quantum 1H Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy
 1999 Highly ordered columnar structures from hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronenes-synthesis, X-ray diffraction, and solid-state heteronuclear multiple-quantum NMR investigations
 1999 Record charge carrier mobility in a room temperature discotic liquid-crystalline derivative of hexabenzocoronene
 1999 Supramolecular architecture of a functionalized hexabenzocoronene and its complex with polyethyleneimine
 2000 Bishexa-peri-hexabenzocoronenyl: A "Superbiphenyl"
 2000 Extended triphenylenes: synthesis, mesomorphic properties and molecularly resolved scanning tunneling microscopy images of hexakis(dialkoxyphenyl)triphenylenes and dodeca(alkoxy)tris(triphenylenylene)s
 2000 Functionalized Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronenes: Stable Supramolecular Order by Polymerization in the Discotic Mesophase
Müllen, Klaus (cont...)2000 Synthesis and self-assembly of functionalized hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronenes
 2000 The competing effects of π-π packing and hydrogen bonding in a hexabenzocoronene carboxylic acid derivative: A 1H solid-state MAS NMR investigation
 2001 Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett films of amphiphilic hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene: new phase transitions and electronic properties controlled by pressure
 2001 Liquid crystalline coronene derivatives
 2001 Self-Assembly of Alkyl-Substituted Polyphenylene Dendrimers on Graphite
 2001 Star-like substituted hexaarylbenzenes: synthesis and mesomorphic properties
 2002 Magnetic Properties of Langmuir-Blodgett Films: A Theoretical Study. 1. Photoswitching of the Magnetic Properties of Langmuir Films
 2002 Pyrolysis in the Mesophase: A Chemist's Approach toward Preparing Carbon Nano- and Microparticles
 2002 Structure and Dynamics in Columnar Discotic Materials: A Combined X-ray and Solid-State NMR Study of Hexabenzocoronene Derivatives
 2003 α-Helical-within-Discotic Columnar Structures of a Complex between Poly(ethylene oxide)-block-poly(L-lysine) and a Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene
 2003 Electroluminescence and photovoltaic effects using columnar mesogenic compounds
 2003 Fluorescent Self-Assembled Polyphenylene Dendrimer Nanofibers
 2003 Ordered Architectures of a Soluble Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene-pyrene Dyad: Thermotropic Bulk Properties and Nanoscale Phase Segregation at Surfaces
 2003 The versatile synthesis and self-assembly of star-type hexabenzocoronenes
 2003 Thin Layers of Columns of an Amphiphilic Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene at Silicon Wafer Surfaces
 2003 Uniaxial Alignment of the Columnar Super-Structure of a Hexa(Alkyl) Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene on Untreated Glass by Simple Solution Processing
 2003 X-ray Reflectivity Study of an Amphiphilic Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene at a Structured Silicon Wafer Surface
 2004 A Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene Cyclophane: An Addition to the Toolbox for Molecular Electronics
 2004 Arylamine-substituted hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronenes: Facile synthesis and their potential applications as "coaxial" hole-transport materials
 2004 Exceptionally Long-Range Self-Assembly of Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene with Dove-Tailed Alkyl Substituents
Müllen, Klaus (cont...)2004 Hexakis(4-iodophenyl)-peri-hexabenzocoronene - A Versatile Building Block for Highly Ordered Discotic Liquid Crystalline Materials
 2004 Macroscopic Alignment of Graphene Stacks by Langmuir-Blodgett Deposition of Amphiphilic Hexabenzocoronenes
 2004 Partially stripped insulated nanowires: a lightly substituted hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene-based columnar liquid crystal
 2004 Self-Assembly of Electron Donor-Acceptor Dyads into Ordered Architectures in Two and Three Dimensions: Surface Patterning and Columnar "Double Cables"
 2004 Superphenalene-based columnar liquid crystals.
 2005 Assembling and Orientation of Polyfluorenes in Solution Controlled by a Focused Near-Infrared Laser Beam
 2005 Dramatic increase in charge carrier lifetime in a liquid crystalline perylene bisimide derivative upon bay substitution with chlorine
 2005 Field-Effect Transistors Based on Self-Organized Molecular Nanostripes
 2005 High Anisotropy of the Field-Effect Transistor Mobility in Magnetically Aligned Discotic Liquid-Crystalline Semiconductors
 2005 In Situ Studies of Phase Transitions in Thin Discotic Films
 2005 Nanoscale architectures for molecular electronics: Vibrational spectroscopy and structure of solid hexa-n-dodecyl-hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene
 2005 New carbon-rich materials for electronics, lithium battery, and hydrogen storage applications
 2005 Relationship between Core Size, Side Chain Length, and the Supramolecular Organization of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
 2005 Star-Shaped Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene "Heptamer": Synthesis and Self-Assembly
 2005 Uniaxial Alignment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Solution Processing
 2006 Control of morphology in efficient photovoltaic diodes from discotic liquid crystals
 2006 Pronounced supramolecular order in discotic donor-acceptor mixtures
 2006 Relation between Supramolecular Order and Charge Carrier Mobility of Branched Alkyl Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronenes
 2006 Room-temperature nondispersive hole transport in a discotic liquid crystal
 2006 Self-assembly and molecular dynamics of oligoindenofluorenes
Müllen, Klaus (cont...)2006 Synthesis and Self-Organization of Core-Extended Perylene Tetracarboxdiimides with Branched Alkyl Substituents
 2007 Columnar mesophase formation of cyclohexa-m-phenylene-based macrocycles
 2007 Cover Picture: Nanostructuring with a Crosslinkable Discotic Material (Small 8/2007)
 2007 Dendritic morphology in homeotropically aligned discotic films
 2007 Helical Packing of Discotic Hexaphenyl Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronenes: Theory and Experiment
 2007 Nanostructuring with a Crosslinkable Discotic Material
 2007 Solid-state assemblies and optical properties of conjugated oligomers combining fluorene and thiophene units
 2007 Triangle-shaped polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
 2008 Ballistic Electron Microscopy of Nanographene Layers
 2008 Electrical Field-Induced Alignment of Nonpolar Hexabenzocoronene Molecules into Columnar Structures on Highly Oriented Pyrolitic Graphite Investigated by STM and SFM
 2008 From Ambi- to Unipolar Behavior in Discotic Dye Field-Effect Transistors
 2008 Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Edge-On Nanocolumnar Superstructures of Large Disc-Like Molecules
 2008 Self-Assembly, Molecular Dynamics, and Kinetics of Structure Formation in Dipole-Functionalized Discotic Liquid Crystals
 2008 Supramolecular Organization and Photovoltaics of Triangle-shaped Discotic Graphenes with Swallow-tailed Alkyl Substituents
 2008 Synthesis, Helical Organization, and Fibrous Formation of C3 Symmetric Methoxy-Substituted Discotic Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene
 2008 Transparent carbon films as electrodes in organic solar cells
 2008 Unusual Symmetry Effect on Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene
 2009 Controllable Columnar Organization of Positively Charged Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Choice of Counterions
 2009 Controlled Self-Assembly of C3-Symmetric Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronenes with Alternating Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Substituents in Solution, in the Bulk, and on a Surface
 2009 Cooperative Molecular Motion within a Self-Assembled Liquid-Crystalline Molecular Wire: The Case of a TEG-Substituted Perylenediimide Disc
Müllen, Klaus (cont...)2009 Growth of Long, Highly Stable, and Densely Packed Worm-Like Nanocolumns of Hexa-peri-Hexabenzocoronenes via Chemisorption on Au(111)
 2009 Layer growth and desorption kinetics of a discoid molecular acceptor on Au(1 1 1)
 2009 Slow kinetics of phase transformation in a dipole-functionalized discotic liquid crystal
 2009 Solid-State Organization of Semifluorinated Alkanes Probed by 19F MAS NMR Spectroscopy
 2009 Spongelike Structures of Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene Derivatives Enhance the Sensitivity of Chemiresistive Carbon Nanotubes to Nonpolar Volatile Organic Compounds of Cancer
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Murakami, Tsugunobu1999 Lining material for glass-melting furnaces, the furnaces, production of glass products, and purification of the lining materials
 2000 Aluminoborosilicate glass for TFT-type liquid crystal display substrate
Murakami, Yoichi2005 Polarization Dependence of the Optical Absorption of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Murakami, Yoshihiko2008 Synthesis and characterization of a temperature-responsive amphiphilic block copolymer containing a liquid crystalline unit
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