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Motschmann, H.1998 Polar ordering of smectic liquid crystals within the interfacial region
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 2001 Enhanced Phase-Matched Second-Harmonic Generation in a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Waveguide
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 1998 Thermal behavior of the PET/Rodrun 3000 system
 2000 Properties of films from polypropylene and thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer blends
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 2009 Hierarchical Ordering of Sugar Based Amphiphiles
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 1997 Reflection-type liquid - crystal display device
Motter, Adilson E.2002 Cascade-based attacks on complex networks
 2002 Range-based attack on links in scale-free networks: Are long-range links responsible for the small-world phenomenon?
 2002 Smallest small-world network
 2003 Large-scale structural organization of social networks
 2003 Reactive dynamics of inertial particles in nonhyperbolic chaotic flows
 2003 Searching in small-world networks
 2003 Signatures of small-world and scale-free properties in large computer programs
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 1999 Order parameter theory of the pre-transitional behavior in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 1999 Shearing of planar smectic C chevrons
 1999 Stability of the formation of the chevron structure
 1999 Thresholdless switching induced by polar anchoring in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 2000 Defect-induced melting in nematic liquid crystals
 2000 Formation and stability of smectic C chevrons
 2000 Homogeneous and heterogeneous switching in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 2000 Periodic layer slipping in a sheared smectic A cell
 2000 Shear-induced melting of smectic-A liquid crystals
 2000 Theoretical investigation into the effects of polar anchoring in antiferroelectric liquid crystal cells
 2001 A chevron model of the electroclinic effect across the SA*-SC* phase transition in a SSFLC
 2001 The influence of polar surface anchoring on switching in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 2002 Effects of Flexoelectricity and Flow in a Bistable Nematic Device
 2002 Flow Induced by Director Relaxation in Smectic C* Materials
 2002 In-Layer Defects in Smectic C Materials
 2003 Influence of flexoelectricity above the nematic Fréedericksz transition
Mottram, N.J. (cont...)2004 Competing Polarization Effects in a Homeotropically Aligned Smectic Liquid Crystal
 2004 Flow Effect in Director Relaxation of Bookshelf Aligned Smectic C Liquid Crystals
 2005 Effects of Weak Anchoring on C1 and C2 Chevron Structures
 2005 Electric Field Effects on Nematic Wetting Layers
 2005 Evolution from A 2 Defect to 1/2 Defects in a Cylindrical Geometry
 2005 Steady Flow of a Nematic Liquid Crystal in a Slowly Varying Channel
 2005 Theoretical model of the transition between C1 and C2 chevron structures in smectic liquid crystals
 2006 Shear-driven and pressure-driven flow of a nematic liquid crystal in a slowly varying channel
 2007 A mathematical model for blade coating of a nematic liquid crystal
 2007 Multistable alignment states in nematic liquid crystal filled wells
 2007 Theoretical analysis of the magnetic Freedericksz transition in the presence of flexoelectricity and ionic contamination
 2008 Flexoelectric polarisation effects in nematic liquid crystal phase gratings
 2008 Interferometric method for determining the sum of the flexoelectric coefficients (e1+e3) in an ionic nematic material
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 2002 Realization of a Time-Domain Fresnel Lens with Coherent Control
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 2000 Extensive Void Defects in Mesoporous Aluminosilicate MCM-41
 2000 Formation of Mesoporous Silica Nanotubes
 2002 Structural and Morphological Control of Cationic Surfactant-Templated Mesoporous Silica
 2004 Direct Method for Surface Silyl Functionalization of Mesoporous Silica
 2009 Alumina-Promoted Sulfated Mesoporous Zirconia Catalysts
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 2010 ZnO Nanostructures Grown onto Polypyrrole Films Prepared in Swollen Liquid Crystals via Integrative Chemistry.
Moubaraki, Boujemaa2009 Systematic Study of Spin Crossover and Structure in [Co(terpyRX)2](Y)2 Systems (terpyRX = 4'-alkoxy-2,2':6',2''-terpyridine, X = 4, 8, 12, Y = BF4-, ClO4-, PF6-, BPh4-)
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