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Berloff, Natalia G.2008 Spontaneous Rotating Vortex Lattices in a Pumped Decaying Condensate
Berlyand, L.2005 Ginzburg–Landau model of a liquid crystal with random inclusions
Berlyand, Leonid2002 Competition between the surface and the boundary layer energies in a Ginzburg-Landau model of a liquid crystal composite
Berman, A.L.1975 Paramagnetic resonance study of a nematic liquid crystal oriented by an electric field
Berman, Arthur1974 An E.P.R. investigation of the alignment of two smectic A liquid crystals
 2006 Prism assembly with cholesteric reflectors
Berman, Arthur L.1974 Electron paramagnetic resonance observation of d.c. electric field effects in nematic liquid crystals
 1975 A new technique for measuring the critical magnetic field of cholesteric-nematic mixtures
 1976 Optical studies of electric field effects in nematic liquid crystals that have some smectic ordering
 1996 Application of time-based multiplexing to LCD projection displays
Berman, Assia1989 Principal ZFS tensor axes versus optical transition moments of novel expanded porphyrins (texaphyrins). Time-resolved triplet EPR spectroscopy
 1993 Triplet spin alignment of "stretched porphycenes"
Berman, D.D.1992 Mesophase transformations in soft coal-tar pitches
Berman, Eugene1999 Holographic PDLCs for spatial light intensity modulation
Berman, G.P.2002 Dynamical fidelity of a solid-state quantum computation
Berman, P.R.2002 Goos-Hänchen shift in negatively refractive media
Bermejo Mayoral, Jenaro1999 Process for separating the mesophase pitch of tars
Bermejo, F.J.1995 Dynamic correlations in a dense dipolar liquid
 2004 Unconventional density dependence of the stochastic dynamics in an organic liquid
Bermejo, Francisco J.1990 Dependence of the dipolar couplings of tetrahydrofuran on the pseudorotation parameters
Bermejo, J.1993 Influence of chemical composition of pitches on mesophase formation and coke structure
 1995 Modification of coal-tar pitch by air-blowing - I. Variation of pitch composition and properties
 1995 The role of low-molecular-weight components in the pyrolysis of pitches
 1997 A novel method for mesophase separation
 1997 Characterization of coal-derived pitches as precursors for advanced carbon materials by chromatographic and related techniques
 1997 Relationships between pitch composition and optical texture of cokes
 1998 Characterization of pitch-based carbon materials by optical microscopy
 1998 Influence of primary QI on pitch pyrolysis with reference to unidirectional C/C composites
 1999 Contribution of the isotropic phase to the rheology of partially anisotropic coal-tar pitches
 1999 Microstructure and properties of pitch-based carbon composites
 1999 Preparation of novel pitches by tar air-blowing
 2000 A comparative study of air-blown and thermally treated coal-tar pitches
 2000 Separation and characterization of the isotropic phase and co-existing mesophase in thermally treated coal-tar pitches
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Bermel, P.A.2002 Photonic band structure of highly deformable self-assembling systems
Bermudez, M.1999 Molecular and physicochemical aspects of the interactions of the tuberculostatics ofloxacin and rifampicin with liposomal bilayers: a 31P-NMR and DSC study
Bermudez, M.D.1999 Wear of liquid crystal-additivated polymers against steel
Bermudez, Maria Dolores1994 The use of thermotropic liquid crystals in organometallic chemistry. Synthesis of new mercury, silver and gold complexes with 4,4'-disubstituted azobenzenes
Bermudez, Maria-Dolores1997 Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of liquid crystalline azobenzenes
 1997 Tribological properties of liquid crystals as lubricant additives
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Bernamont, J.1936 La dilatation du paraazoxyphénétol et la nature du changement de phase, état mésomorphe-liquide isotrope
Bernard-Bernardet, S.2003 Microdisplacements induced by a local perturbation inside a granular packing
Bernard, E.1982 Melittin-phospholipid interaction: binding of the mono and tetrameric form of this peptide, and perturbations of the thermotropic properties of bilayers
Bernard, Edwin2003 COTS LCDs in the cockpit: friend or foe?
Bernard, Evelyne1983 Abolition of the thermotropic transition of charged phospholipids induced by a cardiotoxin from Naja mossambica mossambica as detected by fluorescence polarization, differential scanning calorimetry, and Raman spectroscopy
Bernard, Guy M.2006 Acetylenic Carbon-13 Chemical Shift Tensors for Diphenylacetylene and (η2-Diphenylacetylene)Pt(PPh3)2: A Solid-State NMR and Theoretical Study
Bernard, Marc-Olivier2003 Mean-field kinetic lattice gas model of electrochemical cells
Bernard, Maxime1986 Octakis((dodecyloxy)methyl)metallophthalocyanines forming discotic mesophases studied by electron paramagnetic resonance Annelides. Part 17.
Bernard, P.1984 Orientation of nematics on a liquid metal surface
 1984 Orientation of nematics on a metallic liquid surface
Bernard, Philip S.2000 Simultaneous detection of alleles at multiple loci using differentially labeled hybridization probes and analysis of melting behavior
Bernard, S.2002 Parallel-in-time molecular-dynamics simulations
 2008 Cardiolipin packing ability studied by grazing incidence X-ray diffraction
Bernard, Sophie2000 Interaction Between Ubiquinones and Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine in Mixed Langmuir Monolayers
 2006 DSC and Raman studies of the side chain length effect of ubiquinones on the thermotropic phase behavior of liposomes
Bernard, Sylvain2007 Efficient synthesis and astonishing supramolecular architectures of several symmetric macrolactams
Bernardes, Americo T.1996 Monte Carlo Simulation of Vesicle Self-Organisation
 2003 Survival-extinction phase transition in a bit-string population with mutation
Bernardes, J.S.2007 Controlling structure in associating polymer-surfactant mixtures
Bernardi, R.C.2009 Molecular dynamics study of biomembrane/local anesthetics interactions
Bernardinelli, G.2006 Introducing Bulky Functional Lanthanide Cores into Thermotropic Metallomesogens: A Bottom-Up Approach
Bernardinelli, Gerald1997 Toward lanthanide-containing metallomesogens with tridentate ligands
 1998 Bent Tridentate Receptors in Calamitic Mesophases with Predetermined Photophysical Properties: New Luminescent Lanthanide-Containing Materials
 2002 Aromatic Bent-Core Liquid Crystals: an Opportunity for Introducing Terdentate Binding Units into Mesophases
 2005 Molecular Control of Macroscopic Cubic, Columnar, and Lamellar Organizations in Luminescent Lanthanide-Containing Thermotropic Liquid Crystals
 2006 Structural, Thermodynamic, and Mesomorphic Consequences of Replacing Nitrates with Trifluoroacetate Counteranions in Ternary Lanthanide Complexes with Hexacatenar Tridentate Ligands
 2007 Tuning the polarization along linear polyaromatic strands for rationally inducing mesomorphism in lanthanide nitrate complexes
 2007 Rational tuning of melting entropies for designing luminescent lanthanide-containing thermotropic liquid crystals at room temperature
Bernardini, F.1995 Investigations on Restoring Torques in Bistable SSFLC Cells
 1996 Measurements of image sticking and hysteresis in SSFLC cells
Bernardini, Fabrizio1996 Influence of ionic contaminations on SSFLCD addressing
Bernardini, N.1982 Molecular dynamics and entropy changes in the agar-water system
Bernardini, Sergio2008 Liquid Crystalline Cholesterol-Based Ortho-Palladated Curcumin Complexes as Multifunctional Biomaterials
Bernardo, C.A.1998 Ribbon fibers from naphthalene-based mesophase: surface studies and fiber matrix interactions in polycarbonate composites
Bernardo, M.2003 Observation of electro-osmotic flow echoes in porous media by nuclear magnetic resonance
Bernards, Daniel A.2004 Cascaded light-emitting devices based on a ruthenium complex
Bernards, Thomas N.M.1998 Photochromic element for display devices
Bernaschi, M.2002 Intracellular signal propagation in a two-dimensional autocatalytic reaction model
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Bernasek, S.L.2009 Effects of organic film morphology on the formation of Rb clusters on surface coatings in alkali metal vapor cells
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Bernasik, A.2008 Conductivity of Thin Polymer Films Containing Polyaniline
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 1982 Molecular motion in anisotropic medium. II. The proton relaxation study of acetonitrile: The general A3 spin system
 1982 Molecular motion in anisotropic medium. III. The carbon-13 relaxation study of 13CH3CN: The general AX3 spin system
Bernaud, M.C.1980 Disk-like mesogens with columnar and nematic phases
 1981 Dissymmetric hexasubstituted triphenylenes
Berndt, R.2007 Orientationally Ordered (7×7) Superstructure of C60 on Au(111)
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 1994 Multiple time scale methods for constant pressure molecular dynamics simulations of molecular systems
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 1976 Computer simulation of anisotropic molecular fluids
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Bernes, Sylvain2008 Structure and Phase Transitions of Ethyl 4'-n-undecyloxybiphenyl-4-carboxylate and Its Acid Derivative
Bernet, S.2004 Binary optoacoustic holography with a spatial light modulator
Bernet, Stefan2003 Tailoring ultrasonic beams with optoacoustic holography
 2005 Vortex filter in light microscopy
Berneth, Horst1996 Polymers bearing isotropic side chains for use in optical components
 1997 Photo-addressable substrates and photo-addressable side-group polymers with highly inducible double refraction
 1998 Acrylic polymers having photoaddressable side-groups of high sensitivity
 1999 Photoaddressable polymers: a new class of materials for optical data storage and holographic memories
 2002 New material for liquid crystal orientation layers with high efficiency and reversibility
Bernett, John T.1985 Determination of Serum Phospholipid Metabolic Profiles by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
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Bernhard, C.2008 Electronic liquid crystal state in the high-temperature superconductor YBa2Cu3O6.45
Bernhard, H.1996 Self-Organization in Hydrogen-Bonded Liquid Crystals
 1996 Swallow-Tailed Compounds with Uncoupled Side Groups
Bernhard, Henry1999 Liquid-crystal compounds having large value of permittivity anisotropy, liquid-crystal composition containing the same, and liquid-crystal display element made using the liquid-crystal composition
Bernhard, R.1999 Water droplets in a spherically confined nematic solvent: a numerical investigation
Bernhardt, Eduard2004 Synthesis of cyanoborate and cyanofluoroborate salts with organic cations and their uses
Bernhardt, H.1995 High Ordered Smectic Phases in New "Swallow-Tailed" Compounds
 1995 unpublished
 1997 Hydrogen-Bonded Liquid-Crystalline Associates
 1997 Smectic B and E phases induced in hydrogen-bonded associates
 1998 Hydrogen-bonded liquid-crystalline associates with fluorinated alkyl chains
 1998 Preliminary communication hydrogen-bonded ionic liquid crystals
 1999 Hydrogen-bonded ionic liquid crystals showing different mesophases
Bernhardt, Henry1996 The influence of substituents on the formation of liquid crystals induced by hydrogen bonds
 1997 Construction of polycatenar mesogens exhibiting columnar phases by hydrogen-bonds
 1997 The influence of fluorinated alkyl chains on the stabilization of hydrogen bonded liquid crystals
 2000 Alkenyl compound having negative Δε value for liquid crystal composition for electrooptical display device
 2000 Liquid crystal compound incorporating furan ring for electrooptical display device
 2003 Liquid crystal composition having a delta-epsilon- of not less than zero and liquid crystal display device
Bernhardt, Ingolf2009 Thermal, Magnetic, and Luminescent Properties of Dendronized Ferrite Nanoparticles
Bernhardt, J.1981 Farbstoffanzeigen
Bernhardt, Ricardo2009 Bioactive silica–collagen composite xerogels modified by calcium phosphate phases with adjustable mechanical properties for bone replacement
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 1994 Catalyst for liquid-phase pyrolysis of hydrocarbons.
 1994 Kinetics of mesophase formation in a stirred tank reactor and properties of the products. V. Catalysis by ferrocene
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 1970 Anisotropies and Absolute Signs of the Indirect Spin–Spin Coupling Constants in 13CH3F
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Bernheim, Robert A.1967 Chemical shift anisotropies from nuclear magnetic resonance studies in liquid crystals
 1968 Nuclear magnetic resonance of molecules oriented by liquid crystals
Bernhoff, Hans2003 Dielectric study of water/methanol mixtures for use in pulsed-power water capacitors
Berni, M.G.2001 Rheology and Microstructural Transitions in the Lamellar Phase of a Cationic Surfactant
Bernier, Jean-Sebastien2006 Biaxial spin-nematic phase of two-dimensional disordered rotor models and S=1 bosons in optical lattices
Bernier, P.1980 Viscosity and NMR measurements on aqueous solutions of CTAI: salt effects with a common counterion
 1988 Synthesis and characterization of oriented polyacetylene films
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Bernier, Patrick1992 Molecular packing of fullerene C60 at room temperature
Bernier, S.2006 Dual-band dual field-of-view TVWS prototype
Bernik, D.L.1996 Determination of the dimerization constant of merocyanine 540 at the membrane interface of lipid vesicles in the gel state
Bernik, Delia L.2000 Lipid-Protein Interactions in Rat Renal Subcellular Membranes: A Biophysical and Biochemical Study
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Bernoud, T.1990 Liquid crystals in cosmetics
Berns, Roy S.2007 An investigation of the effect of image size on the color appearance of softcopy reproductions using a contrast matching technique
Bernsdorff, Corinna1999 Interaction of the anticancer agent Taxol (paclitaxel) with phospholipid bilayers
Bernshtam, V.A.2003 Use of emission-line intensities for a self-consistent determination of the particle densities in a transient plasma
Bernstein, Bruce S.1997 Moisture-resistant underground cable
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 1978 Order and disorder in molecular crystals: trans-stilbene
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 1949 7-Dehydrocholesterol
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Bernstorff, S.1998 The small-angle x-ray scattering beamline at ELETTRA: a new powerful station for fast structural investigations on complex fluids with synchrotron radiation
 2000 Smectic ordering of octylcyanobiphenyl confined to control porous glasses
 2003 Structure of self-assembled liposome-DNA-metal complexes
Bernstorff, Sigrid2005 Smectic Ordering of 8CB Liquid Crystal Confined to a Controlled-Pore Glass
 2008 Low-Dimensionality Effects in the Melting of a Langmuir-Blodgett Multilayer
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 2004 Intramural wave propagation in cardiac tissue: Asymptotic solutions and cusp waves
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Berrayah, A.2003 Physico-chemical characterization of ultraviolet and electron beam cured polymer / liquid crystal films
 2004 Time Relaxation of the Light Transmission of PDLC films
 2005 Mechanical and thermodynamical properties of polymer/liquid crystal systems prepared by electron-beam and ultra-violet processing
 2005 Theoretical and experimental studies of optical transmission properties of polymer/liquid crystal systems
 2007 Static and dynamical properties of polymer/liquid crystal systems prepared by electron-beam and ultra-violet processing
 2008 Cross-linked Poly(tripropyleneglycoldiacrylate) / liquid crystal systems prepared by electron-beam and ultraviolet processing: Dramatic improvement of mechanical properties
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 1975 Effect of Backflow on Twist Cell Transmission
 1976 Determination of the tilt angles at surfaces of substrates in liquid crystal cells
 1976 Determination of the Tilt Angles at Surfaces of Substrates in Liquid Crystal Cells
 1979 Anomalous stiffness and tilt angle in nematics from nonuniform attachment angle
 1979 Net Lateral Flow during a Twist-Cell Cycle
 1980 Liquid crystal alignment on surfactant-treated obliquely evaporated surfaces
 1980 New bistable cholesteric liquid crystal display
 1980 New Bistable Liquid Crystal Twist Cell
 1981 Boundary-layer model of field effects in a bistable liquid-crystal geometry
 1981 Equilibrium and stability of liquid-crystal configurations in an electric field
 1981 New bistable liquid-crystal twist cell
 1982 Switching characteristics of a bistable cholesteric twist cell
 1983 Domain Wall Tension Allows Bistability in Imperfect Laminar Cholesteric Twist Cells
 1983 Lattice symmetry of the cholesteric blue phases
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 1985 Order And Biaxiality Variation in Disclinations and Thin Cells
Berreman, D.W. (cont...)1986 Freeze-fracture electron-microscope observations of the blue phase III
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 1973 Optics in smoothly varying anisotropic planar structures. Application to liquid-crystal twist cells
 1973 Twisted smectic C phase. Unique optical properties
 1974 Dynamics of liquid-crystal twist cells
 1975 Author's reply to comments by Sheng, Priestley, and Wojtowicz on 'Elastic continuum theory cutoffs and order in nematics and solids'
 1975 Elastic continuum theory cutoffs and order in nematics and solids
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