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Mokshin, Anatolii V.2005 Simple Measure of Memory for Dynamical Processes Described by a Generalized Langevin Equation
Mokshin, V.M.1991 Electrically and light-controlled modulators based on nematic liquid crystal dispersions
Moktadir, Z.2004 Scale decomposition of unstable growing fronts
Mol, E.A.L.1995 X-ray study of the correlations in the thermal fluctuations of free-standing smectic-A films
 1996 Correlations in the thermal fluctuations of free-standing smectic-A films as measured by x-ray scattering
 1997 Thermal Fluctuations of Freely Suspended Smectic-A Films from Mesoscopic to Molecular Length Scales
 1998 Thinning transitions and fluctuations of freely suspended smectic -A films as studied by specular and diffuse x-ray scattering
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Mol, G.N.1987 Photopolymerization of Oriented Liquid Crystalline Acrylate Monomers
 1993 Synthesis and photopolymerization of a liquid - crystalline diepoxide
 1994 Synthesis and photoinitiated polymerization of liquid crystalline diepoxides
 1995 Wide-band reflective polarizers from cholesteric polymer networks with a pitch gradient
 1997 Photo-controlled diffusion in reacting liquid crystals. A new tool for the creation of complex molecular architectures
 1998 The formation of a liquid crystalline main chain polymer by means of photopolymerization
 2005 Thermo-Mechanical Responses of Liquid-Crystal Networks with a Splayed Molecular Organization
Mol, Grietje N.1989 In situ photopolymerization of an oriented liquid-crystalline acrylate.2
 1989 In-situ photopolymerization of oriented liquid-crystalline acrylates. 3. Oriented polymer networks from a mesogenic diacrylate
 1991 In-situ photopolymerization of oriented liquid-crystalline acrylates. 5. Influence of the alkylene spacer on the properties of the mesogenic monomers and the formation and properties of oriented polymer networks
 1992 Synthesis and Photopolymerization of Liquid Crystalline Diepoxides
 1999 Photo-induced diffusion in polymerizing chiral-nematic media
 2000 Color filter layer of cholesterically ordered material, and reflective LCD provided with such a color filter layer
 2005 Molecular orientation control for thermal and UV-driven polymer MEMS actuators
Mol, Grietje Neeltje1991 Molecularly oriented synthetic resin composition, its preparation, and cladding materials made from it
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Mol, Titie1997 Metallopolymers: Preparation of Polymer Films with a High Content of Metal Centers via Photopolymerization of Metal-Containing Liquid-Crystalline Monomers
 2005 Stimulated mechanical responses of liquid crystal networks with a splayed molecular organization (Invited Paper)
Mola, E.E.2003 Dielectric breakdown model for composite materials
 2004 An analysis of turbulent states in the NH3 + NO reaction on Pt{1 0 0}
 2004 Dielectric breakdown model for conductor-loaded and insulator-loaded composite materials
Molaei, Afrooz2005 Thermoanalytical study of the cure characteristics of a main-chain liquid crystalline oligoester
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 2010 Clustomesogens: Liquid Crystal Materials Containing Transition-Metal Clusters
Mölbert, Susanne2002 Design of lattice proteins with explicit solvent
 2004 Solvent-induced micelle formation in a hydrophobic interaction model
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 2002 Nuclear spin relaxation and magnetic shielding tensors of atoms constituting cyanogen bromide molecule
Molchanov, Yu.V.1976 Fourier spectroscopy of nuclear magnetic resonance in liquid crystals of a homologous series of 4-cyanophenylene 4'-n-alkoxybenzoates
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 1976 Study of the structure of liquid crystals according to the NMR spectra of interstitial molecules
 1977 High-resolution NMR on the magnetohydrodynamic effect in nematic systems
 1977 NMR study of two-phase premelting in binary liquid-crystalline systems
 1977 Premelting of substances possessing liquid-crystalline states
 1978 Magnetic properties of liquid crystalline 4-octyloxy-4'-heptyl-α-cyanostilbene
 1979 NMR in liquid crystals
 1979 NMR spectroscopy of thermotropic liquid crystals
 1979 Proton NMR in uniformly rotating smectic C
 1981 NMR study of orientation effects in nematic and smectic liquid crystals
 1983 Interpretation of the NMR spectra of nematic-phase butylcyclohexanecarboxylic acid
 1983 New possibilities in the NMR study of liquid crystals
 1984 Orientation relaxation in a symmetrically rotating smectic C based on proton NMR data
 1985 NMR study of the liquid-crystalline order in partially oriented flexible polymers with mesogenic side groups
 1985 The order parameter of the liquid crystalline polyester on the NMR data
 1987 Investigation of discotic hexa-n-octanoyloxybenzene structure by proton NMR spectroscopy
 1989 Computer simulation of a real liquid crystal
 1989 Investigation of the dispersion of NMR relaxation in nematic 4-pentyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl by the field cycling technique
 1989 Liquid crystal proton NMR spectral analysis by numerical calculation
Molchanov, Yu.V. (cont...)1990 Molecular structure of rod-like nematics: the simple simulation accounting intermolecular interactions
 1991 Cross-relaxation in proton-nitrogen-14 systems and orientation ordering in nematic 4-ethoxybenzylidene-4'-butylaniline
 1992 Molecular Ordering in Nematic EBBA from 1H NMR-14N NQR Cross-Relaxation Spectroscopy
 1992 The NMR Study of Spatial Structure and Conformational Mobility of one Mesogen Polymer
Moldakhmetov, Z.M.1999 Sign inversion of the anisotropy of the dielectric constant of liquid crystals
Moldenaers, P.1986 Transient behavior of liquid-crystalline solutions of poly(benzyl glutamate)
 1987 Effect of temperature on the rheology of polymeric liquid crystals
 1987 Transient rheological behavior of a lyotropic polymeric liquid crystal
 1989 Effect of shear on subsequent rheological transients in polymeric liquid crystals
 1989 Effect of the shear history on the rheological behavior of lyotropic liquid crystals
 1989 Mechanical and optical rheometry of polymer liquid-crystal domain structure
 1990 Effect of shear history on the rheological behavior of lyotropic liquid crystals
 1990 Relaxational phenomena and anisotropy in lyotropic polymeric liquid crystals
 1991 Flow-induced anisotropy and its decay in polymeric liquid crystals
 1992 Experimental and theoretical analysis of band formation in polymeric liquid crystals upon cessation of flow
 1993 On the nature of viscoelasticity in polymeric liquid crystals
 1993 On the time-dependency of the flow-induced dynamic moduli of a liquid-crystalline hydroxypropyl cellulose solution
 1994 A comparison between texture and rheological behavior of lyotropic liquid crystalline polymers during flow
 1994 Band formation upon cessation of flow in liquid-crystalline polymers
 1994 Dynamic characterization of liquid crystalline polymers under flow-aligning shear conditions
 1994 Transient normal stresses in lyotropic liquid-crystalline polymers
 1996 Origin of nonlinearities in the Bagley plots of thermotropic copolyesters
 1996 Time-dependent effects in lyotropic systems
 1999 An evaluation of the Larson-Doi model for liquid crystalline polymers using recoil
 2003 Prediction and Observation of Sustained Oscillations in a Sheared Liquid Crystalline Polymer
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 1996 Concentration effects on the rheology and texture of PBG/m-cresol solutions
 1996 Rheology of polymeric liquid crystals
 1996 Transient rheological behavior of poly(p-phenyleneterephthalamide) (PpPTA) in sulfuric acid
 1997 Experimental Evidence for the Existence of a Wagging Regime in Polymeric Liquid Crystals
 1998 Effect of fillers on the steady state rheological behavior of liquid crystalline polymers
 2000 Effects of particles on the steady state and transient rheology of lyotropic hydroxypropylcellulose solutions
 2000 Orthogonal and parallel superposition measurements on lyotropic liquid crystalline polymers
Moldovan, Dorel1998 Quasi-two-dimensional smectic states of DNA molecules intercalated between lipid membranes in multi-lamellar phases
Moldovan, R.1982 Liquid crystal displays (LCD). III. Displays with intrinsic electrooptic memory, based on texture change
 1982 Liquid crystal displays (LCD). IV. Displays with intrinsic memory, based on bubble texture
 1983 ESR studies on liquid crystals
 1983 Response times for a storage electrooptic effect in liquid crystals
 1985 Control of molecular orientation in twist nematic, liquid crystal cells
 1988 Relaxation from transient and stationary states in the deformed aligned phase (DAP) effect in quasi-homeotropic liquid crystal layers
 1992 Experimental Evidence of Surface Transitions in Nematic Liquid Crystals
 1992 Orientational Properties of PVA Coated SiO Films
 1992 Surface Effects on the Phase Transitions
 1993 Experimental methods for measuring the tilt angle in nematic liquid-crystal layers
 1993 Influence of the surface topography on the surface transitions in nematics
 1993 Orientational properties of PVA coated silicon oxide films
 1994 Experimental determination of the effective splay-bend elastic constant
 1994 Influence of the microtopography of the SiO covered by PVA layers on the tilt angle of liquid crystals
 1994 On some transition metal complexes having orientational properties
 1995 On some transition metal complexes having orientational properties. 2. Copper(II) complexes
 1995 On the validity of the elastic model for temperature induced surface transitions
 1995 Temperature dependence of surface tension of liquid crystals at the phase transition
 1996 On the determination of birefringence of liquid crystals by the interference method
 1996 Temperature induced surface transitions in liquid crystal tilted homogeneous cells
Moldovan, R. (cont...)1997 Alignment properties of some polymeric layers
 1997 Temperature-induced surface transitions in liquid crystal planar-tilted hybrid cells
 1999 On the dielectric behavior of unaligned samples of 4-n-octyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl (8CB)
 1999 Surface order parameter and polar anchoring energy in nematic liquid crystals
 2000 Density Dependence in the Landau-de Gennes Theory for the Nematic-Isotropic Phase Transition
 2001 Surface tension of some liquid crystals in the cyanobiphenyl series
 2004 Measurements of optical anisotropy of a calamitic lyotropic liquid crystal
 2004 Nematic-isotropic interfacial tension anisotropy of a calamitic lyotropic liquid crystal
 2009 Temperature dependence of the density of some liquid crystals in the alkyl cyanobiphenyl series
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 1986 Bubble domain cells with B-nor cholesterol derivatives
 1986 Focal conics in A-type smectic liquid crystals
 1992 Periodic Structures in a Twisted Nematic Liquid-Crystal Cell Under d.c. Excitation
 1993 On surface transitions and anchoring strength in nematic liquid crystals in the phenomenological approach
 1993 Surface phenomena in liquid crystals
 1995 On some transition metal complexes having orientational properties. III. Iron(III) complexes
 1995 Temperature-induced surface transitions in liquid crystal hybrid cells
 1997 Orientational structures in chiral nematic liquid crystals for weak anchoring
 1999 Orientational transitions in nematic liquid crystals on substrates with controlled topography
 2001 Concentration dependence in the Landau–de Gennes theory for nematic lyotropic liquid crystals
 2002 Temperature dependence of the density of calamitic and discotic nematic lyotropic liquid crystals containing sodium lauryl sulphate/decanol/water
 2008 Dynamics of Cyanophenyl Alkylbenzoate Molecules in a Surface Layer Adsorbed onto Aerosil. I. Cyanophenyl Hexylbenzoate
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 1998 Block copolymers and networks from polybutadiene and polydiethylsiloxane
Molenberg, Aart1996 A Block Copolymer from Polystyrene and Columnar Liquid-Crystalline Poly(diethylsiloxane)
 1996 Well defined columnar liquid crystalline polydiethylsiloxane
 1997 Columnar mesophase behavior of poly(di-n-alkylsiloxane)s
 1997 Structure and Phase Transitions of Poly(diethylsiloxane)
 1998 Phase morphologies in block copolymers of polystyrene and columnar liquid - crystalline polydiethylsiloxane
 1998 Poly[(S)-(+)-2-methylbutyl]pentylsiloxane
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 1990 Péclet number and crystal growth in a channel
 2004 Electrochemical growth of iron and cobalt arborescences under a magnetic field
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 2002 Superposition of noncoaxial vortices in parametric wave mixing
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Molina, R.A.2002 Misleading signatures of quantum chaos
 2004 1/f noise in the two-body random ensemble
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 1983 Liquid crystal mixture with at least a pleochroic anthraquinone dye
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 1993 Highly mobile charge carriers in poly(di-n-alkyl)silanes in the solid and in the mesophase
 1993 Radiation-induced conductivity in poly(methylphenylsilylene) and poly(di-n-hexylsilylene) studied by time-resolved microwave conductivity
 1994 Anisotropic Radiation-Induced Conductivity in Oriented Poly(di-n-hexylsilylene) in the Solid Phase and in the Mesophase
 1994 Chiral Poly(dipentylsilylene) Copolymers
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Möller, Martin (cont...)1994 Poly(di-n-alkylsiloxane)s with Long Alkyl Side Groups
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 1995 Hexa-n-alkylcyclotrisiloxanes - synthesis, melting behavior and polymerization
 1995 Random Copoly(di-n-alkylsiloxane/di-n-hexylsiloxane)s: Synthesis and Columnar Mesophase Formation
 1995 Structural correlation between the columnar mesophase and the melt in poly(di-n-alkylsiloxane)s
 1995 Structural transformations in poly(di-n-alkylsiloxane)s with alkyl side groups containing 7 to 10 carbon atoms
 1995 Structure and Chiroptical Properties of Bis[(S)-methylbutyl]silylene-Dipentylsilylene Copolymers
 1996 A Block Copolymer from Polystyrene and Columnar Liquid-Crystalline Poly(diethylsiloxane)
 1996 Charge Carrier Mobilities in Substituted Polysilylenes: Influence of Backbone Conformation
 1996 Self-Dewetting of Perfluoroalkyl Methacrylate Films on Glass
 1996 Well defined columnar liquid crystalline polydiethylsiloxane
 1997 Columnar mesophase behavior of poly(di-n-alkylsiloxane)s
 1997 New carbohydrate amphiphiles. I. Synthesis
 1997 Self-organization of a liquid - crystalline methacrylate-monofunctionalized crown-ether compound in low-shrinkage acrylate mixtures
 1997 Semifluorinated diblock copolymers. Synthesis, characterisation and amphiphilic properties
 1997 Structure and Phase Transitions of Poly(diethylsiloxane)
 1997 Synthesis and characterization of monomethacrylate-functionalized self-organizing crown ether compounds
 1998 New carbohydrate amphiphiles, 2. Gel formation and gel morphologies
Möller, Martin (cont...)1998 Phase morphologies in block copolymers of polystyrene and columnar liquid - crystalline polydiethylsiloxane
 1998 Poly[(S)-(+)-2-methylbutyl]pentylsiloxane
 2000 Epitaxial Adsorption of Monodendron-Jacketed Linear Polymers on Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite
 2000 Self-organization of 3,4,5-tris(octyloxy)benzamide in solution and embedding of the aggregates into methacrylate resins
 2000 Self-organization of liquid crystalline 3,4,5-tris[(11-methacryloyl-undecyl-1-oxy)-4-benzyloxy] benzoates in low-shrinkage methacrylate mixtures
 2000 Synthesis and characterization of tris-methacrylated 3,4,5-tris[(alkoxy)benzyloxy]benzoate derivatives
 2002 Uniaxial extension of poly(diethylsiloxane) networks: Mesophase formation under stress
 2004 Surface Orientation of 3,4,5-Tris-Substituted Benzoic Acid Amphiphiles
 2004 Wedge-shaped molecules with a sulfonate group at the tip - A new class of self-assembling amphiphiles
 2006 Homo- and Heteroassemblies of Lactim/Lactam Recognition Patterns on Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite: An STM Investigation
 2006 Methacrylated Self-Organizing 2,3,4-Tris(alkoxy)benzenesulfonate: A New Concept Toward Ion-Selective Membranes
 2006 Self-Organization of Polybases Neutralized with Mesogenic Wedge-Shaped Sulfonic Acid Molecules: An Approach toward Supramolecular Cylinders
 2007 Aggregation phenomena of long α - and α ,ω -substituted oligothiophenes - the effect of branched vs. linear end-groups
 2007 Synthesis and Self-Organization of ω,ω-Substituted Oligothiophenes with Long, Branched Alkyl Substituents
 2008 Thermotropic columnar mesophases of wedge-shaped benzenesulfonic acid mesogens
 2009 Thin Films of a Main-Chain Columnar Liquid Crystal: Studies of Structure, Phase Transitions, and Alignment
 2010 Self-assembled structures formed by a wedge-shaped molecule in 2D and 3D: the role of flexible side chains and polar head groups
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 1982 Study of phase equilibriums in system formed by 4-alkyl- and 4-alkoxy-4'-cyanobiphenyls
 1983 Applicability of the method of cocrystallization curves for the calculation of singular points in three-component systems made of liquid crystals
 1983 Formation micelles and mesophases in an extraction system with potassium alkylphenolate
 1983 Physicochemical principles of the development of liquid crystal materials
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