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Mizusako, Ryota1999 Reflective color liquid-crystal display device
 1999 Reflective color liquid-crystal display device
Mizuseki, H.2003 Theoretical study of donor-spacer-acceptor structure molecule for stable molecular rectifier
 2003 Theoretical study of molecular enamel wires based on polythiophene-cyclodextrin inclusion complexes
Mizushima, Hiromoto1992 Solution behavior in water of mixtures of surfactants with hydroxyl groups as hydrophilic portions
 1995 Thermotropic behavior of stratum corneum lipids containing a pseudo-ceramide
 1996 Phase behavior of artificial stratum corneum lipids containing a synthetic pseudo-ceramide: a study of the function of cholesterol
Mizushima, Naoki1982 Aqueous dispersions of pearly substances
Mizushima, San-Ichiro1949 Raman Frequencies of n-Paraffin Molecules
Mizushima, Shigeaki1995 Liquid crystal aligning agent and liquid crystal display device
 1997 "Super-V" TFT-LCD technology
 1998 Liquid crystal display
 1999 Development of reflector for high-reflectivity thin film transistors
 1999 The technical trend of the reflective liquid crystal display
 2001 Liquid crystal display apparatus having improved viewing characteristics
 2003 Influence of Dual-Layer Structuralization of Polarizer on Optical Characteristics of Compensation Film Based on Inclined Optical Indicatrix for Twisted-Nematic Liquid Crystal Displays
 2003 Suitable Choice of Optical Compensation Film Based on Inclined Optical Indicatrix for Twisted-Nematic Liquid-Crystal Displays
 2007 Current State and the Future of the LCDs' Technology Development
 2007 Generation mechanism of residual direct current voltage in a liquid crystal display and its evaluation parameters related to liquid crystal and alignment layer materials
Mizushima, Shigemitsu1992 Manufacture of liquid-crystal display element
 1995 Color filter with excellent reliability and color liquid crystal display apparatus
 1997 Active matrix TFT liquid crystal display
 1998 Light-diffusing sheets, backlights, and liquid crystal display devices
 1999 Manufacture of liquid crystal display
Mizushima, Yasuyuki1990 Liquid crystal formation control of polymer-liquid crystal mixtures by photoisomerization of azobenzene moiety
Mizushima, Yoshihiko1978 Orientation control of dye molecules in a liquid crystal
 1981 Liquid crystal display device for total reflection switching with fluorescent dye addition
Mizusima, Shigeaki1998 Liquid - crystal display device
Mizuta, Hideki1987 Process for the preparation of 4'-hydroxybiphenyl-4-carboxylic acid, an intermediate for polymers and liquid crystals
 1989 Preparation of (4-hydroxyphenyl)cyclohexanecarboxylic acids and 4'-hydroxybiphenylcarboxylic acids from bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)cyclohexanecarboxylic acids
Mizuta, Kazuhiro2007 Advanced 'green' composites
Mizuta, Kei2007 Electro-responsive microcapsule immobilized liquid crystal
Mizuta, Yasushi2000 Protective coating composition for liquid crystal display color filter
 2000 Thermosetting resin compositions containing phosphine oxides and their cured products and protecting films
 2003 Photocurable resin composition for sealing material and sealing display devices
Mizuta, Yo2006 Spectral phase compensation in ultrashort optical pulse compression with new SLM
Mizutani, Akitoshi1996 Liquid-crystal display device
Mizutani, Ayahito1998 Anhydrous solutions for preparation of 2-terminal nonlinear devices for LCDs
 1998 MIM nonlinear switching element for liquid crystal display panel, and nonaqueous electrolyte for manufacturing thereof
 1998 MIM-type two-terminal nonlinear resistor for liquid crystal displays and fabrication thereof by electrochemical process
Mizutani, Bunichi1998 Nonaqueous electrolyte for manufacturing MIM nonlinear switching element for liquid crystal display panel, and manufacture of the MIM nonlinear switching element
 1998 Preparation of 2-terminal nonlinear devices with anodization solutions for liquid-crystal display panels
Mizutani, G.1993 Second-harmonic generation in thin films of copper phthalocyanine
Mizutani, Goro1996 Raman study of the effect of intense laser irradiation on graphitized mesophase spherules
Mizutani, Hidemasa1998 Chiral smectic liquid crystal cell without switching error and display therefrom
 1998 Digital full color ferroelectric liquid crystal display
 1998 Liquid crystal injection process for manufacture of liquid crystal display
 1998 Manufacture of liquid crystal display
 1998 Method of injecting liquid crystal into LCD cell
 2001 Conductive liquid crystal device, and organic electroluminescence device
 2001 Process for producing crystalline film with increased order in the crystal phase by using the alignment characteristic of organic compounds
Mizutani, Hiroshi1997 Fabrication of bump contacts
Mizutani, Kazuyoshi2001 Positive-working photoresist composition
Mizutani, Kenji2000 Optically active fluorinated compounds
Mizutani, Masahiko1998 Seal rings with good resistance to rotational sliding for rotators
Mizutani, Shigemitsu1996 Grinding apparatus for preparing liquid crystal display glass substrate
Mizutani, Shin2004 Deterministic stochastic resonance in a Rössler oscillator
 2004 Noise-induced enhancement of fluctuation and spurious synchronization in uncoupled type-I intermittent chaotic systems
Mizutani, Tadashi2005 Extraordinary Doping Effects of Chiral Helical Linear Tetrapyrrole–Zn(II) Complexes on Chiral Nematic Induction of MBBA Liquid Crystal
Mizutani, Teruyoshi2000 Effect of magnetic field on growth of p-quaterphenyl thin films
 2001 Effect of magnetic field on growth of bianthrone thin films
Mizutani, Tomio1995 Improved photolithographic method for the manufacture of color filters for liquid crystal display
Mizutani, Toshihiro1995 Thermoplastic resin composition and process for molding
Mizutani, Uichiro2004 Experimental demonstration of thermoacoustic energy conversion in a resonator
Mizutani, W.1989 15th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Osaka
 1990 Scanning tunneling spectroscopy study of adsorbed molecules
 1990 Voltage-dependent scanning tunneling microscopy images of liquid crystals on graphite
 1991 Observation and control of adsorbed molecules
Mizutani, Wataru1990 Observation of Liquid Crystals on Graphite by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
 1991 Observation of liquid crystal molecule on graphite by scanning tunneling microscopy
Mizutani, Yasuhiro2005 Three-dimensional shape measurement using focus method by using liquid crystal grating and liquid varifocus lens
Mizutani, Yoshihisa1998 Reflection type liquid crystal display with high aperture and reflection electrode
 1998 Reflection-type liquid crystal display
 1999 Plastic substrate having undercoat layer for flat-panel liquid crystal display and EL display devices
 1999 Thin-film transistor for active-matrix liquid-crystal display and fabrication thereof
Mizutani, Yoshitaka1992 Mesomorphic behavior of di[(4-substituted phenyl)esters] of aromatic dicarboxylic acids
Mizutani, Yukio1986 Liquid crystal compositions
Mizutani, Yumi2008 Interaction of Tea Catechins with Lipid Bilayers Investigated by a Quartz-Crystal Microbalance Analysis
Mizutome, Atsushi1991 High resolution, large area FLC display with high graphic performance
 1998 Liquid crystal display with improved tone reproduction
Mizutori, R.2005 Latent Image Forming by Exposure, Development and Fixing on Liquid Crystal Cells
Mizutori, Ryosuke2004 Polarized latent image forming in liquid crystal devices using polymer-surface photomodification technique
Mizutori, Shigeji1986 Carbon fibers
 1991 Manufacture of tape-shaped pitch-based carbon fibers
 1993 Manufacture of mesophase pitch
 1993 Manufacture of spinnable pitch
 1996 Carbon materials for secondary lithium battery anodes, their manufacture, the anodes, and nonaqueous-electrolyte secondary lithium batteries
Mizuuchi, Kiminori2004 A Practical Laser Projector with New Illumination Optics for Reduction of Speckle Noise
Mkaddem, S.1999 Instability of radial hedgehog configurations in nematic liquid crystals under Landau-de Gennes free-energy models
 2000 Fine structure of defects in radial nematic droplets
M'Kadmi, A.1988 Dielectric study of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
Mkhatvrishvili, M.D.1975 Determination of elastic constants of a nematic liquid crystal
 1976 Study of nematic p-butyl-p'-methoxyazoxybenzene with a twisted structure
 1977 Study of nematic-cholesteric mixtures
 1979 Viscosity of nematic-chiral mixtures and their electrooptical characteristics
 1984 Permeation effect in induced cholesteric mesophases
 1985 Experimental evidence of permeation effects in induced cholesteric systems
 1989 Viscoelastic constants of blue phases
Mkhitaryan, S.A.2005 Polarization plane's weak rotation amplifiers and polarization azimuth stabiliziers
Mkrichyan, A.R.1989 "Catastrophes" in orientational interaction of a light wave with a nematic liquid crystal
Mkrtchian, G.F.2002 Electron-positron pair production in the field of superstrong oppositely directed laser beams
Mkrtchyan, A.R.1990 Detection of orientational catastrophes in a cholesteric liquid crystal
 1992 Compensated Orientational States and Optically-Induced Instabilities and Pattern Formation in Liquid Crystals
 1994 Orientation jumps of nematic liquid crystals in a two-frequency control with electric fields
 1997 Influx of ideas from nonlinear optics to liquid crystal display sciences
 2006 The influence of ultrasonic field on phase transition from nematic liquid crystal to isotropic liquid
Mladek, Bianca M.2007 Phase Coexistence of Cluster Crystals: Beyond the Gibbs Phase Rule
Mlekusch, Walter1998 Calorimetry of archaeal tetraether lipid-indication of a novel metastable thermotropic phase in the main phospholipid from Thermoplasma acidophilum cultured at 59°C
Mlik, Y.1991 A theory of the phase diagram around the N–A–C point in liquid crystals
 1991 Coupled order parameters in liquid crystals
Mlodozeniec, Arthur R.1978 Thermodynamics and physical properties of a lyotropic mesophase (liquid crystal) and micellar solution of an ionic amphiphile
Mlodziejowski, A.1923 Bildung von flüssigen Kristallen in den Gemischen von Cholesterin und Cetylalkohol
Mlodzieyovskii, A.1913 Observations on Liquid Crystals of Ammonium Oleate
Mlyniski, D.A.1993 Solving the Hydrodynamic Equations of Nematics numerically with the Finite Difference Method using an Implicit Scheme
Mlynski, D.A.1978 Zum schnellen Abschalten von dynamisch streuenden Flüssigkristall-Zellen
 1979 Eine neue Methode zur Charakterisierung und Bewertung der Winkelverteilung des optischen Erscheinungsbildes von reflektiven TN-LCD's
 1980 Chemische Orientierungsverfahren fur farbendarstellende Flüssigkristallanzeigen
 1980 Ein programmierbares, benutzerfreundliches Ansteuersystem für LCD's mit beliebigem Layout
 1981 Tilt bias angle measurement with improved sensitivity
 1981 Tilt Bias Angle Measurement with Improved Sensitivity
 1983 Transflektive TN-Zellen zur farbigen Informationsdarstellung
 1984 Alignment properties of rubbed polymer surfaces
 1984 Surface Induced Bistability in Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystals: Effect of Liquid Crystal and Surface Parameters
 1986 Alignment properties of rubbed polymer surfaces
 1987 Numerical Evaluation of the Electrical and Optical Properties of Liquid Crystal Displays for Parameter Optimization
 1988 Faster 4 x 4 matrix method for uniaxial inhomogeneous media
 1988 Polarizer model for liquid-crystal devices
 1989 Polar anchoring energy and order parameter at a nematic liquid crystal-wall interface
 1993 Comparison of Numerical Simulation and Measurement of the Optical Properties of LC-Microlenses and LC-Adaptive Lenses
 1993 Optical properties of liquid crystal-microlenses and adaptive lenses. A comparison of numerical simulations and measurements
 1994 A Liquid Crystal Lens Used as an Adaptive Element for Autofocussing
 1994 Numerical Optimization of the AMLCD Open Aperture Ratio
 1995 Determination of Leslie's viscosities with high accuracy directly from the electro-optic response of a LCD
 1995 Director Structures and Optical Properties of LC-Cells for In-Plane Switching
Mlynski, D.A. (cont...)1996 A new method of viscosity determination from the electrooptical response of a nematic LCD
Mlynski, Dieter A.1993 Angular dependence of transmission properties in polymer-dispersed liquid - crystal cells with memory effects
 1996 Fast adaptive lens based on deformed helical ferroelectric liquid crystal
Mnatsakanov, S.S.1991 Hydrodynamic behavior of cellulose triacetate in solution and structure of interfaces
Mo, D.1996 Stable optical storage and high-order diffraction in a liquid-crystal polymer film by two-wave mixing
Mo, Dang1996 Properties of phase conjugation and optical storage in liquid-crystal polymer film
 1998 Spectroscopic ellipsometry characteristics and the optical properties of liquid crystalline copolyesters
Mo, F.2007 Evidence for Egg-Box-Compatible Interactions in Calcium-Alginate Gels from Fiber X-ray Diffraction
Mo, H.2003 A novel growth mode of alkane films on a SiO2 surface
Mo, Qiwen1986 Synthesis of cholesteryl glycol ethyl ether phthalate liquid crystal for nondestructive testing of materials
Mo, T.-S.2003 Electrically switchable and thermally erasable biphotonic holographic gratings in dye-doped liquid crystal films
 2004 Holographic Grating Based on Dye-Doped Surface-Stablized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Films
 2004 Polarization holographic grating based on azo-dye-dope polymer-ball-type polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
 2004 Surface-assisted photoalignment in dye-doped liquid-crystal films
 2007 Electrically controllable and polarization-independent Fresnel zone plate in a circularly symmetric hybrid-aligned liquid crystal film with a photoconductive polymer layer
 2007 Optically switchable biphotonic gratings based on dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystal films
 2008 One- and biphotonic reorientational nonlinearities in dye-doped nematic and cholesteric liquid crystals
 2008 Optically controllable transflective spatial filter with high- and low-pass or notch- and band-pass functions based on a dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystal film
 2010 Band-tunable color cone lasing emission based on a dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystal film
Mo, Tin-Shan2002 Polymer-Stabilized Reflective Fingerprint Cholesteric Texture Grating
Mo, Ting-Shan2001 Polymer-Dispersed Liquid-Crystal Holographic Gratings Doped with a High-Dielectic-Anisotropy Dopant
 2002 Holographic Grating Based on Dye-Doped SSFLC Films
 2002 Holographic Grating Based on Dye-Doped Surface-Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Films
 2002 Polarization Holographic Grating Based on Azo-Dye-Doped Polymer-Ball-Type Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals
 2002 Polymer-Stabilized Reflective Fingerprint Cholesteric Texture Grating
 2003 Dynamics of Laser-Induced Holographic Gratings in Dye-Doped Liquid Crystal Films
 2004 Grating Based on Polymer-Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Films
 2007 Electrically Switchable Fresnel Lens Based on a Liquid Crystal Film with a Polymer Relief Pattern
 2007 Photoinduced two-dimensional gratings based on dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystal films
Mo, W.1984 Synthesis and properties of some aryl ester-type liquid crystals with highly negative dielectric anisotropy
Mo, Wei1984 Use of some new liquid crystals as stationary phases for gas chromatographic separation of disubstituted benzenes
 1988 DSC study of phase transitions and substituent roles in the 1,4-phenylene di(p-substituted benzoates)
Mo, Xiao-Man2003 Synthesis and property of liquid crystal compounds: α -Methyl biphenyl esters
Mo, Xiaoliang2006 Vacuum Spray Method for Semiconductor Polymer Thin Film Preparation
Mo, Xiong2006 Syntheses and aggregate behaviors of liquid crystalline alkoxycarbonyl substituted perylenes
Mo, Yueqi2002 Highly efficient electrophosphorescent devices based on conjugated polymers doped with iridium complexes
Mo, Z.-S.1994 Int. Conf. Liq. Cryst. Polym., Beijing, Abstr.
 1995 Liquid crystalline polysurfactant
Mo, Zhi-Shen1991 Crystallization kinetics and mechanism of phase transitions for thermotropic sequential block copolyesters
 1991 Multiple thermal transitions of thermotropic sequential block copolyester
 1992 Crystallization kinetics and mechanism of phase transitions for thermotropic sequential block copolyesters
 1993 Crystallization and melting behavior of nylon 1010
 1993 Structures and properties of the blends of thermotropic liquid crystalline ethylcellulose and polypropylene
 1993 Synthesis and characterization of new liquid crystalline polyurethane
 1994 Structures and properties in in-situ composites of LC70/PET
 1994 Synthesis of thermotropic liquid crystal aromatic copolyesters and copoly(ester-amide)s containing di(ethyloxy-ether) as the spacer
 1995 Structures and properties of in-situ composites of LC70/PET
 1995 Studies on combined liquid crystalline polymers/Nylon 1010 ternary blends
 1995 Studies on the blends of thermotropic liquid crystal ethyl cellulose and nylon-1010
 1995 Studies on the blends of thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer PEI and PES-C
 1995 Study on blends based on thermotropic liquid crystal copolyester and nylon-1010
 1995 Synthesis and characterization of thermotropic copolyesters and copoly(ester-amides) containing oxyethylene-ether as the spacer
 1996 Crystallization behavior of poly(ether ether ketone ketone)
 1996 Structure and properties of the blend of thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer PEEK and block copolymer
 1996 Synthesis and characterization of aromatic liquid crystalline poly(ester-imide)s derived from an imidodicarboxylic acid
 1997 Liquid crystalline polymer as a processing agent in blends of poly(ether ketone)/LCP70
 1997 Synthesis and properties of block copolymers of poly(ether sulfone)s with liquid crystalline polyester units
 1998 Isothermal crystallization kinetics and melting behavior of poly(β-hydroxybutyrate)/poly(vinyl acetate) blends
Mo, Zhi-Shen (cont...)1999 Crystallization melting behavior of poly(arylene ether ketones) containing biphenyl and meta-linkage
 1999 Nonisothermal crystallization and melting behavior of poly(β-hydroxybutyrate)-poly(vinyl-acetate) blends
 2002 Liquid Crystalline and Light Emitting Polyacetylenes: Synthesis and Properties of Biphenyl-Containing Poly(1-alkynes) with Different Functional Bridges and Spacer Lengths
 2002 Study on blends of carbon dioxide-epoxy propane copolymer with ethylcellulose
Moad, Andrew J.2008 Molecular Basis of Mesophase Ordering in a Thiophene-Based Copolymer
Moaddel, T.1996 Amphiphilic association structures in the system water, vitamin E, lecithin, and Phosal 75 SA
Moaddel, Teanoosh1993 Some anomalies between the surfactants comprising linear and branched hydrocarbon chains
 1994 A lamellar liquid crystal with fosinopril sodium
 1994 Association Structures in Water, Poly(sodium undecanoate), and Decanol
 1994 Hydrolysis and condensation of octyltrimethoxysilane in nonionic liquid crystals
 1994 Lamellar liquid crystals of zwitterionic surfactants with hydrocarbon and polyisobutylene chains
 1995 Phase equilibria and evaporation rates in a four-component emulsion
Moan, M.2003 Nonlinear behavior of very concentrated suspensions of plate-like kaolin particles in shear flow
Moawia, F.2007 Molecular alignment of the 4-octyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl liquid crystal filled with SiO2
Mobilia, M.2003 Majority versus minority dynamics: Phase transition in an interacting two-state spin system
Möbius, D.1988 Metallation of porphyrins in lipid monolayers at the air/water interface
 1993 Bestimmung von optischen Nichtlinearitäten 2. Ordnung unter besonderer Beachtung chiraler Beiträge
 1994 Behavior of lyotropic liquid crystalline compound at air/water interface
 1994 Monomeric and Oligomeric Discotic Amphiphiles at the Air/Water Interface
 1994 Photoreactive Langmuir-Blodgett-Kuhn multilayer assemblies from functionalized liquid crystalline side chain polymers. II. Structural characterization of homo- and copolymers containing azobenzene and phenylbenzoate moieties
 1996 Long-range order in organized monolayers
 2000 Incorporation of a non-amphiphilic nematic liquid crystal into a host monolayer
Möbius, Dietmar1985 Pyrene-fatty acid-containing phospholipid analogues: Characterization of monolayers and Langmuir-Blodgett assemblies
 1990 Bolaform amphiphiles with a rigid hydrophobic bixin core in surface monolayers and lipid membranes
 1991 Structural Characterization of Monolayers at the air-water interface
 1994 Counterion specific interactions in dioctadecyldimethylammonium bromide monolayers at the monolayer/subphase interface
 1994 Stars, stripes and shells in monolayers: simulation of the molecular arrangement in Schlieren structures
 1997 Langmuir Monolayers of Sheet-Shaped Multialkyne Amphiphiles
 1997 Multilayer light emitting diodes based on columnar discotics
 2002 Organization of an Amphiphilic Azobenzene Derivative in Monolayers at the Air-Water Interface
 2004 Reversible Trilayer Formation at the Air-Water Interface from a Mixed Monolayer Containing a Cationic Lipid and an Anionic Porphyrin
 2007 Imaging of the domain organization in sphingomyelin and phosphatidylcholine monolayers
 2007 Influence of Monolayer State on Spectroscopy and Photoisomerization of an Amphiphilic Styryl-Pyridinium Dye on a Solid Substrate
Möbius, G.1987 Orientational behavior of phosphonic acid dialkyl esters in nematic and smectic phases of (pentoxybenzylidene)hexylaniline studied by proton, deuterium and phosphorus-31 NMR
 1994 Light-induced modifications of Langmuir-Blodgett multilayer assemblies containing amphotropic azocopolymers
 1994 Photoinduced optical anisotropy and microphase-separation processes of Langmuir-Blodgett multilayer assemblies containing amphotropic azo copolymer
Möbius, Gesine1994 Light induced modifications of Langmuir-Blodgett-multilayer assemblies containing amphotropic azo-copolymer
Möbius, K.1969 E.P.R. study of electrolytically generated semiquinones in liquid crystals
 1969 Effect of supporting electrolyte on the E.S.R. spectra of neutral and charged radicals in liquid crystals
 1971 Electron nuclear double resonance [ENDOR] studies of organic radicals in liquid crystals
 1971 EPR study of the tetracyanoquinodimethan anion in liquid crystals
 1972 Observation of quadrupole splittings of organic radicals in solution by ENDOR [electron nuclear double resonance] in liquid crystals
 1977 Observation of deuterium quadrupole splittings of aromatic free radicals in liquid crystals by ENDOR and TRIPLE resonance
 1978 ENDOR of organic triplet- and quartet-state molecules in liquid solutions and in rigid media
 2003 Multifrequency epr and endor on transient radicals and radical pairs in liquid crystals and proteins: structure and dynamics of cofactors in natural and artifical photosynthesis
Möbius, Klaus1968 High-resolution E.P.R. spectroscopy of organic radicals in liquid crystals with nematic mesophases
 1972 ENDOR of organic radicals in solution
 1993 Photo-induced electron transfer in covalently linked donor-acceptor assemblies in liquid crystals . Time-resolved electron paramagnetic resonance
 1995 Time-resolved EPR studies of covalently linked porphyrin-crown ether-quinones dissolved in liquid crystals
 1999 Time-resolved EPR study of electron transfer in a covalently linked porphyrin-quinone-quinone triad
 2005 Intramolecular Electron and Energy Transfer in an Axial ZnP-Pyridylfullerene Complex As Studied by X- and W-Band Time-Resolved EPR Spectroscopy
 2006 Photochemical reactions and photoinduced electron-transfer processes in liquids, frozen solutions, and proteins as studied by multifrequency time-resolved EPR spectroscopy
Mobley, Patrick W.1983 Thermotropic lipid phase separations in human platelet and rat liver plasma membranes
 1984 Thermotropic lipid phase separations in human erythrocyte ghosts and cholesterol-enriched rat liver plasma membranes
 1988 Thermotropic lipid phase separation in the human immunodeficiency virus
Mocak, J.1986 Optimization of stationary phase selectivity for the gas-liquid chromatographic separation of C8 cyclic and aromatic hydrocarbons using squalane and liquid crystal glass capillary columns in series
Mocek, Karel2008 Multilayer Films from Templated TiO2 and Structural Changes during their Thermal Treatment
Mocek, T.2003 Ablation pressure scaling at short laser wavelength
Mocella, V.1997 Influence of surface geometry on nematic orientation: a numerical approach
 1999 Numerical investigation of surface distortion and order parameter variation in nematics
Mocella, Vito2005 Tunable two dimensional photonic crystal based on liquid crystals
 2006 Tunable T-Shaped Waveguide in Two Dimensional Photonic Crystals Based on Liquid Crystals
Moch, P.1996 Brillouin scattering in a ferroelectric liquid crystal: A study of the liquid-smectic a-smectic C* phase sequence
 1996 Brillouin study of acoustic modes in isotropic, smectic-A, and smectic-C* phases in a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1998 Anisotropic relaxation in liquid crystals
Mochalin, S.N.1972 Improved gas device with two calibrated tubes for measuring the surface energy of small amounts of liquids
 1972 Liquid crystal surface tension
 1972 Relation of cholesteric-mesophase density to temperature
 1987 Study of the temperature dependence of surface tension of cholesteric liquid crystals
Mochel, J.M.1978 High resolution ac calorimeter for organic liquids
 1980 High-resolution heat-capacity studies near the nematic-smectic-A transition in octyloxycyanobiphenyl (80CB)
 1981 High-resolution heat-capacity studies near the nematic-smectic-A transition
Mochel, Jack M.1982 High-resolution a.c. specific-heat and x-ray investigations of the smectic-F-smectic-H transition of N-(4-heptyloxybenzylidine)-4-n-hexylaniline (HBHA)
Mochida, I.1979 Mechanisms of the interaction of coals (vitrains) and Ashland A200 petroleum pitch
 1983 Carbonaceous mesophase from hydrogenated aromatics and anthracene oil
 1983 Carbonaceous mesophase prepared from coal tar through a cocarbonization process
 1983 Carbonaceous mesophase prepared from petroleum
 1983 Solubility and susceptibility of carbonaceous mesophase
 1984 Carbonization chemistry for mesophase control
 1984 The chemistry in the characterization and preparation of carbonaceous mesophase
 1985 Carbonization properties of partially hydrogenated aromatics - V. Efficient preparation of mesophase spheres from hydrogenated pyrene through the reflux heat treatment
 1985 Effect of starting pitch on properties of mesophase pitch prepared under vacuum
 1985 Preparation and properties of carbonaceous mesophase - II. Highly soluble mesophase from ethylene tar modified using aluminum chloride as a catalyst
 1985 Preparation and properties of carbonaceous mesophase-I soluble mesophase produced from A240 and coal tar pitch
 1986 Chemical characterization and preparation of the carbonaceous mesophase
 1993 Control of transversal texture in circular mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber using non-circular spinning nozzles
 1993 High performance, moderate cost mesophase pitch based carbon fibers
 1993 Preparation and structure of mesophase pitch-based thin carbon tape
 1994 2D NMR study in powdered and oriented polymeric solids
 1994 Diels-Alder reaction of mesophase pitch insoluble fractions with maleic anhydride
 1994 Modification of precursor pitch for general performance carbon fiber by blending naphthalene-derived isotropic and mesophase pitches
 1994 Pleat structure of the mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber
 1995 Mechanical properties of binderless carbon mold prepared from heat-treated mesophase pitch of controlled grain size
Mochida, I. (cont...)1995 Structure of round-shaped methylnaphthalene-derived mesophase pitch-based carbon fibers prepared by spinning through a Y-shaped die hole
 1996 A two-dimensional 13C-NMR study of powdered and oriented mesophase pitches
 1996 Efficient preparation of meso-carbon microbeads from synthetic isotropic pitch derived from naphthalene
 1996 Microstructure of mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber and its control
 1996 Preparation of meso-carbon microbeads with uniform diameter from AR-isotropic pitch in the presence of carbon black
 1997 Modification of naphthalene-derived mesophase pitch with benzoquinone
 1997 Modifications to carbonization of mesophase pitch by addition of carbon blacks
 1997 Preparation of carbon fiber from isotropic pitch containing mesophase spheres
 1997 Preparation of mesocarbon microbeads by dispersing mesophase pitch in isotropic pitches
 2006 Development of Mesophase Pitch Derived Mesoporous Carbons through a Commercially Nanosized Template
Mochida, Isao1977 Anisotropic mesophase of novel features found in the refluxing carbonization of acenaphthylene
 1978 Carbonization properties of aromatic hydrocarbons containing five-membered ring
 1978 Comparative study of the chemical structure of the disk-like components in the quinoline insolubles
 1978 Structure of quinoline insoluble matter in pitch
 1979 Carbonization and liquid-crystal (mesophase) development. 10. The co-carbonization of coals with solvent-refined coals and coal extracts
 1979 Carbonization and liquid-crystal (mesophase) development. 11. The co-carbonization of low-rank coals with modified petroleum pitches
 1979 Carbonization and liquid-crystal (mesophase) development. 12. Mechanisms of the co-carbonization of coals with organic additives
 1979 Carbonization and liquid-crystal (mesophase) development. 13. Kinetic considerations of the co-carbonizations of coals with organic additives
 1979 Carbonization and liquid-crystal (mesophase) development. 7. Optical textures of cokes from acenaphthylene and decacyclene
 1979 Carbonization and liquid-crystal (mesophase) development. 8. The co-carbonization of coals with acenaphthylene and decacyclene
 1980 Carbonization and liquid-crystal (mesophase) development. 16. Carbonizations of soluble and insoluble fractions of coal-extract solution
 1980 Carbonization and liquid-crystal (mesophase) development. 17. Co-carbonization of a solvent-refined coal with petroleum pitches and hydrogenated coal-extract solution
 1980 Catalytic carbonization of aromatic hydrocarbons. IX. Carbonization mechanism of heterocyclic sulfur compounds leading to the anisotropic coke
 1980 Microscopic and chemical study of anisotropic mesophase possessing novel features
 1980 Structure of carbons and design of carbonization with a view to their production
 1981 Carbonization properties of partially hydrogenated aromatic compounds. I. Carbonization of partially hydrogenated pyrene prepared by Birch reduction
 1981 Catalytic graphitization of fibrous and particulate carbons
 1981 Mechanism of carbonization of a semi-anthracite
 1982 Catalytic carbonization of vacuum residual oil from Orinoco tar sand
 1983 Carbonization properties of carbonaceous substances oxidized by air blowing. II. Acid-catalyzed modification of oxidized residual oil for better anisotropic development
Mochida, Isao (cont...)1983 Solubility and susceptibility of carbonaceous quinoline-insoluble substances including mesophase material in the co-carbonization process
 1983 Upgrading of solvolytic coal liquids into a feedstock for the needle-cokes
 1984 Carbonization properties of partially hydrogenated aromatics - IV. Thermal behavior of carbonaceous mesophase derived from partially hydrogenated pyrene
 1984 Selective preparation of anisotropic spheres from commercial pitches by carbonization under vacuum
 1985 Application of Fourier transform IR spectroscopy for the structural analyses of coals, coal oil, and their carbonized products
 1985 Chemistry for preparation of mesophase pitches and design of their properties
 1985 Compatibility of fractions for the development of the liquid crystal state from mesophase pitch
 1985 Interaction among fractions in mesophase pitches derived from aluminum chloride-modified ethylene tar
 1985 Preparation of anisotropic pitch by carbonization under vacuum
 1985 Reflux modification of ethylene tar [pitch] (ETP) into mesophase pitch precursor with lesser amounts of aluminum chloride
 1985 Reflux modification of ethylene tar pitch into mesophase pitch precursor using less aluminum chloride
 1985 Roles of extra hydrogen in the preparation of mesophase pitch
 1985 Synthesis and characterization of mesophase spheres from hydrogenated pyrene through two-stage heat treatment under gas flow
 1985 Synthesis and characterization of mesophase spheres from hydropyrene
 1985 Thermotropic behavior of the mesophase pitch derived from coal tar pitch
 1986 Chemical structure and physical properties of carbonaceous liquid crystals
 1986 Infusibilization of pitch fibers for manufacture of carbon fibers
 1986 Preparation of anisotropic mesophase pitch by carbonization under vacuum
 1987 Carbon fibers
 1987 Enhanced stabilization reactivity of coal-tar based mesophase pitch fiber by blending PVC pitch
Mochida, Isao (cont...)1988 Blending mesophase pitch to improve its properties as a precursor for carbon fiber. Part 1. Blending of PVC pitch into coal tar and petroleum-derived mesophase pitches
 1988 Extractive stabilization of mesophase pitch fiber
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