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Michel, Dieter2003 Lateral diffusion of a transmembrane peptide in lipid bilayers studied by pulsed field gradient NMR in combination with magic angle sample spinning
Michel, Eric2002 Self-diffusion and collective diffusion in a model viscoelastic system
Michel, Fabrice2006 An almost-common path shearographic interferometer using the separation of the polarization states
 2006 Out-of-plane displacement derivative measurement: comparison of results obtained by a shearographic interferometer using the separation of the polarization states and the finite element method
Michel, Howard E.1998 Analysis and evaluation of electro-optic artificial neural network performance in the presence of nonideal components
Michel, J.P.2002 Bistable Anchoring Induced by the First Adsorbed Layer in 8CB/MOS2
 2002 How a Single Crystal Can Induce Formation of Optical Gratings in Adsorbed Smectic A Phases
Michel, Jean Philippe2004 Bistable nematic and smectic anchoring in the liquid crystal octylcyanobiphenyl (8CB) adsorbed on a MoS2 single crystal
Michel, Jean-Philippe2004 Optical gratings formed in thin smectic films frustrated on a single crystalline substrate
 2005 Revealing the Structure of Focal Conics Cores and their Influence on the Evolution with Temperature: An X-ray Study of Ultra-thin 8CB Films
 2006 Structure of Smectic Defect Cores: X-Ray Study of 8CB Liquid Crystal Ultrathin Films
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 1980 Symmetry defects and broken symmetry. Configurations Hidden Symmetry
Michel, Martin2005 Understanding foods as soft materials
 2007 Study of Liquid Crystal Space Groups Using Controlled Tilting with Cryogenic Transmission Electron Microscopy
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 2006 Determination of phase transition temperatures of lipids by light scattering
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Michel, Olivier1996 Surface-mediated disorder in aligned liquid crystal films caused by collisions with He
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Michelet, Jacques1996 Dermatologic or cosmetic composition comprising an oil in water emulsion based on oily globules coated with a lamellar liquid crystal coating
Micheletti, Cristian2009 DNA-DNA interactions in bacteriophage capsids are responsible for the observed DNA knotting
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 2001 Dynamics of Block Copolymer Micelles in Aqueous Solution
Michels, Gregory J.2002 Stress birefringence modeling for lens design and photonics
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 1972 Relaxation dynamometer for studying molten salt mesophases
 1974 Horizon formation by molten organic salts as a test of their fluidity
Michels, M.A.2002 Influence of buoyancy on drainage of a fractal porous medium
 2003 Structure and transport properties of liquid clusters in a drying porous medium
Michels, M.A.J.2000 Helical Transition and Growth of Supramolecular Assemblies of Chiral Discotic Molecules
 2001 Helical Transition of Polymer-like Assemblies in Solution
 2003 Amplification of Chirality in Helical Supramolecular Polymers
 2003 Role of End Effects in Helical Aggregation
 2004 Amplification of chirality in helical supramolecular polymers beyond the long-chain limit
Michelsen, Kimmo A.2006 Curvature-dependent lateral distribution of raft markers in the human erythrocyte membrane
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 1977 Electric field induced tricritical point in chiral polarized liquid crystals
 1977 Phenomenological theory of the polarized helicoidal smectic C phase
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 1977 Symmetry changes and critical behavior in the smectic B-E and H-VI phase transitions
 1977 Symmetry changes and dipole orderings in the smectic A to C phase transitions of second order
 1978 Behavior of electric susceptibility and electroclinic coefficient near the chiral smectic A-C* transition
 1978 Physical realization of Lifshitz point
Michelson, S.1966 The Temperature Dependence of the Electrical Conductivity, Density and Tautomerism of Solid Anthrone
Micheron, F.1989 Simulation of matrix addressing in thin P(VDE-TrFE) 70/30 film for neural network application
Micheron, Francois2006 Non Conventional Approaches to Reflective Color Displays
Michibata, Isamu2000 Film, its manufacture, and its use in polarizer protection film, liquid crystal display component, and liquid crystal display
 2000 Protective film for polarizer plate of liquid crystal display
Michibayashi, Akiko1996 Thin film transistor array and liquid crystal display device
 1997 Fabrication of thin-film transistor for liquid -crystal display
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 1997 Transparent protective films having active energy beam-curable layers for polarizing plates in liquid - crystal displays
Michihata, Isamu1997 Protective films for polarizing plates
 1997 Surface processing of transparent polymer film for liquid -crystal display
 1998 Cellulose ester films and durable liquid crystal display materials thereof
 1998 Cellulose ester films with improved dimensional stability and materials for liquid crystal display using them
 1998 Manufacture of cellulose triacetate films and manufacture of parts in liquid crystal display devices
 2000 Cellulose acetate-based protective films for polarizing plates
 2000 Films for protection of polarizing plates in liquid crystal displays
Michinel, Humberto2004 Collisional dynamics of vortices in light condensates
 2004 Square vortex solitons with a large angular momentum
Michino, Yoshiyuki1997 Liquid crystal orientation agent with diamine compound having steroid skeleton
Michino, Yoshuki1996 Polyamic acid derivative orienting agent for liquid crystal display device
 1996 Preparation of polyamic acids and polyimides as liquid crystal orientation agents
 1996 Preparation of steroidal diamines for polymeric membranes
Michinobu, Tsuyoshi2007 Control of Phase-transition Behavior and Polymerization Capability by Methyl Addition to Dialkyl Fumarates Bearing Cyanobiphenyl Mesogens
 2007 Functionalized Poly(fumarate)s (2)
 2007 Phase Transition Behavior in Side-chain Liquid Crystal Polymers of Different Chain-backbones
 2007 Synthesis and characterization of Poly(substituted methylene)-type Liquid Crystalline Polymers carrying cyanobiphenyl groups
 2007 Synthesis and the Phase Behavior of Liquid-crystalline Fumarates Bearing Tolane-based Mesogens
 2008 Phase transition behaviors in liquid crystalline poly(fumarate)s of different mesogen density
 2008 Side chain liquid crystal poly(fumarate)s bearing tolane-based mesogens
 2008 Unexpected phase behaviors of poly(fumarate)s carrying tolane-based mesogenic side chains
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 1992 Rigid-Rod Oligo-p-Carboranes for Molecular Tinkertoys. An Inorganic Langmuir-Blodgett Film with a Functionalized Outer Surface
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 1988 Mesogenic properties of telomers of [1.1.1]propellane
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 2004 Size independence of the strength of snow
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 2007 Liquid crystalline aqueous clay suspensions
Michot, Laurent J.2001 First Direct Visualization of Oriented Mesostructures in Clay Gels by Synchrotron-Based X-ray Fluorescence Microscopy
 2004 Phase Diagrams of Wyoming Na-Montmorillonite Clay. Influence of Particle Anisotropy
 2006 Liquid-crystalline aqueous clay suspensions
 2009 Sol-Gel and Isotropic/Nematic Transitions in Aqueous Suspensions of Natural Nontronite Clay. Influence of Particle Anisotropy. 2. Gel Structure and Mechanical Properties
Micic, Miodrag2000 Synthesis and Surface Chemistry Study of a New Amphiphilic PAMAM Dendrimer
 2002 Self-Assembly of Liquid Crystal Semiconductor Molecules at the Air/Water Interface
Micieli, D.2006 Biomimetic Approach to Biomembrane Models Studies: Medium Influence on the Interaction Kinetics of Some Phenylurea Derivatives Herbicides
Micieli, Dorotea2007 Interaction of Resveratrol and Its Trimethyl and Triacetyl Derivatives with Biomembrane Models Studied by Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Micka, Zdenek2006 Piperidinium nitrate - study of thermal behaviour and vibrational spectra
Miclea, P.-T.2004 Towards 3D metal-dielectric photonic crystal. Optical characterization
Miclet, Emeric2003 1H-1H Dipolar Couplings Provide a Unique Probe of RNA Backbone Structure
Miclo, Andre2001 Fluorinated and hydrogenated cubic phases as matrices for immobilisation of cholesterol oxidase on electrodes
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 1990 Influence of vitamin E on phosphatidylethanolamine lipid polymorphism
 1999 The cancer chemopreventive agent resveratrol is incorporated into model membranes and inhibits protein kinase C α activity
 2001 Membranotropic Effects of the Antibacterial Agent Triclosan
 2005 Differential effects of oleuropein, a biophenol from Olea europaea, on anionic and zwiterionic phospholipid model membranes
Micotti, E.2008 Two-Step Magnetic Ordering in Quasi-One-Dimensional Helimagnets: Possible Experimental Validation of Villain's Conjecture about a Chiral Spin Liquid Phase
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Middlebrook, Christopher2009 Laser speckle contrast reduction measurement using diffractive diffusers
Middlehurst, Jack1980 Small phospholipid vesicles cannot undergo a fluid-to-crystalline phase transition
Middleton, A. Alan2004 Improved extremal optimization for the Ising spin glass
 2004 Percolation of unsatisfiability in finite dimensions
Middleton, David A.2008 Membrane interactions of peptides representing the polybasic regions of three Rho GTPases are sensitive to the distribution of arginine and lysine residues
 2008 Relative substrate affinities of wild-type and mutant forms of the Escherichia coli sugar transporter GalP determined by solid-state NMR
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Midgley, S.2003 Quantum dynamics under the influence of external magnetic fields
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Midorikawa, Katsumi2002 High-power regime of femtosecond-laser pulse propagation in silica: Multiple-cone formation
 2003 Laser-induced diffusion for glass metallization
 2003 Laser-induced plasma-assisted ablation and its applications
Midorikawa, Teruyuki1997 Color liquid crystal display having spacers based on laminated colored layers
 1997 Liquid-crystal display device having polysilane-based film and its manufacture involving fixing of spacers
 1997 Manufacture of liquid-crystal display device
 1999 Active matrix liquid crystal display and its manufacture
 2001 Liquid crystal display device and a method of making the same having overlapping color filters with apertures
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Midoux, Patrick2008 Recent advances in gene delivery with ultrasound and microbubbles
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 1997 Effect of chirality on phase transitions in re-entrant liquid crystals
 1998 Observation of a Frustrated Phase in Mixtures of Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 1998 Phase behavior in the reentrant-nematic region of chiral frustrated smectic liquid crystals
 1999 Dielectric behavior of ferroelectric liquid crystals in the vicinity of the transition into the hexatic phase
 1999 Mesogenic derivatives of 2S,3S-2-halogeno-3-methylpentanoic acid with helix twist inversion in the smectic C phase
 1999 Molecular dynamics in the vicinity of the transition into the hexatic phase in chiral smectics
 2000 Behavior of frustrated phase in ferroelectric and antiferroelectric liquid crystalline mixtures
 2000 Dielectric spectroscopy study of the transition into the hexatic phase in chiral smectics
 2000 Nematic phase formed by banana-shaped molecules
 2001 Reentrant Ferroelectricity in Liquid Crystals
 2002 2-D and 3-D modulated phases formed by bent-shaped moleccules
 2003 Bent-core liquid crystals forming two- and three-dimensional modulated structures
 2003 Enhanced chirality by adding achiral molecules into the chiral system
 2004 Bent-core molecules with lateral halogen atoms forming tilted, synclinic and anticlinic, lamellar phases
 2005 Progress of Understanding Liquid Crystals Made of Bent-Shaped Molecules
 2006 Photocurrent increase by doping a liquid crystal host with a functionalized fullerene
Mieczkowski, Jozef1993 Mesogenic properties of liquid crystals having a chiral semiflexible joint
 1994 Mesogenic properties of liquid crystals having a chiral semiflexible joint
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 1999 Continuous evolution from ferroelectric to antiferroelectric state in chiral smectics
 1999 New series of 4-(4'-octyloxybiphenyl-4-yloxymethyl)benzoic acid derivatives with mesogenic properties
 2000 Induced Antiferroelectric Smectic- CA* Phase by Doping Ferroelectric- C* Phase with Bent-Shaped Molecules
 2001 Nematic phase formed by V-shaped molecules
 2001 Synthesis and properties of a new series of mesogenic compounds with pyridine, oxidopyridinium, thienyl and furyl moieties
 2002 Bent-shaped mesogens without an azomethine joint
 2002 Modulated Lamellar Phases Induced by Hydrogen Bonding
 2003 Ferroelectric and antiferroelectric phases formed by mesogens with polyether terminal group
 2003 Ferroelectric Mesophase with Randomized Interlayer Structure
 2003 Liquid crystal phases formed by asymmetric bent-shaped molecules
 2003 Modulated and intercalated smectic phases formed by dimeric molecules
 2004 Axially Polar Columnar Phase Made of Polycatenar Bent-Shaped Molecules
 2005 Ferroelectric, ferrielectric and antiferroelectric mesophases in compounds with a polybenzyloxycarbonyl mesogenic core
 2005 Polar order in columnar phase made of polycatenar bent-core molecules
 2005 Spontaneous breaking of minimal surface condition: Labyrinths in free standing smectic films
 2005 Spontaneous Breaking of Minimal Surface Condition: Labyrinths in Free Standing Smectic Films
 2006 Electric-Field-Induced Polar Biaxial Order in a Nontilted Smectic Phase of an Asymmetric Bent-Core Liquid Crystal
Mieczkowski, Jozef (cont...)2006 Ideal Liquid Crystal Display Mode Using Achiral Banana-Shaped Liquid Crystals
 2006 Ideal Liquid Crystal Display Mode Using Banana Shaped Liquid Crystal
 2007 Fast relaxation mode of the polar columnar phase made of the polycatenar bent-core liquid crystals
 2007 Molecular factors responsible for the formation of the axially polar columnar mesophase ColhPA
 2008 2-D Density-modulated structures in asymmetric bent-core liquid crystals
 2008 Modulated general tilt structures in bent-core liquid crystals
 2009 Evidence for general tilt columnar liquid crystalline phase
 2009 First symmetrical banana compounds exhibiting SmAPR mesophase and unique transition between two orthogonal polar phases
 2009 Liquid-Crystalline Phases Made of Gold Nanoparticles
 2009 Mesomorphism of Protodendritic Oligomers
 2009 Syntheses and characterization of novel asymmetric bent-core mesogens exhibiting polar smectic phases
 2002 New mesogenic compounds having fork-like or cyclic amide terminal groups
Mieda, Y.2001 Dynamical Properties of Flexo Electric Effect in CCH Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2007 A self-consistent approach for the SmA–SmC* phase transition
Mieda, Yoshitaka2003 Mechanism of sign inversion of spontaneous polarization in ferroelectric SmC* liquid crystals
 2005 Manipulation of microparticles using surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals (Invited Paper)
 2005 Microsphere Manipulation Using Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 2005 Two-dimensional micromanipulation using liquid crystals
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Miethchen, Ralf (cont...)2000 Liquid crystals based on fluorinated carbohydrates
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 1991 Extractive biocatalysis in lyotropic liquid crystal/organic solvent media
 1992 Continuous enzymic reduction in a two-phase-system lyotropic liquid crystal/organic solvent with enzymic cofactor regeneration
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 1992 Epoxidation in lyotropic mesophases
 1994 Diffusion in lyotropic mesophases used as matrix for biocatalysts in organic solvents
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 1991 Enzymic manufacture of optically active cyanohydrins in a lyotropic liquid crystal
 1991 Enzymic preparation of chiral cyanohydrins in liquid crystal systems
 1992 Affinity chromatographic procedure using a mobile organic solvent phase and a lyotropic liquid crystal /microemulsion gel stationary phase
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Miettinen, H.1998 Mechanical properties and strength retention of carbon fiber-reinforced liquid crystalline polymer (LCP/CF) composite: An experimental study on rabbits
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Millar, H.2005 Director Orientation of a Twisted Nematic Under the Influence of an In-Plane Magnetic Field
 2009 Two-Dimensional Modelling of a Freely Suspended Smectic Film
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