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 2006 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of side chain liquid - crystalline biphenyl-phenyl polyacrylates
 2008 Disubstituted 3,5-isoxazolines. An easy route to polymer liquid crystal materials
 2009 3,5-Disubstituted isoxazolines as potential molecular kits for liquid-crystalline materials
 2010 Novel selenoesters fluorescent liquid crystals exhibiting a rich phase polymorphism
 2010 Synthesis of liquid-crystalline 3,5-diarylisoxazolines
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 1990 Photochemisches Verhalten diskotischer cinnamoylsubstituierter Azakronen - Ein Beitrag zu supramolekularer Photochemie -
 1991 Photochemical behavior of a discoid, cinnamoyl-substituted azacrown derivative. Isomerization and crosslinking in the ordered state
 1992 Hexagonal-columnar mesophases of acylated azacrowns with enhanced stabilities
 1992 Induction of Columnar-Discotic Mesophases in Macrocyclic Oligoamines by Complexation of Transition Metal Ions
 1992 Induction of Columnar-Discotic Mesophases in Macrocyclic Oligoamines by Complexation of Transition Metal Ions
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