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Maruyama, Toyotaro1999 Liquid crystal composition for display device
 1999 Propionic acid ester, and liquid-crystal material, composition, and display using it
 1999 Tristable antiferroelectric liquid-crystal composition and display using it
 2000 Antiferroelectric liquid crystal composition containing fluorinated alkyl-substituted compound
 2000 Antiferroelectric liquid crystal composition containing optically inactive compound of specific dipole moments
 2000 Biphenyl derivative for liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device containing same
 2000 Preparation of 6-(4-phenylbenzyloxy)tetralin-2-carboxylic acid esters as chiral smectic liquid crystals
 2000 Tetrahydronaphthalene derivatives as liquid crystals for electrooptical display devices
Maruyama, Tsukasa1990 Effect of molecular weight on the birefringence of lyotropic liquid-crystalline ethyl cellulose and hydroxypropyl cellulose
Maruyama, Tsuyoshi1985 Changes of electrochemical responses of the bulk solution species by thermotropic permeability of liquid crystalline membranes coated on electrodes
Maruyama, Y.1986 Novel discotic liquid crystals obtained from substituted bis(dithiolene)nickel complexes
Maruyama, Yooichiroh2003 Process and catalysts for preparation of crosslinkable cyclic olefin addition copolymer and their use as optically transparent materials
Maruyama, Yuko1999 Liquid crystal display used light transmitting mode or reflective mode
Maruyama, Yusei1990 Liquid crystalline copper(II) complexes of N-salicylideneaniline derivatives. Mesomorphic properties and a crystal structure
 2007 Structure and Electronic Property of C60 and RbxC60 Thin Films Analyzed by STM/STS Technique
Marvan, M.1996 Glass transition in inorganic glasses, polymers, and crystals
Marvel, C.S.1945 Preparation and Polymerization of p-Cyanostyrene, p-Vinylbenzoic Acid and its Methyl Ester
Marvin, Bruce A.2000 NVG-compatible AMLCD back-light having a ridged prismatic TIR with an embedded diffuser doped with an IR absorbing dye
Marvin, D.A.1973 Filamentous bacterial viruses. VIII. Liquid crystals of fd [flexible deoxyribonucleoprotein]
 1996 Evidence for tilted smectic liquid crystalline packing of fd inovirus from x-ray fiber diffraction
Marwan, J.2002 The preparation and characterization of H1-e palladium films with a regular hexagonal nanostructure formed by electrochemical deposition from lyotropic liquid crystalline phases
Marwan, Jan2008 Study of the Nanostructured Palladium Hydride System
Marwan, Norbert2002 Recurrence-plot-based measures of complexity and their application to heart-rate-variability data
Marwitz, Ludger2006 CMOS transistor active matrix structure for liquid crystal display and manufacturing process thereof
Marx, A.1984 Segmented block copolymers of uniform chain length and defined structure, 2. Investigation of some physical properties
Marx, Andreas2009 Orientational properties of poly-γ-benzyl-L-glutamate: influence of molecular weight and solvent on order parameters of the solute
 2010 Enhancing the Orienting Properties of Poly(γ-benzyl-L-glutamate) by means of Additives
Marx, D.2007 Atomistic Force Field for Azobenzene Compounds Adapted for QM/MM Simulations with Applications to Liquids and Liquid Crystals
Marx, Ingund1977 Diacylhydrazine mesogens
Marx, K.1991 Addressing of ferroelectric liquid crystal matrices and electrooptical characterization
Marx, Kenneth A.1997 Comparison of experimental and theoretical melting behavior of DNA
Marx, R.1971 ESR spectrum of γ-irradiated adamantane
Marx, S.V.1984 Elastic constants of plastic crystals by Schaefer-Bergmann scattering
Marx, Vanessa M.2007 Nanoparticles in Liquid Crystals : Synthesis, Self-Assembly, Defect Formation and Potential Applications
 2008 Bent-core liquid crystal (LC) decorated gold nanoclusters: synthesis, self-assembly, and effects in mixtures with bent-core LC hosts
 2009 Miscibility and Alignment Effects of Mixed Monolayer Cyanobiphenyl Liquid-Crystal-Capped Gold Nanoparticles in Nematic Cyanobiphenyl Liquid Crystal Hosts
Mary, L.J. Francisca1999 Studies on odd-even effect of methylene spacers in poly(pyromellitimide-urethane)s
Mar'yakhin, R.Kh.1973 Effect of various factors on the structural selectivity of azoxy ester liquid crystals
Marynissen, H.1982 High-resolution calorimetric investigations of phase transitions in liquids
 1982 Temperature dependence of the enthalpy and the heat capacity of the liquid-crystal octylcyanobiphenyl (8CB)
 1983 Heat capacity and enthalpy behavior near phase transitions in some alkylcyanobiphenyls
 1984 Experimental evidence for a nematic to smectic A tricritical point in alkylcyanobiphenyl mixtures
 1984 Nematic-smectic-A tricritical point in alkylcyanobiphenyl liquid crystals
 1985 Experimental evidence for a nematic to smectic A tricritical point in alkylcyanobiphenyl mixtures
März, K.1990 Conformation of Liquid-Crystalline Main-Chain Polymers in Bulk and in Solution as Revealed by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
 1993 Conformation and shape of rigid-rod polyesters substituted with flexible side chains as revealed by small-angle neutron scattering
Marzani, Franck2007 Basic scanner for parallepipedic manufactured pieces
Marzani, Franck S.2004 Calibration of an LCD projector with pinhole model in active stereovision applications
Marzec, A.1997 New Structural Concept for Carbonized Coals
Marzec, M.1992 On the Existence of Four Dielectric Modes in the Planary Oriented Sm C* Phase of a Fluorinated Substance
 1993 The existence of four dielectric modes in the planar oriented SC* phase of a fluorinated substance
 1994 Electrooptic and dielectric investigations of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1995 Calorimetric and microscopic investigations of selected members from the thioester homologous series
 1995 Collective and molecular processes in a new class of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1995 Collective and molecular relaxation in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1995 Dielectric, electrooptic and x-ray studies of a room temperature ferroelectric mixture
 1995 Investigation of 4'-[(S)-2-propoxypropoxy]phenyl 4-(4-decyloxy)benzoate (PPPhDB) by complementary methods
 1995 Polymorphism and molecular dynamics in two selected ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1996 Goldstone mode and domain mode relaxation in ferroelectric phases of 4'-[(S,S) - 2,3 - epoxyhexyloxy] phenyl 4-(decyloxy)benzoate (EHPDB)
 1997 Dynamical properties of two ferroelectric phases of epoxy compound
 1997 Room Temperature Ferroelectric Mixtures Based on Chiral Epoxy Compound
 1998 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1998 Room temperature ferroelectric mixtures based on a chiral epoxy compound
 1999 Thermal properties of selected antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 2000 Antiferroelectric liquid crystals studied by different methods
 2001 Phase Behaviour and Electrooptic Properties of a New Fluorinated MFPOBC Analogue
 2002 Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals Studied by Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Electrooptic Methods
 2002 Electrooptic, Dieletric and DSC Studies of Ferroelectric and Sub-Phase Alpha of a Highly Polar Compound
 2002 Mean-Field Behavior of the Paraelectric-Ferroelectric Phase Transition of a Fluorinated Compound
Marzec, M. (cont...)2002 Order Parameter Fluctuations in Ferro- and Antiferroelectric Phases of Two Selected Fluorinated Compounds
 2002 Room Temperature Antifferroelectric Phase Studied by Electrooptic Methods
 2004 Alpha sub-phase in a new ferroelectric fluorinated compound
 2004 Detection of Alpha Sub-Phase Between Para- and Ferroelectric Phase of a Fluorinated Compound
 2004 Room Temperature Antiferroelectric Phase Studied by Electrooptic Methods
 2005 Antiferroelectric Modes Behaviour in a Wide Temperature Range SmC*A Phase
 2005 Ferroelectric behaviour of hexatic phases
 2005 Phase behaviour and dynamics of exemplary MHPOBC analogue
 2005 Retardation of Molecular Relaxation in Highly Ordered Antiferroelectric Phase
 2006 Complementary studies of de Vries type SmA* phase
 2006 Electrooptic study of antiferroelectric mixtures for display application
 2006 Ferroelectric Behaviour of a Chiral Thioester
 2006 Highly ordered hexatic phases with large spontaneous polarization
 2006 Strong Order Parameter Fluctuations in the Vicinity of Para-Ferroelectric Transition
 2007 Ferroelectric and antiferroelectric phases studied by dielectric spectroscopy
 2007 Ferroelectric properties of achiral banana-shaped and calamitic-chiral thioesters
 2008 Dielectric and conductivity anisotropy in liquid crystalline phases of strongly polar thioesters.
Marzec, Monika1996 Dielectric and DSC studies of the metastable phase in EHPDB
 1999 Influence of electric fields on antiferroelectric MHPOBC analogue with perfluorinated terminal chain
 2007 Ferroelectricity of Hexatic Phases
 2008 Molecular Structure and Physical Properties of Chiral Liquid Crystalline Compounds
Marzen, Vincent P.2002 Proven high-performance display solution
Marzocca, A.2003 Dielectric breakdown model for composite materials
Marzocchi, S.1975 Induction of a cholesteric mesophase in a nematic liquid crystal by some optically active alcohols. Possible method for the correlation of configurations
Marzocchini, Renato2001 Permanent imaging on nematic liquid crystal dispersed in polymer matrix
Marzotko, D.1971 New varient of polymorphism in the liquid-crystalline state. Substance with smectic B and nematic modifications
 1973 Ph. D. Thesis Halle
 1973 Smectic dimorphism of hexadecyloxy- and octadecyloxyazoxybenzene
 1975 Calorimetric investigation of liquid crystals
 1980 Calorimetric investigation of 4-n-alkyloxyphenyl 4'-alkyloxybenzoates
 1980 The polymorphism of some liquid crystalline 4'-n-alkyloxy-3'-nitro-biphenylcarboxylic acids
 1981 Calorimetric investigations of 2-[4-n-alkylphenyl]-5-[4-n-alkyloxyphenyl]-pyrimidines
Mas-Torrent, Marta2006 Efficient High Area OFETs by Solution Based Processing of a π-Electron Rich Donor
Masada, Katsutoshi1970 Colloidal studies on textile agents. XIX. Flow birefringence and viscosity of concentrated aqueous solutions of nonionic surface active agents
Masada, Yoshiyasu1987 Melt-processable aromatic copolyester
 1989 Properties of liquid-crystalline polymer Ueno LCP
 1992 Characteristic properties and applications of a liquid crystal polymer "UENO LCP"
 1993 Technology trends in raw materials for liquid crystal polymers
Masahara, Kazuyuki2000 Photosensitive resin material, liquid crystal orientation film material, and liquid crystal device
 2000 Photosensitive resin materials, liquid crystal orientation film materials thereof, and liquid crystal devices
Masahara, Ko1996 Liquid crystal display device having planarized electrode and manufacture thereof
 1996 Thin-film transistor having polysilicon film, manufacture thereof, and liquid crystal display device
Masakai, Takashige1999 Photosensitive paste suitable for manufacturing plasma display panel barrier rib
Masakawa, Itaru1996 Thin-film transistor for liquid-crystal display and fabrication thereof
Masaki, Akira1999 Photohardenable liquid crystal composition and film therefrom
Masaki, Atsushi1997 Rewritable full-color recording on a thin solid film of a cholesteric low-molecular-weight compound
 1998 Rerecordable heat-sensitive color image storage medium and method for producing color image
 1998 Thermally stable iridescent colors of a new low-molecular-weight cholesteric compound in the solid state and the application to full-color recording
 2001 Rewritable, heat sensitive, color image recording medium and image recording method using same
Masaki, Hitoshi1998 Manufacture of optical compensation film comprising crosslinked discotic nematic liquid crystal for LCD
 1998 Manufacture of optical films
 1998 Manufacture of photocured liquid-crystalline polymers in water
 2000 Method for manufacture of optical film for liquid crystal display
Masaki, K.2006 Ferroelectric Properties of Paramagnetic, All-Organic, Chiral Nitroxyl Radical Liquid Crystals
Masaki, Kazuyoshi2005 Spontaneous Racemization and Epimerization Behavior in Solution of Chiral Nitroxides
 2006 Design, Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of Chiral Organic Radical Liquid Crystals
 2006 Ferroelectricity and Superparamagnetism of Chiral Organic Radical LCs
 2006 Paramagnetic FLCs Containing an Organic Radical Component
 2006 Synthesis and Electric/Magnetic Properties of Novel Chiral Organic Radical LCs
Masaki, Naruhiko2007 Dye-Sensitized TiO2 Solar Cells Using Imidazolium-Type Ionic Liquid Crystal Systems as Effective Electrolytes
Masaki, Ryoichi2000 Flat-type light source, information-processing apparatus, and liquid crystal display
Masaki, Tadahiro1996 Optical design of diffuser film for the edge type backlight-system
 1999 Lens film, surface light source and liquid crystal display
Masaki, Takaki1998 Photosensitive glass paste for manufacture of plasma-addressed liquid crystal display
 1998 Photosensitive paste with good storage stability
 1999 Inorganic powders, photosensitive pastes, plasma displays and plasma-addressed liquid crystal displays using the pastes, and manufacture of the devices
 1999 Photosensitive paste for manufacturing plasma display
 1999 Photosensitive paste useful in formation of barrier of plasma display panel
 2000 Manufacture of glass substrates having dielectric layer and partition layer for display
 2000 Manufacture of substrate for display device by transferring conductive paste and firing
 2004 Technology for forming of barrier ribs on a plasma display panel (PDP) by applying a photosensitive glass paste
Masaki, Takashige1999 Dielectric paste for manufacturing plasma display panel or plasma addressed liquid crystal display substrates
 2000 Inorganic particles, photosensitive pastes, and manufacture of plasma display panels using the pastes
Masaki, Tatsuo1991 Printing method for preparing color filter for liquid-crystal display device
Masaki, Tomo2007 Size Selective Extraction of N,N,N',N'-Tetraoctyldiglycolamide and the Structure of Its Divalent Metal Complex
Masaki, Yoshihiro1999 Radiation-hardenable resin composition used for LCD spacer
Masaki, Yoshinori1996 Light shielding layer of liquid crystal display color filter
 1996 Photosensitive resin light shield bilayer film and its color filter and liquid-crystalline imaging device
 1997 Color filter for liquid crystal displays and solid state imagers
 1997 Color filter forming composition
 1997 Thermosetting resin compositions, cured films, cured protective films in color filters in liquid - crystal displays, solid imaging devices, and light-emitting diode devices
Masaki, Yuichi1992 Manufacturing a liquid-crystal display device
 1994 Liquid-crystal device
 1996 Color liquid-crystal display panel
 1996 Liquid-crystal display device
 1996 Process for injecting ferroelectric liquid crystal with injection completed above atmospheric pressure
 1997 Color liquid crystal display device and process for producing the same
 1997 Display device and process for producing same
 1997 Liquid crystal and information transmission devices
 1997 Liquid crystal display device
 1997 Manufacture of liquid crystal device having transparent electrode
 1997 Manufacture of liquid crystal display device containing UV-hardenable sealant
 2000 Liquid crystal display and manufacture of the same
Masalci, O.2007 Refractive Index Measurements in the Lyotropic Nematic Phase
Masalci, Ozgur2009 Compared properties of textures of lyotropic mesophases of binary and ternary systems based on tetradecyltrimethylammonium bromide
Masamoto, Junzo1970 Polymorphic forms of nylon 3
 2000 Synthesis of a new type both-end-capped poly(oxymethylene) with a long alkyl group
Masamune, Ken2000 Three-dimensional display system for medical imaging with computer-generated integral photography
Masatoki, Sei1996 Conformational Analysis of Nonionic Surfactants in Water by a Selective Monodeuteration Method. C-D Stretching Infrared Spectroscopy of α-Monodeuterododecyl-ω-hydroxytris(oxyethylene)s
Masayama, Noriko2000 UV-transmitting peelable adhesive sheets for manufacture of liquid crystal display panels
Masazumi, Naoki1997 The relationship between contact angles and characteristics of Ch-liquid crystal/polymer composite films
Masberg, S.1997 Differential thermal analysis (DTA) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) at high pressures: investigations of a liquid crystal and a triglyceride up to 300 MPa
 1999 Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) under high pressure on 10-TPEB
 2001 Thermodynamic measurements on selected liquid crystals at normal and elevated pressures
Mascagni, Michael2002 First- and last-passage Monte Carlo algorithms for the charge density distribution on a conducting surface
Mascarenhas, Y.P.1987 X-ray crystal structures and directional diamagnetic susceptibility calculations of decyl and dodecylammonium chlorides
Mascarenhas, Yvonne P.1994 (R)-(+)-2-Phenylpropyl p-toluenesulfate, C16H18O3S
Mascetti, J.2008 Organization of ß-Cyclodextrin under Pure Cholesterol, DMPC, or DMPG and Mixed Cholesterol/Phospholipid Monolayers
Mascherpa, Alessandra1989 Enzymatic synthesis and thermotropic behaviour of phosphatidylethanol
Mascherpa, Marco1993 Mesophase formation in α-sexithienyl at high temperature-an X-ray diffraction study
Maschke, U.1996 Electro-optical and morphological characterization of electron beam cured liquid crystal-polymer composite materials
 1997 Influence of liquid crystal concentration on the electrooptical behavior of polymer dispersed liquid crystal films prepared by electron beam processing
 1997 Study of optical and thermophysical properties of polymer-dispersed liquid crystals prepared by electron bombardment treatment
 1997 Thermophysical and electro-optical characterization of nematic liquid crystal/acrylate systems
 1998 Liquid crystal-polymer composite materials a thermophysical and electro-optical study
 1999 Dependence of cure parameters on PDLC films prepared by electron beam and ultraviolet curing
 1999 Light scattering from acrylate-based polymer dispersed liquid crystals: theoretical considerations and experimental examples
 1999 Phase behavior of poly(ethylhexylacrylate)/E7 mixtures
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2000 Phase equilibrium of poly(n-butyl acrylate) and E7
 2001 Effects of Perflouration of Epoxy-Amine Polymer Matrices on the Electro-Optical Performence of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Films
 2001 Effects of polymer architecture on the phase properties of polymethylsiloxane/liquid crystal blends
 2001 Electro-optical properties of low molecular weight liquid crystal/copolymer mixtures
 2001 Electro-Optical, Spectroscopical, and Calorimetric Investigations of Electron Beam- and Ultraviolet- Cured Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Materials
 2001 Electrooptical Properties of Three-Component Compositions "Liquid Crystal-Aerosil-Photopolymer"
 2001 Equilibrium phase properties of polymer/liquid crystal blends: theory and experiments
 2001 Evolution of Electro-Optical Properties of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Materials During Processing
Maschke, U. (cont...)2001 Liquid Crystal 8CB/Deutered Polystyrene: Investigations by Small Angle Neutron Scattering
 2001 Phase diagrams of monomeric and electron beam cured propoxylated glyceroltriacrylate/low molecular weight liquid crystal systems
 2001 Phase properties of hexanedioldiacrylate/E7 blends
 2001 Phase properties of monomer/liquid crystal and polymer/liquid crystal mixtures
 2001 Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Films Prepared by Electron Beam Curing: Influence of the Nature of the Polymer Precursor
 2001 Thermo-optical investigations of polysiloxane/liquid crystal mixtures
 2001 Thermophysical Properties in Phenyletheracrylate / Liquid Crystal Mixtures: Effects of Photoinitiator Concentration
 2002 Electro-optical properties of EB-cured PDLC systems
 2002 Electro-optics of LC-Aerosil-Photopolymer composites
 2002 Novel application of a photothermal technique on polymer/liquid crystal mixtures
 2002 Onset and end of transitions in PDMS/5CB blends as revealed by static light scattering
 2002 Polarized light scattering and off-state transmission of electron-beam cured polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 2003 Physical properties of electron beam-cured tripropyleneglycol-diacrylate and liquid crystal systems
 2003 Physico-chemical characterization of ultraviolet and electron beam cured polymer / liquid crystal films
 2003 Small-angle light scattering from nematic liquid crystalline droplets
 2003 Swelling/deswelling behaviour of poly(n-butylacrylate)networks in nematic solvents
 2004 A Comparative Study of UV- and EB-Cured PDLC Films via Electro-Optical Properties
 2004 A Static and Dynamic Study of the Mechanical Properties of Electron Beam Cured PDLC Films
 2004 Development of electro-optical devices exhibiting high spectral selectivity for telecommunication applications
 2004 Effects of crosslinking agent on the phase behavior of polymer / liquid crystal systems
Maschke, U. (cont...)2004 Effects of Ultraviolet-curing conditions on the electro-optical behavior of polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
 2004 Electro-optical and Morphological Properties of Ultraviolet- and Electron Beam - cured Monomer/liquid Crystal Mixtures
 2004 Electro-Optical Properties of Electron Beam Cured Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Films based on Polysiloxanes and Liquid Crystals
 2004 Electro-optical response of thiol-ene based PDLC
 2004 Investigation of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal films exhibiting nanosized liquid crystalline domains
 2004 Light Scattering from Monomeric and Electron Beam Cured Acrylate/E7 Systems
 2004 Miscibility studies of nematic liquid crystal / poly(methylphenylsiloxane) mixtures
 2004 Phase Behaviour of Uncured and UV-cured (2-ethylhexylacrylate-1,6-hexanedioldiacrylate)/E7 Mixtures
 2004 Phase Diagrams and Thermophysical Properties of Polysiloxane and E7 Systems
 2004 Phase Properties of Poly(2-ethylhexylacrylate)/E7 Systems
 2004 Phase properties of poly(n-butylacrylate) networks in 5CB
 2004 Photopyroelectric Measurements of Thermal Parameters over Phase Transitions in Polymer/Liquid Crystals Systems
 2004 Physical Properties of Electron Beam-Cured Tripropyleneglycoldiacrylate and Liquid Crystal Systems
 2004 Properties of Electron Beam Cured Reverse Mode PDLC Films
 2004 Selective Solubility of E7 Components in Poly(n-butylacrylate)
 2004 Static Light Scattering from Tripropyleneglycoldiacrylate/E7 Mixtures: Theorie and Experiments
 2004 Swelling and Deswelling of Poly (n-butylacrylate) Networks in Isotropic and Nematic Solvents
 2004 Thermo-physical investigation of PDLC materials prepared by polymerization induced phase separation
 2004 Time Relaxation of the Light Transmission of PDLC films
 2004 UV-Cured Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals with Nanosized Droplets
Maschke, U. (cont...)2005 Comparative study of the miscibility in polysiloxane/liquid crystal systems
 2005 Mechanical and thermodynamical properties of polymer/liquid crystal systems prepared by electron-beam and ultra-violet processing
 2005 Nano- and micron-sized polymer dispersed liquid crystal systems designed for electro-optical devices
 2005 Preparation and characterization of polymer network/liquid crystal systems
 2005 Theoretical and experimental studies of optical transmission properties of polymer/liquid crystal systems
 2006 Development and structural investigation of new polymer/liquid crystal materials for holographic recording of nano-H-PDLC systems
 2006 Dynamic swelling behaviour of isotropic polyacrylate networks in 4-cyano-4'-n-pentyl-biphenyl (5CB)
 2006 Polymerization kinetics of low molecular weight crystal/monomer systems
 2006 Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) analysis of the structure of deuterated Polystyrene/8CB Systems
 2006 Theoretical and experimental studies of optical transmission properties of polymer/liquid crystal systems
 2006 Thermal studies of nematic liquid crystal/poly(n-butyl- acrylate) mixtures
 2007 Dielectric spectroscopy as effective tool for the investigation of polymer/liquid crystal materials
 2007 Dye photoinitiator systems for free radical polymerization of monomer/liquid crystal materials
 2007 Elaboration and characterization of nanostructured materials intended for holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal (H-PDLC) systems
 2007 Kinetic studies of anisotropic and isotropic solvent diffusion in acrylate based interpenetrating polymer networks
 2007 Neutron scattering investigation of smectic A droplets confined to a thermoplastic polymer matrix
 2007 Static and dynamical properties of polymer/liquid crystal systems prepared by electron-beam and ultra-violet processing
 2007 Stimuli-responsive hydrogels containing liquid crystals
 2008 Analysis of liquid crystal confined in a polymer by neutron scattering investigation under a magnetic field
 2008 Cross-linked Poly(tripropyleneglycoldiacrylate) / liquid crystal systems prepared by electron-beam and ultraviolet processing: Dramatic improvement of mechanical properties
Maschke, U. (cont...)2008 Dielectric characterization of polymer dispersed liquid crystals: influence of polymer network and sample morphology
 2008 Dispersion of pentadentate Schiff bases and their transition metal complexes in polymer/liquid crystal systems
 2008 Dye effect on electro optical properties of polymer dispersed liquid crystal systems
 2008 Dynamics of fluctuations in polymer dispersed liquid crystal materials
 2008 Equilibrium swelling and drying kinetics of liquid crystalline hydrogels
 2008 Small-angle light scattering from polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal films
 2008 Swelling of interpenetrating polymer networks in anisotropic solvents
 2008 The effect of cross-link density and liquid crystal content on the dynamic mechanic properties of PnBA networks
 2009 Dispersion of Pentadentate Schiff Bases and Their Transition Metal Complexes in Liquid Crystals
 2009 Dynamic of the fluctuations in PDLC composite materials.
 2009 Highly Efficient Holographic PDLC Based on Acrylate Monomers with Low Functionality
 2009 Optical and Electro-Optical Properties of Poly(2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate)/5CB Systems
 2009 Relaxation Behaviour of Monomer/Liquid Crystal Blends after Exposure to Ultraviolet Light
 2009 Thermophysical analysis of polysiloxane and nematic liquid crystal mixture
Maschke, Ulrich1995 Electron beam processing for polymerization induced phase separation: Preparation of polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
 1995 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal materials prepared by electron-beam-initiated polymerization
 1997 Electron beam cured liquid crystal - polymer composite materials: electro-optical enhancement effect
 1997 Networks and blends in liquid crystal polymer composite materials
 1998 On the phase behavior of blends of polymers and nematic liquid crystals
 1998 Optical and thermophysical properties of polymer dispersed liquid crystals (PDLC)
 1998 Phase Behavior of Blends of Polymers and Smectic -A Liquid Crystals
 1998 Photopolymerization kinetics and phase behavior of acrylate based polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1999 Equilibrium phase diagram of polystyrene and 8CB
 1999 Light scattering from poly(acrylate)/E7 mixtures
 1999 Mixtures of polymer networks and nematic liquid crystals
 1999 Model phase diagrams of binary nematic mixtures. A comparative study between linear and crosslinked polymers
 1999 On the miscibility of crosslinked networks and solvents with and without nematic order
 1999 Phase Behavior of Cured and Uncured Propoxylated Glyceroltriacrylate/8CB Mixtures
 2000 Effect of Molecular Weight on the Phase Diagram and Thermal Properties of Poly(styrene)/8CB Mixtures
 2000 Miscibility in Cross-Linked Polymer-Solvent Systems with Nematic Interactions
 2000 On the phase equilibria of nematic mixtures
 2000 Phase behavior of electron beam cured and uncured propoxylated glyceroltriacrylate/E7 mixtures
 2000 Phase diagrams and morphology of polymer dispersed liquid crystals based on nematic-liquid-crystal-monofunctional-acrylate mixtures
 2001 Phase Diagrams of Cured and Uncured Propoxylated Glyceroltriacrylate/5CB Mixtures
Maschke, Ulrich (cont...)2001 Phase diagrams of poly(dimethylsiloxane) and 5CB blends
 2002 A Comparative Study of UV and EB Cured PDLC Films: Electro-Optical Properties
 2002 A Static and Dynamic Study of the Mechanical Properties of Electron Beam- and Ultraviolet-Cured PDLC Films
 2002 A Study of Morphology, Structure and Electro-Optical Responses of Polysiloxane and Liquid Crystal Systems
 2002 Light Scattering from Monomeric and Electron Beam Cured Acrylate/E7 Systems
 2002 Mechanical Properties of Electron Beam Cured Monomer and Monomer/Liquid Crystal Films
 2002 Morphology and Optical Properties of Polymer/Liquid Crystal Composites with Nanodroplets
 2002 Phase Diagrams and Thermophysical Properties of Poly(Siloxane) and Liquid Crystal Systems
 2002 Phase Diagrams of Mixtures of Nematic Liquid Crystals and Linear or Crosslinked Polymers
 2002 Phase diagrams of monomer and uv-cured difunctional-acrylate-nematic-liquid-crystal systems
 2002 Phase Properties of Poly(2-Ethylhexylacrylate) / Liquid Crystal Systems
 2002 Photopyroelectric Measurements of Thermal Parameters Over Phase Transitions in Polymer/Liquid Crystals Systems
 2002 Physical Properties of Electron Beam Cured Tri-Propylene Glycol Diacrylate and Liquid Crystal Systems
 2002 Properties of Electron Beam Cured Reverse Mode PDLC Films
 2002 Selective Solubility of E7 Components in Poly(N-Butylacrylate)
 2002 Structure of Deuterated Polystyrene and 8CB Systems as Revealed by Small Angle Neutron Scattering
 2002 Swelling/Deswelling of Poly(Acrylate) Networks in Isotropic and Nematic Solvents
 2002 Time Decay of the Off-State Transmission of Electron Beam Cured PDLC Films
 2003 Calorimetric studies of poly (2-phenoxyethylacrylate)/5CB mixtures
 2003 Phase diagrams of poly(siloxane)/liquid crystal blends
Maschke, Ulrich (cont...)2004 Phase Behavior of Poly(butyl acrylate) Networks in Nematic Liquid Crystal Solvents
 2004 Static and Dynamic Mechanical Behavior of Electron Beam-Cured Monomer and Monomer/Liquid Crystal Systems
 2006 Phase Modulation of Light by a Composite Film with Fine Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Droplets: Theoretical Treatment
 2007 Miscibility and morphology of poly(ethylhexylacrylate)/liquid crystal blends prepared under different conditions
 2008 Gelling and the collective dynamics in ferroelectric liquid crystals
Maschmeyer, Thomas1997 Synthesis of direct templated aligned mesoporous silica coatings within capillaries
 1999 One-pot incorporation of titanium catalytic sites into mesoporous true liquid crystal templated (TLCT) silica
 2000 A Spectroscopic Study of Group IV Transition Metal Incorporated Direct Templated Mesoporous Catalysts Part 1: A Comparison between Materials Synthesized Using Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Ti Precursors
 2003 Synthesis of Bimodal Nanostructured Silicas with Independently Controlled Small and Large Mesopore Sizes
Maschmeyer, Thomas A.2002 Synthesis and Characterisation of Metal-Containing Mesoprous Silicate Catalysts via Liquid Crystal Templating
Masciangioli, Tina M.2001 Photocycle Dynamics in Bacteriorhodopsin in an Ethanol Perturbed Lipid Environment Using Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy
Masciocchi, N.1990 Structural, dielectric, and rheological characterization of a thermotropic polyester displaying smectic A, nematic, and isotropic phases
Masciocchi, Norberto2010 Tuning the Functional Properties of Metal Complexes Containing Polytopic Heteroaromatic Nitrogen Ligands
Mascioni, Alessandro2004 Determination of helical membrane protein topology using residual dipolar couplings and exhaustive search algorithm: application to phospholamban
Masciovecchio, C.2000 Determination of the Short-Wavelength Propagation Threshold in the Collective Excitations of Liquid Ammonia
Mascolo, Giuseppe2008 Catanionic Systems from Conversion of Nucleotides into Nucleo-Lipids
Mase, Akimasa1997 Display arrangement
Mase, Akira1992 High-contrast liquid crystal displaying device
 1992 Liquid-crystal display device
 1992 Liquid-crystal display device having carbon-containing film
 1992 Liquid-crystal display device using thin-film transistors
 1993 Liquid-crystal electrooptical device with two materials different in refractive index dispersed in liquid crystal
 1993 Method for fabricating liquid-crystal electrooptical device with one substrate
 1996 Ferroelectric liquid crystal blue color shutter with color correction filter
 1997 Electro-optical device
Mase, Kiyotoshi1989 Continuous manufacture of mesophase pitch for preparation of carbon fibers and molded carbon products
 1992 Manufacture of carbon fiber precursors from pitch with improved spinnability
 1992 Manufacture of carbon or graphite fibers from mesophase pitch
 1992 Manufacture of mesophase pitch carbon and graphite fibers with high tensile strength
Mase, Kyotoshi1989 Continuous preparation of mesophase pitch
 1989 Continuous preparation of mesophase pitch
 1993 Manufacture of low-density pitch-based carbon fibers with high modulus
 1993 Pitch carbon fibers with high modulus
Mase, Shigekazu1999 Porous ceramics having fine pore structure and their manufacture
Masegosa, R.M.1993 Melting behavior of miscible polymer blends containing poly-(ε-caprolactone)
 1998 Melting behavior , miscibility, and hydrogen-bonded interactions of poly(ε-caprolactone)/poly(4-hydroxystyrene-co-methoxystyrene) blends
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Masuzawa, Akinori2000 Liquid crystal display device having reflective electrode and electronic apparatus
 2000 Liquid crystal display device having reflective electrode and electronic apparatus
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