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Marinelli, M.1987 Photoacoustic analysis of liquid-crystals thermal parameters
 1987 Simultaneous heat capacity and thermal-diffusivity photoacoustic measurement at liquid-crystal phase transitions
 1988 Photoacoustics as a technique for simultaneous measurement of thermal conductivity and heat capacity
 1989 Simultaneous photoacoustic measurements of specific heat and thermal conductivity critical behavior at a smectic A-nematic phase transition
 1990 Theoretical aspects of photopyroelectric detection for simultaneous determination of thermal conductivity and specific heat
 1990 Thermal conductivity, diffusivity, and heat-capacity studies at the smectic-A-nematic transition in alkylcyanobiphenyl liquid crystals
 1992 High-resolution simultaneous photothermal measurements of thermal parameters at a phase transition with the photopyroelectric technique
 1992 Photopyroelectric study of a phase transition in liquid crystals
 1992 Photothermal calorimetry: simultaneous measurements of specific heat and thermal conductivity
 1992 Thermal Transport Parameters Histeresys in the Smectic A Phase of 9CB Liquid Crystal
 1994 Application of a front detection photopyroelectric configuration to the study of nonlinear effects in liquid crystals phase transitions
 1994 Photopyroelectric study of nonlinear heat transport phenomena at a liquid crystal phase transition
 1996 Anisotropic heat transport in the octylcyanobiphenyl (8CB) liquid crystal
 1996 Dynamic critical behavior of thermal parameters at the smectic-A -nematic phase transition of octyloxythiolbenzoate
 1996 Photopyroelectric method. Determination of the thermal parameters of liquid crystals and antiferromagnetic materials close to the phase transitions
 1997 The Order of Liquid Crystal Phase Transitions Studied with a.c. Calorimetry
 1997 Thermal Diffusivity Anisotropy Ratio of nCB Series Liquid Crystal Compounds
 1998 Effect of the nematic range on the critical behavior and anisotropy of the heat transport parameters at the smectic-A-nematic phase transition
 1998 Photopyroelectric determination of the order of liquid crystal phase transitions
 1998 Thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity anisotropy in a liquid crystal
Marinelli, M. (cont...)1998 Thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of the cyanobiphenyl (nCB) homologous series
 1999 Disorder effects in low concentration dispersions of small quartz spheres in cyanobiphenyl liquid crystals
 2000 Effects of fluctuations in the orientational order parameter in the cyanobiphenyl (nCB) homologous series
 2001 Small quartz silica spheres induced disorder in octylcyanobiphenyl (8CB) liquid crystals: A thermal study
 2002 Critical Behavior of Refractive Index, Dielectric Constant and Thermal Conductivity for 5...8CB Liquid Crystals in the Nematic Phase
 2002 High Resolution Calorimetry of Coexistence Region at a First Order Phase Transition
 2002 Photopyroelectric structural and thermal characterization of first-order phase transition in liquid crystals
 2003 Critical behavior of thermal parameters at the smectic-A-hexatic-B and smectic-A-smectic-C phase transitions in liquid crystals
 2003 Thermal and optical study of the kinetics of the nematic-isotropic transition in octylcyanobiphenyl
 2004 Spatially resolved measurements of thermal parameters in colloidal suspensions in liquid crystals
 2005 Dynamics at the Nematic-Isotropic Phase Transition in Aerosil Dispersed Liquid Crystal
 2005 Dynamics of Nematic Liquid Crystal with Quenched Disorder in the Random Dilution and Random Field Regimes
 2008 Latent heat investigation by photopyroelectric calorimetry
 2010 Simultaneous Characterization of Optical Turbidity, Specific Heat and Latent Heat of Liquid Crystals Nanocolloids
Marinelli, Massimo1986 Photoacoustic monitoring of thermal parameters in liquid-crystal phase transitions
 1991 Simultaneous measurements of heat capacity, thermal conductivity, and thermal diffusivity of liquid crystals in phase transitions
 1997 Heat transport anisotropies in aligned octylcyanobiphenyl (8CB) liquid crystal
 1998 Photopyroelectric investigation of thermal transport anisotropy in a liquid crystal
 2002 Thermal Conductivity Behaviour at the AC and AB Transitions
Marinetti, G.V.1979 Characterization of an 11,000-Dalton ß-Bungarotoxin: Binding and Enzyme Activity on Rat Brain Synaptosomal Membranes
Marinetti, Guido V.1980 Cross Linking of Erythrocyte Membrane Proteins and Phospholipids by Chemical Probes
Maring, Daniel1999 Double flip of orientation for a lamellar diblock copolymer under shear
Maringa, Natacha2006 Liquid-Crystalline Fullerodendrimers which Display Columnar Phases
 2007 Liquid-Crystalline Janus-Type Fullerodendrimers Displaying Tunable Smectic-Columnar Mesomorphism
 2008 Liquid-crystalline methanofullerodendrimers which display columnar mesomorphism
 2008 Mesomorphic Metallo-Dendrimers Based on the Metal-Metal Bonded Ru2(CO)4 Sawhorse Unit
Marini, A.1994 A DSC characterization of sulfur-selenium interaction phenomenology
 2007 Orientational Order of a Liquid Crystal with Three Chiral Centers by a Combined 13C NMR and DFT Approach
 2008 Dielectric properties of three-ring fluorinated compounds
 2008 Orientational Order of Difluorinated Liquid Crystals: A Comparative 13C-NMR, Optical, and Dielectric Study in Nematic and Smectic B Phases
 2009 The ferroelectric SmC* phase studied by means of 2H and 13C NMR: structural and orientational features
Marini, Alberto2006 Structural and Orientational Properties of the Ferro, Antiferroelectric, and Re-entrant Smectic C* Phases of ZLL7/* by Deuterium NMR and Other Experimental Techniques
 2007 Dynamic behaviour of a ferro-electric liquid crystal by means of nuclear magnetic resonance and dielectric spectroscopy
 2007 Effect of the magnetic field on the supramolecular structure of chiral smectic C phases: 2H NMR studies
 2009 From the SmA to the Hexatic, Including the SmC*, SmC*A and SmC*re Phases: A 2H NMR Relaxation Study
 2010 2H, 13C NMR and Ab Initio Calculations Applied to the SmC* Phase: Methodology and Case Studies
Marinichev, A.N.2007 Autoregressive regularities of nematic-isotropic transition temperatures within homologous series of mesogenic compounds
 2009 Description of the even-odd alternation of the clearing temperatures over homologous series of mesogens by second-order differential equations
Marinin, V.1939 Die Dielektrizitätskonstante der sich bewegenden anisotropen Flüssigkeit
 1939 Dielectric constant of a moving anisotropic liquid
 1940 Orientation of molecules of anisotropic liquids in a stream
 1948 Dipole moments of molecules of liquid crystals and electric birefringence of their solutions
Marinkovic -Neducin, Radmila1995 The structure of mesophases of binary and multicomponent mixtures of some cholesteric liquid crystals
Marino, A.2003 Dynamical electro-optical characterization of Policryps gratings
 2003 Policryps characterization in the near infrared
 2003 ZLI-1695 Liquid crystal anisotropy characterization in the near infrared by generalized ellipsometry
 2004 Dynamical behavior of holographic gratings with a nematic film - polymer slice sequence structure
 2004 Spectroscopic ellipsometry study of liquid crystal and polymeric thin films in visible and near infrared
 2005 Lasing Thresholds of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals Lasers
 2006 High accuracy optical characterization of anisotropic liquids by merging standard techniques
 2006 New Generation of Holographic Gratings Based on Polymer-LC Composites: POLICRYPS and POLIPHEM
 2007 Ellipsometric Study of Liquid Crystal Infiltrated Porous Silicon
 2007 Optical characterization of liquid crystals by combined ellipsometry and half-leaky-guided-mode spectroscopy in the visible-near infrared range
 2007 Organic and hybrid tunable bragg gratings for photonic devices
 2009 Ellipsometric study of vertically aligned nematic liquid crystals
Marino, Alberto M.2002 Honeycomb Pattern Formation by Laser-Beam Filamentation in Atomic Sodium Vapor
Marino, Antigone2004 Dynamical Behaviour of Policryps Gratings
 2004 Lasing Thresholds of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Lasers
 2004 Mueller-matrix characterization of liquid crystals
 2004 Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Study of Liquid Crystal and Polymeric Thin Films in Visible and Near Infrared
 2006 Nematic Liquid Crystal Optical Dispersion in the Visible-Near Infrared Range
 2007 Computer-Generated Holographic Gratings in Soft Matter
 2009 Modelling the Dynamical Behaviour of Holographic Gratings with Nematic Film-Polymer Slice Sequence Structure
Marino, Francesco2002 Experimental Evidence of Stochastic Resonance in an Excitable Optical System
Marino, I.P.2004 Coupling scheme for complete synchronization of periodically forced chaotic CO2 lasers
Marino, S.2005 Asymmetric Response to Electric Field in Nematic Liquid Crystal Cells Containing Vanadium Oxide Thin Films Prepared by Sol-Gel Synthesis
 2005 Changes of the electro-optic response of nematic liquid crystal cells due to inserted titania-vanadia films
 2005 Characterization of Tungsten Trioxide Thin Film Deposited by Spin Coating and the Effect on Their Insertion in Liquid Crystal Cells
 2005 Studies on the Apoptotic Activity of Natural and Synthetic Retinoids: Discovery of a New Class of Synthetic Terphenyls That Potently Support Cell Growth and Inhibit Apoptosis in Neuronal and HL-60 Cells
 2007 Asymmetric nematic liquid crystal cells containing lead zirconium titanate (PZT) films
 2007 Proton Presence and Motion in Rhenium-Oxide Films and Their Application to Liquid-Crystalline Cells
 2008 Morphological and electrical investigations of lead zirconium titanate thin films obtained by sol-gel synthesis on indium tin oxide electrodes
Marinopoulos, A.G.2008 Linear Plasmon Dispersion in Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes and the Collective Excitation Spectrum of Graphene
Marinov, I.1991 Hydrodynamic flow in free suspended nematic films of octyloxybenzoic acid
 1992 Hydrodynamic flow and surface-tension temperature dependence during the nematic-isotropic phase transition
 1992 Influence of the order parameter and of the director orientation on the surface tension of free nematic films
 1992 Phase transition isotropic liquid-nematic in films with two free surfaces
Marinov, O.1993 Ordering effects in thin smectic-C films: an x-ray-reflectivity study
 1993 Studies of thin smectic C films by x-ray reflectivity
Marinov, R.1996 Phase stability of lyotropic liquid crystal systems
 1999 Phase stability of three component lyotropic liquid crystals
Marinov, Radoslav1996 Thermotropism and hydration properties of POPE and POPE-cholesterol systems as revealed by solid state 2H and 31P-NMR
Marinov, S.P.1994 Chemical changes in mesophase pitch by heat treatment
Marinov, Vladimir S.2002 Raman spectroscopic study of temperature dependence of water structure in aqueous solutions of a poly(oxyethylene) surfactant
Marinov, Y.1992 Plane Hydrodynamic Flows in Thin Free Suspended Nematic Liquid Crystal Films
 1993 Plane hydrodynamic flow in thin free suspended nematic liquid crystal films
 1998 Photoflexoelectric effects in a homeotropic guest-host nematic
 1999 Flexoelectric spectroscopy measurements of surface dissipation of energy and surface viscosity of weakly anchored homeotropic nematics
 2000 Surface dissipation of energy in homeotropic nematic layers, weakly anchored on various self-assembled substrates
 2001 Flexoelectricity of wedge-like molecules in nematic mixtures
 2002 Evidence of Flexoelectricity in Lipid-Containing PDLC
 2002 Interaction of Heavy Metal Ions with Liquid Crystal Lipid Bilayers Containing Ion Channels
 2002 Orientant Desorption in Homeotropic Nematic Layers Studied by Flexoelectric Spectroscopy
 2003 A further experimental study of parallel surface-induced flexoelectric domains (PSIFED) (flexo-dielectric walls)
 2004 Characterization of micron and submicron scale lateral structure of optically nonlinear organic films
 2004 Surface Energy Dissipation in Homeotropic Nematic Layers: The Role of Flexoelectricity and Surfactant Desorption
 2006 On a Simple Way for Obtaining Important Material Constants of a Nematic Liquid Crystal: Longitudinal Flexoelectric Domains Under the Joint Action of DC and AC Voltages
 2006 Orientation effects of PTFE nanolayers upon the nematic 5CB
 2007 Pretilted Nematic Layers of 5CB on PTFE Treated Glass Supports
 2009 Theoretical Considerations and Experimental Illustration of the Electro-Optic Behavior of Longitudinal Flexoelectric Domains Under the Joint Action of DC and AC Voltages: The Case of Strong Anchoring
Marinov, Y.G.1997 Investigations of peptide-modified lipid layers on solid supports by impedance spectroscopy
 1998 Nematic-smectic C phase transition and free suspended OOBA and DOBA thin film stability
 2009 Converse Flexoelectric Effect in Bent-Core Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2009 Single-layered microscale linear-gradient PDLC material for electro-optics
Marioge, J.-P.1994 The use of nematic thin-film coatings for visualizing the defects on polished glass surfaces
Marion, D.1993 Interaction of a non-specific maize phospholipid transfer protein with unilamellar phospholipid vesicles: An infrared spectroscopy study
Marion, Didier1988 A phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy and a differential scanning calorimetry study of the physical properties of N-acylphosphatidylethanolamines in aqueous dispersions
 1996 Interaction of two lipid binding proteins with membrane lipids: comparative study using the monolayer technique and IR spectroscopy
 1998 Interaction of the wheat endosperm lipid-binding protein puroindoline-a with phospholipids
Marion, Dominique2001 Determination of Protein Backbone Structure Using Only Residual Dipolar Couplings
Marion, Glenn2002 Spatial heterogeneity and the stability of reaction states in autocatalysis
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 2001 Investigations of the Phase Transitions in Thiourea Inclusion Compounds with Cycloheptane, Cyclooctane, and Cyclooctanone
Mariscal, Vanesa2006 Simple Jones Method for describing Modulation Properties of Reflective Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulators
Maritamo, Mauro1989 Thermotropic aromatic polyesters and aromatic dicarboxylic acids for use in their manufacture
Maritan, A.2002 Demixing transition in microemulsions of water in thermotropic liquid crystals
 2003 Fluctuation Mediated Interaction and Phase Separation of Nanoparticles in a Liquid Crystal Solvent
 2003 Mechanical unfolding of directed polymers in a poor solvent: Critical exponents
 2003 Publisher's Note: Fluctuation Mediated Interaction and Phase Separation of Nanoparticles in a Liquid Crystal Solvent [Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 085704 (2003)]
Maritan, Amos1994 Nematic-isotropic transition in porous media
 1994 Phase diagram of uniaxial liquid crystals
 2002 Effects of pore walls and randomness on phase transitions in porous media
 2003 Colloquium: Geometrical approach to protein folding: a tube picture
 2004 Scale-free behavior and universality in random fragmentation and aggregation
 2004 Stochastic model for the species abundance problem in an ecological community
 2004 Unified perspective on proteins: A physics approach
 2007 Structural motifs of biomolecules
Maritano, Mauro1988 Liquid-crystal copolyethers
 1988 Liquid-crystal copolyethers
 1994 Thermotropic melt-processable liquid crystal aromatic polyesters
Mariucci, L.1997 High-electric-field phenomena in polycrystalline silicon thin film transistors
Mariucci, Luigi1999 Numerical Analysis of the Electrical Characteristics of Gate Overlapped Lightly Doped Drain Polysilicon Thin Film Transistors
Mariz de Moraes, Renato2003 Unified model and reverse recovery nonlinearities of the driven diode resonator
Marjanovic, Vesna1996 Conductive evidence of the phase transformations in the Na-dodecyl sulfate/cosurfactant mixed solutions
Marjanska, Malgorzata2000 Demonstration of quantum logic gates in liquid crystal nuclear magnetic resonance
 2002 Selective excitation in dipole coupled systems
 2003 Inclusion Complexes Oriented in Thermotropic Liquid-Crystalline Solvents Studied with Carbon-13 NMR
 2004 Isotropic-liquid crystalline phase diagram of a CdSe nanorod solution
Marjoribanks, R.S.2002 K-shell spectroscopy of an independently diagnosed uniaxially expanding laser-produced aluminum plasma
Mark, Alan E.2005 Molecular structure of the lecithin ripple phase
 2005 Simulation of gel phase formation and melting in lipid bilayers using a coarse grained model
Mark, G.I.2003 Role of photonic-crystal-type structures in the thermal regulation of a Lycaenid butterfly sister species pair
Mark, Guy1998 Silane derivatives having photopolymerizable groups for orientation layer of liquid crystals
Mark, Herman F.1996 Liquid crystallinity in electro-active polymers
Mark, J.E.1981 Flexibility of various molecular swivels used to control the rigidity and tractability of aromatic heterocyclic polymers
 1981 Phenylene group rotations and nonplanar conformations in some cis-and trans-poly(benzoxazoles) and -poly(benzothiazoles)
 1982 The flexibility of biphenyl and related species utilizable as molecular swivels in rodlike polymers. A CNDO/2 analysis
 1990 A lattice model for segmental orientation in deformed polymeric networks. 2. Effect of chain stiffness and thermotropic interactions
 1990 Local order in a globally deformed polymer network with nematiclike interactions
 1990 Phase behavior and elastic properties of a slightly crosslinked liquid-crystalline main-chain polymer
 1991 Amphiphilic liquid-crystalline elastomers
 1992 Isotropic-nematic phase transitions in polymer networks deformed in the dry and swollen states
 1992 Novel orientation techniques for the preparation of high-performance materials from semi-flexible polymers such as the cellulosics
 1993 Elastic and optical properties of deformed swollen networks of semi-rigid chains
 1993 Orientation and strain-induced liquid-crystalline phase transition of networks of semi-rigid chains
 1994 A novel orientation technique for networks of semiflexible polyisocyanate chains
 1994 A novel orientation technique for semi-rigid polymers. 1. Preparation of crosslinked cellulose acetate and hydroxypropyl cellulose films having permanent anisotropy in the swollen state
 1995 Experimental Studies of Elastomeric and Optical Properties, and Strain-Induced Liquid-Crystalline Phase Transitions, in Deformed (Hydroxypropyl)cellulose Networks in the Swollen State
 1995 Theoretical Analysis of the Elastomeric and Optical Properties of Networks of Semirigid Chains in the Swollen State
 1997 Mechanical properties and transition temperatures of crosslinked-oriented gelatin. Part 2. Effect of orientation and water content on transition temperatures
 2004 Status and Trends in the Area of Elastomers and Rubberlike Elasticity
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 1996 Main-Chain Lyotropic Liquid-Crystalline Polymer Networks. 2. Orientation, and Mechanical Properties of Polyisocyanate Films
 1996 Oriented gelatin - a new source for high-performance materials
 1998 Novel high-performance materials from starch. 1. Factors influencing the lyotropic liquid crystallinity of some starch ethers
 2006 Biodegradable Copolymers of 3-Hydroxybutyrate-co-3-Hydroxyhexanoate (NodaxTM), Including Recent Improvements in their Mechanical Properties
Mark, Sonny S.2008 Biotemplated Nanostructured Materials
Markarian, Nikolai2002 Positive dielectrophoresis and heterogeneous aggregation in high-gradient ac electric fields
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 1999 Photophysical properties of nanostructured PPV-composites
 1999 Structural properties of nanocomposite materials based on a lyotropic liquid crystal
 2000 Photophysical studies on nanostructured PPV-systems
 2000 Structural properties of polymerised lyotropic liquid crystals phases of 3,4,5-tris(omega-acryloxyalkoxy)benzoate salts
Markaryan, K.G.1982 Separation of hydrocarbon mixtures on columns with a liquid-crystal stationary phase
 1983 Gas chromatographic analysis of a mixture of hydrocarbons
 1983 Gas chromatographic separation and analysis of a mixture of hydrocarbons
 1984 Chromatographic analysis on columns with a liquid-crystalline stationary phase
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 2004 Reply to Comments on "Resonant and antiresonant frequency dependence of the effective parameters of metamaterials"
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 1988 Laser-induced triplet excitons in the columnar phases of an octasubstituted zinc phthalocyanine
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