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Achard, M.F.1981 A fluid smectic A antiphase in a pure nitro rod-like compound
 1981 A new type of smectic A phase with long range modulation in the layers
 1981 Number of SA phases
 1981 Orientation of nematic liquid crystalline polymer in a magnetic field. Evaluation of magnetic susceptibility
 1981 Reentrant nematic and smectic phases in the n-alkoxybenzoyloxycyanostilbene series
 1982 A new thermotropic smectic phase made of ribbons
 1982 Magnetic effects and viscosity in the nematic phase of a polymer series
 1983 Diamagnetic anisotropy of liquid-crystalline side-chain polysiloxanes in the nematic and smectic phases
 1983 Polymorphism of mesogenic substances containing polar molecules. Part I. Physical chemistry and structure
 1984 Does nematic order depend on diamagnetism ?
 1984 Does nematic order depends on diamagnetism
 1984 Hexagonal columnar mesophase Dh in a new organometallic disk-like compound
 1984 Hexagonal columnar mesophase in new organometallic disc-like series
 1984 Magnetic, thermal behavior and flocculation of asphaltenes and heavy ends
 1984 Some aspects of the phase transitions in polar rod systems
 1984 The Fluid Mesophases of Polar Rods
 1984 Thermal behavior and flocculation of asphaltenes and heavy products
 1984 Unusual bilayered fluid smectic modifications in polar series
 1985 A smectic A polymorphism at low temperature
 1985 Critical or tricritical SAd-SA2 point in a (temperature-molecular length) phase diagram?
Achard, M.F. (cont...)1985 Generalization of the polymorphism with 2D fluid smectic phases
 1985 Microscopic characterization of the new "crenelated" SA phase (SAcre)
 1986 Density measurements on liquid-crystalline side-chain polysiloxanes
 1986 Effect of the chemical constitution of the side-chain on the formation and the structure of mesophases in some polysiloxanes
 1986 Evolutions from partial bilayer SA phase (SAd) to monolayer SA phase (SA1)
 1987 How the smectic A phase adapts to two incommensurate periods in asymmetric liquid crystalline systems
 1987 Relationships between molecular structure and immiscibility of liquid crystalline side-chain polymers in low molecular weight nematic solvents
 1988 Role of molecular parameters on the miscibility of side-chain polymer solutes
 1988 Synthesis and properties of some liquid crystalline polysiloxanes
 1988 Unusual property in a novel liquid-crystal side chain polysiloxane series
 1989 Changes in the mesogenic properties of siloxane copolymers and polysiloxane blends
 1989 Smectic A polymorphism from low to high molar mass systems
 1989 X-ray diffraction study of the smectic A phases of some side-chain polysiloxanes
 1990 Consolute critical point for two smectic-A phases
 1990 Flory's parameters in solutions of liquid-crystalline side-chain polymers in low-molecular weight liquid crystals
 1990 N-substituted aldonamides. III. Relationship between chemical structure and the formation of lyotropic mesophases
 1990 Nematic-nematic modification in side-on-fixed polysiloxanes
 1990 New ferroelectric liquid crystal polysiloxanes
 1990 Phase behavior of liquid-crystalline copoly(dimethyl-methylhydrogeno)siloxanes substituted with long polar side groups
 1990 Polysiloxanes substituted with forked mesogens
Achard, M.F. (cont...)1991 Evidence for a jacketed nematic polymer
 1991 Liquid crystal side chain polysiloxanes containing various proportions of nonmesogenic units
 1991 Liquid-crystalline copolysiloxane system including side-on and side-end fixed mesogenic groups
 1991 Phase separation in nematic and smectic a phases
 1991 Rod-like mesogens with antipathetic fluorocarbon and hydrocarbon tails
 1992 Highly Flexible Siloxane Segments in Liquid Crystal Systems: Comparison of Dimers and Side-Chain Polymers
 1992 Influence of Fluoroalkylation on the Properties of L.C. Side-Chain Polymers and Their Mixtures
 1992 Liquid-crystalline side chain polymers by chemical modification of poly(chloroalkylvinylether)s
 1992 New TGBA series exhibiting a SC*SASA*N* phase sequence
 1992 Relationship between Optical Properties of LLC Side-Chain Polymers Oriented by an Electric Field and the Conformational Change of the Backbone
 1992 Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties of New Liquid Crystalline Polyacrylates and Polymethacrylates with "Side-on Fixed" Mesogenic Groups
 1993 Analogy between liquid crystal side chain polysiloxanes and liquid crystal twins with siloxane spacers
 1993 Small angle neutron scattering experiments on "side-on fixed" liquid crystal polyacrylates
 1994 Consequences of the 'jacketed' effect on mesomorphic and orientational properties of 'side-on fixed' liquid crystalline polymers
 1994 Novel sequence with incommensurate SA phases in a new dimesogenic liquid crystal
 1994 Phase behavior of high- and low-molar-mass liquid crystal mixtures
 1994 Small angle neutron scattering (SANS) studies on "side-on fixed" liquid crystal polymers
 1994 Solubility of liquid crystalline side-chain polymers in smectic A solutions
 1995 From incommensurability to commensurability in smectic phases for a series of dimesogenic liquid crystals
 1995 SANS Study of a Semiflexible Main Chain Liquid Crystalline Polyether
Achard, M.F. (cont...)1995 X-ray diffraction study of 'side-on fixed' homopolysiloxanes from nematic to smectic C phases
 1996 Effect of the spacer and aliphatic tail length on the conformation of "side-on fixed" liquid crystal polyacrylates: "SANS" experiments
 1996 Thermodynamic and conformational study of side on/side end fixed liquid crystalline copolyacrylates
 1997 Are nematic side-on polymers totally extended? a SANS study
 1997 Backbone conformation study on "side-on fixed" liquid crystal polymers
 1997 Polymer dispersed liquid crystals: relation between formulation, electro-optical properties and morphology
 1997 What about the backbone conformation in nematic and smectic C phases of a "side-on" fixed LCP? A SANS study
 1998 Competition in low ordered smectics between incommensurate phases Sic and two-dimensional modulated ones for dimesogenic compounds
 1998 Side-on fixation in liquid crystalline polymers and dimesogens
 1998 Side-on fixed polysiloxanes and 'diluted' copolysiloxanes with nematic and smectic C phases
 1998 Thermotropic laterally attached liquid crystalline polymers. I. New stationary phases for high-performance liquid chromatography
 1999 Dimesogenic compounds consisting of a cholesteryl moiety and an aromatic mesogen interconnected through a central pentamethylene spacer
 1999 Influence of the molecular length on the occurrence of incommensurate low ordered smectic phases for nonsymmetric dimesogenic compounds
 2000 Dimesogenic compounds with an electron-attracting terminal group
 2000 Novel mesophases in fluorine substituted banana-shaped mesogens
 2000 Physical characterization of B1 and B2 phases in a newly synthesized series of banana shaped molecules
 2000 Smectic C Structure and Backbone Confinement in Side-on Fixed Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 2001 Incommensurability induced by intermolecular hydrogen bonding
 2001 New banana-shaped thiobenzoate liquid crystals with B6, B1 and B2 phases
 2001 New switchable smectic phases in banana-shaped compounds
Achard, M.F. (cont...)2002 Anomalies of periodicity in TGB structures in new liquid crystal dimers
 2002 Influence of fluoro substituents on the mesophase behavior of banana-shaped molecules
 2003 Banana-shaped molecules derived from substituted isophathalic acids
 2003 Cholesterol-based hydrogen-bonded liquid crystals
 2003 Switching of banana liquid crystal mesophases under field
 2003 Textural analysis of a mesophase with banana shaped molecules
 2004 Evidence for different polymorphisms with and without an external electric field in a series of bent-shaped molecules
 2004 Novel chiral liquid crystal with two chiral butyl lactate chains exhibiting several frustrated mesophases including smectic Q and TGB phases separated by an optically isotropic phase
 2006 (E,T) Phase Diagrams in Polar Compounds
Achard, Marie F.1973 Change in the magnetic properties of a mesomorphic phase during a smectic A- nematic phase change
Achard, Marie France1981 Pressure-temperature phase diagrams of liquid crystals in disk-like materials
 1982 A new ribbon phase in a thermotropic smectogenesis
 1999 Side-on fixed liquid crystalline polymers: new stationary phases for high performance liquid chromatography
 1999 Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of new H-shaped twin compounds: a series of 1,6-bis[2,5-bis(4-alkoxyphenoxycarbonyl)phenoxy]hex anes
 2000 Phase separation kinetics of an SA liquid crystal in a reactive epoxy-amine polymer dispersed liquid crystal composite (PDLC) system: an X-ray diffraction study
 2001 Self-Assembly of Rod-Coil Diblock Oligomers Based on -Helical Peptides
 2003 Comparison of the liquid crystalline properties of dimesogenic compounds bearing alkoxy and perfluoroalkoxy tails
 2006 Dimesogenic compounds consisting of cholesterol and fluorinated azobenzene moieties: Dependence of liquid crystal properties on spacer length and fluorination of the terminal tail
Achard, Marie-France1988 Nematic-nematic immiscibility and induced smectic A phases in mixtures with liquid-crystalline side-chain polymers
 2001 Color-Tuned Electroluminescence from Columnar Liquid Crystalline Alkyl Arenecarboxylates
 2007 Designing Nanotextured Vanadium Oxide-Based Macroscopic Fibers: Application as Alcoholic Sensors
 2007 One-Pot Syntheses of the First Series of Emulsion Based Hierarchical Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Open-Cell Monoliths Possessing Tunable Functionality (Organo-Si(HIPE) Series)
 2008 Eu3+@Organo-Si(HIPE) Macro-Mesocellular Hybrid Foams Generation: Syntheses, Characterizations, and Photonic Properties
Acharid, Abdelhaq2004 Surface Phase Diagrams: Evidence of Molecular Arrangements at the Aqueous-Solution/Solid Interface
Acharya, Bharat2003 Ambient temperature thermotropic liquid crystalline viologen bis(triflimide) salts
 2003 Different limits of phase separation and their applications
Acharya, Bharat R.1998 A method for liquid crystal alignment using in situ ultraviolet exposure during imidization of polyimide
 1999 A Simple and Material Independent Method for the Determination of Anchoring Properties of Rubbed Polyimide Surfaces
 1999 Material-independent determination of anchoring properties on rubbed polyimide surfaces
 2002 Biaxial Nematic Phase Exhibited by Bent-Core Molecules
 2002 In-fiber nematic liquid crystal optical modulator based on in-plane switching with microsecond response time
 2004 Biaxial Nematic Phase in Bent-Core Thermotropic Mesogens
 2004 The Bent-Core Biaxial Nematic Phase
 2008 X-ray diffraction from the uniaxial and biaxial nematic phases of bent-core mesogens
 2009 Role of Molecular Structure on X-ray Diffraction in Uniaxial and Biaxial Phases of Thermotropic Liquid Crystals
Acharya, Durga P.2003 Formation of Viscoelastic Wormlike Micellar Solutions in Mixed Nonionic Surfactant Systems
 2003 Phase and Rheological Behavior of Salt-Free Alkyltrimethylammonium Bromide/Alkanoyl-N-methylethanolamide/Water Systems
 2003 Phase and Rheological Behavior of Surfactant/Novel Alkanolamide/Water Systems
 2003 Phase Behavior and Effect of Enantiomerism on Potassium N -Dodecanoyl Alaninate/Water/Decanol Systems
 2004 Effect of nonionic head group size on the formation of worm-like micelles in mixed nonionic/cationic surfactant aqueous systems
 2004 Formation and Disruption of Viscoelastic Wormlike Micellar Networks in the Mixed Surfactant Systems of Sucrose Alkanoate and Polyoxyethylene Alkyl Ether
 2004 Phase and Rheological Behavior of Novel Gemini-Type Surfactant Systems
 2004 Phase Behavior and Self-Organized Structures in Water/Poly(oxyethylene) Cholesteryl Ether Systems
 2005 Phase behavior of polyoxyethylene phytosterol/polyoxyethylene dodecylether/water systems
 2006 Effect of Added Poly(oxyethylene)dodecyl Ether on the Phase and Rheological Behavior of Wormlike Micelles in Aqueous SDS Solutions
 2006 Phase Behavior of Diglycerol Fatty Acid Esters-Nonpolar Oil Systems
 2006 Phase Behavior of Monoglycerol Fatty Acid Esters in Nonpolar Oils: Reverse Rodlike Micelles at Elevated Temperatures
Acharya, Somobrata2009 Nanorod-Driven Orientational Control of Liquid Crystal for Polarization-Tailored Electro-Optic Devices
 2009 Soft Langmuir-Blodgett Technique for Hard Nanomaterials
Acharya, Suvra2008 Liquid crystalline aryltriazene-1-oxides with two ester units: synthesis, characterisation, structure and thermal properties
 2009 Structure of Liquid Crystalline 1-Phenyl-3-{4-[4-(4-octyloxybenzoyloxy)phenyloxycarbonyl]phenyl}triazene-1-oxide at Low Temperature
Acharyya, Muktish2004 Multiple dynamic transitions in an anisotropic Heisenberg ferromagnet driven by polarized magnetic field
Achatz, Paul1999 Self-organized polymers as sensitive coatings
Ache, Hans J.1972 Phase and temperature dependence of positron annihilation in liquid crystals
 1988 Positronium annihilation as a probe for the determination of phase transitions and other structural changes in micellar systems, microemulsions, surfactant vesicles, and polymers
Acher, O.2002 Effect of the magnetic properties of the inclusions on the high-frequency dielectric response of diluted composites
Achiba, Yohji1992 Heat capacity and orientational phase transition of solid C60 prepared with different solvents
Achimowicz, J.1977 Quantum cooperative mechanism of enzymatic activity
Achmatowicz, S.1971 Selective photolysis of thiobenzoic acid O-esters
Achour, Redouane2002 Columnar Mesophase From a New Hybrid Siloxane-Triphenylene
 2002 Columnar mesophase from a new hybrid siloxane-triphenylene
Achten, R.2004 Asymmetric banana-shaped liquid crystals with two different terminal alkoxy chains
 2004 Non-symmetric banana-shaped liquid crystals with two different terminal alkoxy tails
 2004 Symmetrical Dimer Liquid Crystals with Tilted Smectic Phases
 2004 The effect of shearing on the birefringence of banana liquid crystals
 2005 Liquid crystalline siloxane oligomers with banana-shaped mesogens
 2005 The Effect of Shearing on the Phase Retardation of Banana Liquid Crystals
Achten, Remko2000 Synthesis and thermotropic properties of novel side-chain dimer liquid crystalline polymers
 2002 Electrooptical Switching with Banana-Shaped Dimer Liquid Crystals
 2004 Liquid crystalline properties of salicylaldimine-based dimers: influence of terminal alkyl chain length and central part
 2005 Non-symmetric bent-core mesogens with one terminal vinyl group
 2006 Banana-shaped side chain liquid crystalline siloxanes
 2006 Monofluorinated unsymmetrical bent-core mesogens
 2007 Dimer Biphenyl Liquid Crystals with Trisiloxane-Containing Spacers
 2007 Liquid crystalline dimers with bent-core mesogenic units
 2009 Covalent Attachment of Bent-Core Mesogens to Silicon Surfaces
Achter, Jeffrey D.2004 Comment on "Families and clustering in a natural numbers network"
Achuthsankar, S. Nair2006 Photopolymer-based holographic variable data storage system for security applications
Acierno, D.1982 Ultrahigh modulus liquid crystalline polyesters. p-Hydroxybenzoic acid copolyesters
 1983 Thermotropic homopolyesters. IV. Study of fiber formation
 1985 The formation of fibers from semiflexible thermotropic polyesters
 1989 Physical properties of blends of polycarbonate and a liquid-crystalline copolyester
 1990 Improvement of the processability of advanced polymers
 1990 The rheological behavior of a polyetherimide and of its blends with a thermotropic copolyester
 1991 Blends of a poly(ether imide) and a liquid-crystalline polymer: fiber orientation and mechanical properties
 1991 Transient and steady rheological behavior of the thermotropic liquid crystal copolymer 73/27 HBA/HNA
 1992 Processing of thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers and their blends - analysis of melt-spinning TLCP fibers
 1993 Morphology-rheology relationships in incompatible blends based on thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers
 1993 Processing the thermotropic liquid - crystalline polymers and their blends - analysis of melt-spinning TLCP fibers
 1993 Processing-structure-properties relationships in blends with thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers
 1993 Transient isothermal elongational flow of thermotropic liquid -crystalline polymers
 1996 Transport and mechanical properties of PET/Rodrun 3000 blown films
 1997 Transport properties of poly(ethylene terephthalate)/Rodrun 3000 blends
 1998 Thermal behavior of the PET/Rodrun 3000 system
 2000 Macro-oriented network of liquid-crystalline polyesters: crosslinking induced by γ-irradiation and thermally activated reaction
 2000 Properties of films from polypropylene and thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer blends
 2000 Segmented liquid-crystalline polyesters with allyl groups as lateral substituents. Synthesis and characterization
Acierno, Domenico1987 Physical characterization of blends based on liquid crystalline polyesters and amorphous polymers
 1992 About negative first normal stress differences in a thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer
 1993 Processing and properties of thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymers
 1998 The rheological and extrusion behavior of blends based on phenolphthalein poly(ether-ether-sulfone) and thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer
 1999 Effect of a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer on the physical ageing of PET
 1999 Supramolecular hexagonal structure of a segmented liquid crystalline polyester with allyl group as lateral substituent
 2001 New PET-Based Liquid Crystalline Copolyesters and Their Use in Blends and Composites
 2002 Supramolecular Structure of Liquid-Crystalline Polyesters in Triclinic Cell
 2002 Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of low molecular mass compounds containing the 1,4-bis(5-phenyl-1,3,4-oxadiazolyl)benzene unit
 2003 Synthesis and Characterization of a New Class of Nematic Photoluminescent Oxadiazole-Containing Polyethers
 2004 Synthesis and Characterization of Segmented Liquid Crystalline Polymers with the Azo Group in the Main Chain
 2007 Effects of the addition of small amounts of a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer on the processing characteristics of polyphenylene oxide-polyamide alloys
Acimis, M.1994 Chiral induction of micellar cholesterics from lamellar phases
 1998 Comparison of the pitch induced from lamellar and nematic regions in some lyotropic liquid crystal systems
 2002 Effect of the thickness of the hydrophobic bilayer on the helical twisting power in micellar nematic liquid crystals
 2003 Mass density measurements as a tool to distinguish between micelle size and shape in nematic and chiral nematic phases
Acimis, Mahmut1979 Optical activity of oriented molecules. 5. α,β-Unsaturated keto steroids
 1980 A type II aqueous cholesteric lyomesophase
 1980 Bilayer solution chemistry in disk micelles of type II DM phases. Effects of micelle size and simple counterions
 1980 Disk micelles in type II DM phases: short chains in long chain host bilayers
 1987 Micellar phases formed by a solution of l-serine hydrochloride decyl ester and orthophosphoric acid
 1989 Formation of micellar nematic phases from surfactants and aqueous orthophosphoric acid
 1992 31P AND 2H NMR Spectra of A Lyomesophase Containing Phosphoric Acid Monodecylester and H3PO4
 1992 FT-IR and Raman spectroscopic studies of some lyotropic liquid crystals
 1993 Formation of lyotropic phases of weak birefringence: Interaction of orthophosphoric acid with amphiphilic esters containing a large hydrophobic part
 1993 The FT-IR and Raman spectroscopic studies of some liquid crystals
 1995 Polarizing Microscopic and 31P NMR Studies of Decylammonium Chloride/Potassium Chloride/Water System. Containing Phosphoric Acid Monodecyl Ester and H3PO4
Ackemann, T.1997 Drift instability and locking behavior of optical patterns
 2002 Eightfold quasipatterns in an optical pattern-forming system
 2003 Direct measurement of multiple instability regions via a Fourier filtering method in an optical pattern forming system
 2003 Self-organized superlattice patterns with two slightly differing wave numbers
 2004 Eigenmodes and symmetry selection mechanisms in circular large-aperture vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
Ackemann, Thorsten2004 Secondary bifurcations of hexagonal patterns in a nonlinear optical system: Alkali metal vapor in a single-mirror arrangement
Acker, Brad A.2002 Chemical Structure and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Polar Self-Assembling Films
Ackerman, C.1992 Molecular engineering of liquid crystal polymers by living polymerization: 9. Living cationic polymerization of 5-[(4-cyano-4'-biphenyl)oxy]pentyl vinyl ether and 7-[(4-cyano-4'-biphenyl)oxy]heptyl vinyl ether, and the measomorphic behavior of the resulting polymers
Ackerman, James H.1994 Primary flight instruments for the Boeing 777 airplane
Ackermann, C. Videlot2008 Solution Growth and Structures of Semiconducting Distyryl-Oligothiophene
Ackermann, J.2002 Biochemical Amplification Waves in a One-Dimensional Microflow System
 2006 Epitaxial Relationships of Vapor Deposited Thin Films of Octithiophene on KBr (001)
 2008 Solution Growth and Structures of Semiconducting Distyryl-Oligothiophene
 2009 Liquid Crystal α,ω-Hexyl-Distyryl-Bithiophene: Morphology and Charge Tranport Properties in Organic Thin Film Transistors
Ackermann, R.1999 X-ray diffraction study of C2F3Cl physisorbed on graphite
Ackermann, Theodor1974 Calorimetric study of the lipid phase transitions in aqueous dispersions of phosphorylcholine-phosphorylethanolamine mixtures
Ackerson, B.J.1984 Shear-induced partial translational ordering of a colloidal solid
 2003 Pattern formation in a rotating suspension of non-Brownian settling particles
Ackerson, Bruce J.1990 Observation of a phase transition in the sedimentation velocity of hard spheres
 1993 Density fluctuations during crystallization of colloids
Ackland, G.J.1997 Conformation energy surface for liquid crystal molecules from first principles: application to 5CB
 1997 Conformation-dependent dipoles of liquid crystal molecules and fragments from first principles
 1997 Electronic Structure Calculation of Liquid Crystal Molecules: Application to Chiral Solutes
 1997 Properties of liquid crystal molecules from first principles computer simulation
 1998 Ab-initio molecular polarizabilities of liquid crystals: application to DOBAMBC and 5CB
 1998 Electronic structure calculations of liquid crystal molecules: application to chiral solutes
 1998 Transferability of first principles derived torsional potentials for mesogenic molecules and fragments
 1999 A first principles and mean field investigation of the conformational properties of 5CB
 2002 Devil's staircase in kinetically limited growth
Ackley, Donald E.1997 Fabrication of thin-film transistors
Ackman, R.G.1972 Preparation and characterization of the DDD(RRR)-stereoisomer of 4,8,12,16-tetramethylheptadecanoic acid and 5,9,13,17-tetramethyloctadecanoic acid
Ackovic, H.1974 Two-dimensional small-angle analysis of isotactic polybutene stretched from the melt
Ackroyd, P.H.1977 Dynamic scattering and material flow in a nematic liquid crystal
Acosta, D.R.2003 Synthesis of FSM-16 Mesoporous Materials: Effect of the Anion (F-, Cl-, SO42-) in the Ion Exchange Process on the Thermal Stability
Acosta, E.2000 Supersolubilization in Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Microemulsions: Solubilization Enhancement by Lipophilic and Hydrophilic Linkers
 2004 Nucleation of the pi-cell operating state: a comparison of techniques
 2006 Storage Addressing Scheme for the Bistable Twisted Nematic Mode
Acosta, E.J.2000 The role of surface tilt in the operation of pi-cell liquid crystal devices
 2005 Route towards optimization of the response times of a pi-cell liquid-crystal mode
 2006 Isolation techniques for long-term bistability of the bistable twisted nematic mode
Acosta, Edgar2005 Effect of Surfactant on Interfacial Gas Transfer Studied by Axisymmetric Drop Shape Analysis-Captive Bubble (ADSA-CB)
Acosta, Edgar J.2003 Coalescence and Solubilization Kinetics in Linker-Modified Microemulsions and Related Systems
Acosta, Elizabeth2005 Display
Acosta, Elizabeth Jane2001 Liquid crystal display device
 2002 Nematic liquid crystal display
 2003 A liquid crystal display device
Acosta, Erick J.2003 Dendritic Surfactants Show Evidence for Frustrated Intercalation: A New Organoclay Morphology
Acosta, J.L.1986 The effect of interfacial adhesion and morphology on the mechanical properties of polypropylene composites containing different acid surface treated sepiolites
 1987 Interphase in polypropylene-sepiolite composites based on dynamic mechanical analysis
Acosta, R.H.1999 Pseudonematic order fluctuations of the director in the smectic phase of thermotropic liquid crystals
 2001 Experimental NMR spin-lattice relaxometry study in the liquid crystalline nematic phase of propylcyano-phenylcyclohexane
 2001 NMR Spin-Lattice Relaxation Study in the Nematic Phase of Butylcyano-Phenylcyclohexane
 2003 NMR proton spin dynamics in thermotropic liquid crystals subject to multipulse excitation
 2003 Reorientation dynamics in a nematic liquid crystal studied by fast field cycling nuclear magnetic resonance
 2004 Molecular dynamics above the smectic A-isotropic phase transition of thermotropic liquid crystals studied by NMR
 2005 On the role of collective and local molecular fluctuations in the relaxation of proton intrapair dipolar order in nematic 5CB
 2009 Quasiequilibrium states in thermotropic liquid crystals studied by multiple-quantum NMR
Acosta, S.1997 Synthesis of alumina gels in amphiphilic media
Acourag, H.1991 Dielectric properties of two polar nematic liquid crystals
Acquistapace, Simone2007 Study of Liquid Crystal Space Groups Using Controlled Tilting with Cryogenic Transmission Electron Microscopy
Acquotti, Domenico1994 Aggregative properties of gangliosides in solution
Acree, W.E.1984 Hydrolysis reactions in lamellar liquid-crystalline media and octanol/water partition coefficients
 1987 Influence of lamellar liquid crystalline and micellar solvent on the hydrolysis of 4-substituted benzylidene-tert-butylamine N-oxides
 1993 Enthalpies of combustion of p-azoxyanisole and p-azoxyphenetole: the dissociation enthalpy of the nitrogen-oxygen bonds. Enthalpies of crystal-to-( liquid crystal ) transitions
Acree, William E.1986 Thermochemical investigations of gas-liquid chromatography. III. Retention behavior of alkane solutes on binary liquid crystalline solvent mixtures
 1988 Novel gas-liquid chromatographic stationary phases. Nonaqueous CTAB + formamide lyotropic liquid crystalline solvents
 1988 Solubility of p-phenylazophenol in low molecular weight liquid crystalline precursors
 2006 Phase Change Enthalpies and Entropies of Liquid Crystals
Acrivos, Andreas2000 Particle segregation in suspensions subject to high-gradient ac electric fields
 2002 Positive dielectrophoresis and heterogeneous aggregation in high-gradient ac electric fields
 2004 Combined negative dielectrophoresis and phase separation in nondilute suspensions subject to a high-gradient ac electric field
Acton, Edward M.1959 Some Nitrogen-Containing Ferrocene Derivatives
Acuna-Campa, Heriberto2003 Self-consistent theory of collective Brownian dynamics: Theory versus simulation
Acuna, A. Ulises1993 Lipid clustering in bilayers detected by the fluorescence kinetics and anisotropy of trans-parinaric acid
 1995 Liquid-crystalline phases of cholesterol/lipid bilayers as revealed by the fluorescence of trans-parinaric acid
Acuna, Carola1992 Predicting petroleum coke quality from feedstock properties
Adaas, Christian2005 Liquid crystal display on a flexible substrate
Adachi, Akihiko1998 Angular-type electrochemical device and its production method
Adachi, C.2007 Features of Conductivity and Electroluminescence of New Poly (9,9-Dioctylfluorenyl-2,7-Diyl) - End Capped With Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes
Adachi, Chihaya2000 Novel liquid-crystalline and amorphous materials containing oxadiazole and amine moieties for electroluminescent devices
 2001 Electroluminescent behavior of oxadiazole derivatives in liquid-crystalline media
 2006 Novel organic light emitting device -organic light emitting transistor-
 2006 Preparation of Micropatterned Organic Light Emitting Diodes by Self-Organization
 2009 Low-Threshold Blue Emission from First-Order Organic DFB Laser Using 2,7-bis[4-(N-carbazole)phenylvinyl]-9,9'-Spirobifluorene as Active Gain Medium
Adachi, Daisaburou1993 Composition and process for molding thermoplastic matrix resins with liquid-crystalline polymers
Adachi, Hajime1992 Design of new type of liquid crystalline polymers through intermolecular hydrogen bonding
 1992 Self-assembly of liquid crystalline complexes having angular structures through intermolecular hydrogen bonding
Adachi, Hidemi1990 Preparation of semiconductor devices for liquid crystal displays
Adachi, Hiroaki2007 Single Crystal Preparation of DAST for Terahertz-Wave Generation
Adachi, Hiroki1995 Manufacture of thin-film transistor for liquid-crystal display
 1999 Semiconductor device and fabrication thereof
 1999 Semiconductor devices having aluminum-based multilayer wiring layers and their manufacture with anodization
 1999 Semiconductor devices having anodized multilayer wirings
 2000 Fabrication of thin-film transistor for active-matrix liquid-crystal display
 2000 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Adachi, Isao1997 Color filter with heat- and light-resistance for optical imaging device and its manufacturing method
 1999 Reflective color liquid-crystal display device
 1999 Reflective color liquid-crystal display device
Adachi, K.1977 Study on liquid crystalline compounds. I. Synthesis of 4'-substituted phenyl esters of 4-n-hexyloxybenzoic acid
 1992 Development of automatic hologram synthesizer for medical use. IV. Liquid-crystal spatial light modulator
Adachi, Kaoru2009 Synthesis of macrocyclised dimetric compounds and their liquid crystal transition behaviours
Adachi, Katsumi1993 Photoconductor-coupled liquid-crystal light valve and its manufacture
Adachi, Katsura1993 Polyamide resin compositions and moldings and casings for electronic apparatus
 1994 Polyamide compositions for molding of housings for electronic equipment
Adachi, Kayo1994 Further studies on physicochemical properties of mitochondrial membranes during the formation process of megamitochondria in the rat liver by hydrazine
Adachi, Kazuyasu1999 TFT array substrate for liquid crystal display and method of producing same, and liquid crystal display and method of producing same
 2000 Thin film transistor for liquid crystal displays
Adachi, Keiichiro1975 Phase transition in dilute solution of poly(gamma-benzyl-L-glutamate) in dichloromethane at a low temperature
 1988 Multiple Dielectric Relaxations in Solid Polyorganophosphazenes
 2004 Dielectric Relaxation in Phase-Segregated Mixtures of Polystyrene and Liquid Crystal 5CB
Adachi, Kimihiro1979 Benzylideneanilines for use as liquid crystals
Adachi, Kohei1995 Liquid crystal display panel manufacturing method and apparatus
 1996 A circuit board for liquid-crystal display, a circuit module, a liquid-crystal display device using them, and a method for producing the same
 1996 Liquid crystal display containing spacer based on liquid crystal-dispersed polymer material
Adachi, Kunihiko1995 Mesophase carbon-containing masking paste for manufacture of electrically conductive transparent patterned film and manufacture of film using it
Adachi, Kyoichi1986 Stable controlled-release agrochemical preparation
Adachi, Mariko2007 Virtual display: unidirectional diffusing image screen for extension of screen region using mirror image
Adachi, Masahiro1991 Alignment technique for thin-film-transistor liquid -crystal displays
 1995 Liquid crystal display device
 1996 Liquid crystal display with stable operation
 1996 Thin-film transistor for liquid-crystal display and fabrication thereof
 1997 Display apparatus having two-terminal device including zinc sulfide layer and method for producing the same
 1998 Thin-film semiconductor device having polysilicon active layer and annealing thereof
Adachi, Masaya1998 TFT active matrix liquid crystal display device having high response speed
 2007 Development of transflective in-plane switching liquid crystal displays
 2008 Controllable-Viewing-Angle Display Using a Hybrid Aligned Nematic Liquid-Crystal Cell
 2010 Collimated light source using patterned organic light-emitting diodes and microlens
Adachi, Masayuki1999 Optical attenuator
Adachi, Michio1997 Regeneration of solvents from electronic part cleaning process and apparatus therefor
Adachi, Mitsu-oki2009 Prolate spheroid domains formed by 2 wt% amorphous segment in an asymmetric LC copolymer/LC homopolymer mixture
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