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Manabe, Osamu1989 Selective extraction and transport of uranyl ion with calixarene-based uranophiles
 1992 Phase-transition dependent electron transfer of electrodes coated with multi-bilayer films of a ferrocene-carrying synthetic lipid characterized by cyclic voltammetry and chronocoulometry
 1992 Selective ion permeation across membranes prepared from steroidal crown ethers
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 2008 Toward practical application of cholesteric liquid crystals to tunable lasers
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 1992 Synthesis and liquid-crystalline properties of thermotropic polyamides containing flexible rodlike units and aliphatic spacers
Manabe, Yoshio1996 Transparent electrodes for liquid-crystal display devices
Manai, M.2002 Characterization of a Novel Chiral Liquid Crystal
 2004 Synthesis and characterization of a novel liquid crystal series with tribenzoate cores and monofluoro-substitution on the phenyl ring near the chiral chain
 2005 Electro-optical switching properties for measuring the parameters of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 2006 (E,T) Phase Diagrams in Polar Compounds
Manaila-Maximean, D.2002 Influence of Polarizing Electric Fields and High Temperature Exposure on Optical Transmission of PMMA based PDLC-type Devices
 2002 Large LC Droplets in Polymer Matrix
 2002 Thermally Stimulated Depolarization Currents and Optical Transmission on Liquid Crystal/Cellulose Derivative Composite Devices
 2002 Thermally stimulated depolarization currents and optical transmissionon liquid crystal/cellulose derivative composite devices
 2004 Influence of Polarizing Electric Field on Electrical and Optical Properties of PDLC Films
 2004 Large LC Droplets in Polymer Matrix
 2004 New Aspect of the Voltage/Confinement Ratio Phase Diagram for a Confined Homeotropic Cholesteric
 2004 Polymer-Dispersed Cholesteric Liquid Crystals Reflecting In the Infrared Region
 2004 Study of Composite System: Silica Colloidal Particles in Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2004 Thermally Stimulated Depolarization Currents on Colloidal Liquid Crystal Composite System
 2007 Synthesis and Electro-Optical Studies on Composite Materials Polymer Particles/Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2008 Synthesis and Electro-Optical Studies on Composite Material: Functionalized Copolymer Particles/Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2009 Study of Ester-Type Liquid Crystals by TSDC and Optical Investigations
Manaila-Maximean, Doina1997 Electric and electro-optic investigations on polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
 1998 Bistability and multistability in polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal films
 1998 Optical bistability using nematic liquid crystals and polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
 1999 Phase transition investigations in polymer/liquid crystal composite materials
 2000 Electro-optic and phase transition studies on polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films
 2000 Mechanically induced electric polarization in polymer dispersed nematic liquid crystal films
 2001 Influence of polarizing electric field on phase transition temperatures and optical transmission of PDLC films
 2001 Polarization Studies on Stretched Polymer Dispersed Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Films
 2001 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films using new polymer transformed with coloring matter
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 2008 Dynamics of Cyanophenyl Alkylbenzoate Molecules in a Surface Layer Adsorbed onto Aerosil. I. Cyanophenyl Hexylbenzoate
 2009 Mesomorphic behaviour and TSDC measurements of ortho-metallated palladium(II) and platinum(II) complexes with S,O-donor co-ligands
Manaila, D.1997 Electro-Optical and Conductive Properties of a Polymer-Liquid Crystal Composite Film
Manaila, Doina1998 Electrooptical and conductive properties of polymer/ liquid crystal composite film
 2000 A dynamical method for determining the elastic constants and relaxation parameters in nematic liquid crystals
Manaka, T.2002 Detection of Phase Transition of 4-Heptyloxy-4'-n- Cyanobiphenyl Langmuir Films by Maxwell Displacement Current and Optical Second Harmonic Generation Measurement
 2002 Study of Orientational Order Parameters of 4-Octyl-4'-c-Cyanobiphenyl Langmuir Films by Maxwell Displacement Current Measurement Coupled with Optical Second Harmonic Generation Measurement
 2003 SHG-MDC spectroscopy for liquid crystal monolayers
 2004 Detection of Phase Transition of 4-Heptyloxy-4'-n-Cyanobiphenyl Langmuir Films By Maxwell Displacement Current and Optical Second Harmonic Generation Measurement
 2004 Study of Orientational Order Parameters of 4-Octyl-4'-N-cyanobiphenyl langmuir films by Maxwell displacement current measurement coupled with Optical Second Harmonic Generation Measurement
 2009 Electrostatic origin of the Frank elastic energy and anisotropic line tension of the domains in monolayers at the air-water interface
Manaka, Takaaki2002 Generation of Maxwell-displacement current due to tilting phase transition of amphiphile monolayers on water surface
 2002 Photoinduced Molecular Motion of the Azobenzene Monolayer Investigated by Maxwell Displacement Current Technique
 2003 Compression-shear-induced tilt azimuthal orientation of amphiphilic monolayers at the air-water interface: A C8?C2v transition in the flow of a two-dimensional hexatic structure
 2003 Detection of phase transition of monolayers at the air–water interface by compression using Maxwell displacement current and optical second harmonic generation
 2003 Detection of the reversible flow behavior of 4-heptyloxy-4'-cyanobiphenyl monolayer at air–water interface by compression and expansion with Maxwell displacement current and optical second harmonic generation
 2003 Electrostatic charge effect on the orientational distribution of molecules on the water surface
 2004 Photoinduced Molecular Motion of the Azobenzene Monolayer Investigated by Maxwell Displacement Current Technique
 2006 Formation of Non-Mirror Symmetric Domain Shapes of Monolayers Comprised of Chiral Molecules Due to the Electric Quadrupole Effect
 2006 Manipulation of two dimensional interface
 2006 Measurement of interfacial dielectric polarization for the investigation of the orientational structure of monolayers comprised of banana-shaped molecules at an air–water interface
 2006 Measurement of Orientational Structure and Domain Shapes of Dipalmitoyl-phosphatidylcholine Monolayers by Brewster Angle Microscopy and Maxwell Displacement Current
 2006 Monolayer alignment on azobenzene surfaces during UV light irradiation: Analysis of optical polarized absorption measurement results and theoretical treatment
 2006 Orientational order of 4'-n-pentyl-4-cyanobiphenyl molecules deposited on azobenzene monolayers
 2006 Preparation and surface morphology change observation of hybrid bilayer membranes
 2006 Surface potential and orientational ordering of evaporated liquid crystal ultra-thin films
 2007 Analysis of Organic Field Effect Transistors as a Maxwell-Wagner Effect Element: Measurement of Nano-Interfacial Polarization and Electric Field Distribution in Organic Film by Optical Second Harmonic Generation
 2007 Analysis of polar orientational order controlled by nanometer-thick polyimide Langmuir-Blodgett films
 2007 Analysis of re-ordering phenomena induced by the charge-injection at metal-polar liquid crystal interface
 2007 Compression Induced Achiral-Chiral Phase Transition of Monolayers Comprised of Banana-Shaped Achiral Molecules at the Air-Water Interface: Importance of In-plane Nematic Order
 2007 Contribution of Electrostatic Energy to Curvature and Frank Elastic Energy of Monolayer Domains Comprised of Polar Molecules: Shape of Domains with Orientational Deformation
Manaka, Takaaki (cont...)2007 Cooperative molecular field effect and induced orientational ordering effect in polar liquid crystalline films on metals
 2007 Electrostatic Model of the chiral phase separation in a domain of racemic monolayers : Analysis based on Bragg-Williams theory
 2007 Fabricating chiral polydiacetylene film by monolayer compression and circularly polarized ultra-violet light
 2007 Study of Domain Shapes and Orientational Structure of Phospholipid monolayers using Maxwell Displacement Current and Brewster Angle Microscopy
 2007 The effect on the anchoring energy due to the polar orientational order of LC at the interface
 2008 Domain observation and molecular orientation of chiral dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine monolayer by Brewster angle microscopy and Maxwell displacement current
 2008 Observation of orientational ordering processes of 4-n-pentyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl molecules during evaporation onto polyimide Langmuir–Blodgett films by optical polarized absorption measurements
 2008 Orientational ordering of 4-pentyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl molecules evaporated on multi-layered polyimide film
 2008 Orientational Reordering of Liquid Crystalline Monolayers by Cooperative Molecular Field Effect
 2008 Probing motion of electric dipoles and carriers in organic monolayers by Maxwell Displacement Current and optical second harmonic generation
 2008 Study of electrostatic energy contribution on monolayer domains size
 2008 The interacting electrostatic charge model on the shape formation of monolayer domains at the air–water interface comprised of tilted dipoles with orientational deformation
 2009 Preparation and atomic force microscopy observation of lipid membranes on micro-patterned self-assembled monolayers
 2009 Spontaneous Orientational Ordering of Liquid Crystal Layer During Evaporation onto Silica
Manaka, Yuichi2007 Photochromism and Chirality Propagation of Chromene Amphiphile Aggregates in Aqueous Ethanol Solutions
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 1991 Photoinitiated crosslinking of hydroxypropyl cellulose in the isotropic and liquid-crystal states
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 1995 A study of permselectivity of hydrophilic membranes crosslinked under various conditions
 1995 Preparation and characterization of HPC hydrophilic films
 1995 Synthesis of phenylurethane ended polyethylene glycols and their diffusivity through a liquid crystalline membrane
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 1994 Food mustard allergen interaction with phospholipid vesicles
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 2005 Role of the Spacer of Cationic Gemini Amphiphiles in the Condensation of DNA
 2008 Role of the Hydrophobic Effect in the Transfer of Chirality from Molecules to Complex Systems: From Chiral Surfactants to Porphyrin/Surfactant Aggregates
Mancini, H.2004 Frequency entrainment of nonautonomous chaotic oscillators
 2004 Synchronization of spatially extended chaotic systems in the presence of asymmetric coupling
Mancini, R.C.2002 Charge-exchange-induced two-electron satellite transitions from autoionizing levels in dense plasmas
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 1996 Comment on "Surface Pressure-Induced Layer Growth of a Monolayer at the Air-Water Interface"
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 1989 Monolayers and Langmuir-Blodgett films of amphiphilic dyes with mesogenic unit in the hydrophobic part: surface chemical and optical characterization
 1989 Phase transition of conductive Langmuir-Blodgett films by heat treatment
 1995 Conductivity Switching of Langmuir-Blodgett Films using Photoisomerization of Phenylazonaphtalene
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Mandal, P. (cont...)1998 Small angle x-ray diffraction study of mixtures showing re-entrant nematic phase and induced smectic Ad phase
 1999 Refractive index, density and order parameter of two binary mixtures showing reentrant nematic phase
 1999 Small angle X-ray diffraction studies on the homologous series of mesogenic 4-(trans-4'-n-alkylcyclohexyl)isothiocyanatobenzenes
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 2005 Dielectric study of nematic and induced smectic-A phases in binary mixtures of pentyloxy cynobiphenyl with three p-azoxybenzenes
 2006 Optical microscopy, DSC and dielectric relaxation spectroscopy studies on a partially fluorinated ferroelectric liquid crystalline compound MHPO(13F)BC
 2006 Optical microscopy, DSC and X-ray diffraction studies in binary mixtures of 4-pentyloxy-4'-cyanobiphenyl with three 4,4'-di(alkoxy)azoxybenzenes
 2007 Crystal structure of a polar nematogen 4-(trans- 4-undecylcyclohexyl) isothiocyanatobenzene
 2007 X-ray diffraction and optical birefringence studies on four nematogenic difluorobenzene derivatives
 2008 X-Ray Structural Analysis in the Crystalline Phase of a Nematogenic Fluoro-Phenyl Compound
 2008 X-ray studies of the crystalline and nematic phases of 4'-(3,4,5-trifluorophenyl)-4-propylbicyclohexyl
 2009 Structural Analysis by X-Ray Diffraction of a Polar Mesogen 4-Cyanobiphenyl-4'-heptylbiphenyl Carboxylate
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 2000 DSC, density and refractive index studies on two nematogenic p-alkylphenyl-2-chloro-4-(p-alkylbenzoyloxy)-benzoates and their mixtures
 2000 X-ray scattering studies on two nematogenic p-alkylphenyl 2-chloro-4-(p-alkylbenzoyloxy)benzoates and their mixtures
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 2008 Synthesis and Liquid Crystalline Properties of Novel Triazene-1-oxide Derivatives
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 1968 Lamellar mesophase with single amphiphile layers
 1968 Lyotropic mesophases with "normal" and "reserved" two-dimensional tetragonal structure
 1968 Lyotropic mesophases with "normal" and "reversed" two-dimensional hexagonal structure
 1968 Minimum water content of a number of "reversed" micellar and mesomorphous structures
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 1968 Three-component system sodium caprylate-decanol-water. II. Densities of the various phases and the partial specific volumes of the components
 1968 Three-component system sodium caprylate-decanol-water. III. Structure of the mesophases
 1969 Mesomorphous phases in systems of water-nonionic emulsifier-hydrocarbon
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 1969 Phase equilibria in the ternary system sodium caprylate-1,8-octanediol-water
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 1993 Stabilized complex compounds and their use in liquid-crystal display devices
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 1994 Preparation of (benzyloxy)halobiaryls as liquid crystal components
 1994 Preparation of 5,2-disubstituted-3-chloropyridines as liquid crystal components
 1994 Preparation of arylboronic acid as precursors for liquid crystal mixture
 1994 Preparation of poly(heteroaryl) compounds as liquid crystal components
 1994 Preparation of poly[(hetero)aryl] compounds as liquid crystal components
 1994 Smectic liquid-crystal mixtures
 1994 Smectic liquid-crystal mixtures
 1995 1,2-Difluoronaphthalene derivatives and liquid-crystal mixtures and optical switching and display devices containing them
 1995 3,4-Difluorotetralin derivatives and liquid-crystal mixtures and electrooptical switching and display devices containing them
 1995 7,8-Difluoro-3,4-dihydro-2H-naphthalen-1-one derivatives and liquid-crystal mixtures and electrooptical switching and display devices containing them
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 1995 Aryloxy tetrafluoropropionic acid ester, method for production and its use in liquid-crystal mixtures
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 1995 Preparation of phthalazine-derivative heteroaromatic liquid crystal compounds and liquid crystal mixtures containing them
Manero, Javier (cont...)1995 Preparation of trifluornaphthalene derivatives as liquid crystal components
 1995 Smectic liquid-crystal mixtures
 1995 Tetrafluorotetralin derivatives and liquid-crystal mixtures and electrooptical switching and display devices containing them
 1996 3,4-difluoropyridine and its mixture suitable for liquid crystal displays
 1996 Preparation of 1,8-difluoroisoquinoline-derivative liquid crystal compounds
 1996 Preparation of arylisoquinolines as liquid crystal components
 1996 Preparation of aryloxotetrahydroisoquinolines as liquid crystal components
 1996 Preparation of aryltetrahydroisoquinolines as liquid crystal components
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