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Lyuksyutov, S.F.1997 Optical and electric properties of dynamic holographic gratings with arbitrary contrast
Lyulin, A.1993 Computer simulation of the molecular motion in LC and oriented polymers
 1993 Computer simulations of molecular motion in liquid crystals by the method of Brownian dynamics
Lyulin, A.V.1990 Dynamics of layered polymer structures
 1991 Computer simulation of local dynamics of a polymer chain in a liquid crystal-type orienting field
 1992 Brownian dynamics of a polymer chain having mesogenic side groups in the liquid - crystalline state
 1992 Computer simulations of the molecular motion in liquid crystals by the method of Brownian dynamics
Lyulin, Alexey V.1998 Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Main Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers
Lyulin, S.V.1997 Dependence of the temperature of nematic phase appearance in polymer liquid crystals on chain rigidity
Lyushnin, A.V.2003 Symbiosis of different-sized drops
Lyutskanov, V.1987 Thermotropic behavior of intact human erythrocyte membranes revealed by differential scanning conductometry
Lyuu, J.-F.2001 Effects of the Anthraquinone Dye on the Elctro-Optical Properties of Dye Guest-Host Polymer Dispersed Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 2004 The Measurement of Response Time in Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals (PDLC) Receiving Dual Frequency Stimulation
Lyuu, Jier-Fu1997 Chromatic properties of dye guest-host ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1999 The anchoring energy coefficient of dye guest-host ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2005 Study of Epoxy-Based PDFLC Film Prepared Under Various Hardener Ratios
 2005 The Electro-Optical Property of Guest-Host PDFLC Film Containing Anthraquinone Dye
Ma-Wyatt, Anna2004 Saccades actively maintain perceptual continuity
Ma, Calvin2002 Full spectrum reflective cholesteric Liquid crystal display employing circular polarizers with the same polarity but different disposition
Ma, Chang-Qi2009 Discotic Liquid Crystalline Molecules for Organic Solar Cells Applications
Ma, Chen-Chi M.1995 Hydrophilic thermotropic block copolyetheresters with poly(pentamethylene p,p'-bibenzoate) segments
 1995 Preparation and characterizations of thermotropic copolyesters of p-hydroxybenzoic acid, sebacic acid, and hydroquinone
 1995 Synthesis and characterization of hydrophilic thermotropic block copolyether esters
 1996 Synthesis and properties of thermotropic polyesters modified with a non-mesogenic rigid group
Ma, Cheng-Song1997 Lubrication properties of lyotropic liquid crystals in DCD/C4H9OH/LP/H2O system
 1997 Studies on the phase behavior of lyotropic liquid crystal in DAD/C4OH/n-C8H18/D2O system
 1997 Study of lyotropic liquid crystals formed by mixed C-H/C-F surfactants
 1998 Study of lyotropic liquid crystals formed by DCDAC/n-butanol/water ternary system
 1999 Study of lyotropic liquid crystal in lubrication on aluminum alloy surfaces
Ma, Chih-peng2001 Liquid crystal display monitor having a monitor stand with a replaceable housing part
Ma, Chunchi1993 Transient laser-induced surface deformation of Si-based multilayer structures
Ma, Chunhua1995 ITO transparent conductive films for liquid-crystal display devices
Ma, D.L.1996 Phase Transfer Catalyzed Dehydrogenation Synthesis of Azo Ureas From Aryl Substituted Semicarbazide
Ma, D.Z.1999 Crystallization and melting behavior of the soft and hard segments in poly(ester-ether)s. I. Ethylene oxide-ethylene terephthalate segmented copolymers
 1999 Crystallization and melting behavior of the soft and hard segments in poly(ester-ether)s. II. Ethylene oxide-butylene terephthalate segmented copolymers
Ma, De-wang2007 Nonlinear photoinduced anisotropy and modifiable optical image display in a bacteriorhodopsin/polymer composite film
Ma, Dezhu1994 Melting behavior of low ethylene content polypropylene copolymers with and without nucleating agents
 1994 Sequence structure characteristics of high impact polypropylenes
 1995 Multiple melting endotherms from ethylene terephthalate-caprolactone copolyesters
 1999 Ringed spherulite and lyotropic liquid crystal in poly(ε-caprolactone)/ethyl cellulose blend
 2008 Analysis of Multiple H-Bond Interactions in Self-Assembly between Polyurethane with Pendent Carboxyl and Poly(4-vinylpyridine)
Ma, Ding2006 Phase evolution in the alkane-P123-water-TEOS quadru-component system: a feasible route to different complex mesostructured materials
Ma, Dong-Lai2009 Monte Carlo simulations of biaxial structure in thin hybrid nematic film based upon spatially anisotropic pair potential
Ma, Dong-Ling2004 Synthesis and properties of Schiff base type liquid crystalline crown ethers
Ma, Dongge2005 Amplified spontaneous emission from a new 4-triarylamine substituted 1,8-naphthalimide semiconductor oligomer
Ma, Donghua1997 Regio- and stereoselective reaction of 1-acyl-4-chlorocyclohexane with substituted aromatics
Ma, Dongjie1994 Synthesis and performance of lyotropic liquid crystalline polymer poly(1,4-phenyleneterephthalamide)
 1995 Synthesis and properties of thermotropic liquid crystalline PET/60PHB copolyesters
Ma, E.2004 Atomic packing of the inherent structure of simple liquids
Ma, Fang-Sheng2005 Difluoromethyl ether liquid crystal
 2006 Synthesis of difluoromethyl ether liquid crystal via Suzuki-coupling reaction
 2006 Tetracyclic ester liquid crystal compound containing two symmetrical flexible ethylene bridge bonds with high clearing point and low viscosity
 2006 Tetracyclic ester liquid crystal compound containing two symmetrical flexible ethylene bridge bonds with high clearing point and low viscosity
Ma, Fu-Min2009 Formation of lyotropic liquid crystals from a fatty acid and a nitrogenous heterocyclic compound in water
 2010 Synthesis and characterization on a novel series of protic pyrrolidinium surfactants
Ma, Guang-Hui2003 Synthesis and characterization of crosslinked uniform polymeric microspheres containing a polyimide prepolymer by a new emulsification process
 2004 Preparation of Uniform-Sized Polystyrene-Polyacrylamide Composite Microspheres from a W/O/W Emulsion by Membrane Emulsification Technique and Subsequent Suspension Polymerization
Ma, Guo-Jing2008 Effect of specific rotation of chiral dopant and polymerization temperature on reflectance properties of polymer stabilized cholesteric liquid crystal cells
 2009 Influence of terminal alkyl chain length on helical twisting property of chiral 1,2-propanediol derivatives
 2009 Study on the helical twisting behaviour of chiral 1,2-propanediol derivatives inducing chiral nematic liquid crystals with a helix inversion and controllable pitch variation
Ma, Guolin2002 High efficiency flat illuminator for Liquid crystal micro-display
Ma, H.M.1996 Thermal conductivity and thermal expansivity of in situ composites of a liquid crystalline polymer and polycarbonate
Ma, H.R.2002 Depletion potential near curved surfaces
Ma, Heng2002 Mechanical Rotor Model for Liquid Crystal Systems
 2004 A Mechanical Model Study on Correlations of Liquid Crystal Phase and Dynamic Parameters in Linear Molecules
 2004 Mechanical Rotor Model for Fluorinated Terphenyl Liquid Crystals
 2004 Temperature Dependence of Physical Constants with Varied Molecular Length and Position of Fluorine Substituents in Phenyl-bicyclohexane Core Liquid Crystals
 2006 Mechanical model study of relationship of molecular configuration and multiphase in liquid crystal materials
 2007 Mechanical Model of Rotation Frame for Phase Stability and Molecular Conformation in Liquid Crystal System
 2008 Temperature dependence of ratio between dielectric anisotropy and order parameter in fluorinated nematic liquid crystals
 2009 Simulation study on terahertz vibrational absorption in liquid crystal compounds
 2009 Temperature dependence of physical constants in binary-fluorinated liquid crystal mixtures
Ma, Hong-Mei2002 Grey behaviour analysis of in-plane switching mode liquid crystal displays with weak-anchoring effects
 2002 Novel ECB model of liquid crystal display with narrow viewing angle
 2002 Novel Mode of Liquid Crystal Display with Narrow Viewing Angle
 2002 Optimal rubbing angle for reflective in-plane-switching liquid crystal displays
 2002 Reflective liquid-crystal display using an in-plane-switching super-twisted nematic cell
 2002 Reflective supertwist nematic liquid crystal display with anterior retardation film
 2003 Reflective in-plane switching liquid crystal displays
 2004 Molecular Theoretical Calculations for Temperature Induced Phase Transition and Helix Inversion In Single Component Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
 2005 A super-twisted nematic liquid crystal device based upon in-plane switching
 2006 Critical Voltage of p-Cell Liquid Crystal Displays
 2006 In-plane-switching pi-twist liquid crystal displays
 2006 Twist angle effects on the dynamic response of in-plane-switching liquid crystal displays
 2007 Pretilt angle effects on critical voltage and dynamic response of pi cell
 2007 Transition voltage of asymmetric H state to bend in pi cell
 2008 Rapid response mechanism of pi cell
 2009 Response mechanism of a vertical alignment mode driven by fringe-field switching
Ma, Hong-Min2004 Mesoporous Spherical Aggregates of Anatase Nanocrystals with Wormhole-like Framework Structures: Their Chemical Fabrication, Characterization, and Photocatalytic Performance
Ma, Honglei1998 Aqueous detergent for cleaning semiconductor and liquid crystal devices
Ma, Hongtao1995 Induction effects of LCP component on the crystallization of PET in the blends
Ma, Hongyan2001 Electrochemistry and electrocatalysis with myoglobin in 2C12N PSS- multibilayer composite films
Ma, Hongyang2005 Reverse Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate in Ionic Liquids
 2010 Order-order transition induced by mesophase formation in a novel type of diblock copolymers based on poly(isobutyl methacrylate) and poly[2,5-di(isopropyloxycarbonyl)styrene]
Ma, Houyi2008 Facile Fabrication and Unexpected Electrocatalytic Activity of Palladium Thin Films with Hierarchical Architectures
Ma, Hui-Yang2004 Reynolds stress model involving the mean spin tensor
Ma, J.1991 Intrachain dynamics and interchain structures of polymers: A comparison of polyacetylene, polyethylene, polyaniline, and poly(paraphenylene vinylene)
 1999 Synthesis of ribbons of silver nanoparticles in lamellar liquid crystals
Ma, J.X.2003 Propagation of hot electrons through high-density plasmas
 2003 Third-order harmonic generation by self-guided femtosecond pulses in air
Ma, Jan2008 Synthesis, Assembly, and Electrochromic Properties of Uniform Crystalline WO3 Nanorods
 2009 Controlled Synthesis of WO3 Nanorods and Their Electrochromic Properties in H2SO4 Electrolyte
Ma, Ji2006 Low Driving Voltage and Analysis of Azobenzene Polymer Doped Liquid Crystal Grating
 2008 Improvements in morphological and electro-optical properties of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal grating using a highly fluorine-substituted acrylate monomer
 2008 Kinetics investigations for holographic Bragg grating based on polymer dispersed liquid crystal
 2008 Single-step exposure for two-dimensional electrically-tuneable diffraction grating based on polymer dispersed liquid crystal
 2009 Investigation of alignment direction in wide view film and rubbing angle of twisted nematic liquid crystal display mode
 2010 Light-driven nanoscale chiral molecular switch: reversible dynamic full range color phototuning
Ma, Ji-Ming1997 Supramolecular template approach to inorganic materials with complex form
 1998 Micrometer-Sized Mesoporous Silica Spheres Grown under Static Conditions
 1999 Synthesis of lamellar mesostructured alumina by supramolecular templating
 2003 Preparation of Au nanowires by a liquid crystal template
 2003 Synthesis of Submicrometer-Sized CdS Hollow Spheres in Aqueous Solutions of a Triblock Copolymer
Ma, Jia2001 Shear-induced stabilization of the nematic phase in a side group-containing poly(aryl ether ketone) copolymer
Ma, Jian2008 Liquid crystal tunable polarization filters for polarization imaging
Ma, Jiaying2003 3M PBS for high-performance LCOS optical engine
Ma, Jin1997 A novel method of real-time size control of nanoaggregates by AFM
 1998 STM studies on adsorbed liquid crystal on HOPG
Ma, Jin-tao2007 Optical occlusion in a see-through AR system
Ma, Jing2005 Synthesis and characterization of a novel cholesteric liquid crystalline containing carboxyl group
Ma, Jinghong1996 Rheological and induced-crystallization behavior of PET/Vectra blend
 1999 Crystallization and melting behavior of PET/PBT reactive blends with chain extender
Ma, Jun2000 Optical design of a near-infrared birefringent filter system and measurement of birefringence index of calcite
 2002 Synthesis and characteristics of surfactants applied to LCD detergents as substitute for Freon.
Ma, Jun-he2007 1H NMR Spectroscopic Investigations on the Micellization and Gelation of PEO-PPO-PEO Block Copolymers in Aqueous Solutions
Ma, Jungho2000 Orientational ordering of a liquid crystal on a photoaligned azo-polyimide substrate
Ma, K.1994 Int. Conf. Liq. Cryst. Polym., Beijing, Abstr.
 1997 A PDLC Film with High Contrast, Fast Response and Very Little Hysteresis for Light Shutter Displays
 1997 An Explanation of Some Experimental Phenomena in MIM-LCD by using A P-N-N+ Band Model
 1998 Explanation of some experimental phenomena in MIM-LCD by using a P.-N-N+ band model
Ma, Kai1994 Alternative method of investigating surface torsional anchoring energy for pure nematic liquid crystals
 1994 Method of studying surface torsional anchoring of nematic liquid crystal
 1995 Investigation of surface torsional anchoring energy for pure nematic liquid crystals
 1995 Liquid-crystal display device and its manufacture
 1995 Measurement of twist angle and surface torsional anchoring strength in a nematic liquid crystal cell
 1995 Study of surface alignment of nematic liquid crystals on polyimide Langmuir-Blodgett films
 1995 Study on the director configuration and display properties of amorphous nematic liquid crystal displays with different values of d/p
 1995 TN liquid-crystal display device
 1996 Manufacture of colored silica glass films by sol-gel process for liquid crystal display
 1996 New method of improved STN-LCD viewing angle
 1996 Polymer stabilized amorphous STN-LCDs using one-side rubbing
 1996 Study of the temperature dependence of surface anchoring energy for liquid crystals
 1996 Surface pretilt alignment of liquid crystals
 1997 Alignment of liquid crystals for display devices
 1997 Alignment of liquid crystals for display devices
 1997 Effect of utilizing hydrogen-treated tantalum anodized oxidation on symmetry of current-voltage characteristic of metal-insulator-metal element
 1998 Diffraction properties of polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal grating
 1998 Effects of polymer network with electric field to the ferroelectric liquid crystal molecular alignments
 1998 Fabrication of a novel type liquid crystal phase zone plate
 1998 Phase separation morphologies of liquid crystal/prepolymer blends with different concentrations and their electro-optical properties
Ma, Kai (cont...)1998 Study of phase separation structure of polymer dispersed liquid crystals dependence on cure temperature
 1998 Texture in polymer network stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1999 Defects of gate lines and arrays of thin film transistors for liquid-crystal display devices
 1999 Manufacture of switch device for LCD addressing
 1999 Photoalignment by 2-(cinnamoyloxy)ethyl methacrylate with linear photopolymerization using polarized UV light in liquid-crystal display devices
 2000 Effect of photochemical reaction of cinnamate material 2-(cinnamoyloxy)ethyl methacrylate on liquid crystal molecules alignment
 2006 Nickel-disilicide-assisted excimer laser crystallization of amorphous silicon
Ma, Kai Jing1995 Study of surface anchoring strength of liquid crystals on polyimide film
Ma, Kefeng2008 Induced Amphotropic and Thermotropic Ionic Liquid Crystallinity in Phosphonium Halides: "Lubrication" by Hydroxyl Groups
 2008 Room-Temperature and Low-Ordered, Amphotropic-Lyotropic Ionic Liquid Crystal Phases Induced by Alcohols in Phosphonium Halides
 2009 Design Criteria for Ionic Liquid Crystalline Phases of Phosphonium Salts with Three Equivalent Long n-Alkyl Chains
 2009 Designing Amphotropic Smectic Liquid Crystals Based on Phosphonium Salts for Partial Ordering of Solutes as Monitored by NMR Spectroscopy
Ma, Kuang-Wei1992 Color design for an LCD projector
Ma, Kui-Xiang1998 Estimation of surface tensions of thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers (Vectra A950, B950 & Xydar)
 1998 Experimental and theoretical estimations of surface tensions for commercial liquid crystalline polymers, Vectra A-950, B-950, and Xydar SRT-900
 1998 Surface energy of thermotropic liquid crystalline polyesters and polyesteramide
 1999 Evolution of surface chemistry and physical properties during thin film polymerization of thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers
 1999 Evolution of surface free energy during thin film polymerization of main-chain liquid crystalline polymers
 1999 Evolution of Surface Free Energy during Thin-Film Polymerization of Main-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 2001 Effect of -C(CF3)2- on the Surface Energy of Main-Chain Liquid Crystalline and Crystalline Polymers
Ma, Kung-Jen2005 Surface morphology and recrystallization behavior of amorphous Si after ArF laser irradiation
Ma, Lan1998 Computer-aided 3D display system and its application in 3D vision test
 1998 Effects of ultraviolet-light on polyimide films for liquid crystal alignment
 1999 Ultraviolet-light induced liquid-crystal alignment on polyimide films
Ma, Li1990 Transition of a nematic liquid crystal in the high frequency band of conduction regime
Ma, Lichuan1999 Singlet Oxygen as a Reactive Intermediate in the Photodegradation of Phenylenevinylene Oligomers
Ma, Ling2002 Gallium arsenide photoaddressed infrared liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Ma, Liping2002 Organic Bistable Devices
Ma, Ning2005 Polymer Micelles as Building Blocks for Layer-by-Layer Assembly: An Approach for Incorporation and Controlled Release of Water-Insoluble Dyes
Ma, Pan2007 Amphiphilic Perylenetretracarboxyl Diimide Dimer and Its Application in Field Effect Transistor
Ma, Peihua1996 Thermochromic liquid crystal composite film
 1997 Study on preparation technique of mixed thermochromic liquid crystal porous film with scanning electron microscopy
Ma, Qing-lan2010 A smart bent-core liquid crystal to write Chinese characters
 2010 Dependence of optical properties of UV-curable sealant on amount of catalyst N,N-dimethylbenzylamine
 2010 Effects of cyclic heating and cooling on the banana-phase growing behaviors of banana-shaped liquid crystal 1,3-phenylene-bis[4-(4-octylphenylimino)methyl]benzoate
 2010 Groove-free optical gratings self-assembled by banana-shaped molecules
 2010 Influence of cooling rates on phase transitions of bent-core liquid crystal 1,3-phenylene-bis[4-(hexylcarboloxy)benzylideneamine]
 2010 Mesomorphic properties of three-benzene-ring containing bent-core liquid crystals 1, 3-phenylene-bis[4-(alkylcarboyloxyl)benzylideneamine]
 2010 Periodically birefringent thin films grown out of the isotropic phase of a bent-core banana-shaped liquid crystal
 2010 Synthesis and characterization of a cholesteric liquid crystal cholesteryl nonanoate
 2010 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of three-benzene-ring containing bent-core liquid crystal 1,3-phenylene-bis[4-(nonylcarboyloxyl) benzylideneamine]
 2010 Synthesis and properties of UV-curable sealant for LCD panels
Ma, R.-J.1984 Depolarized light scattering from shear wave in a viscoelastic liquid: alpha-phenyl o-cresol
Ma, Renlan1989 Study on substituted aminocoumarin derivatives by DSC
Ma, Renxiang1994 Method of studying surface torsional anchoring of nematic liquid crystal
 1994 Sealing method for manufacture of liquid-crystal display device
 1995 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal film with high contrast ratio and fast response
 1995 Study on the director configuration and display properties of amorphous nematic liquid crystal displays with different values of d/p
 1996 Manufacture of colored silica glass films by sol-gel process for liquid crystal display
 1996 New method of improved STN-LCD viewing angle
 1996 Polymer stabilized amorphous STN-LCDs using one-side rubbing
Ma, Renzhi2005 Selective and Controlled Synthesis of α- and β-Cobalt Hydroxides in Highly Developed Hexagonal Platelets
Ma, Rong-Tang1990 Crystallization and melting behavior of PC/PET/EPDM blend system
 1993 Crystallization and melting behavior of PET-EVA blends
 1998 Compatibility of PES with thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer
 1999 Crystallization and melting behavior of poly(p-phenylene sulfide) in blends with poly(ether sulfone)
 2005 Synthesis and characterization of block copolymers containing poly(aryl ether ketone) and liquid crystalline polyester segments
Ma, Rui-Qing1998 Nematic order in polymer-stabilized liquid crystals
 1998 Polymer stabilized black-white cholesteric reflective display
 2000 Freedericksz transition in polymer-stabilized nematic liquid crystals
Ma, Ruishen1999 Studies on the structure-parameter dependence of the melting behavior of industrial poly(ethylene terephthalate) fibers
Ma, Rujian1996 Synthesis of 4-(4'-propylcyclohexyl)phenyl alkyl ethers as diluting agents for TN liquid crystals
 1997 Synthesis of (S)-4'-octyloxy-4-(2-acyloxypropoxy)biphenyls
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 1994 Liquid crystal light valve with anodized aluminum light blocking/reflecting layer
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Ma, Sheng-Ming2001 Transition metal-catalyzed alkyne metathesis reaction
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Ma, Shuhua1999 Manufacture of carbonaceous anodes for lithium ion batteries
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Ma, T.C.2003 Laser-induced diffusion for glass metallization
Ma, W.L.2007 Efficiency enhancement in low-bandgap polymer solar cells by processing with alkane dithiols
Ma, Wei-Chung2000 Synthesis and characterization of now liquid crystalline copoly(ester imide)s
Ma, Weiming2004 Direct Formation of γ Form Crystal of Syndiotactic Polystyrene from Amorphous State in Supercritical CO2
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 2007 Identification of a peripheral substitution symmetry effect in self-assembled architectures
 2007 Matrix-molecule induced chiral enhancement effect of binary supramolecular liquid crystals
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Ma, Xiu-rong2008 Terahertz liquid crystal tunable filter
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Ma, Yao-Dong1996 Ultra-fast-response, multistable, reflective cholesteric liquid-crystal displays
 1997 Zero-field multistable cholesteric liquid crystal displays
 1998 Cholesteric liquid-crystal display device employing circular polarizer
 2002 Full spectrum reflective cholesteric Liquid crystal display employing circular polarizers with the same polarity but different disposition
Ma, Yi2008 Refractive index engineering of liquid crystals with nano-particulates
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 1998 The electrorheological behavior of complex strontium titanate suspensions
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 2009 Reversible Switching of Water-Droplet Mobility on a Superhydrophobic Surface Based on a Phase Transition of a Side-Chain Liquid-Crystal Polymer
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Ma, Yu-Chun2007 Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystal bismaleimide containing methyl side-group
 2008 Study on liquid crystalline copolymer of bismaleimide/diaminodiphenyl ether
Ma, Yu-Guo1997 Mesogen-jacketed liquid crystal polymers with mesogens of aromatic amide structure
 1997 Synthesis of liquid crystalline aromatic amide compounds
 1997 Synthesis of novel liquid crystal compounds with aromatic amide mesogenic cores
 1999 Synthesis of diacetylene-containing copolyesters and their effect on electro-optical properties of liquid crystals
 2004 An ABC Stacking Supramolecular Discotic Columnar Structure Constructed via Hydrogen-Bonded Hexamers
 2008 Shape-Persistent Elliptic Macrocycles Composed of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Synthesis and Photophysical Properties
 2009 One-Dimensional Microwires Formed by the Co-Assembly of Complementary Aromatic Donors and Acceptors
Ma, Yu-qiang2002 Hysteresis phenomena in CO catalytic oxidation system in the presence of inhomogeneities of the catalyst surface
 2002 Nonequilibrium kinetic phase transition of a monomer-dimer reaction model with sequential dimer adsorption in two dimensions
 2003 Effect of inert species in gas phase on oscillatory dynamics of oxidation system of CO on Pt(100)
 2003 Fast growth in phase-separating A-B-copolymer ternary mixtures with a chemical reaction
 2003 Phase separation of a polymer blend driven by oscillating particles
 2003 Publisher's Note: Fast growth in phase-separating A-B-copolymer ternary mixtures with a chemical reaction [Phys. Rev. E 67, 021804 (2003)]
 2003 Reply to "Comment on ‘Hysteresis phenomena in CO catalytic oxidation system in the presence of inhomogeneities of the catalyst surface' "
 2003 Simulation study on kinetic temperatures of vibrated binary granular mixtures
 2004 Effects of quenched randomness induced by car accidents on traffic flow in a cellular automata model
 2005 Interactions between Colloidal Particles Induced by Polymer Brushes Grafted onto the Substrate
Ma, Yu-Xin2007 A novel photochromic liquid crystal system based on biindenylidenedione derivatives
Ma, Yuejin1996 Four-unit composite thin film IR detector
Ma, Yuguang2005 Facile Synthesis of Carbazole-Containing Semiladder Polyphenylenes for Pure-Blue Electroluminescence
 2005 Study on the Formation of the Ketonic Defects in the Thermal Degradation of Ladder-Type Poly(p-phenylenes) by Vibrational Spectroscopy
 2009 Morphology and Optical Properties of Fluorene-Based Ladder-type Poly(para-phenylenes): Origin of Low-Energy Emission
Ma, Yung-Dae1990 Cellobiose-based liquid crystals. (n-Alkyl β-D-cellobioside) hepta-n-alkanoates
 1991 Thermotropic liquid crystals based on oligosaccharides
 1994 Thermotropic liquid crystals based on oligosaccharides. n-Alkyl 1-O-β-D-cellobiosides
 1997 Trends in liquid crystals based on polysaccharides
 2000 Preparation and swelling behavior of cross-linked films of hydroxypropyl chitosan possessing cholesteric liquid-crystalline order
Ma, Yunqian1995 Synthesis and properties of thermotropic liquid crystalline PET/60PHB copolyesters
Ma, Yuqian1996 Study on the polymerization kinetics of PET/PHB thermotropic liquid crystal copolyester
Ma, Yurong2003 Synthesis of Submicrometer-Sized CdS Hollow Spheres in Aqueous Solutions of a Triblock Copolymer
 2009 Pigment Synthesis: PY181 Pigment Microspheres of Nanoplates Synthesized via Polymer-Induced Liquid Precursors (Adv. Funct. Mater. 13/2009)
 2009 PY181 Pigment Microspheres of Nanoplates Synthesized via Polymer-Induced Liquid Precursors
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 1997 A New Colorfilter with Negative Birefringence
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Ma, Zhenjun1996 Complementary of phase compensation method to measure gap of twist nematic cells
 1996 New method of improved STN-LCD viewing angle
 1996 Polymer network stabilized SBE-LCD without strip formation
 1996 Polymer stabilized amorphous STN-LCDs using one-side rubbing
 1998 Multidomain STN LCDs
 1998 New color filter with negative birefringence
 2000 Effects of curing temperature and UV intensity on electro-optical properties of PSCT reverse-mode light shutters
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Maan, J.C.2002 Magnetic Field Alignment of Liquid Crystalline Thiophenes
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 2002 Side chain polymer liquid crystals in high magnetic fields
 2003 Magnetic-field-induced changes of the isotropic-nematic phase transition in side-chain polymer liquid crystals
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