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Lukishova, S.G.1996 Light-induced nonlinear bleaching of the CLC film under the conditions of selective reflection
 1997 Nonlinear bleaching in the selective reflection of nonabsorbing chiral-nematic liquid-crystal thin films
 2007 Room temperature source of single photons of definite polarization
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 2002 Honeycomb Pattern Formation by Laser-Beam Filamentation in Atomic Sodium Vapor
Lukishova, Svetlana G.1996 Influence of nonlinear effects in the CLC end mirror on the output characteristics of the Nd:YAG laser
 1999 Cumulative self-phase modulation in planar nematics driven by 532-nm nanosecond laser pulses
 1999 High-intensity effects in liquid crystals driven by 532-nm nanosecond laser pulses
 1999 Nonlinear absorption and refraction of linearly polarized nanosecond laser radiation by liquid crystals in the transient regime
 1999 Nonlinear optical response of liquid crystals to nanosecond laser radiation
 1999 Reflective nonlinearities in high-power chiral liquid crystal laser optics
 1999 Reflective nonlinearity of nonabsorbing cholesteric liquid crystal mirrors driven by pulsed high-repetition-rate laser radiation
 2004 Dye-doped cholesteric-liquid-crystal room-temperature single-photon source
 2006 Far-Field Patterns from Dye-Doped Planar-Aligned Nematic Liquid Crystals Under Nanosecond Laser Irradiation
 2006 Feedback-free single-beam pattern formation by nanosecond pulses in dye-doped liquid crystals
 2006 Near-Field Optical Microscopy of Defects in Cholesteric Oligomeric Liquid Crystal Films
 2006 Single-Photon Source for Quantum Information Based on Single Dye Molecule Fluorescence in Liquid Crystal Host
 2009 Organic photonic bandgap microcavities doped with semiconductor nanocrystals for room-temperature on-demand single-photon sources
 2009 Robust organic lasers comprising glassy-cholesteric pentafluorene doped with a red-emitting oligofluorene
Lukjyanchenko, E.S.1992 Alignment layer with soluble polyimidobenzimidazole
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 2003 Analytical results for the reactivity of a single-file system
 2003 Infinitely fast diffusion in single-file systems
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 1988 Free radicals of petroleum pitch and products of its thermal conversions
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 1986 Effect of the structure parameters of liquid-crystal indicators on the electrooptical characteristics of the twist effect
 1986 Optical properties of polymer films for liquid-crystalline displays
 1991 Study of the alignment effect of rubbed polymer surfaces on nematic liquid crystals
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Lumley, John William2002 Detachable display
Lumma, D.2003 Flow profile near a wall measured by double-focus fluorescence cross-correlation
Luna-Acosta, G.A.2002 Understanding quantum scattering properties in terms of purely classical dynamics: Two-dimensional open chaotic billiards
 2003 Ballistic localization in quasi-one-dimensional waveguides with rough surfaces
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Luneau, Dominique1998 Mixed-Valent Diruthenium Long-Chain Carboxylates. 2. Magnetic Properties
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 2001 Synthesis, Structure, Spectroscopic Properties, and Magnetic Properties of an Octakis(Alkylthio)-Substituted Lutetium(III) Bisphthalocyanine
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 1987 Protein-lipid interactions. The influence of cytochrome P-450 on thermotropic properties of liposomes of dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine and dimyristoylphosphatidylglycerol mixture
 1987 Protein-lipid interactions. Thermotropic properties of proteoliposomes formed by cytochrome P-450 and dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine as a function of the temperature of liposome formation
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 1993 Fluoro diphenyldiacetylene and tolan liquid crystals for display application
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Lunkwitz, Ralph1996 Chiral Allenes - New Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
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 1998 Chiral allenes: new ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1998 Flüssigkristalline Allenderivate: Synthese und Eigenschaften neuer ferroelektrischer Flüssigkristalle auf der Basis axialer Chiralität
 1998 Induction of smectic A phases with calamitic molecules and 2,4,7-trinitrofluorenone: the influence of branching and chain length
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 1999 Novel ferroelectric liquid crystals based on optically active propargylic alcohols
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 1988 Ph. D. Thesis Halle
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 1991 The first liquid-crystalline diol compound which exhibits nematic, smectic A*, and smectic C* mesophases in the presence of water
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 1989 Amphiphilic liquid crystals
 1990 Amphiphilic carbohydrate-based mesogens incorporating structural features of calamitic liquid crystals
 1990 Amphotropic liquid-crystalline amphiphiles
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 2004 Equivalent circuit model for ferroelectric liquid crystal optically addressed spatial light modulator of gray-scale characteristics
 2008 Improved Equivalent Circuit Model for V-Shaped, Thresholdless Switching Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
Luo, Boren2004 Large phase shift of nonlocal optical spatial solitons
Luo, Chen2008 Facile Synthesis for Ordered Mesoporous γ-Aluminas with High Thermal Stability
Luo, Chiyan2006 Doppler Radiation Emitted by an Oscillating Dipole Moving inside a Photonic Band-Gap Crystal
Luo, D.2008 Generating electrically tunable optical vortices by a liquid crystal cell with patterned electrode
Luo, Dan2008 A new helper phospholipid for gene delivery
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 1992 Active matrix liquid crystal displays: an overview
Luo, Fei2007 Cholesteric liquid crystal depolarizer
 2008 Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystalline poly(p-phenylene ethynylene)s with laterally attached dipolar unit
Luo, Fen-Tair2002 Fabrication and characterization of orientation-controlled alkoxy- and cyano-substituted distyrylbenzene derivatives in thin film
Luo, Fengguang2005 4x4 free-space polarization-independent optical switch using half-wave plates for polarized controlling
Luo, G.P.1993 Fractal electrodeposits of silver and copper films induced by an organized monolayer
 1994 Cluster aggregation and dense branch morphology in electrodeposition of copper particulate film under a Langmuir monolayer
 1994 Electrodeposition of a two-dimensional silver dendritic crystal under Langmuir monolayers
Luo, Guangfu2009 Optical Absorption Spectra of Charge-Doped Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes from First-Principles Calculations
Luo, Gui-Peng1993 Fractal phenomenon and kinetics model in electrochemical deposition of silver film induced by an organized monolayer
 1994 Dendritic and fractal patterns in electrochemical deposition of silver
Luo, Guo-Bin2000 Aggregates in Rhodamine-labeled Phospholipid Films Probed by Spectroscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy
 2000 Single-Molecule Detection Studies of Diffusion of Rhodamine-labeled Phospholipids
 2002 Single-molecule Behavior of Rhodamine-labeled Phospholipid on a Hydrophilic Glass Surface
Luo, H.2008 Advanced Liquid Membranes Based on Novel Ionic Liquids for Selective Separation of Olefin/Paraffin via Olefin-Facilitated Transport
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 2006 Synthesis, characterization and properties of meso-tetrakis-(2-alkoxyphenyl)porphyrins and their Copper(II) complexes
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 2004 Electrodeposition of Mesoporous Semimetal and Magnetic Metal Films from Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Phases
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 2003 Density waves in traffic flow of two kinds of vehicles
 2003 Exact representation of crossover of transitions from first order to second order in the Potts model for rumor transmission
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 2001 Nano-tribological properties and mechanisms of the liquid crystal as an additive
Luo, Jing2009 π-Conjugated oligothiophene-anthracene co-oligomers: synthesis, physical properties, and self-assembly
 2009 Electron-Deficient Triphenylene and Trinaphthylene Carboximides
 2009 Room-temperature discotic liquid crystals based on oligothiophenes-attached and fused triazatruxenes
 2010 New Discotic Mesogens Based on Triphenylene-Fused Triazatruxenes: Synthesis, Physical Properties, and Self-Assembly
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 2002 Liquid Crystalline and Light Emitting Polyacetylenes: Synthesis and Properties of Biphenyl-Containing Poly(1-alkynes) with Different Functional Bridges and Spacer Lengths
 2002 Synthesis and photoluminescence of liquid crystalline poly(1-alkynes)
 2009 Controlled Diels-Alder Reactions Used To Incorporate Highly Efficient Polyenic Chromophores into Maleimide-Containing Side-Chain Polymers for Electro-Optics
Luo, Jun1998 Phase transition temperature of HPT (2,3,6,7,10,11-hexa-n-pentyloxytriphenylene) from molecule dynamic simulation
 1998 Phase transition temperatures of side chain liquid crystal polymer from molecular dynamics simulation
 1998 Structure and conformation of 2,3,6,7,10,11-hexakis(pentyloxy)triphenylene by TEM and computer simulation
 2008 Design of hyperspectral imaging system based on LCTF
Luo, Kai-Fu2002 Lamellar Orientation and Corresponding Rheological Properties of Symmetric Diblock Copolymers under Steady Shear Flow
 2008 Solitons and defects in nematic liquid crystals under a simple shear flow and in a static external magnetic field
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 2004 Synthesis of liquid crystal porphyrin compounds with chiral side chains and their luminescent characterization
 2005 Recent advance in organic polarized luminescence and luminescent materials
 2007 DFT study on the geometric structure and electronic spectra of liquid crystal porphyrin molecules with chiral side chains and luminescent characterization
Luo, Kaiqing2006 Surface Analysis of PBO and Modified SPBO Fiber by Contact Angle Measurements and XPS
Luo, Kun2003 Modulation on coherent vortex structures by dispersed solid particles in a three-dimensional mixing layer
 2004 Direct numerical simulation of a near-field particle-laden plane turbulent jet
 2004 Erratum: Modulation on coherent vortex structures by dispersed solid particles in a three-dimensional mixing layer [ Phys. Rev. E 68, 036309 (2003)]
Luo, Li-Shi2002 Lattice Boltzmann model for binary mixtures
 2003 Nonexistence of H theorems for the athermal lattice Boltzmann models with polynomial equilibria
 2003 Theory of the lattice Boltzmann method: Acoustic and thermal properties in two and three dimensions
 2003 Theory of the lattice Boltzmann method: Three-dimensional model for linear viscoelastic fluids
 2003 Theory of the lattice Boltzmann method: Two-fluid model for binary mixtures
Luo, Li-Yuan2006 Dependence of the molecular reorientation on the direction of incident light in azo-dye doped liquid crystals
 2007 Enhancement factor formulation of doped nematic liquid crystals in the presence of photoisomerization
Luo, Ming R.2002 Color appearance comparison between LCD projector and LCD monitor colors
Luo, Minghua2006 The Effect of Crystallization on the Solid State Polycondensation of Poly(L-lactic Acid)
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Luo, Peixun2003 Dynamical and stationary properties of on-line learning from finite training sets
Luo, Q.1996 Liquid-crystal alignment of rubbed polyimide films: a microscopic investigation
 2002 Wave dispersion in gyrotropic relativistic pulsar plasmas
 2004 Wave dispersion near cyclotron resonance in pulsar plasmas
Luo, Qi1995 Liquid-crystal alignment of helical polymer chains
 1996 Alignment of liquid crystal on the polyimide films irradiated by pulsed ultraviolet laser
 1996 Alignment of liquid crystals on the polymer films made by pulsed laser ablation
 1996 Deposition of oriented polymer films for liquid crystal alignment by pulsed laser ablation
 1996 Investigations of the mechanism of liquid-crystal alignment on rubbed polyimide films
 1997 Deposition of oriented polymer films for liquid crystal alignment by pulsed laser ablation
Luo, Qian-Fu2007 A survey on the synthesis of photochromic material diarylethenes
Luo, Qing-Jun2007 Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystals of N,N'-1,4-phenylenebis[4-[2-[(2-propenyl)oxy]ethoxy]benzamide]
 2008 Synthesis of LC p-Biphenyl di{4-[2-(2,3-epoxypropyl)ethoxy] benzoate} and Curing Kinetics with Succinic Anhydride
Luo, Qingping2008 A novel thermotropic liquid crystalline - Benzoylated bacterial cellulose
Luo, R.1995 Design principles for engineering conducting discotic liquid crystals
Luo, Rengui2006 Low-power grating detection system chip for high-speed low-cost length and angle precision measurement
Luo, Robert G.2003 Kinetic Study on the Enzymatic Resolution of Homophenylalanine Ester Using Ionic Liquids
Luo, Rong1995 Characterization of the cationic species formed in p-doped discotic liquid crystals
 1995 Transient photoconductivity and dark conductivity in discotic liquid crystals
Luo, Shanguo1999 Effect of thermal treatment on PA-6 in blends
Luo, Shaoji1996 Synthesis and characterization of wholly aromatic liquid crystal copolyesters
Luo, Shaojin2005 Mesomorphous Structure and Macroscopic Patterns Formed by Polymer and Surfactant from Organic Solutions
Luo, Shihua1990 Liquid crystal polymer
Luo, Shr-Jie2000 Obliquely Tilted Discotic Phase Compensation Films
Luo, Songmei1988 Synthesis of fluorocarbon phospholipids and the formation of their liposomes
Luo, T.1998 Rubber/plastic blends based on devulcanized ground tire rubber
Luo, Un1997 Structure and order of the discotic compound 2,3,6,7,10,11-hexakispentyloxytriphenylene as revealed by diffraction and molecular simulation studies
Luo, Wei2008 Renewable and Optically Transparent Electroactive Indium Tin Oxide Surfaces for Chemoselective Ligand Immobilization and Biospecific Cell Adhesion
 2009 Rapid in Situ Generation of Two Patterned Chemoselective Surface Chemistries from a Single Hydroxy-Terminated Surface Using Controlled Microfluidic Oxidation
Luo, Weili2000 Enhancing yield stress of electrorheological fluids with liquid crystal additive
 2000 Evidence of nematic phases in electrorheological fluid by acoustic impedance measurement
 2004 Thermodynamic model of electric-field-induced pattern formation in binary dielectric fluids
Luo, Wen-Sheng2006 Nickel-disilicide-assisted excimer laser crystallization of amorphous silicon
Luo, Wenfeng1997 Liquid crystal soliton model for propagated sensation along channel
Luo, X.1994 Reactivity and conformational control utilizing liquid crystalline solvent media
 1996 Phase rejection as a factor in the kinetics of atropisomerization of 1,1'-binaphthyl conducted in liquid crystal and solid phases
 2006 In Situ Second Harmonic Generation in Disperse Red 1-Doped Polymer and Sol-Gel Films
Luo, X.L.1999 Crystallization and melting behavior of the soft and hard segments in poly(ester-ether)s. I. Ethylene oxide-ethylene terephthalate segmented copolymers
 1999 Crystallization and melting behavior of the soft and hard segments in poly(ester-ether)s. II. Ethylene oxide-butylene terephthalate segmented copolymers
Luo, Xiaolie1994 Melting behavior of low ethylene content polypropylene copolymers with and without nucleating agents
 1994 Sequence structure characteristics of high impact polypropylenes
 1995 Multiple melting endotherms from ethylene terephthalate-caprolactone copolyesters
 1999 Ringed spherulite and lyotropic liquid crystal in poly(ε-caprolactone)/ethyl cellulose blend
Luo, Xiaoqin2003 Dispersive anomalous diffusive transport in ratchets with long-range correlated spatial disorder
 2003 Stochastic resonance driven by two different kinds of colored noise in a bistable system
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Luo, Xu-Yang1995 Synthesis and variable-temperature FTIR study of five chiral liquid crystals induced by intermolecular hydrogen bonding
 1995 Synthesis of a new chiral liquid crystal with Schiff base group and study of temperature-dependent FTIR spectra
 1995 Synthesis of two new hydrogen bond induced liquid crystals
 2000 Application of variable-temperature FT-IR spectroscopy to the studies of liquid crystal compounds
Luo, Xuzhong2002 Spontaneous Formation of Vesicles from Octadecylamine in Dilute Aqueous Solution Induced by Ag(I) Ion
Luo, Yanling2007 Spatial light modulator based on sheared polymer network liquid crystal
 2009 Infrared liquid crystal light valve based on polymer/liquid crystal
Luo, Yi1998 Nonlinear optical properties of multi-dimensional charge transfer functional groups in molecules designed for liquid crystals
Luo, Yongquan2007 Cholesteric liquid crystal depolarizer
Luo, Yu-Fei2000 Synthesis of novel liquid crystalline poly(meth)acrylates containing siloxane spacer and terphenylene mesogenic unit
 2005 A dendron based on natural amino acids: Synthesis and behavior as an organogelator and lyotropic liquid crystal
Luo, Yunjing1998 Development of application of liquid - crystalline molecules in analytical chemistry
Luo, Yunjun1999 Effect of thermal treatment on PA-6 in blends
Luo, Yunlun2002 Chaos-based secure communications in a large community
Luo, Zhao1994 An x-ray investigation of a smectic, cyclotetrasiloxane liquid crystal
Luo, Zhao-Hui1993 Liquid crystal alignment on polymer liquid crystal Langmuir-Blodgett films
 1993 Synthesis and phase behavior of azo dye-containing liquid - crystalline polyorganosiloxane
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