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Loewenberg, M.2004 Long-time evolution of a drop size distribution by coalescence in a linear flow
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 1976 Relaxation times, diffusion coefficients and high frequency NMR measurements of methane dissolved in MBBA
 1977 Cation resonances in a lyotropic system
 1978 Nuclear magnetic resonance of xenon-131 in a poly-γ-benzyl-L-glutamate liquid crystalline solution
 1979 NMR study of ammonia dissolved in a liquid crystal
 1979 NMR study of nitrous oxide dissolved in liquid crystals
 1980 NMR study of nitromethane dissolved in a liquid crystal
 1980 Sodium quadrupolar splitting in a nonaqueous liquid crystalline solvent
 1982 NMR study of the azide ion
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 1983 Nuclear quadrupole coupling constants in the liquid phase
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 1988 Deuterium NMR of the n-octyl-β-D-glucopyranoside-solvent liquid-crystalline systems
 1990 Deuterium NMR of perdeuterated di- and monoacids dissolved in the lyomesophases of dipotassium hexadecanedioate
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Lofving, Bjorn2003 Beam steering by combing two binary-phase-modulated FLC SLMs
Logacheva, N.M.2008 Prediction of mesomorphism, synthesis and studies of disc-like crown-substituted phthalocyanines
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 1995 Mechanisms of liquid crystal alignment on buffed polyimide surfaces
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 1960 Mixed Mesomorphism
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 1988 Studies on new mesogens. II. p-(p'-Alkoxycinnamoyloxy)benzylidene-p''-butoxyanilines
 1989 Liquid crystalline characteristics of ester mesogens: p-chlorophenyl p-n-alkoxycinnamates
 1990 Studies on new mesogens. III. The p-(p'-n-alkoxycinnamoyloxy)benzylidene-p"-n-amyloxyanilines
 1991 Mesomorphic characteristic and phase transitions of some ester mesogens: p-(p'-n-alkoxycinnamoyloxy)propiophenones
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 1992 Studies in mixed mesomorphism. III.
 1992 Studies in mixed mesomorphism. IV.
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 1993 Studies on mixed mesomorphism. V.
 1993 Studies on mixed mesomorphism: determination of latent transition temperature (LTT) by extrapolation
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 2000 Dynamic phase masks for focal spot optimization and shaping of cw and high-power laser beams
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 2003 Programmable 2D laser marking device based on a pulsed UV image coherent amplifier
 2003 Pulsed UV image amplification for programmable laser marking
 2003 Subwavelength volume holographic grating in photopolymer for the liquid crystal display viewing angle compensation
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