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Baur, Thomas G.1996 High-performance liquid crystal device suitable for projection display
 1999 Liquid crystals in precision optical devices
Baur, Tom1996 Liquid crystals spatial light modulators for precision optics applications
Baur, X.1997 Comparison of the binding potential of various diisocyanates on DNA in vitro
Baus, M.1989 Isotropic-nematic transition of hard ellipses
 1998 Thermodynamic stability of ferromagnetic liquids in the presence of nematic interactions
Baus, Marc1987 Finite-density Onsager-type theory for the isotropic-nematic transition of hard ellipsoids
 1988 Density-functional, Landau, and Onsager theories of the isotropic-nematic transition of hard ellipsoids
 1989 Ferroelectric nematic liquid-crystal phases of dipolar hard ellipsoids
 1991 Effective-liquid approach to the generalized Onsager theories of the isotropic-nematic transition of hard convex bodies
 1992 Isotropic-nematic transition of D-dimensional hard convex bodies within the effective-liquid approach
 2002 Density-functional theory of the columnar phase of discotic Gay–Berne molecules
Bausch, A.R.2006 A bottom-up approach to cell mechanics
Bausch, Andreas R.2004 Absolute interfacial distance measurements by dual-wavelength reflection interference contrast microscopy
Bausch, Richard2004 Kinetic complete wetting of a planar defect close to a bulk tricritical point
 2006 Segregation Instabilities of Moving Interfaces
Baushev, V.N.1982 Use of a porous glass-liquid crystal heterogeneous system for information display units
 1987 Experimental determination of high-speed response of displays based on porous matrix filled with liquid-crystal compounds
Baute, Debbie2005 Properties of the Silica Layer during the Formation of MCM-41 Studied by EPR of a Silica-Bound Spin Probe
 2005 Synthesis of MCM-41 with a Phosphonium Template
Bautista de Ojeda, J.M.1993 Side-chain liquid crystalline poly(N-maleimides). 5. Dielectric relaxation behavior of liquid crystalline side-chain and amorphous poly( N-maleimides). A comparative structural study
Bautista-Elivar, N.2006 Generation of aberration polynomials in a Fourier optical processor using a liquid crystal display
 2006 Generation of aberration polynomials in a Fourier optical processor using a liquid crystal display
Bautista, F.1999 Understanding thixotropic and antithixotropic behavior of viscoelastic micellar solutions and liquid crystalline dispersions. I. The model
 2003 Shear-Banded Flow and Transient Rheology of Cationic Wormlike Micellar Solutions
Bautista, M.1991 Nonlinear optical responses of a polarized stilbene side chain liquid crystalline polyacrylate
 1991 Side-chain polyacrylates with 4-(dimethylamino)-4'-stilbenecarboxylic ester mesogens
Bautista, Marietta O.1992 Liquid-crystalline side-chain polysiloxanes with 4-amino-4'-stilbenecarboxylic ester mesogens
 1993 Liquid - crystalline side chain polysiloxanes with 4-amino-4'-stilbenecarboxylic ester mesogens
Bauwens, Y.2000 Molecular complex formation in the system poly(vinyl methyl ether)/water
Bavina, T.V.1977 Study of crystal growth of the cholesterol ester of caproic acid and anthracene in cholesterol ester-cholesterol and cholesterol ester-anthracene systems
Bawa, S.S.1986 A Modified Elektrode Pattern and Addressing Scheme for Electro Optical Digital Displays Utilizing Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 1986 Frequency Dependent Polarization Reversal and the Response Time of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal by Triangular Wave Method
 1986 Measurements of a free value of helical pitch in a thin sample of ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1987 Color switching, dynamics and molecular-reorientation processes in a very thin ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1987 Dielectric permittivity of ferroelectric liquid crystals influenced by a biasing electric field
 1987 Dynamics of helix winding, unwinding and switching of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1987 Macroscopic properties and electro-optical response of the mixture of ferroelectric liquid crystal DOBAMBC and SmC
 1987 Molecular reorientation process and nonlinear polarization reversal current in helicoidal ferroelectric liquid crystal DOBAMBC
 1987 Molecular reorientation processes and dynamics of polarization reversal in thin surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal DOBAMBC
 1988 Direct pulse technique for spontaneous polarization dynamics and molecular reorientation processes in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1988 Macroscopic properties of mixed chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1989 Polarization reversal current behavior for parallel and antiparallel rubbed surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1989 Removal of zig-zag defects in surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
 1989 Surface and bulk switching dynamics in surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1990 Behavior of ionic effects on response times of surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal devices
 1990 Miniaturized total-reflection ferroelectric liquid-crystal electrooptic switch
 1990 Novel alignment technique for surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1991 Behaviour of Ionic Effects on Response Times of Surface-Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 1991 Microoptic switch using chiral nematic-smectic-C* phase transition ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1992 Dielectric relaxation in a high-tilt-angle chiral-nematic/smectic-C* ferroelectric liquid crystals
Bawa, S.S. (cont...)1993 Surface electroclinic effect in ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1993 Symmetric switching in strong anchoring surfaces of large-core-angle ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1994 Gray-scale characteristics in high-tilt-angle ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1996 Switching dynamics of first order phase transition FLCs on a polymer rubbed surface
 1999 Surface effect on Goldstone mode in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2000 A correlation between surface effect and pitch value of flc material by dielectric method
 2001 Goldstone mode behaviour in deformed helix ferroelectric liquid crystal materials
 2003 Dielectric Relaxation Near the Transition Temperature of Sm C*-Sm A Phase in Electroclinic Liquid Crystal
 2004 Bistability in deformed helix ferroelectric liquid crystal
 2005 Collective dielectric relaxation in smectic A and smectic C[small star, filled] phases near transition temperature of electroclinic liquid crystals
 2005 Is Curie–Weiss law valid in every ferro-to-para transition?
 2006 A dielectric mode in electroclinic liquid crystals
 2006 Thickness-independent memory effect in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2008 Effect of smectic A temperature width on the soft mode in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2008 Twist Grain Boundary Phases Giving Developable Domain Textures as Those Exhibited by Columnar Phases
 2009 Optical Investigations of Twist Grain Boundary Phases Exhibiting Cylindrical and Cone-Like Domain Textures
Bawa, Sukhwant S.2005 Detection of Continuous Sm C*–Sm A Phase Transition in Electroclinic Liquid Crystals by Dielectric Method
 2005 Memory effect in smectic-A phase of ferroelectric liquid crystal
Bawa, Sukhwant Singh1991 Total-Reflection Switch Using High-Tilt-Angle Cholesteric-Smectic C* Phase Transition Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 1995 Anisotropic surface anchoring conditions for gray-scale capability in high-tilt-angle ferroelectric liquid crystal
Bawolek, Edward2000 Liquid-crystal color filter with integrated IR-blocking dye
Bawolek, Edward J.2005 Flexible reflective and emissive display integration and manufacturing (Invited Paper)
Bax, Ad1997 Direct Measurement of Distances and Angles in Biomolecules by NMR in a Dilute Liquid Crystalline Medium
 1997 High-resolution heteronuclear NMR of human ubiquitin in an aqueous liquid crystalline medium
 1998 Characterization of magnetically oriented phospholipid micelles for measurement of dipolar couplings in macromolecules
 1998 Determination of Relative N-HN, N-C', Cα-C', and Cα-Hα Effective Bond Lengths in a Protein by NMR in a Dilute Liquid Crystalline Phase
 1998 Modulation of the Alignment Tensor of Macromolecules Dissolved in a Dilute Liquid Crystalline Medium
 1998 Simultaneous Measurement of 1H-15N, 1H-13C', and 15N-13C' Dipolar Couplings in a Perdeuterated 30 kDa Protein Dissolved in a Dilute Liquid Crystalline Phase
 1998 Validation of Protein Structure from Anisotropic Carbonyl Chemical Shifts in a Dilute Liquid Crystalline Phase
 1999 Bicelle-based liquid crystals for NMR-measurement of dipolar couplings at acidic and basic pH values
 1999 How Tetrahedral Are Methyl Groups in Proteins? A Liquid Crystal NMR Study
 2000 Measurement of Proton, Nitrogen, and Carbonyl Chemical Shielding Anisotropies in a Protein Dissolved in a Dilute Liquid Crystalline Phase
 2000 Prediction of Sterically Induced Alignment in a Dilute Liquid Crystalline Phase: Aid to Protein Structure Determination by NMR
 2000 The NMR Structure of a DNA Dodecamer in an Aqueous Dilute Liquid Crystalline Phase
 2001 31P chemical shift anisotropy as an aid in determining nucleic acid structure in liquid crystals
 2001 Morphology of three lyotropic liquid crystalline biological NMR media studied by translational diffusion anisotropy
 2001 Protein Side-Chain Rotamers from Dipolar Couplings in a Liquid Crystalline Phase
 2001 Solution structure of Ca2+-calmodulin reveals flexible hand-like properties of its domains
 2002 Measurement of long-range 1H-1H dipolar couplings in weakly aligned proteins
 2003 1H-1H Dipolar Couplings Provide a Unique Probe of RNA Backbone Structure
 2003 Evaluation of Backbone Proton Positions and Dynamics in a Small Protein by Liquid Crystal NMR Spectroscopy
 2005 Measurement of Ribose Carbon Chemical Shift Tensors for A-form RNA by Liquid Crystal NMR Spectroscopy
Bax, Ad (cont...)2006 Chemical Shift Tensors of Protonated Base Carbons in Helical RNA and DNA from NMR Relaxation and Liquid Crystal Measurements
 2007 Modulating Protein Alignment in a Liquid-Crystalline Medium through Conservative Mutagenesis
 2008 Liquid Crystalline Phase of G-Tetrad DNA for NMR Study of Detergent-Solubilized Proteins
 2008 NMR Determination of Amide N-H Equilibrium Bond Length from Concerted Dipolar Coupling Measurements
 2009 Chemical Shift Anisotropy of Imino 15N Nuclei in Watson-Crick Base Pairs from Magic Angle Spinning Liquid Crystal NMR and Nuclear Spin Relaxation
 2010 Site-Specific Backbone Amide 15N Chemical Shift Anisotropy Tensors in a Small Protein from Liquid Crystal and Cross-Correlated Relaxation Measurements
Baxmann, Rita1999 Mobility and orientation of semi-rigid polyesters
Baxter, Brian C.1997 Ordered piezoelectric networks via a liquid-crystalline monomer strategy: synthesis of the LC monomer
 1998 Synthesis and Polymerization of a Chiral Liquid Crystal Diacrylate Exhibiting Smectic A* and C* Phases
 1999 Polymerizable liquid crystal assemblies as a route to functional, nanostructured materials
 1999 Synthesis and polymerization of a chiral liquid crystal diacrylate exhibiting smectic A* and C* phases
 2000 Correlation of structure and phase behaviour for a series of modular, chiral liquid crystal diacrylates based on lactic acid
 2000 Ordered networks and elastomers using chiral liquid crystal diacrylates based on lactic acid
Baxter, D.W.1990 Ring compounds and liquid-crystal media and displays containing them
Baxter, David V.1994 Multiple Bonds between Metal Atoms in Ordered Assemblies. 2. Quadrupole Bonds in the Mesomorphic State
 1998 Studies of Thermotropic Properties and the Mesophase of Mixtures of n-Alkanoates and Perfluoro-n-alkanoates of Dimolybdenum (M&M)
 2002 Structure and Magnetic Alignment of Metalloporphyrazine Columnar Aggregates in Their Mesophases and Crystalline Phases
Baxter, David Wallace1990 Fluorochlorobenzene derivatives and liquid-crystal media and display devices containing them
Baxter, J.1980 Alkyl Glycoside Dtergents: A Simpler Synthesis and Their Effects on Kinetic and Physical Properties of Cytochrome c Oxidase
Bayart, Dominique2002 Dynamic spatial equalizer based on a spatial light modulator
Baycan-Keller, Ruth1997 Isomer and enantiomer specific separation of 16 toxaphene congeners by HRGC on different stationary phases
Bayder, L.M.1999 Influence of the antioxidant phenozan and neuropeptide adrenocorticotropic hormone on the structural liquid-crystalline state of the lipid bilayer and the thickness of phosphatidylcholine membranes
Baye, D.2004 Sixth-order factorization of the evolution operator for time-dependent potentials
Bayer, A.2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2001 Polymer Dispersed Discotics: Structure, Dynamics, and Optoelectronic Properties
 2001 Time-Resolved Fluorescence in 3-Dimensional Ordered Columnar Discotic Materials
 2003 Charge carrier mobility in columnar discotics
 2003 Low molar mass and polymer discotics: structure, dynamics and opto-electronic properties
 2006 Quantum well/columnar discotic hybrids
Bayer, Daniela2007 Adaptive subwavelength control of nano-optical fields
Bayer, G.1985 Application of simultaneous thermomicroscopy/DSC to the study of phase diagrams
 1985 Liquid crystals, DSC and thermomicroscopic investigations
Bayer, J.2006 Wormlike lipid/DNA micelles in a non-polar solvent
Bayerl, Sybille1996 2H-NMR and DSC study of DPPC-DODAB mixtures
Bayerl, T.1992 Molecular dynamics of lipid bilayers studied by incoherent quasi-elastic neutron scattering
Bayerl, Thomas1999 Method for the preparation of colloidal size cross-linked structures with defined shape from lipo-fullerenes using self assembly and polymerization inside amphiphilic molecular templates
Bayerl, Thomas M.1996 2H-NMR and DSC study of DPPC-DODAB mixtures
 1999 Thermotropic Behavior of Lipophilic Derivatized [60]Fullerenes Studied by Deuterium NMR, X-ray Diffraction, and Microcalorimetry
 2003 Molecular Order Parameter Profiles and Diffusion Coefficients of Cationic Lipid Bilayers on a Solid Support
Baylaucq, A.2004 Simultaneous free-volume modeling of the self-diffusion coefficient and dynamic viscosity at high pressure
Bayle, J.-P.1989 Synthesis of nematic liquid crystalline organometallic complexes with a rigid skeleton
 1995 New laterally alkoxy-branched metallomesogens with a large nematic range
 1996 Orientational ordering of laterally dialkoxy branched nematics studied by one and two dimensional C-13 NMR
 1998 Unusual ordering of a dioxyethylene chain in dialkoxy laterally substituted nematogen as evidenced by 13C NMR
 2000 Conformational behaviour of laterally dialkoxy branched mesogens. Part one
 2000 Synthesis and ionic properties of nematic compounds bearing an ether-crown moiety: an NMR approach
 2001 Conformational behaviour of laterally dialkoxy branched mesogens. Part two
 2001 Nematogens containing oxyethylene units at a lateral or terminal position and their mixtures with salts
 2001 X-ray structures of dilaterally substituted racemic nematogens containing a chiral centre in one of the lateral chains
 2004 Synthesis, characterization and intramolecular cyclisation study of three new liquid crystals
Bayle, J.P.1986 Director distribution in a fast spinning lyotropic mesophase in a magnetic field
 1986 Dynamics of the director of a nematic liquid crystal during rotation in a magnetic field. Orientational behavior near the magic angle
 1986 NMR study of inertial effects in mixtures of nematic liquid crystals of opposite diamagnetic anisotropies
 1986 Orientational behavior of the nematic director upon macroscopic rotation at the magic angle
 1988 129Xe NMR study of xenon dissolved in a nematic liquid crystal mixture of low Δχ
 1988 High-resolution NMR in cholesteric liquid crystal solvents through magic angle spinning
 1988 Inertial effects in rotating lyotropic liquid crystals
 1988 Two-dimensional NMR in liquid crystal solvents spinning at various angles from the magnetic field
 1989 High resolution NMR in cholesteric medium: visualization of enantiomers
 1989 Scalar coupling and frequency shift in liquid crystal solvents spinning at the magic angle
 1990 Some new mesogenic compounds having lateral hydroxy and nitro groups
 1990 Syntheses of nematogen copper complexes using halogen substituted ligands
 1991 Synthesis of nematic copper complexes using halogen disubstituted ligands
 1992 Enantiomeric analysis in a polypeptide lyotropic liquid crystal through proton decoupled deuterium NMR
 1992 Laterally Branched Mesogens Containing a Nitro Group with Broad Nematic Range
 1993 Determination of the orientational ordering of 4'-cyanophenyl-4-alkylbenzoates by carbon-13 NMR
 1993 Nematic compounds containing a four-unit linking group and the order parameters of the mesogenic core
 1993 New laterally aromatic branched liquid crystal materials with large nematic ranges
 1993 Order parameters of the mesogenic core in two nematic liquid crystals containing a four-unit link
 1994 Variable angle sample spinning NMR in liquid crystals
Bayle, J.P. (cont...)1995 Change of the lateral chain conformation in the solid and the nematic phase in laterally substituted nematogens
 1995 Gas chromatographic study of the thermal and analytical properties of a nematic liquid crystal and its cupric complex
 1995 Influence of a lateral aliphatic chain on the ordering in some nematic compounds
 1995 Investigation of thermal and analytical properties of two nematic liquid crystals by gas chromatography
 1995 New laterally dialkoxy branched nematogens and copper metallomesogens with large nematic range
 1995 On the temperature dependence of the order parameter of liquid crystals over a wide nematic range
 1996 Comparison of two azobenzene liquid crystal stationary phases in open tubular column gas chromatography
 1996 Effect of a dimethyl substitution on the ordering of four isomeric nematogens
 1996 Evidence for lateral chain conformation change in the solid phase of substituted nematogens
 1997 A database for the determination of orientational ordering of nine classes of liquid crystals using carbon-13 chemical shifts
 1997 Influence of the lateral alkoxy chain length on the gas chromatographic properties of five liquid crystals
 1997 Steric hindrance influence of a diazo link upon mesogenic properties of some ligands and related copper complexes
 1997 Thermobarometric analysis of new liquid crystal compounds having a side chain
 1998 New chemically bonded liquid crystal for high-performance liquid chromatography. Synthesis, characterization, and chromatographic behavior
 1999 Gas chromatographic properties of some liquid crystals containing dioxyethylene ether terminal chains
 1999 Nematogens with more flexible chains than aromatic rings in the core
 1999 Synthesis and properties of two new liquid crystals: an analytical and thermodynamic study
 2001 Nematogens incorporating a lateral flexible ring
 2001 Ordering of some liquid crystals containing the 2-phenylindazole core
 2001 Pressure effect on the nematic-isotropic transition in dilaterally substituted nematogens
Bayle, J.P. (cont...)2002 Ordering of a lateral crown ether and terminal short POE chains in some symmetrical nematogens by 13C NMR
 2004 Étude thermodynamique de 4 cristaux liquides contenant des substituants dioxyethylene par analyse enthalpique differentielle et chromatographie en phase gazeuse
Bayle, Jean Pierre1993 Nitrophenyl liquid crystals with intramolecular hydrogen-bonding in the mesogenic core
 1999 Chiral nematogens having an asymmetric carbon in the lateral aromatic branch
Bayle, Jean-Pierre1994 Influence of lateral alkoxy substitution on mesomorphic properties of copper complexes
 1994 Study of orientational ordering of laterally alkoxy branched nematics by one and two dimensional C-13 NMR
 1996 Investigation of retention properties of three laterally substituted liquid crystal stationary phases by gas chromatography
 1997 Orientational ordering of some biforked nematic liquid crystals
 1997 The effect of a lateral aromatic branch on the orientational ordering of laterally alkoxy substituted nematics
 1998 Influence of large lateral substituents on the nematic liquid crystalline properties studied by 13C NMR
 1998 NMR investigation of the oxyethylene unit ordering in some related dialkoxy laterally substituted nematogens
 1998 Orientational ordering in some nematogens deviating from the classical rod-shape
 1998 Racemic nematogens having a chiral center in the lateral chain
 1999 Formation of binary liquid crystal mixtures from a thermal cyclization process
 1999 Nematic ordering and crystal structure of liquid crystals containing a 4-chlorophenyldifluoroethylene unit
 1999 Unusual thermal behavior of mesogens containing an N,N-dialkylaminomethylene lateral substituent
 2000 Freezing of intramolecular motion around the chiral center of an antiferroelectric liquid crystal as evidenced by damped transient oscillations in 13C-1H cross polarization
 2000 Laterally dibenzyloxy-branched nematogens with large nematic range and rich solid polymorphism
 2004 Organization of Four Thermotropic Liquid Crystals of Different Polarities on Model Liquid and Solid Surfaces
Bayles, J.P.1982 Director dynamics and NMR applications of nematic liquid crystals spinning at various angles from the magnetic field
Bayley, P.A.1998 Narrow band 390 nm emitting phosphors for photoluminescent liquid crystal displays
 2000 Photoluminescent liquid crystal displays and a new approach to large screen video applications
Bayley, Paul A.1999 Novel materials for photoluminescent liq. crystal display (LCD) technology
Bayley, Paul Andrew1997 Excitation of emissive display device
 1997 Image display device
 1997 Liquid - crystal display cell using phosphor emitter
 1999 Liquid-crystal display device using UV light source
 2000 Phosphor arrangement for liquid-crystal display device
Baylis, L.1999 A possible structural model of the SmCβ* phase
Baylis, L.J.2002 Influence of electric fields on the smectic layer structure of ferroelectric and antiferroelectric liquid crystal devices
Baylis, Lee J.1999 Conoscopic observations of multiple ferrielectricity in a chiral liquid crystal
Baylis, Michael1999 Self-diffusion of a semiflexible polymer measured across the lyotropic liquid-crystalline-phase boundary
Bayomi, M.A.1996 Evaluation of liposomal formulations containing the antimalarial agent, arteether
Bayon, Filippo1995 Flavonoid-DNA Interaction Studied with Flow Linear Dichroism Technique
Bayon, Rocio1997 Liquid-Crystalline Mono- and Dinuclear (Perhalophenyl)gold(I) Isocyanide Complexes
 2005 Gold liquid crystals displaying luminescence in the mesophase and short FF interactions in the solid state
 2002 Twist-Grain Boundary Phase and Blue Phases in Isocyanide Gold(I) Complexes
Bayona, J.M.1989 Determination of bioconcentration factors of isomeric polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in polychaete worms by HRGC on selective liquid crystalline stationary phases
Bayona, Jose Maria1987 Synthesis and chromatographic properties of liquid crystalline polysiloxanes containing steroid substituents
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 2000 Effect of molecular structure on the phase behavior of some liquid crystalline compounds and their mixtures VIII. Quaternary mixtures of enantiotropes
Bayram-Hahn, Z.2005 Synthesis of Large-Pore Mesostructured Micelle-Templated Silicas as Discrete Spheres
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Bayramli, Erdal2001 Synthesis and characterization of fully aromatic thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyesters containing m-hydroxybenzoic acid units
 2006 Synthesis and Properties of Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Copolyesters Containing p-Hydroxyphenylacetic Acid and m-Hydroxybenzoic Acid Units
Bayrle, Rainer2006 Liquid crystal display and liquid crystal display system comprising a plurality of such liquid crystal displays
Bayssie, M.2006 Generation of focused electron beam and x-rays by pyroelectric and photogalvanic crystals
Baytch, Nurit2002 Helix Unwinding Induced by Electric Fields and Boundary Effects
 2003 Simulations of helix unwinding in ferroelectric liquid crystals
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 2008 Water-Soluble Two-Photon Fluorophores Based on Paracyclophane
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Bazhenov, V.Yu.2008 First Approach to the Analysis of the Lasing Conditions in POLIPHEM© Structures
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 1984 Thermochromic composition
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Bazuin, C. Geraldine1992 Novel liquid - crystalline polymeric materials via noncovalent "grafting"
 1993 Novel liquid-crystalline polymeric materials via noncovalent 'grafting': hydrogen-bonded complexes with poly(4-vinylpyridine)
 1994 Use of noncovalent interactions to form novel liquid crystalline polymeric materials
 1995 Generation of Liquid Crystalline Polymeric Materials from Non Liquid Crystalline Components via Ionic Complexation
 1995 Pyridinium salt liquid crystals: effect of mesogen extension and alkyl chain length
 1996 Mixtures of an Acid-Functionalized Mesogen with Poly(4-vinylpyridine)
 1999 Thermotropism of cationic tail-end polysoaps and analogous polysoap-surfactant complexes in the solid state
 2000 Stabilisation of spread monolayers of an amine-functionalised biphenyl mesogen by association with a carboxymethyl cellulose salt
 2000 Synthesis and Solid-State Characterization of Amphiphilic Tail-End Pyridinium Polymethacrylates
 2001 Investigation of Orientation and Relaxation in a Segmented Zwitterionomer by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
 2002 Thermotropic Liquid Crystals of Hydrogen-Bonded Complexes of Surfactants with an Ionic Tail-End Polyamphiphile
 2003 Langmuir Monolayers of Polyion Complexes of Soluble Quaternary Ammonium-Functionalized Azobenzene Chromophores
 2003 Self-Assembly of a Tail-End Pyridinium Polyamphiphile Complexed with n-Alkyl Sulfonates of Variable Chain Length
 2004 Preparation and Characterization of Polyion-Complexed Langmuir-Blodgett Films Containing an NLO Chromophore
 2004 Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Complexes of Hydrogen-Bonded Poly(pyridylpyridinium dodecyl methacrylate) Bromide and Octylphenol
 2005 Liquid crystalline complexes of an azo-containing surfactomesogen with oppositely charged polyelectrolytes
 2006 Solid-state Polyelectrolyte Complexes of Branched Poly(ethylenimine) and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
 2006 Thermotropism in Tail-End (Dimethylamino)pyridinium Polymethacrylates with Bromine and Octylsulfonate Counterions
 2006 Zinc Coordination of Carboxylate Surfactomesogens to Poly(4-vinylpyridine)
 2007 Interplay of Ionic, Hydrogen-Bonding, and Polar Interactions in Liquid Crystalline Complexes of a Pyridylpyridinium Polyamphiphile with (Azo)phenol-Functionalized Molecules
Bazuin, C. Geraldine (cont...)2008 Simple Spacer-Free Dye-Polyelectrolyte Ionic Complex: Side-Chain Liquid Crystal Order with High and Stable Photoinduced Birefringence.
 2009 Liquid Crystallinity and Other Properties in Complexes of Cationic Azo-Containing Surfactomesogens with Poly(styrenesulfonate)
 2009 Spacer-Free Ionic Dye-Polyelectrolyte Complexes: Influence of Molecular Structure on Liquid Crystal Order and Photoinduced Motion
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 1996 Generation of sidechain-like polymer liquid crystals through lonic complexation
 1999 Long alkyl chain dimethylammonioalkoxydicyanoethenolates as new zwitterionic thermotropic liquid crystals
 2001 Ionically Grafted Side-Chain Polymers: Blends of an Acid-Functionalized Mesogen with Poly(ethylene imine)
Bazzi, Hassan S.2002 Adenine-Containing Block Copolymers via Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization: Synthesis and Self-Assembly into Rod Morphologies
 2002 Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Conjugated Polymer Precursors Containing Dichlorocarbonate Groups by Living Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization
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 2002 Acoustic crystal thermodynamic integration method
 2004 Grain-boundary free energy in an assembly of elastic disks
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