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Liang, Cuiping2005 Hybrid optoelectronic joint transform correlator for the recognition of targets in cluttered scenes
Liang, D.2008 Calorimetric study of the isotropic to nematic phase transition in an aligned liquid crystal nano-colloidal gel
Liang, Dehai2008 Solvent Effect on the Aggregation Behavior of Rod-Coil Diblock Copolymers
Liang, Dennis2005 Enhanced Elasticity and Soft Glassy Rheology of a Smectic in a Random Porous Environment
Liang, Dong2002 Axial coordination between nematic liquid crystal 5CB and Fe(III) porphyrins
Liang, Enzhu2004 Dielectrophoretic manipulation of finite sized species and the importance of the quadrupolar contribution
Liang, Faming2003 Use of sequential structure in simulation from high-dimensional systems
 2004 Generalized 1/k-ensemble algorithm
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Liang, Han-Pu2005 Three-Dimensional Self-Organization of Supramolecular Self-Assembled Porphyrin Hollow Hexagonal Nanoprisms
Liang, Hao-Hsun2010 Enhancing the electro-optical properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals by doping ferroelectric nanoparticles
Liang, Haojun2009 Effect of nanorods on the mesophase structure of diblock copolymers
Liang, Hongfeng1998 Rare earth element geochemistry of <2μm fractions in deep-sea sediments from East Pacific
Liang, Hongjun2007 The directed cooperative assembly of proteorhodopsin into 2D and 3D polarized arrays
Liang, Hongwen2007 Molecular Chain Movements and Transitions of SEBS above Room Temperature Studied by Moving-Window Two-Dimensional Correlation Infrared Spectroscopy
Liang, Hongye2006 Precision of gray level response time measurements of medical liquid crystal display
 2006 Temporal response measurements of medical liquid crystal displays
 2007 Accurate color measurement methods for medical displays
 2007 Characterization of mobile display systems for use in medical imaging
 2007 Effect of slow display on stack-mode reading of volumetric image datasets using an anthropomorphic observer
 2008 Assessment of temporal display using observers
Liang, Hsiao-Ping2004 A novel tunable optical add/drop multiplexer with liquid crystal as the active layer
Liang, Hsien-Rong2006 Paper pack with functions of accessing and playing multimedia files
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 1988 Heat-capacity studies near the smectic-C-smectic-I transition of two liquid-crystal compounds
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 1995 Antiferroelectric liquid crystals derived from a new optically active (R)-3-ethylmercapto-2-methylpropionic acid
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 1989 The synthesis and liquid crystal behavior of p-benzotrifluoride compounds. II
 1989 The synthesis and liquid crystal behavior of p-benzotrifluoride compounds. III
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 1992 Waveform parameters effect on electrooptic properties of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal light shutters
 1996 Investigation of liquid crystal switch on integrated optics with rib waveguides
 1996 Optical polarization mode converter based on twist nematic liquid crystal (TNLC)
 1996 Optically erasable read-and-write liquid crystal/side-chain liquid crystalline polymer composition and method of making recordings on them
Liang, Jason C.1985 A simplified method for the analysis of liquid crystal mixtures
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 1986 Synthesis and liquid crystalline phases of pyridazine derivatives. I
 1986 Synthesis and liquid crystalline phases of pyridazine derivatives. III
 1987 The synthesis and liquid crystal behavior of p-benzotrifluoride compounds. I
 1988 The synthesis of ferroelectric liquid crystal materials
 1989 Enantiomeric resolution of ferroelectric liquid crystal intermediates via liquid chromatography. I. Alkyl or alkoxy butyric acids
 1989 Hexatic ordering in freely suspended liquid crystal films
Liang, Jeng-Jeng1994 Electro-optical switching in a fiber coated by liquid crystals
Liang, Jing2008 Template-Directed Materials for Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries
Liang, Jiu-Qing2003 Exact soliton solution and inelastic two-soliton collision in a spin chain driven by a time-dependent magnetic field
Liang, K.K.2008 Free-energy change of inserting halothane into different depths of a hydrated DMPC bilayer
Liang, K.S.1984 Synchrotron X-ray scattering study of freely suspended discotic strands
 1984 Synchrotron x-ray study of the orientational ordering D2-D1 structural phase transition of freely suspended discotic strands in triphenylene hexa-n-dodecanoate
 1985 Highly oriented fibers of discotic liquid crystal
 1985 Synchrotron x-ray scattering study of freely suspended discotic strands
 1989 Self-association of disc-like molecules in hexadecane
 1995 Study of flow in a smectic liquid crystal in the x-ray surface forces apparatus
 1995 The application of the x-ray surface forces apparatus (XSFA) to studies of confined complex fluid systems
 2007 Conceptual Design of a Dedicated SAXS Beamline at NSRRC
Liang, Keng S.1994 Structure of complex fluids under flow and confinement. X-ray Couette Shear Cell and the X-ray Surface Forces Apparatus
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 1997 Induced long-range order in crosslinked 'one-dimensional' stacks of fluid monolayers
 2004 Binding Effect of Surface-Modified Cadmium Sulfide on the Microstructure of PS-b-PEO Block Copolymers
Liang, Kuiming1985 Thermal melting behavior of the ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene studied by thermal analysis
Liang, Kung Heng1998 A novel phase behavior and optical properties in a (two nematics/ cholesteric ) liquid crystal composite system
 1999 Electrooptical properties in a composite system consisting of two nematic and a cholesteric liquid crystal
 1999 Novel phase behaviour in two (smectic/cholesteric) liquid crystal mixtures
Liang, Li-Yan2007 Cure reaction and phase behavior of liquid crystalline epoxides-anhydride systems
 2007 Effects of the chemical structure changes on phase behavior, thermal and mechanical properties of rigid rod epoxy resins
 2007 Liquid crystalline epoxides with long lateral substituents: Mechanical and thermal properties
 2010 Study on shape memory effects of LC epoxy resins with lateral substituents
Liang, Lihui2006 The application of auto-controlled liquid crystal light valve arrays to photolithography shutter
Liang, Liyuan2004 Adsorption and Structural Arrangement of Cetyltrimethylammonium Cations at the Silica Nanoparticle-Water Interface
Liang, Meng2007 Color filter-less technology of LED back light for LCD-TV
 2007 Research on color matching of LED backlight for large-color-gamut LCD application
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 1988 Photophysical studies in liquid crystal solutions and liquid crystal foams
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 1986 A non-aqueous lamellar liquid crystal with an ionic surfactant-long chain alcohol combination
Liang, Qi2006 Formation of Ordered Nanostructures in Epoxy Thermosets: A Mechanism of Reaction-Induced Microphase Separation
Liang, Qizhen2006 Preparation and Characterization of Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Aromatic Copolyamides Containing Twisty and Non-coplanar Moiety
Liang, R.C.2004 Threshold and grayscale stability of Microcup electronic paper
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 1999 Electrooptical properties in a composite system consisting of two nematic and a cholesteric liquid crystal
 1999 Novel phase behaviour in two (smectic/cholesteric) liquid crystal mixtures
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 1993 Thermotropic liquid crystal polymers ---- wholly aromatic copolyesters. II. Orientation behavior of thermotropic liquid crystal polymers and its influence on the structure
Liang, Songxin1998 Phase Diagram and Evolution of Mesophase Structure in Mixtures of a Low Molar Mass Smectic Liquid Crystal and a Nematic Side-on Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymer
Liang, T.J.2004 Energetic electrons emitted from ethanol droplets irradiated by femtosecond laser pulses
Liang, Tao1996 Effect of main-chain rigidity on fatigue behavior of polymeric fibers based on zone nonlinear viscoelastic analysis
 1999 Liquid crystal orientation polyimide film for liquid crystal display
 1999 Manufacture of polymer solution for liquid-crystal orientation agent
Liang, Tzung-Chi2009 Study of supramolecular side-chain and cross-linking polymers by complexation of various H-donor acids with H-acceptor copolymers containing pendent carbazole and fluorescent pyridyl units
 2009 Supramolecular assembly of H-bonded copolymers/complexes/nanocomposites and fluorescence quenching effects of surface-modified gold nanoparticles on fluorescent copolymers containing pyridyl H-acceptors and acid H-donors
Liang, W.1994 Scanning tunneling microscopy study of molecular order at liquid-solid interfaces
Liang, Wei1999 Anisotropic SHG Behaviors of Tolan Derivatives in Monolayer Assemblies Prepared by Horizontal Lifting Method with Rotation of Substrate
 2000 Study on the interaction of bufalin with membrane
Liang, Wei-chen2002 Color Liquid crystal display
Liang, Wei-rong1999 Dielectric properties of liquid crystalline polymer films
Liang, Weian1999 Study on 2-D Phase Transitions of Chiral Liquid Crystals at the Air/Water Interface
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 1995 From petroleum solution to carbonaceous mesophase. II. Phase transitions in petroleum thermal conversion
 1995 From petroleum solution to carbonaceous mesophase. III. Physicochemical approaches to coke suppression
 1997 Mesophase inception and coke formation in thermal conversion of Shengli vacuum residue
Liang, X.1994 Time-Resolved Imaging of Translucent Droplets in Highly Scattering Turbid Media
 1996 '96 PRC Flat Panel Symp., Beijing
 2000 Electric force microscopy study of the surface electrostatic property of rubbed polyimide alignment layers
 2007 Facile Synthesis of Monodisperse Magnesium Oxide Microspheres via Seed-Induced Precipitation and Their Applications in High- Performance Liquid Chromatography
Liang, Xi Guang2007 Improved measurement methods for motion picture resolution of LCD
Liang, Xiao2000 Novel photoalignment materials for liquid crystals based on modified polysiloxane
 2000 Surface orientation properties of polyimide derived from cyclobutanetetracarboxylic dianhydride
 2001 Property of polyimide alignment layer used for STN liquid crystal display
 2004 Dual-frequency addressed hybrid-aligned nematic liquid crystal
 2004 Dual-frequency liquid crystal gels with submillisecond response time
 2004 Tunable diffraction grating using ultraviolet-light-induced spatial phase modulation in dual-frequency liquid crystal
 2005 Dual-Frequency Addressed Variable Optical Attenuator with Submillisecond Response Time
 2005 Surface anchoring effect on the morphology and performance of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (Invited Paper)
 2006 Dual-Frequency Addressed Infrared Liquid Crystal Phase Modulators with Submillisecond Response Time
 2006 Synthesis of laterally difluorinated ester liquid crystal
 2007 A blue electroluminescence organic material with liquid crystal property
 2007 Electrically tunable negative permeability metamaterials based on nematic liquid crystals
 2008 High birefringence and low viscosity negative dielectric anisotropy liquid crystals
 2008 High performance dual frequency liquid crystal compounds
 2009 Diluters' effects on high ?n and low-viscosity negative ?e terphenyl liquid crystals
 2009 High Birefringence and Low Viscosity Liquid Crystals with Negative Dielectric Anisotropy
Liang, Xiaochao2009 Synthesis, Photophysics, and Electroluminescence of Mesogen-Jacketed 2D Conjugated Copolymers Based on Fluorene-Thiophene-Oxadiazole Derivative
Liang, Xiaokai2009 Effects of the preparing condition of a polymer-stabilised liquid crystal with a smectic-A-chiral nematic phase transition on its properties
 2009 Studies on the electro-optical properties of polymer stabilised cholesteric liquid crystal/aerosil particles composites
Liang, Xiong2010 Investigation on two-dimensional photonic crystal self-collimation splitting sensor
Liang, Xu-Xia1999 Magnetic-field-induced Freedericksz transition of a homeotropical alignment liquid crystal doped with double-azo
 1999 Magnetic-field-induced Freedericksz transition of a nematic liquid crystal doped with double-azo
Liang, Y.1994 Observation of orientational photorefractive effects in nematic liquid crystals
 1995 Nonlinear electro-optical holographic storage effects in fullerene C60-doped nematic liquid crystal films
 1995 Nonlinear optical phenomena in fullerene-doped liquid crystal films and fibers
 1995 Photorefractivity and storage holographic gratings in dye- and fullerene-doped nematic liquid crystal film
 2000 Stimulated orientational and thermal scatterings and self-starting optical phase conjugation with nematic liquid crystals
Liang, Y.C.1990 Surfactant association structures in the system water, sorbitol, sodium dodecyl sulfate, and hexanol
 1997 Self-reinforced polypropylene/LCP prepregs and laminates
Liang, Yafang1996 New method of improved STN-LCD viewing angle
 1996 Polymer stabilized amorphous STN-LCDs using one-side rubbing
Liang, Yanchun2004 Generalized chromosome genetic algorithm for generalized traveling salesman problems and its applications for machining
Liang, Ying2000 Surface anchoring energy and the first order Fréedericksz transition of a NLC cell
Liang, Ying-Qiu1991 A spectroscopic study on black soap films
 1991 Studies on synthetic bilayer membranes. I. Synthesis of single-chain amphiphiles with the naphthalene moiety and self-organization of the amphiphiles in dilute aqueous solution
 1992 FT-IR study on the thermotropic phase transition of the binary CnNaPh (1, 5) C6N+-water system
 1992 pH dependence of the aggregation of a bilayer membrane containing Schiff base moiety
 1994 Electron spectroscopy of anthraquinone containing bilayer membranes
 1994 Polarized Raman study on molecular orientation of azo dyes in black soap films
 1995 Resonance Raman study on phase transition and molecular orientation in black soap films
 1996 Fluorescence studies on self-assembling behavior of amphiphiles with naphthalene-1,5-dioxy group
 2000 Roles of Metal Complex and Hydrogen Bond in Molecular Structures and Phase Behaviors of Metal N-Octadecanoyl-L-alaninate Langmuir-Blodgett Films
 2001 Bolaamphiphilic Single-Chain Bis-Schiff Base Derivatives: Aggregation and Thermal Behavior in Aqueous Solution
 2001 Molecular Structure of Lead N-Octadecanoyl-l-alaninate Langmuir-Blodgett Film
 2002 Effect of Counterions on the Organized Structure of Cu2+-Coordinated Bilayer Membranes Formed by Monoalkyl Derivatives of Ethylenediamine
 2002 Metal-complexed ordered molecular membranes in solutions and metal-complexed monolayers at the air-water interface and Langmuir-Blodgett films
 2002 Spontaneous Formation of Vesicles from Octadecylamine in Dilute Aqueous Solution Induced by Ag(I) Ion
 2004 Detection of NH Stretching Signals from the Monolayers of Amino Acid Amphiphiles at the Air-Water Interface and Change of Hydrogen Bond Depending on Metal Ion in the Subphase: Infrared Reflection-Adsorption Spectroscopy
Liang, Yongming2005 Facile Synthesis of Novel Ionic Liquids Containing Dithiocarbamate
Liang, Yu1993 Dynamics of transient probe beam amplification via coherent multiwave mixing in a local nonlinear medium - nematic liquid crystal
 1993 Optically induced extraordinarily large negative orientational nonlinearity in dye-doped liquid crystal
 1993 Self-starting optical phase conjugation in dyed nematic liquid crystals with a stimulated thermal-scattering effect
 1994 Observation of optical limiting and backscattering of nanosecond laser pulses in liquid-crystal fibers
 1994 Transient laser induced orthogonal director-axis reorientation in dye-doped liquid crystals (DDLC)
Liang, Yuan2008 Circuit design of partial gating image based on Cyclone II and HTPS
 2008 Control circuit design of novel partial gating detector by liquid crystal
 2008 Enhancement latitude of civil digital photography system by liquid crystal
 2008 Modulation transfer function of partial gating detector by liquid crystal auto-controlling light intensity
 2008 Partial gating image intensifier based on liquid crystal auto-controlling light intensity
 2008 Study of liquid crystal based on auto-controlling light intensity
Liang, Yucang2005 Ethylene-bridged periodic mesoporous organosilicas with Fm3m symmetry
 2006 Periodic mesoporous organosilicas: mesophase control via binary surfactant mixtures
 2008 Facile Mesophase Control of Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas under Basic Conditions
Liang, Yuh-Chirn1986 A non-aqueous lamellar liquid crystal with an ionic surfactant-long chain alcohol combination
 1987 Nonaqueous lyotropic liquid crystals from amphiphiles
 1987 Phase equilibria in the glycerol-aerosol OT system with decanol or hydrocarbon
Liang, Z.2004 Towards 3D metal-dielectric photonic crystal. Optical characterization
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 2000 An azo-isomerization-induced Freedericksz transition of a nematic liquid crystal
Liang, Z.C.1987 Two-dimensional axisymmetric solitons in nematic liquid crystals
 1988 Propagation of white ring-shaped solitons in nematic liquid crystals
 1989 Dynamics of viscous fingers in Hele-Shaw cells of liquid crystals. Theory and experiment
 1990 Circular Shearing Flow of Homeotropic Nematic Liquid Crystals
Liang, Zhang2007 Measurements of dimethyl phthalate series by the reed-vibration mechanical spectroscopy for liquids
Liang, Zhao-Xi1995 Study on Synthesis and Liquid Crystalline Properties of Alkoxyl Viologen Polymers
 1996 Properties of phase conjugation and optical storage in liquid-crystal polymer film
 1996 Synthesis and nonlinear optical properties of linear functionalized polyurethane
 1997 Syntheses and second nonlinear optical properties of copolyethers containing azo dyes as side chains
 1997 Syntheses and second-order nonlinear optical properties of polyesters functionalized by nitroazobenzene derivatives
 1998 Photocrosslinked polymer and interpenetrating polymer networks for nonlinear optics
 2001 Optical-field-induced Freedericksz transition of a nematic liquid crystal doped with diazophenyl
 2002 Research in photoreorientation of photochromic liquid-crystal polymers
Liang, Zhao-Yan1998 New aligning agent for liquid crystal displays with a high pretilt angle
 1999 Photoalignment by 2-(cinnamoyloxy)ethyl methacrylate with linear photopolymerization using polarized UV light in liquid-crystal display devices
 1999 Study on UV photopolymer material for aligning liquid crystal molecules
 2000 A new method to align liquid crystal molecules by linear photo-polymerization for liquid crystal display
 2000 Effect of photochemical reaction of cinnamate material 2-(cinnamoyloxy)ethyl methacrylate on liquid crystal molecules alignment
Liang, Zhichun1993 A quantitative electron-spin resonance line shape study of the local motion in the micellar and liquid crystalline lamellar phases of the oleoyllysolecithin water system
 1994 Order parameter theory of electron spin resonance line shape: application to the potassium oleate/water system
 1995 A quantitative electron spin resonance line shape study of the order-disorder transition in the lamellar phase of the palmitoyllysophosphatidylcholine-water system
 1995 Slow motion electron spin resonance line shapes of lyotropic liquid crystals in hexagonal phase
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 1987 Experiments on ring-shaped solitons in nematic liquid crystals
 2001 Nonlinearly optical-induced birefringence in azo liquid crystal polymers
 2001 Nonlinearly optical–optical isomerization cycle in azobenzene liquid crystal polymers
 2001 Two-photon bit data storage in azobenzene polymer liquid crystal using low-power cw laser
Lianos, Panagiotis1988 Fractal modeling of pyrene excimer quenching in phospholipid vesicles
 1991 One-dimensional singlet energy migration in the columnar liquid crystal of a triphenylene derivative
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Liantonio, Rosalba2006 Fluorinated liquid crystals formed by halogen bonding
 2007 Engineering functional materials by halogen bonding
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Liao, Bo2006 The EB-DNA Liquid Crystalline Complex with High Concentration of Mg2+
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Liao, C.C.2006 Epitaxial pentacene films grown on the surface of ion-beam-processed gate dielectric layer
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Liao, Changjun2007 The study of single photon detector for quantum key distribution
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Liao, Chi-Chang2003 Laser-induced reorientation effect and ripple structure in dye-doped liquid crystal films
 2005 Blue polarized luminescence from organic material aligned by ion-beam-processed poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)
 2005 Film-like Liquid Crystal Displays
 2005 Ion-Beam-Processed SiO2 Film for Homogeneous Liquid Crystal Alignment
 2006 A Substrate with Low Glass Transition Temperature for Film-Like Liquid Crystal Display
 2006 Microcell Liquid Crystal Film for High-Contrast Flexible Display Applications
 2007 Application of nanoparticle-induced vertical alignment in hybrid-aligned nematic liquid crystal cell
 2007 Nanoparticles-induced vertical alignment in liquid crystal cell
 2008 Flexible and reflective polarizer-free liquid crystal displays using dye-doped liquid crystal gels
 2009 Polarizer-Free Gradient Dye-Doped Liquid Crystal Gels
Liao, Chi-Chang C.2002 Dynamic studies of holographic gratings in dye-doped liquid crystal films
Liao, Chi-Chih2005 Operation lifetimes of organic light-emitting devices with different layer structures
Liao, Chia-Hsiu2008 Direct Synthesis and Solid-State NMR Characterization of Cubic Mesoporous Silica SBA-1 Functionalized with Phenyl Groups
Liao, Chien kun2000 Manufacture of thermoplastic nanocomposite materials
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 2002 Drag on particles in a nematic suspension by a moving nematic-isotropic interface
 2002 Mechanism of Formation of Three Dimensional Structures of Formed By Particles Dispersed in a Liquid Crystal
 2004 Mechanism of Formation of Three Dimensional Structures of Particles in a Liquid Crystal
 2004 Optically isotropic ferroelectric liquid crystal phase
 2005 Electro-rotation and electro-translation of colloidal particles in liquid crystals
 2005 Mechanical and Electro-Optical Properties of Unconventional Liquid Crystal Systems
 2006 Blue Phase, Smectic Fluids, and Unprecedented Sequences in Liquid Crystal Dimers
 2006 Fluorine containing nonsymmetrical five-ring achiral banana-shaped compounds with columnar and synclinic antiferroelectric layered phases
 2006 Thermotropic liquid crystalline properties of amphiphilic branched chain glycolipids
 2008 Colloidal micromotor in smectic A liquid crystal driven by DC electric field
Liao, H.-H.1985 Quasi-static electric-field-enhanced diffraction effects in a nematic liquid-crystal film
 1986 Quasi-static electric field enhanced optical propagation effects in a nematic liquid crystal film
 1986 Quasistatic-electric- and optical-field-induced birefringence and nonlinear-optical diffraction effects in a nematic-liquid-crystal film
Liao, Hong-Wei1998 Nonaqueous Synthesis of CdS Nanorod Semiconductor
Liao, Hsi-Wen2005 Melanopsin-expressing ganglion cells in primate retina signal colour and irradiance and project to the LGN
Liao, Huei-Ling1999 Method for fabricating liquid-crystal display device with wide viewing angle
Liao, Huimin2002 Relation between the wave front and the tip movement of spirals
Liao, Jian2007 Smectic Ordering in Main-Chain Siloxane Polymers and Elastomers Containing p-Phenylene Terephthalate Mesogens
Liao, Kuei-Hsien2009 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties on the series of 2-(4-alkylphenyl)-6-methylquinolines and 2-(4-alkoxyphenyl)-6-methylquinolines
Liao, Lixin2000 Shape-persistent azobenzene-containing dendrimers
Liao, Long-Yu1997 Studies on formation and ion selectivity of mesomorphic crown ether-modified solid supported bilayer lipid membranes
Liao, Lun-De2006 The analysis of light extraction efficiency of GaN-based LEDs with a novel micro-cavity
 2008 A novel time based current compensator for LED back light modules
 2008 Design of a highly-efficient light guide plate for the edge lighting backlight module
Liao, M.-S.2005 Effects of Peripheral Substituents on the Electronic Structure and Properties of Unligated and Ligated Metal Phthalocyanines, Metal = Fe, Co, Zn
Liao, M.-Y.1997 Molecular orientation in poly(4-oxybenzoate-co-1,4-phenylene isophthalate) by slow-magic-angle-spinning DECODER NMR
Liao, S.1984 Phase equilibria and lyotropic liquid crystalline structures in surfactant-oil-water systems
Liao, Shao-Ching2009 Aggregation of Conjugated Polymers in Aromatic Solvent
Liao, Shaowen1999 Modification of epoxy resins by acrylic copolymers containing side-chained mesogenic units
Liao, Sheng2001 Self-Assembled Rigid Monolayers of 4'-Substituted-4-mercaptobiphenyls on Gold and Silver Surfaces
Liao, Shih-Fu2009 Bistability of splay and pi twist states in a chiral-doped dual frequency liquid crystal cell
Liao, Song-Sheng1979 A stable mixture of nematic liquid crystal of aromatic esters
 1980 A new synthetic method of phenylcyclohexane-type liquid crystal compounds and study of electrooptic characteristic of the mixtures.
 1983 Induced smectic phase in binary systems containing alkylcyanophenylcyclohexane
Liao, Su-Chih2003 Rapid synthesis of new discotic liquid crystals based on diquinoxalino[2,3-a:2',3'-c]phenazine containing hexakis(alkoxy) side arms
 2004 In Situ Synthesis of Hexakis(alkoxy)diquinoxalino[2,3-a:2',3'-c]phenazines: Mesogenic Phase Transition of the Electron-Deficient Discotic Compounds
 2005 Synthesis and Mesomorphic Behavior of a Donor-Acceptor-Type Hexaazatriphenylene
 2007 Dibenzo[a,c]phenazine with six-long alkoxy chains to probe optimization of mesogenic behavior
 2007 Temperature control molecular stacking of discotic liquid crystal in columnar mesophase
 2009 Indent and bulge-discogens for controlling the columnar mesophase
Liao, Tung Ping D.1986 Modified siliceous supports
Liao, Xiangmin1999 Electric-field-induced molecular reorientation dynamics by near-field scanning optical microscopy
 2001 Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy Studies of a Fluorescent Polyelectrolyte-Surfactant Complex
 2001 Simultaneous Near-Field Optical Birefringence and Fluorescence Contrast Applied to the Study of Dye-Doped Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals
Liao, Xiaofeng2003 Global exponential stability of hybrid bidirectional associative memory neural networks with discrete delays
 2003 Synchronization of fractional order chaotic systems
Liao, Xiaojuan2007 Preparation and properties of azobenzene-containing amphiphilic miktoarm star polymers
Liao, Xiaoxin2003 Global dissipativity of continuous-time recurrent neural networks with time delay
Liao, Xin-Li2002 Sensitivity-enhanced experiments for the measurement of J and dipolar coupling constants
Liao, Xinhao2002 Patterns in spherical Rayleigh-Bénard convection: A giant spiral roll and its dislocations
Liao, Xueming2009 Research on modification of p - phenylene terephthalamid fiber
Liao, Ya-Chi2000 Studies on the synthesis and properties of thermotropic liquid crystalline polycarbonates. VII. Liquid crystalline polycarbonates and poly (ester-carbonate)s derived from various mesogenic groups
Liao, Yan-Ping2006 Nickel-disilicide-assisted excimer laser crystallization of amorphous silicon
Liao, YanBiao2009 Compact liquid crystal waveguide based fourier transform spectrometer for in-situ and remote gas and chemical sensing
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 1975 Inelastic light scattering from isotropic MBBA [p-methoxybenzylidene p-(butylaniline)]
 1978 Transient phenomena of relaxation from electric-field-induced nematic phase to cholesteric phase
 1995 Liquid crystal display.
 2001 Liquid crystal diplay with nonspecular reflectors
Liao, Yung-Ming2006 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of fluoro and isothiocyanato biphenyl tolane liquid crystals
 2007 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of super high birefringence isothiocyanato bistolane liquid crystals
 2010 High birefringence lateral difluoro phenyl tolane liquid crystals
Liau, Wei-Lung1998 Synthesis of ferroelectric liquid crystalline polyoxiranes and polyoxetanes by ring opening polymerization
 2007 Reduction in Driving Voltage of Vertically Aligned Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Display by Diminishing Anchoring Force of Alignment Layer
Liaur, Wen-Bong1994 Synthesis and mesomorphic behavior of terminal oligo(ethylene glycol)monomethyl ether-substituted low molecular weight thermotropic liquid crystals
Liavonava, I.H.2001 Method to Reveal Spectral Lines with the Help of a Guest-Host LC Cell
Liaw, Ben-Ruey1998 Synthesis and characterization of side-chain liquid -crystalline poly(ether carbonate)s containing biphenyl-based mesogenic groups
 1998 Synthesis and characterization of side-chain liquid-crystalline poly(ether ester)s having p-substituted biphenyl mesogenic side groups
 2005 Induced Smectic Phase in a (Nematic and Discotic) Liquid Crystal Composite System
Liaw, Chien-Huang2004 Direction-tunable cholesteric phase gratings
Liaw, Der-Jang1996 Miscible blends of polystyrene and poly(ε-caprolactone) with phenylacetylene-carbon monoxide alternating copolymer
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 2007 Fringe-Field Driven Single-Gap and Single-Gamma Transflective Liquid Crystal Display with Dual Orientation of Liquid Crystal
 2007 Viewing angle switching of vertical alignment liquid crystal displays by controlling birefringence of homogenously aligned liquid crystal layer
 2008 Optimal pixel design for low driving, single gamma curve and single cell-gap transflective fringe-field switching liquid crystal display
 2008 Reduction of Viewing-Angle Dependent Color Shift in a Reflective Type Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Color Filter
 2008 Switching of off-axis viewing quality in twisted nematic liquid crystal display by controlling phase retardation of additional liquid crystal layers
 2008 Viewing Angle Switching in Fringe-Field Switching Liquid Crystal Display
 2008 Viewing-angle controllable liquid crystal display using a fringe- and vertical-field driven hybrid aligned nematic liquid crystal
 2009 Study of Optimal Phase Retardation According to Electrode Structure in the Fringe-Field Switching Mode Using the Negative Liquid Crystal
 2010 Electroactive super elongation of carbon nanotube clusters in liquid crystal medium and its display application
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