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Letko, I.1995 Mesomorphic properties and magnetic behavior of di-(5-substituted-salicylidene)ethylenediaminato cobalt(II) complexes
 1995 Re-entrant isotropic behavior of a pure double-swallow-tailed compound
 1996 A new high temperature mesophase of a double-swallow-tailed compound with weak optical anisotropy
 1996 The homologous series of some new six-ring double-swallow-tailed compounds
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 1983 About the transition of n-alkanes above the melting point
Letort, C.2004 Silicon Backplane Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator for Uses Within an Optical Telecommunications Environment
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Lettieri, S.2004 Fluorescence-Based Investigation of the Jánossy Effect Anomalous Wavelength Dependence
Lettinga, M. Paul2005 Flow Behavior of Colloidal Rodlike Viruses in the Nematic Phase
 2007 Self-Diffusion of Rodlike Viruses through Smectic Layers
 2009 Reversible Gelation of Rod-Like Viruses Grafted with Thermoresponsive Polymers
Lettinga, M.P.2004 Microstructural response of a near-critical colloid-polymer mixture to shear flow
 2006 Multiple Shear-Banding Transitions in a Supramolecular Polymer Solution
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Lettow, John S.2000 Hexagonal to Mesocellular Foam Phase Transition in Polymer-Templated Mesoporous Silicas
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 1997 Synthesis of liquid crystalline polysiloxanes containing naphthalene-based mesogens and chiral side chains
Leube, H.1988 A "side-on" liquid-crystalline polymer with the cholesterol moiety
 1990 A "Side-On" Liquid Crystal Polymer with SA-Phase
 1990 Optische Eigenschaften eines LC - Seitenkettenpolymeren mit Naphthalingruppen
Leube, Hartmann F.1990 New liquid-crystalline side-chain polymers with large transversal polarizability
Leube, Hartmann Friedrich1991 Optical investigations on a liquid-crystalline side-chain polymer with biaxial nematic and biaxial smectic A phase
Leuchtag, H. Richard1994 Bioferroelectricity: Modeling the transitions of the sodium channel
 1996 Phase transitions in the ferroelectric-active model of ion channels of biomembranes
 1999 Theoretical models of conformational transitions and ion conduction in voltage-dependent ion channels: bioferroelectricity and superionic conduction
 2000 Bioferroelectricity in models of voltage-dependent ion channels
Leugs, Johannes1999 Reactive extrusion of latent pigments and use of pigment concentrates formed thereby
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Leung, H.2002 Ergodic chaos-based communication schemes
Leung, Henri2003 Phase transition in a swarm algorithm for self-organized construction
Leung, Henry2004 Time-varying synchronization of chaotic systems in the presence of system mismatch
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 2009 High volume confinement in two-photon total-internal-reflection fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
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 2002 Droplet Structure Transformation in Nematic Emulsion Under the Action of Magnetic Field
 2002 Nematic Emulsion in a Magnetic Field
 2005 Theory of Interaction and Structure Formation in Liquid Crystal Colloids and Emulsion
 2006 Anisotropic laser trapping in nematic colloidal dispersion
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 1988 Temperature microfluctuation stimulated phototransformation of liquid-crystal molecules
 1990 Carrier mobility in nematic liquid crystals
 1990 Effective molecular dynamics in induced cholesterics
 1990 Influence of incommensurability in a nematic liquid crystal with induced gyrotropy
 1990 Low-frequency mutual transformations of the nematic drop structure in a constant electric field
 1991 Deformation of a helical axis induced in a nematic liquid crystal by a chiral dopant
 1991 Effects of Incommensurability in the Nematic Liquid Crystals with Induced Gyrotropy
 1991 Incommensurability in induced cholesteric liquid crystals
 1991 Study of optical properties of liquid crystals with induced helicity by laser spectroscopy
 1995 Instability of a nematic in a biharmonic electric field
 1996 Behavioral characteristics of a nematic under the simultaneous effect of electric fields of two different frequencies
 1996 Nematic liquid crystal in a biharmonic electric field
 1998 High-frequency stabilization of nonlinear dissipative structures in nematic liquid crystals
 1999 Interaction of foreign macrodroplets in a nematic liquid crystal and induced supermolecular structures
 1999 Non-Debye screening of a surface charge and a bulk-ion-controlled anchoring transition in a nematic liquid crystal
 1999 Supermolecular structures in liquid crystals, induced by macrodroplets
Lev, B.I. (cont...)1999 Supermolecular structures in nematic-cholesteric mixtures
 2000 Deformation and Instability of Nematic Drops in an External Electric Field
 2000 Non-debye charge screening and adsorbed-ion-induced anchoring transition in a nematic liquid crystal
 2001 Cellular texture in ferronematics
 2001 Collective Effects in Doped Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2001 Crystal Structure in Nematic Emulsion
 2001 Deformation of liquid crystal droplets under the action of an external ac electric field
 2001 Nematic liquid crystals in frequency and amplitude modulated electric fields
 2002 Symmetry breaking and interaction of colloidal particles in nematic liquid crystals
 2002 Symmetry Breaking, Interparticle Interaction and Structure Formation in Nematic Colloids
 2004 Ordered Droplet Structures at the Liquid Crystal Surface and Elastic-Capillary Colloidal Interactions
 2004 Photochemical Manipulation of Glycerol Droplets in Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2004 Symmetry Breaking, Elastic Interaction and Structures in Nematic Colloids
 2007 Coexistence of Two Colloidal Crystals at the Nematic-Liquid-Crystal–Air Interface
Lev, B.L.2000 Microscopic and phenomenological treatment of nematic-cholesteric mixtures
Lev, B.T.1995 White-noise-induced transitions in liquid crystals
Lev, Benjamin L.2010 Trapping Ultracold Dysprosium: A Highly Magnetic Gas for Dipolar Physics
Lev, Bohdan I.2001 Cluster Formation of Colloids in Nematics
 2002 Interaction Between Spherical Particles in a Deformed Liquid Crystal
 2002 Interaction of foreign macroparticles in a cholesteric liquid crystal
 2002 Interaction of particles in a deformed nematic liquid crystal
 2002 Light-induced assembly of tailored droplet arrays in nematic emulsions
 2002 Photochemical Manipulation of Glycerol Droplets in Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2004 Interaction Between Spherical Particles in a Deformed Liquid Crystal
 2004 Light-induced dynamic behaviors and tailored droplet arrays of micro-droplets in photoresponsive liquid crystal emulsions
Leva, M.1985 Melting and crystallization behavior of elastoplastic semicrystalline copolymers: poly(ether ester)
Levachev, S.M.1989 Role of the liquid-crystal state in the stabilization of the symmetrical films
Levadny, V.2004 Interaction of a polar molecule with an ion channel
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Levadny, Victor2002 A model of pressure-induced interdigitation of phospholipid membranes
Levallois, C.2006 1.55-µm optically pumped tunable VCSEL based on a nano-polymer dispersive liquid crystal phase modulator
 2006 Long-wavelength vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser using an electro-optic index modulator with 10 nm tuning range
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 1995 Electron and energy transfer in liquid crystals. Time-resolved electron paramagnetic resonance
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Levanon, Haim (cont...)1996 Radical Pair and Triplet State Dynamics of a Photosynthetic Reaction-Center Model Embedded in Isotropic Media and Liquid Crystals
 1996 Time-resolved electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy -principles and applications
 1998 A Time-Resolved EPR Study of a New Zwitterion Undergoing Photoinduced Intramolecular Electron Transfer
 1998 Charge transfer reactions in nematic liquid crystals
 1998 Determination of the Energy Levels of Radical Pair States in Photosynthetic Models Oriented in Liquid Crystals with Time-Resolved Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
 1999 Liquid crystals and molecular architecture in studying intramolecular electron transfer in donor-acceptor systems
 1999 Photoexcited triplet-state dynamics of novel porphyrinoids: octaethylcorrphycene and octaethylhemiporphycene. Time-resolved electron paramagnetic resonance study
 1999 Triplet Dynamics of Conformationally Distorted Porphyrins in Isotropic Liquids and Liquid Crystals. Time-Resolved Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Study
 2000 Novel Mechanism for Triplet State Formation in Short Distance Covalently Linked Radical Ion Pairs
 2001 Structure Dependence of Electron Spin Polarization in Zn-Porphyrin-Quinone Ensembles Oriented in a Liquid Crystal
 2002 High Time Resolution Q-Band EPR Study of Sequential Electron Transfer in a Triad Oriented in a Liquid Crystal
 2003 Using Spin Dynamics of Covalently Linked Radical Ion Pairs To Probe the Impact of Structural and Energetic Changes on Charge Recombination
 2004 Electron Spin Dynamics in Photoexcited Diamagnetic and Paramagnetic Corroles
 2004 Spin Dynamics of a "Parachute" Shaped Fullerene-Porphyrin Dyad
 2005 Intramolecular Electron and Energy Transfer in an Axial ZnP-Pyridylfullerene Complex As Studied by X- and W-Band Time-Resolved EPR Spectroscopy
 2006 Triplet Topology of Self-Assembled Zinc Porphyrin-Pyridylfullerene Complex
 2009 Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Porphyrin- and Fullerene/Porphyrin-Based Rotaxanes as Studied by Time-Resolved EPR Spectroscopy
Levanon, Ham1982 Laser photolysis of zinc porphyrin dissolved in cyanohexylbiphenyl liquid crystal
Levanovich, V.N.1993 Electronic properties of semiconductor-dielectric interfaces in a thin-film transistor based on a silica-amorphous hydrogenated silicon-Langmuir-Blodgett film structure
Levante, T.O.1996 Pulse-sequence optimization with analytical derivatives. Application to deuterium decoupling in oriented phases
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 1986 Incommensurate phases in convecting liquid crystals
Levashov, A.V.1986 Catalysis by enzymes entrapped into hydrated surfactant aggregates having lamellar or cylindrical (hexagonal) or ball-shaped (cubic) structure in organic solvents
 1986 Catalysis by enzymes in surfactant aggregates with a different structure: micellar, lamellar (layered), and cylindrical (hexagonal) structure
 1990 Catalysis by laccase (from Coriolus versicolor) in microheterogeneous media of the water/organic solvent/surfactant type
 1999 Regulation of catalytic properties of enzymes in inverse micelles
Levashov, P.R.2004 Monte Carlo results for the hydrogen Hugoniot
 2005 Crystallization in Two-Component Coulomb Systems
Levchenko, A.A.1997 Structural changes in poly(vinyltrimethylsilane) during interaction with chloromethanes in the gas phase
 1999 Phase and relaxation transitions in thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyester based on naphthalenedicarboxylic and terephthalic acids and chlorohydroquinone
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 2003 Application of lyotropic liquid crystals for nanostructural materials producing
 2008 The description of spatial and temporary characteristics of boundary lubrication layer forming from mesogenic environment
Levchenko, V.I.2006 Photorefractivity of cadmium telluride crystals
Levelt, P.F.2005 Molecules with Large-Amplitude Torsional Motion Partially Oriented in a Nematic Liquid Crystal: Ethane and Isotopomers
Levelut, Anne-Marie1971 Liquid-crystal structure of smectic B
 1971 Liquid-crystal structure of smectic B.
 1971 Structure of smectic B liquid crystals
 1973 Long and short range order in the crystalline and smectic B phases of terephthal-bis(butylaniline)(TBBA)
 1974 Polymorphism of the mesomorphic compound terephthalbis(butylaniline) (TBBA)
 1974 The x-ray studies of the smectic structure and the solid-smectic transition
 1974 X ray diffusion study of the nature of the smectic B phases and of the solid-smectic B phase transition
 1975 Epitaxial growth of smectic phases on mica
 1975 Nature of the smectic E phase
 1976 Study of the bound local order in the rotation of molecules in the smectic B phase
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 1978 Polymorphism of 1,2-dipalmitoylglyceride
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 1979 Lyotropic nematics: molecular aggregation and susceptibilities
 1979 Nature of the smectic F phase
 1979 Phonon dispersion curves of ordered phases of T.B.B.A.
Levelut, Anne-Marie (cont...)1979 Polymorphism and x-ray diffraction of some cyano biphenyl-substituted benzoates exhibiting reentrant nematic phases
 1979 Structure of a disk-like mesophase
 1980 Disk-like mesogens with columnar and nematic phases
 1980 Two-dimensional order in the SmF phase
 1980 X-ray diffraction by mesophases of some hexaalkanoates of triphenylene
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 1980 X-ray study of a pure material exhibiting reentrant nematic and smectic A phases
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 1980 X-rays investigations of the smectic A1 - smectic A2 transition
 1981 A new type of smectic A phase with long range modulation in the layers
 1981 Anomalies of periodicity in some liquid crystalline cyano derivatives
 1981 Disc-like mesogens: a classification
 1981 Local order and lattice dynamics in the ordered phases of T.B.B.A. (Terephthal-Bis-Butyl-Aniline)
 1981 Number of SA phases
 1981 Structures of the two discophases of rufigallol hexa-n-octanoate
 1981 X-ray investigations and magnetic field effect on a nematic phase of disk-like molecules
 1981 X-ray structural study of a mesomorphic polyester
 1982 "Bilayer" and "partial bilayer" smectic A phases
 1982 A new columnar mesophase
 1982 A new ribbon phase in a thermotropic smectogenesis
Levelut, Anne-Marie (cont...)1982 A new thermotropic smectic phase made of ribbons
 1982 A re-entrant polymorphism NSASCNre
 1982 Evidence of tilted monolayer cybotactic groups in a partially bilayer SA phase
 1982 Novel biaxial bilayered fluid mesophases
 1982 Wall orientation of smectic C liquid single crystals
 1983 Nature of the mesophase of a conducting charge transfer complex: neither discotic nor calamitic
 1983 On the rectangular-hexagonal columnar phase transition in disc-like liquid crystals
 1983 Polymorphism of mesogenic substances containing polar molecules. Part I. Physical chemistry and structure
 1983 Structure of mesomorphic phases formed by disc-like molecules
 1983 Two new mesophases in a chiral compound
 1983 X-ray study of single domains of 1,2-dipalmitoyl-sn-phosphatidylcholine with less than 5% water
 1984 Biaxial nematic lyomesophase studied by X-ray diffraction
 1984 Disk-like mesogen polymorphism
 1984 Hexaalkoxytruxenes, a new series of disk-like mesogens
 1984 High resolution X-ray diffraction study of a two dimensional rectangular phase in a binary mixture of polar thermotropic liquid crystals
 1984 High resolution X-ray diffraction study of Smectic A - Smectic A phase transitions in a binary mixture of polar thermotropic liquid crystals
 1984 Reentrant mesophases in disk-like liquid crystals
 1984 Structure of the two columnar phases of a chiral triphenylene ester
 1984 Study of ferrocholesteric discotic and calamitic lyotropics by optical microscopy and X-ray diffraction
 1984 The Fluid Mesophases of Polar Rods
Levelut, Anne-Marie (cont...)1984 X-ray diffraction experiments in mesomorphic side chain polymers
 1985 Biaxial nematic lyomesophase studied by x-ray diffraction
 1985 Molecular organization in side chain liquid crystalline polymers
 1985 Phasmids: a new class of liquid crystals
 1985 Pseudo-lamellar ordering in uniaxial and biaxial lyotropic nematics: a synchrotron X-ray diffraction experiment
 1985 Tubular mesophases: liquid crystals consisting of macrocyclic molecules
 1986 Biforked mesogens: a new type of thermotropic liquid crystals
 1986 New mesogens with six, four, or three paraffinic chains
 1986 Thermotropic biaxial nematic
 1986 X-ray structural study of the mesophases of some cone-shaped molecules
 1987 Coexistence of a 2D discommensuration wall network and of a hexatic molecular ordering in a liquid crystalline phase
 1987 Nickel dithiolates: x-ray diffraction study of so-called discotic mesophases
 1987 Some new side-chain liquid crystalline polymers for nonlinear optics
 1987 Structural features of the hexagonal phase of phasmidic liquid crystals
 1987 X-ray diffraction by incommensurate liquid crystals
 1988 Columnar liquid crystals: heteroaromatic cations with six alkoxy chains
 1988 Evidence by X-ray scattering of defects in the lamellar stacking of the SmA phase of a side-chain polymer
 1988 First examples of heteroaromatics with four paraffinic chains which possess columnar mesomorphic properties
 1988 Local ordering in lyotropic cholesteric liquid crystals studied by X-ray scattering
 1988 On some new series of biforked mesogens
Levelut, Anne-Marie (cont...)1988 Respective roles of molecular shape and chemical structure on the symmetries of mesophases
 1988 Strong incommensurate fluctuations in a smectic-A phase
 1988 Strong Incommensurate Fluctuations in a Smectic-A Phase
 1988 Synthesis and x-ray study of new columnar heteroaromatic salts
 1989 Liquid crystalline compounds. Part XLIX. Organic sulfur compounds. Part LXXX. First carbohydrate liquid crystals of columnar structure
 1989 Liquid crystals complexed to copper (II): an X-ray diffractometric study on monodomains of (DCBBA)2-Cu and (HOBBA)2-Cu
 1989 Liquid-crystalline side chain polymers containing a chiral spacer unit exhibiting chiral smectic phases
 1989 Mesogens containing the 3,4,5-tris-(p-dodecyloxybenzyloxy)benzoyloxy (DOBOB) group
 1989 Mesomorphic side chain polysiloxanes: a structural study of the smectic B phase
 1989 Neues zur Struktur/Mesogenitäts-Beziehung hexasubstituierten Cyclohexans - Multiole, Hexaester, -Ether und -Alkylderivate
 1989 The highly concentrated liquid-crystalline phase of DNA is columnar hexagonal
 1989 Two families of trithiatruxene derivatives
 1989 X-ray diffraction studies of binary mixtures of rodlike and biforked mesogenic molecules
 1989 X-ray diffraction study of the smectic A phases of some side-chain polysiloxanes
 1990 A complementary structural study of 4-nonyl-4"-cyanoterphenyl
 1990 Mesomorphic properties of short chains substituted heteroaromatic salts
 1990 Molecular recognition directed self-assembly of supramolecular liquid crystalline polymers from complementary chiral components
 1990 New bowl-shaped columnar liquid crystals
 1990 Novel liquid-crystalline derivatives of transition metals. The effect of the molecular geometry of the ligands on the mesogenic properties of tetracoordinated copper(II) complexes
 1990 Röntgenstruktur- und 2H-NMR-Studien an H-Brücken-gestützten Mesophasen von Inosit-Multiethern
Levelut, Anne-Marie (cont...)1990 Structural studies of a new series of biforked mesogens derived from 3,4-dialkoxycinnamic acid and 3-(3,4-dialkoxyphenyl)propanoic acid
 1990 Structural study of the lamellar to columnar transition in thermotropic liquid crystals : the thermotropic cubic phase of some phasmidic molecules
 1990 Structural study of the lamellar to columnar transition in thermotropic liquid crystals: the thermotropic cubic phase of some phasmidic molecules
 1990 Synthesis, characterization, and x-ray studies of nonplanar mesogens: carboxylato-bridged orthopalladated azine complexes
 1990 Vacancy-interstitial pairs in ordered smectic phases: a linear Guinier-Preston zone behaviour
 1990 X-ray study of phase transitions in amphiphilic systems
 1991 Columnar mesomorphic properties of new macrocyclic mesogens
 1991 Liquid crystal compounds. Part 59. Inositol liquid crystals; x-ray diffraction studies of their hydrogen-bond supported supramolecular mesophases
 1991 Mesophase formed by diabolo-like molecules
 1991 Transitions between mesophases involving cubic phases in the surfactant-water systems. Epitaxial relations and their consequences in a geometrical framework
 1991 X-ray diffraction study of some mesogenic copper, nickel and vanadyl complexes
 1991 X-ray scattering by edge-dislocations in the SA phase of mesomorphic side chain polyacrylates
 1992 A Colloidal Nematic Suspension Based on a Chevrel Phase
 1992 A new, conformationally mobile macrocyclic core for bowl-shaped columnar liquid crystals
 1992 Mesogenic behavior of silver thiolates with layered structure in the solid state: covalent soaps
 1992 Molecular organization in metallo-organic mesophases. Methods of investigation and specific features
 1992 Rectangular and hexagonal columnar mesophases in dinuclear rhodium(II) (alkyloxy)benzoate complexes
 1992 Surface induced transitions in the nematic phase of 4-octyloxybenzoic acid
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