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Lee, Yoon Sup1998 Determination of orientational distribution of side chains of polyimide layer for liquid crystal alignment by surface second-harmonic generation
Lee, You-Jin1999 Physical and electro-optical properties of new nematic LC mixtures for highly multiplexed TN-displays
 2000 Physical properties of liquid crystal single compounds with 1,3,2-dioxaborinane group for LCD applications
 2006 Fabrication of Twisted Nematic Structure in Phase Separated Composite Films
 2006 Liquid crystal alignment with a molecular template of imprinted polymer layer during phase separation
 2006 Mechanical Stability of Pixel-Isolated Liquid Crystal Mode for Flexible Display Application
 2007 Multi-Domain Liquid Crystal Alignment by Micro-Contact Printed Polymer Layers
 2007 Patterned Alignment Layers by Capillary Force Lithography for Multi-domain Liquid Crystal Structures
 2008 Application to Mechanically Stable Flexible Liquid Crystal Displays Using Surface Induced Anisotropic Phase Separation
 2008 Electro-optical characteristics of reflective liquid crystal mode using pi-cell for low power operation
 2009 Control of liquid crystal pretilt angle by anchoring competition of the stacked alignment layers
 2009 Electro-optical characteristics of omnidirectional liquid crystal domain mode using doughnut-shaped slit electrodes
 2009 Scaling of Defect Domain by Reverse Twist in Chiral Hybrid In-Plane Switching LC Mode
 2009 Viewing Angle Controllable Liquid Crystal Display by Thermally Variable Retardation Layer
Lee, Youn-Sik1992 Chain substituted polymerizable ether lipids: synthesis of sorbyl and diacetylenic ether glycerophosphocholine
 1993 Thermotropic properties of model membranes composed of polymerizable lipids. 1. Phosphatidylcholines containing terminal acryloyl, methacryloyl, and sorbyl groups
 1994 Two-Dimensional polymerization of supramolecular assemblies: Synthesis and bilayer polymerization of lipids containing α-methylene-substituted acyl chains
 1998 Polymerization of Preformed Self-Organized Assemblies
 2007 Raman and fluorescence studies of thermotropic liquid - crystalline oligomers with different type of coils
Lee, Young Chol2004 LED projection displays
Lee, Young-Chul1987 Double-melting behavior of poly(ether ether ketone)
 1990 Molecular dynamics and rheological properties of liquid-crystalline polymer in an electric field
 1992 Lyotropic liquid-crystalline phase of poly(ester amides) with different ratio of amide to ester groups in a main chain
 1995 Effects of annealing on the structure formation in the bulk state of thermotropic liquid crystalline polyesteramides with bulky side groups
Lee, Young Gu2007 White organic light-emitting devices with mixed interfaces between light emitting layers
Lee, Young Hak2006 Liquid crystal display device
Lee, Young Hee2005 Electrical-field effect on carbon nanotubes in a twisted nematic liquid crystal cell
 2006 Ab Initio Study of Substituted Pyrenes for Blue Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
 2006 Local deformation of liquid crystal director induced by translational motion of carbon nanotubes under in-plane field
 2006 Response to "Comment on Electrical-field effect on carbon nanotubes in a twisted nematic liquid crystal cell [Appl. Phys. Lett. 87, 263110 (2005)]"
 2006 Synthesis and Photophysical Studies of Iridium Complexes of Fluorinated Phenylisoquinolines
 2006 Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory Study of the Al Complexes with Aromatic Ligands for Blue Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
 2007 Dielectrophoresis force driven dynamics of carbon nanotubes in liquid crystal medium
 2007 Effects of carbon nanotubes on electro-optical characteristics of liquid crystal cell driven by in-plane field
 2007 Effects of Carbon Nanotubes on Nematic Backflow in a Twisted Nematic Liquid-Crystal Cell
 2007 Effects of carbon nanotubes on physical properties of nematic liquid crystal and liquid crystal devices
 2007 Electroactive Superelongation of Carbon Nanotube Aggregates in Liquid Crystal Medium
 2007 Theoretical Study of Iridium Complex of New Pentafluorophenyl-Substituted Ligands
 2008 Electrokinetic elongation and subsequent dispersion of carbon nanotubes in liquid crystal medium
 2008 The study of physical properties and their effect on electro-optical characteristics of nematic liquid crystal doped with carbon nano tubes
 2009 Carbon Nanotube Effects on Electro-Optic Characteristics of Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Cells
 2010 Electroactive super elongation of carbon nanotube clusters in liquid crystal medium and its display application
Lee, Young Hwan2007 Effect of Deposition Rate of Organic Layer on Electrical and Optical Characteristics of OLEDs
Lee, Young Jin2003 Cosmetic material containing triple-encapsulated retinol
Lee, Young Jong2005 Single-Molecule Spectroscopy of Conjugated Polymers
Lee, Young Joo2009 Solid-State Organization of Semifluorinated Alkanes Probed by 19F MAS NMR Spectroscopy
Lee, Young Jun1994 Dynamic and transient flow behavior of thermotropic homopolyester with nonamethylene flexible unit
 1994 Effect of the thermal history on the phase transition and the liquid crystalline structure of thermotropic polyesters
Lee, Young Moo1993 Solubility of liquid crystal hydroxypropyl chitin in organic solvent
 2001 Phase Transition of Cellulose Solutions in N-Methyl Morpholine N-Oxide Hydrates
Lee, Young Sam1998 Effects of resistivity of gate line material on TFT-LCD pixel operations
Lee, Young-Seak1991 The stabilization of mesophase pitch based carbon fiber
 1999 Rheological behaviors of mesophase pitches prepared from coal tar pitch as carbon fiber precursor
Lee, Youngki2004 Common scaling patterns in intertrade times of U. S. stocks
Lee, Youngkwan2006 Electrochemical Fabrication of Conducting Polymer onto Selected Positions
 2006 Preparation of Conducting Polymer/Metal Nanocomposites
 2006 The Electrochemical and Thermal Stability of PEDOT-based Composite Films
 2006 Two Different Phases of a Conducting Polymer Film Formed by Electrocasting Method
 2007 Emission Property of Composite Micro Tubule Cathode Molded by Capillary Action
 2007 Fabrication of PAN/Pt Composite Electrode for Direct Methanol Oxidation in Aqueous Media
 2007 Field Emission Property of Micro Emitter Array Fabricated from Conducting Polymer
 2007 Polymerization of 3TUTS SAM Formed on ITO Substrates
 2007 Printed Circuit Patterns of Conducting Polymer
 2008 Enhanced Sensitivity of a Glucose Sensor Adopting Polymer Microtubule
 2008 Field Emission From Micro Tubule Structure of CNt/Conducting Polymer Composites
Lee, Youngmin2005 One-Step Preparation of Antireflection Film by Spin-Coating of Polymer/Solvent/Nonsolvent Ternary System
Lee, YoungPak2005 Surface relief grating formation in liquid-crystalline side-chain azopolymers by femtosecond pulse holography
Lee, Youngsu2006 A Study on Gas Sensor Based on Carbon Nanotubes on Anodized Aluminum Oxide
Lee, Yu-Der1992 Transition kinetics of smectic liquid-crystalline polyesters
 1993 Molecular composite. I. Novel block copolymers of liquid-crystalline polyamide and amorphous polyimide: synthesis and characterization
 1994 Liquid crystal polyarylates containing 2,6-naphthalene dicarbonyl group. I: effects of kinky monomers on thermal and anisotropic behaviors
 1994 Molecular composite. II. Novel block copolymer and semi-interpenetrating polymer network of rigid polyamide and flexible polyimide
 1995 Characterization and kinetics of mesophase transition for naphthalene-based thermotropic polyesters with polymethylene spacers
 1995 Molecular composites of liquid-crystalline polyamides and amorphous polyimides: Synthesis, rheological properties, and processing
 1995 Thermally stimulated current studies of thermotropic polyesters with polymethylene spacers. I: The glass transition and relaxation behavior of anisotropic and isotropic glasses
 1996 Molecular composites of liquid-crystalline polyamides and amorphous polyimides. Synthesis, rheological properties, and processing
 1998 Properties of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers containing liquid crystalline chain extender (I) synthesis and properties of hard segments
 1998 Synthesis and characterization of novel thermotropic liquid crystalline copoly(ester imide)s
 2000 Synthesis and characterization of now liquid crystalline copoly(ester imide)s
 2002 Block copolyesters of poly(pentamethylene p,p'-bibenzoate) and poly(tetramethylene adipate)
 2006 Orientational Microgrooves Generated by Plasma Beam Irradiation at Surface of Polymer Films to Align Liquid Crystals
Lee, Yu-Dur1996 The influence of aromatic diols on thermotropic poly(ester-amide)s synthesized by direct polycondensation
Lee, Yuan-Chin2000 LCD diffractive element design to handle multiple disk thicknesses
Lee, Yuan-Haun1988 Carbonization and mesophase development of coal tar pitch
 1992 Effect of pressure on the mesophase formation in coal tar pitch
 1997 Process for producing silicon carbide at low temperature
Lee, Yuan-Pin2003 Developer solution and edge bead remover composition
Lee, Yueh-Ling2006 Laser light-activated polymeric dielectric material
 2006 Light-activatable polymer compositions containing spinel crystals
Lee, Yun Bok2001 Multi-domains liquid crystal display
 2003 Multi-domain Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing thereof
 2004 Multi-domain Liquid crystal display device
 2004 Multi-domain Liquid crystal display device
 2005 A fabrication of a liquid crystal display in which light leakage due to defective rubbing is prevented
Lee, Yun-bok2005 In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Lee, Yun-Gu2005 Reduction of the distortion due to non-ideal lens alignment in lenticular 3D displays
 2006 A fast image multiplexing method robust to viewer's position and lens misalignment in lenticular 3D displays
Lee, Yun Hee2002 In-plane switching Liquid crystal display with improved picture quality
Lee, Yun-Su2007 Characteristics of ITO Thin Films for Organic Light Emitting Diode by using a Low-Frequency Magnetron Sputtering Method
 2009 Synthesis and Electro-Optical Properties of Carbazole Containing Copolymers with Different Conjugated Structures for Polymer Light-Emitting Devices
Lee, Yun Woo1997 MTF measurement of LCDs by a linear CCD imager: I. Monochrome case
 1999 Evaluation of image quality of color liquid crystal displays by measuring modulation transfer function
 2002 Evaluation of color display by polychromatic MTF
 2002 Polychromatic modulation transfer function analysis of color LCD
 2003 Fabrication of bifocal holographic lenses using holographic polymer-dispersed liquid crystal film
 2003 Fast ray-tracing method for LCD backlight simulation using area ratio function
Lee, Yung-Cheng1998 Assembly and packaging of liquid-crystal-on-silicon displays
Lee, Yunko1975 Structure of the dimethylthallium ion oriented in a lyotropic nematic phase
 1976 Studies of p-nitrobenzoic acid and the p-nitrobenzoate ion in the electrical double layer of oriented cationic and anionic nematic phases
 1980 Studies in membrane processes. IX. The bilayer structure in mixed dodecanoate/decyltrimethylammonium micelles of a novel type II mesophase
Leeb, Seung Hee2008 Switching and electrical properties of ferro- and antiferroelectric phases of MOPB(H)PBC
Leech, Charlotte K.2008 Solid Phases of Cyclopentane: Combined Experimental and Simulation Study
Leekley, R.M.1939 Ethers of p-Hydroxybenzoic Acid as Derivatives for the Identification of Alkyl Halides
Leemann, Thomas1994 Microscopic studies on aminolevulinic-acid-incubated tumor cells and tumor spheroids
Leemans, W.P.2004 Beat wave injection of electrons into plasma waves using two interfering laser pulses
 2004 Theory of coherent transition radiation generated at a plasma-vacuum interface
Leen, Todd K.2003 Stability of negative-image equilibria in spike-timing-dependent plasticity
 2004 Random walks for spike-timing-dependent plasticity
Leenaers, A.J.G.1997 Order in Thin Films of Side-Chain Liquid -Crystalline Polymers
 1998 Specular and non-specular x-ray reflection from inorganic and organic multilayers
Leenhouts, F.1976 The twist elastic constant as a function of temperature for nematic MBBA
 1978 Physical properties of nematic p,p'-diheptylazobenzene
 1978 Simple method of determining the birefringence of nematic liquid crystals
 1979 Bending elasticity of nematic liquid crystals
 1979 Molecular Structure and Elastic Constants of Nematic Liquid Crystals
 1979 Molecular structure and elastic constants of nematic liquid crystals
 1979 Physical properties of nematic Schiff's bases
 1979 Relation between elasticity and molecular structure of nematic liquid crystals
 1981 Compensation of the Temperature Dependence of the Optical Characteristics of Various Display Types
 1981 Elastic constants of nematic liquid crystalline Schiff's bases
 1981 Farbstoffanzeigen
 1981 Molecular dimensions and elastic constants of nematic liquid crystals.
 1981 On the elastic constants of nematics ; a comparison between experiment and molecular theory
 1985 Determination of the rotational viscosity from the director pattern relaxation in twisted nematic cells
 1985 Determination of the Rotational Viscosity from the Director Pattern Relaxation in Twisted-Nematic Cells
 1985 Neue Flüssigkristalle mit NCS-Endgruppen; Einfluss von Doppelbindungen auf ihre elektro-optischen Eigenschaften
 1986 New nematic liquid crystals: influence of rigid cores, alkenyl side-chains and polarity on material and display properties
 1986 Optics of twisted nematic and supertwisted nematic liquid-crystal displays
 1987 Electro-Optical Performance of the New, Black-White and Highly Multiplexable Optical Mode Interference Liquid Crystal Display
 1987 Electrooptical characteristics of a new liquid-crystal display with an improved gray-scale capability
Leenhouts, F. (cont...)1988 Optics of twisted nematic liquid crystal layers
 1989 Compensation of the temperature dependence of the optical characteristics of twisted nematic liquid-crystal displays using a single chiral dopant
 1989 Ferroelectric smectic C liquid crystal mixtures: relationship between molecular structure, ferroelectricity and electrooptic response
 1990 Novel ferroelectric smectic C liquid crystal mixtures for display applications
 1991 Four unit linking groups. II. Some novel smectic C materials
 1991 Tricyclic smectic C compounds incorporating a 1,3-dioxan ring
 1995 Realization of a high-aperture ratio in a novel 2.8-inch diagonal VGA thin film diode (TFD)-R projection display
Leenhouts, Frans1986 The cooperative effects of heterocycles, NCS-polar groups, and double bonds on the material properties of new nematic liquid crystals
 1987 Electrooptical performance of a new, black-white and highly multiplexable liquid crystal display
 1989 Cyclohexyl esters of α-fluorocarboxylic acids, their preparation, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and their use for electrooptical purposes
 1989 Optically active liquid-crystal compounds and mixtures and electrooptical cells containing them
 1990 2-Phenylpyridine derivatives for liquid crystal compositions for electrooptical devices
 1991 (4-Arylbutyl)cyclohexane derivatives for liquid crystal compositions for electrooptical display devices
 1991 Optically active compounds for liquid crystal mixtures for electrooptical display devices
 2000 Color filter layer of cholesterically ordered material, and reflective LCD provided with such a color filter layer
 2000 Wide Viewing Angle Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays Based on a Single Discotic Compensation Film
Leenslag, J.-W.2004 Origin of Multiple Melting Endotherms in a High Hard Block Content Polyurethane. 2. Structural Investigation
 2007 Origin of Multiple Melting Endotherms in a High Hard Block Content Polyurethane: Effect of Annealing Temperature
Leerentveld, Ray1995 Color AMLCD displays for the EH-101 helicopter
 1996 Active-matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD): an important component in next-generation imaging systems
Leermakers, F.A.1996 Self-Consistent-Field Lattice Gas Model for the Surface Ordering Transition of n-Hexadecane
 2002 Exactly solvable model with stable and metastable states for a polymer chain near an adsorbing surface
 2002 First-order wetting transition at finite contact angle
 2003 Lattice mean-field method for stationary polymer diffusion
 2003 Molecular dynamics simulations of hydrated unsaturated lipid bilayers in the liquid-crystal phase and comparison to self-consistent field modeling
 2003 Self-consistent-field modeling of hydrated unsaturated lipid bilayers in the liquid-crystal phase and comparison to molecular dynamics simulations
 2004 Stationary dynamics approach to analytical approximations for polymer coexistence curves
Leermakers, F.A.M.1994 Nearest neighbor interactions in polymer brushes: chain stiffness and nematic interactions
 2002 Coil-globule transition for regular, random, and specially designed copolymers: Monte Carlo simulation and self-consistent field theory
 2004 Partition function, metastability, and kinetics of the escape transition for an ideal chain
Lees, Gerard2000 Liquid crystalline polymer monofilaments having improved adhesion to rubber and rubber coated products
Lees, R.S.1975 Thermal transitions in human plasma low density lipoproteins
Lees, Robert S.1978 Interaction of collagen with the lipids of tendon xanthomata
Leesajakul, Warunee2003 Nonlamellar Liquid Crystalline Phases and Their Particle Formation in the Egg Yolk Phosphatidylcholine/Diolein System
Leevy, W. Matthew2007 Recent Advances in Synthetic Membrane Transporters
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LeFave, Clare V.2004 Molecular alignment of rigid rods in nonrigid spherical pores
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Lefebure, S.1998 Lamellar composite magnetic materials
Lefebvre, A.A.2002 Determination of the Phase Boundary of High Molecular Weight Polymer Blends
Lefebvre, Amy A.2002 Micelle Formation of a Rod-Coil Diblock Copolymer in a Solvent Selective for the Rod Block
Lefebvre, E.2002 Relativistic electron generation in interactions of a 30 TW laser pulse with a thin foil target
Lefebvre, J.1980 Neutron diffuse scattering in the disordered phase of carbon tetrabromide. I. Experimental. Elastic and quasielastic coherent scattering in single crystals
 1985 Structural aspects of the glassy phase of cyanoadamantane
Lefebvre, J.-M.2001 Structural and mechanical behavior of nylon 6 films part I. Identification and stability of the crystalline phases
 2001 Structural and mechanical behavior of nylon-6 films. II. Uniaxial and biaxial drawing
Lefebvre, Jacques1999 Langmuir monolayers as disordered solids: Disorder and elastic fluctuations in mesophases
Lefebvre, Jean-Marc1995 Mechanical and structural behavior of an ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer under tensile drawing
 1998 Tensile drawing of ethylene/vinyl alcohol copolymers: II. Investigation of the strain-induced mesomorphic structure
 1998 Tensile drawing of ethylene/vinyl-alcohol copolymers. Part 1. Influence of draw temperature on the mechanical behavior
 1998 Tensile drawing of ethylene/vinyl-alcohol copolymers: 3 Biaxial orientation
 1998 Tensile drawing of ethylene/vinyl-alcohol copolymers: 4. Influence of iodine treatment
Lefebvre, X.1999 Thermal behavior of poly(hexamethylene terephthalate) oligomers. I. Melting behavior and morphology of the crystalline phase
 1999 Thermal behaviour of polyesters of hexanediol with terephthalic and isophthalic acids
Lefenfeld, Michael2004 Mesophase Transitions, Surface Functionalization, and Growth Mechanism of Semiconducting 6PTTP6 Films from Solution
Lefeuvre, Martine1987 Sugar chemistry without protecting groups: a regioselective addition of the primary hydroxyl of monosaccharides to alkyl isocyanates
 1994 An Efficient Acylation of Free Glycosylamines for the Synthesis of N-Glycosyl Amino Acids and N-Glycosidic Surfactants for Membrane Studies
 1999 Diastereospecific synthesis and amphiphilic properties of new alkyl β-D-fructopyranosides
Lefeuvre, P.1994 Bagley plot of the Vectra B950 thermotropic polymer
Lefever, R.1985 Effect of external-field fluctuations on instabilities in nematic liquid crystals
 1989 Phase dynamics of transverse diffraction patterns in the laser
Lefever, Rene1981 Critical exponents of a pure noise induced transition, nonlinear noise and its effect on an electrohydrodynamic transition in nematics
Lefevre, A.2003 Role of the interaction matrix in mean-field spin glass models
 2004 Self-diffusion in a system of interacting Langevin particles
Lefevre, B.2005 Synthesis of Large-Pore Mesostructured Micelle-Templated Silicas as Discrete Spheres
Lefevre, C.1999 Thermal behaviour of polyesters of hexanediol with terephthalic and isophthalic acids
Lefevre, M.1997 Phase equilibria of charged lamellar phases. Effect of adding surfactants with sugar headgroups on interbilayer repulsions
Lefevre, Marc1971 Birefringence of two uniform structures of N,N'-bis[4-(=n-decyloxy)benzal]-2-chloro-1,4-phenylenediamine in the smetic C phase
Lefevre, T.1996 Vitamin E-phospholipid interactions in model multilayer membranes: a spectroscopic study
 1998 Thermotropic aspects of multilamellar organization of mono-unsaturated phospholipid OPPC
Leffak, M.1998 Amplification of the translocated c-myc genes in three Burkitt lymphoma cell lines
Leffler, Marlin T.1948 Naphthoquinone antimalarials. VI. 4'-Cyclohexylcyclohexyl and cycloalkyl series (and M-395, M-396).
Lefkowitz, I.1979 Improved liquid crystal device response time
 1980 Characteristics of liquid crystal devices with improved response times
 1980 Liquid crystal reflection cell with improved response times
Lefley, Alastair2005 Interlaced multiple line addressing (mla) lcd stn driver
Lefmann, K.2009 Magnetic-Field-Induced Soft-Mode Quantum Phase Transition in the High-Temperature Superconductor La1.855Sr0.145CuO4: An Inelastic Neutron-Scattering Study
Leforestier, A.1992 Distortion of DNA cholesteric liquid crystal quenched at low temperature: geometrical analysis and models
 1992 Distortions in Frozen DNA Cholesteric Liquid Crystal: Geometrical Analysis and Modelization
 1996 Comparison of slam-freezing and high-pressure freezing effects on the DNA cholesteric liquid crystalline structure
 1997 Liquid crystalline ordering of nucleosome core particles under macromolecular crowding conditions: evidence for a discotic columnar hexagonal phase
Leforestier, A.B.A.2005 Self-assembling of nucleosome core particles
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 1994 DNA liquid crystalline blue phases. Electron microscopy evidence and biological implications
 1999 Spermidine-induced Aggregation of Nucleosome Core Particles: Evidence for Multiple Liquid Crystalline Phases
Leforestier, Amilie1993 Supramolecular ordering of DNA in the cholesteric liquid crystalline phase: an ultrastructural study
Lefort, R.2007 Dynamics of 8CB confined into porous silicon probed by incoherent neutron backscattering experiments
 2007 Molecular dynamics of a short-range ordered smectic phase nanoconfined in porous silicon
 2007 Structure and relaxation processes of an anisotropic molecular fluid confined into 1D nanochannels
 2008 Rich polymorphism of a rod-like liquid crystal (8CB) confined in two types of unidirectional nanopores
Lefort, Ronan2008 Continuous Paranematic-to-Nematic Ordering Transitions of Liquid Crystals in Tubular Silica Nanochannels
 2008 Incoherent quasielastic neutron scattering study of molecular dynamics of 4-n-octyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl
 2009 Influence of pore shape on the structure of a nanoconfined Gay-Berne liquid crystal
 2009 Pore dimensionality effects on the dynamics of a nanoconfined liquid-crystal
 2009 Structure and dynamics of a Gay-Berne liquid crystal confined in cylindrical nanopores
Lefrant, S.1994 Synthesis of polyacetylene on an oriented poly(tetrafluoroethylene) support
 2004 Raman Studies of Carbon Nanotubes and Polymer Nanotube Composites
 2004 SERS spectra of Polyaniline/carbon nanotubes and Polyaniline/fullerene composites
Lefrant, Serge2006 Spectroscopic Studies on Nanocomposites Obtained by Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes with Conducting Polymers
Lega, J.1994 Nonlinear transverse modes of large-aspect-ratio homogeneously broadened lasers: I. Analysis and numerical simulation
 2003 Hydrodynamics of bacterial colonies: A model
Legagneux, P.2000 Low temperature polysilicon technology. A low cost SOI technology?
Legarda-Saenz, Ricardo2003 Three-dimensional camera
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Leger, Christophe2000 Dissolution Rates of Pure Nonionic Surfactants
Leger, James R.1990 Effects of liquid crystals on diffractive coupling in a diode laser external cavity
 1990 Stereoscopic displays for terrain database visualization
Leger, Jean-Francois2004 Overstretching and force-driven strand separation of double-helix DNA
Leger, L.1969 Magnetically induced cholesteric-to-nematic phase transition in liquid crystals
 1969 Quasielastic Rayleigh scattering in nematic liquid crystals
 1970 Hydrodynamic instabilities in nematic liquids under a.c. electric fields
 1972 Static and dynamic behavior of walls in nematics above a Freedericks transition
 1972 Wall motions in nematics
 1973 Divergence of the bend elastic constant above a nematic to smectic a quasi second order phase transition
 1973 Walls in nematic
 1975 Critical behaviour above a nematic to smectic A phase transition
 1975 Field induced transitions in smectic A phases
 1975 Measurements of transport properties in the nematic and smectic phases of various compounds
 1976 Viscosity measurements in the nematic and smectic A phases of a liquid crystal critical behavior
 1984 Self Diffusion constant and viscosity of charged Polystyrene Colloids
 1975 Electrohydrodynamic instabilities above a nematic to smectic A (or C) transition
 1975 Freedericksz transition of a homeotropic nematic liquid crystal in rotating magnetic fields
 1975 Umbilics: static and dynamic properties
Leger, Liliane1970 Electrohydrodynamic effect in a nematic liquid crystal
 1985 First observation of the undulation mode in birefringent microemulsions by quasielastic light scattering
 1987 Reverse anisotropy of the diffusion coefficients in a polymeric nematic medium
Legere-Krongauz, Carolyn C.1993 Morphological changes during anisotropic photopolymerization
Legeza, Ö.2005 Probable absence of a quadrupolar spin-nematic phase in the bilinear-biquadratic spin-1 chain
 2006 Two-Site Entropy and Quantum Phase Transitions in Low-Dimensional Models
Legge, C.H.1991 Memory effects in liquid crystal elastomers
 1991 Novel photoactive liquid crystal polymers
 1992 Photo-induced phase transitions in azobenzene-doped liquid crystals
 1996 Photosensitive phase behavior of mixtures of 4-cyano-4'-n-pentylbiphenyl and a non-mesogenic chromophore methyl β-(1-naphthyl)propenoate
Legge, Coulton H.1991 Photoinduced phase transitions in novel liquid-crystalline copolymers
Legge, Thomas M.2007 Novel Difunctional Reversible Addition Fragmentation Chain Transfer (RAFT) Agent for the Synthesis of Telechelic and ABA Triblock Methacrylate and Acrylate Copolymers
Leggett, Graham J.2007 Photo-deprotection patterning of self-assembled monolayers
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Legoff, D.1989 Angle of Twist in 4-n alkyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl Molecules (0 <= n <= 12). Study by Infrared and Raman Spectrometry
Legon, Anthony C.2004 Halogen Bonding: A New Interaction for Liquid Crystal Formation
Legoy, Marie Dominique1989 Dynamic interactions between enzyme activity and the microstructured environment
 1992 Enzyme activity in microstructured media
 1992 Enzyme-microenvironment dynamic interactions in microstructured media
Legr, C.2003 Dielectric evidence of an electroclinic effect in the cholesteric phase near a N*-SmA-SmC* multicritical point
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Legrand, B.2006 Suppression of the pull-in instability for parallel-plate electrostatic actuators operated in dielectric liquids
Legrand, C.1983 Importance of steric effects in the isotropic phase of nematogenic compounds
 1984 Dielectric relaxation in liquid crystals exhibiting a reentrant phenomenon
 1984 Study of re-entrant nematic and smectic phases using dielectric relaxation
 1984 Time domain spectroscopy of liquid crystals
 1985 Study of reentrant nematic and smectic phases using dielectric relaxation
 1985 Time domain spectroscopy of liquid crystals
 1986 Dielectric study of the SAd-SA2 phase transition of new thermotropic liquid crystals
 1987 Dielectric relaxation and molecular motion in comb-shaped liquid crystal polymers
 1987 Dielectric relaxation in the nematic and isotropic phases of 4-(trans-4'-n-hexylcyclohexyl)isothiocyanatobenzene
 1987 Some new side-chain liquid crystalline polymers for nonlinear optics
 1988 Dielectric properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1988 Dielectric study of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1990 Study of the smectic A-smectic C* phase transition by a dielectric method
 1991 Electroclinic effect in the N* phase near a N* SA SC* multicritical point
 1992 Biphenyl alkyloxy benzoate ferroelectric liquid crystals: structural, thermodynamic and dielectric studies of the octyl and the decyl homologs; electroclinic effect in the N phase near a N-SA-SC multicritical point
 1993 Dielectric investigation of the helical smectic A (TGBA)-SC phase transition
 1993 Dielectric properties of mesomorphic n-TPEB's in isotropic phase
 1993 Dielectric relaxation in isotropic phase of mesomorphic n-TPEB's
 1994 Dielectric relaxation in nematic and isotropic phases of 4-(trans-4'-n-propylcyclohexyl)isothiocyanatobenzene
 1994 Molecular dynamics studies in isotropic phase of n-TPEB's by dielectric relaxation method
Legrand, C. (cont...)1996 Dielectric behavior of 1-(4-isothiocyanatophenyl)-2-(4-hexyl-bicyclo[2,2,2]octane-1)ethane in nematic and isotropic phases
 1996 Dielectric properties of TGBA and TGBC phases
 1996 Dielectric relaxation study of 1-hexyl-4-(4-isothiocyanatophenyl)bicyclo[2,2,2]octane in the nematic and isotropic phases
 1997 Dielectric Relaxation in Nematogenic Derivatives of Bicyclo[2,2,2]Octane with NCS Terminal Group
 1997 Study of molecular dynamics in nematic and isotropic phases of 4-isothiocyanatophenyl 4-hexylbicyclo[2,2,2]octane-1-carboxylate by dielectric spectroscopy
 1999 Dielectric dispersion in the S*Cα phase of an antiferroelectric liquid crystal
 2000 Confrontation between noise and dielectric measurements on a liquid crystal in the paraelectric SA and ferroelectric SC phases
 2000 Molecular dynamics of 4-(trans-4'-n-heptylcyclohexyl)isothiocyanatobenzene studied with dielectric relaxation spectroscopy
 2000 Temperature dependence of s*ca phase electric field behavior as evidenced by polarization current and dielectric measurements
 2001 Different Dielectric Behaviours in the S* Phase: Confrontation between Experimental Results and Theoretical Predictions
 2001 Liquid Crystals Applications to R.F. and Microwave Tunable Components
 2001 Noise and Dielectric Measurements on an Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 2002 Anchoring at the Grain Boundaries and Dielectric Properties of the TGB A and TGB C Phases
 2002 Dielectric properties of twist grain boundary phases: Influence of the anchoring and the distance between grain boundaries
 2002 Electrical characterization of the B2 phase of a banana-shaped liquid crystal
 2003 Static and dynamic electro-optic properties of a SmC* phase in surface stabilized geometry and dispersed in the polymer matrix
 2004 Correlation between dielectric and optical measurements in the smectic-Ca* phase
 2007 Dielectric spectroscopy as effective tool for the investigation of polymer/liquid crystal materials
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