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 2003 Texture evolution of sheared liquid crystalline polymers: Numerical predictions of roll-cells instability, director turbulence, and striped texture with a molecular model
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 2008 Three-dimensional shear-driven dynamics of polydomain textures and disclination loops in liquid crystalline polymers
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 1999 Pressure-driven channel flows of a model liquid-crystalline polymer
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 2005 Unusual Dynamic Behavior in the Isotropic Phase of Banana Mesogens Detected by 2H NMR Line Width and T2 Measurements
 2007 Criticality Controlled by Cross-Linking Density in Liquid Single-Crystal Elastomers
 2009 Controlling the Critical Behavior of Paranematic to Nematic Transition in Main-Chain Liquid Single-Crystal Elastomers
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 1998 Switchable lens and method of making it
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 1999 Template-directed synthesis of bi-functionalized organo-MCM-41 and phenyl-MCM-48 silica mesophases
 2000 In Situ Investigations on Cetyltrimethylammonium Surfactant/Silicate Systems, Precursors of Organized Mesoporous MCM-41-Type Siliceous Materials
 2000 Synthesis of hierarchically ordered dye-functionalized mesoporous silica with macroporous architecture by dual templating
Lebeau, L.1988 Synthesis of phospholipids linked to steroid hormone derivatives
Lebeau, Luc1992 Monolayer study of a new class of synthetic amino-etherlipids
 1992 Rational design and synthesis of phospholipids for the two-dimensional crystallization of DNA gyrase, a key element in chromosome organization
 1996 Synthesis of new deuterated lipid probes for membrane fluidity measurements
 1999 Self-assembly of soluble proteins on functionalized lipid layers: a tentative correlation between the fluidity properties of the lipid film and protein ordering
 1999 Synthesis and surface-active properties of a series of new anionic gemini compounds
 1999 Synthesis of new fluidity-enhanced amphiphilic compounds for soluble protein two-dimensional crystallization purpose
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 2004 The thermodynamic properties of methyl, methoxyphenylbenzoate, and anisyl esters of 11-tetramethyldisiloxyundecanoic acid
 2004 Thermodynamic properties of tetraallylsilane from T0 to 335 K
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Lebedev, Oleg2002 Leached Natural Saponite as the Silicate Source in the Synthesis of Aluminosilicate Hexagonal Mesoporous Materials
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 1984 Dynamic features of discotic liquid crystals
 1984 Nonlinear dynamics of discotic liquid crystals
 1985 Nonlinear dynamics of smectics with orientation ordering in the layer
 1985 Nonlinear dynamics of smectics-C
 1986 Long-wavelength dynamics of smectic films
 1986 Theory of smectic A - smectic C phase transition
 1986 Theory of the smectic A-smectic C phase transition
 1988 Dynamics of Langmuir films
 1988 The dynamics of free-standing smectic C films.
 1989 Anchoring energy of nematic and isotropic phases of liquid crystals
 1991 Some Properties of Ferromagnetic Liquid Crystals
 1992 Dynamics of Liquid Crystals, Solutions and Liquids in the Vicinity of the Liquid-Vapor - Like Critical Point
 1992 Theory of nematic surface ordering via a Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless phase transition
 1992 Weak Crystallization Theory of the A1-A and A1-C Phase Transitions
 1993 Critical behavior of the facet size of a droplet during a nematic-smectic A phase transition
 1993 Weak crystallization theory
 1994 Dynamic fluctuation effects in dilute lyotropic systems
Lebedev, V.V. (cont...)1995 Critical behavior of the structure factor for higher harmonics in density wave systems
 2002 Disclination Motion in Liquid Crystalline Films
 2004 Passive scalar evolution in peripheral regions
 2004 Radiation-induced interaction of optical solitons in fibers with randomly varying birefringence
 2007 Dynamics of Nearly Spherical Vesicles in an External Flow
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 1985 Studies of the characteristics of phase transformations in carbonized liquid crystals
 1986 Disclination structures of carbonaceous mesophase spherules
 1986 Study of mesophase transformations of petroleum residues during coking
 1987 Effect of raw material composition on the dynamics of mesophase transformations in heavy petroleum residues
 1988 New liquid crystalline phase of petroleum pitches
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 1990 The optical properties of carbonaceous mesophase
 1995 Orientational transitions in nematic liquid crystals on substrates with microrelief
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 1999 Optical response of hybrid nematic liquid-crystal layer under oscillatory shift
 1999 Orientational transition in nematic liquid crystal with hybrid alignment under oscillatory shear
 2006 Anisotropic viscoelasticity and structure of mesophase polymer systems
 2006 Structure and dynamics of the Frenkel-Kontorova dislocations in electroconvection in liquid crystals
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 1979 Physicochemical analysis of cholesterol esters. 5. Physicochemical analysis of the cholesteryl valerate-cholesteryl palmitate binary system
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 2008 Simulating multiprimary LCDs on standard tri-stimulus LC displays
 2009 A multiprimary display model combined with a spatio-temporal behavioral display model for display characterization by simulation
 2009 Optimizing color quality for LED backlight modulated LCD TVs
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