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Lagomarsino, Marco Cosentino2005 Continuum Description of the Cytoskeleton: Ring Formation in the Cell Cortex
Lagomarsino, S.1973 Velocity measurements of electrodynamic flow in a nematic liquid crystal
 1975 Direct measurement of tilt angle in smectic mesophases by neutron diffraction
 1976 Direct measurement of tilt angle in smectic mesophases by neutron diffraction
 1976 Neutron diffraction from a smectic A monodomain
 1978 Neutron diffraction study of the smectic C-smectic A phase transition of TBBA
Lagourette, B.1977 A study of the dielectric properties of water emulsions obtained after a crystallization/melting cycle
Lagowski, J.B.1999 Ab initio study of phospholipid headgroups: GPE and GPC
Lagreve, Christian1999 Optical fiber cable of compact composite structure
Laguerre, M.1998 Synthesis, mesomorphic properties and crystal structure studies of a chiral ferroelectric liquid crystal series
 1999 Dimesogenic compounds consisting of a cholesteryl moiety and an aromatic mesogen interconnected through a central pentamethylene spacer
 1999 Influence of the molecular length on the occurrence of incommensurate low ordered smectic phases for nonsymmetric dimesogenic compounds
 2000 Dimesogenic compounds with an electron-attracting terminal group
 2000 Novel mesophases in fluorine substituted banana-shaped mesogens
 2000 Physical characterization of B1 and B2 phases in a newly synthesized series of banana shaped molecules
 2001 New banana-shaped thiobenzoate liquid crystals with B6, B1 and B2 phases
 2001 New switchable smectic phases in banana-shaped compounds
 2002 Influence of fluoro substituents on the mesophase behavior of banana-shaped molecules
 2004 Stabilization of Phospholipid Multilayers at the Air-Water Interface by Compression beyond the Collapse: A BAM, PM-IRRAS, and Molecular Dynamics Study
Laguerre, Michel1998 Crystal structure and empirical calculations for a chiral smectogenic compound with an antiferroelectric arrangement
 1999 Side-on fixed liquid crystalline polymers: new stationary phases for high performance liquid chromatography
 2002 Molecular Organization of Gemini Surfactants in Cylindrical Micelles: An Infrared Dichroism Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics Study
Lagugne Labarthet, F.2000 Optical properties of a series of liquid crystal polymethacrylates containing nitro-aminoazobenzene and spacers of variable length
 2004 Biaxial Orientation Induced in a Photoaddressable Azopolymer Thin Film As Evidenced by Polarized UV-Visible, Infrared, and Raman Spectra
Lagugne-Labarthet, F.2006 Spectroscopic Linear and Nonlinear Optical Characterizations of Azopolymer Gratings Inscribed on p(DR1M) Thin Films
Lagugne-Labarthet, Francois2004 Investigation of thermochromism in a series of side-chain, liquid-crystalline, azobenzene-containing polymers
 2005 Proton Driven Vase-to-Kite Conformational Change in Cavitands at an Air-Water Interface Monitored by Surface SHG
 2003 Synthesis and Characterization of a Series of Azobenzene-Containing Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers
Laguna, A.2004 Thallium(I) Acetylacetonate as Building Blocks of Luminescent Supramolecular Architectures
Laguna, Antonio2005 Columnar Mesomorphic Organizations in Cyclotriphosphazenes
 2006 Cyclotriphosphazene as a Dendritic Core for the Preparation of Columnar Supermolecular Liquid Crystals
Lagunas, M. Cristina2001 Investigation of structural characteristics of bis(β -diketonato)copper(II) complexes containing alkoxy or aryloxy side chains: x-ray structures of 1,3-bis(4-butoxyphenyl)propane-1,3-dione, bis[1,3-bis(4-butoxyphenyl)propane-1,3-dionato-κ O,κ O']copper(II) and bis[1,3-bis(4-phenoxyphenyl)propane-1,3-dionato-κ O,κ O']copper(II)
Lagunov, A.1982 Orientation relaxation of liquid crystals at high pressures
Lagunov, A.S.1972 Acoustic relaxation of cholesteric liquid crystals
 1973 Effect of a magnetic field on the acoustic relaxation in nematic liquid crystals
 1973 Effect of a transverse magnetic field on acoustic relaxation in nematic liquid crystals
 1973 Effect of a transverse magnetic field on the acoustic properties of the nematic phase of liquid crystals
 1975 Acoustical properties of smectic liquid crystals (SLC)
 1975 Effect of a magnetic field on ultrasound velocity in indicator liquid crystals
 1976 Acoustic relaxation in p-anisalaminoazobenzene existing in a nematic phase
 1976 Magnetoacoustic phenomena in solutions of nematic liquid crystals
 1976 Orientational order and acoustic properties of liquid crystals
 1976 Study of acoustic relaxation of liquid-crystalline cholesteryl caprate
 1976 Study of acoustical relaxation in the anisotropic phase of cholesteryl formate and cholersteryl acetate
 1977 Acoustic relaxation in the region of the nematic liquid crystal-isotropic liquid phase transition
 1977 Effect of a magnetic field on acoustic properties of nematic and smectic p-decyloxybenzoic acid phases
 1977 Effect of a magnetic field on the acoustic properties of a low-temperature nematic liquid crystal solution
 1977 Effect of a magnetic field on the acoustic properties of a low-temperature solution of nematic liquid crystals
 1977 Effect of a magnetic field on the acoustic properties of nematic liquid crystals
 1977 Effect of a magnetic field on the acoustic properties of nematic liquid crystals
 1977 Temperature dependence of relaxation parameters in nematic liquid crystals
 1977 Time dependence of magnetoacoustic properties of nematic liquid crystals
 1978 Effect of a magnetic field on orientation relaxation in nematic liquid crystals
Lagunov, A.S. (cont...)1978 Magnetoacoustic properties of liquid-crystal phases of n-octyl-p-hydroxybenzoic acid
 1979 Acoustic properties of smectic liquid crystals of the B-modification in static magnetic fields
 1979 Temperature dependence of magnetoacoustic properties of nematic liquid crystals at high frequencies
 1980 Acoustic properties of liquid crystals in a rotating magnetic field
 1980 Magnetoacoustic phenomena and orientation relaxation in systems made of nematic liquid crystals at high pressures
 1980 Propagation of ultrasound in magnetic field-oriented smectic liquid crystals
 1981 Anisotropic propagation of ultrasound in polymorphic transformation of smectic liquid crystals
 1981 Anisotropic propagation of ultrasound in smectic liquid crystals
 1981 Anisotropy of ultrasound absorption in a flow of nematic liquid crystals
 1981 Orientational relaxation in nematic liquid crystals at high pressures and temperatures
 1982 Acoustic properties of liquid crystals in pulsating magnetic fields
 1982 Apparatus for the determination of the rotational viscosity of liquid crystals
 1982 Orientation relaxation of liquid crystals in variable fields under changing thermodynamics parameters of state
 1982 Relaxation properties of nematic phases of p-n-alkoxybenzylidene-p-butylanilines in a rotating magnetic field
 1983 Effect of pressure on relaxation properties of p-n-butoxybenzylidene-p-butylaniline in the nematic-smectic A liquid crystal phase transition region
 1984 Dynamic properties of liquid crystals in rotating magnetic field under high pressure
 1984 Effect of pressure on acoustic properties of liquid crystals in rotational magnetic fields
 1986 Orientation relaxation in nematic liquid-crystal solutions
 1986 Relaxational characteristics of the liquid-crystal phase of n-alkyl-p-hydroxybenzoic acids in static magnetic fields
 1987 Relaxational properties of nematic liquid-crystal solutions. I. Static magnetic field
Lagunov, A.S. (cont...)1988 Relaxation properties of liquid-crystal solutions of p-alkoxybenzylidene-p-butylanilines in a static magnetic field
 1988 Relaxation properties of nematic liquid-crystal solutions. II. Relaxation in a rotating magnetic field
 1988 Relaxational properties of solutions of nematic liquid crystals. III. Pulsating magnetic field
 1997 Rotational viscosity coefficient in the nematic phase of p-n-butoxybenzylidene-p-butylaniline
 1998 Anisotropy of the acoustic absorption coefficient in benzene solutions of N-8 nematic liquid crystal at high pressures
 1998 Dielectric properties of the liquid crystal N-8 at the pressures from 0.1 to 60 MPa
 2001 Dielectric relaxation and viscoelastic properties of mesomorphic phases of p-alkoxybenzylidene-p-n-butylanilines
 2003 The dielectric permittivity of liquid crystalline n-alkyloxybenzylidene-p-n-butylanilines in a rotating magnetic field
 2003 The dielectric properties of liquid crystalline n-alkyloxybenzylidene-p-n-butylanilines in a static magnetic field
 2005 Dielectric losses in the mesomorphic phase of an n-alkyloxybenzylidene-p-n-butylaniline solution in a rotating magnetic field
Lagutina, M.A.2005 Identification of the pharmaceutical substances with chelating properties by bioanalytical test-system based on the DNA integral liquid crystalline microchips
 2007 Nanoconstructions based on double-stranded DNA in polyethylene oxide hydrogels
Lah, M.S.2002 Reactions of Fe2(CO)9 with Azine Derivatives: Discovery of New Coordination Modes and Reactivity of New Bimetallic Compounds
Laha, S.C.2003 Multinuclear Solid-State MAS/CP-MAS NMR Studies of Promoter (Phosphate)-Enhanced Crystallization of Siliceous MCM-41
Lahajnar, G.1968 Proton spin-lattice relaxation study of the liquid crystal transition in p-anisaldehyde azine
 1969 Proton spin-lattice relaxation study of the liquid crystal transition in p-anisaldazine
 1979 Dynamics of the n-decylammonium chains in the perovskite-type layer structure compound (C10H21NH3)2CdCl4
 1981 Proton NMR study of a discotic columnar mesophase
 1983 Dispersion of proton spin-lattice relaxation in a cholesteric liquid crystal
 1984 Proton spin relaxation study of molecular dynamics in nematic lyotropic liquid crystals with discotic micelles
 1986 NMR study of the temperature dependence of erythrocyte water diffusional permeability
 1987 Nematic Liquid Crystal Microdroplets Studied by Nuclear Spin Relaxation
 1988 Proton spin-lattice relaxation in nematic microdroplets
 1993 Deuterium NMR of a pentylcyanobiphenyl liquid crystal confined in a silica aerogel matrix
 1993 Hydrogen bonds and formation of dimers in some liquid crystals
 1995 Deuteron NMR study of liquid crystals confined in aerogel matrixes
 1995 Dimer formation and its reflection on the self-diffusion coefficient
 1995 Dynamics of a nematic liquid crystal constrained by a polymer network: a proton NMR study
 1996 Nematic ordering in porous glasses: A deuterium NMR study
 1997 Deuteron NMR Study of Nematic and Smectic Ordering in Controlled Pore Glasses
 1998 Deuteron NMR study of an 8CB liquid crystal confined to porous glass
 1998 Phase behavior of liquid crystals confined to controlled porous glass studied by deuteron NMR
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2000 Influence of surface treatment on the smectic ordering within porous glass
Lahajnar, G. (cont...)2000 Smectic ordering of octylcyanobiphenyl confined to control porous glasses
Lahajnar, Gojmir1984 Pulsed gradient NMR diffusion study in lyotropic nematics
 1997 Paranematic-nematic phase transition of a liquid crystal confined to a controlled porous glass
 2002 Deuteron NMR Study of Orientational Order in Nanoconfined Liquid Crystals
 2003 Calorimetric study of octylcyanobiphenyl liquid crystal confined to a controlled-pore glass
 2004 Influence of finite size and wetting on nematic and smectic phase behavior of liquid crystal confined to controlled-pore matrices
 2005 Smectic Ordering of 8CB Liquid Crystal Confined to a Controlled-Pore Glass
 2007 Presmectic wetting and supercritical-like phase behavior of octylcyanobiphenyl liquid crystal confined to controlled-pore glass matrices
 2009 High-resolution calorimetric investigation of the existence of a nematic phase for the dodecylcyanobiphenyl liquid crystal
Lahanas, Konstantinos M.1991 Liquid crystals in multiple emulsions
Lahann, Joerg2006 From Advanced Biomedical Coatings to Multi-Functionalized Biomaterials
 2007 Layer-by-Layer Assembled Films of Cellulose Nanowires with Antireflective Properties
Lahav, M.1991 Oriented crystallization and nonlinear optics: tools for studying structural changes of amphiphilic aggregates at the air-solution interface
 2001 Phase Transitions and Stabilization of the Organized Hybrid Langmuir-Blodgett Films of Alkanoic Acids/CdS and PbS Q-Particles
Lahav, Meir1995 Electron microscopy studies of amphiphilic self-assemblies on vitreous ice
 1995 Self-assembled crystalline monolayers and multilayers of n-alkanes on the water surface
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Lahey, R.T.2004 Additional evidence of nuclear emissions during acoustic cavitation
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 1993 The effect of short-range orientational order on the nematic-isotropic phase transition
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 1999 Perturbation theory for discotic nematic liquid crystals of axially symmetric molecules: effect of dispersion interaction
 2000 Properties of the discotic-nematic to isotropic transition: influence of short range orientational order
Lahlil, K.2000 Photochromic sol-gel films containing dithienylethene and azobenzene derivatives: from the design of optical components to the optical data storage
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 1996 Structural behavior and photochemical reactivity of silicone copolymers with functional side groups
Lahmamssi, Chakib1994 Thermophysical study of the liquid crystalline behavior of polysiloxanes with pendant photoreactive groups connected through a dimethylsilyl spacer
Lahoche, L.2004 Multisoliton Behavior of a Ferrielectric Phase in an External Electric Field: Genetic Algorithm Study
Lahoud, Nancy2007 Long-Range Surface Plasmons on Ultrathin Membranes
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 1999 Rhodium(I) and Iridium(I) Complexes Containing β-Diketonate or Pyrazole Ligands. Liquid Crystal and Nonlinear Optical Properties
Lahr, Bernd1998 Measurement of degree of order in mixed polarized fluorescent polymer liquid crystal films
Lahti, Paul M.1998 Soluble blue light-emitting polymers
 2007 Luminescence of fluorenes 2,7-conjugatively extended with pyrenylvinylene and pyrenylvinylene-phenylenevinylene
Lahtinen, J.M.2004 Sedimentation dynamics of spherical particles in confined geometries
Lahtinen, Leila1993 Melt-processable liquid crystalline polyesters, process for the preparation thereof and products prepared from the polyesters
Lahtinen, Manu2001 Comb-Shaped Supramolecules Based on Protonated Polyaniline and Their Self-Organization into Nanoscale Structures: Polyaniline Sulfonates/Zinc Sulfonates
Lai, Adolfo2003 Optical microscopy and multinuclear NMR investigation of the liquid crystalline netropsin-DNA complex
Lai, C.-H.2003 Complete synchronization and generalized synchronization of one-way coupled time-delay systems
 2003 Measure synchronization in coupled f4 Hamiltonian systems
 2004 Chaos-induced escape over a potential barrier
 2004 Controllability of flow turbulence
Lai, C.K.1992 Design and Synthesis of New Metallomesogens: Approaches to Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 2004 Heterocyclic 1,2,4-triazoles as calamitic mesogens
 2004 Heterocyclic columnar pyrimidines: synthesis, characterization and mesomorphic properties
 2005 Heterocyclic benzoxazole-based liquid crystals
Lai, Cheng-Chih2002 Electronically tunable Fabry-Perot interferometers with double liquid crystal layers
Lai, Chiajen2000 Phase Behavior of Styrene-Isoprene Diblock Derivatives with Varying Conformational Asymmetry
 2002 Steady-Shear Rheology of Block Copolymer Melts and Concentrated Solutions: Disordering Stress in Body-Centered-Cubic Systems
 2002 Steady-Shear Rheology of Block Copolymer Melts: Zero-Shear Viscosity and Shear Disordering in Body-Centered-Cubic Systems
 2005 Dynamics of a Thermoreversible Transition between Cylindrical and Hexagonally Perforated Lamellar Mesophases
Lai, Chien-Cheng2008 Silica-nanoparticle-doped nematic display with multistable and dynamic modes
 2010 Switching characteristics of silica nanoparticle-doped dual-mode liquid crystal device
Lai, Chien-Jen2008 Sub-Single-Cycle Optical Pulse Train with Constant Carrier Envelope Phase
Lai, Chih-Wei2007 CdS Nanorods Imbedded in Liquid Crystal Cells for Smart Optoelectronic Devices
Lai, Choy-Heng2002 Coherence resonance near the Hopf bifurcation in coupled chaotic oscillators
Lai, Chung K.1992 Discotic bimetallomesogens: building blocks for the formation of new columnar arrangements of transition metals
 1994 Complementary Shapes in Columnar Liquid Crystals: Structural Control in Homo- and Heteronuclear Bimetallic Assemblies
 1994 Transition Metals in Highly Correlated Discotic Phases: Designing Metallomesogens with Selected Intermolecular Organizations
 1995 Controlling Intermolecular Interactions between Metallomesogens: Side-Chain Effects in Discotic Copper, Palladium, and Vanadyl Bis(β-Diketonates)
 1996 Discotic metallomesogens: effects of side chains density in transition metal bis(β-diketonate) complexes
 1997 Discotic bimetallomesogens: highly disordered mesophases of columnar hexagonal arrangements in bis(tetraketonate) vanadyl and copper complexes
 1997 Formation of disordered hexagonal arrangements in bis(β,δ-triketonato)copper(II) complexes
 1997 Hexagonal columnar mesophases in oxygen-bridged dicopper complexes
 1997 Smectic bimetallomesogens: synthesis and mesomorphic properties in oxygen-bridged dicopper and divanadyl complexes
 1998 Discotic metallomesogens: mesophase crossover of columnar rectangular to hexagonal arrangements in bis(hydrazinato)nickel(II) complexes
 1998 Formation of columnar arrangements in copper(II) complexes of 2-phenylazomethinopyridine derivatives
 1998 Liquid crystalline properties of bis(salicylaldiminato)copper(II) complexes: the first columnar discotics derived from salicylaldimine Schiff bases
 1998 Metal-containing liquid crystals
 1998 Preparation, characterization and mesomorphic properties of nickel and copper complexes derived from N,N'-bis[3-(3',4'-dialkoxyphenyl)-3-oxopropenyl]ethylenediamine
 1998 Smectic bimetallomesogens in β-enaminoketonate copper complexes: the steric effect of a methyl substituent on the core group and the crystal structure
 1998 Smectic bimetallomesogens: synthesis, characterization and mesomorphic properties and the crystal structure of bis[N-(3-hydroxypropyl)-4-octanoylsalicylaldiminato]copper(II) complex
 1999 Liquid-crystalline properties of unsaturated piperazine-2,5-dione derivatives
 2001 Columnar metallomesogens based on vanadyl(VI) and cobalt(II) complexes of N,N'-bis[3-(3,4-dialkoxyphenyl)3-oxopropenyl]ethylenediamines
 2001 Columnar metallomesogens: vanadyl complexes derived from β,δ-triketones
 2001 Ionic hexagonal columnar metallomesogens derived from tetrabenzo[b,f,j,n] [1,5,9,13]tetraazacyclohexadecine
Lai, Chung K. (cont...)2001 Room temperature columnar 1,2,4-triazole core
 2001 Steric effect on the formation of columnar phases in β-diketonate copper(II) complexes
 2002 Formation of hexagonal columnar phases by heterocyclic pyrimidine derivatives
 2002 Heterocyclic 1,3,4-oxadiazole as columnar core
 2003 Substituent effects in columnar β-diketonate metallomesogens
 2005 Columnar Metallomesogens Derived from 1,3,4-Oxadiazoles and X-ray Crystal Structure of Dichlorobis[2,5-bis(3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazole]palladium(II)
 2006 Banana-shaped mesogens: odd-even effect in dimeric twins
 2006 Supramolecular metallomesogens. Self-organization of an H-bonded tetrameric assembly into columnar phase from single component
 2008 Functionalized Dibenzo[g,p]chrysenes: Variable Photophysical and Electronic Properties and Liquid-Crystal Chemistry
 2010 Bimetallomesogens: synthesis and mesomorphic properties of coppercomplexes of 3, 3'-(2-hydroxypropane-1, 3-diyl)bis(azan-1-yl-1-ylidene)bis(2-(4-alkoxyphenyl)prop-1-en-1-ol)
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Lai, D.W.2003 Periodic solutions for systems of coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations with three and four components
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Lai, F.-S.1992 Novel high-temperature composites: blends of a liquid-crystalline polymer with poly(amide imide)
 2005 Synthesis and ferroelectric properties of new chiral liquid crystals derived from (S)-lactic acid with alkoxyethanols
Lai, Ghee Hwee2008 Self-Organized Gels in DNA/F-Actin Mixtures without Crosslinkers: Networks of Induced Nematic Domains with Tunable Density
Lai, Guanming1993 Aberration correction by electron holography using a liquid crystal spatial-light modulator
 1993 Real-time electron-holographic interference microscopy with a liquid-crystal spatial light modulator
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 2010 Investigation on two-dimensional photonic crystal self-collimation splitting sensor
 2010 Photonic crystal Fabry-Perot self-collimation interferometer by liquid crystal infiltration
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Lai, Hua2009 Preparation of vertical alignment layers by blending polyimide precursors with and without side chains
 2010 Effect of a biphenyl side chain of polyimide on the pretilt angle of liquid crystal molecules: molecular simulation and experimental studies
 2010 Preparation of novel polyimides containing aryl ester side chains end-capped with alkoxy groups and studies on their surface properties
 2010 The influence of fluorine atoms introduced into the surface of polyimide films by direct fluorination on the liquid crystal alignment
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 2001 N,N-Disubstituted aminophenylazo-4-benzoates: preparation, mesogenic study, structure determination and molecular modelling
 2002 Synthesis and study of N,N-disubstituted 4-aminophenylazobenzaldehydes
 2004 Synthesis and study of azo dye compounds: variation of mesogenic behaviour with length of alkyl chains
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Lai, Lo Ming2005 Functional Disubstituted Polyacetylenes and Soluble Cross-Linked Polyenes: Effects of Pendant Groups or Side Chains on Liquid Crystallinity and Light Emission of Poly(1-phenyl-1-undecyne)s
 2006 Functional Disubstituted Polyacetylenes: Synthesis, Liquid Crystallinity, Light Emission, and Fluorescent Photopatterning of Biphenyl-Containing Poly(1-phenyl-octyne)s with Different Functional Bridges
 2006 Synthesis, liquid crystallinity, and chiroptical properties of sterol-containing polyacetylenes
Lai, Long-Li1996 Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystalline molecules containing the quinoline unit
 2000 Synthesis and mesogenic properties of azo-dye liquid crystals
 2001 H-Bonded complexes of N, N-disubstituted aminophenylazo-(4)-pyridine and benzoic acid derivatives: preparation, mesogenic study and molecular modelling
 2001 New synthesis of N,N-disubstituted (4-aminophenyl)diazenyl-1,3,4-thiadiazole, and mesogenic study and molecular modeling of its H-bonded complexes with a series of m-alkoxybenzoic acid derivatives
 2001 Study of the mesogenic behaviour of hydrogen-bonded complexes prepared from aminophenylazopyridines and benzoic acid derivatives
 2002 Mesogenic study of the H-bonded complexes of N,N-disubstituted aminophenylazo-(4)-1,3,4-thiadiazole with p-alkoxybenzoic acids
 2002 Synthesis and study of an N,N-disubstituted 4-[(4-aminophenyl)diazenyl]benzaldehyde
 2002 Synthesis and study of azo-dye compounds: various molecular stackings from different polarities of the molecules
 2002 Variation in molecular stacking resulting from the different polarity of liquid crystalline molecules: synthesis and study of azo dye compounds
 2003 N,N-Disubstituted-4-aminophenylazostyrylformate derivatives: their synthesis, mesogenic behaviour and photostability
 2005 Variation of molecular stacking with different length of alkyl chain: synthesis, structure determination, and mesogenic study of N,N-disubstituted aminophenylazo-(4)-p-alkylbenzenes
 2006 Synthesis and study of N,N-disubstituted 4-[(4-aminophenyl)diazenyl]benzylidene-4'-alkylanilines
 2007 1,4-Di-4-pyridylpiperazine; Synthesis, Crystallographic and Mesogenic Studies of its H-boned Complexes with p-Alkoxybenzoic Acids
 2007 Single Crystal Structure Determination and Molecular Modeling of Ethyl 4-{[4-(dodecanoyloxy)phenyl]diazenyl}benzoate; Vaariuos Mesogenic Behaviors from Different Lengths of Alkyl Chains
 2008 Star-Shaped Mesogens of Triazine-Based Dendrons and Dendrimers as Unconventional Columnar Liquid Crystals
Lai, Ming-Chih2003 Efficient algorithm on a nonstaggered mesh for simulating Rayleigh-Bénard convection in a box
Lai, Ming Zong1985 Acid- and calcium-induced structural changes in phosphatidylethanolamine membranes stabilized by cholesteryl hemisuccinate
 1985 Effects of replacement of the hydroxyl group of cholesterol and tocopherol on the thermotropic behavior of phospholipid membranes
Lai, N.T.1982 Molecular motion in anisotropic medium. II. The proton relaxation study of acetonitrile: The general A3 spin system
Lai, Nguyen-Thoi1980 Relaxation in an A2 coupled spin system dissolved in a perdeuterated liquid crystal: the intermolecular dipolar random field cross relaxation term
 1994 Lipid composition and structure of commercial parenteral emulsions
Lai, Nina1997 Crystallization kinetics and multiple melting point phenomena of poly(butylene naphthalate terephthalate) (PBNT) copolyesters
Lai, Pik-Yin2002 Adsorption of a random copolymer at a lipid bilayer membrane
 2002 Dynamics of polymer knots at equilibrium
 2002 Jamming pattern in a two-dimensional hopper
 2003 Elasticity of randomly diluted central force networks under tension
 2004 Adsorption transition of a polyelectrolyte on a high-dielectric charged substrate
Lai, S.H.2003 Effects of the H-bond donor structure on the properties of supramolecular side chain liquid crystalline polymers based on poly(3-carboxypropylmethylsiloxane-co-dimethylsiloxane)s and stilbazoles
Lai, S.K.2002 Liquid-liquid and liquid-solid phase separation and flocculation for a charged colloidal dispersion
 2004 Anomalous diffusivity and electric conductivity for low concentration electrolytes in nanopores
 2004 Domains of phase separation in a charged colloidal dispersion driven by electrolytes
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Lai, Siok Lian2009 Optical Imaging of Surface-Immobilized Oligonucleotide Probes on DNA Microarrays Using Liquid Crystals
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Lai, Songcan1996 Storage of color films by means of a single-wavelength laser and SLMs
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 1990 Mesomorphic properties of copolymers containing diacetylenic and siloxane units in the flexible spacers
 1990 Mesomorphic properties of main chain thermotropic PLCs and model compounds containing a tetramethyldisiloxane moiety in the spacer
 1992 Phase behavior and rheological properties of blends of liquid -crystalline polymer with poly(amide imide)
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 1988 Thermotropic polyester carbonates. III. Thermotropic polyester carbonates as self-reinforced plastics
Lai, Y.-H.2001 Supramolecular side chain liquid crystalline polymers assembled via hydrogen bonding between carboxylic acid-containing polysiloxane and azobenzene derivatives
 2003 Effects of reducing structural symmetry on mesophase behaviour: the synthesis and characterization of the 2-alkoxy-6-[4-(4-alkoxyphenyl)buta-1,3-diynyl]naphthalenes
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