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Kuczynski, W.1993 Investigations of the structure of a cholesteric phase with a temperature induced helix inversion and of the succeeding S*C phase in thin liquid crystal cells
 1994 Dielectric method for the determination of twist elastic constants in tilted smectic liquid crystals
 1994 Observation of mixing-induced twist grain boundary phases in liquid crystals
 1994 The origin of the helical twist inversion in single component cholesteric liquid crystals
 1995 Dielectric and optical investigations of ferroelectric modes in chiral liquid crystals
 1995 Dielectric Properties of a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal in Surface Stabilized Cells of Various Thickness
 1995 Dielectric properties of a surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal in cells of various thickness
 1995 Electric field-induced domain structure in ferroelectric liquid crystal DOBAMBC
 1995 Evaluation of the order parameter in nematic liquid crystals
 1995 Mesomorphic properties of a homologous series of chiral liquid crystals containing the α-chloroester group
 1995 New diastereomeric compound with cholesteric twist inversion
 1995 Strong Dielectric Absorption in Amphiphilic Liquid Crystals with Terminal Diol-moieties
 1995 Twist grain boundary phases in binary mixtures
 1996 Collective Director Modes at the Transitions to Hexatic Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Phases
 1996 Piezoelectric and Flexoelectric Polarization in Chiral Smectic Liquid Crystals
 1997 Collective director modes at the transitions to hexatic ferroelectric liquid crystalline phases
 1997 Dielectric Investigations on the Surface-Electroclinic Effect and Bias Field Dependence of the Soft-Mode in a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 1997 Polymorphism of Twist Grain Boundary Phases near the Chiral Nac-Point
 1998 Dielectric studies of the bias field effect on the soft mode of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1998 Polymorphism of twist grain boundary phases near the chiral NAC point
Kuczynski, W. (cont...)1999 Observation of edge dislocations in helical smectic liquid crystals
 2000 Bicomponent systems with induced or enhanced antiferroelectric SmCA* phase
 2000 Linear and quadratic electrooptic effects in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 2001 Kinetics of the Transition between Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric States in Liquid-Crystalline Mixtures
 2002 Determination of orientational order parameter in various liquid-crystalline phases
 2002 Phase Transitions in a Liquid Crystal with Long-Range Dipole Order
 2002 Switching Phenomenon in Chiral Smectics Investigated by Dielectric and Optical Methods
 2003 Dielectric Relaxation in Liquid Crystal Phases with Polar Order
 2003 Metastable states in antiferroelectric liquid crystalline mixtures
 2004 Non-linear electrooptical effects in chiral liquid crystals
 2005 Surface Anchoring and Twisting of Thin Nematic Layers Influenced by Thermal Fluctuations
 2006 Dielectric Investigations of Induced Twist Grain Boundary Phases in the Binary Mixtures of Cholesteryl Benzoate and Di-Heptyloxyazoxybenzene
 2006 Measurements of absolute values of electrooptic coefficients in a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 2006 X-Ray and Electrooptical Studies of Liquid Crystal Siloxane with a de Vries SmA* Phase
 2007 Dielectric versus optical response of chevron ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2007 Experimental evidence of the electric-field induced critical behaviour of the smectic C*–alpha phase
 2008 Comparison of dielectric and optical responses of chevron ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2008 Creep dynamics of structural defects in ferroelectric liquid crystals with chevron geometry
 2008 Motion of Nonsingular Walls in Plane Layer of Twisted Nematics
 2008 Orientational Order of Difluorinated Liquid Crystals: A Comparative 13C-NMR, Optical, and Dielectric Study in Nematic and Smectic B Phases
Kuczynski, W. (cont...)2009 Determination of the bulk rotational viscosity coefficient in a chiral smectic C* liquid crystal
 2009 Non-linear electrooptic effect in antiferroelectric liquid crystal
Kuczynski, Wojciech1977 Methods of optical birefringence determination in liquid crystals from interference measurements
 1977 Optical study of a chiral smectic C under shear
 1978 Ferroelectricity in liquid crystals
 1984 Linear electrooptic effect in a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1985 Electric field effect on electric permittivity of chiral smectic C
 1986 Anisotropy of surface tension in nematics
 1988 Doping-induced ferroelectricity in liquid crystals
 1988 Ferroelectric liquid crystals with doping-induced polarization
 1989 The helical structure of highly ordered smectic phases
 1990 Coupling of ferroelectric modes in chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1990 Electric field effect on the soft and Goldstone modes in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1990 Investigation of the smectic C*-smectic A phase transition in electric field
 1991 Electric field effect on the smectic A - smectic C* phase transition
 1993 Simple method for determination of twist elastic constants in tilted smectic liquid crystals
 1999 Dielectric properties of antiferroelectric liquid-crystalline mixtures
 1999 Switching behavior of antiferroelectric liquid-crystalline mixtures
 2000 Dielectric anisotropy of a ferroelectric smectic C*
 2000 Metastable states in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 2001 Bicomponent system with induced antiferroelectric SmCA* phase
 2001 Systems with enhanced antiferroelectric phase. Phase diagrams, dielectric and electro-optic studies
Kuczynski, Wojciech (cont...)2002 Nematic order parameter as determined from the relaxation data and other methods
 2002 Polarization reversal in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 2003 Nematic order parameter as determined from dielectric relaxation data and other methods
 2006 Comparison of the Crystal and Molecular Structures of Three Similar 4-Heptyl-biphenyl Compounds: 4-Heptyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl, 4-Heptyl-3'-cyanobiphenyl, and 4-Heptyl-4'-nitrobiphenyl
 2010 Field-induced dynamics of ferroelectric liquid crystals with elastic interfacial confinement
Kudaibergenov, Sarkyt E.2007 Preparation and Characterization of Novel Polymeric Betaines Based on Aminocrotonates
Kudar, H.1933 A remark concerning the viscosity of liquid crystals
Kudarauskas, Antanas2004 External control of a stop band position in a visible spectra of photonic crystal opal infiltrated with nematic LC
 2004 Polarized FTIR spectra investigation of the metallo-organic copper (II) and nickel (II) compounds
 2004 The estimation of nanosized droplets in the polymer dispersed liquid crystal
Kudashev, S.I.1977 Ordering mechanism in cholesteric liquid crystals
Kudasheva, F.Kh.1990 Inverse-phase gas chromatographic study of petroleum asphaltenes
Kuder, J.E.1975 Electric dipole moments of a series of Δ8(14) cholestenly esters
 1992 Thermal behavior and laser marking of a novel nematic liquid-crystalline polymer
 2000 Reactive compatibilization of blends containing liquid crystalline polymers
Kuder, James E.1999 Hot-melt adhesives of a polyolefin blend for laminating liq. cryst. polymer and polypropylene films and method therefor
 1999 Hot-melt adhesives of an ethylene copolymer or a polyolefin blend for laminating liquid crystalline polymer and polyethylene films and method therefor
 1999 Laminates formed from wholly aromatic, amorphous stretchable liquid crystalline polymers and nonpolyester thermoplastics and methods of forming same
 1999 Multilayer films comprising liquid crystalline polymers, poly(ethylene terephthalate) or polycarbonate, and a hot-melt adhesive and preparation thereof
Kuder, James Edgar2001 Composition and process for producing stretchable polymers and shaped articles produced by same
Kudera, Stefan2007 Synthesis and Micrometer-Scale Assembly of Colloidal CdSe/CdS Nanorods Prepared by a Seeded Growth Approach
Kudernac, Tibor2009 Controlled Self-Assembly of C3-Symmetric Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronenes with Alternating Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Substituents in Solution, in the Bulk, and on a Surface
Kudlacz, K.2007 Ferroelectric properties of achiral banana-shaped and calamitic-chiral thioesters
Kudlay, Alexander2004 Phase diagram of charged dumbbells: A random phase approximation approach
Kudlay, Alexander N.2002 Rodlike polyelectrolyte solutions: Effect of the many-body Coulomb attraction of similarly charged molecules favoring weak nematic ordering at very small polymer concentration
Kudlik, A.2000 Slow dynamics in supercooled liquids and plastically crystalline solids
Kudlik, Nikolaus1999 Comparison of various screw designs for the manufacture of heavy-duty products
Kudo, Atsushi1993 Effect of temperature on the wear of unfilled and filled liquid crystal polymers
Kudo, H.2003 Synthesis and Photochemical Reaction of High-Performance UV-Curing Oligomers
Kudo, Hiroko1988 Benzene and biphenyl derivative liquid crystals
 1990 Fluorine-containing benzoic acid esters as ferroelectric liquid crystals
Kudo, Hirotaka1985 Determination of hydroxylated thiophenic compounds in a coal liquid
Kudo, Hiroto2008 Induced Smectic Phase in Mixtures of Hyperbranched Polyester and Liquid Crystal Mesogens
Kudo, Hisataka1986 Dynamic fluctuations near a reentrant nematic-smectic A phase transition
Kudo, I.1992 Solidification from supercooled melt under microgravity
Kudo, Isao1990 In-situ observation experiment of solidification process using MASER (Material Science Experiment Rocket)
Kudo, K.1996 Photochromic behavior of thin films of polymethacrylate substituted with laterally attached azobenzenes displaying liquid crystal alignment photocontrol
 1996 Surface-assisted formation of anisotropic dye molecular films
 1997 Flexoelectric polarization changes induced by light in a nematic liquid crystal
 1998 5th Int. Display Workshop (IDW'98), Kobe
Kudo, Kazuaki1994 Photocontrol of azimuthal orientation of nematic liquid crystals by surface-modified poly(vinyl alcohol) thin films
 1995 Azimuthal Photoregulation of a Liquid Crystal with an Azobenzene-Modified Polyimide Langmuir-Blodgett Monolayer
 1995 Command surfaces. 13 [1]. Photoregulation of in-plane alignment of nematic liquid crystals by cinnamate pendant polymer films
 1995 Photoregulation of Liquid Crystal alignment by photoisomerizable Molecular Layers
 1996 Alignment photoregulation of a nematic liquid crystal by surface adsorption of aminoalkylated azobenzenes
 1996 Command surface. 17. Relationship between photoreactivity and ability to regulate liquid crystal alignment of polymers with cinnamate side chains
 1996 Command surfaces 12 [1]. Factors affecting in-plane photoregulation of liquid crystal alignment by surface azobenzenes on a silica substrate
 1996 Command surfaces 14 [1]. Photoregulation of in-plane alignment of a liquid crystal by the photoisomerization of stilbenes chemisorbed on a substrate silica surface
 1996 Command surfaces 15[1]. Photoregulation of liquid crystal alignment by cinnamoyl residues on a silica surface
 1996 Command surfaces. 18. Liquid crystal alignment regulation using photocrosslinkable polymers with azide residues
 1996 Command surfaces. 19. Photopolymers having benzylidenephthalimidine side chains
 1996 Command surfaces. Part 20. Fixation of surface-assisted homogeneous alignment of nematic liquid crystals by cationic photopolymerization
 1996 Photosensitive Characteristics of Poly(Methacrylates) Containing Benzylidenephthalimidine Moieties on the Side Chain
 1996 Role of E/Z photoisomerization of cinnamate side chains attached to polymer backbones in the alignment photoregulation of nematic liquid crystals
 1997 Photoreactivity of Polymers with Regioisomeric Cinnamate Side Chains and their Ability to Regulate Liquid Crystal Alignment
 1998 Polymethacrylates with benzylidenephthalimidine side chains. Part 2. Photocontrol of alignment of a nematic liquid crystal
Kudo, Kazuhiro1995 Electrical Characterization of C60 Evaporated Films using Mos Structures
Kudo, Kazuhisa1989 Lyotropic liquid crystalline solutions of hydroxypropyl cellulose in water: effect of salts on the turbidity and viscometric behavior
Kudo, Koji2006 Wideband high-power external cavity wavelength tunable laser
Kudo, M.2001 Enhancement of Photorefractive Effect in the Isotropic of Liquid Crystalline Polymers
Kudo, Masataka1986 Static tensile and dynamic mechanical properties of hydroxypropylcellulose films prepared under various conditions
Kudo, Shoichi1985 Color liquid crystal display devices
 1986 Liquid-crystal compositions
Kudo, Shoji1992 Photocurable resin compositions for manufacture of liquid crystal display devices
Kudo, Shuji2000 Soft chemical design of transition-metal-oxide/clay layered nanocomposites
Kudo, T.2000 Phase transition and control of self-assembled mesostructured vanadia/surfactant composites
Kudo, Takaaki2004 Three-dimensional interactive processor which processes 64 directional images
Kudo, Takanori1997 Coating composition and manufacture of color filter bearing protective film
 1998 Coating composition for color filter protecting film
 1998 Fabrication process of color filters using pigmented photoresists
 1998 Polymer optimization of pigmented photoresists for color filter production
Kudo, Takemichi1996 Electrooptical device and liquid crystal cell for it
Kudo, Tetsuichi2001 Mesostructural Transformation of Vanadium Oxide-Hexadecyltrimethylammonium Composite by Low-Temperature Calcination
Kudo, Toshio1997 Manufacture of thin-film transistor for liquid -crystal display
 1997 Thin film transistors and production thereof for high ON-current and low leak-current
 1998 Thin-film transistor liquid - crystal display
Kudo, Yasuyuki2000 Driving Technology for LCD
Kudo, Yoshiaki2005 The display profiling method with eyes and colormatching accuracy in soft proofing
 2006 The calibration accuracy of display white point by visual calibrator under various illuminations
Kudoh, S.1993 Carbonaceous gel obtained by oxidation of coal-tar pitch with hydrogen peroxide
Kudome, Hiroshi1990 Heat-resistant aromatic polyesters and their manufacture
Kudou, Shoichi1998 Liquid crystal injection plate and injection method using the same
Kudrevich, S.1997 Syntheses and Photodynamic Activities of Novel Trisulfonated Zinc Phthalocyanine Derivatives
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Kudriavtsev, V.V.1992 Interrelationships of the formation of crosslinked and mesomorphic structures in polyimide chalcones upon heating
Kudrijavtseva, L.A.2002 Lyotropic Liquid-Cristals and Micelles Media for the Decomposition of O-P-Nitrophenyl-O,O-Dimethyltiophosphate
Kudrik, E.2004 Mesomorphism and Glass Formation of Phthalocyanine Metal Complexes with Bulky Substituents
 2009 Synthesis, mesomorphism and electrochemical properties of tetrasubstituted zinc and copper phthalocyanines
Kudrik, E.V.2000 Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of copper tetra-4-(n-alkoxycarbonyl)phthalocyanines
 2001 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of nitro- and sulfoderivatives of alkoxyphthalocyaninate copper
 2002 Mesomorphism of glass forming phthalocyanine metal complexes with bulky substituents
 2004 Asymmetrical porphyrazines as the liquid-crystalline materials
 2004 New glassy material for use at the solar cells
 2006 Copper 2,9(10),16(17),23(24)- and 1,8(11),15(18),22(25)-tetra-(4-carboxyphenoxy)phthalocyanines and their esters: The synthesis and liquid-crystalline properties
 2006 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of iron (II) complexes with 2-(2-pyridyl)benzimidazole derivatives
 2008 New Fe(II) complexes with benzimidazole derivatives as perspective materials for optic devices
Kudrik, Evgeny2000 Lyomesomorphism of carboxyl- and alkoxycarbonyl substituted phthalocyanine copper complexes
 2001 Induction of Mesomorphic Properties in Non-Mesogenic Octa (decyloxy) phthalocyanines
Kudrna, P.2003 Two-dimensional nonlocal model of axially and radially inhomogeneous plasma of cylindrical magnetron discharge
Kudrolli, A.2003 Clustering transitions in vibrofluidized magnetized granular materials
 2003 Collision statistics of driven granular materials
 2003 Vortices in vibrated granular rods
Kudrolli, Arshad2004 Anisotropy-driven dynamics in vibrated granular rods
 2007 Curvature Condensation and Bifurcation in an Elastic Shell
 2008 Swarming and Swirling in Self-Propelled Polar Granular Rods
Kudrya, V.Yu.2007 Two-Photon Excited Luminescent Styryl Dyes as Probes for the DNA Detection and Imaging. Photostability and Phototoxic Influence on DNA
 2008 Functional Organic Structures with Neutral and Charge Electronic Excitations Transfer for Molecular Electronics
Kudrya, Vladislav Yu.2007 Electronic Excitation Energy Transfer in DNA. Nature of Triplet Excitations Capturing Centers
 2007 Synthetic and Biological Functional Compounds with Direct Excitons Conductivity for Nanoelectronic Devices
 2008 The Peculiarities of the RNA Luminescence
Kudryashov, I.A.1987 Adaptive focusing of radiation on a diffusely scattering reflector under nonlinear refraction conditions
Kudryashov, S.Yu.2004 Gas chromatographic and molecular-statistical investigation of adsorption of nonmesogens on graphitized thermal carbon black modified by discotic liquid crystal
 2004 Thermodynamic parameters of sorption of hydrocarbons in the 2,3,6,7,10,11-hexakis(cyclohexylbenzoyloxy)triphenylene discotic liquid crystal
 2005 Adsorption of organic compounds from gas phase on silochrom, modified by nematic 4,4'-methoxyetoxyazoxybenzene
 2006 The adsorption of organic compounds on a modified carbon adsorbent carbopack B
 2008 The thermodynamic parameters of sorption and selectivity of chiral nematic liquid crystals of terephthalidene-bis-2-methylbutyl para-aminobenzoate
Kudryashov, V.A.1990 Macrokinetics of crystalization of binary compounds by the vapor-liquid-crystal mechanism.
Kudryashova, L.D.1986 Phase transition in a liquid crystal
Kudryashova, T.P.1976 Effect of organic solvent vapors on three-component liquid crystal systems
 1976 Thermooptical behavior of nematocholesteric systems
 1977 Concentration dependences of some optical properties of nemato-cholesteric mixtures
 1977 Use of liquid crystals for determining small amounts of substances
 1978 Effect of a solid support on the film structure of a stationary phase in gas-liquid chromatography
 1978 Liquid-crystalline composition for determining vapors of organic substances
 1978 Some dynamic aspects of intermolecular interaction in orientationally ordered mesophases
 1978 Theoretical analysis of nematic-cholesteric mixtures based on representations of intermolecular associates
 1979 Analysis of cholesteric systems with nonmesogenic additives based on the development of the Keating-Boettcher theory
 1979 Thermodynamics of association processes in nematic-cholesteric mixtures
Kudryashova, Z.A.1992 Purification of mesogens by crystallization. Selection of solvents for recrystallization of 4-(n-amyloxy)- and 4-(n-butyloxy)-4'-cyanobiphenyls
 2003 The systems of biphenyl with mesomorphic p-n-alkoxybenzoic acids
 2008 Mesomorphic and dielectric properties of the p-n-hexyloxybenzoic acid-p-n-heptyloxybenzoic acid liquid crystal system
Kudryavtsev, D.B.1998 Kinetics of alkaline hydrolysis of esters of phosphorus acids in micellar and hexagonal phases in the cetyldimethylethylammonium bromide-NaOH-water system
 2001 Substrate specificity of phosphates hydrolysis in hexagonal mesophase of cetyldimethylethylammonium bromid / NaOH / H2O system
 2002 The catalytic activity of polymer-colloid complexes in nuclearphilic substitution reactions
 2002 The influence of the micellar polymorphism in the field preceding the lyomesophases on the catalytic effect
 2005 Micellation, antimicrobic and catalytic properties of N-alkyl-N,N-dimethyl-N(3-hydroxy-propyl) ammonium bromides
 2006 Aggregation and catalitic effect of the branched poly(ethyleneimines) with hydrophobic radicals
 2007 Dynamics of phase transitions of lyotropic liquid-crystalline systems of N-alkyl-N,N-dimethyl-N-(hydroxyalkyl)ammonium bromides
Kudryavtsev, Dmitri2001 Micellar, Liquid Crystalline and Polymer Systems Based on Surfactant and Polyethylene Imine as Nanoreactors for the Transfer of Phosphoryl Group
Kudryavtsev, G.I.1971 Mesomorphic state of poly(p-benzamide) solutions
 1973 Transition of sulfuric acid solutions of poly(p-phenyleneterephthalamide) to an anisotropic state
 1976 Flow of anisotropic solutions of poly(p-phenyleneterephthalamide)
 1976 Temperature-concentration limits of the liquid-crystalline state of poly-p-benzamide
 1981 Study of crystal solvates of poly(p-phenyleneterephthalamide)
 1982 Characteristics of the structure of solutions of aromatic polyamides in sulfuric acid
 1982 Rheological properties of liquid-crystalline polymer solutions
 1983 Study of mixed polymer liquid-crystal systems
 1986 Liquid-crystalline solutions of aromatic copolyamides and copolymer mixtures
 1986 Synthesis of thermotropic aromatic polyesters containing a heterocyclic unit in the main chain
 1986 Viscosity of sulfuric acid solutions of some aromatic copolyamides
 1988 Liquid-crystalline solutions of rigid polymer mixtures
 1988 Preparation of polyamide fibers from liquid-crystalline solutions of mixtures of rigid- and flexible-chain polymers
 1989 Effect of the chemical nature of the heterocycle on the properties of fiber-forming aromatic copolymers and fibers
Kudryavtsev, V.V.1983 Nature of the fluidity of some aromatic polyimides
 1987 Model of the polyimide mesomorphic structure
 1992 Study of thermal transitions and changes of supermolecular structure in copoly(ester amide)
 1993 A model of supermolecular structure for aromatic polyimide copolymers and blends with chains of various rigidities
 1993 Ordered-stacking capacity of oligoimide molecules of imide polymerization oligomers
 1995 Synthesis and properties of polyester-polyimides based on bistrimellitimides and decamethylene glycol
Kudryavtseva, L.A.1990 Effect of liquid-crystalline medium on the decomposition of p-nitrophenyl dimethyl thiophosphate
 1992 Dealkylation of p-nitrophenyl dimethyl thiophosphate in micellar and liquid - crystalline media of the n-decylammonium chloride-n-decylamine-water system
 1992 Liquid crystalline and micellar effects on dealkylation of p-nitrophenyl dimethyl thiophosphate
 1994 Solubilization of p-nitrophenyl dimethylthiophosphate by the lamellar mesophase of the system decylammonium chloride/decylamine/water
 1995 Solubilization of p-nitrophenyl dimethyl thiophosphate by lamellar mesophase of system n-decylammonium chloride- n-decylamine - water
 1998 Kinetics of alkaline hydrolysis of esters of phosphorus acids in micellar and hexagonal phases in the cetyldimethylethylammonium bromide-NaOH-water system
 1998 Nucleophilic substitution reactions of phosphorus acid esters in lyotropic liquid crystals from cetyltrimethylammonium bromide
 1999 Micellar and liquid-crystalline structures in nucleophilic substitution reactions of esters of tetracoordinated phosphorus acids
 2001 The sodium dodecyl sulfate - ethylene glycol - the lanthanium salt self-associating system
 2002 Micelle-forming, liquid - crystalline properties, and catalytic effect of the mixed cetyltrimethylammonium bromide-poly(ethylene glycol) (~9) monoalkanoate (~14)-water micellar system
 2002 Reversed micellar systems based on sodium dodecylsulfate
 2002 Self-organization and reactivity of amphiphilic calix[4]resorcinarene derivatives in water and water-dimethylformamide media
 2003 Micelle formation of polyethyleneglycole-600-monolaurate in low polar media. The influence of additions
 2003 Microemulsions based on cetyltrimethylammonium bromide and long-chain amines
 2003 The influence of the self-association of phenols on reactivity in nuclearphilic substitution reactions
 2003 The mixed micelles of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide as the catalysts of the n,n-bis(2-methyltio-6-methylpyrimidinyl-4-il)-gexamethylenediamine phosphorylation in chloroform
 2004 Catalitic activity of supramolecular systems based on complexes of lanthanum (III) with amphiphilic aminomethylated calix[4]resocinarene, phynol and nonionic surfactant Triton X-100
 2004 Catalysis of nucleophilic substitution reactions in supramolecular systems
 2004 Physico-chemical properties of mixed micelles of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide - alkylphenols.
 2004 The catalytic systems based on anionic surfactants of sodium dodecylsulfate and sodium bis(2-ethylhexyl)sulfosuccinate
Kudryavtseva, L.A. (cont...)2005 Micellation, antimicrobic and catalytic properties of N-alkyl-N,N-dimethyl-N(3-hydroxy-propyl) ammonium bromides
 2005 Micellization in polyethyleneglycol-600-monolaurate - ortho-aminomethylphenol - toluene system
 2006 Aggregation and catalitic effect of the branched poly(ethyleneimines) with hydrophobic radicals
 2007 Dynamics of phase transitions of lyotropic liquid-crystalline systems of N-alkyl-N,N-dimethyl-N-(hydroxyalkyl)ammonium bromides
 2008 Supramolecular catalytic systems based on the alkylated polyethyleneimine, cationic surfactants and calix[4]arene
Kudryavtseva, Ludmila2001 Micellar, Liquid Crystalline and Polymer Systems Based on Surfactant and Polyethylene Imine as Nanoreactors for the Transfer of Phosphoryl Group
Kudryavtseva, Lyudmila2001 Colloidal Associates in the P-Octylphenol/NaOH/Water System and their Catalytic Properties at the Phosphorus Acid Decomposition
Kudryavtseva, S.E.1993 Effect of liquid - crystalline nature on the short-term and long-term mechanical properties of polyaramid
 1993 Mechanical behavior of liquid-crystalline polymers during deformation of thermotropic polyesters
 1994 Mechanical behavior of injection-molded thermotropic polyester
 1994 Self-reinforcement of liquid crystal polymers under static and dynamic loading
 1995 Deformation of polymers producing a liquid-crystalline phase under short-term and long-term loading
 1995 Deformation of self-reinforced polymers at heating in mechanical low intensity fields
 1995 Mathematical description of the stress curve of liquid -crystalline polymers
 1996 Thermomechanical behavior of liquid-crystalline polyesters
 1997 Phase and relaxation transitions of thermotropic liquid - crystalline copolyester Ultrax
 1997 Static and dynamic elasticity of some thermotropic liquid - crystalline copolyesters
 1997 Transitions in liquid - crystalline polymers determined by thermophysical and mechanical methods
Kudzma, Sylwester2007 TEM investigation of laser-induced periodic surface structures on polymer surfaces
Kuebler, S.C.1993 Untersuchungen zur Struktur und Dynamik eines mesophasenbildenden Tetrabenzocyclophanderivates
 1994 Dynamical and Structural Properties of a Flexible Columnar Liquid Crystal Based on Tetrabenzocyclododecatetraene
 1995 Dynamics and structure of a flexible columnar liquid crystal based on tetrabenzocyclododecatetraene
Kuebler, Stephen M.2004 Two-photon microfabrication of switchable diffractive optical devices
Kuechler, Roland1982 Study of defects of surfaces of glasses using nematic liquid crystals
Kuehmstedt, Peter2004 OLED microdisplays: a new key element for fringe projection setups
Kuehn, M.2008 The Theory of Ferroelectric Ordering-Type Phase Transition Based on Configurational Energy Contribution
Kuehne, Daniel2005 Synthesis and structural characterization of highly fluorinated sulfimides and sulfoximides as functional building blocks for materials science
Kuehner, W.1987 Proton spin relaxation study of molecular motions in the lyotropic liquid crystalline system potassium-laurate water
Kuemmel, Monika2007 A Chemical Solution Deposition Route To Nanopatterned Inorganic Material Surfaces
Kuerschner, Katrin2005 Bis-chelated imine-alkoxytitanium complexes: Novel chiral dopants with high helical twisting power in liquid crystals
Kuga, Kaeko2001 Liquid crystal display apparatus with light emitting layer containing fluorescent material on back surface
Kuga, Shigenori2000 Birefringent glassy phase of a cellulose microcrystal suspension
 2001 Effect of Trace Electrolyte on Liquid Crystal Type of Cellulose Microcrystals
 2001 Steric Stabilization of a Cellulose Microcrystal Suspension by Poly(ethylene glycol) Grafting
Kuga, Tsurumi1992 Defect correction in liquid-crystal display panel
Kuge, Takashi1974 Selective tritylation of phenyl α- and β-maltosides
Kugel, K.I.1999 Commensurability oscillations and smectic vortex phase transition in YBa2Cu3Oy single crystals
 1999 Commensurability oscillations and smectic vortex phase transition in YBa2Cu3Oy single crystals
Kugimiya, Shinichi1990 Novel liquid crystals consisting of tetraphenylporphyrin derivatives
Kugimoto, Junichi1989 Graphite fibers with high tensile strength and modulus
 1990 Carbon fibers with high strength and high modulus of elasticity and polymer compositions used for their production
 1990 Carbon-based inorganic materials
 1990 Fibrous materials for composites and manufacture of the materials
 1990 Heat- and wear-resistant inorganic carbonaceous matrix-inorganic fiber composites
 1990 Heat- and wear-resistant inorganic carbonaceous matrix-inorganic fiber composites
 1990 Hybrid fiber-reinforced plastic composite materials
 1990 Inorganic fiber-reinforced plastics
 1990 Manufacture of silicon-containing polycyclic aromatic polymers as fiber precursors
 1990 Manufacture of silicon-containing polycyclic aromatic polymers for conversion to carbon fibers
 1990 Metal-containing polynuclear aromatic polymers and manufacture thereof
 1990 Polycarbosilane-mesophase polycyclic aromatic compound blends for carbide fiber manufacture
 1990 Preparation of aromatic metal-containing polycyclic aromatic polymers
 1990 Preparation of metal-containing polycyclic aromatic polymers
 1990 Preparation of metal-containing polycyclic aromatic polymers
 1990 Silicon-containing polycyclic aromatic polymers for carbon fiber precursors, and their manufacture
 1990 Silicon-containing polynuclear aromatic polymers and manufacture thereof
 1991 Carbon-based inorganic fiber reinforced ceramic composite materials
 1991 Fabrics from inorganic fiber for reinforcing ceramics, metals, and plastics
 1991 Fiber-reinforced carbon composites
Kugimoto, Junichi (cont...)1991 Fiber-reinforced carbon-based composites
 1991 Fiber-reinforced carbonaceous composite for brakes
 1991 Fiber-reinforced carbonaceous composites
 1991 Fibers for reinforced composites for tennis racket frames
 1991 Heat-resistant fiber reinforced-inorganic composite
 1991 Heat-resistant fiber-reinforced inorganic composite
 1991 Hybrid fiber-reinforced carbon composite
 1991 Hybrid fiber-reinforced carbonaceous composite material
 1991 Hybrid fiber-reinforced carbonaceous composite material
 1991 Hybrid inorganic fibers for reinforcing plastics
 1991 Inorganic fibers for plastic composites with high modulus and strength
 1991 Manufacture of silicon-containing fibers with high tensile strength and modulus
 1991 Metal matrix composites reinforced with inorganic fibers
 1995 Preparation of metal-containing polycyclic aromatic polymers and their conversion to inorganic fibers
Kugiumtzis, D.2002 Statically transformed autoregressive process and surrogate data test for nonlinearity
 2004 Statistical analysis of the extreme values of stress time series from the Portevin-Le Châtelier effect
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 1993 Conformation and shape of rigid-rod polyesters substituted with flexible side chains as revealed by small-angle neutron scattering
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 1985 Phase diagrams of cholesterics in applied fields: the two-dimensional hexagonal phase
 1985 Possibility of a field-induced hexagonal blue phase in cholesteric liquid crystals
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 2001 Optical alignment of liquid crystals
 2002 Surface relief gratings on azobenzene-containing films. Mechanism and recent developments
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