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 2002 Freely Suspended Strands and Filaments of Smectic Phases of Banana-Shaped Molecules
 2002 Glasslike character of molecular ordering in discotic lyomesophases
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 2004 Silicon Backplane Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator for Uses Within an Optical Telecommunications Environment
 2009 Helical Nanofilament Phases
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 2004 Why should you calibrate your display?
 2005 Channelized model observer using a visual discrimination model
 2005 Evaluation of 8 bits versus 11 bits softcopy displays
 2005 Grayscale resolution of LCD displays: 8 bits vs. 11 bits
 2005 The effect of spatial noise of LCD displays on the detection capabilities of the human observer
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 2006 Assessment of the influence of display veiling glare on observer and model performance
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Kubo, Takatsugu1997 Relaxation process after the cooling jump across the pretransition of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine bilayers
Kubo, Takaya1989 Polyacetylene Film with Fibrils Aligned across the Thickness Synthesized with a Liquid Crystalline Catalyst under Magnetic Field
Kubo, Tomyoshi1996 Quarts glass substrate for polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistor-type liquid-crystal display device
Kubo, U.1977 Brillouin Scattering in Liquid Crystals
 1977 Magnetic field dependence of laser light scattering through CBOOA in the nematic phase
Kubo, Uichi1973 Raman and Rayleigh scattering in liquid crystals
 1974 Raman and Rayleigh scattering in liquid crystal
 1974 Raman scattering in ethyl p-[(p-methoxybenzylidene)amino] cinnamate
 1974 Raman scattering in nematic and smectic liquid crystals
 1975 Raman scattering in nematic liquid crystals
 1976 Effects of the magnetic field on the phase transition temperature between smectic-A and nematic states
 1976 Temperature dependence of critical magnetic field on Freedericksz transition near smecticA-nematic transition
 1977 Magnetic field dependence of laser light scattering through CBOOA in nematic phase
 1978 Specific heat measurements of liquid crystals by laser heating
 1979 Brillouin scattering in liquid crystals
 1981 Magnetic field dependence of heat capacity in liquid crystal
 1981 Specific heat measurement of liquid crystals by carbon dioxide laser heating
 1982 Specific heat measurement of liquid crystals with laser heating
 1983 Laser light scattering in liquid crystal
 1984 Laser light scattering at near phase transition temperature in smectic liquid crystal
 1984 Laser light transmission in liquid crystal
Kubo, Wataru2005 Ionic liquid crystal as a hole transport layer of dye-sensitized solar cells
 2007 Dye-Sensitized TiO2 Solar Cells Using Imidazolium-Type Ionic Liquid Crystal Systems as Effective Electrolytes
Kubo, Y.1995 Liquid crystalline compounds having 1,2,3-trifluorophenyl substituent for AM-LCDs with low-voltage IC driver
Kubo, Yasuhiro1997 Liquid - crystalline alkadiene compounds, compositions containing them, and liquid crystal display
 1998 Conjugated nitrile derivatives, liquid crystal compounds, and liquid crystal display elements
 1998 Fluoroalkyl ethers, liquid crystal compositions containing them, and liquid crystal displays
 1998 Fluoroalkylated liquid - crystal compounds, liquid - crystal compositions, and liquid -crystal display elements
 1998 Liquid crystal composition for display devices
 1998 Liquid crystal compound having alkynyl group for liquid crystal composition for display device
 1998 Liquid-crystal composition having fluorine-containing aromatic derivative and liquid-crystal display device
 1998 Liquid-crystal composition having fluorine-containing aromatic derivative and liquid-crystal display device
 1998 Preparation of fluoroalkylated dioxane derivatives, liquid crystal compositions, and liquid - crystal display elements
 1998 Preparation of liquid - crystal compounds having fluorinated alkyl groups, liquid - crystal composition, and liquid - crystal display element
 1998 Substituted benzene derivative, liquid - crystal composition, and liquid - crystal display element
 1998 Terphenyl derivative, liquid - crystal composition, and liquid - crystal display element
 1999 Novel liquid-crystal compounds having large negative value of permittivity anisotropy, liquid-crystal composition, and liquid-crystal display device
 2000 Alkenyl compound having negative Δε value for liquid crystal composition for electrooptical display device
 2000 Fluoroalkyl thioether, liquid crystal composition, and liquid crystal display
 2001 Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
 2001 Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
 2001 Liquid crystal compositions and liquid crystal display device comprising liquid crystalline compounds having silane diyl group
 2001 Liquid crystal compositions and liquid crystal display device comprising cyclohexane derivatives with large dielectric anisotropy and low viscosity
 2001 Preparation of 1-cyclohexyloxydifluoromethyl-2,3-difluorobenzene liquid crystals having negative dielectric anisotropy, liquid crystal compositions containing them, and liquid crystal display devices using them
Kubo, Yasuhiro (cont...)2001 Response time of liquid crystal display apparatus
 2002 Liquid crystal compounds having bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl rings, liquid crystal compositions and liquid crystal display devices
 2002 Liquid crystal display and liquid crystal composition comprising difluorovinyl compound
 2002 Liquid crystal mixture and OCB (optically compensated bend) mode liquid crystal display
 2002 Liquid crystalline compound having a difluoropropyleneoxy group as bonding group, liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display element
 2003 Liquid crystal composition having a delta-epsilon- of not less than zero and liquid crystal display device
 2009 Novel Liquid Crystalline Four Ring Chain Difluoromethyleneoxy Compounds for Quicker Response LC Mixtures
Kubo, Yasushi1990 Anticorrosion thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer compositions
 1992 Manufacture of safe pigment compositions for food packagings and cosmetics
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Kubodera, Kenichi1996 Fine droplets of liquid crystals in a transparent polymer and their response to an electric field
 1997 Method and device for optical processing using fine liquid crystal droplets and optical waveguide device
 1997 Nano-sized fine droplets of liquid crystals for optical application
 1997 Third-order nonlinear optical properties of conjugated organic solution media
Kuboi, Ryoichi2003 Detection of a Heat Stress-Mediated Interaction between Protein and Phospholipid Membrane Using Dielectric Measurement
Kuboi, Takeshi2000 Black matrix thin film
 2000 Black matrix thin film
Kubokawa, Hiroo1993 Surface treatment of carbon fibers for improved adhesion to matrix resins
 1994 Apparatus for melt spinning pitch fibers with reduced yarn breakage
Kuboki, K.2002 The Transition from the Splay State to the Bend State in the OCB Cell
 2004 The Transition from the Splay to Bend State in the OCB Cell
 2007 Analysis of the surface order parameter of liquid crystal on a polymer surface using the phase transition droplet method
Kuboki, Ken2006 Analysis and Control of Splay-to-Bend Transition using Disclination for OCB-mode LC Cell
 2006 Evaluating the surface alignment of homogeneous alignment and homeotropic alignment liquid crystal cell by retardation measurement of the surface layer
Kuboki, M.2004 Thermal phase transition behaviour of Liq. Cryst. in submicron pores formed with stretched polymer fibrils
Kuboki, Masashi2003 Alignment mechanism of liquid crystal in a stretched porous polymer film
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 2001 Effects of cell parameters on the properties of hybrid twisted nematic displays
 2001 Electro-optical response of hybrid twisted nematic liquid crystal displays
 2002 Liquid Crystalline Alignments on Polar Surfaces Covered with Amino and Hydroxyl Groups
 2002 Orientational Mechanism for Long-Chain Organic Molecules During Physical Vapor Deposition
 2002 Visco-elastic properties of reentrant nematic liquid crystalline mixtures
 2006 Adsorption and diffusion characteristics of liquid crystalline molecules on polymer surface
 2006 Structure and Properties of Polymeric Semiconductor Films Prepared by Vapor Deposition Polymerization
 2006 Superlattice formation in polymeric thin films prepared by vapor deposition polymerization
 2006 Viscoelastic Analysis in the Formation of Organic Thin Films
 2007 Improvement of Viewing Angle and Polymer Stabilization of Hybrid TN Cells
 2007 Mutual Diffusion in a Polymer/Liquid crystal Interfacial Layer
 2007 Visco-elastic Analysis of Polymer/Liquid Crystal Composite Films Using Quartz Crystal Microbalance
 2008 Viscoelasticity of liquid crystal (part 2)
 2008 Viscoelasticity of liquid crystal (Part 3)
 2008 Viscoelasticity of liquid crystals
 2008 Wide Viewing Angle of Rubbing-Free Hybrid Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Displays
Kuboshima, Yauhito2006 Development of autostereoscopic display system for remote manipulation
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 1995 Mesomorphic behavior of compounds incorporating one-unit linking groups
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Kubota, Akira S.T.1998 Phase behavior of nematic-nonnematic binary systems. II. The effect of hydrogen bonding
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 1997 Color liquid - crystal display device
 1998 Manufacture of liquid crystal display panel
Kubota, Chikaharu1995 Manufacture of liquid crystal display device
Kubota, Hideki2004 The Influence of Polytypic Structures on the Solid-state 13C NMR Spectra of n-Alkanes
Kubota, Hirofumi1993 Active-matrix twisted nematic liquid-crystal display device
 1998 Liquid crystal display element and method of manufacturing the same
 1998 Macromolecular dispersion-type liquid - crystal display element and method of manufacturing the same
 1999 Polymer dispersion type liquid crystal display panel and its manufacturing method
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 1987 The Evaluation of Multiplexability of a Supertwisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Display Device in Terms of Crosstalk Ratio
 1988 The Influence of Aperture Exerting on the Legibility of Multiplexed Dot Matrix TN-LCD
 1992 Liquid-crystal display device
 1995 Liquid crystal composition with heat- and light-resistant characteristics and liquid crystal display device using same
 1995 Liquid crystal display device
 1996 Liquid crystal display devices containing oxytrifluoro-terminated compounds
 1996 Three dimensional decorative product using flexible liquid crystal device and its manufacture
 1997 Fast-responding TN liquid crystal display
 1997 Liquid crystal display device with multiple orientation domains
 1999 Polymer dispersed liquid crystal display and its production method
 1999 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal display device
 1999 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal displays and its manufacture
 1999 Production method and apparatus of polymer dispersed liquid crystal display with excellent high contrast
 2000 Photochromic material, optical instrument, electric device, and their manufacture
 2002 Development of reticle-free exposure method with LCD projection image
 2003 Arbitrary pattern fabrication with a LCD reticle-free exposure method
 2005 Design and Fabrication of MOS Device Circuits with Reticle-Free Exposure Method
Kubota, Hiroshu1997 Active matrix liquid-crystal display panel and its manufacture
 1997 Multidomain liquid crystal display with improve wide-viewing-angle
 1997 Twisted nematic liquid crystal display with low-voltage driveability
Kubota, Juichi1993 Preparation of thermotropic polymeric liquid crystals
Kubota, Jusuke1996 Water-base adhesive preparations of corticosteroids for skin diseases
Kubota, K.1976 Dye laser action in a liquid crystal
 1976 Dynamical study of heat conduction in liquid crystals by high-speed optical holography
 1983 Thermotropic homopolyesters. III. Preparation and properties of polymers based on 4-hydroxyphenyl 4-hydroxycinnamate
 1987 A compact high resolution projector utilizing a laser-diode addressed liquid crystal light valve
 1990 Critical anomaly in the viscosity of a nonionic micellar solution
Kubota, Kanemitsu1998 Liquid crystal display and its production
 1998 Liquid-crystal display device and method of manufacturing it
 1999 Optical separation means and liquid crystal display using the same
 1999 Polymer dispersion liquid crystal display and electric equipment using the same
 1999 Reflective-type liquid crystal display
Kubota, Kazuhiro2000 Electrolytic water production apparatus for producing washing water for such as semiconductor substrate, liquid crystal display substrate
Kubota, Kazuhisa1990 Filling effect and blending properties of liquid crystal polymer-fibril
 1993 Tribological properties of polymer alloys based on thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer
 1994 Experimental study of polymer blends of LCP and PS using twin screw extruder
Kubota, Kazunori1998 Seal rings with good resistance to rotational sliding for rotators
Kubota, Kazuo1999 Hydrophobic group-containing fine particle spacer with good impact resistance and high-contrast liquid-crystal display using it
Kubota, Keiichi1990 High-brightness liquid-crystal light-valve projector using a new polarization converter
 1990 Rewritable computer-generated hologram imaging using laser-addressed liquid crystal light valve
 1995 High-resolution high-brightness liquid crystal projector for workstation
 1996 Eye-position tracking stereoscopic display using image-shifting optics
Kubota, Kenji2000 Linear structure and viscometric and electrical properties of nitrated poly(p-phenylene)s
 2003 Preparation of New Main-Chain Type Polyanthraquinones. Chemical Reactivity, Packing Structure, Piezochromism, Conductivity, and Liquid Crystalline and Photonic Properties of the Polymers
Kubota, Koji1987 Effects of various adsorbents on mycelium formation and mycophenolic acid production by Penicillium brevicompactum
Kubota, Makoto2005 Film and antireflection film having fine irregularities on surface, production method for the same, and optical member using the same
Kubota, Masami1998 Ink-jet recording paper
 1998 Triple-layer recording sheet for jet-printing ink with high gloss
Kubota, Masanori1997 Transparent resin-made covers with dust-preventing maskings for display devices and their manufacture
Kubota, Masatoshi1990 Carbon fiber-reinforced carbon brake friction materials
Kubota, Motoi2006 Interaction of (+)-Catechin with a Lipid Bilayer Studied by the Spin Probe Method
Kubota, Satoru2001 Ergonomics of liquid crystal displays
Kubota, Satoshi1998 Polarizer plate with antistain layer for liquid -crystal display device
Kubota, Shigeo1989 Tetraphenylporphyrin-containing acrylic polymers as liquid crystal materials
 1990 Liquid-crystalline polymers
 1990 Photochemical hole burning of tetraphenylporphine bound to a side-chain of a liquid crystalline polymer
 1990 Polymeric liquid crystal for display devices
 2002 Laser apparatus
Kubota, Shuhei2000 Current collectors for polymer rechargeable battery
Kubota, Shun2008 Supramolecular polymerization and polymorphs of oligo(p-phenylene vinylene)-functionalized bis- and monoureas
 2009 Reversible Transformation between Rings and Coils in a Dynamic Hydrogen-Bonded Self-Assembly
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Kubota, Tadashi1996 Liquid crystal display device for overhead projection
Kubota, Takashi1995 Optical filter apparatus using optical-addressing-type liquid crystal spatial light modulator(SLM)
 1996 Pattern defect-detecting apparatus
 2003 Emission behavior of molecularly doped electroluminescent devices using liquid-crystalline matrices
Kubota, Takeshi1995 Manufacture of liquid crystal display device by using simplified process
 1998 Liquid crystal display and its production method
 1998 Manufacture of self aligment-type thin-film transistor having small parastitic capacitance for liquid crystal display
 1998 thin film transistor for liq.-crystal display apparatus and fabrication thereof
 1999 Manufacture of thin-film transistors for liquid-crystal displays
 1999 Method for manufacturing LCD and TFT
 1999 Organic contamination removal apparatus and liquid crystal display device manufacture apparatus
 1999 Process for manufacture of liquid crystal display device, especially for drying glass substrate having hydrophobic film and apparatus therefor
 1999 TFT array substrate for liquid crystal display device and process for manufacture thereof
 1999 Thin film transistor array substrate and its production method
 1999 Thin film transistor for liquid crystal displays and fabrication thereof
 2000 Liquid crystal display device especially driving circuit and method for manufacture thereof
Kubota, Tamaki2004 Formation of an information network in a self-pulsating multimode laser
Kubota, Tetsuya1997 Formation of photocurable resin-based scratch-free and thin sheets
 1998 Liquid crystal display element made from pair of photohardened transparent substrates
Kubota, Tohru1995 Detection of phase transitions in liquid crystals on a water surface by a Maxwell displacement current-measuring technique
 1997 Maxwell displacement current due to phase transitions in liquid crystals on a water surface
Kubota, Tomoko1999 Polyester composites and their manufacture for heat- and impact-resistant rigid molded articles
Kubota, Toshihiro1995 Application of multiplex holograms
 1996 Applications of holographic stereograms by a large liquid crystal display
 1997 Multiple illuminations method for rainbow hologram using an LCD projector
 1998 Holographic display
Kubota, Toshio1994 Praparation of 1-trimethylsilyloxy-2,2,2-trifluoroethyl alkyl ketone
 1994 Preparation of optically active 1-trimethylsilyloxy-2,2,2-trifluoroethyl alkyl ketones as materials for antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 1995 2-Hydroxy-1-trifluoromethylalkyl 4-benzyloxybenzoate useful as intermediate for antiferroelectric liquid crystal compound and its manufacture
 1995 Preparation of 1-(4-benzyloxybenzoyloxy)-2,2,2-trifluoroethyl alkyl ketones as intermediates for antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 1997 Method for producing optically active and inactive 1-hydroxy-2,2,2-trifluoroethyl ω-ethoxyalkyl ketones as intermediates for ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1997 Method for producing optically active anti- and syn-2-hydroxy-3-methoxy-ω-ethoxyalkane as intermediates for ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1997 Preparation of (2S,3R)- or (2S,3S)-2-(4-hydroxybenzoyloxy)-3-methoxy-1,1,1-trifluoro-ω-ethoxyalkanes
 1997 Preparation of (S)-2-(4-benzyloxybenzoyloxy)-1,1,1-trifluoro-ω-ethoxy-3-alkanones
 1997 Preparation of anti-(2S,3S)-7-ethoxy-1,1,1-trifluoro-2-[4-(4-phenylbenzoyloxy)benzoyloxy]-3-methoxyheptane derivatives and liquid crystal elements using them
 1997 Preparation of optically active hydroxytrifluoroethyl ethoxyalkyl ketones
 1997 Syn-(2S,3R)-7-ethoxy-3-methoxyheptane derivative and liquid crystal display device
Kubota, Yasuo1995 Doubly hydrogen-bonded liquid-crystalline complexes obtained by supramolecular self-assembly of 2,6-diacylaminopyridines and 4-alkoxybenzoic acids
 1997 A new approach to anisotropic conductive networks. A liquid-crystalline side-chain polymer containing a thienyl moiety at the extremity of its side chain
 1997 Color filter and liquid crystal display using same
 1997 Liquid crystal display color filter and its manufacture
 1997 Liquid crystal display color filter and its manufacture
 1997 Self-assembly of a mesogenic polyamide: induction and significant stabilization of a liquid - crystalline phase through complexation of a phenylbenzoic acid with a polymer backbone derived from 2,6-bis(amino)pyridine units
 1998 Color paste, color filter, and liquid crystal display device
 1999 Color paste for color filter and process for manufacture thereof
 1999 Paste for red-color filter, manufacture of the filter, and liquid crystal display device
 2000 Ink for manufacturing optical filter used for formation of liquid crystal display pixel by ink-jet printing
Kubota, Yasushi1996 Active matrix liquid crystal display apparatus
 1996 Logic circuit and liquid crystal display using the same
 1996 TFT active matrix liquid crystal display
 1997 Power reduction of driver-integrated p-Si TFT-LCDs with divided shift-registers
 1997 Transistor circuit for TFT active matrix liquid crystal display
 2002 Active matrix type Liquid crystal display device using driver circuits which latch-in data during horizontal blanking period
Kubota, Yoji2003 Numerical study of soliton scattering in inhomogeneous optical fibers
Kubota, Yoshihiro1994 Manufacture of 4-(4'-hydroxyphenyl)cinnamic acid esters
 1995 Preparation of 4-(4'-hydroxyphenyl)cinnamic acid esters as intermediate for polymeric liquid crystals
Kubota, Yuichi1998 Hot-melt webs, laminates, and adhesive lamination of optical devices
Kubota, Yuzuru2006 Nanodiffraction and Characterization of Titanate Nanotube Prepared by Hydrothermal Method
Kubowicz, Stephan2000 Ultrathin Solid Polyelectrolyte-Surfactant Complex Films: Structure and Wetting
 2003 α-Helical-within-Discotic Columnar Structures of a Complex between Poly(ethylene oxide)-block-poly(L-lysine) and a Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene
 2003 Thin Layers of Columns of an Amphiphilic Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene at Silicon Wafer Surfaces
 2003 X-ray Reflectivity Study of an Amphiphilic Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene at a Structured Silicon Wafer Surface
Kubozono, Kenichi1992 Formation of pinhole-free ultrafine resist patterns
Kubytskyi, V.2006 Electrically Controllable Diffraction Efficiency of H-PDLC Film Composed of Ellipsoidal Liquid Crystal Droplets
Kubytskyi, V.O.2008 Simulation of Photorefractive Effect in Thin Liquid Crystal Film
Kucera, Curt1996 Performance testing of the primary flight instruments for the Boeing 777 airplane
Kucerka, N.2009 The structural variety of DNA-DPPC-divalent metal cation aggregates: SAXD and SANS study
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 2008 Structural changes in dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine bilayer promoted by Ca2+ ions: a small-angle neutron scattering study
Kuchanov, S.I.2001 Microphase separation at two length scales
Kuchar, Martin2005 Laterally substituted naphthalene-2,7-diol-based bent-shaped liquid crystals
 2006 Novel polymerizable bent-shaped monomeric molecules
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Kucharski, S.2006 Photochromism and diffraction grating in cyanoazobenzene polymer films
 2006 Self-Induced Diffraction Grating Storage in Polymer Films
Kucharski, Tomasz2003 Reflective low-cost LCD-based shape measurement system for popular multimedia applications
 2004 Enhanced visualization of inner ear structures
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 1989 Imaging of p-n junctions in microelectronics using nematic liquid crystals on the free surfaces
 1989 Oxide surface state control using neumatic liquid crystals
 1996 Electrooptical effects in low-resistance silicon-nematic liquid crystal structure
 1997 Control of the silicon surface quality with nematic liquid crystals
 1997 Polarity-Dependent Deformation of Director Near the Pore of Dielectric in Structure Metal-Dielectric-Nematic-Metal
 1998 Electro-optical response of homeotropic oriented nematic having Δε>0 in inhomogeneous electric field
 1998 Polar-dependent deformation of the director near the pore of the dielectric in metal-dielectric-nematic-metal structures
 2003 Ion controlled liquid crystal spatial light modulator
 2005 Using the Field Effect in Silicon to Study Charge Processes in a Nematic Cell
Kucheev, Sergey2001 Surface-mediated light-controlled Friedericksz transition in a nematic liquid crystal cell
Kucheev, Sergey I.1998 Domain switch in silicon-nematic-ITO structure
 2001 Polar electrooptic effect in M-nematic-silicon structure
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 2008 Cyanobiphenyls conformation analysis by the infrared spectroscopy and quantum – chemical calculations data
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 1987 Helixstrukturen in induzierten Cholesterischen und Smektischen C*-Phasen
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Kuczynski, W. (cont...)1991 Induced Smectic C*-Phases: Concentration Dependence of the Ferroelectric Properties and the Effect of a Local Field
 1992 Determination of the dielectric biaxiality in a chiral smectic-C phase
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