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Kopitzke, J.1998 On the character of the glass transition in columnar discotics
 1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2000 Columnar discotics in confined geometries
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2001 Polymer Dispersed Discotics: Structure, Dynamics, and Optoelectronic Properties
 2001 Time-Resolved Fluorescence in 3-Dimensional Ordered Columnar Discotic Materials
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 1999 Transient photoconduction in discotic liquid crystals
 2000 Discotic liquid crystals. Materials for optoelectronics
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 2002 Transport in rough self-affine fractures
 2003 Extensional rupture of model non-Newtonian fluid filaments
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 1994 Optical attenuator using liquid crystal film
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 2003 Clustering and viscosity in a shear flow of a particulate suspension
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 1980 Infrared spectroscopic and ultrastructural studies of a hydrophobic membrane protein in a monolayer
 1988 Structures in aqueous solutions of nonionic surfactants
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 1996 Preliminary space environment tests of nematic liquid crystals
 1996 Tunable birefringent filters using liquid crystal variable retarders
 1998 A switchable circular beamsplitter using dual-frequency cholesteric liquid crystal
 2003 Liquid crystal intensity modulator for simulating planetary transits
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 2003 Photonic Materials Based on Mixtures of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals with Polymers
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 2001 Large Coherence Area Thin-Film Photonic Stop-Band Lasers
 2002 Anisotropic photonic-bandgap structures
 2002 Twist Defect in Chiral Photonic Structures
 2004 Chiral fiber Bragg gratings
 2005 From planar to fiber chiral gratings (Invited Paper)
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 1982 Small angle x-ray analysis of orientation fluctuations in molecular fluids
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Koprinarov, I.2001 Quantitative Compositional Mapping of Core-Shell Polymer Microspheres by Soft X-ray Spectromicroscopy
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 2007 The x-ray light valve: a low-cost, digital radiographic imaging system-spatial resolution
Kops, Eitel Friedrich1986 Liquid crystal composition for display device
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Kops, Jörgen1989 Liquid crystal terephthalate polyesters of phenylhydroquinone modified with 3,4'- and 4,4'-dicarboxydiphenyl ether and -ketone
 1990 All-aromatic liquid-crystalline polyesters of phenylhydroquinone with ether and ketone linkages
 1997 Structural properties of bulk and aqueous systems of PEO-PIB-PEO triblock copolymers as studied by small-angle neutron scattering and cryo-transmission electron microscopy
Koptseva, L.A.1995 Modification of elastic polyurethanes with antifriction additives and study of their properties
Kopu, J.2008 Relic topological defects from brane annihilation simulated in superfluid 3He
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 1989 Specific features of the temperature dependence of the adsorption of n-alkanes and n-alkanols on nematic reentrant phase
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 1990 Sorption thermodynamics by the reentrant nematic phase of a mixture of p-n-alkyloxy-p1-cyanobiphenyls
Kor, S.K.1972 Compressional study of alcohols through pseudo-Gruneisen parameters
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 1976 Ultrasonic investigation of cholesteric liquid crystals
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 1986 Fixman theory in liquid crystals
 1994 Ultrasonic relaxation studies associated with n-octylamine-heavy water
 2002 Ultrasonic studies of ctab in glycol
 2008 Ultrasonic studies on lyotropic liquid crystal CTAB in heavy water
Kor, Yann Kae2008 The Response of Elongated Particles under Shear and Electric Fields
Kora, Toshio1992 Color filter for liquid-crystal color display device
Korai, Y.1983 Carbonaceous mesophase from hydrogenated aromatics and anthracene oil
 1983 Carbonaceous mesophase prepared from petroleum
 1983 Solubility and susceptibility of carbonaceous mesophase
 1984 Carbonization chemistry for mesophase control
 1984 The chemistry in the characterization and preparation of carbonaceous mesophase
 1985 Carbonization properties of partially hydrogenated aromatics - V. Efficient preparation of mesophase spheres from hydrogenated pyrene through the reflux heat treatment
 1985 Effect of starting pitch on properties of mesophase pitch prepared under vacuum
 1985 Preparation and properties of carbonaceous mesophase - II. Highly soluble mesophase from ethylene tar modified using aluminum chloride as a catalyst
 1985 Preparation and properties of carbonaceous mesophase-I soluble mesophase produced from A240 and coal tar pitch
 1986 Chemical characterization and preparation of the carbonaceous mesophase
 1993 Control of transversal texture in circular mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber using non-circular spinning nozzles
 1993 High performance, moderate cost mesophase pitch based carbon fibers
 1993 Preparation and structure of mesophase pitch-based thin carbon tape
 1994 Modification of precursor pitch for general performance carbon fiber by blending naphthalene-derived isotropic and mesophase pitches
 1994 Pleat structure of the mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber
 1995 Structure of round-shaped methylnaphthalene-derived mesophase pitch-based carbon fibers prepared by spinning through a Y-shaped die hole
 1996 A two-dimensional 13C-NMR study of powdered and oriented mesophase pitches
 1996 Efficient preparation of meso-carbon microbeads from synthetic isotropic pitch derived from naphthalene
 1996 Microstructure of mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber and its control
 1996 Preparation of meso-carbon microbeads with uniform diameter from AR-isotropic pitch in the presence of carbon black
Korai, Y. (cont...)1997 Modifications to carbonization of mesophase pitch by addition of carbon blacks
 1997 Preparation of carbon fiber from isotropic pitch containing mesophase spheres
 1997 Preparation of mesocarbon microbeads by dispersing mesophase pitch in isotropic pitches
 2006 Development of Mesophase Pitch Derived Mesoporous Carbons through a Commercially Nanosized Template
Korai, Yozo1980 Structure of carbons and design of carbonization with a view to their production
 1981 Carbonization properties of partially hydrogenated aromatic compounds. I. Carbonization of partially hydrogenated pyrene prepared by Birch reduction
 1981 Catalytic graphitization of fibrous and particulate carbons
 1981 Mechanism of carbonization of a semi-anthracite
 1982 Catalytic carbonization of vacuum residual oil from Orinoco tar sand
 1983 Carbonization properties of carbonaceous substances oxidized by air blowing. II. Acid-catalyzed modification of oxidized residual oil for better anisotropic development
 1983 Upgrading of solvolytic coal liquids into a feedstock for the needle-cokes
 1984 Carbonization properties of partially hydrogenated aromatics - IV. Thermal behavior of carbonaceous mesophase derived from partially hydrogenated pyrene
 1984 Selective preparation of anisotropic spheres from commercial pitches by carbonization under vacuum
 1985 Chemistry for preparation of mesophase pitches and design of their properties
 1985 Compatibility of fractions for the development of the liquid crystal state from mesophase pitch
 1985 Interaction among fractions in mesophase pitches derived from aluminum chloride-modified ethylene tar
 1985 Preparation of anisotropic pitch by carbonization under vacuum
 1985 Reflux modification of ethylene tar [pitch] (ETP) into mesophase pitch precursor with lesser amounts of aluminum chloride
 1985 Reflux modification of ethylene tar pitch into mesophase pitch precursor using less aluminum chloride
 1985 Roles of extra hydrogen in the preparation of mesophase pitch
 1985 Synthesis and characterization of mesophase spheres from hydrogenated pyrene through two-stage heat treatment under gas flow
 1985 Synthesis and characterization of mesophase spheres from hydropyrene
 1985 Thermotropic behavior of the mesophase pitch derived from coal tar pitch
 1986 Chemical structure and physical properties of carbonaceous liquid crystals
Korai, Yozo (cont...)1986 Preparation of anisotropic mesophase pitch by carbonization under vacuum
 1987 Carbon fibers
 1987 Enhanced stabilization reactivity of coal-tar based mesophase pitch fiber by blending PVC pitch
 1988 Blending mesophase pitch to improve its properties as a precursor for carbon fiber. Part 1. Blending of PVC pitch into coal tar and petroleum-derived mesophase pitches
 1988 Formation scheme of needle coke from FCC-decant oil
 1988 Improvements to needle-coke quality by pressure reductions from a tube reactor
 1988 Modification of mesophase pitch by blending. Part 2. Modification of mesophase pitch fiber precursor with thermoresisting poly(phenylene oxide) (PPO)
 1988 Optimization of carbonization conditions for needle coke production from a low-sulfur petroleum vacuum residue
 1988 Rapid stabilization of mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber by solvent extraction and successive oxidation
 1988 Study of carbonization using a tube bomb: evaluation of lump needle coke, carbonization mechanism, and optimization
 1989 A microscopic study on the oxidative stabilization of a coal-tar-based mesophase pitch and its blends with PVC pitch
 1989 Carbonization in the tube bomb leading to needle coke: I. Cocarbonization of a petroleum vacuum residue and a FCC-decant oil into better needle coke
 1989 Carbonization in the tube bomb leading to needle coke: II. Mechanism of cocarbonization of a petroleum vacuum residue and a FCC-decant oil
 1989 Carbonization in the tube bomb leading to needle coke: III. Carbonization properties of several coal-tar pitches
 1989 Control of molecular orientations in mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber by blending PVC pitch
 1989 Direct preparation of mesophase pitch from naphthalene with the aid of hydrofluoric acid/boron trifluoride
 1989 Oxygen distribution in the mesophase pitch fiber after oxidative stabilization
 1990 A structural study on the stabilization and enhancement of mesophase pitch fiber
 1990 A study of the carbonization of ethylene tar pitch and needle coke formation
 1990 Cocarbonization properties of heat-treated FCC decant oils with low sulfur vacuum residue leading to production of needle coke
Korai, Yozo (cont...)1990 Comparative evaluation of mesophase pitches derived from coal tar and FCC-DO
 1990 Mesophase pitch derived from isotropic anthracene pitch produced catalytically with hydrogen fluoride-boron trifluoride
 1990 Mesophase pitch prepared from aromatic hydrocarbons with the use of hydrogen fluoride/boron trifluoride
 1990 Preparation of mesophase pitch from aromatic hydrocarbons by the aid of hydrogen fluoride/boron trifluoride
 1990 Properties of fluid catalytic cracking decant oils of different origins in their single carbonization and cocarbonization with a petroleum vacuum residue
 1990 Solubility of heat-resisting polymers in mesophase pitches at their spinning temperatures
 1990 The creation of a skin-core structure in petroleum-derived mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber
 1990 The introduction of a skin-core structure in mesophase pitch fibers by oxidative stabilization
 1991 Cocarbonization properties of heat-treated petroleum vacuum residue with FCC decant oils in production of needle coke
 1991 Detailed analyses of FCC decant oil as a starting feedstock for mesophase pitch
 1991 Mesophase pitches prepared from methylnaphthalene by the aid of hydrogen fluoride/boron trifluoride
 1991 Modification of mesophase pitch through the heat-treatment with poly(vinyl coloride). Modification in the presence of solvent
 1991 Strength of magnesia brick using mesophase pitch as a binder
 1991 The introduction of a skin-core structure in mesophase pitch fibers through a successive stabilization by oxidation and solvent extraction
 1992 Comparative study of isotropic and mesophase pitches derived from C9 alkylbenzenes
 1992 Mesophase pitch catalytically prepared from anthracene with hydrogen fluoride/boron trifluoride
 1992 Modification of petroleum-derived mesophase pitch by blending naphthalene-derived partially isotropic pitches
 1992 Molecular assembly of mesophase and isotropic pitches at their fused states
 1992 Preparation of mesophase pitch-based thin carbon tape
 1992 Preparation, structure and application of mesophase pitches prepared from aromatic hydrocarbons using hydrogen fluoride/boron trifluoride as catalysts
Korai, Yozo (cont...)1993 Evaluation of naphthalene-derived mesophase pitches as a binder for carbon-carbon composites
 1993 Oxidation reactivity of mesophase pitch derived from C9 alkylbenzenes
 1993 Spinning characteristics of mesophase pitches derived from naphthalene and methylnaphthalene with hydrogen fluoride/boron fluoride
 1994 Assessment and optimization of the stabilization process of mesophase pitch fibers by thermal analyses
 1994 Comparison of mesophase pitches derived from C8 and C9 aromatic hydrocarbons
 1994 Effects of carbon black addition on the carbonization on mesophase pitch
 1994 Reorganization of molecular alignment in naphthalene and methyl-naphthalene derived pitches
 1994 Some factors for the high performances of mesophase pitch based carbon fiber
 1994 Structure and properties of thin, slit-shaped carbon fibers prepared from mesophase pitch
 1994 The flow properties of mesophase pitches derived from methylnaphthalene and naphthalene in the temperature range of their spinning
 1995 Carbon fibers from aromatic hydrocarbons
 1996 Axial nano-scale microstructures in graphitized fibers inherited from liquid crystal mesophase pitch
 1997 Crack formation in mesophase pitch-based carbon fibers. Part I. Some influential factors for crack formation
 1997 Crack formation in mesophase pitch-based carbon fibers. Part II. Detailed structure of pitch-based carbon fibers with some types of open cracks
 1997 Effects of carbon black addition on preparation of meso-carbon microbeads
 1998 Anodic performance and mechanism of mesophase -pitch-derived carbons in lithium ion batteries
 1998 Anodic performances of unconventional non-graphitic carbons
 1998 Densification of carbons prepared from mesophase pitch and phenolic resin blend
 1998 Meso-scale texture of mesophase pitch and its spun fiber
 1998 The properties of co-oligomerized mesophase pitch from methylnaphthalene and naphthalene catalyzed by HF/BF3
Korai, Yozo (cont...)1999 Development of longitudinal mesoscopic textures in mesophase pitch-based carbon fibers through heat treatment
 1999 Development of mesoscopic textures in transverse cross-section of mesophase pitch-based carbon fibers
 1999 Mesophase pitch and phenolic resin blends as binders for magnesia-graphite bricks
 1999 Microstructure of mesocarbon microbeads prepared from synthetic isotropic naphthalene pitch in the presence of carbon black
 1999 Molecular alignment and domain assembles in the uni-chromic mesophase spherules prepared from synthetic naphthalene isotropic pitch
 1999 Pitch-based carbon fiber of high compressive strength prepared from synthetic isotropic pitch containing mesophase spheres
 1999 Transverse sphere and texture of carbon fibers prepared through cross shaped nozzles of different lobe dimensions
 2000 Chemistry of synthesis, structure, preparation and application of aromatic-derived mesophase pitch
 2000 Mesoscopic texture at the skin area of mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber
 2000 Structure of melt-blown mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber
 2002 Recovery of Stacking Height of Mesophase Pitch Fiber by Solid-Phase Annealing
Korb, J.-P.1990 Theory of dipolar relaxation in lamellar system: application to lyotropic liquid crystals
 2004 Universal Nuclear Spin Relaxation and Long-Range Order in Nematics Strongly Confined in Mass Fractal Silica Gels
Korb, J.P.1986 Conformations and dynamical behavior of surfactant molecules in short-chain alkyl phosphate/water mesophases
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Körber, Marlies1981 Liquid crystalline 4-[trans-4-n-alkylcyclohexanoyloxy]-trans-n-alkylcyclohexanes or 4-[trans-4-n-alkylcyclohexanoyloxy]-3-substituted-benzoyloxytrans-4-n-alkylcyclohexanes
 1981 Liquid crystalline substituted 4-[trans-4-n-alkylcyclohexanoyloxy]-trans-n-alkylcyclohexane or 4-[trans-4-n-alkylcyclohexanoyloxy]-3-substituted-benzoyloxy-[trans-4-n-alkylcyclohexane]
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 2005 On the Nature of the B4 Banana Phase: Crystal or Not a Crystal?
 2006 Director structures in achiral smectic C liquid crystal cells: field-induced twist domain nucleation
 2008 High resolution optical and X-ray studies of a 'giant' electroclinic effect 'de Vries'-type material for chirality sensing applications
 2009 Chiral Isotropic Liquids from Achiral Molecules
 2009 Helical Nanofilament Phases
Korblova, Eva2000 Supermolecular stereochemistry in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2006 Reflection Symmetry Breaking in Achiral Rod-Shaped Smectic Liquid Crystals?
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 2009 de Gennes' triclinic smectics - not so far-fetched after all
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 2010 Triclinic Fluid Order
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 2000 A Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Conglomerate Composed of Racemic Molecules
 2001 A bow-phase mesogen showing strong, robust analog electro-optics
 2001 Design of Smectic Liquid Crystal Phases Using Layer Interface Clinicity
 2002 A General Polar Smectic C Banana Phase
 2002 Observation of Smectic Layers Lacking Point Group Symmetry
 2004 Main-Chain Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Polymers for Electronic Nonlinear Optics Applications [1]
 2005 Director Structures in Achiral Smectic C Liquid Crystal Cells: Field Induced Twist Domain Nucleation
 2006 The peculiar optic, dielectric and X-ray diffraction properties of a fluorinated de Vries asymmetric diffuse cone-model ferroelectric liquid crystal
 2007 A bistable liquid-crystal display mode based on electrically driven smectic A layer reorientation
 2009 High-Sensitivity Aminoazobenzene Chemisorbed Monolayers for Photoalignment of Liquid Crystals
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 2006 Columnar Self-Assembly of Colloidal Nanodisks
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Kori, Hiromu1998 Pigment disperse-type color filters for liquid crystal displays
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 1986 Fluorine-containing chiral liquid crystals for electooptical displays
 1986 Fluorine-containing optically active ethers and liquid crystal compositions
 1986 Liquid crystal compositions containing chiral esters
 1986 Liquid crystal compositions containing chiral ether compounds
 1986 Liquid crystal compositions containing chiral ethers
 1986 Liquid-crystal compositions containing trans-ethylene derivatives
 1986 Optical-active cyclohexyl esters for liquid crystal compositions
 1986 Trans-ethylene derivative type liquid crystal compounds and liquid crystal compositions
 1986 Trans-ethylene derivative type liquid crystal compounds and liquid crystas compositions
 1986 Trans-ethylene derivatives and liquid crystal compositions
 1986 trans-Ethylene derivatives for liquid crystal electrooptical displays
 1987 Alkoxyphenyl 4'-(2-methylpentyl)biphenyl-4-carboxylates and ferroelectricsmectic liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1987 Cyanoindane derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1987 Dicyanoindane derivatives and liquid crystal compositions containing them, for high dielectric anisotrophy
 1987 Difluorocyanobenzene derivatives and liq. crystal compositions
 1987 Fluoroalkoxyphenyl esters and liquid-crystal composition containing them
 1987 Optically active N-alkylisoindolinone derivatives and ferroelectric smectic liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1988 Cyanobiphenylcarboxylic acid phenyl ester derivatives and ferroelectric smectic liquid-crystal compositions containing them
Korishima, Tomonori (cont...)1988 Dicyanobenzene derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions therefrom
 1988 Optically active ring amide derivative compounds for liquid crystal compositions
 1997 Chiral nematic liquid crystal display device
 1997 Double focussing optical modulator for optical recording head
 1997 Liquid crystal display device of chiral nematic liquid crystal cell containing polymer
 1997 Liquid crystal display with high efficiency of light use
 1997 Optical heads using liquid crystal -filled diffraction gratings for high utilization of light
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 1997 Optical modulator and optical head using that
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 1984 Total internal reflection during the Fredericks transition in nematic liquid crystals
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 1991 Liquid crystallinity by poly(acrylate)s and poly(methacrylate)s with stilbene units
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