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Kondo, Mizuho2009 Photomechanical properties of azobenzene liquid-crystalline elastomers
 2009 Photomobile Polymer Materials
 2009 Photomobile polymer materials-various three-dimensional movements
 2009 Photoresponsive Behavior of Laminated Films Composed of a Flexible Plastic Sheet and a Crosslinked Azobenzene Liquid-Crystalline Polymer Layer with Different Initial Alignment of Mesogens
 2010 Effect of concentration of photoactive chromophores on photomechanical properties of crosslinked azobenzene liquid-crystalline polymers
 2010 Three-dimensional photomobility of crosslinked azobenzene liquid-crystalline polymer fibers
Kondo, N.1982 The flexibility of biphenyl and related species utilizable as molecular swivels in rodlike polymers. A CNDO/2 analysis
Kondo, Naofumi1993 Liquid-crystal display and driving method for it
 1996 Active matrix liquid crystal display substrate
 1996 Active-matrix liquid crystal panel containing mutually connected amorphous silicon bath-lines
 1997 Active matrix substrates and their manufacture for liquid crystal devices with high opening ratio and leak prevention
 1997 Active matrix TFT liquid crystal display with improved electrostatic-resistance and its manufacture
Kondo, Naoyuki2001 Laminate of metal layer and insulating substrate comprised of fibrous filler and thermoplastic and thermosetting resins
Kondo, Nobuhiro1999 Process for manufacture of color filter for liquid crystal display
 2000 Axially symmetrically aligned microcell mode (ASM) liquid crystal display device and method for manufacture thereof
Kondo, Osamu1994 Manufacture of self-sinterable carbonaceous raw material powder
Kondo, S.1981 Proton spin-spin relaxation time in MBBA
 1981 The pair intermolecular interaction energy of the two nematogenic liquid crystals
 1985 11th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Kanazawa
 1986 Dielectric permittivity in smectic-Ad phase of octyloxycyanobiphenyl (8OCB)
 1986 Study on molecular polarizabilities of cyclohexane derivatives
 1987 Birefringence study of the nematic-smectic A phase transition of N-(4-n-pentyloxybenzylidene)-4-n-alkylaniline (50.m)
 1987 On the even-odd effect of volume changes at isotropic-nematic and nematic-smectic A transitions
 1989 Ferroelectric liquid crystals of Schiff base
 1991 Orientational ordering and molecular motion of 4'-pentyloxy-4-cyanobiphenyl (50CB) by molecular dynamics simulation
 1996 Dielectric Behavior of Semifluorinated n-Alkane(F(CF2)n(CH2)mH)
 1996 Monte Carlo simulations using the dipolar Gay-Berne model: effect of terminal dipole moment on mesophase formation
 2007 Domain observation technique for Nd–Fe–B magnet in high magnetic field by image processing using liquid crystal modulator
Kondo, Satoshi1999 Antireflective transparent materials
 1999 Fluoro compounds, fluoropolymers, and scratch-resistant optical thin films and antireflective articles containing the fluoropolymers
Kondo, Seiichi1991 Polarizers, a method for producing the same and liquid-crystal display devices
Kondo, Seiji1992 Circular dichroism filters and switches
 1992 Optical devices
 1999 Light diffusion layer, optical device, and liquid crystal display
 1999 Ultraviolet-curable nonglare layers and nonglare sheets having them
Kondo, Shigeki1995 Active matrix liquid crystal display with high pixel number and high-resolution and its manufacture
 1996 Liquid crystal display and display method
 1997 Liquid-crystal spatial light-modulating element, its manufacture, and transmissive display device using same
 1997 Manufacture of spacial liquid - crystal light-modulating element
 2001 Matrix substrate and Liquid crystal display device utilizing the same in which a conductive film in an aperture region opposes the side the switching elements are on
Kondo, Shigeo2000 Totally solid battery and manufacture of the battery
Kondo, Shinichi1991 Chevron layer structure and focal conics in chiral smectic C liquid-crystal cells aligned by silicon oxide oblique evaporation technique
Kondo, Shinya2002 Biaxial Anchoring and V-Shaped Switching in a Novel Binary Mixture System of Smectics Frustrated Between Ferro- and Antiferro-Electricity
Kondo, Shoichi1979 On the phase transition behavior of binary systems: various nonnematic solutes in nematic solvent (EBBA)
 1981 Orientations of 1,2-dibromoethylene in various nematic liquid crystals
 1982 Studies on molecular motion in lyotropic mesophases of the hexaethylene glycol dodecyl ether-water-d2 system by carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance
 1986 On the orientational order and molecular dynamics of N-(4-butoxybenzylidene)-4'-butylaniline (4O.4) by ESR
 1987 Density investigation of N-(4-n-pentyloxybenzylidene)-4-n-hexylaniline
 1988 Molecular polarizabilities of homologous liquid crystals
 1992 A computational approach to the structure and motion of hexakis(pentyloxy)triphenylene (THE5) in discotic mesophase
 1993 A computational approach to the structure of 4-alkoxy-4'- cyanobiphenyl in nematic mesophase
 1994 STM observation of molecular arrangement for smectic liquid crystal on substrate
 1995 Identification of transitions in lyotropic mesophases in hexaethylene glycol dodecyl ether-water by precision densimetry
 1996 Computer simulation for liquid crystalline system
 1996 Monte Carlo simulations on mesophase formation using dipolar Gay-Berne model
 1997 Dielectric behavior of semifluorinated n-alkane (F(CF2)n(CH2)mH). II
 1997 Influence of longitudinal dipole of mesophase formation via computer simulation
 1998 Computer simulation on liquid crystal order in cell with alignment surfaces
 1999 Characterization of (perfluorodecyl) n-alkanes, F(CF2)10(CH2)mH
 1999 Monte Carlo simulation on nematic order of chain model using mean field potential-order parameter in binary mixture
 2000 Order parameter in binary mixture by Monte Carlo simulation hybridized with mean field approximation
 2001 Structure effect of solute on orientational order in binary mixture by 2H-NMR and molecular simulations
 2002 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Binary Mixtures of Liquid Crystal and Non-Liquidcrystal
Kondo, Shoichi (cont...)2006 Liquid Crystalline Properties and Molecular Packing of Semifluorinated n-Alkanes F(CF2)10(CH2)mH
Kondo, Shosaku2001 Method of fabricating composite fluoroplastic articles
Kondo, Sumio1994 Waterproof sheet having high hydraulic pressure resistance and high moisture permeability, and its manufacture
Kondo, Susumu1996 Liquid crystal display element
Kondo, T.1992 Order parameters and side-chain conformation in ethyl cellulose/ chloroform liquid crystal phases
 2001 "Nematic Ordered Cellulose": A Concept of Glucan Chain Association
 2004 Synthesis and Properties of Novel Liquid Crystalline Compounds having a Difluoromethyleneoxy Moiety as a Linkage Group
 2007 Highly Sensitive Organic Photo-FET Using Photosensitive Polymer Insulator
 2007 Polymer Manipulation and Nanofabrication in Real Time Using Transmission Electron Microscopy
Kondo, Takashi1991 Thermotropic cellulose derivatives blended with low-mass molecules
Kondo, Takeshi2005 A Fluorine-Substituted Hexakisdecyloxy- hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene
 2005 Effects of Concentration and Temperature on SDS Monolayers at the Air-Solution Interface Studied by Infrared External Reflection Spectroscopy
 2005 Formation of Dendrimer-like Gold Nanoparticle Assemblies
 2007 Optical control of microphase separated nanostructures in polystyrene-based liquid crystalline diblock copolymer thin film
 2007 Photoalignment Control and Reorientation of Cylindrical Nanostructure of Polystyrene in Liquid Crystalline Diblock Copolymer Thin Film
 2007 Structure analysis of poly(ethene-alt-maleimide) copolymer
 2008 A Comparative Study of Charge Mobility Measurements in a Diamine and in a Hexaazatrinaphthylene Using Different Techniques
 2008 Control of dispersion-coagulation behavior of Au nanoparticles capped with azobenzene-derivatized alkanethiol in a mixed chloroform-ethanol solvent
Kondo, Tetsuo1998 The influence of intramolecular hydrogen bonds on handedness in ethyl cellulose/dichloromethane liquid crystalline mesophases
 2007 Induction of molecular orientations of regioselectively substituted cellulose derivatives regulated by nematic ordered cellulose templates
 2007 Unique structural characteristics of nematic ordered cellulose - Stability in water and its facile transformation
Kondo, Tomizo1992 Liquid crystal orientation-controlling polyimide film
Kondo, Tomoyuki1990 Bicyclohexanediol-based liquid-crystalline polyesters
 1991 Liquid-crystalline cyclohexane ring-containing aromatic polyesters
 1991 Liquid-crystalline cyclohexylene unit-containing polycarbonates
 1991 Liquid-crystalline fluorinated cyclohexylene unit-containing polycarbonates
 1991 Optically active cyclohexane ring-containing polyesters for liquid crystals
 1991 Preparation of heat-resistant liquid crystalline polymers containing nitro and cyclohexyl groups
 1991 Preparation of heat-resistant liquid-crystalline polycarbonates
 1992 Liquid crystalline bicyclohexanedicarboxylic acid polyesters
 1992 Liquid-crystalline polycarbonates from biphenol and bicyclohexanediol
 1992 Liquid-crystalline polyesters with bicyclohexanedicarbonyl structural units
 1992 Preparation of polyester-polycarbonates with good mechanical strength
 1994 2-Fluorobenzonitrile derivative and a liquid-crystal composition containing it
 1994 Conjugated enyne derivative and a liquid-crystal composition containing it
 1994 Preparation of dicyclohexylethylene derivatives as liquid crystals
 1995 Cyclohexane derivative.
 1995 Liquid crystal compound and liquid crystal composition containing the same
 1995 Liquid crystalline compound, liquid crystal composition, and display element.
 1995 Preparation of fluorocyclohexane derivatives as liquid crystals
 1996 Chlorobenzene derivative and liquid-crystal composition containing the same
 1996 Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Kondo, Tomoyuki (cont...)1996 Liquid crystal composition for display devices
 1996 Liquid crystal compositions and liquid crystal display elements with lower threshold voltage
 1996 Liquid crystal compound containing fluorine-substituted alkyl group(s) and liquid crystal composition
 1996 Preparation of fluorine-substituted benzene derivatives as liquid-crystal composition for liquid-crystal display devices
 1996 Preparation of liquid crystal compounds having substituted alkyl groups, and liquid crystal composition, and liquid crystal display element
 1996 preparation of phenyl benzoate derivatives as liquid crystal compositions
 1996 Preparation of phenyl benzoates and analogs as liquid crystal components
 1997 Liquid crystalline compound substituted with fluorine containing group, liquid crystal composition, and liquid crystal display device
 1997 Preparation of alkenyl compounds, liquid crystal compositions, and liquid crystal display devices
 1997 Preparation of fluorinated alkyl ether compounds for liquid - crystal display devices
 1997 Preparation of liquid crystal compounds having fluorinated 1,4-phenylene skeletons, liquid crystal compositions, and liquid crystal display devices
 1997 Preparation of organosilicon compounds, and liquid-crystal composition and liquid-crystal display element
 1997 Preparation of trans-rich cyclohexanecarbaldehydes as materials for liquid crystal displays
 1997 Preparation of vinylene compounds as liquid crystals and liquid - crystal composition
 1998 3,3'-Difluorobiphenyl derivatives, liquid crystal compositions, and liquid crystal display elements
 1998 Chlorobenzene derivatives, liquid - crystal composition, and liquid - crystal display elements
 1998 Fluorine-substituted benzene derivatives, liquid -crystal composition, and liquid - crystal display element
 1998 Liquid crystal composition for display devices
 1998 Liquid crystal compound with negative dielectric anisotropy value for composition used in liquid crystal display element
 1998 Liquid crystal compounds exhibiting negative anisotropy of permittivity, liquid crystal compositions, and liquid crystal displays
Kondo, Tomoyuki (cont...)1998 Trifluorophenyl-containing liquid-crystal compound
 1999 Liquid crystal compound having negative dielectric anisotropy for electrooptical display device
 2000 Alkenyl compound having negative Δε value for liquid crystal composition for electrooptical display device
 2000 Difluorobenzene derivative as liquid crystal and manufacture of the derivative
 2000 Fluorine-containing liquid crystal for electrooptical display device
 2001 Liquid crystal compositions and liquid crystal display device comprising liquid crystalline compounds having silane diyl group
 2002 Synthesis and Properties of Novel Liquid Crystalline Compounds Having a Difluoromethyleneoxy Moeity as a Linkage Group
 2003 Liquid crystal composition having a delta-epsilon- of not less than zero and liquid crystal display device
Kondo, Toshihiko1997 Automated gene analyses by sequence-specific thermal-elution chromatography
Kondo, Y.1979 Magnetic-field orientation of the liquid crystals of polyribonucleotide complexes
 1979 Structure and the properties of liquid crystals of polyglutamic acid
 2004 Observation of millimeter-wave radiation generated by the interaction between an electron beam and a photonic crystal
Kondo, Yasuaki2000 Apparatus for heating substrate
Kondo, Yasuhiko1995 Ink compositions for color filters with good balance of heat, chemical and light resistance and adhesion for color liquid crystal displays
 1995 Ink compositions for color filters with good balance of heat, chemical and light resistance and adhesion for color liquid crystal displays
 1995 Liquid crystal display color filter
 1996 Black matrix-forming ink for manufacturing liquid crystal display color filter
 1996 Color filter for color displays and its manufacturing method
 1996 Ink composition for manufacturing black matrix of liquid crystal display color filter
 1996 Ink for liquid crystal display color filter and its manufacture using intaglio offset printing
 1996 Liquid crystal color filter and manufacture thereof
 1996 Manufacture of color filters for liquid-crystal display devices
 1996 Offset printing ink for manufacturing liquid crystal display color filter
 1997 Liquid crystal display color filter and its manufacture
 1997 Manufacture of color filters in liquid crystal display devices
 1997 Manufacture of color filters involving light shielding layer formation for liquid crystal displays
 1997 Manufacture of color filters involving light shields for liquid crystal displays
 1997 Manufacture of liquid crystal color filter
 1998 Color filter containing nontoxic isoindoline- and/or isoindolinone-type yellow pigment
 1998 Ink containing carbon black and black matrix obtained from it for liquid-crystal display
 1998 Ink for black matrix layer and manufacture of liquid crystal display color filter using it
 1998 Inks for black matrix layers
 1998 Intaglio printing plate for fabricating liquid crystal display color filter
Kondo, Yasuhiko (cont...)1998 Intaglio printing plate for manufacturing liquid crystal display color filter
 1998 Manufacture of black matrix layer of color filter for liquid crystal display
 1998 Manufacture of color filter with superior pattern profile and dimension accuracy for liquid crystal display
 1998 Manufacture of liquid crystal display color filter by using printing blanket
 1998 Mold releasing agent and manufacture of color filter for liquid crystal display using the same
 1998 Offset printing inks for manufacture of color filters
 1998 Printing blanket and offset printing for manufacturing liquid crystal display color filter using the same
Kondo, Yoko2007 Synthesis of α-Tocopheryl Disaccharides as Potential Antiallergic Agents
Kondo, Yoshihiro1997 Formation of color filter by flexographic printing
 1997 Formation of color filter by flexographic printing
 2005 A cooling structure of a liquid crystal display panel using a liquid or liquid -gas mixtures as the cooling media
Kondo, Yoshio1966 Melt behavior of poly(vinyl chloride) by differential thermal analysis
Kondo, Yoshiyuki1977 The Liquid Crystals of Sodium Salt of Poly(glutamic acid) in Aqueous Solution
 1978 Formation of the Liquid Crystals of Poly(L-lysinehydrobromide) in Aqueous Solution
 1981 Circular dichroism of liquid crystalline solutions of polyglutamic acid
 1986 Functional metal-porphyrazine derivatives and their polymers, 15. Synthesis and properties of poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate)s containing covalently bound metal phthalocyanine moieties in the side chain
Kondo, Yozo1989 Manufacture of all aromatic polyesters
Kondo, Yuichi1997 Liquid crystal cell orientation processing method
 1997 Method for hot-pressing terminal region of liquid crystal cell
 1998 Liquid crystal display devices and anisotropic conductive materials used in the same, with good contact of liquid crystal cell terminals and external circuit terminals
Kondo, Yukishige1995 Spontaneous Vesicle Formation from Aqueous Solutions of Didodecyldimethylammonium Bromide and Sodium Dodecyl sulfate Mixtures
 1996 Solution Properties of Double-Tailed Cationic Surfactants Having Ferrocenyl Groups in Their Hydrophobic Moieties
 2003 Effects of CO2-philic Tail Structure on Phase Behavior of Fluorinated Aerosol-OT Analogue Surfactant/Water/Supercritical CO2 Systems
 2003 Preparation of a W/scCO2 Microemulsion Using Fluorinated Surfactants
 2004 Interfacial Properties of Branch-Tailed Fluorinated Surfactants Yielding a Water/Supercritical CO2 Microemulsion
 2005 Phase behavior of mixed solutions of a cationic surfactant with a ferrocenyl group and an anionic surfactant: surface chemical and electrochemical approaches
Kondoh, H.2001 Surface-Monolayer-Controlled Molecular Alignment of Short n-Alkane Multilayers
Kondoh, Hiroshi2006 Anisotropic Polymerization of a Long-Chain Diacetylene Derivative Langmuir-Blodgett Film on a Step-Bunched SiO2/Si Surface
Kondoh, Masumi1987 Heat Pulse Method for Determination of Thermal Diffusivity of Liquid Crystals
Kondoh, Satomi2005 Novel network morphology of poly(p-oxybenzoyl)
Kondoh, Shinya1993 5.5 Inch video graphic array antiferroelectric display
 1997 Antiferroelectric liquid crystal panel capable of displaying images without flickering
 1997 Liquid-crystal display device
 2000 2.7inch QVGA type FLC-device for SLM
 2003 Intrinsic aspect of V-shaped switching in ferroelectric liquid crystals: Biaxial anchoring arising from peculiar short axis biasing in the molecular rotation around the long axis
 2006 Bistable FLC Panels with Film Substrates using a Novel Adhesive Patterned Spacer Technology
 2008 A Memorable and Flexible Dot Matrix Type Display Using Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
Kondoh, Takesi2007 Photocontrol of Cylindrical Nanostructure of polystyrene in Liquid Crystalline Azobenzene Diblock Copolymer Thin Film
Kondoh, Tetsuya1989 Visualization of natural convection in a horizontal cylindrical annulus by the liquid crystal particle suspension method
Kondoh, Yoshiaki2003 Microscopic and macroscopic simulations for femtosecond-laser-matter interaction by cubic interpolated propagation method
Kondoh, Yoshiomi2004 Self-organization phenomena and decaying self-similar state in two-dimensional incompressible viscous fluids
Kondou, Masahiro1997 Development of a new pellicle for use with the new generation reticle
Kondou, Takashi1992 Liquid - crystal organopolysiloxanes, their preparation, and liquid -crystal compositions containing them
Kondou, Tomoyuki1998 Fluoroalkylated liquid - crystal compounds, liquid - crystal compositions, and liquid -crystal display elements
 1998 Liquid crystal composition containing dioxane derivatives for liquid crystal element
 1998 Substituted benzene derivative, liquid - crystal composition, and liquid - crystal display element
 1998 Terphenyl derivative, liquid - crystal composition, and liquid - crystal display element
Kondou, Y.1993 Blending of modified polyphenylene ether with a liquid crystalline copolyester
 1993 Effects of the addition of a liquid-crystalline copolyester to polystyrenes on blending torque and mechanical properties of blends
Kondov, Ivan2002 Stochastic unraveling of time-local quantum master equations beyond the Lindblad class
Kondrasheva, E.A.1991 The role of membrane lipids in information recording and storing processes. 1. The effect of the neuropeptide ACTH on the dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine polymorphism in water dispersion
Kondrashina, O.V.2007 Rare-earth-cation-induced change in the cholesteric twisting of neighboring nucleic acid molecules
Kondrashkina, Elena2005 Kinetics of Lamellar-to-Cubic and Intercubic Phase Transitions of Pure and Cytochrome c Containing Monoolein Dispersions Monitored by Time-Resolved Small-Angle X-ray Diffraction
Kondrashov, P.E.1986 Determination of optically active additives in liquid-crystalline materials
Kondrat, A.2008 Commensurate Spin Density Wave in LaFeAsO: A Local Probe Study
Kondrat, S.2005 Nematic liquid crystal in contact with periodically patterned surfaces
Kondrat, Svyatoslav2001 Uniform and nonuniform textures of a nematic liquid crystal in contact with an inhomogeneous substrate
 2003 Orientational phase transition and the solvation force in a nematic liquid crystal confined between inhomogeneous substrates
 2009 Nematic liquid crystals in contact with patterned substrates
 2009 On the theory of bulk and interfacial properties of ionic liquid crystals
 2010 Phase behavior of ionic liquid crystals
Kondratenko, P.A.1985 Thermal sensitivity of film thermal indicators produced from cholesteric liquid crystals
 1986 Excimer fluorescence of 4-octyloxy-4'-heptyl-α-cyanostilbene
 1986 Method for comparison of the quality of temperature indicators based on cholesteric liquid crystals
Kondratenkov, V.M.1991 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of 4'-cyano-3'-chloro-4-biphenylyl esters of trans-4-alkylcyclohexanecarboxylic and 4-alkylbenzoic acids
 1991 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of 4-alkyl-3,4'-disubstituted biphenyls and terphenyls
Kondrat'ev, I.A.1974 Change in the shape of mesophase spherical particles during heat treatment
Kondrat'ev, R.V.1999 (+)-Tartaric acid derivatives - synthesis, structure, and induction of spiral structures in liquid-crystal systems
Kondrat'eva, R.V.1980 Cholesteryl cyclohexanecarboxylate
 1986 Mesomorphogens. VI. Cholesteryl and thiocholesteryl esters of cycloalkanecarboxylic acids
 1988 Induced spiral structures of mixtures of cholesterol derivatives with smectogenic nematics
 1988 Induction of the helical structure in nematic liquid crystals by chiral dopants
 1997 Synthesis of 1,3,4-trisubstituted pyrrolidine-2,5-diones and their rotatory power
 2007 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of esters derived from alkanediols
Kondrathyeva, R.V.1997 Synthesis, Structure of the 1,3,4-Three Substituted 2,5-Diketopyrrolidines and their Behaviour in the Liquid Crystalline Systems
Kondratko, P.T.2000 Structural study of the smectic-I to smectic-F transition in freely suspended films
Kondratyeva, R.V.1987 7th Liq. Cryst. Conf. Soc. Countries, Pardubice
 1993 Peculiarities of temperature dependences of helical pitch of R,R-tartaric acid derivatives
 2000 The synthesis and structure of 1,3,4-trisubstituted 2,5-dioxopyrrolidines and their behaviour in liquid crystalline systems
 2008 New bent-shaped liquid crystalline derivatives of 2,7-dihydroxynaphthalene containing lateral bromine atoms
 2010 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of unsymmetrical banana-shaped 1,3-dihydroxybenzene esters
Kondratyuk, Zh.A.2009 New steroid α,β-unsaturated ketones as chiral components of induced cholesteric liquid crystal systems
Kondrin, M.V.2003 Structural transformations in liquid, crystalline, and glassy B2O3 under high pressure
 2004 Structural Transformations in Liquid, Crystalline and Glassy B2O3 under High Pressure
 2008 AsS Melt Under Pressure: One Substance, Three Liquids
Kondyrev, A.1992 Morphology of laser damage of polymer films produced by 1.06 μm picosecond pulses
Kondyrev, A.M.1992 The characterization of optical resistance of plastics and polymeric composites at 1.06 μm
Koneracka, M.1995 Study of magnetic Freedericksz transition in ferronematic
 1996 Study of the magnetic Fredericksz transition in ferronematics
 1997 Study of magnetic Fredericksz transition in ferronematics
 1997 Study of magnetic Fredericksz transition in ferronematics. Liquid crystals doped with fine magnetic particles
 1998 The effect of magnetic field on the electric Fredericksz transition in ferronematics
 1999 The influence of magnetic field on electric Fredericksz transition in 8CB-based ferronematic
 1999 The influence of magnetic field on electric Fredericksz transition in 8CB-based ferronematic
 2001 The structural transitions in liquid crystals doped with fine magnetic particles
 2004 The structural transitions in the thermotropic ferronematics
 2008 The anchoring energy of liquid crystal molecules to magnetic particles in HAB-based ferronematics.
 2009 The structural phase transitions in 6CB-based ferronematics.
 2006 Temperature dependence of the critical magnetic field of the structural transition in MBBA-based ferronematics
Konev, S.A.1987 Light-scattering study of thermotropic liquid crystals and micellar solutions
Konevets, V.I.1981 Study of the light scattering of poly(p-phenyleneterephthalamide) in a transition into a liquid-crystal state
 1985 Study of the structure of moderately concentrated solutions of some polyamides in the region of compositions preceding the formation of liquid crystals
Konforti, N.1988 Phase-only modulation with twisted nematic liquid-crystal spatial light modulators
Konforti, Naim1993 Invariant pattern recognition and hybrid neural network
Kong, B.2001 Synthesis and characterization of a trefoil-shaped liquid crystal based on 1,3,5-triazine with carbazole groups
Kong, Bin2000 Improvement of LPS-based command surfaces: effect of inserting a flexible disiloxane segment into the azo side chain on photo-driven response
 2001 Synthesis and characterization of a metal chelate-bridged quasi-ladder main chain discotic liquid crystal polymer
 2001 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of a novel ladder-like 1,4-phenylene-bridged liquid crystalline polysiloxane containing ester-based mesogenic side groups
Kong, Bo2009 Study on liquid-crystalline copolymers as a new β-nucleator to induce crystallization structure of isotactic polypropylene
Kong, C.F.1984 Carbon-13 chemical shift tensors of halobenzenes
 1985 Interaction between perfluoro chemicals and phosphatidylcholine vesicles
Kong, D.2007 One-Step Aqueous Solvothermal Synthesis of In2O3 Nanocrystals
Kong, De-lun2006 Synthesis and characterization of side-chain liquid crystal polyacrylate
Kong, Dejun1996 Properties of MNBA-Et (4'-nitrobenzylidene-3-ethylcarbonylamino-4-methoxyaniline) melt
Kong, Fanling1997 Regio- and stereoselective reaction of 1-acyl-4-chlorocyclohexane with substituted aromatics
Kong, Haeng Sik2000 Liquid crystal display device thin film transistor substrate and its manufacture
Kong, Hao2004 Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-Coated Carbon Nanotubes: Temperature-Sensitive Molecular Nanohybrids in Water
Kong, Hong1998 Study of lyotropic liquid crystals formed by DCDAC/n-butanol/water ternary system
Kong, Hong Jin1994 Design, fabrication and testing of active liquid crystal waveplate
 1994 Phase shifting Twyman-Green interferometer utilizing nematic and cholesteric liquid crystal cells
Kong, Huangkuan1988 Synthesis of fluorocarbon phospholipids and the formation of their liposomes
Kong, Hyoun-Joong2009 Indirect ophthalmoscopic stereo video system using three-dimensional LCD
Kong, J.-I.2004 Catenation of 1,1-dichlorotertaphenylsilole and 1,1-dichlorotetraphenylgermole to optoelectronic polymers
Kong, Jie2005 Synthesis and characterization of side-chain liquid-crystalline polymers and study of their role in the crystallization of high-density polyethylene
Kong, Jin Au2004 Left-handed materials composed of only S-shaped resonators
 2004 Robust method to retrieve the constitutive effective parameters of metamaterials
Kong, Jong-Yun2008 Syntheses and alignment behavior of liquid crystalline polymethacrylates having 2- and 4-styrylpyridine moieties
Kong, Ju-Shik2000 Synthesis of thermotropic polyurethanes containing imide units and their mesophase behavior
Kong, Lei2007 Conformation Orientation of Syndiotactic Polypropylene Induced by Deformation at Different Temperatures
Kong, Lingguang2008 Research and advance of in situ composites based on liquid crystalline polymers with polyamide
Kong, Lingjie2008 Effects of the structures of polymerizable monomers on the electro-optical properties of UV cured polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
Kong, Minghui2003 Topological defects and nonhomogeneous melting of large two-dimensional Coulomb clusters
 2004 Nonlinear screening in large two-dimensional Coulomb clusters
 2004 Structure and spectrum of two-dimensional clusters confined in a hard wall potential
Kong, N.F.1998 Interface modification of PC/LCP in situ composites and its influence on impact strength
Kong, Nam-Yong2007 LCD TV comparable to CRT TV for moving image quality: world's best MPRT LCD TV
Kong, Q.2002 Subluminous phase velocity of a focused laser beam and vacuum laser acceleration
 2004 Electron bunch trapping and compression by an intense focused pulse laser
Kong, Robert C.1982 Mesogenic polysiloxane stationary phase for high-resolution gas chromatography of isomeric polycyclic aromatic compounds
Kong, Sik On2001 Methods to reduce light leakage in LCD-on-silicon devices
 2003 Fabrication of LCD-on-silicon pixel devices
Kong, Sung Min2008 Method for Mono-dispersed Large Spherical Particles of Silica for LCD Spacer
Kong, Taehyun1997 Interfacial adhesion strength between fibers of liquid crystalline polymer and thermoplastic matrix
Kong, Xiang-Mu2003 Critical dynamics of the Gaussian model with multispin transitions
 2004 Critical dynamics of the kinetic Glauber-Ising model on hierarchical lattices
Kong, Xiang-Xing1994 Build-up of polymeric molecular deposition films bearing mesogenic groups
 1997 Synthesis and Properties of Stereoregular Polyacetylenes Containing Cyano Groups, Poly[[4-[[[n-[(4'-cyano-4-biphenylyl)-oxy]alkyl]oxy]carbonyl]phenyl]acetylenes]
 1997 Synthesis of poly(phenylacetylenes) containing polar cyano groups
 1998 Influence of backbone rigidity on the liquid crystallinity of mesogen -containing polyacetylenes
 1998 Liquid Crystalline Polyacetylenes: Synthesis and Properties of Poly{n-[((4'-cyano-4-biphenylyl)oxy)carbonyl]-1-alkynes}
 1998 Mesomorphic properties of mesogen -containing polyacetylenes
 1998 Synthesis and Novel Mesomorphic Properties of the Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polyacetylenes Containing Phenyl Benzoate Mesogens with Cyano and Methoxy Tails
 1999 Effects of the variation of interconnecting groups on the properties of liquid-crystalline polyacetylenes
 1999 Influence of spacer length on liquid crystalline properties of polyalkynes with ester and ether interconnecting groups
 1999 Liquid crystalline polyacetylenes: a new class of mesomorphic materials with novel optical and electronic properties
 1999 Mechanical perturbation induced molecular alignments in a side-chain liquid crystalline polyacetylene, poly{10-[4-(4'-methoxyphenoxycarbonyl)phenoxycarbonyl]-1-decyne}
 1999 Study on side chain liquid crystalline polyacetylenes: influence of spacer length on mesomorphic properties
 1999 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of a side chain liquid crystalline polyacetylene containing phenyl benzoate mesogens
 1999 Synthesis, Mesomorphism, Isomerization, and Aromatization of Stereoregular Poly{[4-({[6-({[4'-(heptyl)oxy-4-biphenylyl]carbonyl}oxy)-hexyl]oxy}carbonyl)phenyl]acetylene}
 2000 Influence of tail length on mesomorphic properties of side chain liquid crystalline polyacetylenes
 2000 Liquid crystalline polyacetylenes with tunable luminescent properties
 2000 Synthesis and Properties of Liquid Crystalline Polyacetylenes with Different Spacer Lengths and Bridge Orientations
 2001 Amphiphilic Polymer Brushes Grown from the Silicon Surface by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
 2002 Synthesis, Nanostructures, and Functionality of Amphiphilic Liquid Crystalline Block Copolymers with Azobenzene Moieties
 2003 Photocrosslinkable liquid-crystalline block copolymers with coumarin units synthesized with atom transfer radical polymerization
Kong, Xiang-Xing (cont...)2004 Block Copolymers Containing Conjugated Polymer and Polypeptide Sequences: Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Electroactive and Photoactive Nanostructures
Kong, Yue1992 Spatial light modulators and their application for optical correlation
Koniarz, A.2002 Order Parameter Fluctuations in Ferro- and Antiferroelectric Phases of Two Selected Fluorinated Compounds
Konieczny, J.1994 Bis azo dye liquid crystalline micelles as possible drug carriers in immunotargeting technique
Konieczny, L.1998 Self-assembly of Congo Red. A theoretical and experimental approach to identify its supramolecular organization in water and salt solutions
Konieczny, Leszek1996 Perspectives in using liquid crystals to stabilize the functional conformation of proteins
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