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Kobayashi, Yukio1998 Armor crystal
 1998 Fluorine base elastomer seal products for liquid crystal and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
 1998 Spoq armor, white fluoro rubber for liquid crystals and semiconductor devices
Kobayasi, Manami2009 Electromechanics of Monodomain Chiral Smectic C Elastomer: Mechanical Response to Electric Stimulation
Kobe, Naoto2004 Multiview autosterescopic display with floating real image
Kobe, Toshio1999 Specific resistance adjustment apparatus and method for ultrapure water
Kobelev, Vladimir2003 Thermodynamics of electrolytes on anisotropic lattices
Kobelke, J.2009 Photonic Crystal Fiber with Dual Frequency Response
Kober, E.V.1996 Peculiarities of the orientational state of completely aromatic thermotropic polyesters with mesogens in the main chain
 1997 Recording of IR spectra of polymer specimen surfaces with a rough relief using thermoplastic ATR elements
Kober, K.1998 Orientational ordering in fibers made of wholly aromatic main chain LC polyesters
Koberger, C.1979 Neutron quasi-elastic scattering of n-nonadecane
Köberl, M.1997 Enthalpy is a proper criterion for comparability of monolayer and bilayer studies: isobaric temperature scanning measurements on glycolipid monolayers
 1998 Cooperativity of glycolipid phase transitions: a critical comparison of results from equilibrium X-ray, density and microcalorimetric measurements
 1998 Temperature scanning simultaneous small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering studies on glycolipid vesicles: areas, expansion coefficients and hydration
Köberle, M.1999 Fabrication and Electrooptical Characterisation of an AFLC-MIM Device
Köberle, Peter1992 The structural order of some novel ionic polymers, 1. X-ray scattering studies
 1992 The structural order of some novel ionic polymers, 2. Models of molecular packing
 1993 Recent developments in the field of micellar polymers
Koberstein, J.1994 Anisotropic alignment of a nematic liquid crystal controlled by a polarization sensitive Langmuir-Blodgett command layer
Koberstein, J.T.1989 Multiple melting in polyurethane block copolymers
 1994 The effect of thermal annealing on the thermal properties and molecular weight of a segmented polyurethane copolymer
Kobi, Akio1985 Liquid crystal compounds
 1985 Liquid crystal compounds
 1985 Nematic liquid crystals
 1985 Oriented polyacetylene films
 1991 Preparation of chiral compounds as liquid crystal compositions
 1995 Guest/host-type liquid crystal composition capable of color display
Kobilarov, R.2003 Comment on "Atomic spectral line-free parameter deconvolution procedure"
Kobinata, S.1983 On a characteristic of nematic-isotropic phase transition
 1984 A study of orientational order in n-CB nematics by Resonance Raman Probe Method
 1984 Dependence of Raman depolarisation ratios in liquid crystals on sample thickness
 1985 A study of orientational characteristics of nematics by means of polarized fluorescence
 1986 Molecular ordering in liquid crystals and the effect of end-chains on the even-odd effect
 1989 Orientational characteristics of nCB (n = 5,6,7) liquid crystals by means of fluorescence probe method
 1989 Spectroscopic and thermodynamic studies of binary mixtures composed of nematogenic and nonnematogenic components
 1995 Phase behavior of nematic-nonnematic binary systems
 2000 Phase behaviour of nematic and non-nematic binary systems: IV. p-terphenyl and its analogues in 5CB
 2001 Charge transfer interaction between the nematogen 5CB and non-liquid crystal
Kobinata, Shunsuke1980 Determination of order parameters in liquid crystal by resonance Raman method; MBBA as probed by β-carotene
 1981 Determination of order parameters in liquid crystal by resonance Raman method; 5CB as probed by β-carotene
 1981 The order parameters of some nematic liquid crystals measured by the resonance Raman effect and its relevance to the nematic-isotropic phase transition
 1986 Molecular conformation and orientational order in nCB liquid crystals
 1997 Phase behavior of nematic-nonnematic binary systems - effects of hydrogen bonding
 1998 Phase behavior of nematic-nonnematic binary systems. II. The effect of hydrogen bonding
 1998 Phase behavior of nematic-nonnematic binary systems: III. The effect of hydrogen bonding interaction
Kobori, Yoshihiro1988 Cholesteric liquid crystal polyesters
 1997 Liquid crystal optical film as compensation film for liquid crystal display to reduce view angle dependence
 1997 Manufacture for liquid crystal display element
 1997 Manufacture of compensating plate with excellent heat stability for liquid crystal display
 1997 Preparation of 2,3,6,7,10,11-hexaacetoxytriphenylene as a material for mesogens of discotic liquid crystals
 1997 Preparation of 2,3,6,7,10,11-hexahydroxytriphenylene by reduction of its transition metal complexes or its quinone form
 1997 Preparation of discotic liquid - crystal compounds from polyacetyloxy condensed aromatic compounds and carboxylic acids
 1997 Preparation of discotic liquid crystal compounds by acetylation of polyhydroxyarenes followed by transesterification
 1998 Preparation of 1,2,5,6,8,9,12,13-octahydroxydibenzonaphthacene and their acetylated derivatives as materials for leuco dyes and mesogen of discotic liquid crystals
 1999 Preparation of hydroxystilbenecarboxylic acids from aromatic aldehydes and aromatic phosphorus compounds
 1999 Preparation of liquid crystal compounds having photocurable group
 2000 Application of Liquid Crystalline Polymer Film to Display Devices
 2000 Film for twisted nematic liquid-crystal display device
 2001 Optical properties of diffusion-type cholesteric liquid crystalline polymer film
Kobori, Yuji2000 Detoxification and recycling of glass wastes from flat liquid-crystal display panels
Koboshi, Shigeharu1992 Nonsubstantive color developer for color filter and its use in manufacturing color filter for color liquid crystal display
 1992 Nonsubstantive color developer for color filter and its use in manufacturing color filter for color liquid crystal display
Kobrin, Paul H.2002 Dual frequency liquid crystal devices for infrared electro-optical applications
Kobuchi, Kazuyuki1999 Fire-, heat-, and moisture-resistant thermoplastic resin compositions with improved dimensional stability and flexibility
Kobuchi, Mitsuo1998 Heat exchanger of temperature control apparatus in processing of semiconductors and liquid crystals
Kobuke, Hisashi2001 Composite magnetic material and composite dielectric material for electronic parts
Kobuke, Yoshiaki2007 Singlet Oxygen Generation and Photocytotoxicity against Tumor Cell by Two-Photon Absorption
Kobune, Yoshio1987 Manufacture of high-density carbonaceous body
Kobus, E.S.2008 Photostimulated Processes in PVK-C60 Nanocomposites
Kobyasheva, S.V.1995 Radiation-chemical transformations of n-butylcyclohexanecarboxylic acid derivatives
 1996 Radiation-chemical transformations of derivatives of cis-4-(4'-methoxyphenyl)cyclohexane-1-carboxylic acid
Kobyshev, O.V.1984 Mesomorphism of higher homologs of the p-n-acyloxy-p'-nitroazoxybenzene series
Koc, Husnu2005 Light scattering by DNA structure due to phase transition
Kocahan, Özlem2007 The Determination of Birefringence Dispersion in Nematic Liquid Crystals by Using the S-Transform
Kocarev, Ljupco2002 When are synchronization errors small?
Kocevar, K.1999 Critical behavior of birefringence in the smectic-A phase of chiral smectic liquid crystals
 2000 Atomic force microscope evidence for the existence of smecticlike surface layers in the isotropic phase of a nematic liquid crystal
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2001 AFM study of forces in and structures of nematic liquid crystal interfaces on silanated glass
 2001 Capillary Condensation of a Nematic Liquid Crystal Observed by Force Spectroscopy
 2001 Forces in the isotropic phase of a confined nematic liquid crystal 5CB
 2002 Atomic Force Spectrscopy of Nematic-Solid Interfaces
 2002 Capillary Condensation in Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2002 Observation of an electrostatic force between charged surfaces in liquid crystals
 2002 Surface-induced nematic and smectic order at a liquid-crystal-silanated-glass interface observed by atomic force spectroscopy and Brewster angle ellipsometry
 2003 Capillary forces in a confined isotropic-nematic liquid crystal
 2003 Structural forces in liquid crystals
 2003 Structure and polarity of 8CB films evaporated onto solid substrates
Kocevar, Klemen2003 Structural forces near phase transitions of liquid crystals
Koch, A.-J.1985 Hydrodynamic instabilities in a periodically sheared nematic liquid crystal
 1985 Periodical shear instability of nematics: symmetry considerations
Koch, A.T.H.1999 Second-order nonlinear optical response of nematic liquid crystalline main chain polymers
Koch, Astrid1993 Pyrazolo[1,2-a]pyrazoliumolates as novel structure elements in liquid crystals
Koch, C.C.1997 Mechanical alloying of PET and PET/VECTRA blends
 1998 Liquid crystalline polymer/PET blends via mechanical attrition
 1998 X-ray microscopy of novel thermoplastic/liquid crystalline polymer blends by mechanical alloying
Koch, Carl C.2001 Anomalous Phase Inversion in Polymer Blends Prepared by Cryogenic Mechanical Alloying
Koch, Christof2000 A direct quantitative relationship between the functional properties of human and macaque V5
Koch, Donald L.1996 Isotropic-nematic phase transitions in aqueous solutions of weakly charged, rodlike polyelectrolytes
 1997 Rheology of highly aligned nematic liquid crystals
 1999 Interfacial Tension at the Boundary Between Nematic and Isotropic Phases of a Hard Rod Solution
Koch, E.E.2000 NEXAFS and ARUP Spectroscopy of an Organic Single Crystal: α-Perylene
Koch, F.2002 Stimulated Light Emission in Dense Fog Confined inside a Porous Glass Matrix
Koch, G.C.1985 Chiral-racemic phase diagram of a blue-phase liquid crystal
Koch, Gene C.1996 Splay/twist compensator for improved gray scale performance in twisted nematic liquid-crystal display
Koch, H.1981 Polymerization of Lipid and Lysolipid Like Diacetylenes in Monolayers and Liposomes
Koch, H.J.1983 Flüssig kristalline Elastomere - Ein neues flüssigkristallines Material
Koch, Hans-J.1969 Calorimetry of liquid crystals. VIII. Heats of transition of a series of liquid crystals
Koch, Harald2006 Indicator with a liquid crystal display
Koch, Heino2004 Laminates comprising interference pigments, their production and their use
Koch, Horst1986 Photodimerization and photopolymerization of amphiphilic cinnamic acid derivatives in oriented monolayers, vesicles and solution
Koch, Juergen1993 Block copolymers containing polyester and polyether-polyketone blocks for use at high temperature
Koch, K.2006 Crystallinity of plant epicuticular waxes: electron and X-ray diffraction studies
Koch, Karl Heinz1982 Coking high-boiling aromatic hydrocarbon mixtures to carbonaceous materials with constant properties
Koch, M.H.1997 Synchrotron X-ray investigation of the structure of colloidal dispersions of liquid crystalline monoolein-water phases
Koch, M.H.J.1995 Time-Resolved X-ray Diffraction Study of the Temperature Dependence of the Structure of Magnesium Stearate Multilayers
 1997 Effect of particle size on the phase transitions of solid lipid nanoparticles
 1997 Shear-Induced Single Crystalline Mesophases in Physical Networks of Gel-Forming Triblock Copolymer Solutions
 1997 Time-Resolved SAXS, WAXS, and DSC Study of Melting of Poly(aryl ether ether ketone) (PEEK) Annealed from the Amorphous State
 1998 Morphological study and melting behavior of narrow molecular weight fractions of poly(aryl ether ether ketone) (PEEK) annealed from the glassy state
 1999 Miscible binary blends of poly(ethylene oxide) and an amorphous aromatic polyamide (aramide 34I): crystallization, melting behavior and semi-crystalline morphology
 1999 Miscible Binary Blends of Poly(ethylene oxide) and Poly(ether sulfone). 2. Real-Time Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Investigation of the Semicrystalline Morphology
 1999 Thermal behavior of poly(hexamethylene terephthalate) oligomers. I. Melting behavior and morphology of the crystalline phase
 2000 Lamellar morphology of narrow PEEK fractions crystallized from the glassy state and from the melt
 2000 Morphology of homogeneous copolymers of ethylene and 1-octene. III. Structural changes during heating as revealed by time-resolved SAXS and WAXD
 2002 Lamellar and Crystalline Layer Thickness of Single Crystals of Narrow Molecular Weight Fractions of Linear Polyethylene
 2003 Star-shaped mesogens with a 1,3,5-benzene core as non-conventional columnar liquid crystals
 2003 Tailoring Discotic Mesophases: Columnar Order Enforced with Hydrogen Bonds
 2004 New Star-shaped Mesogens with Three Different Arms on a 1,3,5-Benzene Core
 2005 Templating Crystal Growth at the Nanometer-Scale with a Monotropic Columnar Mesophase
 2006 Gelatinization of Starch in Excess Water: Beyond the Melting of Lamellar Crystallites. A Combined Wide- and Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Study
 2006 Structural Transformations during Gelatinization of Starches in Limited Water: Combined Wide- and Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Study
Koch, Martin2001 THz time-domain spectroscopy on 4-(trans-4'-pentylcyclohexyl)-benzonitril
 2006 Terahertz birefringence of liquid crystal polymers
Koch, Michel H.J.1985 Dynamic SAXS and WAXS investigations on melt crystallized linear low density polyethylene using synchrotron radiation: crystallization and melting behavior
 1993 Investigations on the physical state of lipid nanoparticles by synchrotron radiation x-ray diffraction
 1994 Phase diagram of tyloxapol and water - II
 1995 A dual detector single readout system for simultaneous small- (SAXS) and wide-angle X-ray (WAXS) scattering
 1995 Phase Behavior of Tyloxapol/Triton X100/Water Mixtures
 1996 Crystallization tendency and polymorphic transitions in triglyceride nanoparticles
 1998 Characterization of the nonlamellar cubic and HII structures of lipid A from Salmonella enterica serovar Minnesota by X-ray diffraction and freeze-fracture electron microscopy
 2000 Thermotropic and lyotropic properties of long chain alkyl glycopyranosides. Part I: monosaccharide headgroups
 2000 Thermotropic and lyotropic properties of long chain alkyl glycopyranosides. Part II. Disaccharide headgroups
 2003 Microphase Separation and Crystallization in an Asymmetric Diblock Copolymer: Coupling and Competition
 2003 Physicochemical properties of bacterial glycopolymers in relation to bioactivity
 2004 Semiflexible Star-Shaped Mesogens as Nonconventional Columnar Liquid Crystals
 2005 High charge-carrier mobility in π-deficient discotic mesogens: Design and structure-property relationship
 2005 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of glycosyl dialkyl- and diacyl-glycerols bearing saturated, unsaturated and methyl branched fatty acid and fatty alcohol chains: Part II. Mesomorphic properties
 2006 Mesomorphism, Polymorphism, and Semicrystalline Morphology of Poly(Di-n-propylsiloxane)
 2006 What can calorimetry tell us about changes of three-dimensional aggregate structures of phospholipids and glycolipids?
 2007 Structural preferences of dioleoyl glycolipids with mono- and disaccharide head groups
Koch, Michel Henry Jean1994 Investigation of the structural changes in high-speed spun yarns of polyamide 6 by means of WAXS employing synchrotron radiation
Koch, N.1997 Growth and preferred crystallographic orientation of hexaphenyl thin films
Koch, Norbert2006 Enhanced hole injection in a polymer light emitting diode using a small molecule monolayer bound to the anode
 2009 Layer growth and desorption kinetics of a discoid molecular acceptor on Au(1 1 1)
Koch, Ruprecht1966 Crystalline-liquid trans-dibenzoylethylenes
Koch, T.1992 Pretransitional nematic surface order in the isotropic phase of phenylcyclohexanes
 2002 Determination of local mechanical properties of α- and β-PP by means of microhardness measurements
Koch, Thomas1989 Synthesis and thermal properties of photosensitive polyacrylic systems with cinnamic acid-containing side chains and their use in composite membranes
Koch, Troels1998 Hairpin-Forming Peptide Nucleic Acid Oligomers
Koch, Ursula1973 Preparation of disperse dyes with long glycol ether chains
Koch, Volker2001 Cholesteric layered materials with improved color properties and their production and use
Kocharian, A.2005 Polarization plane's weak rotation amplifiers and polarization azimuth stabiliziers
 2005 Selective Diffraction Reflection in Helical Periodical Media with Large Anisotropy
Kocharian, L.M.1986 Excitation of nonlinear surface electromagnetic waves in the prism-metal film-nematic liquid crystal system
 1990 Optical bistability due to nonlinear resonance in thin surface transition layer of the ATR system
Kocharova, Nina A.2006 Elucidation of the Lipopolysaccharide Core Structures of Bacteria of the Genus Providencia
Kocharovskii, V.V.1980 Linear wave coupling in the optics of liquid crystals
 1982 Effect of double cut-off of light in a hybrid cholesteric layer
 1982 Effect of the diffusion of chiral molecules on the propagation of light in liquid crystals
 1982 Optical phenomena in cholesteric liquid-crystal cells
Kocharovskii, Vit V.1983 Linear coupling of electromagnetic waves in inhomogeneous weakly-ionized media
Kocharovskii, Vlad V.1983 Linear coupling of electromagnetic waves in inhomogeneous weakly-ionized media
Kocharovsky, V.V.2004 Nonlinear dynamics of gravity and matter creation in a cosmology with an unbounded Hamiltonian
Kocharovsky, Vl.V.2004 Nonlinear dynamics of gravity and matter creation in a cosmology with an unbounded Hamiltonian
Kocharyan, L.M.1987 Excitation of nonlinear surface electromagnetic waves and optical bistability in experiments on a planar liquid crystal system
 1987 Measurement of third-order optical nonlinearity of a liquid crystal based on excitation of surface electromagnetic waves
 1987 Nonlinear dispersion of surface electromagnetic waves excited in the system prism-metal plate-nematic liquid crystal
Kochegarov, Vasiliy V.2000 Molecule conformations in a sample with imperfect structure
Kochelaev, B.I.1984 Feasibility of the observation of acoustic paramagnetic resonance in liquid crystals
Kochem, Karl-Heinz1994 Electroluminescent films, methods for their production, and their use
Kocher, Joel2007 Exploring the potential of europium(III) luminescence for the detection of phase transitions in ionic liquid crystals
Kocherbitov, Vitaly2003 Phase diagram and physicochemical properties of the n-octyl α-D-glucoside/water system
 2004 Glassy Crystalline State and Water Sorption of Alkyl Maltosides
 2005 Thermotropic phase behaviour of long-chain alkylmaltosides
Kocherga, Yu.P.1979 Angular distribution of γ-quanta during the annihilation of positrons in mesogenic molecular crystals
 1982 Complex study of positron annihilation parameters in p-azoxyanisole
 1983 Anomalous behavior of the temperature dependence of positron lifetime in nematic and smectic liquid crystals
Kochervinskii, V.V.1983 Characteristics of thermal motion in poly(diphenoxyphosphazene)
 1996 γ-Radiation induced structural changes in PVDF and vinylidene fluoride-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer
Kochetkov, N.K.1958 Reaction of β-chlorovinyl ketones with β-dicarbonyl compounds. VI. Synthesis of some derivatives of α-pyrones.
Kochetov, A.N.2006 Molecular and crystal structure of mesomorphic para-n-hexyloxybenzoic acid
 2008 Alkyloxybenzoic acids. I. Structure of solid phases
 2009 Molecular and crystal structure of 4-alkoxybenzoic acids: Design of the mesogenic phase
Kochi, Genshiro1999 Thin-film transistors for liquid-crystal displays
Kochi, Koji1995 Liquid crystal display apparatus capable of pen entry operation
Kochi, Tetsunobu1993 Method of manufacturing transistor bases and liquid-crystal cells provided with same
 1996 Liquid crystal display having small-scale condenser with great capacity
 1996 Liquid-crystal display device
 1998 Display device having silicon substrate, LOCOS film formed on the substrate, tensile stress film formed on the locos film, and TFTS formed on the tensile stress film
Kochi, Yasunari1996 Liquid crystal module
 1997 Liquid crystal display with heat sink
Kochikyan, R.V.1977 Efficiency of nonlinear radiation conversion by phase-matched third harmonic generation in a cholesteric liquid crystal
Kochin, Leonid B.2007 About polarization of display's optical radiation
 2008 Comparative estimation of GUI's perception
Kochmann, Gerhard1977 Liquid-crystal cells with special electrodes for the generation of uniform colors by optical birefringence
Kochowska, Elbieta2005 Square Patterns and their Dynamics in Electroconvection
Kochowska, Elzbieta2004 Electroconvection with and without the Carr-Helfrich effect in a series of nematic liquid crystals
 2004 Electroconvection with and without the Carr-Helfrich effect in a series of nematics
 2004 Square patterns and their dynamics in electroconvection
Kochvar, Kelly A.2000 Aqueous-Phase Behavior and Cubic Phase-Containing Emulsions in the C12E2-Water System
 2000 Phase Studies by Diffusive Interfacial Transport Using Near-Infrared Analysis for Water (DIT-NIR)
Kocinski, J.1996 Light propagation in the helical antiferromagnetic phase of x-MnSe/ZnTe superlattice
Kociuba, G.2002 Controlling the complex Lorenz equations by modulation
 2003 Controlling chaos in a Lorenz-like system using feedback
Kock, H.-J.1981 Investigations on liquid crystalline polysiloxanes. 3. Liquid crystalline elastomers - a new type of liquid crystalline material
 1984 Investigations on liquid crystalline polysiloxanes, 5. Orientation of LC-elastomers by mechanical forces
Kock, H.J.1982 Phase studies of liquid crystalline side chain polymers mixed with low molar mass liquid crystals of similar structure
 1983 Photoelastic behavior of liquid crystalline elastomers
 1984 Deformation und Struktur von vernetzten flüssigkristallinen Seitenkettenpolymeren
 1985 Liquid crystalline polymer networks - rubber elastic material with exceptional properties
 1985 Photoelastic behavior of liquid crystalline polymer networks
Kock, Hans Jakob1988 Nonionic surfactants forming disklike micelles in aqueous solution
Kocka, J.1997 Critical comments to mobility and mobility-lifetime product in a-Si:H
Kockelkoren, Julien2003 Computational approach for modeling intra- and extracellular dynamics
Kocot, A.1983 Molecular reorientation in liquid crystals
 1986 Far infrared study of molecular reorientation in some alkoxyazoxybenzenes
 1992 Infrared Absorbtion Study of Hexapentyloxytriphenylene: A Discotic Liquid Crystal
 1992 Infrared study of the polymorphism of 4,4'-di-N-butyloxyazoxybenzene
 1992 Local Field Twisting in 8CB Using IR Spectroscopy
 1992 Mid-infrared study of the polymorphism of 4,4'-di-n- butyloxyazoxybenzene
 1992 Study of IR dichroism and the order parameter in liquid crystalline polymer using infrared spectroscopy
 1992 Study of the molecular tilt angle and the order parameter of a ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture using IR spectroscopy
 1992 Study of the Molecular Tilt Angle and the Order Parameter of an FLC Mixture Using IR Spectroscopy
 1993 Infrared absorption study of hexapentyloxytriphenylene: a discotic liquid crystal
 1993 Infrared dichroism and vibrational spectroscopy of a side chain polyacrylate liquid crystalline polymer
 1994 Dielectric and electro-optical studies of a ferroelectric copolysiloxane
 1994 Infrared spectroscopic study of a phenyl benzoate side group-methacrylate main chain polymeric liquid crystal
 1994 Pyroelectric and electro-optical effects in the SmC phase of a polysiloxane liquid crystal
 1996 Angular dependence of absorbance on the polarization angle of an IR beam in liquid crystals
 1996 Molecular tilt angle and order parameter of low molar mass ferroelectric liquid crystal using IR spectroscopy
 1997 FTIR Spectroscopy Study of the Orientational Order of LCs in the Ferroelectric SmC* Phase
 1997 Infrared Spectroscopy of Molecular Order in Diccotic Crystals
 1997 Investigations of the Molecular Orientation of a FLC Mixture Using Polarized Infrared Attenuated Total Reflection Spectroscopy
 1997 Simple Computer Modell of the Director Motion in the Surface Stabilized FLC Cell
Kocot, A. (cont...)1997 Study of orientational ordering in discotic liquid - crystalline thin films by using Fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy
 1997 Time-Resolved Ftir Spectroscopic Investigation of Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 1998 3-D orientation and switching studies of FLCs using ATR FTIR spectroscopy
 1998 Observation of an anchoring transition in a discotic liquid crystal
 1998 Polarised infrared spectroscopy for the study of 3-dimensional orientations of FLC molecules
 1998 Study of surface phenomena and three-dimensional orientation of molecules by the method of IR polarization FTIR spectroscopy
 1999 Infrared study of the orientational order of the mesogen in discotic phases of hexapentyloxytriphenylene and hexaheptyloxytriphenylene
 1999 Rotational bias of an antiferroelectric liquid crystal studied by polarized Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
 1999 Surface phenomena in discotic liquid crystals investigated using polarized FTIR transmission spectroscopy
 2000 Orientational effects in ferroelectric and antiferroelectric liquid crystals using infrared spectroscopy
 2000 Structure and orientation of molecules in discotic liquid crystals using infrared spectroscopy
 2001 Calculation of vibrational spectra for cyanobiphenyl liquid crystals
 2002 Analysis of experimental and simulated vibrational spectra for the antiferroelectric liquid crystal 12OBBB1M6
 2002 Orientational Order and Dynamics of Nematic Multipodes Based on Carbosilazane Cores Using Optical and Dielectric Spectroscopy
 2002 The Orientational Order and the Dynamic Behaviour of the Nematic Multipodes Based on Carbosilazane Cores Using Optical and Dieletric Spectroscopy
 2003 Order parameter, alignment and anchoring transition in discotic liquid crystals
 2004 Dielectric and Optical Studies of FLC Sample with Helix Inversion
 2004 Infrared study of orientational order parameters of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 2004 The orientational order parameters of a dendritic liquid crystal organo-siloxane tetrapode oligomer, determined using polarized infrared spectroscopy
 2004 Thermotropic Biaxial Nematic Phase in Liquid Crystalline Organo-Siloxane Tetrapodes
Kocot, A. (cont...)2005 Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal with 13C Isotope Studied Using FT-IR Spectroscopy and the Density Functional Theory Calculations
 2006 Analysis of the vibrational spectra of chiral liquid crystalline thioesters
Kocot, Antoni1989 Application of an autoregressive model for the analysis of reorientational motion in polar liquids
 1995 Study of the ionic dynamics in a polysiloxane ferroelectric liquid crystal polymer using optical contrast and dielectric spectroscopy
 1997 Orientational studies of discotic liquid crystals using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
 2000 Dielectric relaxation of N-p-(ethoxybenzylidene)-p'-propylaniline (EBPA) in nematic phase
 2000 Dielectric relaxation studies of 6OCB/8OCB mixtures with the nematic-smectic A-nematic re-entrant phase sequence
 2001 Dielectric Study of Relaxation Processes of Polynorbornene Derivatives
 2001 Phase diagram and dielectric relaxation studies of n-octyl-isothiocyanato-biphenyl (8BT) in the crystalline E phase under high pressure
Kocot, Antony1993 Optical contrast spectroscopy of ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
Kocovsky, Pavel2006 Asymmetric allylic substitution catalyzed by C1-symmetrical complexes of molybdenum: structural requirements of the ligand and the stereochemical course of the reaction
Kocsis, Bela2006 Effect of Salmonella minnesota R595 LPS on the dipalmitoylphosphatidyl-ethanolamine (DPPE)–dipalmitoylglycerol (DPG)–water model membrane system
Kocsis, I.1981 Polymerization in liquid crystals. IX. Structural investigations of copolymers containing p-methyl-p-acryloyloxyazoxybenzene and cholesteryl vinyl succinate
Kocsis, Ilona1981 Polymerization in liquid crystals. IX. Investigation of the structure of copolymers containing p-methyl-p'-acryloyloxyazoxybenzene and cholesteryl vinyl succinate
Koczyk, Pawel1997 Free-space optical interconnect and processing demonstrators with arrays of light-emitting thyristors
Koda, Motoko2000 Anomeric Effects on the Stability of Bilayers of Galactosylphytoceramides and on the Interaction with Phospholipids
Koda, S.2007 Theoretical study on the sound absorption of electrolytic solutions. II. Assignments of relaxations
Koda, Shigeto1996 Color display and recording medium containing cholesteric or chiral nematic liquid crystal and its manufacture
Koda, Shinobu1991 Study on the dynamic structure of polymer solutions by optiacoustic coupling method
 1992 Study on orientational motion of liquid crystals by acoustically induced birefringence
 1998 Depolarized light scattering in the isotropic phase of liquid crystals
 1999 Depolarized light scattering of liquid crystals with addition of carbon tetrachloride in the isotropic phase
 1999 On the frequency dependence of ultrasonically induced birefringence in isotropic phase of liquid crystal: 5CB (p-n-pentyl p'-cyanobiphenyl)
Koda, Shuji1997 Optical reflective material
Koda, T.1984 X-ray evidence for the molecular dimerization in TTF-chloranil
 1993 Dynamics of the nematic-smectic A phase transition
 1998 Molecular Theory of Phase Transitions of Liquid Crystals Based on the Density Functional Form of the Free Energy
Koda, Tomonori1993 Molecular statistical model for ferroelectric-antiferroelectric transition in chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1994 Phase diagram of the nematic-smectic A transition of the binary mixture of parallel hard cylinders of different lengths
 1995 Theory on the contribution of head-tail asymmetry of a molecule to the phase transitions in chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1996 Head-tail asymmetry of a molecule as a microscopic origin of the successive phase transitions in chiral smectics
 1996 Smectic-A phase of a bidisperse system of parallel hard rods and hard spheres
 1999 Theory and simulation of the successive phase transitions of chiral smectics
 2000 Estimation of the chemical potential of the system of hard molecules
 2000 Monte Carlo simulation of a binary mixture of hard rods and hard spheres
 2001 Liquid Crystal Droplets Dispersed in Ferroelectric Copolymer of Vinylidene Fluoride and Trifluoroethylene
 2003 Examination of appearance of biaxial nematic phase for the rod-disc mixtures using symmetry breaking potential method
 2003 Nematic Liquid Crystals Dispersed in a Ferroelectric Copolymer of Vinylidene Fluoride and Trifluoroethylene
 2004 Memory effect of liquid crystals dispersed in ferroelectric copolymer of vinylidene fluoride and trifluoroethylene
 2004 Molecular dynamics simulation of mixtures of hard rod-like molecules
 2004 Molecular theory on binary mixtures of hard rods in an external field
 2004 Theory for The Switching of Nematic Director Deformations
 2005 Local Alignment Order in Isotropic Structure of Hard Spherical Discs
 2006 Calculation of Free Energy for Systems of Hard Repulsive Molecules
 2007 MC simulation of liquid crystal and substrate interface using hard model molecules
 2007 Molecular simulation of liquid crystal using hard repulsive model molecules
Kodabakas, A.1987 Effect of the nature of a solvent and isomerism of a dissolved substance on the formation of a mesophase in binary solutions of isomers of xylene in nematic liquid crystals
Kodabakas, N.1987 Mesomorphism of solutions of C8H10 aromatic hydrocarbons in a homologous series of mesogenic 4-alkoxy-4'-cyanobiphenyls
 1987 Mesomorphism of solutions of xylene isomers in nematic liquid crystals - neighboring homologs
 1989 Density and formation mechanism of nematic solutions of aromatic C8H10 hydrocarbons in p-ethoxybenzylidene-p'-butylaniline
Kodabakas, N.B.1987 Effect of the nature of a solvent on the formation of a mesophase in solutions of ethylbenzene in nematic liquid crystals
Kodaira, T.1989 Synthesis of telechelic polysiloxanes with mesogenic side chains
 1990 Synthesis of side-chain liquid-crystalline polymer with narrow molecular weight distribution from methacrylates using methylaluminum porphyrin
Kodaira, Tetsuya2005 Monolithic Periodic Mesoporous Silica with Well-Defined Macropores
Kodaira, Toshimoto1997 Method of manufacturing liquid-crystal display devices having field-effect transistors
Kodaira, Toshiyuki1991 Synthesis of telechelic polysiloxanes with mesogenic side chains and their reaction
 1992 Block copolymers of narrow molecular-weight distribution with a side-chain liquid-crystalline polymeric block as one component
 1994 Synthesis of side-chain liquid-crystalline polymers with narrow molecular weight distribution from mesogenic methacrylates using aluminum porphyrin complex
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 2010 Liquid crystalline molecules with hydrogen-bonding networks in the direction of molecular short axes
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